Telepresence Conference 87

Telepresence Conference 87

December 23, 2016


Julie and crew are taken through a time tunnel to a landing near a forest dwelling with a holiday Yule log and a long plank table of guests. Semjase’s associate Alanphin takes Ted’s first question about the European CERN Supercollider experiments. The session continues with questions about several controversial ET racial types and their roles on Earth.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was recorded by Ted with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*          *           *

Julie– I went down all the escalators; met you and the animals; went down the marble stairs; then I was taken, as sometimes happens, down a big … I call it an elevator, but it’s like a big tube of light, and we were all in there at once, and we came out onto a scene where I have also been a couple times, once or twice. I think we went in a boat someplace. Today we have come someplace … it’s like an ocean … it’s like you come out of a cave onto an ocean or very large lake, but where we come out is a forest. It’s not snow-covered; it feels more like autumn, and we’re walking to the right into a deeply-wooded area where there is a large … ‘dwelling’ I’m going to call it … made of stone and wood, and we’re all going inside. There’s a large “great room” at the front with a large open fireplace that is “booming” with a Yule log. There’s lots that’s decorated for the occasion, I guess … candles and greenery and red berries in lots of places.

The table we’re going to be sitting at is made from large planks of wood. Ah, I think they might call them “trestle tables” … rectangular, seated in front of a window kind-of to the right of where the big fireplace is, and it has four chairs at either of the narrow ends and then a long bench along either side. I would say the table is 5 feet wide and as much as 10 feet long. So, you and I are going to sit in two of the chairs at the narrow end … we’ll say that’s 6 o’clock … Hilarion and Athena are seated at the top of the other narrow end …

Ted– Are there four people seated at our end? <Um-hmm> Are we in the middle two chairs?

Julie– Yeah, we are, like the equivalent of 6 o’clock; you’re on my left. The wood is very, very dark; I’m guessing it must be some sort of walnut; it’s such a deep brown, it almost black, and by the way, everything inside is made out of wood; the fireplace is stone. Ok, so you and me and Hilarion and Athena in their normal relationship … <… directly across from us?> Um-hmm, so you’re facing Hilarion, and I’m facing Athena. So, on Athena’s … let’s see, it would be on Athena’s left, but right as we’re looking at it … is Semjase. On the other side of Hilarion … I think it might be Semjase’s partner—I’ve forgotten his name—were we told that some time ago? I think we were.

Ted– I’ve forgotten, too.

Julie– Well, maybe you can look it up.[1] I don’t remember … I think it begins with an R, but I’m not sure, and it’s never simple; I don’t trust myself to just ask again, like a … Ok, so that would be the equivalent of 11 and 1 [o’clock], even though it’s across from the rectangle. Coming down from what would be our perspective on the left side of the table … your guide Samael and Jhinda would be like, seated together just coming down that side … <Also on a bench?> It’s one long bench on that side. Then, next to them, roughly speaking at what would be a 9 o’clock … it’s a man … he looks like he might live in this place … he just says we can call him “Tom.” <[chuckles] That’s pretty funny.> Yeah, he looks very “woodsy,” like, you know, with overalls and flannel plaid shirt that’s kind-of reddish … with boots. Then, next to him at 4 and 5 … sorry, 7 and 8—I get dyslexic with this—are Rhi and Phindar. Next to you at the bottom of the table, is MuRaNu … we haven’t seen her in a while. And next to me is … I think … the partner of Tom. She kind-of looks like she fits the scene as well—she’s seated next to me. Her name is something like “Olanah,” O-l-a-n-a-h.

Then, coming up along the side the other way, which would be at 5 and 4 are the White Lions; at 3 are Michael and Ariel … and then roughly at what would be, you know, in the vicinity of 2, around the corner from Semjase … um, I believe, it’s a young scientist; anyway, he says his name is “Austin” … looks like somebody representing someone from the present, although the scene is different. Ok, all right …

Ted– Ok, very good. We would greet all the participants today and thank them for taking time to be with us, and I hope our late call for the meeting hasn’t been too disruptive to anyone’s schedule. We are very interested to know where we are, maybe first, as usual, and would like to be introduced to our new guests from this place, and I would therefore call on anyone who would like to begin to suggest where we have come to today.

Julie– It’s a virtual setting in the present, just set as a tone for a sort-of “harvest” feeling of Autumn; it would probably represent England, more than anywhere else … but we aren’t really at a place—it’s just a virtual setting.

Ted– Ok, that’s fine. I will begin then. I have some unusual questions … “as usual,” probably, but for our group today, they’re probably not as unusual as they have heard before, so I will ask about the CERN Supercollider, the underground experiment that has been ongoing in central Europe for some time and recently a book by Joseph Farrell has reached the conclusion that the “experiment” actually goes on two levels, one which is for public consumption about particle physics and the other which is probably a secret scientific experiment having to do with the powerful magnetic fields and what their effect is on Earth in our particular situation at present. I would ask anyone to comment who has knowledge about this situation.

Julie– So, it’s Semjase’s partner … I wish I could remember his name … who is just saying … and he is communicating with me telepathically because he doesn’t have English, exactly, as a familiar language … but he’s saying of course it is correct that any time on this planet that research or experiments are taking place, there is always a hidden aspect that can be turned towards governments or weapons in some way … so, that conclusion is correct, and he’s saying certain things have already been implemented into other strategic elements that are not a part of ordinary public awareness. The suspicion that it is dangerous is correct, and Pleiadians always keep a close eye on it.

Ted– Does it have any connection with HAARP antennas in Alaska or elsewhere in some kind of super Tesla coil circuit?

Julie– I’m not seeing that confirmed … what he seems to be saying to me is that … the connection between the technologies has to do with applied voltage and has to do with applied ways that certain things are accelerated to behave in different ways, but in terms of the actual connection, in terms of equipment between the two facilities, or one having a causal relationship to the other … either he’s not seeing what you suggest or not aware of it.

Ted– So, presumably there’s no danger of creating something like a micro black hole or something of that kind as some have feared?

Julie– He’s saying “No,” which is a great relief to me. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes. Does he seem to be finished?

Julie– I think so … for now.

Ted– Ok, good. The second question deals with what is going on in Antarctica since an ancient civilization seems to have been discovered there. If that’s true, if there’s evidence of a civilization dating from thousands of years ago, can anyone tell who they were? Were they ETs or terrestrials?

Julie– MuRaNu is going to answer, and again, she also communicates with me telepathically. That location, she’s saying, has been inhabited for more like 300,000 years and has been re-used multiple times … very, very ancient … almost continuously, as people have discovered it, and re-used it for multiple things. She’s saying that the last what we might call “civilization” to have used it were survivors of what has been called Atlantis. She’s letting me know that what’s there is vast, and that at current time is occupied by some of the underground civilizations, ETs as well as what we have called “Nazis.” It’s apparently incredibly huge.

Ted– What was it called before we gave it the name “Antarctica,” and was it always located at the South Pole?

Julie– Well, the answer she gave me is, “Many names in many languages over a very long period of time …” The ETs have used it … who are still using it … give it a name that in our language would be something like “Snow Cavern.”

Ted– So, it was under the ice in the ancient world as well (?).

Julie– Yes, when that part of the world was thawed, she’s saying, they lived on the surface, but because so much of the time it has had ice, they developed enormous caverns, very large caverns and caves underneath. She’s saying the Germans called it something like … the equivalent of the word that meant “deep secret.” What she’s just kind-of showing me is interesting … I don’t know how I would describe it to you, but it would be like some sort-of a time line, beginning with now and going back in time, and it’s been an area, because of how it was constructed or utilized, has been used for a really (!) long time. The first users of it were ETs who did not want to be known.

Ted– So, has it always been at the South Pole, this continental land mass … or for a very long time?

Julie– Yes (!) … more or less … crustal displacement would have moved and shifted it to some degree, but it’s always been in that essential location. It’s had many climate changes over the many hundreds of thousands of years.

Ted– So, there have been these new stories of discoveries of ancient civilizations under the ice there in which the U.S. Secretary of State Kerry was reported on a trip down there (among many other VIPs). Is that what’s going on, that it’s being shown to them in anticipation of a wider sharing of publicity later?

Julie– Hilarion is saying, “It is, as you would say, the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ “ <[laughs] That’s a good one.> A lot of it, he’s saying, is intense saber-rattling by what we would call, what has been called, “The Cabal.” As we know and has been revealed and discussed, he’s saying there are many high-stakes games being played at this time, and part of what is happening there is a power play by those who do not wish to surrender their death grip on the planet.

Ted– Ok, that says it very clearly. Is that the final part of the answer?

Julie– I think so, unless you have something else specific (?).

Ted– There’s are lots more questions remaining on this, but that’s probably enough for now. I would thank Hilarion for his forthright answer and move on to the next question, which involves the so-called “Draco” and their circumstances on Earth, however it may be, and I suppose the first question is, “Do they really exist?” I have never seen any persuasive evidence from reliable sources that they do, but perhaps we can be told. If they do, can we learn a little more about the circumstances of their presence on Earth, both in ancient times and whether they were the ETs the Nazis collaborated with back in the 30’s, the beginning of their breakthrough scientific era, and what role they might have at the present time?

Julie– That’s a lot of questions (!).

Ted– Ok, but these are just presented as various possibilities since they often do not seem to wish to answer certain explicit questions … about reptilian types. Anything that can be revealed would probably be valuable and possibly dismissive of certain erroneous beliefs or myths about them.

Julie– So, I’m getting several streams of information simultaneously … MuRaNu is prepared to tell me quite a bit of the real story, but I’m getting resistance from some of the other ETs in terms of what is significant to know. The first thing MuRaNu is telling me is that … there was a very ancient race of beings … and I do believe the origin is somewhere in the direction of Orion, who have been depicted in art and mythology … she’s communicating to me … as dragons … fire-breathing, winged beings who were known for both their wisdom and in the extreme, some aspects of that culture were cruel. It’s a very, very ancient race of beings that has visited Earth many times. However, she’s saying, in many cases the truth has been compromised. MuRaNu is communicating to me that, like many other cultures, there was a difference in some groups between what was noble and in others which were motivated by greed and control. She’s saying most of the influence of dragon-like beings on Earth has been positive. <[very softly] Wow …>

So, there’s like, a struggle going on in terms of what I’m going to be shown … however, Semjase just said to me that those who gave the Nazis help prior to World War II, were Pleiadians. <[very softly] Wow …> They were not evil reptile beings … that was still a difficulty going on between certain rogue Pleiadian groups … she’s saying that accounted for part of their presence on Earth in addition to other projects they were handling.

Hilarion is just saying, as he has said to us before, and as I have felt often what is presented is done so in the way of a code or symbol which is not literal. Hilarion is still speaking, “Dragon beings have a long and ancient history; they came powerfully through the civilization that became China and all of the Far East.” Many fanciful stories do have a grain of truth in terms of people associating with dragons and learning from them, flying on them, etc. Hilarion is saying we have been told before that one reason the reptilians in general are called that is a commentary on their characters as being “cold-blooded.” He’s saying the so-called “Draco Alliance,” as referred to by Corey Goode, is a group of a combination of those who would be members of the Cabal in what has been called the “breakaway civilization,” the darker parts of the Secret Space Program, those who wish only a small number to control the whole world … and those with that affiliation were referred to as “The Draco.” They are called “ET” as a code-word because of the fact that they can travel off the planet; most of them do not live on the planet anymore—but most are human. <Earthuman?> [Yes, and] … who do not live on Earth anymore.

However, Semjase is saying, there are many beings, even in the local galaxy, whose appearance we would find startling. She just communicated to me that Pleiadians from their world and their time are still working to correct things that have been done here in the past.

Ted– We are certainly grateful for that.

Julie– Does that answer? <Yes> It was a bit vague …

Ted– There were sufficient essentials, I think, to disqualify the persistent myth of a hidden reptilian ET threat. The next question is in a similar vein about another of what might be a mythic ET type entity, but which has been mentioned from time to time, and which I’m hoping we can have a clearer statement on … sometimes called “Mantid Man” … a racial group that has been compared to our Praying Mantis insects in brief descriptions. The main questions are whether they exist, and if so, where they come from and what their relationship is with Earth (?).

Julie– They do exist; they have visited mostly as explorers … I’m hearing Tau Ceti … where is that?

Ted– I don’t know; I’ll have to look it up. Presumably, it’s a star. [2]

Julie– Is “Tau Ceti” in the sea monster Cetus? I heard that in my mind.

Ted– I’ve heard of it but don’t know anything about it cold.

Julie– I guess we can look. They do exist, I’m being told.

Ted– And what role have they had? Have they been involved with the government?

Julie– The message I got … and some of these people are communicating with me telepathically, which is a little bit difficult … mostly explorers … they’ve been captured a few times but were mostly explorers.

Ted– Ok, is there any additional information?

Julie– No, I’m just kind-of getting the sense that once again the labels of “insectoid” and “mantis” are slightly exaggerated; these beings look very different than we do, but I’m having the sense that this description is a little too extreme. They’re showing me that the skin in definitely green.

Ted– So, they are more animal-like as we would say rather than insect-like?

Julie– No, I think they look more like … but as I said, to call them a “Praying Mantis” would be extreme … but I’m seeing green skin …

Ted– But they’re more hominid?

Julie– Yeah, they walk upright, and they have arms, but …

Ted– Are they very large?

Julie– I would say, maybe 8 feet tall … they’re big (!). So, they would be terrifying if you happened to see one unexpectedly …

Ted– Yeah, it would be scary. Is that the final part of the answer?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– Well, my next question, also in a similar vein, is about the current circumstances of our Dr. Steven Greer, who has released a kind of warning about a “cosmic invasion hoax” that, according to him, has been planned for many years by the Cabal and various conspiratorial insiders. He seems to think that this is something that could happen any time now—even during the time of this presidential transition. It occurred to me to wonder whether the so-called “cattle mutilations” that had been reported all over North America and around the world for a number of decades, were done with the eventual expectation of carrying out an invasion hoax to be pulled off by this same secret group (?). So, can anyone comment on whether Greer’s space invasion hoax idea is a realistic threat?

Julie– It’s Hilarion who’s going to speak. It’s quite interesting that this particular session is a bit different than others, as often happens; it’s as if … I know it’s happened before … the participants communicate with each other telepathically before anyone would speak to me or try to transmit it, and so, after gathering what might be called “intel” these days from other participants, Hilarion will speak. He’s just saying the plan is very real; it’s been “on the table” for quite some time as is known in this alternative subject area. It’s not clear whether those who would put forth this plan, still have the international ability to do so. He’s saying that it could be attempted in a very targeted way to make people very frightened. Hilarion is saying there is tremendous resistance against doing it, among those who know about it; however, those whose agendas it serves, could just decide to do it anyway—without cooperation of the other factions. He’s saying many ETs are monitoring this and would be willing to interfere in what would be an unexpected way.

Ted– Ok. It sounds like the threat is decreasing as time goes on.

Julie– That’s the sense I’m getting from them.

Ted– That’s good … and what I would have anticipated. Ok, I won’t persist with any more about that …

Julie– Just to say … Semjase is just saying that the bigger threat could be, not a fake ET invasion, but something that would come out of Antarctica … that wouldn’t be fake (!).

Ted– Like a real attack with advanced high-tech weapons? Can she say more?

Julie– It would look the same, but it would be coming from … the descendants of the Nazis there.

Ted– I had assumed that was where the invasion hoax would be coming from: Antarctica.

Julie– Not necessarily; there are many places set up … the original plan was that it would be global, and that there are several places around the world prepared to do it … from underground bases … so that it would look like a wholesale global invasion. That’s the part of the threat apparently that Hilarion doesn’t see happening … but that something might come out of Antarctica, looking like ETs … and still be a threat.

Ted– So, they might still just attack and attempt to take over with their advanced technologies? It always surprises me that they haven’t already attempted to do something like that.

Julie- Yes.

Ted– Have you seen or heard the last of this, then?

Julie– Yes, it would be a last ditch attempt if in fact … from their standpoint, they might perceive it even, as a defensive maneuver if all of their power structures were finally being taken down.

Ted– “Their” meaning whom?

Julie– The Nazi factions.

Ted– … which no one expects to be happening any time soon?

Julie– Well, I’m not getting a sense of “yes or no” or “maybe or maybe not” … the sense I’m getting is that the original plan was to launch what would look like a world-wide landing of ET ships so that the whole world could be taken over under some sort of martial law. The outlook for that does not look as if it will happen. The plan B would be something coming out of Antarctica that might even appear rogue.

Ted– So that is the conjecture right now (?).

Julie– And that may be what Greer knows.

Ted– Well, it’s likely he knows something to sound an alarm like this. He’s got enough people talking to him, I guess.

Ok, then we’re going to go next to your question about these European cave paintings that you have been researching at Lascaux in France … to find out more about who these people were and how we should characterize them today as racial groups among many who have lived and migrated through Europe at various times in the past … for a little more about their culture and their cave system.

Julie– It’s MuRaNu who’s going to speak … the historian … and she’s saying, as we have suspected or theorized, that their … I’m hearing the word “legacy” … is quite ancient, and that this culture, as well as what went into Egypt, and all across that area, were all, at these stages, not survivors but settlers from what has been known as Atlantis, bringing in many ways a higher culture that could not be duplicated and then multiple ice ages and catastrophes brought the more civilized or sophisticated cultures to an end; however, many evidences of higher abilities and talents … she’s saying … the one most recently discovered that I read about … more and older will also be discovered. So, she’s saying that the origins or the development or frame of what are now being called the “Magdalenians” are considered by Earth scientists to be Cro-Magnon peoples … those that had preceded them are considered to be Neanderthal. These are unfortunate categories, but sufficient for the explanation, but the abilities of these people, which seem anomalous to Earth scientists, will continue to be pushed back in terms of the dating. She’s just saying that because these people considered knowledge of the sky and therefore timing, to be most critical, many of these paintings were used to stimulate memory and also in a way to be used for teaching purposes and for what we might call “magical rituals.”

Ted– Were the images on the ceilings intended to represent what we would call constellations? Animals representing star patterns and the like?

Julie– Yeah, she’s saying, “Yes” … pieces of it were and other larger parts … and she also communicated to me that the way in which many people saw the sky is the origin … especially of certain parts like the Bull … and is much older than now understood. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s quite good. Do you have any other additional questions?

Julie– No, I think that answers …

Ted– We would also like to inquire, briefly probably, about the patch of skin above Julie’s right eyebrow, which appears to have darkened a bit and might need some attention at some point. It’s probably Hilarion who would answer such a question; does he see a particular approach to determine if anything should be done?

Julie– He’s saying it does not seem to be pathological, but he believes my idea to see a dermatologist to have it removed, is a good idea in any case.

Ted– That’s good. Well, I’m going to finish with this last shotgun question: if anyone could give us an update on the general state of affairs in the world just before Christmas and just before the new presidency, whatever may happen there … Naturally, we would be pleased to hear of anything we should be aware of that would affect us in particular.

Julie– Once again, there’s a sort-of assessment going on … most of these beings are not really interested in or concerned about what we might call “world affairs” or “current affairs” in the same way that we are since they take a much longer view. <Right> Hilarion is going to speak … so he’s saying that in fact there is … as he has said before … he’s smiling … he’s told us before, “There’s a war in heaven.” He said, “There’s also a war on Earth … and it’s escalating.” <[softly] Yeah …> Well, he said to me they’re still not sure if Trump will be inaugurated because of the escalation of conflicts going on behind the scenes. Well, Hilarion said to me, “Trump has no political sophistication of his own; he is driven by power and control and a massive delusion and megalomania; therefore, he is susceptible to advice from others who feed into that dysfunction.” Hilarion just said to me, kind-of showed me a picture of a … kind-of disgusting … image like a balloon that was Trump’s head, and it’s like, what he’s saying to me is that this delusion is growing and growing and growing, and that there will be an “explosive event.” That’s all he is willing to say … <[softly] Wow …> but that how all of it will build and play out they’re not certain. <Right> They’re not going to tell me anymore, but that “to say it will be unpleasant is an understatement.”

Ted– Yes, I’m sure. Ok, that completes our prepared and rehearsed questions, and it’s quite fascinating as usual. We realize that these are strange times, even compared to what we have heard about previously, and we are grateful that they can enlighten us with some hints on these complex questions …

Julie– Just that there are tremendous (!) forces on what we might call either side, except there are more than two sides.

Ted– Right … “More than two sides” … that’s probably a really important point.

Julie– And that they’re all pushing, posturing, rattling sabers for their own agendas, which for the most part have nothing to do with the good of the people of the world.

Ted– Copy. Can you perhaps look around the table to see if anyone who hasn’t already spoken today in the context of our questions, might have something they would care to add here at the end?

Julie– I guess the only one who hasn’t spoken, whom I thought might have something to say, is Austin the scientist. So, I’m just going to see if … well, all he wants to say is that the CERN Collider is constantly under surveillance by those on the planet and off the planet. It’s a very dangerous piece of work, and he’s saying that most of the secret results that come from it are not being applied to anything that would help humanity, but are trying to be weaponized.

Ted– Can he indicate some of the danger aspects that can be seen? Is it that the particular place is in danger or the nearby people in France or Switzerland … or what?

Julie– “No,” he’s saying, “some of the knowledge that would be turned towards evil ends.”

Ted– Well, we also have the individual Tom sitting in the middle of my side of the long table. Does he have a comment to make by way of introducing himself?

Julie– No, he and his wife Olana, who was seated beside me … are only holding space today as aspects of our earlier consciousness from another representation of our lives in a forest as farmers.

Ted– So, they are aspects of you and I from past lives? <Un-hmm> Ok, I guess you have looked around … do they seem to be finished?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– Ok … once again, we come to the end of a marvelous hour. I have a sense that they are all a bit more concerned about current events than perhaps possibly in the past, as we probably also are—just for the small part we know about—from some times in the past.

Julie– I guess I would say from what I can glean from this … Ariel and Michael didn’t speak today … they’re also holding space … things are building to a crisis point, and that even they don’t know what that explosion is going to look like.

Ted– Right. Does it seem to be what we would associate with the time of the Pluto Return for the United States? Or is that only a small part of it. I assume Hilarion would be the one to answer.

Julie– He’s saying a big part for America, a small part for the world, including the fact, “As goes America, so goes the world” in some ways, but it has … my sense is that it will be sooner.[3]

Ted– Ok, that’s what I was thinking, too. [sighs] Well, we would thank Hilarion for his efforts as usual, and Athena, who has likely also had a part to play, and we thank all the others as well for appearing today with us, and if it’s appropriate, we would wish them all a Merry Christmas (!) and a wonderful New Year. And now, you may have the last word for us.

Julie– Just always to express my humble gratitude for this experience and my hope that what I perceive is true.

Ted– Yes. Ok, very good. Then, on the count of five you will begin to realize that we have finished for today, and that you are now beginning to find yourself moving away from that visualization and returning to your normal state of consciousness …


*           *           *           *


  1. His name was given as “Alanphin,” introduced in TC Session 57, Star Light Reflections, Volume 5 of the *5 Star Series*.
  2. Tau Ceti: a star in the constellation Cetus that is spectrally similar to the Sun although it has only about 78% of the Sun’s mass. At a distance of only 12 light years from the Solar System , it is a relatively nearby star and is the closest solitary G-class star. –Wikipedia
  3. The Pluto Return in the USA astrology chart will be exact in 2022.