Telepresence Conference 94


Telepresence Conference 94

November 22, 2017


Julie, Ted and the animals are taken to a beautiful large library room in the South of France for a meeting with the “core group” (Hilarion, Athena, Michael, Ariel, Samael and Jhinda). Ted begins with a question about California’s Santa Rosa fires and is told by Hilarion that it was indeed an multipurpose attack by the dark forces, using cloaked helicopters with laser weapons.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done by Ted at his house in Avery, CA with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– Ok, it must be because I’ve been putting up decorations today that I’m sort-of all in Christmas green, and you’re all in white. I have a holly wreath or something like that on my head, and you’ve got a silvery thing on yours. All the animals are here and went down all those steps, the marble steps. and through some sort of portal although I’m aware we didn’t leave the present time. We’re still in that big-home building that I’m always led to believe is somewhere in the south of France, where we had once lived. We went into a big light portal and went straight ahead into a very large room … one complete wall is glass … I’m not exactly sure what time of year it is … it’s light outside, but there’s no snow, and it’s green … but the room inside is large … I would say at least 20’ by 20’ … or even 30’ by 30’. There is a large table … oval, sort-of over towards the glass wall that looks outside … and I can see Hilarion and Athena … he is dressed for all the world like the Ghost of Christmas Present (!) … <[laughs]> of a Christmas Carol. Athena is almost all in white, except for this beautiful sparkly crystalline blue trim on it.

Ok, so we came into this room … the other three walls are all covered with books, floor to ceiling. The table is oval and white, and it has a center piece, again that looks like a Christmassy thing with a large candle and leaves around it, not to block the view. So, we’ve come in … the table’s oval … well, we’re coming in … we’ve come in the door on the short side of the oval. The room is more square than rectangular … like an oval, and we see Hilarion and Athena as we walk in, who are at the longer end of the oval … and I guess I’m going to call that 12 o’clock. She is on his right as usual, and you and I are going to sit at the other end of the long oval.

Ted– Is he on her right?

Julie– He is on her left; she is on his right. Isn’t that the way it usually is?

Ted– She is usually on his left …

Julie– Ok, well, it’s this other way today … <Ok, good …> His right and her left shoulders are touching … <Very good …> Yeah (!), that’s the way they are today. Then, you and I are going to sit at the other end; you are opposite Hilarion, and I am … so, it’s just the opposite … next to your left arm.

Ted– So, I’m on your right? <Correct.> Ok, very good.

Julie– Michael and Ariel are at the 3 o’clock position where they normally sit; she’s dressed in green, and he’s dressed in red. So, as I said, I think they’ve set the stage as a result of me doing decorating today … and at the 9 o’clock position … Samael and Jhinda are sitting there … and his left and her right shoulder are nearest each other <So, she’s sitting closest to Athena?> Yes … and with Michael and Ariel, she’s sitting closer to you. Samael and Jhinda are both in gold clothes today. [brightly] That’s it for today.



Ted– You’re sure we’re not in a different galaxy today? [laughs]

Julie– No, and we’re in present time. Whatever the state of consciousness, we did go through some kind of light portal to come into this room … I’m wondering now if that was an additional layer of protection?

Ted– Ok … and there are no other quests?

Julie– No, that’s it today … and the table’s big (!). It’s white, and as I said, it has this Christmassy decoration, a candle and a clear glass holder for the candle, which is white, and around the bottom of it are green leaves and white sparkly things, not lighted …

Ted– Which wall is the glass wall? Is it the one behind Ariel and Michael or Jhinda and Samael?

Julie– Samael and Jhinda. Yeah, and it’s the whole wall; it’s very large (!). I would say the ceiling is at least 12 feet tall, and that glass wall is at least 20 feet long. It’s a library sort of room; the table is sort-of closer to the window, and there’s … everything else is books, but in the center of the wall opposite the glass wall is the fireplace and armchairs—it’s a fabulous room!

Ted– Yeah, it sounds nice.

Julie– Ok, all the animals are in there; they’re sitting kind-of in front of where the fireplace is.

Ted– All right … [laughs] and which end is the fireplace at?

Julie– It would be behind Michael and Ariel. <Ok> So, I guess I’m ready. That’s all that’s coming today.

Ted– Ok, very good. I would welcome everyone present today and thank them for being with us for our session number 94. I’ll go to my first question that has been of some major concern to us here in California where I am … because of this very bizarre and very scary forest fire, called the “Santa Rosa Fires” that happened a couple of weeks ago now … having become the largest and most damaging fire in California history. There have been varying reports of how the fire started, which make it seem very unnatural and contrived. So, I’m wondering if they can begin to tell us as much as possible about what actually happened and who was behind this attack, which appears to be what it was, and what more might be revealed at this time (?).

Julie– Hilarion wants you to understand that what you have deduced and concluded is largely correct—it was certainly not a natural fire—and for the same ones who wish to remain in power, their motive was on multiple levels: one had to do with firing warning shots to those who are in resistance, and another had to do with the potential of acquiring high-end real estate … moving other people out … there’s a lot going on with that behind the scenes, and those who are in insurance and fire-fighting know that this is not a natural fire <Yeah …>

Hilarion is just showing me … you’re not going to get any more specifics other than those who are operating on this in enforcement areas and in fire-fighting areas … government areas … of the state, are all well aware of the reality of what occurred. <Um-hmm …> It is one more battle in a larger war that is being waged at this point. It’s creating, however, a cascading effect of awareness of the larger war, which is moving things forward at an accelerated rate, Hilarion is saying. He’s saying your essential analysis and what you have learned is largely correct.

Ted– Ok. Is he able to reveal anything about whether the so-called “Black Triangle TR3B” space platforms were used for the attack?

Julie– As for the targeting mechanism, the actual incendiary devices, operated at a much lower level … through lasers.

Ted– Ok, so presumably it was American military that was actually involved?

Julie– No, not at all; American military from the White House is fighting it. This was Cabal. The vehicles that operated from a lower level were stealth; they were cloaked. <Um-hmm …>

Ted– Would these have been dispatched from Antarctica?

Julie– No, some place north, more like Alaska.

Ted– Ok, so I assume what I learned from Internet reporting, is accurate, and I just wondered if there was anything more that could be revealed, but evidently it’s still too intense and too hot to be revealed by us, so I would thank Hilarion for those bits that he has helped us with there.

Julie– What he wishes you to know is that the net result of this, as well as the hurricanes … and other things, are actually having the opposite effect than what the dark forces anticipated: it’s accelerating the process and increasing the resistance. They’re very sorry for the losses.

Ted– Yes, it’s a sad story to lose so much beautiful forest habitat and the lives and residences of so many people and animals. Shall I move on, then?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– Ok then, we’ll go on to a rather more mundane issue, having to do with a look at Julie’s knee, which has recently received a minor operation, and she believes she’s doing well enough, I think, but wishes to have them—perhaps Hilarion—scan it to determine if he feels the healing process is proceeding normally or rapidly enough at the current time (?).

Julie– He’s scanning … Hilarion is saying healing is proceeding at a satisfactory pace, that my over-activity and involvement has caused my body to still be in a state of trauma. He’s telling me that I was correct in listening to my intuition and ordered an adrenal support … herbal support … and that the supplements I’m taking are helpful, and that it’s safe for me to now increase the amount of vitamin C and D that I’m taking. He’s telling me not to feel badly about the amount of sleep I’m requiring right now, that my body has been through a great deal of trauma over the last nine months. It will take time, but as for the physical aspects, both mouth, knee and muscles, are healing.

Ted– Ok. Presumably, your general health condition is satisfactory as well, we would hope?

Julie– He’s saying yes, but that I continue to need more than an average amount of rest, and that I should continue to moderate my activities to not become overly taxed again.

Ted– Ok, good, you appear to be doing well enough, so we’ll move on to the next item. <Ok> This is about the current situation in which you have been reading—are almost finished reading—a book called Undisclosed by Dr. Steven Greer, a compendium of UFO information kept secret by government and military sources … about which you have a few issues that you would like to ask … or perhaps they would like to comment on this book, particularly regarding whether it is expected to have a major impact.

Julie– Just for the recording, the title of the book is Unacknowledged … <Right … I wrote down the wrong word.> You haven’t had a chance to read it yet or “be in its presence” like I have. Hilarion and Athena are both communicating to me that it was a heroic effort indeed, and Hilarion is saying it is acting “like yeast” in a sense in that it’s rising as the book spreads, as the people who have given their testimony are acknowledged, and they’re quietly giving it to others to read. More people are coming forth, and more people are willing to give testimony. Apparently, the book is being sent to congressmen and senators as a means of getting this information into their hands as well and distributed in a wider way. So, it will not be instantaneous but will have a very profound effect, even some of the people who have given testimony who were in compartmented or compartmentalized areas, didn’t know what was going on elsewhere as they were reading the book with their own testimony in it. There is a … “brotherhood” might be the right term, for what is beginning to happen as this book is being shared, and people are recognizing, within the military and within other parts of the government, what has been kept from them. Hilarion says, “Even within what’s in the book, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.” <Yeah, I’m sure …> He’s saying that Steven Greer is greatly protected.

Ted– That’s good—we hope so (!). Is there anything else you have an issue about or that you remember now, which you would like more clarification about?

Julie– I’m being shown pictures of the dark side of the Moon—or back side of the Moon—about what’s going on there … and when our spacecraft rockets went to the Moon, not only were there ET bases, there already were Cabal bases on the back side of the Moon (!). <Yeah …> That’s what the quote meant: “They are here.” I’ve just been shown a kind-of image … it looked like an egg with like winks of light coming from poke-holes all over the place … an image or sort-of a symbol that the leaks can no longer be stopped … the book is just the beginning of a cascading effect. What they do not wish to tell us but that I am sensing, is that what we will be going through will not be a graceful process: there will be a great deal of … Athena just said “revelations of explosive information” <Wow (!)> That’s all they’re going to say.

Ted– Ok … I’ll go on to my next item then. I had a delightful experience about a week or so ago when I sat down at my computer in my writer’s workstation area where I had left the book Star Table Trance Missions open on the window sill, there was a lovely large green Praying Mantis attached to the window glass right above the book [laughs], which was really very unexpected, and then I had a rather amazing evening going outside and gazing up at the sky. It was a beautiful sky with the Pleiades culminating at that time of late evening … and so I was just wondering if this might have been a special kind of message—the placement of that Praying Mantis—and whether it was related, which seemed likely to me at the time, to having seen ET Mantid Beings in a video that I had watched online earlier that day (?) … and that we had been told about through our session as well … and which is also mentioned in the Star Elixirs book. So, did one of them do some or all that? [laughs]

Julie– Michael is saying … yes … it was a combination of a projection and communication from Lysah and Asafah, checking in on you with the wry material of the day … the mantis being, the insect, was “real” … it was also a combination of “real vision” manipulation of your awareness to be sure you got the point: the poetic image of the mantis poised above the book … but it was indeed a powerful greeting from Lysah and Asafah.

Ted– I got some great pictures, too (!). <Yes> Ok, that was a fascinating little episode, and we thank them for it … and I will continue on when you’re ready.

Julie– Michael is telling me that something else was telepathically transmitted to you at that point … that you might not actually be aware of yet, but when you went outside and looked up at the stars, you received some sort of powerful transmission in addition to feelings of happiness and bliss that you had. Did you sense that at all?

Ted– Oh yeah, it was fabulous; I wrote a wonderful piece about it that I’ll be putting up on my web site[1] which was an expression of the insight and revelation, but it didn’t have a lot of content, so I was going to ask more about the Pleiades now …?

Julie– What is the question?

Ted– Well, all of that happened while the Pleiades were culminating high overhead where I was looking that evening, and so, I made a more attempt to familiarize myself with some of the brighter stars of the Pleiades group, and I’ve also read in the meantime in the Star Elixir book Hilarion’s commentaries on Alcyone, Electra and Merope, although Taygeta is not mentioned … where we believe we have our contacts from … and so, I was wondering, how many planets in the Pleiades star systems have human populations that would be similar to those in the Taygeta System?

Julie– Ok … Hilarion … I think they’re trying to figure out what to tell me. There are a lot of stars in that cluster; I want to say … I think he’s trying to tell me at the low end it’s seventy something … it’s a very bright star cluster (!).

Ted– Semjase said there are 255 stars altogether.

Julie– Ok, well, it seems that there are about seventy stars of the kind that could have life-sustaining planets.

Ted– I’ve counted about thirty that seem pretty bright. Well, I was hoping to learn more about Alcyone and its planets that might have planetary civilizations as a beginning opening statement because Alcyone is evidently also quite involved in Earth’s evolution although I don’t know anything about it yet myself, that is, we don’t …

Julie– Hilarion is telling me we should do a session on that when you’re here. <Ok, that would be lovely.> It’s apparently a lot of information; the civilizations on the different stars are quite diverse; I’m getting the sense that even just in that star cluster, there might be as many as twenty planets that have humanoid life that have evolved to a variety of levels, and at least three to five have interstellar travel. He’s suggesting we might work on that while you’re here to gain more information.

Ted– Ok, great. Well, why don’t we drop back, then, to what you said before we started on this question, when I went outside to gaze at the Pleiades … I don’t have a recollection of any specific “content” other than what I said. Is there anything more they can tell me about it?

Julie– It was sent to you telepathically, and much of it may have been contained in what you wrote about … oh, my goodness (!) … Hilarion is telling me there is a relationship between the Pleiadians and the Mantid Beings … <Hmm, wow …> they collaborate at times. What we are calling the “Mantid Beings” is a very unfortunate term for them, though part of the reason is that they’re quite tall and their skin is green … <Right [laughs]> but they’re very advanced—they’re really advanced, scientific and intelligent …

Ted– And from a very nearby star, right?

Julie– Yes. So, I’m getting the sense that you should do more research on those beings, and that would be … Michael and Ariel, and Hilarion and Athena are nodding … and something about the Pleiades Star Cluster … these would be things for us to work on while you’re here. <Ok, good …> Meanwhile you might so some research on them to see what information is out there that seems credible. I think they’re about eight feet tall (!).

Ted– That’s what you said before … that is, we’ve talked about them in some detail before as I had requested.

Julie– I wonder if you could … this is me as an aside … do some searching and gather what has been said up to this point? [suddenly] Oh (!), oh … one of them is going to work with us … <Oh, really?> in the trance sessions. Apparently, one of them will start coming to the table when we do this research. <Fascinating, ok …> So, we’re going to have a contact of a different sort. <That’s exciting.> Yes, it is (!). We get a new type of being to be able to work with.

Ted– Ok, have we finished with that one, too?

Julie– I think so; that was kind-of a surprise. So, that would be my request: if it’s possible; it’s such a huge amount of documents, if you could do a search for what we have done with them; that would be a good beginning. Apparently some of them who are assigned here or who work here, have learned of our project and wish to have more known about themselves.

Ted– Oh, how marvelous [chuckles] … word is getting out on the “inner planes,” as it were …

Julie– Right. They’re smiling.

Ted– Ok, we thank them for having a rain check on that for another time. I don’t have a lot more to offer in terms of prepared questions, but I was going to ask if Rhi and Phindar were there—which they’re not—what they have been doing recently, but I will also save that for another time.

Julie– Well, I can suggest that when you’re here, we can plan to do one session a week and maybe have specific topics: one topic per session that we would go into in depth.

Ted– Right, that would be very good, I think. We’ll come up with a list of topics we can go deeper with. Well, I don’t have anything new right now, then … is there anything else you have been reminded of while we’ve been talking so far?

Julie– Well, I would just follow up, as I’ve been getting the strong sense … I was given a visual of the fabulous picture you took of the … Praying Mantises are insects, right? Don’t they have six appendages … <Yeah> poised over the book?



Ted– Yes, over the Star Table Trance Missions book.

Julie– What was happening was that you were contacted by Lysah and Asafah, and the message is that we would begin getting transmissions from the Mantid Beings, and they would hopefully tell us what they call themselves, and I will get a clearer picture at that point, but it’s sort of a new chapter, if you will, of something that we’ll be able to do: have a contact with a different race of ETs. But this may be something different from what we expected …

Ted– There is something more of a story that goes with that praying mantis that I saw that evening because a couple of days later there was another mantis that appeared on the inside of the sliding glass door of the solarium, which I carefully took and put outside … so I could close the door … and then it climbed back up on the bathroom window, where it took its last breath.

Julie– Oh, for heaven’s sake.

Ted– So, there were two of them, actually.

Julie– You thought that one was female and the other was male.

Ted– Yes, that’s right: I did tell you that, if perhaps whimsically, since they were slightly different looking.




Julie– Fascinating … well, that’s an interesting adventure that I couldn’t have predicted. That’s what they’re telling me it’s about.

Ted– Well, since I don’t have any more specific questions, and we’re at about the three-quarter point of our hour, I would like to ask if anyone present would be willing to offer something they think we should understand that we don’t know about (?).

Julie– Samael and Jhinda are there, and he’s just going to speak to you. One of the things you haven’t read yet in the Greer book … at the end where he starts talking about his own process … so Samael is just going to say that the manner in which the guides work with us in some way, or the way they engage with our reality … Greer talks about this at the end of the book, and I’ll be reading the rest of it this evening or soon after we talk. I’m trying to relax more and not work so hard and get well. Samael is saying that Greer explains it quite well: the ETs have technology that allows them to move back and forth between what in Greer’s words is called a “light barrier.” They have technology that transcends the speed of light, but moves them in a phase shift—this is what Samael is saying … the “phase shift mode” … so they can be there, and we can sense them, and they can then penetrate that “light shield” barrier and become visible again in a way that our technology does not yet understand … our guides are able to interact with us in a similar way, so that we may sense a presence, an energy field, a shift or something. You feel it, Samael is telling me … I’m not remembering your words … when you say that somehow you feel an energy shift or … what the word you use?

Ted– I usually say I can feel or sense an “energy presence” …

Julie– Yes, an “energy presence” and that’s very apt, he’s saying. You sense it, and they’re impinging upon you “from a different dimension” as it were, and are able to engage you, and when that happens, it’s like “saying hello” and as we’ve been told before, we can just be open to that and be aware of what’s happening … and we’ll get a message. So, Samael is saying, “It’s hyper-dimensional physics, which we do not understand yet, even if some of our leading physicists may be aware of it … but it’s like riding a bicycle to some of these advanced beings.” Our guides us this as well to work with us … that sort of mechanism or “physics,” was used as the communication about the mantis being was superimposed on the book. They all thought it was very clever.

Ted– I was greatly impressed! It was a marvelous experience—obviously very striking—not ordinary (!).

Julie– So, it was a gift and a sort-of portent of things to come. Samael and Jhinda want you to know that they are with you a great deal of the time, and that Hilarion is still chuckling about the “Sam joke”[2]

Ted– I really like the name Samael now … and I can even pronounce it.

Julie– It’s a beautiful name. <It is (!).> So, I guess that’s all they’re going to say … ah, Athena is saying that the work we’ve been doing, and the interaction we have with Rhi and Phindar, although they are not present at the table today, that there’s been a profound shift in our consciousness, what she’s calling our “receptor field” … our capacity to receive information at frequencies beyond what people are ordinarily able to receive. They just want to acknowledge that and also appreciate that we continue to do this. They say we’re getting better at it, so apparently we’re ready for a new chapter.

Ted– Oh good (!). Well, I do have a bonus question … <[laughs] Of course you do …> … which is interesting enough I would say, that they know about perhaps uniquely and would interest you as well … which is a possibly empty space that has been detected in the Great Pyramid, using muon detector technology. Are they able to tell us anything about that space, whether it’s real or imaginary, or whether it had anything to do with the preparations for the chemical laser process, as described by James Brown, that we are pretty well convinced, along with him, was used in the Great Pyramid chambers to electrify water?

Julie– Ariel is going to be the one to answer; she hasn’t spoken yet. She’s saying that issues dealing with cosmic rays or particles detected inside the Great Pyramid … we believe the space was detected right above the entrance to the Great Pyramid … is composed of material that is less dense than the limestone blocks that are around it. The space they believe they have detected above what is called the “Grand Gallery” is more anomalous and has to do with the placement of the equipment … it’s like [suddenly laughs] Ariel just said it’s like looking for your keys under a lamppost because that’s where the light is. <Right (!)> She’s saying it’s not what they think.

Ted– So, it’s not an open space that had some dedicated use, but rather a different kind of fill material that was used there in that area (?).

Julie– Yes, the porosity of the limestone in certain locations …

Ted– Ok, does Ariel have a moment to confirm or modify the notion that it was a chemical laser process that was used in the operation of the Great Pyramid in accordance with the theory of our friend James?

Julie-They say he has deduced it in greater part … his thesis is not completely correct, but in point of fact, it’s very, very close.

Ted– Can they tell us anything about what objects might have been mounted on the walls in the Grand Gallery that were used as something like catalysts or crystal oscillators to cause the process to be modified inside the Grand Gallery?

Julie– They’re showing me tall shapes hanging off the bottom of the ceiling, twelve foot long crystalline structures that were mounted in the open spaces … quartz … they have a bluish cast … high quartz with something else … ah, blue diamond … <Really, wow (!)> very tall, very hard, oscillating at a tremendous rate. Quartz has a natural oscillation frequency, as we know from computers and watches, and she’s saying the substances in there, the diamond and quartz, had a capacity to oscillate at a very high frequency, ramping the energy up to a tremendous level. These things look to be about twelve feet tall.

Ted– So, it was the wave trap of the main pyramid shape itself that was the driving force of the chemical lasering interaction, and these large and powerful crystals were used as catalysts to further modify the process that would operate for a certain period of time, presumably? <Yeah, that’s right.> Were there hidden rooms in the pyramid where the chemical preparations were made before they were brought into the so-called King’s and Queen’s chambers?

Julie– Not laboratories, more like storage areas … there’s apparently another entrance on the south side of the pyramid that had access to bring in supplies.

Ted– Wow, then, I guessed that one right! Can they tell us what the base chemicals or crystals were that were used to generate the chemical vapors in the lasering interaction, which were brought into the King’s Chamber? Is James’ idea correct that they were fluoride crystals?

Julie– Fluoride was certainly one because it liquefies at room temperature. Gold was involved because it is also active at room temperature … salt … sodium chloride and something yellow … there’s something else that we call … oh, sulfur …

Ted– Yeah, sulfur, that’s what I was going to suggest. So, those were the ingredients that were used in the King’s Chamber? All of them at the same time?

Julie– Not all at the same time—all at different times, depending on the nature of the intended result. James has theorized that the salt was used for the electrification of the water, but other processes were used in drying beds alongside, like the salt ponds in San Francisco Bay … things were evaporated … and chemicals were used and removed in different ways.

Ted– Can they also tell which chemicals were used in the Queen’s Chamber or did it also vary a great deal, depending on what they were doing?

Julie– Hydrogen …

Ted– How did they get hydrogen? Was it gotten in underground reaction chambers?

Julie– They did it with a process using water; they drew the hydrogen out of water vapor.

Ted– Ok, I’m sure it would be pretty complicated to try to explain in detail … we could probably do a whole session on this pyramid chemical laser description …

Julie– I thought you were going to be easy on me today …

Ted– Well … we got through our hour, and this bonus question went on longer that I first expected, but the first answer was so impressive I followed it a bit further where it might lead, so I really thank them for helping us understand some of this, and I think James will find this interesting as well. I’m glad to have more confirmation of the chemical laser theory, and the interpretation of the muon experiment is also valuable, so I thank Ariel for her answers without giving her any time for preparation beforehand. I assume they must have some advanced technology like our Internet where they can do research on the fly … <[laughs]> in “real time” … and we thank them for that. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Julie– No, they’re all looking forward to seeing us together.

Ted– Ok, it won’t be long, I guess …

Julie– I hope not.

Ted– So, does it look like they’re finished with us for today, then?

Julie– I believe so. They’re all just wishing us well with our continued efforts and work in this regard.

Ted– Ok, we thank them all for allowing us to be with them again today. This is our “core group” I guess we would say [chuckles], and we greatly appreciate their time and interest in our affairs that helps us so much, and we look forward to meeting with them again sometime soon, and I also thank you for being able to do what you do so well, so you can have the last word whenever you’re ready.

Julie– I just want to thank them all. I always just approach this with a certain amount of trepidation. I’m always very grateful for the opportunity to have their help.

Ted– Ok, it always seems to go by so quickly, but now we have gotten finished for our hour today … and now on the count of five … you will begin to realize that you will soon be returning to your house to assume your ordinary consciousness …


*           *           *           *


  2. When Ted had inquired of Hilarion who some of his guides were more than thirty years ago in the Jon Fox channeling group, Hilarion had told him, “You can just call him Sam …”