Telepresence Conference 90

Telepresence Conference 90

June 3, 2017


In this short session Julie and Ted first inquire about Julie’s painful dental condition and then about the difficulties of Ted’s 2nd edition publication of Message from the Pleiades, involving the final stages of Billy Meier’s troubled condition releasing his claim on Semjase, and then short commentary on their own “stalled” plans.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done by Ted at his house in Avery, CA with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– While you were doing the relaxation and so forth, I came down the escalators as I do, and I’m dressed in sort-of a long gold dress that has some sort-of a train, and you’re dressed in silver today. We went down the marble stairs and down another set of stairs, I think even two flights of stairs, and entered into an area where we’ve been in the structure, building or castle … house or wherever it is that we sometimes stay, and I’ve always imagined it to be in the south of France … <Umm-hmm> and we went into a room … straight ahead we walked … and I don’t know if we’ve been in this room before; it has one wall of windows … it’s different, feels different, but anyway there’s a large round table in the middle that is made out of wood, and it’s thick on the sides and has carving … designs all along the sides … it’s a sort-of honey-colored wood, and there are chairs all the way around. Everybody is still standing today, which is something different than I normally remember.

They usually come in or are already seated, but the table is round, and I guess we’re coming in a doorway that I think would be at about the 9 o’clock position. There’s Hilarion and Athena; they’re taking their seats at what would be their typical place at 12; he’s at her left. We’re coming around and taking our seats at what would be 6, and you are on my left. Michael and Ariel are at 3 o’clock where they normally would sit. Semjase is here today; she’s seated at 1. Rhi and Phindar are seated together at 2. The White Lions are at 4 and 5. Your guides Samael and Jhinda are at 7 and 8. Somebody different at 9; it’s a male figure who’s definitely an ET next to them … and at 10 and 11 are your family Lysah and Asafah.

The figure at 9 o’clock, I’m told, is a Pleiadian … very old, very old—like a thousand years old. <Wow> His name is something like Shantar … I think it’s S-h-a-n-t-a-r or t-o-r, Shantor or Shantar. I’m being told he’s like a regent … I don’t know if that’s exactly the right word, but people of the caliber of Ptaah … commanders … have reported to him. <Ok> He now operates like an emeritus professor in a sense, but in any case, he’s here today.

Ted– We are honored by his presence.

Julie– Yes, there’s a very long scope of history and awareness of many things, and he is also someone who has at a higher level overseen quite a few of the projects … from a distance … more in an administrative capacity, but he has been very aware of many of the projects that the Pleiadians have been involved in on our planet. Ok, I guess that’s everybody.


Ted– Well, I thank you for going around the table to introduce them. We welcome them all and thank them for their time with us today. We will begin with an issue that we can probably get out of the way quickly, though it is of some importance to you … which would probably be addressed to Hilarion first: you have been having some difficulty recently with your teeth and implants involving dentists and so forth, and we think you’ve had a breakthrough in which you have realized that perhaps the first thing that you should do is have an implant prepared for your missing tooth that we identify as number 11, which would replace the temporary appliance you have now, and that would allow you to relieve some of the pain you have in your sinus area that you have been experiencing with some difficulty. So, we would ask if that seems to be an appropriate response, and we would also like to have a recommendation for who the consulting dentist should be: either Dr. West or Dr. Blue, or perhaps somebody else (?).

Julie– Was that the end of the question? <Yes> So, Hilarion says he has scanned the situation, and that my impression that there’s something, as I suspected, like a sinus [lift?] that was done many years ago … has now collapsed, and there is a tremendous amount of pressure and fluid, and that … yes, he was actually sort-of working on me and letting me know intuitively, also working with me in my sleep state … so, that analysis is correct. There is also shifting in the mouth and the structure of teeth as a result of the extractions that have taken place on the other side of the mouth, but it is correct to say that this side on the upper right should be taken care of first. He’s saying in terms of capability that both Dr. West in Durango and Dr. Blue in Durango do have the skill and experience, he’s saying, just brace ourselves, this is going to be an expensive proposition to get through, but that he feels that I am correct in my assessment for now to proceed with the recommendation because I have the appointment now with Dr. Blue … to proceed in that way and inquire from him whom he uses for crowns or appliances, and that is the correct way for me to go … <Ok> because I have somehow unconsciously … he’s using the word “challenged” … uh, [Dr.] Smith’s confidence because of what he was able to do with me … and that therefore proceeding with other providers is the correct thing to do. <Ok> He’s telling me how the homeopathic medicine that I’m taking is helpful … that I should also do research on what are natural antibiotics. He’s saying I should apply honey to the area locally … use honey right there because it is a powerful natural antibiotic … <Um-hmm> and remover of toxins. That will offer some relief. <Oh, good.> I think that’s it for that question.

Ted– Would anyone care to have a quick scan to see perhaps our need to raise some funds for some of the dental operations you need would be appropriate for us to sell the lot that we have there because the train of events in our attempt to build a house there has stalled out, as we think … or as I think in some ways?

Julie– Athena has just said that in the short term it will probably be possible to manage a way through the question of the lot. It is another matter, and the sale will likely not be speedy.

Ted– … not be speedy?

Julie– Yes, it will take time to sell.

Ted– I see … ok. I thank her for that response, then. So, I’ll probably be ready to go on to the next question now, right? <Ok> Well, the next issue has to do with myself primarily … and the book project I had worked on previously, which was completed and has been available for several years now, the 2nd edition of Message from the Pleiades, the Contact Notes of Billy Meier. The standing or legitimacy of it has now been challenged by an individual whose name is Michael Horn, associated with the Meier “Core Group” in Switzerland. I have subsequently been in touch with CeCe Stevens, the daughter of Wendelle Stevens, publisher of the original print book edition, and we are trying to respond to our publishing services company called BookBaby that distributes the book online to give them our response to the challenge that’s been made to them, resulting in the book series being “taken down,” we hope temporarily. We’re now working on a response to this surprising situation, and we would wish to have anybody there who might be aware of the circumstance to give us what they feel would be a correct settlement to propose to them and the other individuals involved in terms of the ownership of the manuscript of the 2nd edition and/or other aspects of the copyright ownership that we believe still belongs to CeCe, and which she also believes still belongs to her. I would ask anyone aware of this recent conflict to please begin.

Julie– It’s Semjase who’s going to speak, and she’s saying she’s very saddened by this development of affairs, and especially saddened because she feels like Billy has lost a great deal of objectivity and is aging at a very rapid rate and is reacting to many things that he’s not able to control—was not ever able to control—and it disappoints her and saddens her personally, and the Michael Horn figure, for his own purposes, is trying to manage and manipulate the situation … and to pacify Billy. <Um-hmm>

So, I’m kind-of being shown a whole bunch of people in meeting rooms and conversations … she just said to me in terms of legal issues that have to do with the planet and so on, that she wishes you to know that the situation is very disappointing to her, and that she personally appreciated all the work you’ve done to put the story straight and make it available to more people. She’s taking great care to try to explain to me so that I would say to you … what I’m sensing—she’s communicating to me telepathically … is that Billy has become a bit irrational and possessive about his relationship with her … <Umm …> and of course it never really healed because of all that he went through.

And now it’s the Shantar individual who’s going to speak. He’s saying he also is not expert on what would be termed “legal systems of planet Earth,” which, he’s saying, are “sadly infantile” … however, he’s saying that from what he’s become aware of in the situation, it is most important “for you to gather your forces and your documentation and to assert what you did in good faith.” He likewise from what he knows, and he has spoken with Semjase and others … he was aware of Wendelle and others who were working on this project … that the truth needs to be told and that those who behave inappropriately must be challenged. <Ok>

So, I don’t know whether that actually made sense, but it’s personally painful for Semjase, and of course for beings who live a thousand years, compared to those who only live seventy, eighty or ninety, it’s very painful to watch such a deterioration. <Yeah> So, this development has saddened her … but the more objective person of tremendously high rank in her Pleiadian councils [Shantar] is saying … these are my words … do your due diligence, gather all of your documentation and present the case.

Ted– Ok … that’s very clear.

Julie– It’s very painful to see her grief about this.

Ted– It is so sad. I extend my sympathies to her in that long running circumstance which I have been privileged to be aware of at somewhat greater depth than many others, and I feel particularly grateful to her for everything she’s done for Billy and for all of us here on Earth, and we are grateful that she can be with us today … we really care so much about her, too.

Julie– Yes. Does that answer it?

Ted– Well, I think so. The only thing I would ask, perhaps in addition, that might be a side issue—but maybe not—would be the question of movie rights that I suspect these people who are challenging us have in mind for themselves to possibly use my own manuscript as a base for their own future movie project about Billy. Do they see any circumstances involving a Billy Meier movie that these people might be attempting to position themselves for in an attempt to discredit my edition of the books that might compete with their own plans for a movie?

Julie– Ah, there’s a lot of cloudiness around that. It’s actually Michael who’s going to answer you … saying that from what he and Ariel have been able to observe through this, “the story is the story,” and the original agreement [between Billy Meier and Wendelle Stevens giving the latter exclusive English language publication rights to the Contact Notes] did not ever address film rights … therefore, if someone chooses to write a screen play based on “the story,” there is no issue with the original copyright for either the print books or the ebooks. <Ok> Their issue is money … raising it, I mean.

Ted– Right. Well, that’s very good. I think this answers that particular issue, then, unless you see anyone there who would wish to add anything else (?).

Julie– No, I don’t think so. It just seems to me … this is my word … Semjase is not arguing with me … that Billy is feeling “irrationally jealous.”

Ted– Wow … [nervous chuckle] wow (!). Well, we have to try to give Billy whatever extra credit he needs for his remaining time because, as we know, he responded very heroically at the many times it was appropriate for him to do so, <Yeah.> and we will always be grateful for what he was able to accomplish. <[wistfully] Yes …> Ok, then we are probably finished with our second main question for today.

Then for the third and final question, I would just perhaps note that, if there’s anyone there who might like to comment on it, our current situation, as I said recently, seems kink-of stalled here in terms of needing to finish the work on the house before I can do anything to finally get a sale, having recently taken the house off the market, and I’ll be going out to visit you there in a couple of weeks in Pagosa Springs, and we’ll have a little time to be together … again … so, if they have anything they can perceive on the horizon, we’ll be glad to have any additional perspective … and then we’ll be finished since I know you don’t want to have a long session today.

Julie– It’s Hilarion who’s going to speak. He’s saying he hadn’t anticipated from the time that we had our first joint session with him in 2011 at the beginning of that year, that the work that we would do together would result in bringing up deeper, longer patterns of karma and reactions than he or anyone else could have anticipated … that the, he’s using the word “magnetism” … is a bit like, as an analogy, an electric potential that the combined energies of our souls and personalities in this lifetime, dug deeper than anyone of them expected … <Hmm …> and brought forth much more karmic residue than either of us had originally intended to work out in this lifetime … <Wow …> revealing deeper levels of fear and uncertainty … and deeper patterns, and that those are being worked on at this point, that certainly the extended work on the house in a sense is a metaphor or analogy for the extended work on ourselves, clearing much deeper, older patterns as stated that then were anticipated. He’s saying while difficult and painful, this will actually be of benefit to both of us.

Athena just said, “Take care not to focus on form but to focus on substance and the significance of the connection and the length and depth of the connection.” She’s saying … her words are, “Pull out issues that are petty and relate to the personality like the noxious weeds they are … <… like the noxious what?> “weeds” … she’s saying this is a very old, very, very ancient connection and that because of the longtime separation in this lifetime, issues that relate to the personality have to be recognized for what they are, and that they are not the major or the important issues in what the two of us should be able to do together. I can tell you this is the most sort-of direct she’s ever been … I wouldn’t say “unkind,” but … they all look very somber.

Ted– [wistful] Yeah … ok. We appreciate her commentary, which is always helpful for us, I think it’s fair to say, and we appr4ciate the presence of the distinguished Pleiadian guest today as well as all the others who have been present to help support us and our process of inquiry, as always, in particular from Athena and Hilarion, and Ariel and Michael, and now if you’d like to have a quick final look around the table to see if anyone is looking to get your attention, that would be the final thing before we finish.

Julie– I think it’s just Rhi and Phindar, who are offering a … I don’t know what you would say … a “message of support” … <Oh, good …> and they just want … in a sense they’re just communicating with me telepathically, but I guess it’s Rhi who’s speaking … just to say, “Do not doubt the authenticity of our experience and our roles in what we have done, but never underestimate the difficult reactions of others and how these must be met and faced at times.”

Ted– Yes, indeed .. well spoken. We are privileged to be made aware of these things they have disclosed to us, and we are grateful for the trust and support given to us. We’ll always feel grateful that we have been able to benefit from their knowledge and awareness, and we thank them all, and we can only hope to do our best as we go forward and hope we can continue to benefit from our contact with them through Julie’s gift. If you would like to have the final word, please do so now.

Julie– As always, I feel tremendously grateful and humble … inadequate … all those things in trying to do my part, but I am deeply, deeply appreciative to all of them for their help.

Ted– Ok, we have reached the end of our somewhat shorter session today, so now you can feel very confident that once again you have performed brilliantly with the demanding task of being intermediary between myself as the questioner, recordist and interpreter of this meeting. We feel greatly privileged to have been able to confer with Semjase at a very sensitive moment for her … we do love her so much … and now, on the count of five, you can begin to realize that you have successfully completed your task there and can begin to return to your normal full-body physical consciousness and that you will feel refreshed and comfortable, remembering anything you would choose to further contemplate …


*           *           *           *