Introduction to Star World Ascension

by Ted Denmark, Ph.D.

July 26, 2018

It has now been nearly six years since this series of fourteen Telepresence Conferences, numbered in timed sequence from 29 to 42 and dedicated to Earth’s ‘Andromeda connection,’ was begun by Julie and myself, which we eventually expected to see trimmed and placed as the third volume in the Five Star Series as has now happened. It was still early 2012, and many people were quite involved in speculation and discussions about the ending of the “long count” of the Mayan Calendar on December 21 of this year … and what might actually happen as a result. Thus, the possible “end times” and/or Ascension theme was becoming a main topic of interest as the sands of time would soon have to reveal the actual outcome towards the end of this pivotal year. True believers will always believe, however naively, and confirmed skeptics always scoff, however blatantly, but we think we have a more interesting—and continuing—story to share in any event.

We were naturally as curious as anyone about all this, so we asked questions on this subject of ascension to various of our amazing Telepresence Conference guests— mediated, as always, by bon vivant Hilarion—and were given what seemed like quite interesting if sometimes bewildering responses scaled to cosmic levels, which were still not easy to evaluate by looking at the world we knew. We were told that this Ascension, rather than being a particular mega-event that could be ascertained by virtually anyone who might be paying attention, would indeed be more of a ‘subtle process’ for us on Earth, even though it was a momentous event that began at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, first hitting the galactic plenum like a cosmic flash and then flowing out and affecting every celestial body and being in existence for all time within its vast web of energies and star systems. To borrow scientific terms, was it going to be more like gradual “uniformitarianism” or more like a roller-coaster with “punctuated equilibrium”?

Later, after this longish week from December 12 to 21 period in 2012 had run its course, we were told by Hilarion that it did happen—the powerful perturbations emanating from the center of the galaxy did occur and were felt by many people. We believe that we also felt these powerful energies in real time as they were occurring rather than what standard science skeptics would conclude must be delayed by aeons of clock time since the energies would take unimaginable millennia to arrive on Earth traveling at luminal speed, etc. As I had concluded from earlier discussions between Semjase and Eduard Meier, such events are carried by both the delayed action of photonic energy travel as well as near-instantaneous distribution galaxy-wide by tachyons, said by them to travel at speeds of ten to the seven-thousandth power (107000) in our familiar system of units (!!), in addition thus making real space/time travel (transmission via “collapse of the wave function”), possible for the various advanced ET civilizations, who, as the Pleiadians say, are able to come to Earth as easily as we might make a phone call to Australia. This is the almost unbelievable level of cosmic connectivity that we are just beginning to discover … of course it will take a while, but we believe it’s real … it’s now within the realm of manageable or at least conceptual science rather than imaginative speculation. If you know anything about the ‘Secret Space Program,’ you will have an inkling of the beginning of a situation in which Earthumans have already secretly gone into space with gravity-controlled space craft fabricated here on Earth based on our own scientific discoveries and salvaged ET craft (Roswell, et. al.).

But what of the Ascension experience itself? Our ET consultants, along with Hilarion and our Pleiadian family members, seem clear: it is to be thought of as an archetypal planetary “coming of age” into enlightenment for humankind: gaining the insights and feelings of a mature perspective on the wider and deeper aspects of life and consciousness, along with all those presently able to reach this level of awareness, lifting our Earthuman culture to a higher level than has previously been attained in historical times. It may well be a similar idea or teaching on the ‘Kingdom of Heaven on Earth’ attributed to the historical Jesus, whose early adherents also imagined that he was talking about something imminent at that time as well. Whatever may eventuate, our sources do indeed tell us the time for this Ascension is indeed now, coinciding with the closest approach of the brown dwarf star Astraea, the as yet unknown solar-system companion to our main solar system (currently going by the name “Planet 9”). We have been assured that in spite of the little hiccup we’re having now, what is happening behind the scenes will make our world almost unrecognizable in only another decade. Could this the real beginning of the Age of Aquarius? It sure sounds like it to me!

Contrariwise, the Christian Apocalypse given in the Revelation of St. John of a so-called End Times scenario, as interpreted by more doctrinaire fundamentalists, would seem to have “the righteous” being taken up into the sky of the Heaven World while the evil sinners remain concentrated together on an increasingly Hellish Earth. So the righteous escape while the sinners are “left behind” … jump starting the modern moralistic drama typeset first in Gutenberg’s reformation print shop for all the disintermediated world to read.

Our ET story seems to reverse this picture with the most entrenched and destructive anti-democratic enforcers—the infamous Cabal—who have gained power but are otherwise still developing so much more slowly than even average people—as atavistic overlords who wish to maintain their privileged circumstances … forever. But it is they who have now been inventoried and marked for sidelining or removal by the BETA (benevolent ET alliance) if they are lacking the possibility of rehabilitation. It is they who are to be taken up and moved ‘off planet’ where they will yet be able to maintain their familiar beliefs and attitudes with many like-minded others who will be going with them. This will then allow the more advanced remaining surface dwellers—spiritually advanced, to be sure, but what that means is often not immediately clear—to gain a position free of avid slaveholders. Finally, progress in various scientific and cultural areas for the benefit of all humankind may be shared in the upcoming planet-wide advancements, particularly technical ones that can be allowed to emerge openly without first being weaponized and then hidden for exclusive use by an elite ‘breakaway civilization,’ as the military establishments up to the present have always been able to do pre-emptively in order to maintain or increase control. This has been referred to in modern times as the ET “Space brother” scenario, and it clearly has similarities to Christian Bible prophecy, but, as they correctly say, “It hasn’t happened yet.”

Of course, to an ordinary person without religious or metaphysical inclinations, either of these eschatological scenarios would likely seem improbable or preposterous, just as many end-time warnings have in the past. Channeled predictions notoriously do not have very good track records for coming true on schedule, whether as messages from ‘God’ or one’s dear late aunt Tillie (though channelers are generally more interesting than casual dismissal by largely ignorant deniers would indicate). The way it occurred to me to say this some years ago was, “The future is never what it used to be.” So prophecy is a dicey game for anyone, even our ETs who, though generally brilliant and exhibiting refined modesty in being so, are yet cautious in making predictions about happenings for a particular time, even if they actually have ways of viewing or even traveling into the partially coalesced future—as I believe they do—thus knowing what events are inevitable on the major time lines and thus what the probabilities are for certain dependent events as well.

We don’t know how often the galactic center rises up to emanate a massive energy wave as has been described by Hilarion in our sessions (acknowledging the books of Paul LaViolette in this regard), but an event of this magnitude, on such a universal scale, would presumably be quite inevitable if still unpredictable as to exact timing—the great leap forward when the whole galaxy advances together in reaching for a higher dominant resonant frequency. This cycle would presumably be expected to be longer than the Great Platonic Year, the 25,920 year Precession cycle with which ancient Earth civilizations were so preoccupied. So, this Ascension, the growth spurt of the entire Milky Way Galaxy—now believed to have trillions of stars—would have to be an extraordinary spectacle in any event for our home planet Earth, and so we are also told that many ET civilizations, mostly in carefully cloaked positions, are here to witness the outcome of this process on a planetary level—they are here to see the fireworks of a major planetary transformation. What I have called the BETA is here to help our planet make the transition to a higher place or plane, becoming a ‘sacred planet’ in metaphysical parlance, and they have a most complex set of guidelines handed down by their stellar councils to insure a way of finding the best and least damaging route to the intended outcome for the people living today who will become the ancestors of future generations living on a more enlightened Earth.

I find this rather optimistic scenario involving careful ET intervention on our fair planet as it winds its way onto an upgrade path, very helpful in alleviating some of the darkness prevalent in the floundering world of today, rather than merely being “hope porn” cited by those who fear being fooled again. Admittedly, world class conflicts from Europe through the Middle East and down to the South China Sea and North Korea are only a few short escalations from becoming a world war—not to mention the truly bizarre nature of the newly-elected American “apprentice president.” At least we know that things are very strange—how much more so than before is still uncertain—but probably stranger in a progression leading back to the Great Recession and then to the watershed 911 hoaxed false-flag event of the Bush-Cheney disaster era. Will people awaken at last, even with the help of the Internet, in the midst of so much fear, uncertainty and programmed deception? There is at least a notable spirited dissent by certain courageous individuals going against the powerful currents of mainstream media propaganda, but the entrenched establishment is now so thoroughly organized and militaristically positioned to manipulate vast populations as to become an Orwellian white knuckle experience, even for those able to follow the situation from armchair safety. Yet this is what has been presented to us and the small group who will find these conference dialogues.

Julie appears to have visited at least three different star ships in this current group of encounters, as also happened in the Volume 2 book (Star Family Excursions), but she didn’t have enough external visual referencing to have described them all well enough for visual models to have been created, except for one—the Pleiadian Great Spacer—which we have later learned is called The Alliance. This is the immense 17 mile-long, egg-shaped, traveling ‘space-island,’ a constructed city-state in an engineered planetoid shell with a huge transparent canopy on top, which is often anchored in the rings of Saturn when on mission to our solar system. It is commanded by Ptaah, father of Semjase, who appears in dialogue with us on two occasions. For us this was nearly as amazing and exciting as anything that could have been imagined, and we were delighted by the clear and distinctive commentary in answer to our questions by the great Pleiadian Jshwsh, a true master of space and time.

But if anything is at the heart of this Ascension-themed Volume 3, it would be the completely unexpected TC Sessions 39 and 40, in which Jmmanuel (Jesus) and the Biblical family group appear together with Julie at the Essene community on Mount Carmel in the year 28 C.E. (formerly ‘A.D.’ or Anno Domini, truly “the year of our Lord”). Julie is a “church lady” as I often say to her in jest, but we are not avid Christian worshippers, like people primarily committed to religious or church doctrine. We are rather “esotericists,” adherents of the Perennial Philosophy, the view that sees a commonality among all the various valid wisdom teachings with each having a particularly significant part of the whole of the grand spiritual livingness to impart. More specifically, we have studied various schools of wisdom teachings, ancient and modern, most of which honor the great Master of Galilee, who is often given the position of great honor as the Avatar of the Age of Pisces. If you know anything beyond newspaper astrology, it all fits quite well in a satisfying solution of the puzzle pieces. We have followed accounts of the Master with great interest in the Edgar Cayce readings as well as various literary and alternative scientific researches, which also find the ‘historical Jesus’ to have been quite real and of great spiritual and cultural significance in the sustenance of Planet Earth and its “Western” Indo-European peoples (who are mostly of Pleiadian ancestry, like the Essenes of Mount Carmel).

So, it should not have been a great surprise to us that the “Holy Family,” including Mary Magdalene, would have made an appearance together with us … it’s just that we couldn’t have imagined having such an odd circumstance happen as when our audio recorder battery failed near the end of Session 39! Not to worry, however, since the lost remark by the one we are now calling the Master of Mount Carmel, was, shall we say (?), “miraculously” recovered in Session 40. Do read on towards the end for more detail of Julie’s extraordinary experience. Jmmanuel/ Jesus (whose sketch by Julie is included) gave us his most familiar blessing: “My peace I give to you … my peace I leave with you.”

And of course we should mention that Julie travels to the Andromeda Galaxy a couple of times (as distinguished from star systems in the more local Andromeda Constellation, one of the five main places where ET DNA strains on Earth have come from) and experiences a kind of dyslexic opposite-handedness syndrome trying to describe “who’s on first,” or in our case, who’s sitting at what clock number position around the table. I have left it the way it happened since it might be an artifact of being in a companion galaxy that left and right hands may be opposite as well as intuitive directions of rotation, compared to the orientation in our own Milky Way. Some of our topics might seem advanced or merely nerdy and wordy (like our notions of scientific breakthroughs) or eccentric (like our astrology interests), but we hope nearly everyone with sufficient interest in Esoteric Studies—now necessary more than ever before—will be able to follow our meandering dialogues with these ETs and other great souls and find it mostly comprehensible, and dare we say … uplifting … before and after Ascension.

*           *           *           *

Ted (aka White Wing) at age 72
in early 2017, taken by Julie
in Pagosa Springs, CO