Telepresence Conference 85

Telepresence Conference 85

November 24, 2016


Julie, Ted and the animal crew, led by Tygon the great white wolf, find themselves seemingly entering the grounds of a strange stone castle with a huge entry-door and are met by a morphing host/ hostess called Elinor. They walk through the large estate on a flagstone path that seems nearly artificial, finally coming to a large rectangular table with 16 chairs in a very large banquet room. The first guest to be noted, apart from host couple Hilarion and Athena, is Semjase with her guest Rolaff.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was recorded by Ted with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*       *       *

Julie– I came down all the escalators, like I always do and met you and the animals. Tygon was waiting … we went down further, and we were all there. Then, while you were saying the invocation … you and I were standing holding hands … Tygon was lying right in front of us, all of us looking forward, and the other animals were very close, like in a bunch. As I looked, I realized we were all waiting outside a large door, sort-of arched, like to a peak, what you see in church windows … I don’t know what that shape is called … but not a round arch … it had sort-of a peak, made out of some sort-of metal that looked like pewter, but I’m not certain. I would say the door was at least 50 feet high … <[softly] Wow …> open in the middle … you know, like this [makes a hand gesture] and probably at least 15, maybe 20 feet wide … and no doubt, humorously drawing from my subconscious, standing on the other side as gate guardians are two White Lions—one male, one female.

Ted– Living humanoid lions, you mean?

Julie– Yeah, White Lions from Sirius—those kind of White Lions. Yes, living … standing there, and they have … they’re each holding some kind-of scepter, which appears to be made out of the same metallic material that the door is made of, and I’m given to understand that these scepters have many purposes; they also have technology, so they can be used as, in a way, like wizard’s staves … allowing the ends to be illuminated … they can be used as weapons, but it’s like they have quite a bit of technology built into the top.

Ok, the doors are opening inward, and the lions are still standing there at their posts … the door opens inward, and it’s bright daylight inside … when we were waiting outside, it seemed to me dark … or darker … and there’s a figure waiting for us … it’s really interesting; it’s morphing back and forth between male and female, as I’m looking … strange, that’s never happened before, to my awareness. It’s morphing, like that Merlin character that often shows up, to a female character who, I think is of the same order. So I guess it’s going to stay female; I’m not aware that this has ever happened before; she’s in robes, no wizard’s hat … long blond hair that’s very wavy; she’s tall … about six feet … very lovely … the robes are sort-of an ivory … they’re long … it looks somewhat medieval in terms of the costume … her costume in any case. She has a similar scepter. I could draw it; it almost looks Elizabethan, her costume, except it’s got a long train. She’s wearing like ivory, a plain ivory robe or dress and then an over-robe that doesn’t have sleeves, so the sleeves of the under-robe come out. Ok, she turned around; she was facing us as the doors opened inward … we’re all through … stone walkway … bright daylight, looks like late summer in terms of how the energy feels and how the vegetation feels. She’s turning around; we’re following her now on this stone walkway … big stones … no mortar … just big stones done in a sort-of random puzzle piece fashion for a walkway … not small cobblestones … these stones are big. You know what I’m saying?

Ted– You mean they look like they’ve been chiseled and worked flat?

Julie– Or a type of stone that separates in layers, like sandstone or … <flagstone?> flagstone, that’s what it looks like. Ok, so we’re following her, and we’re walking in an open area, very lovely, like the grounds of some vast estate. I feel like they’re playing with me, like I might be in the middle of “the game” somehow to walk on the path of the game if it were life-sized.[1] We’re walking toward a building that is brilliant white stone; I don’t know what it is; it looks very crystalline; it’s like some sort-of stone that has lots of white minerals in it that are sparkly. It doesn’t quite look like Cinderella’s castle but has that feeling. So, we’re walking up to that; there’s a moat and a drawbridge. We’re walking across the bridge, the main door; the gate is down … I can’t think of what you call those … and we’re walking inside this structure, which funny enough, is very modern on the inside; so it’s like the outside was more to create a mood, but this area is highly technological.

So, we’re coming inside; we go through a rather large entry hall and then into a larger multipurpose room, I would call it; the ceiling is quite high; all the walls are white; but inside they appear to be more … it’s not like walls that we have, that we paint … you know, you use tape and … what do they call that board? <sheetrock?> sheetrock (?) … I call it drywall … what’s the stuff you put on it to do the seams with the tape? <They call it “mud.”> [laughs] yeah, mud … ok, so it doesn’t look like those sorts of finished materials; it looks like something that might even be artificial … but they’re white and very smooth, and the room has a rectangular table at one point. It’s a very large room; I would say about a hundred feet long, sort-of oval … <[softly] Wow> and at one end … it’s very interesting what’s happening today … things are morphing in some way, so the outside of this place looked like a castle, and the inside looks more like something modern and technological, and yet there wants to be a big fireplace in a stone wall at one end of it. I almost feel like I’m being toyed with in “Real Vision” mode today,[2] something different from what normally happens to me.

In any case we’re being taken to one end of this large oval room. As we came in the door, we turned to the left, so I’m not sure which direction we’re facing in terms of cardinal points, but the long rectangular table is perpendicular to the long side of the oval … if that makes sense (?). If you think of an “O” and go to one end of the narrower part of the O, the table is parallel to the short part, perpendicular to the long part. Does that make sense?

Ted– Let me just ask to be sure I understand. Would you say the long axis of the table is positioned along the short axis of the room? <Yes.> Ok.

Julie– As opposed to just sticking up the middle of the long O …

Ted– As opposed to having the long axis of the table coinciding with the long axis of the room?
Julie- Correct. It’s perpendicular to the long axis … Ok, it also is white and looks like it might be made out of the same material as the walls. The chairs that surround it are also of a utilitarian- looking sort-of metal. I would say this table is at least ten feet long and probably four on the short ends, and so, because of the way it’s oriented, it’s a little bit difficult for me to get my normal bearings … so, coming at it and facing the table, after we’ve turned left coming into the room, and when we get to the end of the room where this table is, if we’re standing sort-of in the middle of the long side, then Hilarion and Athena would now be at the left at the short end, and you and I are going to the right on the other short end. I hope this makes sense … I can help you afterward …

Ted– You’re saying that you and I are going to be seated on the other short end of the table
with Hilarion and Athena seated at the opposite short end (?). <Yes> Are you on my right? That is, I’m on your left? <Yes> And is Hilarion across from me? <Yes> And Athena across from you … so, this is our usual seating plan?

Julie– Yes. Even though the setting on the table in the room is different, those seating positions seem to be the same. And so, now I would say, if we just try to use their positions as noon and ours as 6 … this doesn’t have the feeling of a clock … there are six metal chairs down each side of the table, so if every chair were occupied, that would be 12 … plus 4, so that would be a total of 16 people to be seated.
At the 1 o’clock position … [brightly] is Semjase today. At the 2 o’clock position … is her partner … I’m trying to get his name. He has a similar appearance to her; the hair is a little darker, but they look similar. His name is something like “Rolaff” … which sounds like a hilarious term … but it’s R-o-l-a-f-f phonetically … It could be “ph,” but it sounds like Rolaff. Ok, that’s 1 and 2 … at 3 is Ariel … 4, even though these are coming in a straight line … is Michael, and the White Lions are at 5 and 6. <But we’re at 6 …> Oh, I’m sorry … so, wait a minute. There are six chairs, so … they’re in the 5th and 6th chairs on that side. Then us.

Then, coming around the table … I know it’s confusing because it’s not the same as a clock today. So, then there are 6 more chairs, and what I think would be … 7 on the clock roughly … [pause] so there are the Sirians: Nyla is next to you, and Onyion is next to her. The next chair is the woman who met us and brought us in. Her name is Elinor … E-l-i-n-o-r. And I think there’s an empty chair next to her, if I’m counting right, then Rhi and Phindar are in the last two chairs. I have the sense it could be someone joining us later, or maybe that chair will remain empty. Ok.

Ted– Are you ready for me to start?

Julie– Yes … sorry that took so long.

Ted– It was interesting enough (!). Well, we are grateful to be able to appear again with this assembly of participants at this large table, and we are very pleased to be hosted by this lady Elinor. I guess I would suggest that Hilarion begin by introducing her or perhaps she would like to address us by way of introducing herself?

Julie– She’s just welcoming us. We are on a craft. We didn’t … ok, so this is like a virtual reality, but what we are being shown is a large craft where the technology can take on shapes and appearances inside, a lot of “smart materials” that can reshape themselves–it’s very fluid. She’s saying that the reason I didn’t go through normal things where I’m given the idea that we’re traveling through space, is because her group lives inside the planet[3]. They’re not off-planet although they have these craft that can travel to other places. They are highly technological; they are part of the Sirian group that has what we would call “lodges” at different places around the planet. So, the reason for this setting today and her presence and also that of Semjase, the Sirians and the White Lions, has to do with the questions that you are planning to ask. Her group of people … she said they don’t identify themselves with a star system; she said their point of identification would be Terran, and that they are part of the Terran Council of Truth and Light.
[suddenly laughs] She just told me that they have developed to a point where they’re capable of being more androgynous and their own technology can project an appearance that can change, so as to not be recognized. They have the ability to actually create a shielding influence to make them appear however they wish to appear, and that’s what she was sort-of playing with when I first saw her.

Ted– It sounds like the story of multiple image projections that are possible in the time between incarnations as described by many in the superconscious hypnotic state in the Michael Newton interviews.

Julie– Yes! That’s right. Ok, so that’s who they are. She just wants us to know. Everyone at the table is well acquainted, and she just wants us to know that … part of what they do is monitor events of Earth, intervene where they can, as inspiration, to influence choice but not dominate. Ok, ready for questions.
Ted- Ok, we’ll start with ordinary things, first having to do with Julie’s recent trip to Machu Picchu … if there would be any commentary on that? And then, looking forward to possible future trips she is contemplating, to Bali and Egypt in the next few years … if there’s any notion how such trips might work out?

Julie– So, Hilarion just nodded to Ariel, and she is going to speak. Well, she’s saying that all was accomplished that was supposed to be accomplished as was hoped for, although there was not complete awareness on the outer levels; unbeknownst to me I made contact with the person Elinor. We both received some downloads of information, which will reveal themselves over time. <You and I?> Um-hmm. Ariel is saying that still much is in flux in terms of travel, that it will be made clear to me in a flash of insight just when it is I should proceed, but for now not to concern myself with it. What she is saying is, they do not foresee danger … things will seem in that context to be proceeding less catastrophically in the short term … but not to worry about a decision or a choice at this point. It will be clear when it needs to be clear; this is what she’s saying—not an answer I would hope for … I would like to know (!) [laughs]. Ok, I think that’s my answer.

Ted– Ok, it’s still ahead, but a little too far to describe in any detail. Then, the second item of interest would be the situation of my house being for sale and having been seen by a prospective buyer, Susan Shoaf and her boyfriend Kevin. We are curious to know if it seems likely they will be the actual buyers, and we would like to hear whatever might be apparent about the situation otherwise and what problems might be pending now that I’m not there in California (?).

Julie– Hilarion is scanning. Hilarion has said that Susan is ready to make a decision; Kevin is still pondering the impact for his circumstances and what could be involved. Susan is also researching the financial part of it, which, according to what Hilarion can see at this point, is promising. So, a decision has not yet been fully made; there’s still evaluation going on. Hilarion is suggesting that you encourage her to arrange another trip back for Kevin … in the near term. Hilarion is saying he thinks that this is quite promising, but they are still evaluating their combined circumstances. “Not off the table …” is what he just said. < Oh, good.> He’s also saying activity will continue … he said it might be wise to do a little research on partial owner financing and what would be involved in that for you … should they need a portion of owner-financed support.

But I get a good … this is me talking … what I feel from Hilarion … the energy is positive. The only other thing he’s saying … with his classic sort-of smile and wink … is that he thinks it would be very good for you to get your manual written.[4]

Ted– Yes, that’s what I’m going to be doing right away now.

Julie– He’s just agreeing with that.

Ted– Ok, then we’ll move on to our third subject area, which I’d call “update on current affairs,” including the election and various other possible issues like Brexit and the movement against globalization. We would be happy to hear their perspective on any of this, particularly … who is Trump (?) and where he might have come from in the history of the world … and whatever else anyone might find fitting to say about the current mix of events.

Julie– Well, the person who is going to speak is Elinor, the person from the Terran Council. So, what’s happening is that she’s looking at us and forming a sort-of psychic/ telepathic link, which is going to involve some pictures and other things, but … she’s suggesting that you, too, even though you’re not in a trance, make an intention to be receiving data … <Ok … I can feel the energy … ouf (!).> Yeah, it’s very powerful (!). So for me, this will be more like channeling. I am aware of what feels like an energetic beam, coming from her mind into mine … it’s going into yours as well, but because you’re not in trance, it may be different …

Ted– I can feel it.

Julie– Ok. So, she’s saying that the character who is Donald Trump never expected to be in this situation that he is in. It was a publicity stunt that has overtaken him. He is a pawn and puppet of the individuals called the “Koch Brothers,” <Ummm …> who are among the darkest controlling forces involved in your current scheme of affairs. She’s saying that the illusion is not working as they had hoped it would. More people are becoming aware that all is not what it seems, and she’s saying … she’s showing me the picture that I’m so fond of … Toto the dog pulling away the curtain on the Wizard of Oz … that for more people, this curtain is being pulled away. She’s saying that people like her, whom we would call “shape-shifters,” through technology, are more and more “walking on the surface” and involved in ways that are unsuspected. She is saying that there is an aspect of their work that is revolutionary in the sense of disrupting old power structures … not revolutionary in the sense of violence or war, but she’s saying to you, revolutionary in the sense of “monkey wrenches” <[laughs] All right (!).> to use your language. She’s saying it is still not clear what will happen on January 20. That is yet to be resolved, and the individual called Donald Trump is terrified. <I’m sure.> She’s saying that he is perhaps more of a puppet than even George W. Bush.

She is also saying that what is happening inside the government is an awareness of the extent to which they have been controlled. <[softly] Wow …> She would describe it as “leaks in the dam.” Whether there will be large-scale bursts and floods is also still uncertain. Enormous struggles of power are occurring at this time, both on small scales and large scales. Human families are torn apart by these struggles. She’s saying that those of the Terran Council, affiliated with the lineage and ancestry of the great star Sirius, are involved more than they have been in a long time … on the surface.[5] Oh (!), she’s saying to me that a reason so many people are traveling to Peru is that they do receive some sort of energetic activation there, and that she wants to remind us that we did get what we needed to receive from that experience. She’s saying that, even with what they use … and she’s letting me know that what we would term “expected probabilities based on computer algorithms” … their methods are different from ours … because they use consciousness to form them, rather than machines, but she’s saying their methods of predicting or proposing , which proved to be quite accurate in times past, are not so now … “There are just too many variables in the equations,” she’s saying, and the juncture of time on the Great Wheel is also a factor.
Hilarion is speaking now; he’s saying that he would agree, and from his perspective from within the Hierarchy, their presence as a force of consciousness and of light, is stronger than at any time since World War II. <Whose presence?> The Hierarchical force of the Masters … is exerting more force than at any time … <I get it …> since the Forties. He’s saying that at an earlier point he used the phrase, “War in Heaven” … he would now say, “The battle has become epic.” <[softly] Wow …> More and more, however, are joining the forces of light.

Ted– Could he describe the “Battle in Heaven” becoming “epic” in terms that would be more evident or meaningful for us?

Julie– More involved, more engagement with what is perceived to be at stake, more who are willing to risk everything … on either side … for what they believe is the outcome they desire or believe would be for the greater good. Many have become unwilling to serve the darkness. When saying “epic in scope or scale,” he says, “I’m speaking of the state of consciousness, not that more weapons are being used. This is a battle of consciousness.”

Ted– Could he describe the members of the two groups, what we might call the “Dark Axis” and the “Benevolent Alliance” … who are the main affiliated members of the two groups?

Julie– Very difficult to know at a glance; it’s not as if there are two unified groups polarized against one another. There is tremendous infiltration on both sides, dark forces trying to act within the Alliance, as you call it, and likewise, members of the Alliance infiltrating the darker forces to overcome and defeat them. Those who are working and fighting for the side of light … we will call it … many are human, being aided by those from extraterrestrial realms or from what is called the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Terran Council, who have lived on the planet long enough to in fact be considered “human,” even though they originated from elsewhere. Those who work, if you will, on the side of the dark, are mostly humans who have gained immense power and wealth. He’s saying that in a sense they have become ET because many of them have lived and worked off our planet … on the Moon, Mars and beyond for quite some time. This part is true, he’s saying. Ohh … those are the “dark ETs” … some of these people were born on the Moon and Mars. Oh gosh (!) … that never occurred to me before.

So, there are multiple generations already who were born and grew up off-planet in the same way that those from other star systems have come here and later given rise to offspring. Oh, that’s interesting. So, Hilarion is saying … and he’s looking me right in the eye when he’s saying this … “These so-called ETs are human … who became extraterrestrial … and therefore Steven Greer is correct.” <[very softly] Wow …> Hilarion just told me to say, “Take care, with this information.” He wants us to know we’ve understood much … but to take care. They will stop at nothing, he’s saying. <Yeah.> so, in essence what he was just transmitting to me is that what has happened to these individuals is a descent into darkness from which they cannot return, and for them there is no such thing as conscience—only power.
But on the other side there are many, many working to defeat this. I think that’s all they’re going to say to me right now. Do you have something else?

Ted– Well, perhaps … this is related to something we’ve seen recently, <[sighs]> which we have also wondered about … these particular individuals, now that we know a little more about them as humans born off-planet who have become “ETs” so to speak … and very dark. Would it be possible to describe something of their ideology, for example, is it more like National Socialist Nazis from the early World War II era, or is it more Luciferian or Satanic in terms of modern cult notions that we have heard about? Or something else …?

Julie– [takes a deep breath] It’s the Elinor figure who’s going to answer this. She, as I understand this, is somewhat of a … I guess we might call her something like a “social anthropologist” … a specialist who studies what has happened out on our planet and their effort to … So, she’s saying that in terms that we might be able to understand, it’s not driven by an ideology but rather by madness, rather by the idea of … how do you say it? … “psychopathy (?)” … when someone is a psychopath … is there a noun for that condition?

Ted– “Psy-cop’-athy” is what is sometimes said.

Julie– … psychopathy driven to the point of utter madness, but there is genius connected with it in some ways, too, and so … it’s run, she’s saying, like an absolute monarchy or dictatorship. There are shadowed figures at the top of it, and this pyramid of control and power is not large in terms of numbers, but its reach is great. She’s just saying words to me like, “Lucifer” and “Satanic” … for many of these … there are certain pockets of abuse and terror that again, are related to madness … these are not driving the ideology of this group—only complete power and terror. <Right.> Does this answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s very good (!). Presumably they are powerful enough that they cannot be restrained by any other forces than what perhaps “real ETs” might be able to bring against them, and presumably the various benevolent ETs have restrained their “counter-insurgency” efforts for various reasons to allow for this to play out further, but do they feel there is any danger that these psychopathic cadres will be able to remain in power for long periods of time?

Julie– [sighs] Athena is speaking … she’s saying unprecedented decisions are being made, for as long as they can remember, about certain circumstances that have become so completely out of hand on this planet and in this system, in ways that should have had checks and balances, but planetary governments for their own purposes, their own control structures, did not put these in place. Athena is saying that in the interest of promoting thinking that America was at war with Russia—those political games on the part of America[6]—allowed the forces of evil that came out of Germany to arise and take control. More is known now; more is shifting, and because many lines have been crossed by these people, more intervention is taking place. However, they are not able to predict all of what will happen in the short term. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s very helpful … and a confirmation of the most dire conditions facing us. I have a few follow-up questions, then … about what we have been seeing, that is, what Julie and I have been seeing on a program called Deep Space on Gaia TV, which is about the “Secret Space Program,” which we have found very interesting … and though part of what we were going to ask has already been answered, perhaps a few loose ends could be picked up to help us clarify a few more things we are unsure about … like, for example, it has become a common description for some of the dark ET forces to be described as “feeding on loosh,” which is believed to be a kind of fear-mongering which they evidently greatly “enjoy” in their own dark machinations, etc. So, is this notion of “harvesting loosh,” which they use to strengthen themselves, accurate in any way or is it primarily a kind of projected childish fear or “urban legend” that is essentially false? It appears to be part of a chilling rumored reptilian alien ET story.

Julie– [takes a deep breath] It’s Semjase who’s going to answer. She’s saying, “… elements of accuracy cloaked in great amounts of distortion.” She’s saying that sometimes when people are referring to “reptilian aliens,” it does not have to do with their appearances or their genetics, but rather what is being referred to is a behavior where the motivation is “cold-blooded” as it were; the motivation has lost any of the more positive evolutionary trends of an enlightened human being. So, it’s as if it’s being driven by the most primitive of instincts; however, that does not mean, she’s saying, that there are not races which have such an appearance … she’s also saying that much has been forgotten about what has become symbolic of wisdom from serpent-like cultures. Wisdom has been lost through fear. She’s saying that it is an incorrect assumption … she’s saying the generation of fear is accurate … the “generation of fear” … and that this holds humans in bondage, and only to that degree can the dark forces be said, she’s using the term, “to feed off of fear” … but they are aroused by knowledge that humanity is captive to fear.

Ted– Um-hmm … that probably puts the subtlety of it very well.

Julie– Does this answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s very good. To follow up on the next aspect of this, too … we have seen detailed descriptions, videos of cattle mutilations and what-not over a long period of time, particularly as researched by Linda Moulton Howe, and we did not know what the origin of this particular bizarre phenomenon could be, whether it was an ET group that had been allowed by the secret government to have these mutilations as their feeding requirement while on Earth, say, in exchange for favors—if they were ET aliens—or perhaps they were hoaxes left behind by agent provocateurs, or even some kind of “break-away” civilization, paving the way for an “alien false-flag event” they expected this to lead up to eventually. If anyone could possibly describe what really happened in these world-wide animal mutilations, we would be grateful to finally understand how it was done and by whom.

Julie– They were perpetrated by Nazis from a Terran base in Antarctica with two purposes:[7] to allow the Cabal to create terror as if from ET races; also for genetic material, again twofold: they could have also just as easily taken the entire animals and not created something so scary since they were only being transported to Antarctica. They’re using these genetic materials to both grow food and to genetically engineer other animals and species … but the leaving behind of the carcasses creates fear of the unknown, and as you have said … I’m not sure who this is coming from … it’s like I’m channeling the whole table right now … with enough fear from false-flag invasions from ships that were created by humans and when re-engineered, would allow a global takeover by the Cabal. This will not be permitted. <[softly] Wow … ok> It’s been in the planning for some time.

Ted– Ok, hard to believe, but very helpful. So, that means we can assume that the base on Antarctica, which began as a base there decades ago, is still functional, and that is where the Moon and Mars-based craft are actually coming from and going to, on Earth?

Julie– Indeed, and much enlarged.

Ted– “Much enlarged …” Wow (!). Then, the next question attempting to learn more about the Secret Space Program, from this same program series … there is an individual named Randy Kramer who is self-described as a genetically modified soldier created by the breakaway civilization for the purpose of being in various battles on Mars, which he describes as a war situation there with a number of groups vying to control territory. Can anyone describe whether this person’s story is anything like legit? Or have the program producers been deceived?

Julie– Semjase is the one who’s answering this, too. It’s a complicated scenario, similar to that of the individual called Corey Goode. It’s a combination … first of all, the person is correct that they were recruited and genetically enhanced; the person did in fact spend time on Mars and the Moon, but the battle scenario … the purpose of this aspect of the secret space program, is developing mind control technology and developing virtual reality technology, which of course, as you know, the Pleiadians have had for some time. This individual is not intentionally deceiving others; the individual believes that everything he experienced was true. However, a portion of it was completely generated through technology, and therefore his belief was created through goggles and headsets that he would have worn … creating the belief of a large-scale territorial war on the planet Mars … a large percentage of the time he was living in a video game. <Um-hmm> Your Steven Greer knows much of this.

Ted– Wow, cool … ok. Well, Steven Greer, if I am correct, is among those who have debunked the Corey Goode story, too.

Julie– Hilarion is saying “debunked” is the wrong word. These people deserve compassion, as they were deceived and believed they were acting honorably … <Yes, uh-huh.> so, it would be more accurate to say, “… revealing more of the truth.”

Ted– Yes, ok, very good. Are we ready for another question? <Uh-huh.> Well, we would also like to be told a little more about what happened to Betty and Barney Hill, which story Julie and I both read about during the era when it was happening and were rather moved by this story, but now we realize we don’t really know who the abductors who had perpetrated the “missing time” episode really were, whether they were off-planet ETs, often called “Zetas” or “Zetarians” or whether, once again, this was something perpetrated by the Antarctica Nazi minions.

Julie– [takes a deep breath] Elinor has the answer to this one. She said the truth is the latter … again, it’s coming to me very fast, in a way almost more like channeling … it was not meant to be an abduction; the craft had a malfunction and had to land, and unfortunately, these people encountered it, so they were taken aboard … yes, source Antarctica … she’s telling me … as difficult as this is to believe … that the Grays themselves were engineered there [in Antarctica], largely from crashed craft from other star systems, but through cloning, the Germans created a large number of them… <Wow (!)> and that they had developed robotics technologies and combination [batch?] cloning to create such beings. The research developed dramatically after all of the genetic research they did on prisoners during World War II.

Ted– Wow (!) … astonishing. So, does that mean these particular characters from the break-away civilization who were involved in this colony described as being in Antarctica … have mostly moved their operations from North America and/or South America and/or Europe to Antarctica, or do they still have operational bases underground, say, in the American Southwest where we are?

Julie– The Antarctica operation is now huge, and there’s a large presence there … there are still command centers, not connected directly with military but involved with them on planet, but most of the control, if you will, is being operated from their Moon base. At this point Mars is more industrial, being created to move people to these places. Hilarion saying that the story we saw in the last episode of these places being built on the Moon and Mars … is accurate. There were plans to evacuate [from Earth] only those considered worth having, for their own purposes … largely as slaves.

Ted– It’s so hard to realize that this could all be true … the implications are so scary, unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Well, we’ve been going for about an hour now and are probably closing in on completion for today … are you feeling ok?

Julie– I can feel that it has been about an hour. Do we have any more questions?

Ted– Uh, I don’t have any more specific questions [laughs], but I could always keep going … Let’s see, we’ve heard from some of our guest participants, though that may be adequate for today (?).

Julie– They’re all here holding space and just showing their presence, and … Semjase came in a sense with a holiday greeting, she said … for you.

Ted– Ohh …that is so wonderful! Well, would she have any additional comments, perhaps of a less intense revelatory nature, or perhaps her guest Rolaff might, about what has been asked about or the responses made? Or anything about us or anything else they might care to mention?
Julie- Well, they just looked at each other and smiled. He just said he’s pleased to be here; they are now working together on some sort-of science vessel assignment. They still pay attention to what’s going on here, and they no longer have assignments, as it were, here, but they still pay attention … his presence here was just to let you know that she’s no longer alone.

Ted– Ohh … how wonderful [laughs] … that’s really very heartening (!). Indeed, they would surely have to be an amazing couple!

Julie– [a little wearily] So, I think that’s it … White Lions hold space for me … Rhi and Phindar were here, I’m getting a sense, to learn some things from Elinor … the Sirians are directly involved with this Terran Council of Truth and Light, so they’re here to hold space as well.

Ted– Well, perhaps we should allow Elinor or Hilarion and Athena to summarize or allow us to reach completion for today (?).

Julie– Elinor is saying that there was a connection, an activation, a link formed as a result of going to Peru, and that she will continue to be available to us as a guide. They’re just generally pleased with how things are going for us … in a sense Hilarion wants to apologize, as has been said before, for trying to describe things that are in such a tremendous state of flux, <I can easily imagine.> and that they believe they can see how things will unfold over a longer term, but in the short time span, they’re not certain either.

Ted– Does that seem to be the end?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– Ok, Julie and I together would like to thank all of the participants today, including Elinor and the others whom we know a little better. I would greatly thank Semjase for appearing at our table today to offer her often very savvy observations of what’s going on and to bring a new associate and guest with her to briefly meet us. We thank them all for being present, especially as always, Hilarion and Athena. You may have the final word then, Julie …

Julie– I would say in closing … first, thanks to all of them, but this shifting of the appearance of this person Elinor and the shifting from a Medieval castle to a high technology setting … in which they were giving me a taste of the technology that could be used on people to manipulate their sense of reality … was daunting, and of course, the Pleiadians call this “Real Vision,” which by the way, they have developed far more than in the early Billy Meier days … <Yes, I’m sure.> so, I just thank them immensely … it’s always such a humbling experience, and I’m grateful on this Thanksgiving day of 2016.
Ted- I am grateful on Thanksgiving Day as well … in which case, then, on the count of 5 you can now realize that we have completed our Session number 85 …

*       *       *       *

1. Julie has been working on a ‘Hero’s Journey” board game with two other game developers, which also has foot path walkways. ↑
2. Real Vision is the Pleiadian technology, like “virtual reality” without goggles, which is indistinguishable from reality. ↑
3. That is, Earth (adjective, Terran). ↑
4. A house operations manual for maintaining the solar electric power system and the spring water supply system. ↑
5. That is, with the people living on Earth’s surface rather than in the interior, like them (the Earth-resident Sirians). ↑
6. Presumably, the Cold War … ↑
7. From the context of the question to follow, this answer is being given