Masters of Space & Time *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm* V. 4

The formerly “Extended Telepresence Conference 9” (ExTC 9) category, using the original website numbering terminology (new as of January, 2023), now upon publication in late 2023 of this newly minted V. 4 entitled Masters of Space & Time Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries, begins with a preview of TC Session 118 in this second book series now entitled *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close encounters of the 6th Kind* (following the first five volume series, *J&T Five Star Series*).  The first volume of this new 5 volume series to be published contains the early post-Covid TC sessions from the 2020 era that have shown to be of the most timely interest in a world still recovering from the pandemic (what was that masked imbroglio?).  The terminology has become a bit more complex with both a new series title and subtitle, as well as new book titles and subtitles, which are still being projected and fine-tuned, but it is coming together (!).  I had earlier decided that this shorter but very interesting and somewhat amusing Session 118 would appear here on the web site as the first excerpt to go public.  I am also putting up a bit more in the way of excerpts from the book such as the Introduction and the Longer Summaries of all the sessions, but the full e-book and color  paperback version of the book, as noted, have already been published by Amazon KDP.  The book is dedicated to all the “Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries” who have appeared in our books, but there is a special page for acknowledging and offering gratitude to Semjase from the Billy Meier era and her father Ptaah, commander of the Great Spacer Alliance.  The story of my photoshoot of Julie’s sketch of Semjase would be an interesting sidebar for anyone interested in the Semjase story that bridges the late 20th Century with the current Century 21 era.

Masters of Space & Time front cover (click to go to Amazon Kindle Ted Denmark author page)