*5 Star Series*

The group title of a 5 volume series of ebooks by Ted Denmark and Julie Loar, beginning with

*The Star Table Trance Missions* … and continuing with
*Star Family Excursions* … Volume 2
*Star World Ascension* … Volume 3
*Star Time Convergence* … Volume 4 & finally
*Star Light Reflections* … Volume 5.


These “Telepresence Conferences” are transcripts of recorded dialogs between Julie, who has full sensory contact while in light hypnotic trance with the “ET and Celestial Guide” forum guests and Ted, who conducts the sessions and asks questions of the guests, which are often topical and obvious enough … or sometimes scientific and even fairly obscure, except for those who may find themselves interested in such esoterica from the perspective of “non-ordinary” exotic beings (!) who are often very advanced experts in their fields.

The *5 Star Series* has now been continued into numbered groups of the *Extended Telepresence Conference Series*, appearing here first online before eventual ebook publication.