New Denmark & Loar Book, Masters of Space & Time: Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

It’s always exciting to get the first actual copies of a newly published book, and Masters of Space & Time: Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries by Julie and myself, did not disappoint when the box from Amazon arrived yesterday. The crisp rendered models of the starships on the dark sky photos on the matte texture front cover were lovely to see as well as the title text colors, the block of introductory text on the back cover (readable!), and the complementary colors on the spine, which shone like a lantern in the dark. The inside color images were mostly good as well though a few showed the various experimental efforts to make the images on screen look as good as possible when the pigments hit the page at print-on-demand time.

To recap briefly: this is the book dedicated to Semjase and Ptaah … and all the other Pleiadian operatives currently working behind the scenes on Earth to help steer the worst case scenarios back into the black as the aftermath of the demise of the Cabal or infamous Military-Industrial Complex is managed into what is hoped will be a “New Normal” … of a better kind than is usually imagined by many who are thought or believed to be “in the know” about Deep State conditions. It’s indeed a deep dive into the world views of many “exotic visitors,” as the series subtitle name suggests (as a replacement term for “ETs”), some familiar and some first-time guests at the various table sessions, continuing from the first series by ourselves (shorthand: J&T) called the *J&T Five Star Series*. If you are new to our earlier publication efforts, the beginning of the story is in the first book of the initial series, The Star Table Trance Missions, which is probably worth reading for those interested in the startup context of our unusual story.

As befitting a deep dive into the Quantum Realm, much along the way in terms of astrophysics, metaphysics and the general condition of the nature of reality, is questioned as usual by me (Ted) and given responses through Julie by the main masters of ceremony, Hilarion & Athena, our alter-ego selves Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael as well as our more extended star-family regulars and the various invited guests making a one-time appearance. This book, like the ones before, is mostly a question-and-answer venture into more puzzling and unknown corners, which I still like from the early days of the Marcus Press publications with Hilarion, but this time there is quite a lot more to be seen and read: such as several of my annotated “UAPFO” (satirical mashup of UAP and UFO) photos, my long essay on Quantum Causality, the various Synchronicity Stories and, of course, running accounts of the table seating cartoons and refreshed updates of Julie’s wonderful sketches of our “dear friends and family.” The love story and the family album continue on amidst the most far-out commentaries you will probably ever encounter. But, believe me, it’s all 100% real and not just “made up,” as literary critics like to say, “… out of whole cloth.” Such literary critics have plenty of engaging work elsewhere.

The honorary tribute page dedicated to outstanding Pleiadian emissaries Semjase & Ptaah, follows the long table of contents with its hopefully useful squib summaries—they did not want me to put their names or portrait sketches on the front cover of the book as I had enthusiastically imagined in the early stages of the book preparation, but there are several conversations with them interspersed throughout the sessions that present their attitudes and requests, which I made every effort to acknowledge and follow. They are very discrete and quite modest in their public self-assessment, for reasons that may be more or less obvious, but should be more understandable after the grouped sessions in the third appendix, involving their suggested guidance of the book’s approach to describing themselves. As noted, Julie and I really have only a tentative notion of what the current lifestyle exigencies of Semjase & Ptaah really might be, but there are some clues of what the circumstances of such (let us say it) super-human beings as themselves might involve.

So, if you have an interest in all the diverse and timely—or always predictably controversial—Issues that we get into … as well as a book budget that allows purchase of a $25 quality color paperback or a more modest one allowing for a $7 Kindle e-book, please jump into the melee of our Amazon KDP publications, for striking ideas and pronouncements about Covid, climate crisis, exotic visitor affairs and especially the Pleiadian connection—it’s an awesome and beautiful book (said as well of and for our highly-esteemed guests), hot off the print-on-demand replication machines. If no such budget is available but your interest is whetted by the pitch made here, please send me a note of why you would deserve a PDF review copy (although I might ask you to write a story about who you are … and a book review to be sent back).

Masters of Space & Time available in color paperback & Kindle e-book from Amazon (click on image to go to Ted Denmark author page)