Star Light Reflections

*Star Light Reflections* is the final Volume 5 of the *5 Star Series*, beginning with Telepresence Conference 57 (12-20-2014) and concluding with TC 70 (10-11-2015).  It is dedicated to the multifarious civilizations of the Cygnus-Lyra region of sky and their “ancient astronauts” who came to Earth in curiosity and/or fame and fortune (goodwill?) hunting … and were captivated by its glorious beauty and abundance–so they stayed … sometimes only for as long as possible.  It celebrates a minor conclusion … and is a step deeper into a still vaster cosmos than cannot yet be fully imagined by Earthumans of our time (but they are helping us try …)

Star Time Convergence

*Star Time Convergence*, this 4th Volume of the *5 Star Series*, begins with Telepresence Conference 43 (5-4-2013) and concludes with TC 56 (8-15-2014). It is dedicated to the civilizations of Arcturus who were the originators of ancient Atlantis (!) and marks the time during this period when the ETs & Celestial Guides are a bit shocked and begin to realize that things are not going to work out as well as hoped.  In reality, they probably have only acquiesced that it will take longer than first expected for Earth to evolve into becoming a “sacred planet” as is said in the esoteric lineages.

Star World Ascension

*Star World Ascension* is Volume 3 of the *5 Star Series* and begins with Telepresence Conference 29 (4-29-2012), concluding with number 42 (3-31-2013). It is dedicated to the civilizations of Andromeda and their contribution to Earth civilizations in past eras as well as presently (they do the crop circles!). In addition to much else, it examines the meaning of the notion of “Ascension,” which was believed by many to be a very relevant boundary condition for a cultural era (or something) at the end of 2012.  The answers are cosmically relevant and do not disappoint (for those who have interests in this area).

Star Family Excursions

*Star Family Excursions* is Volume 2 of the *5 Star Series* and contains the second set of 14 Telepresence Conferences, 15-28, dating from 6-22-2011 to 3-3-2012.  It sets the pace for the range of revelations and adventures to follow after Julie & Ted’s initial breakthrough and is dedicated to the ancient planetary systems whose life was destroyed by the Sirian nova and those who escaped into the Sirian diaspora, some of whom were brought to Earth.  Three different spacecraft are described and shown using simplified 3D models.

The Star Table Trance Missions

*The Star Table Trance Missions* is the first volume of the 5-volume *5 Star Series* and is dedicated to the pioneers (or “bioneers”) from Aldebaran and The Pleiades who were early settlers on Earth many thousands of years ago. It contains the first 14 “Telepresence Conferences,” dating from 1-17-2011 to 5-4-2011, which tell how Julie and Ted met and began their amazing conversational adventures with Julie in light hypnotic trance with many ETs and celestial guides, with whom they had finally earned the right to have conscious contact since it is revealed that they are both Pleiadian/Sirian hybrids with Pleiadian ET fathers . It is a love story with many sub-texts (!).

Telepresence Conference 98

Telepresence Conference 98

March 4, 2018


Julie and crew return to a familiar house or castle and grounds in France in the Middle Ages to sit outside in a circle near a lake with several unusual new guests: Zantar from the Hyades and Thoron and Cheeanna, who turn out to be Sirians from earlier wizardly incarnations. Ted begins by asking about “orbs” that he has seen in photos of the oaks on his property.


Conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with a few shorter comments placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done at Julie’s house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*          *          *

Julie– So, I went down the escalators as usual, and you and all the animals met me, and Tygon the wolf was there. He’s so wonderful; he’s so big (!)—he’s at least 25% bigger than a regular wolf … pure white, and he always howls when he sees us … <[chuckles]> ready to give me a kiss—it’s quite exciting. So, then we went down the stairs, the marble stairs … and we’re still standing there, and I’m waiting … Ok, in front of us is this … arched doorway …I’ve seen this doorway before, and I’m not sure I’ve ever exactly said this, but this building that we’re in that’s very familiar, just because of the nature of the experience, it has a capacity—the building has the capacity—to shape shift in certain ways and turn into other things.

So, what’s in front of us is a large … it’s not an arched doorway; it’s more the kind of a doorway … I don’t know the timeframe … that sort of comes to a rounded point and is made of stones that look somewhat rectangular, and the stones are all aligned with each other … I can draw it for you afterwards if it doesn’t make sense …

Ted– It sounds like it might be a corbelled arch …

Julie– Maybe that’s what you call it. I’ve seen them in pictures of medieval castles … and the wall is stone, but the door beneath the arch is wooden with metal handles, and the arch is tall, say at least ten feet, and the doors are double—I think I said that—and probably the opening is at least six feet wide.

So, the doors are opening outward, towards us, and we’re walking through … it’s the stairways, the escalators … the door has opened and on the other side is brilliant sunlight. So, we’re walking through this big archway, all of us into sunlight and into a grassy area, a setting we’ve been in before. We’re walking maybe fifty feet towards where there is a lake on this property, where we supposedly lived in France a long time ago, and there are chairs set up; I think we’ve seen this exact same setting before. By the way, the chairs have the same shape as the arched doorway, which I can draw for you later if you want to do anything to visualize it … as for the table—well, there’s actually no table; there’s just a circle of these chairs on a grassy lawn. It’s summer or spring; anyway it’s quite warm and pleasant. It looks like early spring flowers are in bloom, and the lake is just off a bit in the distance, maybe another fifty feet.

So, we’re coming into the circle, and it appears to be about 5 o’clock in the afternoon; we’re coming in, and then we’re walking and sitting down. There’s a chair for each of us at approximately the 6 o’clock position at the “bottom” of the circle. They’re situated right beside each other … <Who is?> The chairs for you and me, and then at what would be noon in the same configuration, are chairs for Hilarion and Athena. He is on her right, as usual; we’re opposite them. You are on my left; it’s kind of odd because I feel off center. We came in at an odd angle to the chairs for some reason, maybe having to do with the setting Sun … I don’t know. Ok, let’s see … I have to get myself in the chair before I can have a sense of what the positions around the “clock” look like. [pause]

So, at 1 o’clock is someone I don’t know. I’m trying to get it to come into focus. Well, that’s interesting … a being … it’s very odd … I’m not sure this has ever happened before: it’s a being that’s morphing from male to female. It’ll appear … the being will appear and look female, and then it kind-of fades out, and then comes back and looks more male … again, very medieval looking. So, I’m being told that this person is from a race of beings that have advanced beyond the need for having physical bodies, and they live in a star system near the Hyades star cluster in the area of Taurus. That’s very interesting: I’m being told that these beings—I don’t know what the message for us will be today, if they’re “science people” or what—but they have balanced the polarities of gender, and should they desire to manifest in physical form, they can choose either way, but they normally do not—they’re more energetic in nature.

So, this phenomenon is just going to hold the space, and it’s interesting because as this being modulates in and out of form and energy presence, there’s just lots of brilliant lights—very psychedelic, almost. I’m told we can call … they go by a plural … Zantar. Z-a-n-t-a-r. In a sense they have a similarity to the twin aspect of the White Lions, but … very interesting … I never encountered anything like this before. Ok, so that’s 1. 2 is Semjase. At the 3 position it’s the same thing they did with you and me and Hilarion and Athena … it’s Michael and Ariel, and in the case of couples, they put the chairs right together. 4 and 5 are the Lions, and they each have their own chair. So, you and I are at 6 … 7, next to you is Samael, next to him is Jhinda. Rhi and Phindar are at 9 with similarly attached chairs. At 10 is a very wizard-looking character—not the one we’ve seen before …male, beard … Thoron … T-h-o-r-o-n, and at 11 is his counterpart, who also is wearing a wizard hat … female, but also covered over with silvery hair. Oh (!), these are alternate manifestations of the Sirians in another time frame and incarnation. Huh … has that ever happened before? Just a second … his name is “Thoron” … and her’s is something like “Sheanna.” But it’s spelled with a “Ch …” but like “Sh …” Cheeanna … C-h-e-e-a-n-n-a. It’s very wizardly and Elvish but makes sense. Their outfits are black and purple, but they have tall wizard’s hats; her’s is purple; his is black. Ok.

Ted– Ok, thank you for introducing our group today; it’s a wonderful prospect to think of speaking with them and what they will have to tell us. We welcome them all. If you think we’re ready to begin, I’ll do so. <Yes.>

Well, the first question is a somewhat imaginative one that has fascinated us recently, having to do with what we call “orbs” that appear in some electronic photography, I noticed quite a few of them in a recent photo essay that I did on the upper oak groves at my place in Avery, CA. We would very much like to have someone explain what these orbs are, whether artifacts of the camera electronics/ optics … or something else.



Julie– Oh, that’s why the wizard people are here (!). Well, Thoron is going to speak first. He’s saying these have also been called “plasma” by your people, and in neither case is the answer to the question correct. He said, “They are members of the elemental kingdom; they are sentient … but not high on the evolutionary scale.” <Right …> He’s trying to explain to me and show me … so, there is a relationship to those who participate in the elemental kingdom which have been given names in many traditions and that there is an aspect here of what has been called “magic,” elemental magic, which can draw forth or call from the potential of these elements into manifestation. These “orbs” as you call them, have always been present as a part of nature. Those who dwell underground in the Earth, who have been called by many names: fairies, elves, dwarves, Leprechauns, etc. use and work with this substance that resides in the cosmic matrix, which your science might call “zero-point energy” … and there are those who know how to transform the potential of this energy into living light. What you have called “orbs” in many ways could also be called living light. <[softly] Wow …> They possess energy and frequency; they are the state of light when it is both wave and particle. <Wow …> They come in different sizes … <[laughs]> they are attracted to each other; and they are attracted to frequencies which are harmonious and natural and joyful. They are much beloved by what have been called “Fairie Folk.” <[amused]> They are part of the natural world that was not able to be perceived. Your technology can now perceive them, but others who are sensitive also perceive their energy and nature. Does this answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s marvelous. We thank him for revealing this to us.

Julie– He nodded. It was lovely because there’s a tassel on the end of his wizard’s cap …

Ted– Would you care to find out where they’re from? Oh, yes, they’re from Sirius … sorry.

Julie– Well, they’re from a star system in the Hyades[1]

Ted– Oh, the Hyades …?

Julie– Well, in that vicinity …

Ted– Right, we thank them again for their answer. And now, for our next question you would probably like to know what more might be understood and told by anyone present involving your game-project situation with your co-creators and the publicity/ fund-raising initiative now under way. You would like to have anyone advise you how to interpret what is happening at the present time.

Julie– It’s Athena who’s going to speak to me—she’s always the one, because of her nature, who delivers the most difficult material. <[chuckles] Right …> She’s saying simply, “Be prepared to surrender it all; it’s the role in this case karmically of the person cast in the role of publisher to finalize the funding …” and if she is not able to do that at this juncture, then you should let it go and see what happens next. Hilarion is saying this may not happen … this is the deepest soul lesson of this individual’s life … <Wow> believing she is never enough, having enough and doubting herself, and this is the biggest test she will face in her life. This is a soul project the three of you agreed to do … for different reasons in each case. Athena just looked at me and said, “You have done well and the form, the outcome, may not be what you expect … or it may be far greater than you expect … and trust is exactly what you should be feeling and doing.” [sighs] I guess that’s the answer.

Ted– Ok, very good. We thank Athena for her awareness of the situation, and we would continue on with our next question, asking about what has been called and is being called by a number of people like David Wilcock, the “Solar Flash.” They seem to have a belief that some kind of solar prominence is going to occur that will directly re-program the DNA on our planet sometime in the near future based on our solar system’s interaction with something like energy or dust on our orbit path around the galaxy. We would hope to assess the likelihood of something like this happening with our guests.

Julie– Ah, it’s … did I say it was “Zantar” at 1 o’clock? <Yes, right.> [takes a deep breath] They communicate telepathically. The event or process, which is described, is an evolutionary initiatory process and stage of solar beings, stars, which also effect planets orbiting around them. They’re not permitted to tell us the specific nature here; much is still unknown, and the timing is still unknown. He’s saying the best that can be described here is the physical aspect of it: it is different than what is called “coronal mass ejection.” When this does happen to stars—and it does happen at particular times in the life cycles of their own evolutionary development—it is more like an emanation or a transmission from the consciousness of the sun itself … from their deepest and most profound identity … and it comes in the form of a benediction to those who have grown to a certain point, and a destruction of form to those who are not yet ready … It is less of a “flash” and more of a wave of “light and love and power,” as has been said in an ancient prayer known on many star systems. It’s as if all the sun can be as a conscious being, is for a moment fully radiated into its system. And nothing is the same afterwards … each planetary system, each creature, each soul, receives this at the level of their own receptivity. That’s all they’re permitted to say in this regard, and they’re not permitted to say anything about timing …

Ted– Ok, I can understand that. We are grateful to have them participate and have them tell us what they have carefully described. I’ll continue on with our next question, then …

Julie– I’ll just say that when this entity is visible, it’s almost like something with no body, but what would be a body is like, scintillating light, but it almost looks like it has two heads—one male and one female. <Wow …> Very evolved, however strange that description of the appearance may sound.

Ted– This is a really new image of a kind of entity that we have not been aware of before.

Julie– He’s Zan, and she’s Tar … <[chuckles] Alright …> and yet it’s one being: Zantar.

Ted– Well, of course that really is quite unusual to hear … We would like to ask next about …

Julie– Oh, sorry, Semjase wants to say something about these … <Oh, yes, good …> “emanations” as they call them, from stars. They’re aware of this having happened in other places … that, by the way, has happened in our system before … <Wow …> It happens at a stellar level and at a galactic level, she’s saying, which your scientist Paul LaViolette has written and theorized about. She’s saying that ETs stand ready to do what’s necessary, and she’s saying, as has been said to us many times, by Hilarion—she gave him a lovely nod—that the most important thing that people on Earth can do, is to keep their own consciousness at the highest frequency of which they are capable … that is what will allow the most positive effect for everything that’s going on with this solar emanation, whenever it occurs.

Ted– Was the last occurrence of this phenomenon that she mentions in historical times or in very ancient times?

Julie– Ancient times … 64 millions years ago was the last time.

Ted– Wow, that must have been the extinction of the dinosaurs (!). <Yeah.> Oh, my goodness! We also thank her for adding to our awareness of this situation, and for being with us today as well. So, I will continue on and ask anyone present who might wish to describe aspects of a situation that a book was written about some years ago by Chet Snow and Helen Wambach, called Mass Dreams of the Future, in which evidently many people who were asked to try to visualize the future, had seen very a couple of typical situations with people living in small communities in some cases, and others living in more high-tech situations or city-like circumstances. We were wondering if anything could be described about this visionary process today, whether it might be accurate or whether it was a more limited predictive artifact of its time (?).

Julie– Are you speaking of the process or the accuracy of the visions?

Ted– Both, probably.

Julie– Hilarion is going to answer … he said the visions were and are correct and still expected and are even related to the solar emanation that may occur some time soon. Those who would reside, he’s saying, in what we would call “advanced technology cities” will have had a certain amount of help from ETs who will help re-settle and colonize the planet. Those who will live in small villages of sorts … they will also have technology but their choice will be to live in a much more natural environment. Many of those will be people who have lived underground who will be able to return to the surface. <Wow> He repeats, the vision was and is accurate … with timing uncertain.

Ted– Ok, we thank Hilarion for this response from his wide perspective and great knowledge compared to the more limited awareness of most Earth inhabitants. We will continue on if you’re ready (?). <Yes> I would give a little context for this next question … about the nature of the Earth as it grows and expands over very long periods of time, which we have previously confirmed as true. As an extension of this growth process of the Earth, we would like to find out if Earth’s core can be more accurately described as a plasma energy structure of some kind that would be highly pressurized and so forth by the physical aspect of Earth’s mantle around it … rather than the traditional description given by our scientists of it being primarily a heavy metallic core whose internal circulation generates its geo-magnetic field. So, presumably with this new idea, this plasma core, if it exists, absorbs cosmic rays that are passing through the Earth, and that the energy of absorption of the energies of the cosmic rays drives the energy of the Earth’s expansion. Could anyone comment on the accuracy of this idea?

Julie– We are actually going to get that from Zantar as well. So, it’s interesting because it’s like a strange way to communicate … because they literally are two who are one. What they’re saying is that the “solid core” of this earlier understanding was definitely incomplete, and they’re going to tell me something about which I don’t have any understanding … It is the nature of a planetary body such as our Earth, to speak of it in archetypal terms … it is the nature of the planetary system to create both fire and water in an alchemical sense … the fire becomes volcanic; the water moves up through the Earth … <Yes, of course …> it is in some ways correct to think of the center of the Earth as a capacitor to attract what are called “cosmic rays” as a force of acceleration for the process that goes on … <Wow …> and the fire and the water creates the “earth” and the air that moves on the outer levels of the planet. It’s still incomplete to speak of it in terms of “a plasma.” It’s far more … in your language a process of alchemical creation. Different planetary bodies have different sorts of systems based on mass and speed of orbit and acceleration, but in the case of Earth it is literally a process of creation by fire and water, yielding earth and air. Wow, that was a lot (!) … does that answer at all?

Ted– That’s fabulous (!); yes, indeed. We thank them for that simply amazing answer. Our next two questions will be directed more towards our own personal circumstances at present, and I’ll go first with a general question since I will be traveling back to California shortly after having worked at my recent design engineer job, to some success, and I would thank anyone who might have helped organize that opportunity for me. I would be happy to hear any perceived situations for my year ahead by anyone there.

Julie– I have to say to you … Hilarion just spoke to me … and I just have to “own” that the answer frustrated me because I feel like I’ve had similar answers before—he’s smiling at me—but … ah, what he said was, “Be vigilant about your priorities, do what is absolutely the most important in the order of their importance.” They apparently did have a role in helping with whatever was happening with this design office circumstance … <[slyly] Um-hmm …> making David more unhappy so he needed to act on what he really wanted to do. <[chuckles] Oh, boy …>

What Hilarion said that frustrated me is “Your time in California needs to be short and needs to be coming to an end.” He doesn’t know what that means for you, but what he is saying is … I guess it’s a repeat to say … how did he say it (?) … his words were, “Be vigilant with your priorities; act in terms of absolutely what is the most important to do first … and now he’s scanning … he’s saying your overall health is quite good. He has recommended massage for you as treatment for your hip and back, and that he continues to do so … and footbaths … he says you should be putting quartz crystals in your excellent water and drinking more of that instead of tea in summer … <Ok …> less caffeine … quartz crystals … quite a few of them, making “sun water.” He’s not asking you to give up your tea, but increase the ratio of the crystalized water, which will be of a very high frequency for your body …

Ted– Marvelous … putting it in the sun, I presume (?).

Julie– Right (!), making it just like you do your caffeine tea, leaving it out in the sun. Lemon would be good with the water once it comes inside—lemon rather than lime. <Oh, really (?).> They have a different alkalinity, a different ph … lemon with water … heat on your hip.

Ted– Well, we’ve soaked here in the hot springs over the winter, which has felt very good, of course, as he recommended …

Julie– Yes. He said your hip is slightly better; he said there’s less inflammation. Don’t “overdo” it. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s all very interesting. I thank him for his advice, as always. The next question looks at your situation as you get ready to travel to Egypt with your tour group. We would ask anyone there who would be aware of your situation or following your travels, to reveal anything to you now that you should probably know and understand.

Julie– It’s Ariel who will speak. She just nodded at Semjase and Rhi and Phindar … Ariel is saying that we will be guided and watched over and protected, and she’s looking right at me, saying that I should expect this to be my most profound trip of them all that I have taken in this lifetime. Oh, she’s saying be sure to take a journal, and that I should also take a recorder because I’m going to be having a lot of memories to recall. <Yes, of course …> [pause, then suddenly laughs] She just said to me, “Don’t be surprised—it might not be your last …” <Wow> which would be a surprise. [suddenly laughs out loud] Ha, ha, ha … Hilarion just said, “We’re working on getting you to Ireland, too … where you could be wearing the Green.” <Ohh …> Ha, ha, ha. <Yes> We know how effective they are. Athena just said they have been helping on selling the lot, too; they don’t have an outcome on that yet … Well, that’s great; I didn’t even think of taking a journal … or my recorder.

Ted– Right, that’s really important (!). <Yes> It’s funny, just a moment ago I heard a bird calling, sort-of insistently, probably out on the lake somewhere … I’m not sure what kind of bird it was, but it made me think of the Bald Eagle couple you saw recently … <Yeah …> and we were wondering [laughs] if anyone had a hand in arranging that sighting (?).

Julie– Only in the timing … “444.”[2]

Ted– Ok, we are very pleased to have been able to ask our questions and have our responses, as we always are. We don’t have any other written questions at the present time, but we would like to continue on a little further and possibly hear from anyone else who would wish to address us with any interest they might have or something they might be aware of at present and be able to speak with you now, too.

Julie– Well, I guess Rhi and Phindar are going to just sort-of … they don’t communicate telepathically, but … they’re just expressing again … Phindar is speaking again of their “regret,” I guess is the word … it goes deeper than that … about how much upheaval there is in the world … <[softly] Yeah …> but what he’s saying and what they want us to know, is that there is still … he said he knows it sounds like … I can’t think what the right word is … “condescending” to say there is much going on behind the scenes, but there is, and that, even though it is not always apparent, there are more people waking up. <That’s good to hear.> It’s hard for them—they expected things to be different. So, just keep proceeding with the best that we can, in doing what we can and being strong. Rhi just said, “Don’t give up hope … there are people—humans all over the world—who are like beacons of light.” And while it may seem to them that their part is small, it makes more of a difference than they realize. She’s saying all the ETs are very busy … [takes a deep breath]

Well, Hilarion is reminding us … he told us the last time that we should be meditating in a concerted effort each day. And he’s reminding us that we have not been doing that. <[weakly] Um-hmm …> He said, “You yourselves become like resonant capacitors when you do that.” The rest are here to support us … Michael just said he can be more available to you than you realize if you just mentally connect with his strength. [takes a deep breath] I guess that’s it. <Ok> The Lions, Samael and Jhinda come in some ways … they “hold space” energetically … it’s very strong, but they don’t always come forward … so, I’m just getting an energetic boost from all of them. It’s like they combined as almost one mind to send an energetic impulse … can you feel it?

Ted– Um-hmm, I think so.

Julie– It must be like what you feel with the crystals …

Ted– Yeah, I can feel it. I can feel something unusual, yes, indeed … not excessive but … an energy, a kind of “signal.” Very nice.

Julie– The Zantar … I guess that’s what I’ll call them … are saying that Earth, too, is undergoing a metamorphosis and a form of initiation … that’s part of what many people feel … a time of power and uncertainty and potential. That was the thought I had from all of them simultaneously. [takes a deep breath] I think that’s it.

Ted– Ok.

Julie– I would just first express by speaking my gratitude to everyone.

Ted– Yes, we are grateful to have contact with these extraordinary individuals with whom we have dialoged now numerous times, and we send our most joyous spiritual recognition—having only yesterday experienced the Sun conjunct Neptune—in a beautiful watery kind of afternoon soaking in the hot springs here at the Pagosa Springs, and we would now send our parting thoughts to all of them <Yes> [wistfully] Ok … we appear to be finished, and now on the count of five you’ll begin to realize that you can return to you normal physical body awareness …


*           *           *           *

  1. Julie appears to have momentarily gotten Zantar from the Hyades mixed up with Thoron and Cheeanna, who are Sirian.
  2. The familiar notion that it happened at 4:44 in the afternoon, also the number of Phindar’s age when they first discovered his existence in their lives. Julie doesn’t say who actually spoke.