Telepresence Conference 39, Part 1

Telepresence Conference 39, Part 1

March 2, 2013 [Ted’s birthday]


Julie, dressed all in white, goes down the stairs quickly and arrives with Ted and the animals to step into the brilliant white light of time travel with a destination two thousand years into the past. She arrives at a desert-like place that is locally irrigated with olive trees and flowers where people are seated on mats on the ground. Taking their places at 6 o’clock in the seating arrangement with Ariel and Michael on her right, and Hilarion and Athena on Ted’s left, she is somewhat surprised to note the presence of Jmmanuel/ Jesus seated at 9 o’clock. As she notes Gabriel seated at the noon position, the realization dawns on her that this is the group of personages from that Biblical era and now in that time, which Ted’s first question quickly clarifies, the year is 28 A.D.(C.E.) at Mount Carmel, the home of these early Essenes.


Hosted by Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO; conducted and later transcribed by Ted with the transcript being speaker-identified open-text dialogue with briefer comments placed in-line inside corner brackets (“< … >“). Julie’s first words are …

*           *           *

Julie– I’m ready to go down the stairs—today there was no elevator. I’m down, and you’re there. We’re both dressed in white, and I have very long, straight black hair that’s tied back in like, a pony tail. You look pretty much the same, dressed in white. The animals are all there, including the wolf and dolphin. We’re at the top of the stairs, and we’re all now going to go down this series of ten flights of stairs that takes us deeper into whatever experience we’ll have today, so I’ll just silently go down those steps. [pause]

So, at the bottom of the steps, it’s different today—it almost always is—there’s this … although I think I’ve gone into something like white light before … at the bottom of the stairs, the marble steps, there’s a huge sense of brilliant white light. So, we’re all walking into this brilliant white light … and I have a sense of traveling … well, I have a sense we’re being taken back in time … [softly] two thousand years ago. That’s a surprise.

So, you, me, the animals; we all went into this brilliant, brilliant white light, and now the brilliant white light is fading, and we’re in a landscape that I’m given to understand is two thousand years ago. So, I’m looking around … and I’m being drawn to the right, under … it’s an outside location … we’ve had something like this, a bit similar once before, I think. So, we’re coming up to an area with trees in a kind of desert location, but in this particular area, it’s irrigated, and there are lots of plants and flowers. We’re coming up to … an area where people are seated on the ground, on things like mats or blankets, and everybody is seated, and everybody looks like they’re dressed in biblical attire. That’s the sense I have.

So, all the animals are walking up with us, and you and I are coming up to mats on the ground; they’re like folded blankets or woven mats that I think could be used for sleeping or whatever, but they’re folded up sitting on the ground, and you and I are at like 7 and 8 o’clock, or right about that time … closer for both of us to 7. People are seated on the ground in a circle. [takes a deep breath] I’m quite certain we’re under olive trees … very interesting.

Ok, I’m now going to go around the circle and see who’s here. I’m closer … you and I are both, like at 7 o’clock; I’m on the right, and you’re on my left. At 6 o’clock is Ariel, and Michael is beside her. And today Hilarion is next to you at 8 o’clock. Athena is with him. [pause] Well, it appears that at 9 o’clock it is none other than Jmmanuel [Jesus]. I could not have expected this, I guess … ah, 10 o’clock … is brother James. 11 o’clock is the one I think who is called Joseph of Arimathea. [pause] Gabriel is at 12. At 1 is Mary, his mother … 2, the one called Mary Magdalene … 3, Joseph, his father … [pause] Rhi and Phindar are seated at 4 o’clock … and the Sirians are at 5, [softly] whose names I can never remember [Nylah and Onyion]. Everyone is in white (!) … white robes. [pause] Very beautiful weather, very peaceful and lovely, sitting under these olive trees. Ready for questions.


Ted– I’ll begin, then … of course, I’m amazed and also surprised … and feel greatly blessed by the presence of all these great souls who are our guests—or whose guests we are—today and hope I am worthy to adequately ask appropriate questions of them. And so, maybe I’ll begin by asking the year where we find ourselves today (?).

Julie– Year 28 … of the Current Era. I’m being told we at … near Mount Carmel … ah, near what came to be called “Nazareth.”

Ted– Does it seem that we should allow Hilarion to begin?

Julie– No, I think you can just ask questions. Ariel sort-of telepathically communicated with me … she’s next to me, and Hilarion is next to you and in a sense so that we would feel somewhat familiar and grounded in this “different” sort of setting that has presented itself today.

Ted– Ok, then I think I’ll start by acknowledging our awareness of the Talmud Jmmanuel and the story told there and otherwise, largely from the contemporary Eduard “Billy” Meier contacts and from biblical scholar James Deardorff, who has interpreted some of the significant passages from this controversial manuscript. We are very grateful to have discovered these circumstances that have come out into our time from this ancient document of which I have read the latest 4th edition version in English translation. Naturally, we would hope to learn more about it, perhaps first as confirmation of the account offered by Meier, and whether there are additional aspects that can now be understood about the historical roles played by the participants today.

We would hope to have any of our guests who might wish to do so, contribute their perspective on any of the relevant issues. I don’t know if it would be suitable to ask whether Gabriel or Jmmanuel or another would therefore wish to make the first response. We would also hope to hear from the lady Mary Magdalene, sometimes confusingly referred to as the “other Mary.” We are also greatly blessed by the appearance of Mother Mary and Joseph and by our dearest family and friends. May I then request that whoever among those present, be pleased to begin …

Julie– [takes a deep breath] So, I was a bit overcome by all of this myself as you can imagine. It’s Gabriel who is going to speak first. As these beings speak or share with me, I’ll describe them more. Gabriel, at the 12 o’clock position, has an energy … this may relate to the very thing you were talking about earlier, Ted, with ET frequencies sometimes being troubling for humans … it’s almost like he emanates energies that are like light and sound … that’s an imperfect way to describe it, but … as in so many stories you hear about people who have visitations from what they call “angels,” and they fall to the ground and hide their faces … <“Fall on their faces.” is the archaic expression, I think.> Yes, “Fall on their faces,” and it’s that the energy is so intense that it’s unlike anything any ordinary person would have ever experienced … so, I’m getting that now … it’s not frightening—it’s just different.

Ok, so Gabriel is communicating to me … one thing … sadness is the idea that I’m getting … that so much that’s been done with good intentions, both on the part of ETs who have come from other places and who have been involved with humanity as well as many well-intentioned people from Earth who were born here … so much has been “spoiled” is the word he’s using. [pause]

He’s saying that the most accurate story that does survive, which is closest to describing Jesus/ Jmmanuel, does so in the material of Edgar Cayce, and that we would be well advised to go back and re-read that part of the story there, especially about the Essenes of Mount Carmel. Gabriel is saying that the quest of Hugh Lynn Cayce to return to Mt. Carmel and study the story of Elijah, who lived there, whose story was there … that does link with the person who has later become Billy Meier in this lifetime … and he wants to call him “Eduard.” <Yes, I understand.> He’s calling him Eduard. [pause] He’s saying it would be worthwhile for us to travel there [Mt. Carmel in present-day Israel].

There’s also profound connection between the man named Steven Greer, his connection to Mt. Carmel and his history with this entire story as well—the ET story and linkage. There will be other things discovered in that place at some later time—there are records there that are hidden in a cave, yet to be discovered. Eduard has not recalled or been told of his place in the story of Mt. Carmel … no, he’s saying he knows, but it has not yet been made public.[1]

He [Gabriel] is saying they all knew who they were at that time—all of them: Joseph, Jmmanuel, the Marys—the Joseph who was his father. Gabriel is saying to me that unlike the experience you and I have had, where the so-called “human fathers” were removed, it was not the same in the case of Joseph and Jmmanuel … they were all hybrids. [takes a deep breath]

It’s Jmmanuel now who is wishing to speak. Ah, what an experience (!) … really—it makes me want to cry. I guess, all my life I have been wondering … [becomes emotional] <It’s ok …> He looks just exactly like many of the pictures that have been painted of him … his hair … you can see the red, but it’s definitely reddish brown … and what a difference between Gabriel whose energy is more like a lightning bolt and Jmmanuel’s … which is almost pure love. So, I have no idea how much my own mind is at work on this … <It’s a great privilege, but you are worthy and able …> and at the same time as he is about to speak to me, I can feel … [softly] Mary Magdalene’s energy, as well … and they were indeed partners. They are still partners. Theirs is a partnership similar to that of Hilarion and Athena … similar to Ariel and Michael … and similar to ours in fact, of moving through many, many lifetimes together. [pause]

He’s saying to me that … part of what was happening to them is what we have been told in our time … we have used the word “hybrid” … they use the word “reclamation” that … so much is coming into my brain from both words and telepathy … he’s saying it’s difficult for them to explain this to us because we use the word “ET” to mean someone who comes from another world, but for them this is an incorrect interpretation because they think of star systems or galaxies like we might think of countries, and that this is one of their homes, one of their places that many of them have been involved with for a very long time. He just smiled, and he said, we might think of some of their missions, as they might be termed, as more like a “Peace Corps,” traveling into other places where they have been and know, trying to help people move forward.

Jmmanuel is saying that the book is not the important thing … that they thought it would be helpful and open people’s minds, but they underestimated, again, the fear, the reaction, the primitive state of many who would receive it. Billy [Eduard Meier] was Elijah—they’re confirming that to me. This is a really emotional experience (!) … all these beings are in some way communicating with me, and what … the sense of what I am feeling is that what they really want to do, what they really care about is bringing truth and peace and love, and helping humanity heal … [becomes emotional and tearful] <Of course …> and overcome so much damage that has already been done.

All of the … this is now Mary Magdalene who is speaking to me … all of the horror that has been done in the name of religion … [pause and then with emotion] these beings are all so incredibly beautiful (!). [pause] Ok, so, Jmmanuel is saying that he did go to India and to those other places that the many stories have said are true, that exist in even other traditions where people have found out about his travels and his connections … and, I am … most of this today is telepathic … now Mary Magdalene … they did separate at some point, and it was for the safety of children … <Their children?> their children—there were three: two sons and a daughter, and I’m seeing Jmmanuel go to India … there were other places: Turkey, India, Persia, Cyprus; there were many locations where he traveled for a time. Mary Magdalene did in fact go to France—part of that story is true. They’re telling me they were re-united in Syria. They lived for quite a long time, they’re saying, in what is now Syria—part of the reason for all of the trouble today.

Jmmanuel is saying that the book [Talmud Jmmanuel] is real as far as it goes, but he doesn’t want it to be about the book. [pause] It’s not about, he’s saying, the words; it’s not about the teaching—it’s about the way of life. Mary, his mother, has said to me, “Edgar’s [Cayce] words on the Essenes are true and would be worthy of more study. Gabriel has said that … their group whom we call “the Pleiadians” felt at the time the alternative teachings, the words of Jmmanuel, would bring a greater truth, and instead, it brought a greater division. He’s saying more will be uncovered; more will be discovered—the greater picture will be revealed. Rhi and Phindar are communicating to me how sorry all of them are for what so many people, especially Billy [Eduard Meier], have had to suffer.

We [J&T] were apparently there at that time. [pause]

So, I just went around the table … just connecting as deeply as I can with all of these beings. I think it’s going to shift. Hilarion seems ready for questions. Do you have any other questions on this subject? I think this part of the session is shifting away …

Ted– Many questions come to mind … yet I would be pleased if anyone present today, perhaps who hasn’t spoken, such as the brother James or Joseph of Arimethia or Joseph the father, could tell us something they think we should understand that would be significant from their perspective, either historically or at the present time?

Julie– [takes a deep breath] Ah, I’ll just move around … James, the brother … is saying there was so much wrong at the time, politically, with the Temple … that they tried to make better. Joseph of Arimathea is confirming my earlier guidance that he was Mary Magdalene’s father. He’s also saying that the name that has come down through history is incorrect—she should have been Miriam of Arimathea. And now she is just saying, “As some have theorized or written … the Magdalene came from the word that means ‘watchtower’.” And Joseph his father … [emotionally] who is an amazing being (!) [pause] … amazing with love, and he’s an ET as well … who of course completely knew and understood … he was His earthly father, where Gabriel’s role is like our [J&T’s] ET fathers. [pause]

I just get this combination of sadness at how much went awry, and yet how present they still all are … just to say, I also … Hilarion is saying … it’s worth whatever time we spend to study and tell the true story—the part about the Essenes is hugely important. [almost tearfully] I’m sorry I’m so emotional …

Ted– No, you’re fine … don’t be sorry for anything on your part, not at all … I can easily understand that we would both be more than emotional about the appearance of these legendary or Holy individuals in many traditions.

One of the questions that I have thought of in the meantime for anyone who might care to answer, is what might have been the role of the individual known to us through the Talmud as Judas Iscarioth, who, unlike the familiar figure falsely characterized as a “betrayer” in the standard interpretations of the Christian Bible, was the close disciple who might have been the actual author of this account of the life and teachings of Jmmanuel … since he is not present today … what his present circumstances might be?

Julie– [takes a deep breath] His … Jmmanuel is communicating with me … and saying that this role as written by history was … [noise on recorded audio blocks message and then a long pause] that part of the story is true. He is not present today, but he is one of their circle … and was part of the plan. [pause]

Ted– Are you … if you will allow me to ask another question … is there a particular message or blessing that we may receive from Jmmanuel today which we might transmit? [long pause, then first beep indicating battery failure on audio recorder]

Julie– [loud thrashing sounds on recording as Julie readjusts her position] So, I know this may sound strange … it’s as if he was thinking about what he would say … and what he did say was … he said these words [second loud beep of failing battery] were always his way of saying farewell … to those he loved … and has been translated as:

My peace I give to you; my peace I leave with you.[2]

[third loud beep is heard.]

Ted– We are very grateful to receive his message.

Julie– He put his hand up … in the sign of blessing when he said it. [movingly] His eyes are so full of light … absolutely radiant … it’s no wonder that he was always painted with a halo.

[Loud thrashing noises are heard as Julie again adjusts her position.]

He also just said to me that …

[Here the audio ends as the battery finally fails.][3]


*           *           *           *

  1. The syntax here suggests that Billy himself might be following this exchange in some remote telepathic way.
  2. This is well known from John 14:27, though in reversed order, typically: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.” But this was how Julie stated it, verbatim, and it may even be slightly preferable to the traditional casting.
  3. The battery failure was unexpected since the charge indicator had shown about 3/4 of a full charge remaining at the beginning of the session, so we were shocked and chagrined, particularly at the loss of Jmmanuel’s final message; nevertheless, not all was a total loss as we made efforts later to recover some part of this last dropout, as conducted more than a year later—which came with an amazing bonus (!). This would be Session 40, Part 1, following. It would still be better to read the sequence in its natural order, i.e., the next Session 39, Part 2 first.