Contact 10 Excerpt from “Message from the Pleiades, V. 1”

Uncensored 2nd ebook Edition, editor Ted Denmark, Ph.D.


Brief introduction to the excerpt by Ted Denmark. This is the most concentrated of Semjase’s spiritual teachings given to Eduard Billy Meier in the early contacts (or ever!) and also one of the most memorable for its uniquely lyrical and powerful exposition of the nature of The CREATION. It is also the place, after the main teaching has been given, where she first explicitly reveals to him at age 38, that “… you are the Prophet of the New Age!” In the first edition print book by publisher and soon to be friend, Wendelle Stevens, the highly significant designation “the Prophet” was modified to “a prophet,” thus defusing a potential controversy Wendelle was not prepared to face at the time since it was already so controversial and far beyond imaginable (Wendelle also sadly cut the full length of the wonderful Contact 10 down to just over five pages in his original 1st private edition print book). Billy quickly reveals that he is very reluctant to take on this new designated role as “the Prophet of the New Age,” which we can easily understand as we learn of the very unusual circumstances of his life up to that point.


Tenth Contact

Wednesday March 26, 1975 3:20 p.m.


The extraterrestrial contacts with Eduard Meier are still coming so close together that he barely has time to recover and resume his daily life before another one takes place. This tenth contact comes only eight days after the last one, and the cosmonaut [Semjase] opens the meeting in a very direct manner. [Short introduction by Wendelle Stevens]

* * *

Semjase- It is now time to speak about important objectives, meaning the spiritual development of Earthumans. In this respect I don’t want to submit to any questions unless they pertain to the exposition itself, a matter that you should understand, please.

The human being is the carrier of his spirit, which never dies and which also in his deepest sleep does not itself sleep, recording all thoughts and movements and telling the person whether his very thoughts are right or wrong. This spirit in the human being is carrier of The CREATION domain, and is possessed by all human beings. It is not to be understood that the human being is merely talking of a heaven and a kingdom of heaven within him and not just being content with only saying the words: Creation, truth, knowledge, spirit and existence. Human longing is in the delight that remains for the imperishable life, the sustainable peace, the spiritual richness that is never lost and is truly eternal. In time Heaven and Earth will disappear, but truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirit will never change or perish. Spirit holds the outlook for perfection, for harmony, peace, recognition, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, truth, beauty and love … in all things. Altogether they form the spiritual kingdom which exists within The CREATION. They all exist there as the genius in all geniality, the melody in all melodiousness, the enabling in all abilities, and as the highest Creational principle⎯the most marvelous above all marvels.

In a dream the human being may create marvelous worlds just as the Creation consciously creates the known worlds. For human beings this ability arises from an interior consciousness. He himself is the heavenly kingdom, the domain of Creation. The old philosophers spoke of the human being as the microcosm in the macrocosm because everything that exists in the universe is connected to the human spirit. The dimensions of the human being are without number. The image of The CREATION, the spirit, exists within, and at the same time transcends all dimensions. The spirit is the wonder of all wonders, from which all force arises. The awareness of wonder is always the outcome of the perfection of spiritual force. The human being only covers this wonder with a physical appearance for which the possibility of a logical explanation to him is lacking. When a human being is happy, this comes from inside, because it is a self-created state. Delight comes from within a human being, created from spiritual poise. Everything arises from the inner being.

The circumstances in the lives of human beings, which seemingly lead to an outcome of luck or fortune, are really only the outer cause, the “fortune” coming to expression, as the human being spiritually works himself up to that position. Luck or fortune is yet something that belongs to the inner being and is an indelible hallmark of the existence of spirit. Infinite bliss and infinite energy are contained in this existence. A human being may appear old, but this is only a passing state. Fifty years ago he was not old, and fifty years from now he will still not be old, even when his body is dead, as it must be after growing old and decrepit. The spirit remains young and is never subjected to an appearance of being old. Age, like youth, childhood or sorrows, grief and problems, is something that passes, as does every other condition and experience of the outer world. What remains is the Existence of spirit, truth, knowledge, wisdom and reality. It is valuable to realize these things and to cultivate them because they are the only things that naturally affect one.

When a person understands the existence of his spirit, then aging no longer affects him. None of the vicissitudes of life or environment can make him mourn. Wisdom is a great originating force. Wisdom is light. And so wherever light flashes up, darkness and ignorance disappear. Ignorance is but darkness, which is overcome by the light of wisdom. Wisdom is the mark of spirit. Wisdom is light. Wisdom is also the mark of a human being who has recognized the existence of his spirit and works in accordance with Creational Law. Wisdom is the use of spiritual force. Wisdom and spirit are two aspects of the same thing, like sunlight from the sun. Sunlight comes from the warmth of the Sun which must first be created from its interior processes.

In this Universe, every created existence, in consequence of its forces, generates additional forces, which, following Creational Law, manifests as truth, knowledge and wisdom according to inherent principles. This force of Existence is The CREATION. And exactly so: there is only one Existence that governs the Universe, only one Creation, only one truth, one knowledge, one wisdom, equally fulfilled and extant, remaining for all time. Eternal truth suffers no twists and turns, and its laws have no need to be corrected or adapted to a new time. Spiritual force is vital and dynamic and of the right proportion as it embodies wisdom.

It is a sign of human weakness when religions and their heresies become exposed as unreal by instruments of The CREATION. The human being must then search elsewhere for power, liberty, light and delight ⎯where they really are⎯rather than solely in religion. Wisdom is a hallmark of The Creation which lives as a part of it, as spirit, in the human being. When a human being makes advances in his knowledge and wisdom, he will recognize The CREATION. As he increases his search for truth, he will understand the power of wisdom. Understanding truth brings liberation from all limitations. Knowledge of the truth brings unlimited wisdom. Wisdom is recognition of the laws of Creation.

A human being who is filled with love, is also rich in wisdom, and a human being who is rich in wisdom is also filled with love. The Earthuman being often engages in self-deception when he imagines he knows the highest love. He interprets feelings of desire for possession as the inclination of love while the understanding of real love remains remote and unknown. The Earthuman becomes fully human when he recognizes truth, knowledge and wisdom, even if he does not use the word Creation for them, for wisdom in its best expression is also love. So the human being always finds that enlightenment, awareness and knowledge are also wisdom and love, and where love rules, wisdom also reigns.

Love and wisdom go together because the Creation and its laws are simultaneously love and wisdom. Where there is wisdom and knowledge, there is recognition of love, and where there is awareness of love, there is Creation. Growth in love and wisdom allow the human being to become aware of The CREATION. When the human being first learns truth, this allows him to discover liberty and peace, a peace that is imperishable, an endless power. Wisdom and love together are the wings of life that lift us towards the character and being of The CREATION. In wisdom and love the human being becomes a master with all of Creation. Wisdom and love increase the desire within the individual to conform to natural law because spirit and Creation are one and the same. The Earthuman speaks of love, but he does not yet really know it. He thinks his actions are of a loving intent but deceives himself in this. No one can fully put love into words, because it is a state of being. Love is imperishable and unchangeable. The path of spirit runs through awareness of truth, knowledge, wisdom and love. The mission of spirit is to spread truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.

If the mission of spirit fails, then it is not helpful because it becomes rather like an evil cult, which enslaves with heresies of the spirit, generating erroneous belief as is the case with the heresies of religion. When the mission promotes the function of true spiritual growth, then it is a powerful instrument of creational order. The spiritual lesson involves spreading awareness, truth, knowledge, wisdom and love—the eternal and imperishable aspects that together overcome death and spread light, embodying the poise of wisdom and love within as the peace that exceeds understanding. Every human being believes he understands what is meant by peace from human experience. But to understand the knowing peace of infinite Existence goes beyond human understanding. So because he is imprisoned by religious error and issues of human physical interest, he is diverted from a real understanding of inner experience. It is this unprejudiced inner consciousness which forms the true key for deep awareness and wisdom.

Wonders upon wonders are hidden within the kingdom of spirit. The visible Universe with which the human being consciously occupies himself is only a small element within The CREATION, this marvelous, unlimited, spiritual Existence. Universes like this one are in their innumerable millions within the infinite spiritual existence of The CREATION. What is visible to the physical eyes of a human being represents only a point in infinity. What is not visible is immeasurably, inconceivably, and unthinkably, beyond human intelligence and capacity. All the Universe he sees is simply one of many, which must be counted in myriads, because there are Universes inside Universes, Universes opposite Universes, Universes above Universes, Universes below Universes, and Universes outside of Universes … in this first cause, the mighty, all-powerful intelligence existing within The CREATION. And with this immense spirit, with these original forces of Existence, of Creation, the spiritual intelligence of the human being is connected, because a fraction of this spiritual intelligence of The CREATION lives in every human being as spirit, ensouling him.

The force of this spirit, its delight, its peace, its freedom, its wisdom, its knowledge and its ability are unimaginable for the spiritually ignorant, irrational or critical ones, the priggish or those of religious dependency, degenerated ones or otherwise misguided ones. And only a human being who knows this truth and creates knowledge and wisdom and love with it, is a blissful human being. He knows the answer to the last question of science, of philosophy and of the enquiring human mind. But to become such a blissful human being requires a successful search for truth from which to generate the knowledge, wisdom and love because only then is the human being able to grow spiritually in truth, knowledge, wisdom and love, during which he becomes free of all human weaknesses. The human being then for the first time is enlightened and completely free when his thoughts are constantly and continuously immersed in the reality of spiritual creation. Spiritual intelligence is enlightened by lawful spiritual principles and arrayed towards the creational character, the elevation and the force of The CREATION itself.

This is contrary to the nature of ordinary human intelligence because human consciousness generally is only concerned with what it understands as the relatively simple objects of the physical world. In consequence the human being becomes narrower and more restricted on every side and by every variety of bad fortune, weakness and slavish attitude, becoming caught up, downtrodden, plagued and vexed. Thus a detailed self-analysis by the human being is one of the essential methods to arrive at the truth for going the way of spiritual evolution. Thus it is necessary that the human being begins to continuously monitor his thoughts and recognize their nature. He must begin to discover where these creation-philosophical principles and realities, these creation-natural laws will lead and guide him as he shapes his destiny. The constant conscious feeling should govern him that with his spiritual being he belongs to the creational realm. Spirituality should be evident to him since his essential spiritual existence is inseparable from the creational, and in this way he begins to break the bond the material world has had on his consciousness.

The recognition of this creation-philosophic truth should always govern the first approach of human thinking, feeling and acting. Because, alone and by himself, anyone who is united with spirit, can recognize in the long run how to act in accordance with the good, for he embodies all the possibilities of The CREATION in himself. Nothing in the infinite Universe can any longer enslave him. To this creation-philosophic consciousness yet gets added the practical, dynamic creative aspect and the mystic awareness that is the perception of the one reality in all things. The human being is now a practical philosopher and mystic who recognizes the truth in all the changeable, perishable forms of appearance. For, what is a human being? He is only a figure and a name. When one takes from him the name and the figure, what then still remains of the human being? The fundamental essence remains, the existence, the spirit, and any human being who overlooks this can become swept away by the smallest gust of wind, unable to hold on and find a solid footing, but which will never be offered to him in any event unless he begins to search for and find the fundamental truth.

Millions of human beings look up at the stars in the heavens without any real understanding. Yet astronomers, when they look up at the heavens, discover whole new worlds and write books about them. What they see and recognize, the others do not see at all and they do not understand, even if they look in the same place. Although their eyes see, they are blind to the meaning. This is similar to the difference in viewpoint between an ordinary and a spiritual human being; the latter lives from spiritual and Creational law, sees and recognizes The CREATION all around, within each form of life, all objects, each thought and act, within each creature, within all nature, and also in all conceivable circumstances and events.

The ordinary person without spiritual awareness or the off-balance human being swayed by religious or other unrealistic doctrines, will never be able to see through this dilemma, nor by means of other senses be able to recognize even a small part of the truth. His life is not spiritualized, being all the more pressed into the mold of merely materialistic human ways. In this way he is blind, dumb and ignorant. But the human being who does observe the creational laws, becomes a blissful and fearless creature. His will is unconquerable, his devotion to an immeasurable and endless aim, and his wisdom and love are constant and perfect, not fickle and full of doubts, like for those with a religious dependency or other defect. His mind is like a great infinite sea and does not allow itself to be forced from its tranquility. He does not tremble in fear. He goes on to unfold his spiritual mind, which then is no longer subject to influence by any degenerate negative force. The mind, which no longer gives shelter to any negatively degenerated thoughts, also pushes away all positively degenerated thoughts and actions⎯those that may start as well intentioned but are yet inherently mistaken or mismatched. Only a balanced mind which is rooted in the creational, in service to the creational, steeped in creational wisdom⎯this knowledge, love and delight, which are more real that all the material walls surrounding the human environment, is worthy of spiritual development.

The potentiality of the human being is always spiritually great and constructive. The Spirit, the spring of all infinite creational outcomes, is the innermost character of the human being. The outer human being is full of limitations because this is not his full extent, but only his frame, his limiting material body of physical substance that, by itself, is misleading, a fount of labor and pain, limited in knowledge and will but nonetheless aware in readiness for sacrifice, freedom, love and good fortune. When the outer being looks materially for his inner being, he sees little but the form and figure. Yet, if he looks with spiritual eyes of recognition, and he knows that this all-revealing consciousness in him is also in all others, even though they may not know it yet, then his manner changes fundamentally as he considers his fellow creatures. He then no longer simply looks at a man, a woman, or a child, but sees the other as a carrier of Spirit, which knows all about itself and its existence, and wants to reveal itself to everyone if only the chance is offered.

The one who knows this truth begins to awaken his fellow creatures to this same awareness, for he recognizes the same creational aspect in them as well. And now at least he knows more, much more than he knew before he realized this truth. Thus the evidence is presented that ignorance can always be overcome. The human being can free himself of all the kinds of ignorance he is subject to if he generates the will to accept the truth. From everything the human being can be deluded about, or everything one can take away from him, only the existence of the inner spiritual essence is certain to remain. A human being can be deprived of all his possessions and be exiled from his homeland, but from his inner spirit no one can exile him. So the human being should always be conscious of this creational part, without which he could not take one breath⎯could not generate even one thought⎯and without which he could neither recognize nor see, hear nor experience … anything. Thus the great wise ones of all times have said: “The Creation spirit is nearer the creature than his own breath.” A human being is not able to escape from this creational consciousness, for sooner or later he opens to this creational reality because it is the livingness of his life, the spark of his spirit, the awareness of his consciousness, the light of his illumination⎯the existence of which exceeds all merely human thinking in great measure⎯the force which submerges and supersedes the intellectual materialism of human thinking.

The spirit can live without the light of physical eyes, ears, arms, legs⎯even without outer reason and consciousness. But there is always the creational force behind everything. This inner consciousness, this all-realizing, all-registering, spiritual consciousness in the human being, which notices his thoughts and impulses while staying behind all his thinking, tells him whether he is knowing or ignorant; this is the creational, the spiritual consciousness. Again regarding the spirit as being almighty, omnipresent, omniscient and. above all, infinitely blissful, beautiful and priceless⎯being the manifold totality of all value⎯reveals that becoming aware of The CREATION is of absolute importance for the human being in his evolutionary development. As often as the words of spirit and The Creation impress themselves into him, psychological processes having the greatest meaning take place within him. His feelings and his whole mind change. The more light his spiritual intellect receives, the stronger his personality becomes, and the more blissful his life becomes. A wise human being filled with spiritual consciousness is capable of realizing what will happen in the distant future, perhaps even thousands of years ahead, and he may be able to see the past of all life forms including humankind⎯this is then what shapes his eternal present. This is the way the greatest abundance of knowledge becomes available to him.

But how is this possible? Within such a human being are found the necessary conditions. As light may be sensed even through closed eyelids, so within the human being there exists the creational presence, the whole spiritual empire, but it is only visible to those whose inner eye is open. It is an advantage available only to those who have made the necessary preparations. Every person carries the whole kingdom of the spirit within, but it is overshadowed and delayed by ignorance, error, imperfection, evils, faults and limitations of all kinds, which by recognition and acceptance of truth, can be transmuted into their opposites. All these aspects of darkness must be transformed by turning light on them as the individual human being develops abilities that constrain them towards a more balanced poise. The way of spiritual experience becomes quickened by the development of conscious searching for and collecting of instances of truth realization, and this unfolding leads to a valid converging of cosmic wisdom and love resulting from knowledge of the immanence of Creation in all things. The individual human being is actually united with all of Creation in truth, wisdom and love in the kingdom of the spirit.

Human beings are separated from one another in space, but each is connected to all in The CREATION. When knowledge is united with the existing unity of wisdom and love, spiritual experience becomes unified with Creation’s universal joy, power, and perfection. If he does not know The CREATION, he can be misled and deceived by false doctrines, especially the spiritually enslaving religions, thereby committing many mistakes by looking for real treasures in the wrong places while missing the mark of the creational order. Even if he precisely and successfully fulfills all the laws of human society, he will nevertheless fall short of the requirements of universal creational law, allowing himself to be trapped by merely physical human needs, sorrows and problems, by misfortune, spiritual ignorance and the limitations of spiritual slavery. Exactly what is of greatest value, do the false religions, along with human ignorance, make unreachable. This ignorance and the misleading religions hide from the aspiring human being the wellspring of all worthy things, the very source of life and the light of the intelligence—the spirit and The CREATION. The human being may use the whole experience of daily living to realize the creational realm. A human being in contact with his Creation source realizes himself to be everywhere in space and time, and within all matter. He is everything within himself, and can awaken to the Creational in everything and affect it by recognition and experience. Because the Creation is inside all, which is vivified by its spirit, everything is one within all.

The primary question is this: how does the person come to identify with the universal quality when he does not yet know his way in spirit? Ordinarily he identifies only with his physical body in a physical world. But what happens if he tries to join with his inner truth of creational being and spiritual reality? He could not and cannot prevent the whole world from dissolving in his quest of spiritual truth seeking. The one creational spiritual principle is universal. How does the human being identify with it? The human being should take a careful look at himself, maybe in such a serious way for the first time; he knows himself in general as his physical body, and like with a precious stone, he polishes, guards and makes sacrifices for it. He projects a sense of pride, engages in childish tricks, and feels a nonsensical delusion that embitters in comparison to his true spiritual estate. Because of this contradiction he already feels some twinge of pain as he becomes angry and unkind with others⎯or even begins to mourn and weep in self-pity, eventually perhaps in the worst case even depriving himself of life. He tries to surround his physical body with a glamorous shimmer of glory and vanity, but only finds fear, sorrow and more problematic pride. Yet everything continues to be referenced to physical bodily circumstances; he identifies even more fully with possessions and becomes upset if anyone so much as touches him or one of his things.

But how does a person of spiritual realization act? A spiritual being identifies himself with all things, and all creatures of the world … and even the entire Universe. He knows that everything arose from truth, continues to arise from truth, and will do so for all time. In that he identifies with everyone and everything. In his spiritual awareness he will inwardly always identify with everyone and everything. A materialistic human being identifies with his body, his money, his possessions and goods, his utterances and the sound of his voice. If, on the other hand, one identifies with the all, no hate or avarice can live in him, and he no longer makes selfish differentiations. He has become unified with all being. Others may claim things as their exclusive property, but the spiritual-thinking human being only identifies with the truth and maintains this own inward identity. For him all fear has vanished, inasmuch as he has identified with the truth.

The truth of Creation and spirit, with which he has become unified, even gives some advantage to his adversary or enemy, who wants to take advantage of him, but he takes refuge in this inner self. The spiritual person is protected and sheltered, and the whole of nature helps him, eventually including even his enemies. By their very attacks they cause the spiritual in him to appear more capable of conquering all evil, all coarse and degenerate creatures. Finally the enemies also contribute to the growing strength of spiritual thinking, forging a greater truth. Though they only wish bad, mean and evil thoughts towards the spiritual-minded person, they think they can destroy him with criticism, priggishness, lies and denials … by objections, false accusations and flatteries, by ridicule and cursing, but they only injure themselves, for from the evidence of their spiritual foolishness and ignorance of spiritual thinking one learns more and becomes still greater and mightier in spirit.

Are such truths perhaps only mere possibilities? It is an illusion to try to maintain this because it is … quite mistaken. In reality this is an absolute truth. In the ordinary way of thinking, the common way, the beleaguered human being, often mislead by erroneous religious ideas, is full of various wrong ideas, fancied imaginations, heresies and delusional acceptances. The only chance and the only means to recover from these wounds is to recognize all these human fantasies by strengthening basic truths, observing them by uncovering the highest creation-spiritual forces. All unreal suggestions and erroneous human fancies are corrected in this way while the human being in a variety of ways notices: “I am a part of Creation, a part of the whole enlivened by spirit.” However, knowing these fanciful ideas to be illusions, outside of the force and truth of reality, will by no means lower the eagerness with which a person engages with life, but rather will drive him to unexpected heights. For truth alone is valid; what is true and remains true is something one can have confidence in forever, and which is never under any circumstance in need of correction.

Truth never has to get adapted to a new time, because she is constant for all times. She will eternally remain constant and will always be perceived to be so, even if she becomes described in different ways. She is the rock on which one can build for all times and in all places. Truth existed before life, and will also exist afterwards. What has only a short-lived existence is a danger and a delusion, an error and a problem. Creation and truth are always the same, today as tomorrow they will eternally remain of equal value. They do not change, neither in name nor form, for Creation and truth are nameless and formless. Thus the human being holds to the creational because only the creational is truth. Truth is imperishable, like The CREATION itself; she is time-eternal perfection, which is worth all of the effort of a human being’s will, because in this pursuit the human being does not devolve to a chimera. Thus he cleaves to truth and becomes imperturbable, remaining in all ways equally calm, joyful, knowing, loving, strong and wise.

The CREATION alone is infinite in wisdom and truth, lacking even the slightest degree of defect. So take the force of the human being from out of the creational wisdom, and search for the light of reason in his spirit. The spiritually realized human being knows well enough that he cannot so much as move his hand in space without touching the creational a million-fold, because it is forever present in all times and spaces. The spiritually realized human being is completely filled with delight when he knows the truth that the infinite and indescribable might of eternal creational being surrounds him, wherever he goes. The creational is full of endless peace, endless knowledge and enhanced perfection. It is the spring of all the marvels of highest spiritual consciousness, being around us everywhere⎯existing inside and out. The bliss is as endless as spiritual life itself.

To make rapid spiritual progress, the spiritual human being looks at all and everything with creational potentiality. Then as soon as he realizes anything, he realizes the creational aspect of it. Behind everything and also in the appearances themselves always stands the inspiring creational element. From this, the inspired human being does not run here and there to reach the highest spiritual experience, but remains present where he already is⎯always finding the best place to collect his awareness of experience. His form inducing spirit is inside him and not in any other place. By his own thinking and acting he projects his growth in stature. From this recognition his attitude naturally seeks for a sanctuary, and all matters then become holy for him, including the earth beneath his feet.

The spiritual human being does not elevate the future over the present, to experience the living spirit of creation as yet unmanifested, but embraces the actual present, where he lives for the ordinary human being he already is, which yet also exists in the most far-reaching future⎯a parallelism often completely misunderstood. For the spiritual human being time is not any particular moment, but always the immediate presence of awareness. For him physical consciousness is not necessary for the realization of truth. He begins to search within himself, and the truth becomes more and more real, because his spirit is for him the all-realizing presence of conscious awareness. No word, having been spoken anywhere, remains completely unknown to him.

To make rapid progress, the inspired human being listens to each tone he hears, for the tone of truth, thus each tone penetrates into his spiritual consciousness and establishes itself there. In the same way each thing reminds him of the creational and of the immediacy of truth consciousness. Each circumstance is for him a creational circumstance; each possibility a creational possibility. In such recognition the spiritual human being lives and works, and inwardly by this he walks forward. The large, the spiritual, is for him in the small of his innermost presence, for in the awareness of truth resides the unlimited in the limited. And in each human being the infinite has its place, a fact which only a very few are able to appreciate. For to call the infinite to awaken requires the logic of pure reason and a being free from erroneous belief. Calling the infinite to wakefulness and allowing it to become effectively powerful, is the goal of life⎯the spiritual upgrade.

The rich in spirit become an instrument by which The CREATION expresses the spiritual kingdom. This choice by Creation is for whatever lifts up heaven. The rich in spirit are free from all limitations and restrictions of material ego-consciousness, and in steady touch with Creation itself. The human being overvalues the basis of the material principle. In not very long scientists of Earth will discover the spiritual principle in matter. The Creation is within each created thing⎯anything that grows and develops. Uniquely the unlimited spirit and Creation itself identify true liberty, true perfection, true cognition … might, love, knowledge, truth and wisdom. Altogether they are the Absolute Creation.

To achieve anything real and exquisite in life then, the human being must maintain the spiritual way⎯the unlimited and the illimitable. Anything that is confined or subject to limitation brings along problems of failure. As attractive as it may ever seem, it will eventually become a fount of problems and impossibilities. Finite things of all sorts are unnatural to the innermost being, and in consequence the human being can also not mistakenly truly love them without drawing down upon himself heavy future burdens. Always and at all times they are afflicted with negative results because everything that is finite brings along troubles and difficulties. If a person loves something of insufficient scope and value, or identifies with it, then he has at least a certain difficult discovery when it comes to an end and is gone. He may love it as much as possible, from a human viewpoint of love, but when its time is over, it fades away, and he naturally mourns for it.

The confined or restrained carries with it other faults as well. And if it does not fade away quickly, it is at least subject to modification or degradation. If it is momentarily filled with human love, it can also be turned around and become filled with human hatred in the very next moment. Whether it is an object that becomes modified or dies out, or a human being who loses faith in his fellow-creatures, the ends are always disappointment or grief while the illimitable never changes or suffers alteration because it is of absolutely unlimited certainty and stable value. When wisdom and truth become less dimly perceived inside a human being, his spiritual knowledge increases; when universal love leads him, and his life becomes one of good fortune for himself and others, then the knowledge of truth has ripened in him. Then he has become conscious of the creational inside him, the spirit, the spiritual dominion. With spiritual love and wisdom The CREATION is present. Whoever wrestles towards spiritual light and love, for him the door to Creation is opened. When a person loves truth, then he loves the wonder of perfection⎯which embodies the spiritual empire itself because it also is the way towards the kingdom of wisdom. The human being becomes conscious of the creational presence and sees the flash of spiritual intelligence in everything. He recognizes that even in wide open spaces the eyes of the creational are directed to him, and that true Existence is of The CREATION, and he realizes that these eyes that preserve all, are connected to a sensibility that can answer the universal call. So from now on, he may live a consciously spiritual life under the gaze of Creation, with an awareness of spiritual power as truly unlimited, which he will always consciously know. Then he can never be lacking in power himself.

Meier- That is wonderful, Semjase, and I feel delighted with your explanations.

Semjase- This is because you have had your own thinking and spiritual knowledge confirmed since you have known for a long time the lesson of truth that no one could have corroborated for you, and at a time the truth has become so rare⎯particularly because of the heresies of religion.

Meier- Unfortunately, you are right, because the truth is not really desired.

Semjase- Don’t be grieved by that because the spiritual evolution of the Earthuman being proceeds irresistibly. You should assist in spreading this truth because … you are the Prophet of the New Age!

Meier- How could I, and how would I come to be such? This is a little too much …

Semjase- It was destined for you to be so. You can read it for yourself in the Talmud.

Meier- Me? This I should be? But that is crazy!

Semjase- Nothing evades its destiny.

Meier- I will first have to digest this, and I don’t know whether I will really be able to accept this as my role or not.

Semjase- You will, as I have already told you⎯it is destined to be so for you.

Meier- I will deliberate on it. When you allow, I still have another question that has been on my mind for some time …

Semjase- Just ask …

Meier- It’s about the reckonings that I have done for the birth date and lifetime of Jmmanuel. You once told me that I had been off by some two hundred years in my calculations. I have begun to understand that the main problem may have occurred in having started with the wrong birth date for Jmmanuel.

Semjase- Your two hundred year error came from historical events before the time of Jmmanuel but not for the birth time of Jmmanuel himself which you were able to calculate correctly in spite of these other errors. Quite intuitively you have connected the right dates, though you have neglected certain chronological facts, thus shifts have occurred. In your extreme way of thinking you have invented some things in trying to make the whole picture come into focus. By this you have intuitively understood you could simply take today’s calendric chronology and find the exact birthday of Jmmanuel: February 3rd as reckoned from your Christian chronology. Since an Earth year always has the same number of days, you can always calculate the correct result. Thus any particular date remains correct as long as the intervening time span is accurate.

But now I have a question for you; the photo-negatives and the first film recording of our beamships are important to us. Of course they are your property, but if you could leave them with us, it would be useful to us.

Meier- If you need them, then I will leave them with you, because, if necessary, I can make additional copies from them. But will you explain to me why the film negatives are so important to you?

Semjase- They are not only important to me, but for us—that means our scientists. In the photos you have given to me we have observed something unknown to us until now but which is visible in your pictures. It’s about the antenna guide beam, which attracts energies.

Meier- Please tell me more about that, for such things interest me.

Semjase- I am only allowed to do that if it is destined for you alone since it involves secrets that you are prohibited from telling. But I can explain: it’s about a new phenomenon in connection with the alteration of the Earth’s atmosphere around the ship, in which hitherto invisible energies suddenly have become visible. But more detail than this we don’t have time for today. What is really important in any event is for you to consider the way in which you will be able to fulfill your role as the New Age Herald …

Meier- Please, Semjase … let’s not talk about me.

Semjase- Of course, it is unpleasant for you, I know, but from time to time, such things should also be discussed. But we may leave off about this today, since it is time for me to go. In our next meeting I will continue the lesson on spiritual knowledge, for this is the most important task of our contacts.

* * * *

With that, the cosmonaut signaled farewell and rapidly departed. Meier got on his Moped and rode home deep in thought. [Wendelle Stevens]


NOTES: [not specifically linked to text positions]

  1. In later developments on this theme, it was pointed out that the Creation is in all that is manifest and all that is not, and that the sum of all that is manifest plus all that is not manifest makes up The Creation. Thus every creature is in touch with every other creature and with the all of Creation all the time, whether it is aware of this or not.
  2. A person approaching spiritual awareness no longer willingly takes the life of any other living creature, all having their existence equally within The Creation. All has its part and its place in the Divine Plan and serves a special purpose filled by no other. Thus an attack on the life of any living creature is an attack on The Creation itself and carries a cost for the perpetrator of the action. The Creation is not mocked with impunity. The Buddhists know this and they do not kill even a fly, and they are careful as they walk so as to not step on the smaller crawling creatures on the ground.
  3. Meier had already been told that he had a past life relationship with the Talmud, and a destiny in this respect.
  4. In one of our computer analysis exercises, while testing one of the Meier UFO photos with a jet fighter airplane in it, we were going through steps in subtracting observable data in the picture in a search for any harmonic effect of frequencies beyond the visible range of vibrations, when suddenly in one of the steps, Jim Dilettoso discovered that he had revealed what appeared to be an energy field of some kind radiating from the Pleiadian ship under attack by a Mirage jet fighter of the Swiss Army, as the fighter was making its turn about 4 miles away to return for another pass at the spacecraft. We later learned that after some 22 direct passes on the spacecraft, the pilot of the Swiss fighter activated his armament control system, which brought his gun cameras and his guns into operation. As he armed the system, it suddenly began to smoke and burned out, melting much of that black box system. The jet fighter broke off contact and returned to its base. Semjase told Meier that she had been forced to neutralize the attack before it became dangerous. That entire attack was photographed on a whole roll of 35mn slide film and was also recorded on 8mm audiotape throughout its duration. We have analyzed those recorded sounds in the most sophisticated laboratories in the world and verified its authenticity as well as that of the photographs taken. The photograph Dilettoso was studying was one of those photographs, and also one of the four Meier UFO photographs analyzed exhaustively by every process known. This Photograph was published in large 12” x 12” size in full color in UFO Contact from the Pleiades, pictorial Vol. I, and the analysis of the recorded sounds was re-accomplished for a scene in the movie Contact about this Swiss UFO case.


C:\Users\Ted\Pictures\Billy Meier\4 photo 4 Winkelriet\42 Meier, Winkelriet, 18 Mar 75, 0906,   7.jpg

Meier picture 42 at Winkelreit, March 19, 1975, 0906,7

[type 1 or 2 Pleiadian Beamship taken about a week before Contact 10]

Brief Introduction for back cover of new book: *Future Self Agenda-Rhi & Phindar*

Volume 2 of the series *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close Encounters of the 6th Kind*

by Ted Denmark

Here is the trailblazing second volume of this new second five-volume J&T book series entitled *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm*, dating from late 2016 through 2017—a dark period by any standard as witnessed and revealed from behind the scenes by our exo-family, dear exotic friends and their ET guests, even from the first Telepresence Conference 85 (!).  These circumstances of darkness are cited, somewhat uncomfortably, by them in their recounting of events in an ongoing attempt to reorient us here on Earth—in whatever situation of awareness we currently happen to be in—towards the light of reason and a greater understanding of what making spiritual progress means in such troubling times, which on the surface may seem to many as very ordinary, if somewhat disappointing, or even a bit boring.  The volume is dedicated to our dear future-self Pleiadians, Rhi & Phindar, who have been with us from the time of their initial discovery by us in the first volume of the *J&T Five Star Series* … as a loving tribute to them for all they have given and shown to us over the years.  In some ways this volume has more involvement and dramatic revelations about Semjase, another extraordinary Pleiadian, than anyone else (but the earlier V. 4 has already been dedicated to her and her father Ptaah), but in any event this will be a belated acknowledgement of Rhi & Phindar, second in our minds only to Hilarion & Athena—to whom the first volume of the series will be dedicated when it appears next in sequence of publication.  We hope at least some of what is presented in open truthfulness (though there are other moods) will make enough sense even as the first volume to be encountered of our publications, but of course starting at the beginning is always best [V. 1 The Star Table Trance Missions] … but this new material will help you pull through some of the remaining darkness into the light of understanding, and of course that you will like the presentation, too, as you make your way through this puzzling new century that is breaking out into action as it moves deeper into its major issues.

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