Debrief Audio Recording–TCD 85

Debrief Audio Recording—Telepresence Conference 85

with Ted Denmark and Julie Loar in conversation

by Ted Denmark

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For the first time in public presentation here is one of our Debrief Recordings, a spontaneous conversation conducted just after the main Telepresence Conference has concluded. This one lasts about 12 minutes and is for the first conference, numbered 85, beginning the latest projected Volume 7 (yet unnamed) of the *5 Star Series*.

This secondary series of “Debrief Audio Recordings” has been done from the beginning of the first Telepresence Conference Dialog and subsequently to give Julie a short time to comment on what she has experienced in the trance session just completed, but now in her normal waking state of awareness. Her situation at the conference table in trance is often one of struggling to keep up with what is going on among all the participants at the table who are typically communicating both verbally and telepathically with her simultaneously (!), not always giving her enough time to complete her thoughts or descriptions of what’s happening in this complex communication environment. She must be listening and communicating with the group of exotic personages—some familiar and some being met for the first time—while speaking to me for the recording at the same time. I typically find it to be one of the most amazing talents or “powers of mind” I have ever witnessed, especially after I have gotten the transcript of the main recording finished (and have time myself to reflect on what was said!). As far as I know, our TCD sessions with “ETs and Celestial Guides” are original and completely unique, particularly on the part of Julie.

I typically ask her to take a few more minutes, while everything is still fresh in her mind, to further note or explain what she perhaps witnessed but didn’t have time to mention, about what just happened during the previous hour spent in her “waking self-conscious trance state.” She can usually recall significantly more of interest to be added, based on my promptings and recollections of what I also just heard and which may have been triggered in my mind, even though she’s a little tired from the mental effort already expended. I usually make the transcripts as literal as possible, since Julie is so verbally adept and often very good at describing what she is experiencing in trance, but there are always some incomplete thoughts left as sentence fragments (hence the number of ellipses and pauses in the transcripts) that can be amended or slightly reframed for clarity. Here is what she said this time:


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