Telepresence Conference 95

Telepresence Conference 95

December 17, 2017


Julie and the animal crew go down the marble steps and find a “big ball of light” waiting to take them away to a happy night-time street Christmas scene in France in the 1700’s. They proceed to a room in a house with a table and eight wingback chairs for guests, six familiars and two new ones, Haset, Julie’s friend from ancient Abydos in Egypt and Ivan, Ted’s father from a life in Ukraine. It will be a recounting of past life adventures and hardships.


Conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done at Julie’s house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– As I’ve said before, I went into a really deep trance as we were all waiting at the top of the stairs, so I’m going to go with you and all the animals. We’re both dressed in sort-of green velvet outfits today, so … for the season, I guess … it’ll just take a moment for me to go down the marble steps. At the bottom of the steps today is a … big ball of light, which usually indicates time travel. We’re going someplace else. So, we’re stepping into this … it kind-of moves … it’s a sphere probably fifteen feet in diameter, something like that, maybe twenty—enough for all of us to get in. So, we’re going in now to this brilliant light, and there’s no sense of movement, but then after whatever period seems appropriate, we step out on the other side.

It’s night where we’ve stepped out, but there are candles everywhere, candles and lanterns, and we’re walking … I’m understanding it’s a village in France in the 1700’s. The buildings are stone and brick … there’s a narrow street, and again I think it’s set in a way at Christmas or Solstice time. A lot of people are walking around … it’s snowing, and everything is all illuminated in festive decorations … people are talking and happy. So, we’re walking down this street, and someone is standing on the street, beckoning to us on the right and is going inside the structure that looks like a home, going in the front door, and inside it’s all decorated as well. There’s no Christmas tree, but there are garlands and lights and bows, and in the room we’re being taken into, there’s a huge beautiful fireplace where a roaring fire is going—that is sort-of on the … as we enter the room, that fireplace is on the right in the corner, and the setting today has all the chairs in a circle—there’s no table. There are eight chairs, and they all look like wing-back chairs. All of them are fabric chairs, like upholstery, solid colors, sort-of cream-colored, but they have texture. And I believe these kind of chairs are called French Provincial, but I can check or tell you later … they sort-of look like they have arm rests, tall backs with sort-of a scallop in the center of the back—not straight across the back; they seem to have a curve.

So, we’re walking in, and the circle of chairs—the oval of chairs—is to the left of where the fire place is, and there is a small table in this oval of chairs that has evergreens, berries and candles … three candles, three different sizes, two that are the same size and one in the middle, all burning, and it smells lovely, sort-of like Christmas greenery, evergreens. So, I would normally tell you that it seems like our position would be different, but we’re coming into this oval, and we’re being seated at the first one we come to, which kind-of seems backwards, but I’m going to say … at the 6 o’clock position.

So, there are eight chairs … Hilarion and Athena … and we each have a big wingback chair; they’re like on either side of where 6 o’clock would be, and Hilarion and Athena are at the other end on either side of where noon would be.

Ted– In the usual arrangement?

Julie– Yes. You are on my left, and Hilarion is opposite you, and Athena is opposite me at the top. So then, Michael comes next, and he’s seated sort-of next to Athena, where 10 o’clock would be. Ariel is roughly where 3 o’clock would be.

Ted– Michael is seated at approximately 2 o’clock, did you mean?

Julie– Yes, 2 … I don’t know what I said.

Ted– You said 10.


Julie– Moving clockwise around, he’s next to Athena, but these are big chairs … and Arial is roughly where 3 o’clock would be … and next is a male figure … so, he’s seated between me and Ariel, and he looks very much like you would imagine what Santa Claus would look like—very humorous, not quite that big, and he’s not dressed in red and white, but has a similar beard and hat. His clothing is more colors like what Athena wears. He’s dressed in a blue suit, but he looks more like the figure of Santa Claus. His name is Ivan. <[chuckles]> So then [counts to herself], roughly at the 9 o’clock position … [pause] well, this is one of those times when the figure keeps morphing … I don’t know whether that means sometimes they don’t know who’s going to come or just my lack of clarity … well, it’s sort-of solidifying into a female figure … who looks ancient Egyptian. Her name is Haset … H-a-s-e-t … and her costume or clothing is very much what you would see on the walls of an Egyptian temple. There’s a circlet on her head that’s gold; it has a gem in the center of her forehead, which is blue; and her dress or gown is very simple: it looks blue also. I think that’s eight. I don’t see any more chairs. It’s kind-of hard to tell you how the clock is …

Ted– Yes, that’s ok; there are eight—you’re right.

Julie– Ok, that’s it.

Ted– Ok then, since everyone appears to be seated, we will begin. Along with Julie, I would welcome everyone who is with us today—six familiar figures and two who are new to us. I’m so glad they could have joined with us. So, the first question will probably be fairly simple, about a photograph I made on a walking tour in the vicinity of my house in early Spring this year when I was shooting the Evergreen Oaks, the Black Oaks and this one old white Oak. When I got back to the computer to see the picture of the White Oak, there was a mysterious white blotch that appeared to be in front of a small Ponderosa Pine to the left of the big White Oak. It looked somewhat like what I imagined would be another White Eagle that I had hoped at one time to see by this White Oak. It certainly did not look “ordinary,” and I’m wondering if anyone there can help me understand what it was that I photographed (?).


Julie– Athena is saying that at that moment you were permitted to see the spirit of the tree … <[softly] Wow …> as it left its deva guardian. <Oh, my goodness (!).> You were gifted to see the manifestation of the life force, the spirit of the tree and its guardian, who tends your area … the deva. <[softly] Wow.> You have several …

Ted– Does she appear to be finished with her comment?

Julie– I think so … in a sense they’re just showing me … that it’s not incorrect to think of it as having wings since they partake of another dimension …

Ted– Um-hmm … so it’s probably not anything we’ve ever seen before?

Julie– No, very rare, only very typically gifted people are able to perceive such things. It was given to you as a gift.

Ted– Oh, how nice (!). Was it associated with all four of the Ponderosa trees that died in that area?

Julie– They each have their own spirit; two guardians were involved with those four trees. You have seven guardians on your land; there are some who tend some of the other land, but because you have cared for it so much, you have attracted devas and nature spirits.

Ted– Hmm, how nice.

JulieThey’re part of what’s keeping you there. <Umm … um-hmm.> Athena is telling me you need to have a conversation with them … to go into your field and have a conversation with the guardians and ask for their help to bring in a new caretaker. <Ok> They don’t want you to leave.

Ted– Oh, my goodness … wow (!). Well, I’ll move on to my next question, then, about identifying an object that has recently been seen in orbit around the Sun, believed to have come from outside our solar system, and been dubbed the “first extraterrestrial asteroid.” It is long and thin, about a quarter mile in length or so. We would probably like to know if it’s a space rock or perhaps some kind of spacecraft or something of that kind … where it might have come from and what its significance might be at the present time (?).

Julie– Hilarion is saying “asteroid” is the correct designation; it’s headed on its way out of the solar system already, so it isn’t correct to say it’s orbiting the Sun. It came from the extreme edge of the Kuiper Belt; it’s red it color as many of the objects are in that part of the sky; it was perturbed by something else … coming in range. Hilarion is saying it did not originate outside the solar system but was perturbed by … a large spacecraft, actually.

Ted– Really? Ok, it’s not of great significance itself, then. <No …> Very good. Well, our next area of interest is about Egypt and the temple near Abydos. Julie is wondering about what her involvement is or is going to be on her trip to that area, which she has been involved with for many years, and since we’ve heard something about the temple of Abydos in a video that we saw recently, showing that one of the EBEN extraterrestrials, who had been interrogated after being taken from what was believed to be its 1953 spacecraft crash site in the Southwestern American desert, and was taken there by a Dr. Dan Burrish and allowed to return to his home world through the ancient star gate there that was still functional. We would naturally like to know anything more about this that Julie would find valuable.

Julie– He wasn’t actually returned; he was spit back out of the portal at the location as was Dr. Burrish.

Ted– Hmm … so the story is false?

Julie– No, it was attempted, and he was pushed in … his object with the ET inside was pushed in—but rejected.

Ted– Oh, I see … but he was still in it when it came back out?

Julie– He was still in it. The nature of the portal, Hilarion is saying … there are places … these portals are constructed by the same … “technology” is not the right word … language is the right word … where there is the capability to alter the fabric or the shape of space/time in certain places to shift the dimensional ratios between time and space, allowing access or what we might call “travel.” The whole area of Abydos is affected in this way, and the location is in an area that is now outside. Once upon a time there was a structure not unlike what has been described in the “Looking-Glass Technology.” The external structure is not completely there, but the portal remains. It’s not functional at this point, requiring certain electromagnetic fields to be in place that are no longer there. The capacity is there and could be re-activated, but it isn’t active at this moment. It was a portal that did go to the home planet/ star-system of the beings, the race that have been called “EBENS” … fifteen light-years away. Transportation through the portal to the traveler appears instantaneous … the portal is still open on the other end. The EBENs are the ones who have disengaged it … but that’s why Jrod[1] was ejected.

Ted– So, he was left to finish his days out on Earth (?).

Julie– Yes. [pause] Ah, Hilarion is saying that the movie Contact really did an excellent job of fictionalizing the portals, and as far as it went, it was accurate, and when someone goes through, they just seem to disappear. It’s as if they’re there one moment and gone the next. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s marvelous. We thank him for that interesting answer. The next question has to do with an update and awareness as far as it can be extended to us about the circumstances of the Southern California fires, which are still raging, and naturally we would compare that with the recent also huge Northern California fires that we were told about in our last Session 94. We assume the situation is somewhat similar, even though perhaps there is more to be learned about it now, which can also be told to us.

Julie– Hilarion is just saying that it’s worse than what was intended, and that the consequences will be far-reaching … <[weakly] Um-hmm …> but he does want to remind us that it is one of the forms in which he has spoken of before where karma needed to be discharged, and he’s saying, as difficult as it is, it is nowhere near what could have happened some time ago[2], in terms of the collective karma of the area, to many of the souls who are there. [pause] He said it makes them very sad.

Ted– Yeah, I’m sure … us, too, of course.

Julie– He’s letting me know telepathically that steps have been taken to intervene with some of the actions that are happening … I mean, apparently other catastrophes have been contemplated and planned, but they have intervened …

Ted– Can he give us a hint who is really behind this, exactly? Is it something in the nature of a military attack that has been brought down again from Alaska?

Julie– No, off-planet; these are those who reside on the Moon and Mars, who wish to control the world. He said it’s the off-planet Military-Industrial Complex that is driven by what is called “The Cabal.”

Ted– Ok … were the fires started a different way this time? Were they more “natural” and simply allowed to extend out further and longer through weather modification? Was it the Tesla laser weapon that was used again?

Julie– He’s saying that the original fires were natural, but like the hurricanes, they were manipulated by space-based platforms. [pause]

Ted– Does that seem to be end of it?

Julie– I think so—I don’t think he’s going to tell me anything else.

Ted– Ok, well that’s good enough. We thank him once again for answering a difficult question. The next item … Julie has been wondering about her little cat called Harriet, and she would like to ask or be shown something about her concern in that regard.

Julie– Ariel is just saying that Harriet and I are just doing the best we can; she’s not quite ready yet to make her transition, and they have heard my prayers that when it is her time, she will just go peacefully. They understand my concern about not traumatizing her any further … but no different action is required at this point.

Ted– Ok, very good. Continuing on with Julie’s circumstances, she would naturally like to know if they have any information for her about the condition of her knee, which has been taking physical therapy well enough, and if everything seems fine, she presumes she can be back to more normal use of her left knee and leg fairly soon.

Julie– Hilarion is saying the lessons of the left knee from the past life are being learned, and that healing is taking place in the appropriate manner, and that the full synthesis will come with the trip to Egypt. <Hmm …> So, the woman Haset, who is here today, is someone I knew and worked with back at the time of painting Nefertari’s tomb.[3] She was one of my teachers and great friends, and she’s telling me that I will have unseen guidance and protection, and that I will be receiving information while I’m there. She was apparently with me when I died in that lifetime—someone I was very close to. I have the sense she will be helping from the spirit world.

Ted– Is there anything you would like to ask her now?

Julie– Hmm … oh gosh, that makes me want to cry. She said I will be drawn to the places I personally painted, and I will feel a tremendous sense of pride … and that as I have feared, that life, although short, was not wasted. [sighs] I guess that’s all.

Ted– Ok. I’ll ask my not-too-long health question about myself, probably to Hilarion, if he could advise me what the nature of any kind of prostate condition I might anticipate any time soon—or not—and what he might advise me to do in that regard.

Julie– He’s scanning … he’s saying, as you know, almost all males do have some issue or condition as they age in that part of the body … he’s seeing some elevation in the measurement that would be taken. It would be good to have that confirmed; he’s saying … he’s recommending that you might research procedures that you know to be sure that your body is alkaline in PH. He suggest using the iodine; he thinks that’s an excellent thing to strengthen the thyroid, strengthen the adrenal glands … raising the overall temperature of the body, soaking in the hot spring would be an excellent thing to do, raising the overall temperature of the body periodically. He’s saying after the holidays, we should both eliminate sugar. <Um-hmm …> He’s looking at other parts of the body; there has been some additional deterioration of the large bone, hip bone, fairly stable but still weakening a bit. Apparently most things, from what he could tell from his scan of your body, look alright … the PSA is elevated slightly above the normal range … his recommendation, as I said before, is to do some natural procedures that you know will make your body more alkaline, raise the temperature, and research some other natural methods to strengthen your body. Does that answer your question?

Ted– Such as with herbs, I presume?

Julie– Yes, with herbs … with something called “Essiac” …

Ted– Yeah, that’s a cancer cure formulation … ok.

Julie– Overall, no problems. What I guess he’s suggesting is strengthening … things that would strengthen the immune system, make the PH more alkaline in the body … [chuckles] and Athena says that they both like the idea of me giving you voice lessons (!).

Ted– [laughs] Oh, but of course …

Julie– That would bring more oxygen into the system, and would strengthen the core.

Ted– Ok, very good.

Julie– Hilarion says he knows you would resist this, but that having baseline tests, just knowing the ranges of certain things in your body, is not a bad idea. I think that’s it. Does that answer your question?

Ted– Yes, We thank them for those answers, especially Hilarion of course, and so we’ll move on to our next question, then. We have both thought that it might be interesting to enquire about our lifetimes before the immediate ones we now know about, in which Julie was Xenia, the Grand Duchess of the last generation of the old Russian Romanoff dynasty, and myself as Count Vladimir Kokovstov who was the next-to-last Prime Minister of State at that time as well … what my lifetime immediately previous to that one would have been … because we have found these Russian lifetimes so interesting to understnad … so perhaps we could have the answer for Julie first … her last life before Xenia (?).

Julie– [takes a deep breath] Ivan is here for you … <Oh …> just to say, he’s someone … [pause] so I keep hearing “Ukraine” … sorry, he’s answering me first, so … Ivan, here … you apparently had two sequential lifetimes in the area of Russia, in the area of Ukraine … Ivan was your father … <Hmmp …> in the late 1700’s … you reincarnated very quickly after being killed in France during the Revolution … <Um-hmm …> and you didn’t live long during the Ukrainian lifetime; you were male then also … and you only lived long enough to, in a sense, live out the normal lifetime from being murdered in France during the Revolution. <Um-hmm …>

I did not participate in the Ukrainian experience, but I was also alive in France during the Revolution … and in the French court as I had thought or been shown before. You and I were not married in that lifetime, but we had a long-term liaison. I was married to someone else. You were a soldier—an officer of high rank, a second son of a noble family … you resented deeply your position … you felt you were more qualified to be the heir as the oldest son was not responsible or intelligent. It was a difficult time in that lifetime; we were in a sense both more involved with the problem than with the solution … as we were more involved with the court and its excesses. You were executed; I died a natural death, but it was from some sort of influenza. You died in your early forties, and I survived until my early sixties. My next lifetime was in Russia as a Romanov, again royalty in a sense. You had the brief lifetime in Ukraine, and the next lifetime was in Russia as Vladimir. In that lifetime, as we know, we knew each other remotely but were not connected. That’s the only one they’re going to tell us about today. <[chuckles] Ok.> That took a lot of energy, I can tell you. They showed me many scenes; you could see the one in France … they showed me scenes of us dancing at balls … <Umm …> we loved the waltz. My husband was very jealous of you … rightly so. I think that’s all I’m going to get on that. <Ok> I’m not sure I could take much more.

Ted– Ok, very good. We thank them and you for those visions, and I guess for what is my last written question here, we’re going to go back out into space for a moment and inquire a bit more about the moons of Mars, one of which is called Phobos that evidently has a very large tower on it that has been photographed by both American and Soviet probes in some past decades, and we’re wondering if we can be told a little more about those moons, evidently they are artificial, possibly hollowed out asteroids or something of that kind … and what the function of the huge tower was … and whether the moon is still occupied by anyone?

Julie– The moons themselves are not artificial structures, as you say, but were small asteroids that had been re-purposed or re-used in a certain way. The towers have the same function as in Egypt and other places: they are placed in particular junctures of currents, and amplify these electric currents. In the past they would have been like lighthouses, utilized as beacons for incoming craft, drawing on the energy present in the body, or in the case of the moons, perhaps even beneath the surface. That particular one was able to be luminous. They were made of a substance fired to become like glass but incorporated other substances as well to make it strong—something like aluminum … it’s no longer in use … it was in use a long time ago, like a beacon or a landing signal. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s very good. That’s all I have as written questions, and perhaps now we should allow any of our participants to possibly suggest anything to us that we might not have otherwise anticipated, either Haset or Ivan … perhaps by having seen us at the current time … that they might think we would benefit from knowing. We would be most appreciative.

Julie– Hilarion is saying we would benefit greatly by taking ten minutes a day in focused meditation, raising our frequencies and vibrations, calling in our guides and teachers, and that we would be able to receive strengthening impulses from them. It would be more effective if we do it together, even in the early evening as we retire to the couch to take even ten minutes of time would be restorative and strengthening to receive the transmissions. This would be very beneficial for our health and our spiritual development. <Hmm …> I guess that’s it. Michael and Ariel were pretty much here for holding space today.

Ted– Ok, very good. I’ve often wondered if that might not be a good thing to do together on a regular basis … and so I would ask you if you have anything else, having seen so much today, to ask or note?

Julie– I don’t think so; I was very moved and touched by the information I received today, and look forward to doing the work, the inner work when I return to Egypt—I’m grateful for that. So, as always, I’m just grateful to them for the awareness and the ability to have this experience.

Ted– So, there’s not likely to be any danger for you in going back to Egypt if the main part of the chaos there is going to be confined to Sinai?

Julie– They are not sensing any trouble for us at this point.

Ted– Ok … we thank them for their time and attention today, for answering our questions and presenting the visions for you to see, and so now we would have you realize that we’re essentially finished, and now on the count of five you will begin to realize that you may return to your normal physical body consciousness …

*            *           *           *

  1. “Jrod” was the code name given to the sole surviving post-crash EBEN individual involved by his secret military handlers whom Dr. Burrish was working with.
  2. Presumably, the forecast for a probably seaquake and resulting tsunami that had been made for the entire Pacific coast for extensive damage in California in summer of 2011, which has obviously not yet happened.
  3. Wikipedia: … the tomb of Nefertari, the Great Wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II, in Egypt’s Valley of the Queens … was discovered by Ernesto Schiaparelli (the director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin) in 1904. It is called the Sistine Chapel of Ancient Egypt.