Telepresence Conference 92

Telepresence Conference 92

September 17, 2017


Julie and Ted are taken through a portal for short-distance time travel to an auditorium complex at a table in front of a stage and a full audience of hundreds … to have Hilarion and Athena give answers that are poignant and then surprising if not shocking before Ariel and Michael, Rho and Phindar, and the White Lions. It is a time for recounting events in late summer of 2017.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done by Ted at his house in Avery, CA with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– I just realized that it’s the ‘seventeenth of seventeen’ … <That’s right (!)> my father’s birthday … <Oh, my goodness …> and the anniversary of my mother’s death. <[gravely] Oh, my goodness (!)> Yeah, sort-of interesting.

So, everybody’s here, everybody is … well I should say you and I are dressed in white, and everybody looks like they’re … many of them are white. We’ve come down the escalator, met you, came down all the marble stairs and, as sometimes happens, we were standing in front of an area that is like a portal that takes me to other places in time or space … today, it seemed to be like a steel or metal and glass door into a more modern space, but I have the thought that we’re going forward in time, but not leaving the area where the structure is, where sometimes we meet in rooms. So, we’re walking down a hallway, all of us, and then a door opens, an automatic door, and swings outward, a double door of glass and metal. So, inside, and we’re entering into another large sort-of meeting-room area, and as has happened before, although I don’t think we’ve ever been in this place, it’s a bit like an auditorium where there is a stage in the front and a curtain that can be pulled back with stadium seating, and this entire auditorium is filled with beings, and we’re being led down the left hand side, and there is a table at the front; we’ve had similar seating, but I don’t recognize the place. The table is rectangular, and it’s on the floor, and the stage is somewhat elevated.

So, we’re coming in and sitting at … if you can imagine a rectangular table on the floor in front of the stage. We’re being seated at the left hand side of the short end, if you will. Hilarion and Athena are on the opposite end …

Ted– Can you estimate how many people might be there in the audience?

Julie– I would say there are maybe like fourteen people to a row, with an aisle in the middle … and twenty rows [14 x 20 = 280].

Ted– Wow, ok … so, maybe around 300 …

Julie– Very strange … and it seems as if it’s almost full. So, you and I are seated, as I said, at the left hand side of the short length of this long table; Hilarion and Athena … let’s see … you’re on my left; Hilarion is opposite you, and Athena is opposite me at the short end on the right. There’s no one seated with their back to the audience. Michael and Ariel are seated at what you would call the 9 o’clock position. The White Lions are there, sort-of at what would be at 7 and 8. Rhi and Phindar are the only others there, and they’re between Ariel and Michael and Hilarion and Athena … that’s there today. There’s some sort-of device in the middle of the table that I believe is a recording and transmission device. I guess that’s it for the seating for today.

Ted– Just to ask you one more question about the audience today … as you look out, can you see if they’re mostly humanoid types, rather like ourselves, or can you see if there’s a mixture of more exotic types who are maybe larger or of different coloration, and so forth …?

Julie– My sense is … and whether that is just from my own projection or what, but they are … in this place … and that’s maybe because here, where we’ve been taken, they’re all from this same place … all appear to be humanoid … and they also are all in uniform … <Ohh …> so, it’s almost like a Star-Trek thing, where people came to … I’m being humorous about that ‘cause … everyone appears to be in uniform … they all … the room is dark … I’m guessing a fairly equal number of male and female … and I guess there’s something of great regimentation, in a word, “regimented behavior” … they seem to be wearing red and black … the uniforms are primarily red with like, black collars … that’s the sense I get.

Ted– Ok, very good … are you ready for me to begin? <Uh-huh.> Ok, thank you, and I would welcome anyone present today for being with us and would wish to welcome anyone in the audience if they are now aware of being able to see and hear us … thank you all for coming. I was going to begin today with a question that I happened to be reminded of yesterday when I woke up and looked out the window to see quite a large number of “chem-trails” in the sky near to my house here in the California Sierra, and so, I’m wondering if we can be told anything that would be beneficial for us to know about the way these chem-trails are being produced and what the strategy for them is on the part of the military or government people who are doing it. We know a little about the planes and the spraying/ injecting equipment that we’ve seen documented with photos. We would be curious to know about the chemistry involved and whether there are any significant health dangers for people and animals and the living biosphere on Earth as a consequence of the increasing amount of chemicals, particularly metals like aluminum, that are said to being put into the upper atmosphere (?).

Julie– So, there’s a telepathic conversation going on between Rhi, Phindar and Hilarion, but I think Hilarion is going to speak, but Rhi and Phindar are also well aware of this. Hilarion is saying to me that for the most part, and certainly not 100%, what is being tested and in control of the military in terms of these chem-trails is a delivery system for biological warfare. <Ohh (!)> A portion of it, however, is testing chemical and reactions of people to see what sort-term and long-term effects will be. It’s increasing, but along with the increase of this testing of a weaponized delivery system … most of the military pilots believe that … they do not understand … in many cases, they’re being told it’s a harmless test for controlling the populace, should there be a revolution … and the increasing prevalence of this is in advance of a growing awareness of unrest. At this point, however, there have been some cases in which case dosages were tested in small areas that were fatal to some people and animals, so that the potential for this weaponized system to be lethal is profound.

Hilarion is saying that, on the other hand, the awareness is growing stronger that this is not just a simple condensation from a jet aircraft, and that the behavior of the planes is vastly different, forming the patterns of crisscrosses in the sky … although many people wish to ignore it, the awareness is growing. But what he’s saying is, that at this point it has not been used for full lethal potential. Does that answer?

Ted– Ah, yes. That’s very good … and scarier than I had imagined.

Julie– Rhi and Phindar are just wanting me to know that this is something being monitored by ETs who do have the capacity to neutralize these substances in the air … if it comes to that.

Ted– [mock seriousness] Well, that’s good … [chuckles] That seems amazing enough by itself (!), but that is somewhat reassuring. We thank them for adding that as well. Ok, I’ll move on, then? <Ok.>

I was going to ask about the Cassini satellite mission to the Saturn System that was just concluded after nearly 20 years and am wondering if we can be told more about what’s going on in the vicinity of Saturn, its rings and moons these days in terms of ET or Secret Space Program activities. I was wondering if the Cassini Mission discoveries were significantly censored by NASA or the wider government/ military, and I would also like to know if anything like a “transparent aluminum ring” was found by technical image analysis put there in very ancient times by the so-called “ancient builder race” as David Wilcock claims (?). That’s the end of the question.

Julie– I’ve forgotten the first question.

Ted– … if they could talk about the Cassini Mission? <Ok.> And the Saturn System generally and what might be going on there?

Julie– What’s your question about Cassini? Whether it was destroyed?

Ted– How it might have been censored for what it had actually seen?

Julie– The answer to that question is an overwhelming “Yes.” Everything that comes out of NASA is censored by the government … <Yeah.> Well, here’s a surprise … Hilarion said the Cassini craft was actually “commandeered” by a group of ETs because they were going to use it … the Secret Space Program was going to use it … it was actually commandeered by some rogue group.

Ted– So, it didn’t crash into Saturn? <No.> [laughs] I wondered about that …

Julie– No, in fact it’s going to be used in a different way for something else entirely … <Wow (!) … interesting …> by the so-called “Alliance” who commandeered it, rather than allowing it to be crashed.

Ted– Well, good for them!

Julie– Yes, and the other question about David Wilcock and the transparent rings … <Yes …> Phindar is speaking, and he says that, because of the rings of Saturn and their distance from Earth and their proximity to (sic) Triton[1], which has a large amount of water, and has a very convenient location and has been for a great deal of off-world ET visitations and colonizations for a very long period of time. Well, they’re not willing to confirm or deny the somewhat sensational revelations of David Wilcock about the giant structures. <Ok.> They’re not saying “no.”

Ted– Does the water in the rings, which appear to be made of water ice, come from Titan?

Julie– No, it comes from … Phindar is saying … that the nature of the rings in many cases came from smaller particles and objects that didn’t coalesce into moons or the planet itself. So, no it did not come from Titan. <Ok> A lot is happening on Titan, he wants to say.

Ted– Ok, so you’ve been saying “Triton” and I believe Saturn’s moon is called “Titan.”

Julie– I could be wrong; I thought it was T-r-i-t-o-n, but I could be mistaken about that.

Ted– Well, very good, then. Are you ready for me to move on?

Julie– I guess the only thing I would say, here again, it’s a matter on which we’re not going to get a great deal of detail, but I want to emphasize that I’m getting the sense from Phindar as well as Hilarion that there are things that have gone on in that planetary system that are even more unbelievable than David Wilcock’s story about “chairs for giants.”

Ted– Um-hmm … [laughs] they don’t have anything to add, I presume (?).

Julie– No, they’re not going to be any more specific than … I’m just getting the sense that it’s a busy place out there.

Ted– Can they tell us anything about the appearance of a hexagonal pattern or structure at Saturn’s North Pole?

Julie– I’m not getting anything; they’re showing me a picture of it. It apparently moves at a different speed or rate than the rest of what’s going on with the planet.

Ted– Ok … I was wondering if it’s a natural weather system or whether it might be a kind of structure or phenomenon created by intelligent life forms (?).

Julie– No … what I’m getting a sense of is that it has to do with … what I’m being told … is “tetrahedral centripetal force” … something to do with the mass of the planet and the rate of its spin … it’s not weather exactly; it’s enough of a … obviously the planet is largely gas, so that part of it [presumably, the polar region] is more solid … or like an ice structure.

Ted– Uh-huh. One of the things Cassini was attempting to determine was whether there is a solid planet somewhere down below the massive gas and cloud atmosphere that you see. Can they tell us if there is a solid planetary core to Saturn?

Julie– I’m not getting the answer that there’s something like a solid metallic core, but there is more of a structure that in an interesting way is different from Jupiter, Uranus or Neptune, that has to do with the composition, and there’s something about the spin of it and the structure of it in terms of, again, some sort of orbital dynamics, velocity and structure that makes certain parts of the gas and chemicals on the spectrum of what we would call “gas to liquid to ice or form” … some of those things are more crystalline in nature.

Ted– Ok, that’s fascinating … that’s a good answer, thank you.

Julie– I hope I understood that …

Ted– That was good; I got the image quite well and would seem likely to be the correct description. Shall I move on, then? <Ok> I was going to ask about these huge hurricanes we’ve just seen in the Caribbean and the southeastern states, called Harvey and Irma, and would ask to what extent they were “natural disasters” or whether they resulted or were modified by geo-engineering interventions or other scientific means on the part of the Military-Industrial Complex. My notion is that they may have been testing new technologies without understanding the consequences of intervening in these massive weather systems, but perhaps there was a diabolical strategy in attempting to produce havoc and destruction in the areas where they occurred for some geo-political reason.

Julie– Hilarion is going to answer this one. He’s saying, very sadly, diabolical is the right answer <Um-hmm …> In both cases those were natural storms that were geo-engineered, manipulated from a distance thru HAARP technology lasers, extremely low frequency vibrations to escalate them into the monsters they became. The technology to direct storms like this … Hilarion is saying there are hundreds of patents that have been given for modification and hurricane suppression, which of course could also be used in the opposite direction to increase their strength as well. So, he’s saying that it is efforts by these waning powers—though it does not seem to be true on the outside—these are final battle strategies of the dark forces. Hilarion is saying that what was expected … they aimed these storms to cause maximum destruction and havoc … what they did not anticipate—the dark forces—is that in many ways the response has shown humanity in its finest hour (!), <Um-hmm …> in unprecedented ways from all over the country, and paradoxically, shifted the consciousness of humanity in a positive way. To answer your question simply, they were natural storms manipulated into becoming horrific disasters.

Ted– Was the manipulation done from the sky … from craft or platforms in space or was it done from ground-based lasers and other energy sources apart from HAARP … or was it all mostly done with HAARP?

Julie– Once again, they’re being careful, but there is apparently some … this Military/ Industrial Complex that Corey Goode has spoken of … I’m forgetting the initials of it … uses space-based weapons.

Ted– So, the answer is that it was space-based weapons? <Yes.> I see … well, that makes sense. That’s as much as I can probably expect on that answer, so I’ll continue on, then (?). <Ok> I don’t know whether this one will be easy or difficult [laughs], but it’s far less complex. I’m wondering if anyone there has a notion what the weather will be like here on the West Coast this winter, particularly in California … colder or very wet … or whether the drought is going to return (?).

Julie– The answer that I’m getting is that in a sense there’s an all-out external war going on within factions in power. Hilarion is saying that what is of far more concern than all-out potential for nuclear incidents, in which, of course, they will intervene … there is so much going on in this escalating divide, escalating aggression …

Ted– Is he referring to the North Korea situation?

Julie– Yes, as one aspect … again, what I’m hearing, and I just have to say to you, I never know how much I’m filtering this, but Hilarion is saying that circumstances are escalating to a dramatic degree on many levels, but what they are relieved to see is that these horrific acts by dark forces have caused much of humanity to rise to the occasion in a different way, especially in America. Many plots are being hatched, many that have to do with localized weather disruptions, but because it changes daily, they are not able to predict; however, if some … they’re just not able to predict.

Ted-, Ok … I can understand that. We have seen some storms up on the high ridges very early this year with already dramatically cooling weather so I thought it might be an indication of another wet winter, but I’ll take that answer.

Julie– What I’m being given to understand is that these space-based weapons … apparently HAARP is losing its funding, and it was … I’m being told something about the University of Alaska wants to take it over and use it in other ways. The same weapons that manipulated the storms that affected Texas and Florida, affect the climate as a whole as well—it isn’t just localized. So, some of what’s being seen in your area, and mine as well, of this manipulation will also have global effects.

Ted– Right, I would have thought so too. I’m glad to have this noted. Are you ready for me continue to the next item?

Julie– Yeah, I think that’s all they’re going to say about it.

Ted– The next question has to do with the great Solar Eclipse we saw in August, and I’m wondering if we can be told a little more about how the effects of eclipses in general—how they are distributed and how long they can be expected to last—and how this particular eclipse might have affected the people of America (?).

Julie– Hilarion is going to answer that, and he’s saying that once again, before technology or before there was the ability for such a collective consciousness around such an event, the effect would have been far more local, and often far more terrifying. Of course, part of the answer could be answered in an astrological way, but they are seeing that the collective nature of the experience with the thousands of people who traveled to locations to have a group experience were alchemically transformed. <Yes, I’m sure.> In some ways that laid the groundwork for the response to the storms [the hurricanes], and Hilarion wants to point out that the timing of Irma’s landfall was shortly before the anniversary of the 911 terrorist attack, was also not accidental.

Ted– Yes, I’m sure … I thought of that, too. Well, very good.

Julie- The effects of the eclipse will continue to reverberate … there is positive outcome in the consciousness that will result alongside a great deal of conflict and confrontation that must be faced in order for the nation to heal.

Ted– Very good. We’ve also heard that there’s going to be another total Solar Eclipse coming across American in about seven years or so, and it seems particularly noteworthy that they are coming so close together—being generally so rare. We have now seen the first of the pair of eclipses, with the second to soon follow, so this may well factor into the Pluto return scenario for the USA … any comment on that?

Julie– Hilarion is saying, “Yes, that’s very accurate and appropriate. The eclipses are like bookends with a great deal of housecleaning and information arising from the darkness of the underworld to be cleansed and purified … that will happen in between.” They’re actually encouraged by how these influences and events have affected the collective psyche of the nation.

Ted– Yeah, that’s my impression, too—it does seem to have had a positive impact.

Julie– Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s very good … thank you … and we thank Hilarion for his answer. I’m probably going to call on Hilarion one more time [chuckles] for my next question as well. One of the things I’ve thought of doing for my new web site [] is an astrological article on Trump, thinking it would be interesting to look at the data for his soul-entry time, which, of course no one knows about, even though his first-breath time is known to be accurate … I think (?) … and so I would ask Hilarion to confirm his first-breath time and then have him also give me his soul-entry time, which I tried to determine myself earlier today with my pendulum. So, would he like to have me say the time I found, or would he just like to tell me the correct time?

Julie– Well, for me, it would be easier if you told me, and I could confirm or not … what I got immediately when you were talking was that it was after his first breath time. Is that what you got as well?

Ted– Uh, no … I got a time before first breath, [laughs] but I didn’t have a high level of confidence … so I guess he can just now tell me …

Julie– He’s saying the first breath time is accurate to within about two minutes … it was two minutes earlier than given …

Ted– 10:52?

Julie– Then, 1:52.

Ted– The soul-entry time is 1:52?

Julie– No, I said the first-breath time was accurate to within two minutes, but the first-breath time, he’s saying, was actually two minutes earlier that what was written down.

Ted– The first-breath time that I have is 10:54 a.m. <Ok, so that’s it.> So, it should be 10:52? <Yes.> Ok, very good … and now the soul-entry time?

Julie– I think you said it right … 1:37 … <1:37 > p.m.

Ted– p.m. (?) … on the same day (?). <Um-hmm> 1:37 p.m. on the same day … ok. I had gotten an earlier time as my pendulum time … earlier in the morning, actually … I did not get that right, so one of the things I was trying to determine was whether my pendulum dowsing is at all accurate. So I’ll have to note that.

Julie– What was your time?

Ted– 4:07 a.m.

Julie– I can only tell you what I got, and I don’t know …

Ted– I didn’t have a high level of confidence … so I’m happy to have it given right … I thought Hilarion would want me to try to get it myself before asking, and I wanted to see if I could be accurate or not. So, that’s good enough, and I thank him for providing the correct time for me. <Ok>

The last question I have written down today is probably going to be for Athena. You have asked me if we could have her tell us a little more about your idea of taking the online CIIS class with Rick Tarnas and Stan Grof for yourself, and you had been told this morning by a spontaneous appearance of Athena that you probably would not need to be taking it for various reasons …?

Julie– Oh … she’s smiling … I guess I would have to say to you that, however I have struggled with this process of trusting myself, that to have the benefit of that kind of experience is worth all of it … she’s saying my doubt is at the heart of all of it, and that she did express herself to my this morning … what time did you say you got for Trump?

Ted– The time that I got ,,, and I didn’t have a high level of confidence … was 4:07 in the morning.

Julie– Oddly enough, that’s about the time she woke me up …

Ted– [outburst of laughter] Woow … that is fantastic!

Julie– Yeah, that’s why I asked you again.

Ted– Oh, my goodness … so, I must have crossed over to get that time with my pendulum rather than the Trump time … <Wow (!)> [laughs] That’s really cool! Well, I actually had several times for Trump, but I wasn’t sure of any of them. I was mostly experimenting with crystals and my gold nugget with two different pendulums to try to train myself to get better at this because I do need to do it … it’s not really easy to do.

Julie– Yeah. Well, that’s about the time I was awakened with a very strong sense of her presence … I’m just telling you … and a very strong message that … I’ll tell you what she said, and then I’ll ask her what she wants to say now … that my desire to take the class was old patterns of being engaged and stimulated and old patterns of wanting to succeed and prove to my mother that I was also the “smart one.” <[laughs] Right (!).> So, I’ll let her speak to me now.

Oh, my goodness, what she said to me was, had my life been different and had I gone to graduate school and not gotten married the first time, I would have become a professor of similar imminence … and that I need to follow my own path and not still be sitting at the feet of teachers … <Right.> and that they’re still patiently waiting for me to follow their advice … and Hilarion is just interrupted to comment that he really liked the illustration of the card from the fame, which I sent you today. I don’t know how they look over our shoulders, but … <[laughs] I liked it too!> it’s an old pattern for me … they are reminding me of getting distracted on something that’s stimulating and appealing, but is not of what’s of most importance at this time. So, that is the right decision. I mean … I didn’t really have any doubt after I had been awakened, but that is the time … right around that time … I would have told you 4:10.

Ted– Ok, that’s really awesome! Well, you know, as Arthur Young used to say, “I learn as much from my mistakes as when I get it right the first time.” <Right.>

Julie– So, that’s just a further confirmation, I think, that you got that time, and it was something significant.

Ted– Very good … so, we’re about 50 minutes into our hour now, and I’ve completed all the questions that occurred to me going in, and the only other question that has occurred to me while we’ve been going through this … if you’re still feeling comfortable enough … I could probably ask now (?). <Ok> This is an after-thought about the recent hurricanes having to do with space-based weapons being used to drive the hurricanes, and I’m wondering if anyone there could comment, probably briefly, on whether any type of high-tech weapon was used in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers during the 911 attack in which they were almost vaporized in mid-air. It was shown by Judy Wood, a mechanical engineer who has written a book on the subject, that some kind of advanced weapon was used to “dustify” the towers, and so, it occurs to me that that could have come from a space-based weapon … so, perhaps they could comment if that was the case (?).

Julie– The answer I got was that it wasn’t space-based; it was the nature of substances that were implanted in advance that were triggered by other substances … a “chain reaction” … I believe nanno-thermite was one agent. <Yes, right …> There were other substances … was there asbestos in that building? <Yes!> There’s something that interacted with asbestos that is actually what caused that to happen.

Ted– Really?! That’s a fantastic revelation! That’s one of the reasons the buildings, it was believed at one time, were taken down the way they were because there was no other way to get rid of them since asbestos had been used on the lower floors as insulation before it had been determined to be carcinogenic and could no longer be used in building construction, and so they had to stop using it half way up in the construction of the towers.

Julie– Whatever was in place, it interacted chemically with the asbestos … as I said, it was a chain reaction, a triggered event that caused it to happen.

Ted– I see … wow! Very good. That’s all I have for today. Is there anything you have thought of that you would like to ask about today?

Julie– No, I think I got the answers to my most important questions.

Ted– Ok, very good. I would just ask, finally, if anyone present today has any final comments about anything, perhaps unrelated to any of my questions, either about us or anything else, I would ask them to please do so now.

Julie– Ah, Hilarion is telling me that the whole audience who’s here today are crew from what in some ways might be called the “Rebel Alliance” of the Secret Space Program who are trying to move things to Disclosure and change things for the better. <Wow (!)> I don’t know whether that’s literal or symbolic, but as I also told you, there’s some sort-of recording/ transmitting device up there on the table where we’re seated … so …

Ted– Right. Can they tell us where you are located there (?), where this auditorium is located—I assume it’s real rather than virtual?

Julie– When we go places, I’m aware of leaving what feels like the planet … it wasn’t in this case, but I had the strong sense at the beginning, as I told you, of a glass door with steel … looking like a very modern thing … <Um-hmm> ohh (!) … ohh (!) … it was a time portal … moving us to approximately ten years into the future …

Ted– Oh, really? So, what happened … that we’ve just experienced … is actually ten years in the future?

Julie– As I understand it, we went ten years in the future … now, I’m going to tell you this, for whatever it means … my understanding is, we moved ten years in the future because all the people assembled today needed this information to make changes now.

Ted– [obviously moved] Woow! That’s fantastic! That’s so great! That’s … amazing.

Ok, very good, then … do you want to make one last remark?

Julie– Just to say, as always, my deepest love and gratitude goes to Athena, who has been such a powerful force of love and light in my life … and to everyone else of course, and the Lions were here because of the time-travel aspect—they always hold that kind of space. I think that’s all for me.

Ted– Ok, we thank the Lions, and we thank Ariel and Michael, and Rhi and Phindar, and Athena and Hilarion, and I personally would like to thank you … I don’t think Ariel spoke today … does she have any comment on anything for you?

Julie– No, they’re just holding space.

Ted– Ok, very good, then. We thank them all, especially our most dear exotic friends, Hilarion and Athena for being with us today and for their extraordinary answers … so now, on the count of five, you will begin to realize that you and we are finished with our session 92 …


*           *           *           *

  1. Julie begins saying “Triton” a moon of Neptune, rather than “Titan” the largest moon of Saturn.