Telepresence Conference 89

Telepresence Conference 89

February 28, 2017


This is a trip to what looks like a Medieval stone castle in a round council meeting chamber for J&T and the animal complement. There is a large wooden table with arm chairs for the group, which consists mostly of regulars and one new consultant, Jondhar, a Pleiadian whose specialty will be a bit of a surprise. Ted begins by addressing Semjase and Ptaah with a question about our own Moon that, after this answer, will never afterwards be perceived in quite the same way.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was recorded by Ted by phone with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO while he was at his house in Avery, CA. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– Ok, I came down the regular procedure of escalators. I’m wearing some sort of dove-gray pants and tunic; you’re in a similar outfit. We both have on boots that seem to be made out of some sort-of cloth. It looks a little bit like a Robin Hood outfit in gray. All the animals are here. We walked slowly down the marble staircase while you were speaking, and we’ve been waiting, all of us, at the bottom of the stairs; and in front of us about 20 feet or so away … sometimes we’ve entered through a portal in a similar way … is like a gray stone wall that would go around a village, and the door that we’re going to go through is wooden. Again, it looks medieval; the door is wooden and large, and it’s sort-of arched to a point at the top, and it has large hinges, and the door is open and … on the side that’s open, standing in front of the door itself—the opening—is a figure, a tall figure dressed in a long cowled or hooded robe. He’s holding a staff; his face is difficult to see, and the hood is pulled up over his head. He looks again somewhat like a Medieval monk. His robe is gray as well, and he is acting as a threshold guardian, sort-of standing guard as we are all about to enter this large doorway, which is at least, I would say, ten feet at the peak and probably at least five feet wide.

So, we’re now entering through this portal, and as we go through the portal, although it seemed dark at the bottom of the stairway—it’s a marble stairway—as we go through, it is sunny daytime, and we’re walking through what might be described as a village green inside this wall. There’s a cobble stone road or path that we’re all walking across … and I’m going to say … it appears as if we’re going to walk, maybe another 20 feet, and we’re entering into another stone building, which has double doors which also come to a peak. These doors open in the middle, right to left or left to right, and with similar design—lots of metal hinges, decorative things, and with round handles hanging on round fixtures.

The doors are opening, and we’re entering into a building … looks similar to a church, but it isn’t one … but it is some sort of multipurpose building … so, we’re entering there … the room is round—I thought at first it was a rectangle—the room is round; the walls are stone; the floor is stone that has been smoothed in large … what would be like flag stone; however, I think they’re made out of the same stone as the walls. At the opposite end from the door there’s a fireplace, and the fire is blazing. There are windows at several places close to the ceiling. The walls are high, maybe 15 feet tall. I’m understanding that this is where the village council meets … and we’re back in time, even though we didn’t go back in time in the usual way, but the setting at least is back in time … 1500’s, I believe, and there’s a large wooden table toward the part of the room, a little bit more .. as I said it’s round, but it’s closer to the part of the room where the fire place is for warmth. The table is wooden, and there are chairs all around it … it’s quite large I would say, at least 8 feet in diameter, maybe larger. The chairs that go with it look like something right out of King Arthur; they are also wooden with tall backs; they do have pillows on the seats for comfort, and they do have arms, and the backs are tall, taller than a person and also kind-of coming to a pointed arch just like the doorways.

So, at the position … the door we came in is opposite the large fireplace, and in that position, if you can think of the fireplace that would be behind where Hilarion and Athena are seated … they each have their own chair, but they’re not exactly sitting at noon … it’s as if it’s more like he’s slightly to the 11 o’clock side, and she’s slightly to the 1 o’clock side—if that makes sense (?). <Yes …> We are going to be seated in a similar manner, you on my left, slightly to the left and right of the 6 o’clock position, me slightly towards 5 o’clock, you slightly towards 7. Next to me today spread across 5 and 4 are the White Lions, spread across 3 sort-of are Ariel and Michael. The female White Lion Mena is next to me, and the male Haluyah is next to her. Michael is next to the male Lion, and Ariel is on his right. Semjase is here today, next to Ariel at what would be 2. Her father Ptaah is next to her … <Wow …> at what would be slightly beyond 1 o’clock. Rhi and Phindar are near the 10 o’clock position … people are not seated exactly at the hour markers as usually happens … so I don’t know if that’s exactly making sense (?).

<Yeah.> So, they’re sort-of at 10—at 10-ish and 11-ish …

Ted– Which one is next to Hilarion?

Julie– Rhi. <Ok> Rhi … Phindar is next to her, of course, and at the position of about 9 o’clock is a new figure … I’m told his name is Jondhar … J-O-N-D-H-A-R … and that he is a scientist from the Pleiades … he’s at 9. At 8 it’s White Wing, your Atlantean self, and sort-of scrunched at 7 are Samael and Jhinda. Jhinda is next to Jondhar, and Samael is essentially next to you. Ok, I think that’s everyone who’s here today.

Ted– Ok, that’s marvelous (!). I would certainly wish to welcome them all and thank them for having time to be with us for our J&T TC Session 89, and I would just suggest that you see if anyone there would like to begin or whether they would have me begin here (?).

Julie– Ah, it looks like you can just begin.

Ted– Well, based upon your suggestion, I think I will begin with the questions I imagine Semjase might be willing to consider since she has come, even with her father, so, I would like to ask them a puzzling question that I’ve come across recently. We’ve been told on Gaia TV, a streaming online program by a researcher named David Wilcock that our Moon, the one that revolves around Earth, is actually an artificial satellite that has a large hollow interior that was used for various purposes … almost a “Great Spacer” in its own right used during a much earlier time in Earth’s history … if they could tell us if any of that is true, or not (?).





 Julie– They looked at each other to see who is going to answer the question, so for this one, Semjase is deferring to Ptaah. He’s saying that the lunar body itself is not artificial but has been used for various purposes and has been, he said, to use our word sort-of in a humorous way, “terra-formed” or in this case, “luna-formed” <[laughs]> to utilize the inside in certain ways, but the sphere itself is not artificial. I’m trying to get a sense of … he said it is older than the Earth, and its orbit around the Earth is not its original location. It was captured in orbit here … he’s saying, at least 3 million years ago—longer perhaps—but at least that long.

Ted– Can he suggest how large a hollowing-out of the interior was accomplished? Was it a relatively small space or a larger one … by whatever comparison size would be meaningful to you?

Julie– Extensive … perhaps in our terms, 30%.

Ted– Wow (!) … well, that really qualifies … We thank him for that answer. I never suspected anything of the kind myself until recently, upon hearing it on the Wilcock program. So, I will go on to my next question for them. <Ok> I would probably direct this to Semjase, and so I was curious if she had revealed very much to Billy Meier in the days they were working together, and Billy was being taken on his tours around our Solar System … whether she revealed anything about the American Secret Space Program, and has he known about this for a long time—but has remained silent about it—or was it also kept secret from him at the time?

Julie– Ah, she’s saying, no, he knows and is well aware, and as you know, much information has been shared that was never put in writing or shared in any way in terms of public information. His safety depends on his silence.

Ted– Right. How’s he doing, by the way? Is he in reasonably good health these days?

Julie– She’s saying his health is stable. She’s saying, as one might image, he experiences a great deal of frustration with circumstances on the planet, but his work continues, and their support of him continues.

Ted– This is just a minor question, but does she think it might be beneficial in any way for me to try to contact him … is he aware of my work with his Contact Notes? I hope he doesn’t disapprove too greatly about my 2nd edition of Message from the Pleiades.

Julie– He is aware, and there’s no … “disapproval” would be the wrong word … as he respected Wendelle Stevens. He would be unlikely to respond, however, due to his nature.

Ted– Ok, that makes sense, and I thank her for that update. The final thing I would like to ask of her or her father today is whether they can tell us anything about what has been called the “Ancient Builder Race” by Wilcock et al. that was apparently a very large-sized humanoid race which lived in our Solar System a very long time ago—perhaps millions of years ago … who they were and what happened to them?

Julie– Ah, she’s answering … she said they were the ones who re-engineered the Moon at that time … <Yes, uh-huh …> and that they’re actually not certain of their origin … they feel it was certainly within our galaxy and not from another galaxy or another universe. Their technical sophistication was actually at the lower end for a space-faring race. However, their size and capacity to build and erect structures, have left large and very ancient relics, some of which, as we now know, are in Antarctica … and that she wants us to know that there is truth, she’s saying not complete or literal, but there is also truth to what David Wilcock has said about some of the structures in the rings around Saturn.[1]

Ted– Um-hmm … very interesting. I would thank her for that answer as well, and just to inquire finally … is there anything else they could mention in this or some related context that we would benefit from knowing but haven’t specifically thought of asking about?

Julie– Well, she wishes you a ‘Happy Birthday’ … <Oh, that’s wonderful (!)> and Ptaah is saying that many are concerned about circumstances on Earth and that the situation is precarious … it’s being watched very carefully. Ah, Ptaah just told me that although misunderstood, there also is truth in the description of a solar event that has the transforming effect on the planet …

Ted– Yes, I think I understand. He’s speaking of what is being called the “Solar Flash.” Does he have any expectation when that might occur?

Julie– His answer is “imminent” … but that could mean a hundred years. <{laughs]> They are uncertain.

Ted– Ok. That’s very interesting. When I had asked about this kind of extreme solar activity earlier, I was told by one of the science consultants, it could be controlled if it were going to become a problem, but presumably this would be something having a transformative impact, very profound effects that could also be positive, allowing greater development to occur, to break up the “ice-jam” we have at present …?

Julie– Ptaah is saying that the trigger for the event has to do with the collective development of human consciousness … it’s a readiness, a ripeness to receive the energy that is transmitted by what … and he’s nodding towards Hilarion … has been called the Solar Logos.

Ted– Ok, very interesting indeed. I would thank them for giving their answers today. I’ll go on to my next question if you’re ready (?).

Julie– I do. Semjase just wants to indicate that they may need to make an earlier departure and so, she thanks you for asking your questions for them first, and … wishes us all well. They’ll stay as long as they’re able, but … if they leave, just know that their good wishes and good will go with us.

Ted– Oh, [with feeling] they both mean so much .. especially to me, and to us as well, and we thank them very sincerely for speaking with us … <Yes, indeed.> Ok, the next question has to do with what may be a major breakthrough in ancient antiquities. An Egyptologist, a woman acquaintance of ours named Carmen Boulter, has seemingly discovered, been informed and shown pictures of some artifacts that may go back to 10,000 B.C.E. We have seen a presentation on the Gaia streaming network of some of the pictures of these artifacts that were reportedly found in a hidden cave in Turkey, but we were not sure they were authentic Egyptian statues and so forth, so we would hope to have some assurance from someone there that they are—they looked quite good to us, too.

Julie– Phindar is going to take the question … surprising to me … he’s saying that what’s there represents a long-term repository of ancient artifacts from many cultures. It’s what we might have called in earlier parlance its own sort-of “hall of records” … <Wow …> and that what has been revealed by Dr. Boulter is just the beginning—there’s much more. <Much more there?> Much more there, much more to be seen, but at the moment it’s been sealed off, and it’s in control by the government, but others are in possession of many more pictures and photographs, and it has been documented and catalogued, and so, more will be revealed.

Ted– Ok, that’s every encouraging to hear. We are pleased to know that. Does that seem to be the end of that answer? <I think so.> Ok, I would also like to ask … probably Hilarion … about holography since I’ve been struck again recently by how two light sources—if one of them is coherent—can be made to produce an image of an object, which has very striking three-dimensional properties like perspective encoded into the photographic medium. This phenomenon seems like it might also be the basis of various aspects of memory or even consciousness itself as two kinds of awareness, that of the physical body and that of the higher mentality, the self or soul, seem blended together to give rise to our real world identities as fundamentally dualistic creatures. Is holography the basis of memory or consciousness as the soul modulates the physical body with its unique life-giving energy?

Julie– What he’s saying is, “The analogy is useful but not accurate.” He’s saying that … I’m going to do my best to try to understand this … <That’s good, Julie …> saying that the principle of holography uses laser light, which is more pure and coherent than ordinary light, reflected in mirrors through different beams and interference patterns and then integrated into an image, but in this case the image is a re-creation of an original object, and therefore the principle of the operation of the soul, as you have been studying the idea of the soul-entry influence in astrology, would be thought of in this instance as two completely different objects, so while the idea is an analogy that might be useful for some, it’s not an accurate explanation of the mechanism of the soul.

The mechanism of the soul operates from energy that is indeed electromagnetic, but it also carries with it in a sense energetic frequency material with the capacity to capture memory, to capture experience as well as bringing through all of the experience the soul entity has had through various incarnations in and out of form. The manifestation of the physical body is in a sense a different mechanism, which happens through the agency of the Moon, in terms of what you understand in astrology. They are separate lines of force, moving sometimes in parallel and sometimes in a sense at angles to produce two rays of light, as it were, two forms of force or frequency which interact, in some cases in a compatible way and in others in a way that is conflicted. So, therefore, the idea of the interpretation of soul-entry astrology requires a synthesis of the combination of these two distinct frequencies or focuses—foci—the idea of an image projected from two distinct beams is useful, but not exactly accurate as the result is a combination … and since the result is a third point that is completely distinct, in a sense as the combination, a blending of the experiences of what has been called the personality of the body; and the the soul, the instrument that moves through time, which is the energy that inhabits it. Does this make sense?

Ted– Yes, thanks very much; that’s very helpful and has probably saved me a lot of errant speculation time, for which I’m grateful. Presumably, much of the interaction that is being described between the soul and the body, occurs in the brain—if that’s correct—possibly in relation to the pineal gland and the pituitary body … Does he care to discourse a little further on the nature of the interaction in relation to the brain?

Julie– Actually, the brain is the location of the integration of the mental processes, but the interaction between the soul and the body occurs much more through what has been called the Chakra System and the endocrine glands of the body. It is through this distribution of “centers of force” that the energy of the soul actually manifests and moves through the physical body or part of the brain which carries a certain level of circuitry, has more to do with the intellectual functions, whereas each of the centers of force has to do with different aspects of the life of the individual. The Pineal Gland is the point at which … not in conjunction with the brain where it’s housed in the cranium, but it is one of the centers of force that is the conduit of the spiritual faculty; the more advanced the individual, the more his pineal gland becomes a solid entity, behaving more like a crystalline structure to receive much higher levels of frequency, which can then be distributed throughout the body’s centers of force and through the endocrine system. Does this answer?

Ted– Yes, and I would thank him for reminding me of all of those details, which is very helpful indeed. I would just ask one more question about soul-entry astrology … and we’ve talked about this a little earlier, but the time differential between the first breath and the soul-entry time, which is usually less than 12 hours and corresponds to an angle if we think of a full day being 24 hours and a 360 degree rotation … could he remind me what meaning should be attached to that angle?

Julie– That differential angle is very much tied to the symbols of the numbers it represents. In numerology, based on the nature of the experience formed, and as you know, if the soul-entry time comes before, it dictates one sort of experience, moving forward in time, if the soul-entry time is after the birth time, it is another representation, but the key to the puzzle is the algorithm of numerology represented by the angle.

Ted– Uh-huh. So, the number of the angles … we might have, say, like in my case, I believe the number is 49 degrees or 48 degrees that would represent that time differential … so it’s the numerology of the number 48 … or 49?

Julie– Reduce the number to its proportional division of the circle. If the separation is 90º, it’s a quarter of a circle. <Right.> If the separation is 30º … use the division of the circle. <Right.> 49º is either closer to the angle numbers of 45º or 52º.[2]

Ted– Ok, it’s what I thought.

Julie– Absolutely, and he says he wishes to give you a virtual ‘pat on the back.’

Ted– Ohh … Well, I’m finally getting around to the soul-entry time astrology book, possibly Hilarion’s greatest contribution to the general subject, at least for a preliminary version … and it is a project that will hopefully get finished, but I do have to run down more of the remaining loose ends as I perceive them. <Agreed …> Well, I thank him for than comment and you for the spin. Are you ready to continue?

Julie– Ok, I think so, if that made sense to you (?).

Ted– All the answers today have been really good (!). So, I’ll move on to the more personal part for ourselves. I would hope to have anyone present who understands our circumstances well enough—that would include a number of family and friends at this point—if they could possibly reveal any significant updates on our ‘big plan’ for me to sell the house, move to Pagosa and have our new house built there by Colorado Dream Homes, all of which has been delayed because I am still unable to find a buyer for my current house … so I’m wondering if they could give us any comment and if anyone could help us consider what the best alternative might be if a buyer never shows up?

Julie– Well, it’s Athena who’s going to answer the question. She wishes to say that it’s still the best alternative for many reasons, which may not yet even be clear, but the location … because of the sacred mountains, the river, the hot springs, its history … all have a powerful form of protection, which may well be needed as things develop on Earth. The recommendation and feeling is that it is still, at least as a next step, the most likely place to provide what is necessary, she’s saying, including community which will grow stronger in the shorter term … they’re all very concerned about the direction things are taking … and that it does have the potential to be a safer place, a place of sanctuary, a place of support.

Ah, what she has suggested to me for this asking, and I don’t know the answer, but the thing she just said to me for whatever reason, is that your message is just “not reaching the right ears,” and that perhaps some research for a place to do some actual advertising would be worthwhile … in the areas … well, what’s coming into my mind, and I don’t know if this is exactly coming from her, or she’s trying to help me get a three-dimensional image … what I heard was, some form of classified advertising on a new electronic medium in the target area. Does that make sense? I don’t know if there are online papers in the areas you have mentioned, where people are …

Ted– Well, are we talking about trying to reach people in Silicon Valley or something like that?

Julie– I think that is the suggestion.

Ted– And there would be some kind of online medium there … is she referring to like, an online newspaper?

Julie– Not a paper, not anymore a paper … 3D, but the electronic online version of a ‘paper’ that people receive or check. <Ok> The sense I’m getting from her is that this will require some research on your part to locate … something like this.

Ted– Ok. Presumably that might be like the San Jose Mercury News or the old San Francisco Chronicle, now called “The Gate” I believe … those are the ‘papers’ that people down there read, I think.

Julie– Yes, her exact words were, “Your message is not reaching the proper ears.” and that perhaps someone would look at this who is not seeing it in the current places where it is available.

Ted– Ok, I understand. That’s good. So, there’s no real alternative for us except to continue on with our current plans.

Julie– Hilarion is saying that they regret it has taken as long as it has, but that it is still for the foreseeable future … without saying numbers or number of times … the best option for our safety.

Ted– Ok, all right. I’m glad to hear we’re still in the same game. I’m glad to be thus fortified by their take on the nature of the mountains, the hot springs, and the river which is all there … so, we are grateful to have that answer. If you sense that’s the full answer, I’ll move on, then (?).

Julie– She just gave me her smile … I wish I could describe it … there’s nothing like it (!). She said it is not by accident that there is a temple to the great Tara at this location. The amount of protection and blessing that comes from all corners of the world to this spot … is immense.

Ted– Wow (!). That’s marvelous. Please thank her for smiling upon us … we are very fortunate to have this awareness, for which we are most grateful.

Julie– I think that’s the answer … for now.

Ted– I would like to move on and ask someone—probably Hilarion again—if he could scan the general area of my hip prosthesis … I’m having a little more trouble than I’ve had before, and I’m wondering if he could tell me how long this particular surgical solution can be expected to last, and whether at some time in the future I might need to have a surgeon go in and add the top mechanical socket piece as the natural hip bone increasingly begins to degrade? Or does he think the natural bone with the current bottom prosthesis placement will last significantly longer?

Julie– He’s scanning again, which he has done before. So, let me try to find out what he sees. The area is inflamed; the tissue is inflamed around it. He’s saying that your strategy of keeping weight off when you can … he’s going to recommend what he has recommended before, that massage would be very helpful … unfortunately you do not have a place where you can immerse yourself in water, which would also be helpful. He’s scanning what you’re taking … just a second … the remedies you are taking, he’s saying, one acts to prevent pain, the MSM/ Condroitin/ Glucosamine Sulfate combination … one acts to reduce pain and inflammation, and one is actually good for Arthritis, but he’s saying that isn’t the issue for the hip. It’s the tissues and the muscles that are inflamed due to too much contact. The prosthesis is a bit loose. <Oh, no (!)> This is not a crisis, he’s saying, your overexertion has caused some amount of damage that can heal. <Oh, good!> Keeping weight off of it as much as possible, allowing it to heal, recommending massage to increase circulation and blood flow into the area. He’s saying heat is not a good idea in terms of a “heating-pad” sort-of operation. He’s saying something like “liniment,” something that will strengthen muscles, at the same time keeping weight off … but stretching. He’s saying if you are gentle with it and let it heal, it should last some time—it may not recover completely—and you may at some point … what he’s sensing at this point; he’s saying he cannot predict, but in large part it has to do with how much you stress and strain it, but that if you take care … you can probably do some massage yourself, but that he feels it could last … at least 2 to 3 years. <Oou … ok …> perhaps longer, but it needs much rest to heal now.

Ted– Uh-huh. What is the next stage then? Is it to have an artificial socket prosthesis installed by a surgeon.

Julie– That would be the likely outcome if it does not heal.

Ted– Ohh … ok … well, that’s pretty scary, but I appreciate having more knowledge about it, and I thank him for his more detailed evaluation.

Julie– He’s actually fairly optimistic that if you take care of it, it’s just that what he’s saying to me is that, of course as you already know, things like walking up and down your long driveway and climbing up to the top of your hill, puts enormous stress on it. <Yeah, I know.> And that you shouldn’t do it without a cane or something to help take the weight off.

Ted– Yeah, I understand that. Ok, I appreciate that. So, I’m going to a new stage here with it, I can tell. <Yes.> [sighs] Well, it just makes my life harder, that’s all … to do anything, really. It’s sad. Ok, I think we’re ready to go on to the next question, then, if you’re ready (?).

Julie– Yes, but he had one more comment to make … that where possible, with additional things you wish to do, he’s suggesting you try to get some help. <Like what?> Construction projects.

Ted– Ok, yeah, very good. Now we’re going to turn to your situation for a moment, and see if there’s any commentary on how you might be able to increase job security and increase income for yourself there … and if they can comment on what you might expect, working with James Brown … and what the prospects are in the time frame that would be meaningful for you, and if there are any other opportunities in the area for you to obtain part-time paid work (?).

Julie– It’s Ariel who’s going to answer … I think. She’s saying my assessment is probably correct that I have about 6 to 9 months with James, perhaps longer, just depending on his circumstances and personal circumstances with his family, but I should have at least that amount of time and once more, what is unknown at this point has to do with the program related to Carmen Boulter and her ability to finish and produce her next program series. That is an unknown in her life and cannot be predicted right now. Should that program go forward, be produced and released, it will bring significant new energy to James for his further efforts.

Ted– Oh, that’s so nice (!).

Julie– They are unable to determine at this point … if things will go positive for her as well, but that trajectory is of course unknown. If nothing else changes, then what it looks like is that he will finish his books … and our situation working together will come to an end. <Right.> They cannot answer exactly which way it will be. She’s just saying that … what she’s saying to me—which has been said to me before … or that I’ve known before—is not to repeat the past and look for a Band-Aid as a temporary solution but to reach out to find things that are more compatible with my talent, position and nature … and reach out to the people that I know and ask for things that might be more compatible or aligned with the work that I’m capable of doing.

Ted– Um-hmm. Ok. So I just have one more part of this for you. Are you ready? You would also like to have commentary on how you can manage the kind of dental problem you have been experiencing for some time, which began with a recent tooth extraction, and then you had gone through a cleaning with your hygienist and have had to limit your diet in certain ways, so we would hope to find an analysis of what the next step would be for you to either have implants inserted where teeth have been removed or whether there’s some other better solution for you.

Julie– Well, oddly enough, it’s the Jondhar person who’s here to answer the tooth question. <Oh, my goodness (!)> Yeah, that’s so funny. When he came, I was sure he was going to answer some of your technical or scientific questions … <Yeah …> so apparently, however all of this works, he was able to view the circumstance, so he’s saying on a purely human level, the unexpected delay and frustration with issues related to Earthly insurance, has caused the problem to take much longer, and the situation to become much worse because it couldn’t have been dealt with a year ago. So, once that takes place, he’s saying that the revised plan from the “structural engineer” will be in order. He does not advise removing the tooth that is healthy; his suggestion is separate implants for the two extractions, and that will restore some degree of balance to the mouth and allow me to have better dental health … and given my history, he’s saying that it should be adequate for some time.

Ted– Oh, good … ok (!). And it’s ok to wait for as long as it takes to get that accomplished? Those implants?

Julie– Well, I’m required to wait about another four weeks for the second extraction.

Ted– Well, now there’s not going to be a second extraction, though …

Julie– No … for that one to heal, but the second tooth that was pulled at the beginning of January …

Ted– Right, but can you wait for as long as a year for the implants to be installed—it is time sensitive?

Julie– Well, I guess I could, but once the insurance comes through … it seems like he’s suggesting that I should move forward with an alternate plan.

Ted– Ok, so it should be done sooner rather than having an option for waiting till later?

Julie– Yes. He said that the regret is that because of the delay with the insurance, it should have been done a year ago (!).

Ted– Yes, I understood that. Ok, so we have our answer, and we thank him for providing his expertise for a response.

Julie– Yeah, that was a surprise.

Ted– Does he have anything more to add?

Julie– No, he’s saying that what I am doing is working, and that the issue in my mouth is the same as with your hip—the less pressure on the area, the better.

Ted– Ok, I only have one more question. How are you feeling?

Julie– Ok … I can tell I’m getting tired …

Ted– Yes, we’re getting to the end now. So, this is probably just another technical question that anyone present who might be aware of the situation with LED lights, could comment on if they would. I recently became aware of claims of certain naturopathic doctors that LED lights are a problem because of the relative lack of red and infra-red components in their spectra. So, I would like to know a bit more about this and the long-term effect of LED lights, such as what I mostly use here at my house.

Julie– It’s Michael who’s going to answer this question, and he’s saying that your research is correct, that it’s less any particular positive effect of incandescent bulbs and more that the effect of LED bulbs is negative because they emit such a large amount [wide spectrum] of electromagnetic frequencies. And the fluorescent bulbs emit radiation, so both types, especially in large amounts, exposed for a longer amount of time, are detrimental.

Ted– So, incandescent bulbs are the better type to use? <Yes.> Wow, that’s really a surprise!

Julie– It’s unfortunate because of the energy consumption and many other things, but these are technologies that will be understood over time, and he wants us to know that the conversion to this, the outlawing of incandescent bulbs, is related to such things as chem-trails, and the diminishment of the race.

Ted– Woow! Hard to believe (!). Astonishing! Could he, once again, give the effect of the LED bulb itself? Is it the spectrum of the bulb that is shifted so much into the blue-green region … but that’s not the problem …?

Julie– No, they emit electromagnetic frequencies, just like cell phones and microwave ovens … and they have greater effects on some people than on others. He’s saying that in a case where most of the bulbs in the house are of that type, the effect is cumulative.

Ted– Wow! So, is it in the microwave region that they emit radiation? <Trying to see …> Perhaps they could tell you the region they emit in …? It’s not in the same region as the cell phones and microwaves, is it?

Julie– No, it’s more like Wi-Fi. <I see.> I don’t know what that frequency is?

Ted– I’ve forgotten, too. I think that it’s low-power FM, so it’s a middle-high radio frequency. Wow (!), come to think of it, I once noticed that my FM radio reception got worse when I turned on a bank of LED lights, and I thought it was just a problem with cheap early-generation Chinese LED bulbs that had not been UL certified yet for RF interference.

Ok, that’s kind-of a big shocker for me and a sad outcome in many ways, but if that’s the way it is, that’s the way it must be understood. I’m grateful to Michael for his answer. So, now we’ve come to the end of the written questions, and we’ve really learned a lot today [nervous chuckle], and we are very grateful to everyone present providing this great privilege. We would also ask anyone present to make any additional comments they may have felt on the threshold of offering now or earlier, perhaps someone has not spoken today, to take this last moment.

Julie– Ah, I don’t think so. Ptaah and Semjase are still here. <Ohh …> They will be taking their leave very shortly, and I just wish to thank them as I know you would as well … <Yes (!)> and I’m being made aware … is the best way I can say it … of the presence of the White Lions and Samael and Jhinda, close to us at the table … their purpose is both to strengthen and support me, but also to form and strengthen the psychic link between the two of us and my capacity to receive the information. So, thanks to them as well … however all of that works. I would thank Jondhar for his input today, and if I have the floor, special thanks and gratitude to everyone.

Ted– Ok, that really is quite wonderful, and I would also like to thank them, and express my loving feelings to them for being with us today again … so, as soon as you’re ready, you can tell me, and I will begin to bring you back. <Ok …> Ok, Julie, you have done a really wonderful job today with our guests, as you always do, and I would now allow and ask that you begin to return to your normal, waking, physical-body consciousness on the count of five …


*           *           *           *


  1. David Wilcock has claimed that Saturn has at least one artificial transparent aluminum ring that shows furnishings for very large inhabitants, in the range of 40 to 60 feet tall.
  2. That is, a Semi-square (45º) = 360/ 8; and a Septile (~52º) = 360/ 7.