Telepresence Conference 93

Telepresence Conference 93

October 7, 2017


Julie, Ted and the animal crew arrive in a moderate-sized room with a black rectangular table that looks like it can be used for display space, like the Star Table. Julie describes the table seating as usual, and all are familiar except for two science consultants from alpha Centauri, Mamboh and Strikah. The first question is about Julie’s upcoming minor knee surgery, and they soon move on to questions about Hilarion’s starlight elixir book that Ted has been re-reading.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done by Ted at his house in Avery, CA with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– Ok, I had the regular sort of descent and deepening relaxation, and you and all of the animals are there. I went down the marble steps to wait and had the very strong indication that we’ll be making a left turn and going down a long hallway in whatever this large edifice is that we often … that we always likely are in … so, we’re all turning left, you, me and all the animals and walking down a hallway that is square with high ceilings, I would say, like 10 feet, and that the hallway is maybe also ten feet across, so it’s like a 10 foot square tube, brightly lighted but no evidence of where the light comes from. We’re walking down this hallway, maybe 20 or 30 feet and then we’re making another left turn into a room … to my knowledge this is something different. So, we’re walking into this room, and the room is large; I would say 20 x 20, and we’re coming in a doorway that is kind-of on the left side of the wall. There’s a large rectangular table, and one wall, although nothing’s happened with it yet, I know the whole wall turns into a screen, like a video … a video uh … monitor sort-of thing <…like a projection screen?> Thank you, that’s what I was looking for.

So, a rectangular table … the room is painted like an eggshell color, and it’s lighted from above, again with no evidence of fixtures; it’s like the whole ceiling is illuminated, and the ceiling, again, is about 10 feet high … 20 x 20 rectangular room … the table is rectangular and very dark; it looks black actually … oh, the table is like a computer, I realized, similar to what we used to see with the Star Table. So, the table can also be like a screen. It looks solid, not open in the middle, but anyway, it’s black as it is now, and there are chairs around the table, so you and I are coming in on the left and seated at what would be the left-hand side of the room, coming in from our perspective, and that’s going to become our 6 o’clock position. You’re on my left; Hilarion and Athena are at their typical places at noon, roughly. The dimensions of the table—which I didn’t tell you—it’s like 8 feet on the long side and 4 feet on the shorter sides of the rectangle. Ariel and Michael are at their ordinary 3 o’clock position, and there are sort-of two people at 9 … they’re new … I’ll wait to introduce them. By the way we’re both dressed in kind-of almost these … I don’t know what you’d call them … they’re not space suits, but they are also kind of a beigey oatmeal color, very comfortable. Ok, so, at 1 and 2 are the [White] Lions today … Ariel and Michael are sort-of sitting together at 3. At 4 and 5 are Rhi and Phindar today. You and I are at 6. At 7 and 8 are the Sirians today … Nyla and Onyion; Nyla’s next to you. I’m going to come back to 9. At 10 and 11 are your guides Samael and Jhinda—I’m not sure they’ve been here for a while—many of our guides are here … and at 9 … it’s a man and a woman … he’s on her right, and she’s on his left … I’m told that they are scientists from the direction of alpha Centauri. [sudden laughs] They said his name is Mambo … <[chuckles] Mambo … oh.> like, M-a-m-b-o-h, the dance … <”Mamboh,” got it, thank you.> Her name is “Strikah” like, S-t-r-i-k-a-h. Ok, ready for questions.

Ted– Well, we are grateful to have a full complement of guests today with some special guests whom we look forward to meeting shortly, I’m sure, and as usual I would like to thank everyone, particularly Hilarion and Athena, who have helped arrange our meeting today, our session 93, and we thank everyone for being able to be with us today. I can begin with my first question if you’re ready or I would be happy to have anyone address us first. <Ok, that’s fine.>

We will begin with a request, then, probably directed to Hilarion, about Julie’s knee which has been troubling her recently, causing her to consult with an orthopedic surgeon as well as a physical therapist, and they have not fully decided what the right solution is for her, because she is not responding well to manipulations as they had hoped, and so, a minor surgery has been proposed. We would wish to have them help us decide whether that minor surgery is the better solution or whether we should wait the longer period for a more natural healing to occur (?).

Julie– Hilarion will answer … he’s been scanning and watching … and he’s saying that the best that could be hoped for without intervention would be another period of slow healing … and perhaps an intermission … but he’s saying to me that in the lateral side of the left knee, there is a serious inflammation and a tear in the ligament as well as in what is called the “meniscal cartilage.” So, he’s confident the technology will reveal the exact location that needs the intervention … he’s saying he feels the surgeon is competent, not reckless, and that although they are always reluctant to advise something invasive, this particular procedure and the manner in which it will likely be handled is minimally invasive. <Ok> He’s showing me both a ligament, which goes up and down, and this other cartilage, which is like a pancake in the joint … <Hmm …> that’s been torn and sort-of thrust outward, so … ah, he is anticipating that the magnetic resonance imagery will in fact indicate exactly where the intervention needs to take place.

Ted– Is it a long-term deterioration that needs attention, or is it a recent injury?

Julie– It’s an earlier injury that never has really healed. <Ok> It probably needed intervention a dozen years ago, he said.

Ted– Ok, we thank him for that assessment, and I will just have one short follow-up on that … because I happen to have read his commentary in the star light elixir book[1] that I’m reading now, about the M7 deep space object, in which it is said—by Hilarion, evidently—that a left knee problem, perhaps of the kind you have, is related to the need for past-life integration with the current life, and you would like to know a little more about that … if that is true for you because of this particular little injury that you have … and if so, which past lives you might need to integrate more effectively into your current life (?).

Julie– I forgot to tell you … this is me speaking … I looked up … it took me a while … I was curious … about the celestial latitude and longitude of this Messier celestial object [M7], and it’s at the exact degree of my south Node (!). <Wow … awesome!> Ok, that was just me … he’s smiling … [laughs out loud] he liked my studious approach.

Ok, just a second … Hilarion is saying I have had numerous lives myself in capacities in temples, monasteries, other locations … I have spent many lifetimes in … he’s saying, the equivalent of temples, ashrams, monasteries … hmmph, he’s saying it’s a combination of lifetimes—not a single one in my case—of … needing to learn the fine balance between humility and at the same time, not falsely bowing to authority, sorting out my own awareness of appropriate action. I’m seeing a panorama of lifetimes like on screen in front of me, of many different lifetimes when I was in circumstances where, if you will, the “head-master” didn’t always deserve the position … <Um-hmm …> and he’s saying with the advent of the approaching transit of Pluto to my Sun, it is indeed the fulfillment of coming into appropriate power in my life … <Wow …> and not genuflecting before the authority of others. That’s it.

Ted– Ok, we thank him for that analysis and presentation, obviously a complicated sequence of past lives to be evaluated for you, but we’ll go on to our second question, then. We would request some commentary about the current news event that is so tragic but also so timely in the current context of our country’s development, in which a particular circumstance in Las Vegas, NV has resulted in the deaths of numerous people and the injuries of many others. We wonder if it can be revealed to us whether this was a particular individual’s psychopathic aberration or rather that of a small group of conspirators, or whether it is and was a still more-orchestrated event in what I have called a “secret civil war” that appears to be going on at the current time (?).

Julie– Ah, this is kind of strange, what just happened … Athena and Hilarion looked at each other as if evaluating what they are going to say. Athena is going to speak. She’s saying that the individual who has been identified as carrying out these actions … was possessed by demonic forces … <[softly] Wow …> the result of a fall into multiple levels of addiction and spending so much time in areas like casinos, which are filled with nearly demonic astral forces. <Um-hmm … wow.> He was possessed by multiple entities acting out the possession in their own enormously evil and unresolved tendencies—trapped in a realm … they gave me a glimpse of that. Hilarion is saying that the proliferation of casinos and places where the lowest levels and in some cases degradation of chakric activities is encouraged, and many people who frequent these locations actually have … separated from their souls. <Wow …> Hilarion’s saying the darkness in these places like New Orleans, Orlando, Miami, places where several of these atrocities have been carried out … the overall level of addiction and falling into actual evil frequencies and vibrations must be cleansed. <Wow>

Athena is saying, in terms of the individual, this appears to be an individual act; however, multiple entities from the astral realm were involved and have been possessing him for some time. <Um-hmm> Hilarion just said, “It will be, as you say, a ‘wake-up call,’ as the usual actors in some of these events, were taken by surprise.”

Ted– Whom does he seem to be referring to there?

Julie– He’s referring to those in the secret government or those in what is called “Cabal” who would be taking actions for their own benefit. At first they were pointing fingers at each other since this took them by surprise. They [H&A] are very sorry for the suffering, and yet they are communicating with me that some good will come out of it. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, marvelous. I didn’t really know … but yes, that sounds very persuasive. We thank them for that difficult issue to examine … and we’ll move on if they’re ready …?

Julie– I guess the sense I’m getting from them is of the importance for people who are awake to remain clear of places like that. <What kind of places?> The warning is for people to be aware of the darkness that abides in places like casinos …

Ted– Yes, just like I’ve always felt and thought—they do seem horribly vacuous, even worse than ordinary bars where sweetened flavors of alcohol are consumed in darkened places. <Yes> Well, ok, that’s probably sufficient closure on that … <Ok> The next question is about the famous American moonshots back in the Sixties and early Seventies, in which some of the pictures that were shown of early-technology videos of the missions to the Moon, appeared to have a strange kind of blacked out sky and some had very peculiar-looking furled flags or shadows that subliminally suggested, at least to many people, that these moonshot pictures were actually faked … and now that some of the information about how they might have been faked has leaked out, from famous movie makers like Kubrick, who may have had a hand in doctoring the scenes, implies that at least some of the missions might not have been successful … at least to me and others. Can they review whether some of the missions were actually failures but were falsely documented as though they were successful?

Julie– It’s Phindar who’s going to speak; he says it would be more correct to say that many of the photographs were altered rather than faked … <Umm> he’s saying, that too many people were involved to have pretended that missions occurred that did not; hundreds of people were involved in the technology … he’s saying however, many of the photographs were altered to prevent people from knowing many of the things that were seen or found or pictures that were edited or were selected … also not wanting people to know as much of what was actually found or occurring, or certain things that happened. He’s saying some of the real-time photography was delayed so that a small group of people could edit it. <I see.> He’s not saying that any mission was faked or said to happen that did not.

Ted– Ok, that sounds reasonable. So, it may have been that certain spacecraft or starships were actually seen in the background or something of that kind, which they did not wish to reveal (?).

Julie– That’s correct. He’s saying that was certainly true at that point for many of the lunar missions especially. They discovered things that they weren’t supposed to discover, and the acceleration of the Secret Space Program/ Military-Industrial control of certain aspects of space—that part of it has been controlled and edited and pictures altered that were actually taken. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, thank you. So, the missions were successful, but the imagery coming back was edited or censored out so that only the part they wanted to reveal was shown. <That’s correct.> Ok, that’s a great answer, and we thank Phindar for that. And now, on to an even harder question … [chuckles] I can’t exactly remember if parts of this might have been revealed to us earlier, but this is probably for our science consultant guests today to consider with us, if they would. I have wondered from time to time, like many astronomers and astrophysicists on Earth, about what has been called “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” … really are, or what really is going on with the “missing mass” in our universe … and whether some of it can be explained to us with our limited scientific backgrounds; nonetheless, it has occurred to me that this may be a deeper aspect of what has been called “Quantum Gravity.” Secondly, I would like to know whether these “dark substances” are part of the same phenomenon or whether they’re fundamentally different and separate (?).

Julie– The two scientists who are special guests here will answer. It’s the man, the male, Mamboh … the name is slightly humorous … he nodded; I guess he understands … <[chuckles]> he’s saying what is termed in our language by Earth scientists as “dark matter” can actually be understood as an extended but yet unperceived aspect of what might be called the electromagnetic spectrum. What is visible to our scientists represents about, they say, 5% of what exists in the universe, and in that way reflects light or has radiance or electromagnetic energy or has gravity. What has been called “dark matter” … then is but what will be discovered at some point to be an extended part of that same spectrum.

Ted– Extended on the high end or the low end?

Julie– Both ends. <Both? Oh, wow …> He’s saying, “Both ends.” One is of an extremely low frequency, and one is of an extremely high frequency … though there are not yet instruments capable of identifying or measuring either—only being able to measure the effects. What is called “dark energy” on the other hand is something altogether different; it is based on the geometric framework of what is called “space,” and that the apparent acceleration of space is a result of this energy which continually grows and multiplies, like a vast geometric matrix. He’s saying the Earth scientist Nassim Harramein decoded it in his explanation of the entire … what might be called “fabric of space,” being tetrahedral geometry, which is continually manipulating itself, he’s saying, like a giant erector set, which is causing a misperception of the expansion of space, based on red shift … <Hmm> but they are not the same, these two notions.

The woman Strika wishes to say that we do not yet have instrumentation or understanding, and that some of the calculations by the Earth scientists like Einstein were correct, but it seemed to be so impossible that no one could accept it. So, what is called “dark matter” is part of what is a much larger spectrum of energy that has not yet been identified … but “dark energy” is part of the nature of the universe itself.

Ted– So, it’s the expanding aspect of the universe?

Julie– Yes, and it’s geometric; it does cause expansion in some way, as you have said … and this would not be the same as “quantum gravity,” but it interacts with the force called “gravity” in a way that could almost be seen to be “anti-gravity.”

Ted– Right. So, in a way dark matter and dark energy are like countervailing forces that … <They’re nodding …> counteract each other. <Yes> I see … that’s an impressive clarification that is going to be adequate for today, I think. We thank them for trying to explain these very obscure phenomena to us, and I thank you as well for your effort to help us understand.

I have one more … [chuckles] kind of science question that I will go on to if you’re ready (?). <Ok> I’m wondering if anyone, particularly our scientific consultants today, could comment on the nature of what we call “quantum computing” that is believed by some to be the next base metric to follow binary computing that uses two-valued logic. I don’t quite understand it myself, but I have contemplated the possibility of higher-based metrics like the four-based system encoded into the DNA chemistry as an information structure. Do they have any understanding of what is involved here?

Julie– [pause] Wow, I’m not getting any answer on that one.

Ted– Ok … would they care to comment on any aspect of quantum computing?

Julie– I think that … well, I’m drawing a blank. It might be the word or the name. I think that Rhi is going to try to answer it. I don’t have any knowledge of this … at all. I’ve heard the term … but that’s it.

Ted– Well, it’s supposedly a multi-valued logic that yields more than two possible states or conditions, contrasted to the binary logic of only “yes or no,” “on or off,” that is believed to be a more compact way of encoding logic structures with other possibilities.

Julie– Ok so what Rhi was showing me on that was something like a logic train or a logic tree where if you work through a problem and the answer to the question or problem would be “yes” or “no” in this part of the tree, and similarly for other parts of the tree … if yes, then on to something else … somehow it’s able to move from just “yes or no” … end of story … to move through more branches of a logic tree …? <That may be part of it.> Ok. So, it’s just more complex in terms of having available …much more storage and memory in computers to actually process data and answers. She’s saying it’s also related to what we term the “cloud” in terms of where vast amounts of information can be stored and accessed … like it would not all be contained within one computer’s memory. It would interact, based on what the answers would be to yes/no tests throughout the logic tree, then it might access something automatically, stored someplace else to bring back an answer. I don’t know if that’s helping your answer at all …

Ted– Yes, that’s good … I didn’t realize it would be such an uncertain concept to discuss. I had thought in some ways it might be related to what we call “fuzzy logic” or what in the mathematics of some decades back was termed “the undecidable” in which neither yes nor no can be used to determine a unique outcome, and I thought that somehow the notion of entangled photons at the quantum level was believed to somehow advance this dilemma, perhaps through links to parallel universes, etc. I know this business with “qubits” (quantum bits) is very iffy.

Julie– Well, you know in the beginning what Rhi said, which I thought I must have imagined or was just silly, but in the beginning what she said was … you had said that what computers operate on is “yes or no” … she said the essence of this is “yes, no and maybe.”

Ted– [laughs] Right … exactly. But does the maybe have some virtual structure that can be formalized …

Julie– And I thought that was such a silly answer that I … didn’t tell you.

Ted– [chuckles] No, no … binary computing in which the answer has to be either yes or no is a simplistic approximation or modeling of the real world or universe that is obviously not adequate and so, other possibilities have to come into a logic tree, and I wasn’t sure if this was what quantum computing would allow or whether it’s just a kind of phantasy of a lot of thinkers today who want to get beyond “undecidability” in binary computing even though there’s no real way to do so.

Julie– Rhi and Phindar are both nodding.

Ted– Umm. Nodding means …?

Julie– Nodding means what you just said is true, and what they’re trying to do is somehow make science out of how the mind works, and at this point, they are not really able to do it.

Ted– Yes … ok, well that’s a hard one, so I guess we will …

Julie– … and it’s something I know nothing about.

Ted– [laughs] That’s ok. At least you understood well enough to convey the question, and I thank you and them for considering this obscure idea that I’ve now learned a little more about … and I’ll move on as soon as you’re ready. <Ok> The next question has to do with my continuing interest in starlight elixirs, particularly since I’m re-reading Hilarion’s book on the subject, which I intend to review for my website—for possibly the first extended review in more than 30 years. I didn’t really know what to make of it when it was first published, it was so “far-out”—possibly the most far-out book ever published, going so far beyond what anyone had ever conceived of before—because I didn’t know enough then, even though I knew the person who was making the elixirs and getting the channeling for the content from Hilarion with Jon Fox. So, I’m trying to think of how to use the starlight elixirs I have on hand here, and have recently realized that what I probably need to learn is how to make homeopathic preparations. Maybe Hilarion could provide me with a tip on how to proceed with that notion.

Julie– He thinks that’s a really good idea, and that you can use or make other tinctures of the star light elixirs through, as you’ve been studying, “succussing.” He’s saying that there is information, instructions and places to learn about this on the Internet, and that books are available showing very much the techniques, the mediums of using things like alcohol or other substances to make the tinctures, the concentrations, but that it is a fairly simple process, and he’s saying that if you’re wanting to use it with people, you can use what is called kinesiology to make associations if there is no way to do so by logic or reason. He’s saying, of course in my case where you deduced the significance of the elixir related to a particular open star cluster that it turns out to have a profound alignment in my astrological chart. It could be a way to help people … but the homeopathic remedies are a way of putting something into solution in a way as you have known and succussing it. There are many instructions that are available that he would not take time to do now … [suddenly laughs] he just said, “The game’s afoot.” [both laugh] <Ok> Oh, that’s so funny (!). He loves that you’re doing this … that’s one thing I can say.

Ted– Well, I’ve been putting it off for a long time, and I’m just re-reading the book now after 30 years or so; it’s a really amazing and fabulous book, and it’s probably … Hilarion’s greatest work that has been transmitted to us, whose time had not yet come because no one could really understand or believe what was said, and now I’m feeling a need to try to assimilate it more and understand it myself and make some experimental approach with what we have, so that’s what I’m going to try … and I thank him for that answer.

Julie– … and he’s saying that when you are able to bring the elixir for the Ptolemy Cluster, that will be a very interesting exercise for us to work with.

Ted– Is that M7? <Yeah> So, that would probably be a good thing for you to try, huh?

Julie– Yeah, that’s what he’s saying.

Ted– Fabulous, ok. Does he have any notion for the elixirs I have on hand now … I can’t find my inventory list yet … what elixir that would be good for me to be using myself?

Julie– Deneb … alpha Cygnus—that one would be the best one to start with, he said. <Ok> Do you have that one?

Ted– I think I have Deneb … alpha Cygnus, I’m not sure …

Julie– No, that’s what it is …

Ted– Oh, Deneb is alpha Cygnus. Ok, wonderful! I thank him for that answer and will investigate as soon as possible. Shall I move on? <I think so.> We’re reaching the hour mark as things are timed pretty well here again today … how are you feeling? <Ok> You sound wonderful, too. I’m going to return to one of your questions now as the last written one, which asks for commentary on your projected trip to Egypt next spring, in particular regarding Nefertari’s tomb that has evidently recently been re-opened to the public, and I know that you believe you had a past life at that location, and you would like to know, before you actually arrive, something about your experience stemming from that earlier incarnation and what its impact might be on you at the present time (?).

Julie– Ariel is saying that I spent three years there with another group who were finishing the tomb, and she’s suggesting to me that I look at the book I purchased some time ago for an exquisite photograph that was done by some museum or university … but it has exquisite pictures of everything inside the tomb, and that I should look at that ahead of time to identify an area or areas where I worked, and she’s saying that should be a profound healing experience to enable me to perhaps finally put that to rest.

Ted– Do you understand what she’s referring to?

Julie– Absolutely. Yeah, I have a book … it’s produced by some … I bought it some time ago … it’s not very big, like an illustrated booklet of the entire tomb, and I’d forgotten about it … and she’s saying that I should look at it before I go until I see what it is that resonates with me in the pictures. I’m sure we won’t be allowed to take photographs while there …

Ted– Yeah, you’d have to have a secret spy camera …

Julie– Yeah, exactly. You know they make them in pens; you can buy them on the Internet … James [Brown] wanted to buy a spy camera … <[laughs]> they make little tiny things that look like credit cards and things that look like pens …

Ted– It’s such a perfect Scorpio deal.

Julie– I know; it’s so funny.

Ted– Is there anything else you would like to ask about that trip now?

Julie– No, but I just get a good sense from them … I don’t sense any concern or … it feels like it will go well.

Ted– And there won’t be any political crises that will frighten people, we hope.

Julie– Well, Hilarion said there are certain things that cannot be predicted at this point in time, but it looks as if all will be well.

Ted– “Looks good …” Ok. That’s the end of our questions. Naturally, we would be pleased to hear anything that might have occurred to anyone there during the time of our discussion, so we would ask them to please share it with us now if they wish …

Julie– The rest of the participants are just holding space, allowing me to do this, particularly the White Lions. The Sirians were here to hear the scientific commentary.

Ted– Ok. Are you able to say a little more about where you think you are? I understood that you thought you recognized it, but I wasn’t sure you meant it was the familiar French-theme place … or somewhere else.

Julie– It’s interesting because when I begin the trance, as you know, I go down this long series of escalators, and I always arrive inside of a structure which for context, I guess, the larger structure, is set in France where you and I lived once upon a time. It’s a bit like a portal or gateway; sometimes I stay in the structure and then sometimes we’re transported somewhere else entirely. Today I went into a different part of the structure than we’d ever been in before.

Ted– I thought there might be projected imagery on the wall the way you described the room; did you see any projected imagery on the wall?

Julie– I did not (!), and I thought that was interesting, too; and I know the table had the potential for technology, but … no, they mostly just gave me answers today.

Ted– Could you describe the two guests from alpha Centauri, Mamboh and Strikah—their appearances, I mean?

Julie– They are very humanoid, maybe a little bit taller than normal Earthumans. He was dressed in a kind of orange robe sort of thing with a hood and cuffs … lots of embroidery on the outside. His hair is gray … I would say, not to be humorous, he reminds me a little of Randy Crutcher: tall with gray hair, a nice-looking individual. She … her hair is more blond, also tall; she seemed to be dressed in something that looked more like a spacesuit … I mean, white, tailored high-tech, nice-looking individual … sort-of Nordic-looking

Ted– Um-hmm, I think there’s a reference in some of our earlier conferences that says that some Nordic-looking ETs are from that region. <Ohh (!)> This might be an interesting confirmation of it. So, are you still there or have you departed already?

Julie– My phone is just about out of battery, so you need to take me out so I can get another phone for our debrief.

Ted– Ok, very good, then. I would ask that you now realize on the count of 5 that we have finished with the main part of our conference dialogue today … it went by so quickly …


*           *           *            *



  1. Smulkis & Rubenfeld, Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing, C.W. Daniel, Essex, UK, 1992.