Telepresence Conference 96

Telepresence Conference 96

December 30, 2017


In a unique and special session Julie and crew go to a room with a small oval table across from Hilarion and Athena with Ariel and Michael seated nearby to one side. As soon as they are seated, a green misty light begins to appear and fill the space as a protective shield for the duration of the meeting. Everyone appears larger than usual as they begin a somber recounting of the recent lawless chaos that has enveloped the conflicted factions in the “War on Earth and in Heaven” that is raging as even the Galactic Council is divided on how to proceed.


Conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done at Julie’s house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– I came down the escalator as usual and met you with all the animals at the bottom of the marble staircase, and we went into a room where I’ve only been a couple times before. We were seated at a small oval table, maybe not more than five feet in length with Hilarion and Athena. You and I sat across from them, so we’re both sort-of on the longer sides of the oval. Michael and Ariel are in the room in chairs … not at the table but sort-of to the right of where we are. All the animals are in the room seated on the floor. As we sat at the table, a green mist began to fill the room, an emerald green, Hilarion’s color, swirled around the room and formed into a sphere—like a snow-globe—that contains us all, as a further very strong, very protective shield. Nothing else will be able to enter … Michael and Ariel and all the animals are in … but it’s like we’re enclosed in this protective shield.

Hilarion is dressed in his signature emerald green today. Athena is in sky blue and ivory, which are her signature colors. They appear to be both completely formed as physical beings … and eight feet tall (!) … <[softly] Wow …> to signify, I believe, their power and strength. We also look larger than our normal size. They are both here today for what will be a different sort-of session. Hilarion communicated to me that my message this morning[1] actually came from Rhi and Phindar as emissaries of the Galactic Council. Ready to begin …

Ted– Ok … we thank the participants today for their efforts in planning to be with us and to perhaps enlighten us in whatever way they feel is appropriate in the current circumstances. We would naturally be requesting further commentary on Julie’s early morning waking dream awareness, indicative, as she has said, of groups that appear to be operating in the current conflict on and around Earth … and perhaps anticipate further clarification of those circumstances. So, we would request that anyone who wishes to begin, do so now.



Julie– [takes a deep breath] Hilarion is saying there is great concern, not only on Earth but that what is happening on Earth has also precipitated a conflict at the level of the Galactic Council in terms of what type of intervention might be required/ permitted under existing galactic law and policy. The situation on Earth is raging out of control. They are not certain what to do and how to intervene. Circumstances are unfolding in ways that were not expected because those on Earth who are subject to this law are in flagrant violation of it, meaning of course those who operate in space, operating from behind the scenes, are completely unjustified in wielding their illegal powers.

There’s great concern at the level of the Galactic Council; meetings are being held; negotiations are being conducted; and treaties are under investigation. In a sense Hilarion is … I’m not sure how to say this … I’m not going to be fully taken over … but this one is different from the usual sessions. <Uh-huh …> He’s communicating to me some of the same things I heard this morning. He’s not using the word “beware” … instead he’s saying,

Take great care about whatever information is consumed from certain sources … Decisions have not yet been made about the level of intervention; events are indeed escalating; the degree of lawlessness present in this country and others is tragic … and of course, those who operate in space are hoping to remain in their secret locations. Attempts are being made to cause distractions through more weather-related events and attacks that look as if they come from nature but instead come from rogue forces desperate to preserve their positions.

I was also told something like this earlier this morning. <[very softly] Wow …> In a sense what’s happening here is unprecedented as laws and efforts are intended to be enforced … and they’re being ignored. Hilarion wishes to emphasize what he has said before, “The source of the evil comes from humans.” We must be clear about that. The source of the evil comes from humans Therefore, the difficulty of ET intervention, because the evil did not originate from other worlds; the evil arises from within human hearts … therefore they are uncertain how to proceed … and the global councils are discussing what can happen. One of their possible activities will be more exposure of their presence, more involvement with humans who are ready to take it on, who are ready to accept it. He is advising us to disconnect from any sources of information which have an extreme bias, especially if it’s “anti-something.” Hilarion is suggesting for those who know, to call upon their spiritual teachers, to call upon their spiritual masters for strength, gathering together in groups that have a spiritual focus, which have an intention of raising their level of mind and heart for a spiritual purpose … this is the most important thing those who know the truth can do right now. His vibrant emerald green color is shimmering in this room.

Athena is saying,

Invoke the masters, invoke those we know, who embody the side of truth and light. If we call them, they will answer, but we must raise our consciousness above the battle—to be drawn into the battle is too dangerous. There are many, many interdimensional beings to provide help … but they must be asked. They are not permitted to intervene without our request.

This has been said before, but this is still the most powerful message that must be sent. They have grave concern that these out-of-control battles will degenerate further.

There are few on Earth who understand the truth. They understand the problem, but they don’t understand the truth. This is an enormous test that reaches out to other solar systems. The Galactic Council does not know how to deal with such clear violations of galactic law in a situation such as we now have. Within the ET groups, those police their own members—but they’re not permitted to police the planet.

So, we are told to call for help from the highest source that we can understand. Hilarion is reminding us that he told us to sit in meditation for at least ten minutes every day to call on this power. <Um-hmm …> There are fleets of what we would call “ships,” many of which are actually energetic beings, many of them interdimensional, as craft arrayed around the Earth … but they must be summoned. [sighs] Athena is repeating her appeal for calling on and summoning our own highest natures as beacons of light, so that we will be able to ask for help. I don’t know if that answers any of the question. In a sense it is the same darkest of the dark forces that are driving the extremes of right and wrong, polarizing the extremes of right and left, so that reconciliation becomes yet more difficult. [pause] The evil forces who wield power … Athena says they are beyond redemption, and some of this is completely unprecedented.

Ted– Can they describe how the Pleiadians and perhaps other ETs who have previously been aware of some of these circumstances on Earth are reacting at the current time?

Julie– The Pleiadians are attempting to deal with the results of their own intervention in earlier times, but it is only a fraction of what is happening on the planet. Some of it did, grow out of their intervention, but with some validity, it is also separate. However, they and others are indeed working with humans, some in political positions, some in military positions, among others. Hilarion has just allowed me to see that the wild cards in all of this are those who live in the interior.[2] They are part of the review of galactic law, and they are determining what their role will be. They have craft that can take them off planet while certain things might happen. The future hangs in the balance at this moment. The message is to seek our own truth and take care to be cautious of all voices who speak, no matter how seemingly well intended. The capacity to know the truth at the human level is exceedingly compromised at this time. The forces of darkness can indeed be called demonic at this point. Hilarion has told me that the spiritual hierarchy is fighting its own battles in their own way. We are permitted to share this information in ways that seem appropriate. [sighs] I’m just being shown a whole range of things that are happening, the degree of warfare that is going on in space is extensive (!). There’s a great deal of blind rebellion.

Hilarion and Athena are essentially communicating to me that the only answer … well, I don’t know it’s the only answer … but that the most powerful answer, is for people to rise to the highest level of what they are capable of attaining in their consciousness … and part of that involves disconnecting from discordant and oppositional voices whose only solution is to “take sides.” I’m being shown … it’s actually more than five … splinters of organizations or factions, as you have said, who are fighting for control and dominance.

Hilarion is telling me that … so much is at risk … but there is the equivalent of a vote at the level of the Galactic Council, to decide whether those who are involved and participating can reveal themselves to the world in a show of force or a show of power. The dark forces will try to spin this as an “ET invasion” when in fact it would be more like a “Heavenly Host.”

Athena is saying, as she has many times—and wants me to know this, too—that fear is the greatest enemy, and that the ETs and the Hierarchy will aid and protect those who are doing the best they can to contribute to the higher good—rather than to inflame this ongoing war.

So, Hilarion is channeling his emerald green power and energy through the crystal he’s wearing around his neck, a large emerald crystal … he’s using it like a transmission device, sending enormous amounts of its color frequency into our hearts as we sit at the table … into our hearts, our throats, our brows, our crowns … it’s a powerful, powerful, energy-wave beacon of strength and protection.

Ted– Yes, I can feel it.

Julie– We are being protected. [pause] What he wants me to know … wants us to know … is that the Hierarchy is working to inspire whatever small percentage of humanity is capable of arising, and they are identifying potential leaders in small groups because the resurrection will not come in a hierarchical manner; it will come in an Aquarian manner … from small groups who commit to live in a new and different way.

Athena is saying that one of the things I will remember from my upcoming journey to Egypt is the wisdom of the heart, which the very ancient Egyptians knew and what their rites of initiation and passage were meant to commemorate. They’re showing me that in the awakened chakra system, Kundalini moves upward, completely upward in the spine to the higher centers and then in waves of energy, moving up from the feet and down from the crown and circulating like two ovals in and through the heart … whose energy is green. Hilarion is showing me that once the energy has enlivened what are called the higher centers, an integration takes place, and the energy flows like an infinity symbol through the integrating confluence of the heart … it is at that point the electromagnetic energy radiating from there is multiplied many times … and the center becomes circumference, and the circumference becomes center.

He said it would be helpful for us now to wear green crystals. <Hmm …> I think you have one; I have one. So, the power of this green energy that is his essence, has increased and increased as we’ve sat in this protective sphere, and they are suggesting to me, Athena as well, that this will be galvanizing for us. His final message is, “Do not be distracted. Focus on this energy, concentrate on it; let it expand within you, and the force field of your energetic system will become a transforming energy in the world many times larger than the field you can imagine for yourself.”

And so, he just took the green crystal, touched it to your brow and your heart, forming a powerful energetic link; now, he’s touching my brow and my heart, doing the same, and there is an energetic link of this kind between us as well. He just said to me the last words of the Great Invocation, “May light and love and power restore the Plan on Earth.” <Right.> He says, “We are finished.” I don‘t know if you have a question or summary, but I think that’s all that will happen for today.

Ted– Ok then … we greatly appreciate and deeply thank Hilarion and Athena today for what has been extended to us in the way of information and concern for our situation, and we can only hope that something more auspicious will emerge, however that may be. You can now begin to realize that we have reached our conclusion for the session today, and on the count of five you will begin to realize …

Julie– … and as you’re speaking, the sphere dissolved; the green energy was gathered in, and the room looked ordinary again.

Ted– Um-hmm … are you still seated there at the oval table?

Julie– Yes, but you can proceed. I just wanted you to know the final thing that happened.

Ted– Ok, then you will naturally be aware that you are going to be leaving from that location as soon as you’re ready, which would likely be now on the count of four …

*           *           *           *

  1. Julie had an early morning dream-like experience that something very important was happening and that she should find out more about it as soon as possible. She initially believed the dream was projected by Hilarion.
  2. That is, at depths below the Earth’s surface in various interior caverns that have been secretly inhabited since ancient times.