Telepresence Conference 88

Telepresence Conference 88

January 13, 2017


Julie and Ted go to a new rectangular room in a familiar country house with a view to a lake with mostly familiar family and friends but with one mysterious unidentified female figure who will not be revealed till later. Ted begins by noting that it is Julie’s birthday, and Hilarion offers felicitations while Athena assures her “the outcome for the game is excellent.”


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was recorded by Ted with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– So, Slowly, slowly, slowly I went down the escalators and stairs today, and it took longer than usual … I don’t know if that means I’ve gotten deeper, but at this moment we’re still … you’re all there, and we’re still going down the marble staircase into the lower level, so let’s take a moment and let that finish.

Today it looks like we’re going to stay in this what always feels like a large country manor home someplace … it feels like the place where we have been in France sometimes, but it’s a large structure on its own … so, we’re not going back in time or to another star system … today we’re just staying here, but we’re going into a different place. We’re going straight ahead like we normally do, going through an archway into what sometimes feels like going back in time. Today it’s like a hallway, and we’re going straight ahead to a large open lighted room that looks out onto a lake. I’ve never been in this room before … but it’s the same view that I’ve seen from other rooms in this building.

The room is very rectangular, maybe sort-of … suggested by the … as you were telling me … proportions of a Pythagorean [3-4-5] triangle … <Hmm …> I’m just saying … but the room is rectangular, like maybe two of those put together …[sighs] if they were solid. I would say the room is something like 20 by 12, 20 feet long, and one of those long windows … we came in on one of the long sides, on a door that would be sort-of to the left, almost at the corner with one long and one short side. The wall on the long side looks outside towards the window, and it’s always a very lovely view … it’s a lake … the season … it seems like winter, but there’s not scow on the ground, but the trees are bare … the lake is not frozen … maybe something like a November scene. The table is rectangular, in the proportions of the room, and I would say the room, as noted, 20’ on the long side; maybe 15’ on the short side, and the table looks like it’s 10’ on the long side, and maybe 6’ on the shorter side, so in proportion: the table is about half as big as the dimensions of the room. The chairs are wooden … and they actually look like ladder-back chairs, like the ones that we have—that’s what the backs look like.

Ted– Uh-huh. Is the table wooden, too?

Julie– Yes, the table appears to be wooden … <A light or a dark color?> Well, I’m trying to identity what I would call it … it’s very pretty … it’s not a real dark wood … I would say it’s like, a medium wood … I don’t know what to call it exactly … <Well, that’s good enough.> but sort-of medium brown … I’m guessing it’s mahogany, but I don’t know that for sure.

Ok, we’re walking … we came in … as I said, it’s rectangular, and we came in at the end of it … that, if we’re using the clock image, would be noon, and Hilarion and Athena are already seated there … so, we’re walking down the one long side to the other short side. They’re seated in their typical fashion; she is seated on his left side, and we’re with you on my left side, so that you’re across from him, and I’m across from her, which is typical. Michael and Ariel are seated together at the 3 o’clock position. There’s someone whose name I’m given to understand is “Winten” … kind-of like Wynton Marsalis … W-i-n-t-e-n … there might be two ‘t’s. Winten, who is seated at the 9 o’clock position … I think he must be a scientist. Your guide Samael and Jhinda are at around 11 o’clock … actually, they look like they’re at 10 and 11. Samael is next to Winten, and Jhinda is next to Hilarion. So, they’re at 10 and 11 … the Lions are at 1 and 2. Rhi and Phindar today are at 4 and 5 … Ariel is seated in the same way: Michael is on her left, so … Rhi is next to Michael; Phindar is at 5 … and then at 6 and 7 … no, excuse me … 7 and 8 … I’m having trouble resolving these figures … there are figures there … I’m not sure, so just a second … [pause] well, this is interesting; this has never happened before … I’m going to get information from this spot … but, let me just ask Hilarion and Ariel … [pause] so, I’m being told this is a female figure who wishes to remain anonymous … <Hmm …> I never had that happen before, and like, I can’t get it to resolve. <Um-hmm, and she’s at 7.> Um-hmm, she’s sitting like, by herself at where 7 and 8 would be, so there’s really no one at eight right now. So, that’s never happened before, so I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens. Let’s call her ‘Madame X’. But I’m sensing she has something to do with Antarctica …

Ted– And she’s next to me, huh (?).

Julie– Yes, she’s next to you … that’s right.

Ted– Did you say Ariel is here, too?

Julie– Ariel and Michael are typically where they sit … at 3. Ok, I guess I’m ready for questions.

Ted– Well, ok … I am also grateful to be here today, and I wish I could be more aware of who is at our table, but I would greet everyone who has had time to be with us again and sincerely thank them. I would like to begin, then, with noting that it’s Julie’s birthday, and if anyone would have any … notions about Julie on her birthday, we would be pleased to hear that first.

Julie– Well, I’ve sort-of gotten communication from several of them. Ariel was saying that I should be “comforted” is the word she’s using by my own progress. Hilarion and Athena … Hilarion said, “Happy turning of the wheel … and felicitations.” That’s a good word [chuckles] … he might say. So, what Athena is telling me is … she said they know I’ve had some difficult challenges and struggles and so on, but what she wants to say is that the outcome for the game is excellent. <Marvelous …> That was a good thing to hear. Ok, I guess that’s it.

Ted– Ok, to begin we would wish to have anyone at the table today who might care to comment on the notion of the “soul-infused personality” which Julie has been thinking about recently and wishes to be more fully informed about.

Julie– [pause, then surprised] Oh, that’s who’s at the table (!). <Who?> It’s the essence of my soul from the other dimension. <[amazed] Wow … [then laughs] that’s wonderful.> So, it is just manifesting like this … sphere, like a thing of mist, or something that is not formed that I can see, or an identity that can be … [sneezes] revealed. Hilarion is smiling.

Ted– How did you find out that’s who it is?

Julie– It was just revealed to me … probably Hilarion communicated to me. So, he says he’s quite pleased that I would have formulated such a question … he said he thinks in some ways we understand the idea that there is … he’s calling it a “matrix” of conscious energy, a matrix of spiritual energy that exists in a multidimensional form … he likes the word “matrix.” The form exists as an energetic matrix that is outside of time and space and yet also communicates through time and space and other dimensions as well.

He’s saying that my intuition is mostly correct … what was not clear, he’s saying, in the Tibetan’s information[1] is that the soul is also evolving and developing—it’s not as if the soul has achieved or is created or manifested at a level of perfection, but that the soul itself is also on an evolving trajectory that at some point, when the incarnating portion of the eternal entity reaches the point of conscious contact and communication with what is called “the soul,” then a blending takes place where there is no more forgetfulness. He’s saying that my intuition was correct, but that both aspects of these essences have to reach a point where the connection is made and never broken again. He’s says it’s very close to the point where reincarnation is no longer necessary. But that yes, one can communicate with their soul essence, and the more that this done, the closer to a consciousness that exists in eternity, the closer that approach becomes. And yes, he says to my unspoken question, “Pleas for help can be sent … ”

Ted– What kind of help?

Julie– “Pleas …” requests, prayers … for help from the soul essence can be sent by the personality. And he’s asking, “Does this answer?” and … yes, it does … for me. [sighs]

Ted– Do you have any additional follow-up questions?

Julie– No (!), that answered my question.

Ted– That was really good.

Julie– But the essence of this being who is here, at least at this point, feels female. That was really something (!). Ok, I guess that’s it for me for that one.

Ted– Ok, very good. We thank Hilarion for that … very concise, clear and convincing answer. So, my next question is also somewhat utilitarian [chuckles] about the condition of my house and property back in California which has recently gotten quite a storm thrashing, from the news that we’ve heard, and so if it’s possible for anyone to examine its current condition to note if there’s anything I should become aware of, like any damage …?

Julie– Hilarion was scanning … he said he cannot detect any major damage to the structure … erosion on your driveway is considerable … he’s seeing … he’s using the word “residue,” in your spring area, things that have washed into it … and leakage in the large room that you knew about. He’s not sensing any major structural damage, mostly he’s saying what you would call “clean up.”

Ted– Very good, and I thank him for that, which allows me to feel a little more at ease … and if he has any new information on the new buyer prospect and her condition, if there’s anything to be updated there?

Julie– It is still pending … as far as they can tell, it is still pending. She has also been distracted by weather related activities for her own property and working on her property as well as being quite busy … but knowing that you’re gone, her focus has not been on moving this project forward.

Ted– Ok, very good as well … we’ll move on to another question, then. We were hoping that someone there would be able to discuss an issue with us that is being called “Disclosure” for the most part these days among many of those we follow like Greer, Wilcock, and Dolan, with notions about “full disclosure” as contrasted to “partial disclosure,” and what the consequences might be if one or the other, predominantly, were to happen?

Julie– Michael is communicating, saying, as we are learning, this situation is long-standing and complex beyond imagining … saying, as we have begun to understand recently, most or much of what is seen in the skies … does not come from elsewhere … and belongs either to Earth agencies or to those who have been here for a very long time, and who, as we are now learning, have been living in concealed ways.

Hilarion is just saying, “Not to say that what has been described as the ‘War in Heaven’ has not been real.” Hilarion is saying, the more that we’re learning on our own reconnaissance, the more able they are to respond or discuss things that they are not at liberty to reveal with a lead, for a variety of reasons—not the least of which is our safety. <Right.>

Michael is just saying … it’s almost like what I’m being shown are flowcharts on a whiteboard, or something with boxes connected in different ways or lines that have arrows on either direction, showing discord, with lines that might be connected, showing collaboration or cooperation, and there are a variety of groups or positions represented. So, Michael is saying that, as has been made clear before, whatever we would choose to call those who would intervene in a higher way … in the past we might have called them “ETs,” but as we are learning, they have been here a very long time, even if they originally came from elsewhere … and that the understanding that their technologies allow them to track weapons systems … and a nuclear conflict or annihilation will not be permitted … anything that would damage the planet or these other civilizations. It is being monitored at all times. It is correct to say that several of these independent groups, of which there are at least five, dwelling at places on the Earth, at least five groups, that some might call “ETs” in addition to the groups represented in the loosely-structured organization, which has been referred to as the “Secret Space Program” … an aspect could be called “military,” an aspect could be called “industrial,” and it is certainly complex.[2]

Hilarion is also saying that there are those from the Spiritual Hierarchy working with some of the people who are speaking today and presenting information and trying to get information out. They are being guided and helped and supported—and in many cases protected as well. Hilarion is saying, at the risk of repeating himself, “More is going on behind the scenes than we can possibly imagine, and more will be disclosed … and sometimes in unexpected ways … for everyone concerned.” Does that answer? < Yes, I think so.> I’m getting the sense that even if they could tell us everything, it would be impossible to tell anything like a worthy story—it is so long and so complex.

Ted– Yes, I can understand that, too. Ok, if that seems like the conclusion of that particular …

Julie– [interrupts] I would just say that my sense from them is one of … “optimism” is not the right word exactly, but “forward motion” is how I would characterize my sense from them.

Ted– Ok, very good. I will continue on, then, with our next theme, that of Antarctica, which we have discussed a little recently, and we have the impression that there is quite a lot of extraordinary activity there at present … what is being learned by a number of prominent people, and ourselves, and so, we have heard and seen on Google Earth, that there are large pyramids there and are curious enough to find out more about them, and we have heard that certain politicians and even the Orthodox Patriarch have traveled there to see whatever was to be seen, which we would have our guests comment on … and if you would like to begin there, I can continue on with a second part afterwards.

Julie– Rhi is going to begin the answer to this question. So, again, there were multiple questions in one … and “yes” to the answer of structures that do look like pyramids and are so pyramidal as to defy description that they could just be artificial [natural?] … she’s saying that the pyramids in Antarctica were not constructed out of pieces; they were formed out of solid rock, so that their structure would appear to be more natural, but it was formed. <… like sculpted?> Like sculpted … and yes, they’re there, and they’re very large, and she’s saying they’ve been photographed—you could probably find images if you looked. <Really?> Yes, she’s saying, there are images on the Internet. She’s saying also that new discoveries of anomalous circumstances in Antarctica have been known or reported for quite some time … scientific reports as early as 2004 that were published … and the larger answer in terms of leaders going to visit is part of the disclosure question that you answered before, and negotiations that are occurring in terms of how information will be revealed and certain consequences for some of those who have been operating, as it were, from this location. Does that answer the question?

Ted– Yes, that’s good. I have a little more of a follow-up on that … we’ve heard that the ice there is melting pretty fast and so forth, that these large “ice shelfs” that extend out into the ocean are breaking up, and so, does that mean the warming trend will continue in Antarctica and perhaps eventually shore lines will appear after the great chunks break off and drift away so that new colonies or the like are going to appear there, and is this related to the new multinational treaty settlements recently disclosed? Will Antarctica become open to new settlers from around the world?

Julie– “Repopulated,” Hilarion is saying, “would be the more appropriate term—not on the surface but underneath. The discussion of treaties and dividing up has more to do with what lies under the ice than what’s on top, or will re-emerge.”

Ted– But most of the ice is still going to be there, essentially for as long as we can imagine into the future?

Julie– Hilarion is saying it’s not going to melt completely so that the full continent will not be visible again for some time. What’s happening has much more to do with what’s beneath the ice. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, thank you. The next question is about what began nearly thirty years ago with the publication of a novel by Brad Steiger, having to do with “Starseeds” and so forth, of which we—Julie and I, that is—also feel ourselves to be a part, as Pleiadian contactees, indeed with family members who are present today … and so we have wondered about some of the other people who came out of this area of starseed publicity, who claimed this connection with Pleiadians in the earlier period, particularly a couple that we know about, Barbara Marciniak and now Barbara Hand Clow has established some notoriety with this claimed connection. So, we were wondering if anyone there could comment on these two or other such individuals … whether they are authentic hybrids and whether we can cite their roles as being involved with actual Pleiadians, as we are?

Julie– Rhi is saying, “Both authentic contacts … both heavily compromised.” <Umm …yeah.> Rhi is saying, “To use an Earth term, once the awareness of someone comes above the radar, as it were, forces work to discredit or destroy whatever service might have been rendered.” And she’s just saying, both of those individuals have been compromised. I don’t really understand you question about “citing …” (?).

Ted– Well, for us to possibly” cite” them as Pleiadian contactees who were forerunners of ourselves, with our possibly similar kinds of experiences with Pleiadians … “Citing” as in making a citation

Julie– Yeah. I guess she’s just saying, “If you wish; however, they are examples of things that did not work … or did not work out in the long term.” <Ok …> Just a second, she’s scanning to see … so Rhi is saying, as we have been told before, “What is called the Ra Material is an authentic Pleiadian dispensation; David Wilcock is a contactee; Corey Goode is a contactee. These efforts have strong attempts to sabotage and compromise but are largely still working.

Ted– Ok. There were probably two more minor items we were going to ask for clarification on. One was a series of photographs that were made of what looked like Pleiadian beamships in Florida, made by someone also probably thirty years ago … which looked rather authentic to me, but I never really understood what it was about although one of Billy Meier’s enthusiasts (Gary Kinder?) was convinced the photos were genuine. Julie, you have also recalled that there were Brazilian beamships that even Wendelle Stevens thought were genuine sightings and lectured about that also … could they also comment on these two instances?

Julie– Phindar says, “Both authentic”. Those off Florida were spotted … they were able to go in and out of a location under water there, but those were authentic. And there were multiple sites in South America.

Ted– So, we’ve heard that there were numerous Pleiadian groups from various planets and star systems in the Pleiadians, perhaps having differing agendas with various projects on Earth … is that generally the case or is it much narrower in scope than is claimed by some commentators?

Julie– It’s governed by their high council and therefore at this point in time, you might say, this is Rhi speaking, “Narrow in scope or narrow in goal but because of the technology, some are observers, and some are on missions, as it were. But at this point in time it is more unified.”

Ted– There are other Pleiadians from other star systems besides Taygeta, I presume (?).

Julie– Yes.

Ted– Ok, very good. I think we’re ready to move on (?). <Um-hmm.> This is probably a brief question with a brief answer, having to do with something already said by Michael about nuclear weapons, I believe … so, I’m just wondering if it’s correct for us to say to people that “nuclear weapons have been decommissioned” or are they still generally activated, and what about the next generation of nuclear weapons that both Putin and Trump have described as now being ready for development?

Julie– The simple answer is, “They will not be allowed to be deployed.”

Ted– Ok … good. <That was Phindar.> So, I’ll go to the next and probably final one of my written questions. This is about the new book called Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock, which deals with the question of what happened during Earth’s period referred to as the “Younger Dryass” ten to twelve thousand years ago. Hancock believes the planet’s huge glaciated ice field in North America was hit by a comet, leading to rapid massive melt water and rising sea levels. Others believe it was more likely an asteroid hit. There is also a narrative of on asteroid being flung at Atlantis, which took it down and caused the Great Flood, etc. Is there anything that can be told to us to clarify what really happened during this catastrophic era?

Julie– Ah, Hilarion is going to answer, and he says he wishes to answer my unspoken question first: so, the differences between the two bodies … the two bodies are both in orbit around the Sun; the difference is that an asteroid is primarily made of metallic formations, as well as rock, while comets are dust and debris and ice, and as they get close, lose matter to the Sun—asteroids do not lose matter because they are largely made of metallic alloys. He’s saying, yes, it is correct to say that these catastrophes were indeed caused by … not the full scale body of the asteroid or comet … and he said that “fragments” is also not correct because some of them were quite large … but multiple impacts in multiple places over different periods of time … he’s asking for my sake because I can’t remember to be reminded of the time of the one that was supposedly flung or directed by whom and when.

Ted– Evidently, the Atlanteans had planned a secret attack on the other primary civilization on the Earth at that time (Mu?), and had succeeded in making that attack with advanced technical weaponry, but before that was done, the other civilization had gotten the story that it was going to be attack3ed, and so, they were able to find an asteroid of the right size and in the right location that could be flung at the continent of Atlantis, which they were able to do, also having advanced technology and space travel, and so, even though they themselves were destroyed, the asteroid they had set into motion just a short time later also succeeded in destroying Atlantis. I think that’s Semjase’s story.

Julie– I don’t know that this has ever happened before either … he said he really prefers not to comment.

Ted– Oh … ok.

Julie– But what my sense is … it was a directed attack, but not by either of those civilizations … but by a third entity … <Wow …> Hilarion just nodded. It’s odd; he’s never done that before. He preferred not to comment himself.

Ted– Ok … just one short follow-up on that …

Julie– The essence of my understanding is … this is from Rhi … neither of those civilizations had the technology to accomplish that … <Oh, really …?> but that there was something else happening from another culture who influenced them technologically, but that neither of those cultures had the ability … but it was a punishment.

Ted– I see. Well, the final question that Hancock reflects on quite a lot in the book is whether there are remaining parts if that circulating debris field that will again strike the Earth in some future time … that might be relatively near. Can we expect asteroids of some major size to be striking Earth in some near-term period?

Julie– The answer is the same. There are those who came from elsewhere a long time ago … at this point in time … have the technology in the same way to neutralize nuclear weapons, they have the ability to deflect large objects and prevent … unless they deem it possible or necessary for whatever reason … but those seated here do not expect that …

Ted– Ok, good; that’s a happier conclusion for our written questions for today … and so, we are at nearly an hour on the clock … how are you feeling?

Julie– Ok.

Ted– Then, we could probably take a few more moments … has anything arisen in your mind as you’ve been witnessing responses at the table there today … is there anything you would like to ask now?

Julie– I’m just looking around to see if anyone else wishes to say anything more today.

Ted– Perhaps Athena might have something to add?

Julie– Hmmp … she just tells me to not lose hope. <Right.> No, I don’t think so; maybe that’s just ok for a shorter session on my birthday.

Ted– [chuckles] Ok …

Julie– It seems like that was a lot (!).

Ted– [laughs] It’s always a lot (!) … and often very striking. Well, we have this person you’ve described as a scientist … Winten …

Julie– He never spoke.

Ted– Does he have any comment for us now? Or anyone? Of course, we’re grateful to have him witnessing our meeting.

Julie– Well, he said he’s actually here more as an observer and to hear what some of the others say … he’s very interested in the subject of Antarctica as well.

Ted– Can we ask where he might be from?

Julie– [suddenly laughs] He’s a Pleiadian.

Ted– Ok.

Julie– I think in a sense this is coming jointly from Hilarion and Athena as sort of a … as they’ve said before, many things are in motion and in flux, and the outcome is uncertain, even to them, but as they’ve also said before, circumstances are escalating, and we can expect revelations and surprises.

Ted– This year, I would presume?

Julie– On going …

Ted– Ok. We know that is inevitable. [chuckles] If that seems …?

Julie– I think so. It feels like it, so I will just say at this point myself, to thank them again for those who come and what they say and the incredible blessing of their presence in our lives and what we’re able to learn. I think the implication is that we may be better off to remain “under the radar …”

Ted– Yeah, that’s a very good statement, I must say. We are going to be doing a public presentation fairly soon, and we’ll come back before then and ask what might be happening just before that time. We are aware there are things we would not want to say and so forth, so again I would also thank everybody as well, who has appeared with us today—and especially you … and if you would now like to realize that we have completed our session 88, we would especially wish to thank Hilarion and Athena … and all the Pleiadians and others who have participated … and now on the count of 5, you will begin to realize that our conference has concluded …

*           *           *          *


  1. Presumably, DK aka “The Tibetan,” of the Alice A. Bailey teaching.
  2. A subtle echo of Eisenhower’s famous “Military, Industrial Complex.”