Telepresence Conference 91

Telepresence Conference 91

June 25, 2017


Julie and Ted quickly board a large spacecraft and are met by an android on rollers (like R2D2) who conducts them to an amphitheater-sized room. They end up at a bulging oval table with short straight sides that sits on the floor in front of a stage with their complement of guests facing out towards an audience. Today there is a mystery guest … who turns out to be a virtual recording device.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done by Ted at his house in Avery, CA with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*          *           *

Julie– I just wanted to say for the record … about the charming little bird that was chirping to us at the very beginning … not sure of the kind of bird it was, but it felt like a sweet little “winged messenger” for us today as we begin[1]… I came down the stairs; you and the animals joined me; and we went down the marble stairs and were all waiting for the recorder to come on. We’re standing in front of what very much looks like a jet bridge, and I know that we’re going into a spacecraft today—a large spacecraft. We were waiting for you.

So, the door slides open, left to right like a pocket door—like what you see on spaceships—and we’re walking down like what seems to be, like a tube that would be … I guess like about … it’s not quite circular; it’s more oval, maybe about 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide, and like I said, I believe it’s like a jet bridge, and we’re walking through there … another door is opening …

Ted– What is a “jet bridge”?

Julie– What you walk down to get on a jet airplane …

Ted– Oh, I see.

Julie– They pull them away from the airplane … <Yeah, I understand.> So, it’s like that, but it’s straight, doesn’t have any curves or angles, and it feels like it’s about 20 feet long, and I got to the end of it, and another door opened, nearly silent but with a little bit of a “whoosh.” And now we’re inside. Oh, so we were waiting, and now someone has walked up to us … the person is rather short, this being … only about 4 feet tall … doesn’t look like what is usually called a “Gray” … looks like … I actually can’t tell if this being is male or female … oh, it’s an android … ok, it just communicated to me that it’s an android. So, it’s going to be guiding us … it goes on “rollers,” not feet, but it slows down by whatever its programming or intention is … it’s going in front of us. We went to the right, and I do not believe we have ever been on this craft before; it’s quite large—I know that it’s quite large—I do not think it’s a Great Spacer … I do not know that yet, but it would be in the range of what people would at least call a “mothership.”

So, we’re going to the right, and we’re walking around what I suppose is somewhat like the perimeter, but the ship is big enough so that it doesn’t seem to be curved … <Hmm …> or the curve, because the ship is so big, is like an illusion … does that make sense? <Um-hmm …> So, we’re walking and walking, seeming like a really long way … and now we’re making a left into what is another larger open hallway, and then we’re going about what feels like 50 feet into a large amphitheater-style room … we have not been here before, but it’s not different than what we’ve done before … I guess a lot people are going to be observing this for some reason.

We’re not seated up on a stage; it’s more like we’re seated on the floor.[2] The table is at least 10 feet long, and it has a rather strange shape: it’s ovoid, but the narrow ends have straight edges—I’d probably have to draw it for you—of about 4 feet on top and bottom, and the table is parallel to where a stage would be, running parallel to the front of the room. So, it’s like 4 feet of straight edge and then curves into what would be an oval if it were to continue into the classical shape. <I understand.> Ok, we’re going to be seated at what would be facing the left end of the table. All of the people are walking in.

Ted– Are we on one of the straight short sides?

Julie– Correct. To the one that would be to the left facing it. Everyone is walking in now, and Hilarion and Athena are going to be on the other straight edge. Ariel and Michael are going to be seated … nobody is going to be seated on the front part because their backs would be to the audience … so everybody is in kind-of a semi-circle around this table in the back. Ariel and Michael are seated at what would be 9 if you count Hilarion and Athena at the top as noon and us at 6 … even though I know that makes no sense in terms of the clock. Ariel and Michael are seated at 9 as I said …

Ted– Of these, who is next to Hilarion at the other end?

Julie– So, Athena is on his left, and Ariel is closer … she’s on Michael’s left. <Ok, good …> I’m just trying to see it … and I am on your left.

Ted– So, you are opposite Hilarion?

Julie– Sorry, I am on your right. You’re opposite Hilarion. The table is quite long … and Semjase just came in and sat next to Hilarion. Rhi is sitting next to her and then Phindar. The table is long, so it’s not going to be like a clock …

Ted– Yeah, I understand that; so you can just give me their positions in order coming towards me.

Julie– The Sirians are here today, so Mena is next to …

Ted– Well, she would be one of the Lions …

Julie– I’m so sorry; Nyla is next to Phindar, and Haluyah … <Onyion?> Sorry, I’m getting the White Lions and the Sirians mixed up today. <Ok …> Onyion and Nyla … so it goes, Rhi, Phindar, Nyla, Onyion … <Ariel?> No, there’s more people to come, like I said, the table’s pretty big. So, Semjase is kind-of at the edge of the table where it first starts to curve … <Yes, I got that.> Ok, just a second; I’m trying to decode what’s happening there …

Ted– So, the person next to Onyion is …?

Julie– [softly] … isn’t coming into focus.

Ted– Ok, but there is somebody there?

Julie– There is somebody there, but it’s very odd: I’m not sure I’ve had this happen before exactly … it’s like when they’re trying to beam somebody up in Star-Trek … <And the person hasn’t yet arrived …?> and the person hasn’t come into focus. <[laughs]> [laughing] So I’m going to go on … on the other side of Michael … here are the Lions … Mena is next to Michael … and then Haluyah … next to him is your White Eagle guide … <White Wing?> White Wing, and then next are Samael and Jhinda. Ok, I think that’s it. I’m going to wait and see what happens with the person between Ariel and …

Ted– Ok, that will probably come up later. We’ll return if we’re not told anything more. So, everyone appears to be settled, and we are ready to begin, I presume? <Um-hmm> Ok … I am very pleased and grateful to be here to welcome them all to our table today and grateful to you for being able to host and introduce them to us now. I would first ask if anyone has a preliminary statement they would like to make to put us on the right foot to start; otherwise I will begin with my first question.

Julie– So, just to tell you, there are still people coming into the auditorium …

Ted– Ok, do you think we should wait for another moment or so?

Julie– I was checking, but Hilarion says we can go ahead and proceed. I’m just trying to discern if he has anything he wants to say … like you, I tend to think of him as our “master of ceremonies” …

Ted– He is indeed (!). [pause] Are you noticing anything yet?

Julie– Well, he’s sort of processing that … he’s trying to explain to me why we’re in this setting, and the reason that we have all these observers is that your questions relative to Semjase have far-reaching consequences far beyond this planet … <Oh, really …?> in terms of certain protocols and other things, and so … he doesn’t want to speak for her … <Right …> but in essence the sense I’m getting is that it’s not her decision alone. <But, of course …> Ok, alright, so I guess maybe that was just a little background, but there’s a lot of interest in this. Apparently all the people in the audience … or most of the people … are members of space-faring cultures who visit other planets, so it’s kind-of … I don’t know how all of this takes place, but … ok, I think …

Ted– Well, we know that people don’t just do things by themselves, and that there are various groups that are aware of many situations that they might wish to offer input for … <Right …> and oversee and so forth, and they have their own ways of evaluating and helping.

Julie– Ok, I guess we’re ready for questions.

Ted– Ok, once again, we’re grateful to be present with our group and auditors today. We will have just a few personal issues to raise first, beginning with your dental health situation with a new prosthodontist you have consulted … a Dr. Robinson. We would ask Hilarion to comment on how they would see your care proceeding and whether some particular intervention or surgical strategy might be anticipated (?).

Julie– [chuckling] It’s Hilarion who’s speaking … he’s just saying that although from the realm where they are, these sorts of things are no longer things that trouble them … <Yeah …> he’s saying that of course … this is why I was laughing … that we understand that when people have means, they wouldn’t purchase a rowboat if they could have a yacht … <[getting tickled] Right …> [amused] he’s comparing my mouth to that circumstance, saying that … he wants to congratulate me for making the decisions that I have and not going forward in my individual case with the dentist in Pagosa … that it is the right decision to see the people that are the specialists … from what he can tell the dentist I have not yet seen is a good man … that the questions will be where on the scale of “rowboat and yacht” I am in terms of priorities and that … what Hilarion … and Athena is nodding … wants us to know is to take the advice of the dentist who is a specialist but to make the decisions within the constraints that we have to deal with. <Um-hmm …> and to not feel pressured. He’s saying the upper left area is absolutely the priority, so that continues to be true. I guess that’s the answer.

Ted– Alright, very good … and if that’s the finish of that question …?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– I would just have a brief similar question regarding myself … Julie is also a bit concerned about health issues I might have because I have had what I would call minor chest pains over the last six months or so and a little bit before that as well and have wondered if there is anything I should do, such as take antibiotics to possibly finally eliminate whatever kind of infection I had earlier (?). Or if there’s anything else a scan might reveal that I should take care of (?). I’m mostly feeling well enough, though a bit stressed from having traveled recently.

Julie– He said there’s something on the back of your body in the vicinity of the heart—not the heart …

Ted– Right, I know what that is … it’s a muscle or rib pain that I get.

Julie– And that there is some pressure there … he’s saying that … you were twins, you know (?), he wants to say … he’s saying that you have similar …

Ted– “You were twins …?”

Julie– We were twins … that there were in similar conditions and circumstances … by the way I have the same kind of rib pain in that area … which side of your body is it on?

Ted– Left side.

Julie– Mine’s on the right. I can show you exactly where it is. He’s saying you do likewise have a low-grade systemic infection that is likewise coming from your teeth and that there is residue, and that it would be worthwhile to consult a physician … <Not a dentist?> the dentist will be coming, but I think what he’s answering is about the antibiotics … that it wouldn’t hurt to … he’s showing me a stethoscope, saying it wouldn’t hurt to have someone listen to your heart and lungs. The overall scan indicates … he says your hip is better, too. <Yeah, oh yeah …> He’s saying he thinks it would be a good idea to visit a doctor and likewise get a round of antibiotics to clear up long-term low-grade infections that are systemic. <Ok …>

Ted– Anything else about the rib discomfort that comes from standing or holding something too long in the left hand? Any therapy that should be applied?

Julie– It sounds like a complex thing, alternating heat and cold … and he’s saying, “Don’t hold it so long.” <[chuckles] Ok …> There’s apparently a similar condition there that is related to what I have on the left knee … it’s like an ongoing tendonitis or ligament inflammation that keeps being inflamed.

Ted– Well, I’ve been stretching and doing some exercises that might help a little … Ok, I guess we can move on if you’re ready (?).

Julie– Does that answer?

Ted– Ah, yeah … thank you … yes, indeed. We thank Hilarion for our health guidance … I suppose he is our “meta-physician” as it were … <That’s good.>

So, the next question is about another sort of snafu, I suppose, having to do with my recent letter that is going to be sent to Amazon, which had earlier received a letter of complaint about my 2nd edition Message from the Pleiades ebooks from the individual called Michael Horn, which ebooks were then “taken down” by BookBaby, and so I am wondering if I should just simply wait to allow conditions to settle out a bit more or whether they have any advice about pursuing a response in a more active way what I have been attempting to find out from Amazon, that is, what the complaint actually was from Horn so that I might respond to him (?). Or do they think I should just drop the whole thing to let the head hornet have his day on the field for Billy’s sake?

Julie– Still nobody has settled into that empty chair … so, just let me … [pause]

It’s Semjase who is going to speak. [takes a deep breath] I think we were told this before, but I think she’s saying the issue with Michael Horn is being driven by Billy, and that he is at this stage … it’s not dementia … that’s not the issue, but there is “an inability to imagine that your circumstance could be valid.” She said this also relates to your question about her “re-appearance.” Her feeling is that it[3] was unjust and therefore it[4] should not be dropped—because it was unfair—and she would quote … I don’t remember the figure’s name, the one I said was like Moses[5], who was here the last time, that we received that guidance from, that it is important for you to persevere … <Ok, good …> and that, from what she is able to see of what you are doing, is correct, but that ultimately, you will need to deal with Michael Horn.

Ted– Yeah, I’m in process of requesting a copy of his complaint from Amazon and then formulating a response to him.

Julie– Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s perfect.

Julie– Absolutely don’t give up.

Ted– I thank her very much for the advice, and we’ll be coming back for a second part with her as well, if possible …

Ok, your next question involves our lot in Pagosa and whether we should put it up for sale in the short run because we don’t think we’re going to be able to build a house on it for various reasons, which had previously been our plan, and secondly that we are probably going to need the money to do some needed dental work for you … do they have any notion whether it seems correct to them that we would go forward with the sale of the lot any time soon?

Julie– So, it’s Ariel who’s going to be speaking, and what she’s saying is there’s not enough information known yet to make that decision, and she’s saying wait at least until I have seen the other dentist … what she’s saying is, see the other dentist, find out what the options are, then speak to the realtor to see what the circumstances are with the market and sales, and then decide on the timing … <Very good.> which makes sense. [pause] She just went on to say that whatever our disappointments are, that was a guided purchase, and that it is a good investment.

Ted– Ok, well that’s what I thought, too. Maybe we could continue on then and take the second part of the question for Semjase (?), having to do with the prospect of a book about her with a working title of The Re-appearance of Semjase … first of all whether she would feel at all accepting or perhaps even enthusiastic about making a “re-appearance,” as it were, or whether such a project would be seen by her as not really well-timed, particularly with regard to Billy and his current circumstances (?). I don’t think I have in mind to be asking very much of her, except approval for starting to pull together various threads, based first on her Contact 10 from the Message from the Pleiades books, as an early explicit teaching she gave to Billy and the readers of the contacts, which was a most memorable expression of the Pleiadian understanding of the Creation, and a most notable expression of spiritual insights and attitudes that are as good as anything that had ever been given out, particularly by a female ET figure, in contactee literature.

We know she is modest and definitely does not wish to be “deified” … but how would she like to be remembered and perhaps become better appreciated or understood on Earth (?) … or is it even possible for her, given her present commitments, to extend her visits to Earth where she has already lived out a large part of the last century or so? Does she think it would be appropriate for me to begin a book-length narrative to introduce her as a partially-resident Pleiadian ET woman with a spiritual teaching to offer a wider Earthuman audience who might be interested, perhaps particularly as a role model for more advanced Earth women, either for the first time or from the legacy of the Meier contacts … or, as a Jshrsh, has she already committed herself to other project efforts, perhaps on Erra and/or other planets?

Julie– [softly] So, I have to tell you that while you were speaking, something happened that’s never happened before … it was like she became luminescent … <[softly] Wow …> as if she were transmitting this tremendous energy field to me. I want to say it was like a benediction … I really am not sure … she’s telling me that they have a healing technique, which the closest on Earth is Reiki or Johrei … but that they have a capacity to tune or accelerate their own frequency and transmit something that’s like a current … so that happened … her appearance didn’t change.

So, the answer is complicated, as you might expect. She said the title … first of all, I guess I should say that proceeding with the writing, the research, the preparation … is most appropriate. She’s not certain about the title and the implications of that. <Yes, of course …> She wants “return” in the title, but it’s more like something about “a return of stellar wisdom” … or “return of ancient wisdom, ancient knowledge.”

She is suffering a great deal because of what’s happening with Billy right now and with the organization … <Yes …> and she does not wish in any way to add to that. <Right> So, in essence what I’m understanding from her … she’s nodding … is yes, go ahead with the research, go ahead with the writing, go ahead with what you feel … she’s very pleased with the idea of transmitting what is often called “Contact 10” … <Um-hmm …> she’s saying more can be transmitted through the vehicle of these sessions, relative to … what she’s very interested in having us talk about and learn more about is how they travel back in time, our relationship with Rhi and Phindar as part of it, part of what you would talk about. What is not answered in your question?

Ted– This was only a preliminary request for marking a start on this idea of a book about her and what she might wish to say or not say, beyond the amazing and tumultuous “Billy Meier New Age Prophet experiment,” so to speak … and whether it’s a good enough time for it now more than 40 years later … and of course, it would seem a natural for us because she has been such a central figure in revealing our Pleiadian hybrid identities to us, beginning in The Star Table Trance Missions, V.1 of the *5 Star Series*.

Julie– So, I’m now getting a triple transmission from … well, the Sirians are actually adding theirs as well … what she’s saying is that something that would be very helpful, and you are uniquely qualified to do, is an analysis of some of the projects we know about … some of the religious intervention … <[brightly] Yes …> our project … and that more can be revealed through the vehicle of these sessions of ours about other projects. The Sirians are also nodding they would like to have the information given about their lodges on Earth, so the sense I’m getting is that the thrust of the book would be about … and Hilarion’s eyes are twinkling … <[chuckles] Oh, boy …> in a sense what you are qualified to write is how somewhat more advanced beings have interacted with Earth … with Semjase as perhaps the star example in her relationship with Billy, but she’s saying even though we have not had the physical contact, our story is as unique. <Yes …> And Hilarion is saying that both his relationship with Jon [C. Fox] and with us … is also worthy of description in the process … <Yes …> So, in a sense what Semjase is saying, is how you might think of it is how higher-level wisdom is communicated to developing planets … with perhaps Contact 10 as the centerpiece.

Ted– Ok, I’m very pleased to have a beginning with these thoughts … it’s such a …

Julie– Well, I get the sense that much more could come, that it could come through this vehicle. You already have much that you could get started on.

Ted– Oh yeah, I think so too.

Julie– They all really like the idea by the way.

Ted– Oh, good … good.

Julie– All of them … the Sirians, too, because they are here today and want their story told as well.

Ted– Oh, fabulous … we really need to know a lot more about them because we know so little comparatively. I have slowly being trying to understand more about them and how they proceed and what their … you know … way of working is like, how they are involved. We have learned a fair amount about that, and so … that’s good … that’s another good part to follow on.

Julie– Michael is just saying … he’s echoing what has been said before [loud beep heard in the background] Is that the recorder?

Ted– [resigned] Yeah … I guess I’ll … stop the recording for just a moment here, then.

Julie– I think I have …

Ted– You have batteries?

Julie– I think so … in the pantry. You know where they are, right?

Ted– Yeah. So, I’ll just stop here for a moment, and we’ll do a quick little switch on our recording device … so this is the end of the first part of our session 91 …

[A second loud beep is heard; then the recording is stopped. It turns out the problem is not low battery but lack of memory storage space. Some old files are erased, and after a few minutes the recording is restarted.]

Ok … I think we are recording again … sorry for the delay … I had to do quite a lot more than I thought—I’d never done erasures before without the computer. So, I offer apologies to all the participants today and would like to continue if you can continue with your situation there (?). So, I think we had mostly finished with the portion about my new book idea and have been given some feedback that was very helpful. Are we now ready to do on to our next question?

Julie– Well, the summary of that was that the scope of the book can be wider than with Semjase and what is called “Contact 10”—the centerpiece or “crown jewel” if you will—but that there could also be information in the category of how more evolved species of the “ascended masters” variety … and Hilarion is just saying to me, “as well as well-meaning fools,” have and do introject themselves into developing cultures, some with positive response, some with not-so-positive response … <Yes …> and now Semjase is adding that … this is what she just said to me … sadly the Pleiadians have had more failures than successes when it comes to Earth. <[very softly] Wow …> She wants to comment to you on … by the way she … they all love the way we figured out the thing with the Vulcans in Star Trek and all of that … <Oh, good (!)> and that’s what they account one of their biggest successes … <Yes (!) … me too.> that because, she’s saying, the Pleiadians had developed intellect or mentality and suppressed as unruly, their emotional natures, that they set up … she’s saying humans might have called it a “time bomb,” and that in fact was one of the biggest lessons for the experiment with Billy … with Eduard … that had to be brought back into equilibrium.

There have been other such stories on Earth … she’s nodding … she and Hilarion both nodded to the Sirians, saying they, by contrast, have had many more successes than failures. <Wow … fascinating.> they are much more integrated where what would be called the qualities of mind and heart are concerned. Ok, I needed to finish—I’m seeing if anyone has anything else to say … ok, I think that’s it.

Ted– Very good, then. I’ll just mention that this is part 2 of our J&T Session 91 if I forgot to do so at the beginning of this part after the glitch. I would thank them all, especially Semjase, for consideration of my new book idea that occurred to me recently, and this gives me something very interesting to work on, which I definitely will be doing.

Julie– She’s in blue today.

Ted– Oh, good. The next thing I think we’ll consider has to do with this interesting hypnotherapist named Michael Newton, who has come to our attention recently and whose third book about “life between lives” I’ve almost finished reading now, and so Julie and I are both somewhat intrigued by the notion of attempting to do an experiment with her as a subject to discover a little more about what has happened in her past lives and especially what happened between some of her past lives. We can now begin to think of doing that with these instructions of Dr. Newton.[6]

Julie– Hilarion put his thumb up. <Oh, good.> He’s saying that you might at last, because of our connection and my ability, I might be able to actually retrieve your information relative to you throat condition … <Really? Wow! Fantastic.> He says it’s possible, because of our connection and our … my ability that I might be able to retrieve that for you.

Ted– Ok, so we’ll do “Life Between Lives” [LBL] sessions for both of us. Wow, wonderful—that’s an exciting new approach. <Yeah.> Well, that really is interesting.

Julie– They’re for it.

Ted– We thank him very much for the tip, and we will be going forward with that … Is there anything else about Dr. Newton, beyond the books, they can tell us that might be helpful in our approach to LBL? For example, any of his astrology that might have tailored his process of developing the LBL techniques with a particular slant?

Julie– Ah, Hilarion is smiling … all he is willing to tell me is that he was a very famous Greek physician … not willing to give me the name … and that he worked with the Psychomanteum … <Who?> He worked with the technique of the Psychomanteum … which was taking people into the afterlife through the use of mirrors in a darkened room.[7]

Ted– Oh, wow … back in the times of ancient Greek culture? Ok, I hadn’t heard of that one before. We thank him for that tip off then, and if we are ready to continue (?), we would also like to ask a little about the individual called J.J. Hurtak, who wrote a famous book early in his career called Keyes of Enoch that I read and found very interesting probably 40 years ago. We wonder what we might find of interest now since he is a colleague of James E. Brown whom Julie has been working with recently on their Egypt books. We would probably also like to know what his involvement or relationship with Pleiadians might be, either the Pleiadians we know about or others—we know there are other Pleiadians who are active on Earth, but we don’t know much about them, and I think Julie had mentioned we believe there is a commonality with one of the celestials … was it Raphael? … tell me again, please Julie … <Gabriel> Sorry, Gabriel, … whether there was a significant relationship with Gabriel?

Julie– The Keys of Enoch was a Pleiadian project … <Wow (!)> Indeed, and there is a lineage there: different program, different project … a “colleague,” if that could be the right word, of Gabriel, and there is a celestial being called Ezekiel, different from the physical person incarnation … more like “Eh-zeck-iel” … is how I’m hearing it. Gabriel was aware of the project, and apparently, like many of their explorations, it has not turned out exactly as they hoped, and that in some ways he has been co-opted by the government … not an evil person—a very well-meaning person—but his interest in James’ work actually stems from interest by the CIA. He doesn’t know much of that; he’s unaware … <that he’s being manipulated?> Uh-huh, he thinks he’s being of service. He has a level of protection, however, from Pleiadians—as does Billy. Phindar wishes to say he has made many of the same mistakes many of the Pleiadians have regarding money [?].

Ted– Ok … would you like to glance over and see if the person who was going to be sitting next to Ariel has appeared?

Julie– No one has materialized … there’s an energy field there … I’m beginning to suspect there’s a technology that’s recording what’s happening here in a different way … <Oh, ok … so it’s a monitoring device of some kind (?)> monitoring but not transmitting to us; it’s just recording the proceedings—that’s my sense.[8]

Ted– Well, ok … I think those are all the questions we had prepared for today, and as always the answers have been fascinating … so, how are you feeling?

Julie– Ok … are we about …?

Ted– Yes, we’re close to being finished for today … so, if you could have a look around the table there again … to see if there’s anyone looking up who hasn’t spoken yet today … Athena comes to mind …

Julie– She was transmitting to me, sort-of along with Hilarion when he was saying certain things … I think the person who wants to speak in closing is Semjase. <Oh, good (!)> She wishes to say to you that from her perspective in the scheme of things, she’s like a person in a giant organization just doing her job … <Yes> and that some of the greatest harm has come to planets where technological visitors were deified … and it caused … and she said the same thing happened with Jmmanuel and with Mohammed and others who … so she just wishes you would understand that … <Yes> because in no way does she ever want to be responsible for anything like that.

Ted– She has made this very clear to me in earlier J&T session conversations, which was and is very plain to me, so I am fully aware of her concern. I think I’m only looking for a little assistance from her to find out what she would see as the best way to present her distinctive teaching emphasis with some commentary to have it associated with her with appropriate acknowledgment of validity, from a figure of obviously advanced—and indeed exotic–status who nevertheless is not to be erroneously “deified in the process.” I well know this as an ancient mistake associated with relatively ignorant and primitive peoples, which we would like to avoid. I am obviously not a religiously inclined person wishing to “compound the felony” as she once said. We would be committed to the truth in any event as we know she is, which gives us much of our inspiration from her … in a time desperately in need of integrity and greater honesty about truth to combat secrecy within enormously powerful malicious syndicates and conspiracies.

So, it would seem to me that it is our problem today to attempt to present the facts and affirm spiritual principles as they are and have been given to us in a striking contemporary instance by a most extraordinary individual who happens to be a quite lovely and courageous extraterrestrial woman from the Pleaides (!), but accompanied with soundly mature interpretations that can allow people a greater understanding in taking it to heart with loving appreciation, but without excessive worshipful or other misplaced or merely devotional attitudes. After all, it is part of the female archetypal nature to have such an appropriate and natural spiritual awareness with its rightful role in allowing greater truth to emerge in the coming future world on an Ascended Earth. We would also naturally present her in the context of our other J&T Session participants such as Athena and Hilarion, Ariel and Michael, and members of our paternal Pleiadian families.

Julie– She’s saying the best analogy she could give is like that of an anthropologist stumbling across a primitive tribe … that the anthropologist doesn’t wish to be thought of as a god, but the primitive tribe doesn’t know what to make of it, and they’re bringing the advanced knowledge—perhaps advanced wisdom—but they are transmitters who have … and the other thing that she’s saying that is very poignant … is that she’s saying that no matter how much they thought they had learned and grown and evolved, in many ways, they have been humbled by their experiences on Earth.

Ted– Yes … well, I have certainly come to appreciate the difficulties of accepting certain emotional experiences and validating their statue, as well as presenting spiritual teachings on Earth—it is clear to me because of some of the terrible wars that have occurred—and are still occurring (!)—which I think we consider to be the main problem of our time: the tragic conflicts among the three main Pleiadian-inspired Abrahamic faiths now in open warfare in our Middle East, not to mention the historical internal schisms. It’s hard to even begin to think about how to understand all this and have any idea how to proceed …

Julie– You’re about to get a gift … <Oh?> Athena wants to suggest a subtitle … <[chuckles] Ok …> Transmitters of Timeless Wisdom

Ted– ”Transmitters of Timeless Wisdom” … well, she’s very good at this.

Julie– Not the title—she wants you to find that, but as a possible subtitle or frame … they’re all smiling—that doesn’t happen very often.

Ted– Ohh, that’s so nice (!). “Transmitters of Timeless Wisdom” … my old ball-point pen just failed … <[laughs]> [whispers] This one doesn’t work either.

Julie– Throw them away!

Ted– “Transmitters of timeless Wisdom” … it’s too good to lose. [pause] Ok, we thank her for that offering … and perhaps you can attend to a final scan to see if anything additional can be offered by anyone else … perhaps Samael or …

Julie– They hold space, mostly. I’ve been feeling the energy of the White Lions and Samael and Jhinda … I think Michael and Ariel both spoke before the crash of the recorder … I guess Rhi wants to say something; she hasn’t spoken yet. <Oh, good.> She’s saying that from our perspective, of course, “For us humans …” she’s saying “when people come from the stars, we expect them to have more wisdom, when all they really have is more knowledge.” <Yes> And that it is very, very dangerous, and she’s saying that was the whole significance of what was given in the Star Trek series about the Prime Directive. The danger, the profound danger, in the more technologically advanced culture, imposing their beliefs and interrupting the development … <Yes>

Earth is a special case because of all the interference that has taken place and the escalation of violence and combining of races that occurred after the destruction of Malona. They still take great care; they still are very puzzled, she’s saying; [softly] they still are not certain about what to do about circumstances on Earth.

Ted– Exactly … that has been my feeling that has come lately as well.

Julie– But they do respond when they are individually asked, as they do with us. [softly] I think that’s it.

Ted– Ok … once again, we’ve had a wonderful … timeless moment with these amazing and delightful individuals whom we have gotten to know a little bit better the last few years, and, as usual, we are profoundly grateful to have the privileged experience of getting such thoughtful answers to our questions. We are particularly grateful to Semjase today who is experiencing a certain kind of poignant transition with her circumstances on Earth, and we hope to be able to speak with her again in the future … for various reasons … and we are grateful to Hilarion and Athena, and Ariel and Michael for their pivotal positions with us to help organize these sessions that we ask for and which they do in an amazing way behind the scenes, and we would also thank all of the others, and I would allow you to have the last word if you would like.

Julie– As always, I feel a great sense of humility and gratitude … and just always hope I’ve done my best.

Ted– Ok, I will thank you for that and indeed for your ability to make all this possible … so now, on the count of 5, having finished with our Session 91 for today … you will begin to realize that you are starting your journey back home to your normal full physical-body consciousness …


*          *           *           *

  1. And is heard in the background throughout the recording.
  2. That is, on the “main floor,” not “sitting on the floor.”
  3. That is, Horn’s action to suppress availability of the 2nd edition of the Message from the Pleiades ebooks at Amazon.
  4. That is, my response to protest suppression of my First Amendment rights of free speech and legitimate rights of publication
  5. Shantar, in J&T TCD 90, an elder who is of the caliber of Semjase’s father Ptaah.
  6. The book is by Michael Newton, Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2015.
  7. Psychomanteum: In parapsychology and spiritualism this is a small enclosed area set up with a comfortable chair, dim lighting and a mirror angled so as not to reflect anything but darkness, intended to communicate with spirits of the dead. Wikipedia
  8. This would be the first time the proceedings at the table have been recorded from a position at the table.