Telepresence Conference 86

Telepresence Conference 86

December 3, 2016


Julie, Ted and the animal crew have two guests sitting in with them where they are today in Santa Fe, New Mexico, KL and RC, who will also be participating and asking questions. The location on arrival is in medieval times in the northwest of England near the Scottish border, a scene recreated for them since they had all lived in this place in past lives together. It is described as simple, like in a stone fortress, where a chieftain’s council meeting is starting.


Hosted by special guests KL and RC, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with the shorter comments of other speakers placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– So, as I go through this process, sometimes I go down in a way to get really deeply into the relaxed trance state. We have a group of guardian animals who appear … Ted has a white tiger and a white eagle; I have a white bear and a hawk; and there is a dolphin; and one of our recent guides is a striking, enormous white wolf, who really acts as a leader. So, I won’t go through the whole process of how deeply I go, but today the animals have taken us to a very Medieval setting. I’m not sure of the time frame, but it would have been in a time, I believe, at least symbolically, of Arthur and the Round Table but also the story of the Holy Grail, and I was aware that all of us have had at least one very important lifetime in which we shared during that time of the both literal and mythological story, which is part of the appeal for the idea of a round table, for a council, working together with others for a common goal.

As we entered the room where the meeting will be … sometimes this is part of what’s fun for me … the table is indeed round with very high-back wooden chairs, and everybody’s dressed in Medieval costumes that makes us look like we’re all going to some ball or something—so that’s kind-of the fun part [giggles]. So, we’ve entered into the room at sort-of the 5 o’clock position—I’ll be describing the seated table positions like on a clock face. The room is also round or oval, and Hilarion and Athena, as usual, are seated at 12 o’clock noon; and Ted and I, also as usual, are coming to sit at about the 6 o’clock position, and I’m on his right. Then, beginning at 1 o’clock … there’s a figure who looks very much like Merlin … I’ll just call him that … he’s in a grayish robe that’s very lovely. So, he’s here today … interestingly, Semjase is here; she’s at 2 … <How marvelous …> Michael and Ariel, two of our guides are at 3 … and at 4 and 5 are new people … a female and a male … I actually said it backwards’ I said we came in at 5 o’clock; we actually came in at 7 … sometimes I see the clock backwards … <Um-hmm>

The woman’s name is something like ‘Drusilla’, and the man’s is something like ‘Lucius’. They’re also dressed in Medieval attire; she in blue and he in silver … and they were part of … during this time period, the historical period I’m being shown—it wasn’t like the royalty of France. We’re in what is now the area of England, and it was a more simple time; we’re in something that’s being shown to me, again, not like a fancy castle, but it’s made out of stone, and it’s very nice, and it feels warm and comfortable. So, this couple would have been people of importance but not like kings and queens … they would be more like … tribal elders, really, in the sense of how these communities were structured at that time. A figure like Arthur would have been more like a tribal chieftain in a sense—rather than a king—though we refer to him that way. So, they are from this period … at 4 and 5. At 7 … and 8 are the White Lions; at 9 … at 9 is a really powerful female figure … someone new … she’s a really interesting figure; she’s a contradiction of sorts because she’s dressed in very rich garments that would have been definitely not the norm in the time, but she is a profound wisdom carrier … watches the stars, knows Alchemy, knows herbal healing … so, she’s at 9. Just a minute, let me see if I can get her name … something like ‘Adrid’ or ‘Ahdrid’ … I’m going to spell it phonetically … A-h-d-r-i-d … she’s a very imposing figure … tall, and I wouldn’t say she’s heavy, but she is someone who would definitely get your attention if she walked into the room (!). Her hair is almost a copper color … looks rather Celtic. At 10 and 11 … are your guides Samael and Jhinda, here today.

Ted– Samael first at 10?

Julie– Yes. [pauses, whispering to herself] I forgot what I said the woman’s name was … <Ted: “Drusilla”?> Yes, something like “Drusilla” … then Merlin … ok, now I’m ready for questions.

Ted– Ok, I’ll start then. We are grateful to have these guests with us today, and perhaps the first question we might ask would be for a little more information about where we might be located and what the building is like where we find ourselves today (?).

Julie– I believe I’m in the northwestern area, near the coast of what is now England in the direction of where Scotland is … and where I am, as I said, is not like a castle of later times; it’s more like what might be called a “stone fortress” … it’s not just a single sort-of dwelling, but it’s a dwelling where leaders of a group would be … and where councils are held. And I believe that the time is about 1200 … 1200 to 1400 … around the time of the Cathars in France and the time that is usually assigned to Arthur in England—I think that’s right.

Ted– Ok, could we have our new guests either introduce themselves or have someone introduce them, so we will have a notion of something about their presence here today (?).

Julie– Drusilla and Lucius, I’m given to understand, are past lives of KL and RC, and so they’re appearing here as guides from that time, who will speak to the relevance of the issues that are present in today’s lifetimes as themes of work and wisdom and challenge that have made their way through the centuries. The Ahdrid woman was a teacher/ guide to all of us during this time, a carrier of profound wisdom … I’m being told she also has a connection to JA and the work that in a sense has been a stream, both underground and consciously through many lifetimes.

Ted– Were we all alive together at this particular time?

Julie– Yes, which is why we’re being taken here today.

Ted– I see. That does explain it well. Ok, are there any preliminary remarks from the table before we begin our questions … that you can see, perhaps with Hilarion and Athena?

Julie– Well, they’re sort-of saying they communicated with each other, and Athena nodded to Hilarion that he should go first. Then, I think she is going to say something as well. So, they’re going to address the last question first in a general way. Hilarion is saying, as he believes he communicated to us in a sense during our last session, that those who watch and guide from the unseen realms … and from the seen realms … are also surprised … and he’s using the word “discouraged,” which is a word he doesn’t use lightly … and an attitude which is also disappointing to have … that, he’s calling it a “course correction” that was not actually anticipated. So, what he’s trying to say to me is that the current … he’s not using the word “political” conditions in the world … he’s trying to explain to me how the current level of “collective consciousness,” based on people’s choices and consequences … move in accordance in some ways with the laws of inertia … and that they—they being the Spiritual Hierarchy, the guides—did not anticipate the degree to which the collective consciousness of humanity has slipped backward. So, they too are disappointed by events and circumstances on the planet, and as he says he said to us last time … there may be more intense experiences of difficulty that will be required to shift this collective consciousness forward again.

He’s showing me like, scales—a giant balance—that moves and shifts, based on the … he’s calling it the “prevailing winds of collective consciousness” … and that some sort of blast of cold arctic air is required to shock enough people back into a state of light and love … and they are saddened. <Ted: [softly] Um-hmm …> Ready for questions.

Ted– Ok, we thank Hilarion and Athena for clarifying the current mood for us a bit more, in spite of the troubles, of course, and now I think we will begin to focus upon the circumstances of KL and RC, whose house we are at today. Therefore I would call on KL to offer her first question for our participants, and presumably the person who would like to respond will be able to do so … if you would, KL.

KL– Well … I’m wanting to just ask a little more about what was just stated … and just want to thank you for inviting us into this circle … and wanted to ask what do we need to prepare for when this new government gets into office?

Julie– Athena is saying, “Much is in flux, much is still uncertain, and an enormous amount is still moving, shifting … warring behind the scenes, but as always,” she’s saying, “the most important thing anyone can do, especially people of consciousness on a spiritual path, on a committed spiritual path, is maintain the discipline of holding their consciousness at the highest level possible … and not being drawn into the undertow of conflict and especially fear.” She’s saying she knows how much I admire the “great teacher” Gandhi … that, “If a single person attains the highest form of love, it will be sufficient to neutralize the hate of millions, and this is always the advice for bodhisattvas …” she’s saying, “those on a spiritual path … and this is easily said, not easily done.” She’s saying, as she has advised Ted repeatedly, to have a limited diet of the media, and instead to take the time … she’s saying, “Your meditation is correct KL. … to take the time to hold your consciousness in a state of light and love, knowing that we are like ships on an ocean being buffeted by storms that may rage for a time, but that we will be safe.”

Ted– Ok (!).

KL– Are there any guides that we might call upon to support more light, more consciousness?

Julie– Hilarion is saying, anticipating one of your questions, that the guides you refer to as “Isis and Osiris” stand ready to help you in any way … and you can call upon these beings who are representations of past life … as well as the being who was a guide to all of us, this woman Ahdrid, who is a very powerful, enlightened, developed figure who was alive at the time and guided many; as I said, I think her name is spelled “A-h-d-r-i-d.”

KL, you also have an Indian guide, East Indian guide, whose name is something like “Amturu” A-m-t-u’-r-u … that’s phonetic … do you know who this is?

KL– No … although I am … I find myself attracted to the teacher of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and his name was something like “Guru Dev …” but I don’t know his full name at the moment.[1]

Julie– Hilarion says it’s the same lineage, but this is someone you can call upon personally—same lineage of teachings. You spent many lives in India. Ok … next question …

Ted– Go ahead, KL, if you would like to continue (?).

KL– So, I’m now going to just ask a little more about RC and myself and our business. My first question is, “What is the outlook for our business called QL Coaching and Consulting?”

Julie– What Hilarion is answering is that you might find your business morphing into more counseling with more people who are very troubled by the economic situation and could be changing … people could become very troubled by the direction that things are going, and that people who will likely be attracted to you, may be needing as much in the way of emotional support as they do direction for becoming leaders or handling the challenges of business. You might find yourself counseling as much as coaching … and that, especially in the environment where you are; and that the commitment that you have to each other and your spiritual path, may become like a beacon to others who would be drawn to you. What I’m being shown is that the two of you as a unit … so, the image I’m being shown is that the opportunity is to become more like a magnetic beacon and an example of … it’s almost as if … what he said to me is, “Coaching is the third-dimensional representation of something more powerful.” … and “Seeing that, recognizing that, energizes what you do with a tremendous magnetic force.” … and that it looks positive, very positive (!) … from what I can see. Is that the kind of answer that makes sense to you?

RC– Yes.

KL– Can you say more about that “morphing” in relation to coaching? I don’t understand what that meant.

Julie– It’s less about coaching in a 3D way and more about who the two of you are in the world and how you interact with people and how you inspire them … and give them a sense of safety and “how to be” in a world that is likely to become increasingly more confusing and frightening to many people.

RC– Forgiveness and hope?

Julie– Yes, excellent. Hilarion just said he couldn’t have said it better himself.

KL– [laughing] Oh … gracious …

Julie– Does that answer, KL?

KL– Yes, it does … yes. So, our next question is, “What is the relationship with Enlightened Alliance, which is Janet Atwood’s company, and our own coaching business for this next year?”

Julie– Your relationship with JA is an old one, long one, multi-lifetime one … so, Hilarion says it’s not a surprise that you re-connected in this lifetime … and Hilarion is saying wherever the connection is around the concepts of “passion and purpose,” it has the potential to thrive. Hilarion is just telling me that she, as well, is going through a profound transformation in what she’s doing herself and may feel some “impulse” … is the word I’m hearing from him … that may morph what she’s doing—“morph” is my word, not his, but he smiled when I said it.

What Hilarion said to me is that they are parallel and connected in a certain way, and that … what he’s saying to me is that he sees your own role with your own QL company becoming 50% of what you do and your ongoing work with JA and Enlightened Alliance … he likes that name very much too … perhaps becoming like the other 50% of what you do … that you will become more like “parallel colleagues” over time with shared intention and purpose, but in a sense … Hilarion is sensing or seeing that the nature of your own work with people … may become more spiritual … not overtly, but … they’re not certain how things will unfold either, on the political scene, if you will, but that increasingly, people will be looking for a sense of “where to stand their ground and how to be in the world.” The relationship between what artists call “figure and ground” is shifting, and people will need to be more honest and open about their values and where they stand, so as not to repeat the history of what happened in a place like Nazi Germany.

We’re all going to be … Athena is speaking now and she said that, especially for those of us who have higher aspirations and higher ideals … are going to be mightily tested with our courage and our will, and that it’s not just going to be about manifesting desires, it’s going to be about literally being carriers of the light in a time that may grow dark. I don’t know if that answers your question, but that’s what they told me.

RC– The ultimate [indistinguishable].

Julie– That’s right.

KL– The work that I’m doing with conscious leaders and enlightened teams … is that part of the 50% that you’re seeing … [Julie suddenly laughs] integrated …

Julie– I’m sorry to be laughing because sometimes they do things that surprise me, and just now everybody at the table put their thumbs up like this (!) [laughs out and shows …]

KL– Oh, excellent! Ok, cool! I love that.

RC– … like, “Duh …” [Ted laughs, too]

KL– Ok, good … thank them …

Julie– And Ariel and Michael, our guides … Semjase hasn’t spoken yet, Ted, but she’s here observing and holding ground for us … so, this is one of those times when I sort-of get a surge of energy from all of them, and they’re saying, “Your passion, your direction as conscious leaders for enlightened games …” <RC: Right …> and the image they just showed me, was like a boat, like a small ark in a storm, and the crew is a conscious team, navigating through difficult waters.

RC– I have a question. <Julie: Yes …> What is my highest role? In what way am I best equipped to complement what we have just spoken about?

Julie– One of your main roles … this is Hilarion speaking … is grounding KL, giving her support, and that one of your greatest gifts is seeing people as they are … and accepting them. So, they’re showing me again as part of this analogy … just a second … well, it’s interesting, I’m being shown by Hilarion and Athena that you’re absolutely equal partners in this, but … and I don’t know if this makes sense to the two of you, but what they’re saying to me in these ventures, “KL is more the head and you’re more the heart” in a non-traditional way that is often shown. <RC: [very softly] Interesting …> In a way KL is more the “vision of what’s possible,” and you’re “more the energy to bring it into manifestation.” Does that make sense to you?

KL– Um-hmm.

RC– [softly] Yes.

Julie– This is not anything I would know, this content from Hilarion and Athena … and although you’ve both been told this before, one of the most important elements of all this, is “belief in yourselves.” Does that answer?

KL– So, my next question goes to the four of us, which is “Are KL and RC to do any specific projects with Ted and Julie?” … or anything? [chuckles]

Julie– So, it’s the Merlin figure who’s going to answer … he was someone we knew in this [ancient] lifetime … I can never remember his name; I’ll try to get it again … he looks very much like this, with a pointed hat and robes and long beard and twinkling eyes and white hair … blue, blue, blue eyes, just sparkling eyes … so, the name I’m getting from him today … I’m not sure this is the same name, but maybe it has to do with the place … is “Ardmore.” That doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard before, but that’s what I’m getting today. He’s very mercurial, and so he’s … he gave me a very vague answer, and he’s saying, as they sometimes do … they don’t like to spoil the fun of our own choices, but whatever the four of us would do together would be “worthwhile fun and be helpful and insightful.” Things around teams are a possibility for things to be done with RC’s cards and Julie’s game … and you know, I keep seeing … because something I’ve seen a couple times here today … that there might be something that could be possibly be done with groups and sharing and facilitating discussions with people who are experiencing fear and discomfort … and just ways to process that.

By the way … I’m being reminded of this … and Hilarion is saying, I should go ahead and say it now … we know someone … Ted just met the person … I had met him before … a UU minister here in town who has the interesting name Monroe Sickafuss … He’s a community … [RC suddenly laughs] I know …

KL– We know him.

Julie– You do know him? <KL: Absolutely, …>

RC– This year we’ve become close friends.

Ted– Is that right?

Julie– I keep being told to bring up his work on councils … do you know it? <KL & RC: Yes.> So, it’s related to that. He’s coming back to Pagosa to teach us that way of working, and that there may be something that all of us could do in this manner.

RC– Well, that answers the question we didn’t ask.

KL– [chuckles] Hmm …

Julie– So, that’s how this works, somehow … I almost brought him up last night. Ok.

KL– Ok, so another question was, “Are there any health solutions to suggest to KL?”

Julie– Ah, so Ahdrid, who is also a healer and wise woman … I think she was here today in many ways for you , KL … so, what she’s asking, which seems like a bit of a contradiction in modern times, is, “Have you ever worked with a homeopath or naturopath?”

KL– Not really …

Julie– Ok. She’s saying you should investigate that … many substances that you have allergies to, can be treated homeopathically … she’s telling me that hydration is one of the most important issues for you, as well as rest … as well as … the way she’s describing it to me … “less doing, more being” … more self-love, more inner radiance, more rest … but examine ancient ways of healing and knowing … I don’t know the names, but there’s bound to be … she doesn’t know the names … there’s bound to be a combination homeopathic/ naturopathic physician working with remedies [in your area] … your adrenals are taxed … there’s an imbalance between your thyroid, which is overactive, and your adrenals, which have been overly taxed, and need to be restored in some way.

What I’m being shown is this combination of trusting … and I should say from my own sense when I get advice like this that I’m not always able to put into practice, but it’s as if you and RC have a magnetic quality about who you are as people and teachers, and just in terms of the dynamic of yourself and your own health … to trust that. <RC: [softly] Thanks …> Stay away from pharmaceuticals and check our natural healers like homeopaths and naturopaths that may be able to give you things in the short term, to bring your body back into equilibrium. It’s not off much, but in some ways some of your organs are overly taxed right now. Is that helpful?

KL– Um-hmm … yes, it is. Thank you very much. Is there … may I ask another question? <Julie: Yes.> Are there any requests for KL to do any work with Osiris, Isis or any other guides or any of the masters, as she used to do, but hasn’t done for a long time?

Julie– Hilarion is asking you to examine why you stopped. They are all ready and willing to help you … have never left you … have always been present to inspire you, so he’s asking you to answer the question, why you stopped, and if you have a desire to work in this way again? It’s entirely in your hands.

KL– Hmmp … ok … fear … I think fear is the biggest … and the responsibility of what it means, which is what I think the fear is … so that it stops me in my tracks and also … yeah, almost freezes me, in a way.

Julie– So, Athena, as I said, shows the quality of compassion in a way I’ve never experienced, is saying “It’s fear for all of us …” <KL: Umm …> “whatever seems to stop us or prevent us, it’s always fear … sometimes some element is justified, sometimes it’s not justified … at all.” And what she’s saying to me to tell you, is “to spend time looking in a mirror and loving yourself as you love others.” [At that moment bells are heard ringing, evidently from a clock in the room, sounding the hour.]

Ted: [begins laughing] That is great (!).

Julie– Wow …! [upbeat] I hope that gets on the audio recording. They’re all smiling!

Ted– Well, we’ve hit the mark, then.

RC– We’re smiling, too. <KL: Yeah.>

Julie– Does that resonate?

KL– Yeah, thank you. It does.

Julie– And Athena wants to say, as she often says to all of us, “You really have no idea how much you are loved … and letting that knowledge move through every aspect of your being, makes it all possible.” [pause]

Ted– You may continue, if you like, either of you …

RC– I’m drawn to … there’s a mystique, and I’m drawn … to Ahdrid (?) … <Julie: Um-hmm.> and I’m wondering if Ahdrid has anything to say to me in particular (?). If not, that’s fine …

Julie– [takes a deep breath] She says that in a sense she’s speaking for all of them … how pleased they are with the progress you’ve made, finishing your cards and the progress on the book; they know what this represents in terms of your own self development and … evidently, the two of you in this particular time frame as these figures Drusilla and Lucius were leaders, were counselors of quite a large group during this period of time … Ted and I were alive at the same time, and we were part of the same group in this period of history … I don’t know if that period is a draw for either of you or not, but …

RC– We’ve watched the King Arthur series twice, so …

Julie– Ok, so there is something very profound about that … and the time … there was a lot of light that, of course, was obliterated by, or tried to be obliterated by the church, and the figure of Ahdrid managed to survive and thrive and be a teacher. She was a primary teacher of yours at this time, RC, in this form, and that you, both of you, have sort-of worked in this way and have held this energy over time. She, of course, would be available to you as a guide, as well, in whatever form you would choose it, and whether KL would again, act in this way, or just know in acting as a channel, or know that this is available. Hilarion just said that you might experience less fear if you remained fully conscious, as I do, in this way, tuning into your guidance, into these guides and people who might help you …but they’re available.

One of the things Hilarion told Ted’s group a long time ago, is that we have access not only to our past selves but to our future selves … who Ariel and Michael are for us in this way, or are said to represent us in the distant future of what we will have become, and they show up always as guides, so we have access to this in a very real way … but you can call upon her, probably as you write … just bring her in.

RC– [softly] Thank you. [pause]

Ted– Are you finished?

Julie– Where are we timewise, Ted?

Ted– We are probably approaching the three-quarter hour point. <Julie: Ok.> That sounds like a very nice completion for our first part with our special guests today, KL and RC, so perhaps we could continue just a little further … how are you feeling?

Julie– I can tell I’m starting to get a little tired, but do go ahead … I’ve got some more gas.

Ted– [laughs] Ok, rather than take off in a direction apart from anything we’ve been doing so far, maybe you could have a glance around the table there and see if anyone who hasn’t spoken to us yet, or who might be looking towards you with a comment of some kind they may have gained; we would ask them to please speak now.

Julie– It’s Semjase who’s going to speak, and she’s going to share a bit more; she’s telling me that … and by the way, KL and RC, she usually shows up through some virtual technology sort-of thing that’s in a way different[2] because she travels so far in her work … she has limits on what she is able to say just because of things that are known to them, the Pleiadians that is, who are very active in a lot of what’s happening and are involved in what’s happening in our Solar System at this point. She’s saying they are of course likewise concerned with the direction that things have taken at this time, but she just wants us to know that what Hilarion has called in the past, “The war in heaven,” using a sort of Biblical term, “is escalating, but that …” and she’s smiling … “in a sort of ‘Star Wars/ Star Trek’ way—but especially in a Star Wars way—more are joining what has been called The Alliance.” and they are disappointed that “Much of humanity unfortunately is going to require” … she’s calling it, “a shock.” And that, “Behind the scenes more who are aware of what’s happening, are mobilizing.”

She’s saying that this is not in a sense necessarily traditional warfare, though some of it is … but that their role, the Pleiadians that is … they’re ETs, the ones Ted and I are aware of … it’s as if they’ve escalated their efforts through psychic means or intuitive means, to awaken people, “to awaken them from a sense of expecting help to come from the outside and awakening their own consciousness of what they can do, or hold or be in any given moment.” And again, she’s just saying things took a turn not even they expected. Of course, all things are always possible, but in their indications of how things were happening, it’s as if what we would call the “forces of darkness made a monumental effort at a level that was not expected. It may hasten the end of the battle, but it will make it more difficult at this stage.”

KL– It will hasten the end …of what?

Julie– She used the word “battle.” It will hasten the end of the tyranny of darkness on the planet Earth, but it will make it harder to go through in the short term.

RC– I see, thank you.

Julie– And so, just looking around, Michael and Ariel did speak[3] … we can explain about the White Lions, who they are and how they show up … two of Ted’s guides were here[4] … so the table was mainly a balance of energies and guides for all of us … I think that’s all in general … unless you have a final …

Ted– Ok, I was just thinking I would call on Semjase for a moment, if she could characterize any further, what is happening in more of a narrative form regarding participants and situations at the present time?

Julie-She’s not able to do that.

Ted– “Not able …” Ok.

Julie– In a sense she went out on a line with what she told us. <Ted: Good.> But all I can say is that the sense I’m having is that there’s a great deal of involvement; it’s global; there are multiple ET races involved …

Ted– Is there anything we can be aware of … is anything of it visible from Earth?

Julie– [chuckles] She says she agrees with Athena—“Disengage from media of any kind and trust your own guidance, but watch what’s happening.” She’s saying, “Nothing is as it seems.”

Ted– Well, ok. Why don’t we think of anything else we might want to say before we close, which we will be doing shortly … do you have any questions, Julie, you would like to ask of anyone yourself?

Julie– Me? <Ted: Yeah.> No, I think I got the answers to several things I was wondering about.

Ted– Ok, do you have anything else, KL and RC, that you would like to finish with?

KL– Well, you had a question about this area …

Ted– Yes, I was going to get there, thanks … ok, if you don’t have anything more specific yourself …? <RC: No.> I will just suggest that anyone present today at the table comment on the area we’re in today, near Santa Fe, New Mexico … anything we might benefit from knowing for any of us?

Julie– Hilarion says it’s a lovely question, and as we know … he’s saying, this is, of course, the oldest continuously inhabited city in America, and as I know, having a lifelong connection with the figure of St. Francis and all that represents, and they are happy that it is a point of light and a safe haven and a sanctuary, and it is a point in the area, somewhat outside but within the orb of what is called the “Four Corners,” which is a critical area of the country … on multiple levels ,,, and that it is energetically being supported in many ways … and that this area and the area where we are, Ted and Julie that is, in terms of living and holding space … what’s happening in the country is a shift and reorientation of people based on consciousness, and those of like mind are being attracted to either places of lower levels of consciousness or higher levels of consciousness, and it’s as if a sorting process is occurring in some ways, and that this is most definitely one of those areas that is being supported in a different way, as is Pagosa Springs and areas like Sedona, AZ … all within the range of this nexus of energies of higher light. Ok?

Ted– Yes, marvelous (!) … and who was speaking? <Julie: Hilarion.> Hilarion, of course. Ok, then we are close to ending … and I would thank all of our participants very, very sincerely for being with us today and being so helpful as they always are, and we would thank our new guests today who have responded to KL and RC’s circumstances, and we would thank our familiar guests as well as Hilarion and Athena in particular for likely arranging much of what has transpired today. Would you like to have a final word, Julie?

Julie– As always, I express my gratitude … I am always humbled and deeply grateful for the experience and hope that the information as always, will be clear and helpful. I always thank them all.

Ted– Ok, very good … we have completed our Session 86 today then, and the date is December 3, 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and so now, on the count of 5, you will begin to realize that you have completed your effort for us and with us today …[5]

*           *           *           *

  1. According to Wikipedia, the teacher of “the Maharishi” was Swami Brahmananda Saraswati.
  2. Julie has said Semjase’s presence is usually more like seeing her on an imaging screen rather than in person, like the other participants, but noting her as she has today, implies that she seems to be actually present in the same way as all the others.
  3. Though she appears not to have mentioned it directly in her verbal report.
  4. Samael and Jhinda.
  5. A little later, just after dark, when Julie and I were leaving to head back to Pagosa Springs, we walked out onto the sidewalk down to our parking place when a particularly bright flash of light occurred in the sky just to the south of our location. I spontaneously remarked to Karin who was walking just behind me, that this flash was likely a sign to us from Semjase that she had actually been in the vicinity with her explorer spacecraft. I was not sure since I had never seen anything quite like this before, but I knew this kind of purging of energy from her spaceship was something she often did for Billy Meier’s friends back in his early contact days with her … and this was the first time we had had guests at one of our sessions with her, but I never remembered to ask Semjase about it later.