ExTC Series 9

This extended Telepresence Conference 9 category (new as of January, 2023), using the original website numbering terminology, begins with a session from the new Volume 4 entitled, Masters of Space & Time: Pleiadian Star Wisdom of Semjase & Ptaah from the new second series entitled *J&T Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close encounters of the 6th Kind* (following the first five volume series, *J&T Five Star Series*).  The first volume to be published of this new 5 volume series will be this Volume 4 (new numbering terminology), containing early post-Covid TC sessions that have shown to be of the most current interest.  The terminology has become a bit more complex with both a new series title, as well as new book titles and subtitles, which are still being projected and fine-tuned for this second series, but it is coming together (!).  I have decided that the shorter but very interesting and somewhat amusing J&T TC Session 118 will appear here on the web site first as an excerpt from Volme 4.  I will probably put up one more pre-publication excerpt from the book, but the full ebook and paperback versions of the book will be published a little later this year.