Telepresence Conference 40, Part 1

Telepresence Conference 40, Part 1

April 11, 2014


After a special induction, begun by reading the final part of the original Session 39, Part 1, in order to attempt to recover Jmmanuel’s last statement from Julie’s subconscious memory after the recorder battery failure more than a year earlier, Ted suggests that Julie will now be able to complete this final part. After a long pause she begins by saying, “Repeat these words …” Ted soon realizes the final statement is being repeated to her by Jmmanuel himself who has returned to achieve the completion, as Julie notes, “He’s here … smiling at us.”


Hosted by Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO; conducted and transcribed by Ted participating via telephone, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with briefer comments placed in-line inside corner brackets (“< … >”). This session begins with Ted’s recapitulation of the earlier situation …

*           *           *

Ted– The final sequence began—just before the battery failure—when I said, “If you will allow me to ask another question … is there a particular message or blessing that we may receive from Jmmanuel ourselves today which we might transmit?” Then, after a long pause, the first beep indicating battery failure on the audio recorder was heard. Then you said, “So, I know this may sound strange … it’s as if he was thinking about what he would say … and what he did say was … he said these words …” And at that point a second loud beep on the recorder was heard. Then you continued, “They were always his way of saying farewell to those he loved … and has been translated as, ‘My peace I give to you; my peace I leave with you’.” Then a third loud beep is heard, after which I said, “We are very grateful to receive his message.” You then added, “He put his hand up in the sign of blessing when he said it.” Being very moved, you said, “His eyes are so full of light … absolutely radiant … it’s no wonder that he was always painted with a halo.” And then I said, “Umm-hmm.” Then a very loud noise is heard once again on the recording as you adjust your position.

Then, the last thing you said was, “He also just said to me that …” Then the recorder stopped because the battery charge was finally used up. I would like for you to tell us now what the continuation of the sentence—of that final statement of our Session 39—was on March 2, 2013, immediately after the audio recorder failure. [long pause]

Julie– “Repeat these words: ‘Always in my name …’ [pause] <Yes, go ahead.> ‘the path of whom you call the Essenes was known as the Way of Peace … and we were called the Children of Light’.” [pause]

And then … he’s here …

Ted– [excited] Wow!

Julie– … smiling at us.

Rainbow somewhere on Julie’s travels in the Mediterranean …
the spiritual promise of fulfillment for the Creation.

Ted– [elated] Wow (!). We are indeed greatly blessed (!) … to have him tell us what we were unable to record at our original conference … We are extremely grateful that he would have been willing to do that for us. Ah, do you have a sense that there’s anything else you would like to tell us while you are in his presence now? [pause]

Julie– He’s smiling, and just saying that many things that we are curious about … many things that we wish to discover are in fact part of our own past and memories, so we have a right to know them. [pause] <Ok …> He’s saying, “Do not be led astray by those with their own agendas, no matter how seemingly noble.”

Ted– I would hope to realize that and would thank him for stating this circumstance so clearly for us. Would you now be able to discover if there was additional material that was recited on that date of March 2, 2013, which you can also describe for us today? [pause]

Julie– No, that’s enough. <Ok … very well> That was all that was important.

Ted– Ok … I think you are right. I would like to thank you for being able to make this appearance for us, and I would like to thank Jmmanuel for returning briefly … [again elated] we are extremely grateful … to hear him speak again. If you would like to say anything else to him on the recording, you are invited to do so now.

Julie– Ah, just to say to you and for the recording, that he’s actually much more fiery than he’s usually portrayed. There’s a quality of gentleness, which is usually portrayed … but there is also the fire of a prophet and a master that came through strongly today.

Ted– I’m so glad to hear your impression, and in a way, it makes we wonder if we, as astrologers, even after all the ideas, the many questions and years of reflection … if we really know what his actual birthday was in terms of our contemporary calendar (?). [pause]

Julie– Ah, March 14 … he’s showing me … March 14 … Julian would be close to the Equinox … what’s March 14 plus eleven …? <March 14, what?> Just a second … I’m trying to decide whether that’s the corrected date … as you have it. So close to yours (!).[1] March 14, corrected for the Julian to the Gregorian [calendars].

Ted– Ok, so it’s March 14, Gregorian … <yes> and in what year? [pause]

Julie– Ah … 4 B.C., according to how we count time now.

Ted– Ok, well, that is a marvelous bonus that I am very grateful to have confirmed, and we would greatly thank him for helping us understand this correctly because, as he knows, we still study the stars—what we call astrology today—of which we believe he was also greatly knowledgeable. So, if you feel it is time to finish up, I would suggest you begin to do so …

Julie– I wanted to tell you … but we were both speaking at the same time—you may hear my voice on top of yours, or underneath yours, a few minutes ago when … he hugged me.[2]

Ted– He hugged you?!

Julie– Yeah.

Ted– Oh, my goodness (!). That’s as lovely as anything I think I’ve ever heard.

Julie– [little laugh] … me too.

Ted– Wow (!) … if you are ready then, and you can tell me whenever that might be … to return to your normal state of consciousness …

Julie– I am, and I thanked him, and he … knows and although it wasn’t spoken, it was in his eyes that he appreciates the work that we’re doing … and there is appreciation by many who are part of the unseen or unrecognized ranks of those who work for truth and light. I’ve expressed my gratitude for what I know, yours too, and … he is gone now.

Ted– Ok, that’s probably the most wonderful Easter greeting message I will ever receive in my whole life (!) … [chuckles] and we are certainly grateful, and I know you would be very grateful as well … as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell me in just a moment … and so I’m going to suggest that you realize that we are nearly finished with our trance mission today, and that on the count of five, you will realize that you can begin to leave the place there where you have been …

*           *           *           *


Tiger Lily in its prime at Golden Eagle Oaks


  1. When I later asked Julie what she had meant by his birthday being close to mine (March 2), she said she was first thinking the given date was a Julian Calendar date (which would have placed it at March 3 in Gregorian translation), but quickly found out that it was a Gregorian Calendar date, so the remark was for an initial mental check, but discarded upon understanding.
  2. When I asked Julie what she meant when she was referring to “a few minutes ago,” she said it was just as I was beginning to speak the previous time beginning with, “Ok, well, that is a marvelous bonus …” when he approached and hugged her. As she says in the debrief session following, he was standing only a short distance in front of her and slightly to the left. When I asked her what she had said while I was talking, she said (for the actual first time), “He hugged me.”