Telepresence Conference 97

Telepresence Conference 97

January 12, 2018


Julie, Ted and the animals have two guests who will be participating for the first time today, Sally and Grace, dear friends having many similar ideas and interests, whose questions will be submitted to the cognizant group of extraordinary participants, which will include Metatron and Jeshua among those seated at the table in this highly-secured assembly. The meeting occurs on board a larger Pleiadian spacecraft that we are told is affectionately called the “Star Jumper.”


Conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with a few of Ted’s shorter comments placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done at Julie’s house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– I went down all the series of escalators in the regular way and was joined by you and all our guardian animals, and we went forward in jump-suit sorts of things; mine is silver and sparkly, but it looks like a space suit … anyway it’s kind-of fun. So, we went down the marble staircase, and while you were doing the opening time and date stamp, something happened that I’ve not seen before, something almost like a spiraling energy vortex appeared before us, a combination of white and silver, and I’m understanding that we’re going to step into that as a sort-of transportation device, and we’re going to be taken to a spacecraft today—a Pleiadian spacecraft.

So, we’re stepping into this vortex of energy, which is probably … it kind-of looks like a tornado … it’s intimidating, actually. We’re stepping into that … it’s about ten feet high, and even though it only appears to be three to four feet wide, somehow we’re all going to go into it … we’re doing that now. There’s no sensation of spinning; there’s no sensation of movement, and perhaps the visualization is only instructive; however, I’ve never seen this before.

So, we all stepped into this, and then almost instantaneously we are on a ship; it’s not one we’ve been taken to before. I’m to understand that it’s a Pleiadian ship … they call it “Star Jumper.” The captain—if there is such a role on this ship—is female, looking very much like a typical, almost stereotypical, Pleiadian. The craft is large … not a “mother ship” but not a small Beamship … it’s about 200 feet in diameter, has four decks, and we were met … it’s sort-of like we came into an entry point where people would come and go—not like a cargo hold—but if you could use the word “lobby” on a starship [chuckles], even though that’s not quite right either, but it’s a large area, and we are being welcomed by the captain. There are about three other people with her: one is the science person, one is like what we might call the “human relations” person, and the other is medical … they’re all like chief-of-staff of their particular areas.

Now, we’re going to be taken to the meeting room where we’re going to be. As has happened in other spacecraft, we’re going to walk around this circular walkway that goes all the way around the exterior of the ship at the point of what you might think of as the “equator” in the middle of the large Beamship shape. There are portholes, rather large ones actually. So, we’re walking around … I don’t know what the right term would be … in a sense I guess it would be like a deck that goes all the way around the perimeter of the ship. So we’re walking … we’re following the four people who met us … all the animals of course are in tow. We go for what I would say as an estimate, about a quarter of the way around the ship … it’s sky outside, blue sky and clouds, not stars, so we are not very high up in an atmosphere. We are above Earth; the ship is cloaked … they have a way not only to shield it from invisibility, but also to shield it somehow energetically so that they cannot be detected. This, of course, can be released if they desire to. This particular crew and ship have been very active in many star systems, and they would like to have a greater role on Earth if appropriate … like an ambassadorial relationship with people from Earth, but that’s not proven to be the case yet in their official capacity.

So, we’re walking around, and we’re going to turn left towards the center of the ship on the main deck, and we’re entering a room; this room is kind-of on an exterior part of it … has a sloping round wall like you would expect if you’re inside something with a dome. The material is intelligent, and so, it shifts from light to dark, opaque to transparent, depending on either time of day or conditions, and today it’s open … clear, and we can see blue sky outside. The table inside is round, and I can tell you, almost like a miniature of the space craft, with a small dome in the middle of it, used to display information. So, the table has this dome-like shape in the middle which can appear or disappear. This “ring” of a table, I would say, is about two feet thick … and it’s large … the table, I would say, is at least twelve feet across, counting the open space in the middle, and there are chairs all the way around.

So, this is one of those times when I’m disoriented in terms of the numbers on the clock. [pause] So, at the position of 11 o’clock is Jeshua … the position I’m going to call 12 o’clock is Metatron … that will make the energy of the session protected, though extremely intense for me. At the 1 and 2 position are Hilarion and Athena … they’re more sort-of squished together at 1 … quite a few people here today. So next … it’s Hilarion who is seated next to where Metatron will be. Next to them today are Michael and Ariel—they’re sort-of at what would be 2, together … at 3 o’clock is your guide Gabriel, Sally … this being is identifying himself as Gabriel at 3 … at 4 are the White Lions, Meena and Haluyah, the Sirian Lions … and at 5 are the Sirians, Nyla and … I always forget his name … <Onyion> and you are I are at the 6 o’clock position … you’re on my left.

So, the whole round other part [of the table] is a little bit fuzzy … all beings I am not aware of … except, next to you is Semjase today … <[softly] Wow …> she’s kind-of at 7 … and at 8 is the being we haven’t seen in a while, Jedhi. At 9 o’clock is just this enormous one-foot diameter pillar of light … pulsating … <[softly] Wow …> it’s a communications … and in our language we would call it “security” … they call them “Guardians” … in a sense it’s like a force-field … that’s at 9. At 10 is an Essene figure … female, not Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene … I’m told her name is Eloise. Ok, we’re ready to start. <Ok> I may have to ask you to remind me … there are a lot of people today.



Ted– Yes, really … thank you Julie for introducing our guests at the table, the round table that it is today, and we’re greatly and deeply appreciative to have these extraordinary guests and figures appear with and for us today, and I would be most privileged to ask our first question, then … if you think we’re ready (?). <Yes> This is a question coming from our guest here, Grace, who wishes to know more about what are called “Archons” and what their history and influence might have been in past eras involving human beings on Earth (?).

Julie– So, the entity we call Metatron is speaking and communicating to me that in the Gnostic view the beings called Archons are what we could call “angels and demons, powers and principalities,” and in earlier times many difficulties arose through their acquisition of power, which sometimes was misused. This continues to be a problem on Earth; however, from the point of view of Pleiadian history, what are called “Archons” were … so, he, Metatron, is going to let Jeshua answer … it’s really difficult for me to handle his energy.

So, I wish to describe Jeshua to the three of you briefly … he is wearing a white robe; he looks very much like he looks in pictures … hair to the shoulder and the most extraordinary thing about him is that he radiates light and love … and it’s just an amazing experience to feel that presence.

He’s saying that what has come to be known as “Archons,” in many ways, began as rogue Pleiadians who came to Earth four hundred thousand years ago and later set themselves up as gods and kings. Some of the worst of what were called Archons were Yahweh and Jehovah. Because of their advanced knowledge and science, they were able to appear as gods with the many things they were able to do. The Gnostics, those who became known as Gnostics, a title given to them by later people—not themselves. The Essenes, the name given by Essenes … we called ourselves a “brotherhood of light.” We were called “Essenes” by others, which originated from a Greek word, and the term that has come to be known as the Gnostic tradition or philosophy of Archons, came later as a way to describe “angels and demons,” as you would say, applying in many ways, to “those not of Earth” … those who could travel by means of what appeared to be wings … or perform miraculous feats. Those difficulties still persist, but much of it has been eradicated from the Earth in terms of the damage that these early Pleiadians caused.

As those in this room know, my mission was part of one group of those from Plejara[1] who tried to correct the damage that was done, and unfortunately what happened was that humanity substituted one incorrect god for another series of incorrect gods that had come before. Pleiadians are still trying to correct the damage that has resulted from religion on this planet. It is not a true statement to say that Pleiadians created what has been called a “soul trap” around the planet. So, he’s going to give this to the being called Eloise to answer.

This question is complex, and the answer is actually more scientific in nature. Any “trap of souls” is really built from their own choices and karma, although souls are not permitted to leave a sphere in which they yet have choices to make or debts to pay or responsibilities to act out until this has been done. It’s the nature of younger souls, undeveloped souls, to wish to leave their mistakes behind, and to go off in ignorant ways and create new situations. So, the idea of requiring souls to return to a planetary sphere or realm until they have finished there is the most accurate way of understanding this mechanism.

So, this being who is at 3 o’clock … what’s the name again? … <Gabriel> Gabriel … Sally’s Gabriel … wishes to say that, however, there is a technological barrier in place to keep certain beings from venturing too far out and others to be prevented from entering this sphere. There has been a quarantine placed on this planet, which is not necessarily obvious to all or many. The situation on Earth needs resolution as things have become very much out of control. So, the idea … Gabriel is saying there are two distinct ideas … there is in fact an energetic barrier in place around the Earth, different however, from the philosophical or theological idea of what has been referred to as a “soul trap,” that is mitigated by spiritual guides from the realm of existence between lifetimes, who monitor and help people manage their incarnations. Does this answer?

Ted– Yes, we think so. Thank you very much indeed. I think we’ll do a little bit of a follow-up on this for Sally, who in addition is interested in understanding more of her role perhaps as a keeper or the keeper of the “White Book,” the secret scroll that she has been told about previously by the entity Gabriel, as well (?).

Julie– Gabriel is answering that this “scroll” is not a physical object; it’s something you carry in your memory, in your cells, and something that you promised to do in this lifetime in terms of your own memories, in terms of your own recognition, in terms of fulfilling the potential of your own Pleiadian genetics and DNA. Those who were Essenes, almost all of them, had Pleiadian genetics, which also came through Persia and the group known as “The Magi” … those who were at Mount Carmel with every good intention of bringing Jeshua into the world as a teacher to overcome the mistakes that had been made by the earlier Pleiadian Jshwshs. The Scroll resides in your mind and heart and waits to be called forth by your own memory … to share, however that unfolds. [pause, then a little laugh] She just suggested you get a computer so you can do a better job of transcribing what needs to come through you. [laughter in the room]

Ted– Well, good … [chuckles]

Julie– Sally, do you have any more questions about that? Does that resonate?

Sally– That’s fine about the Scroll, thank you. Thank you Gabriel.

Julie– It’s internal …

Ted– Perhaps it’s appropriate for us to continue on again … with Sally’s involvement here … since we’re hearing some wonderful responses for her, but in addition I know she would also like to be told a little more about her Pleiadian exo-father and perhaps her star family and whether he or they are aware of her at the present time (?).

Julie– [takes a deep breath] Your Pleiadian-DNA father’s name was ‘Jonah’ during Essene times … and because he now goes by the name … ‘Issa’, which is Greek … I-S-S-A … actually similar to Jeshua’s name [in India] … he goes by that name and has the same DNA identity … and is well aware of you, and that you would be able to communicate with him intuitively, telepathically … they do pay attention to what we’re doing and care very much about our progress here on Earth. These are long-term, many-generational, many-incarnational relationships that we have with them, with these beings.

Part of it is writing your own story from that time, calling forth the memory—even if you may think it’s fiction—what your role was, what your memories are … even if, to your own mind and heart, you feel you’re imagining it … they are memories. He said he will help you … Issa, I-S-S-A … Does that answer?

Sally– Yes, thank you.

Ted– [upbeat] Ok … We thank all the individuals for their responses, and we would like to move on to our next question … which is one that has been brought by our guest Grace today. She would like to have some discussion about the phenomenon we call “artificial intelligence,” which has been so widely discussed recently in various places, regarding computer science and the like as well as in a more esoteric context … and what its influence and impact on human society and culture might be as we go forward in an increasingly technological world (?).

Julie– Semjase is going to answer this question today. She’s saying, as is typical for Earth, there is always so much confusion and misunderstanding, and because of the complexity of the terms and ideas of language, it can be very confusing. She’s saying that she agrees with me that the term “artificial intelligence” is a contradiction in terms. “Intelligence” in some cases can be likened to a procedure, which has been tried and understood in many ways as … the “correct way,” “the best path,” “the easiest journey” through a “decision tree” … and can thus be understood … and this could then become an idea of intelligence. She said she’s going to answer the second part of the question as the part of most concern … that, as with anything else that deals with beings who have not yet overcome their lower urges or darker impulses, anything can be used in a dangerous or harmful way, and the same is true of what you call “programming” or devices or tools that perform tasks. She’s saying,

On its own, a knife in a drawer has no motive, but in the hands of one person, it’s a tool to prepare a meal, and in the hands of another, it’s a weapon to destroy life. The same is true with this principle, and the risk for humanity at this time is the overall lack of evolution of your species … the overall lack of development of its potential …

which she’s saying Grace mentioned earlier before we started this session—they were monitoring us …

The problem is with the programmer. The problem is with the algorithms that are created and the potential for that to be out of alignment with a higher purpose. This is epidemic on Earth at this time, not only with computers and what we call the development of “quantum computing” and “robotic intelligence” … and in a sense, everything that’s created is organic; everything that’s created has the potential to evolve … but if its creator is like a Dr. Frankenstein, then everything that is created will be a monster.

Hilarion wishes to speak now. [pause, takes a deep breath] He wishes to extend what he said in our previous session [number 96] … and to reiterate, that

Anything that places power outside of a human will, anything that gives power over to another source … of information, or to a leader, or to a guru … is the wrong choice for the development of humanity—and that’s the crisis, that’s the catastrophe that is happening on this planet. Too many people look outside for their salvation, too many people look outside for an answer, for a teaching and quote others as if they hold the answer.

And he is saying, echoing what was said before, that,

Humans have to gain sovereignty; humans have to gain the power of their own will and their own choice and learn to use if for the greater good … which has been mentioned previously and will be again …

I think he’s … I’m interjecting that he’s advancing to the matter of “Q” and other things that are occurring … Hilarion is saying,

Never before on Earth, at least not for a long time, has technology existed that could be used to manipulate human psyches in such a powerful way. Just a short time ago, people would listen to a single speaker, a single orator, who had great power like an Adolph Hitler … and as things have developed, people might listen to other media like a radio or a television … but it was still limited, and even then the people involved were mostly good people trying to do well. The development that has occurred in the last ten to twenty years, is technology that could itself become manipulative when used by people to affect opinion, to take anonymous groups of people acting as a cohort for their own purpose, using technology in a way that makes it very difficult for humans to use their own sovereignty, to make their own decisions.

He wants to reiterate that is why he advised … backing away from any extreme opinions about anything that has an agenda.

The hierarchy of spiritual masters and those on the Galactic Council, those who serve the Terran Council of Truth and Light … are doing everything they can to aid humanity’s awakening, but it is humanity who must awaken … and it is time. Take great care of the information you consume; it is far more potentially poisonous and toxic than the food you consume—as it controls your mind (!).

He’s saying it more forcefully than before, lest there be any mistake of his intention. He wishes to repeat that …

There are beings who serve the Galactic Council, beings who serve the spiritual hierarchy of the planet who stand ready to guide, who stand ready to help, but it is humans who must become the warriors—warriors of truth and light.

Does this answer?

Ted– Yes … we thank Hilarion for his very powerful statement today, and we thank Semjase for her most persuasive analysis as well.

Let’s see … [pause] <You can pause the recorder while you look …> Well, I think we had a little about the “Q” phenomenon there, and … do you want to address the …?

Julie– There is some more about that … I’m sorry … he’s saying that the “Q phenomenon” is a group of people using an identity in the same way that “Cobra” is a group of people who have a singular spokesperson … it’s a cohort of people operating behind the scenes … several of those are being used … he’s saying the Q phenomenon, in his opinion … is very dangerous. The reason is … telling people to be passive … and telling people to trust … what cannot be trusted. Ok, I guess that’s all he’s going to say about that.

Ted– Do we have any information that can be provided to us today about the so-called “sealed indictments” that Sally has also been informed about recently? [pause] Do I need to offer more information on this?

Julie– No … he’s looking at people around the table, looking for guidance about what he wishes to say, to see if anyone has an objection. His answer … kind of sounds like Yoda … indictments there are, but do not be fooled … the story is not what you have been led to believe, and his answer is the same … remain neutral where any information from the Internet is concerned at this time. The facility for these algorithms to be misleading, which Semjase spoke about, has become epidemic. Learn to trust the counsel of your own mind and heart based on what you know to be true. He said, “Less asking, more listening …” I don’t know if that answers the question.

Ted– [chuckles] Ok. We thank him …

Julie– I feel like I’m in the principal’s office.

Ted– Ok … we would thank him again for that answer, as always. So, moving on to our next question, the third and final one for Grace, and a very interesting topic it indeed is for the financial sector of our world at the present time, that of “crypto-currency,” the best-known variety of which is Bitcoin, and we would hope to have some commentary about whether they feel this is a significant sea-change in terms of the way financial transactions occur, and especially how they might affect the future in this area (?).

Julie– Michael is going to answer this time. Crypto-currency, they think, is an unfortunate name, having connections to puzzles and the anonymous nature of certain behind-the-scenes kinds of things … also, calling itself “Nakamoto” … Satoshi … <That’s it (!).> Satoshi Nakamoto is also a group using that alias as an identity. The impulse for this came out of what are known as “White Dragon Family” in China, actually. The impulse is a very positive one; however, all those who wish to control the currencies of the world, along with the banks, are doing everything they can to corrupt it in its infancy. This is the wave of the future … this will be the monetary system, if you can call it that … “currency of exchange might be a better term,” Michael is saying … this will be the future … however, it’s very unstable and very uncertain, and there are those trying very hard to corrupt it, as he said, in its infancy … so, in a way it’s too soon to get very involved … so much is going on behind-the-scenes and under cover, and those who deem to be selling it are not all honest … [flatly] but it is the future.

Ted– [moved] Wow … excellent (!) … I think …

Julie– What we know as “gold exchange,” or certainly any form of paper currency from banks, will, over time … be dissolved. It’s a very Aquarian impulse to decentralize the control of finances, to allow exchange of the offer of funds and currencies to occur directly between the individuals concerned. The same thing is happening with the ending of churches and other systems of central control. This will take time, but it will happen. Does this answer?

Ted– Yes, excellent. Well, we have finished with Grace’s questions, so I would like to extend an opportunity to her to follow up with anything she might like to ask in addition to anything about any of the responses …

Grace– Thank you. I’m interested in finding out if there are inorganic beings out there in the Universe … scratch the term “artificial intelligence” … inorganic beings, who may or may not have souls; who are part of the Universe … and a positive influence in the Universe.

Julie– “The answer to the question is potentially ‘Yes’,” says Hilarion. “Souls are energetic influences … which live in Eternity and do have the capacity to inhabit both organic beings such as humans, and inorganic beings, things such as what we might call ‘robots, androids or computers,’ which are sufficiently complex as to provide a ‘housing’ for the experience of a soul.”

Grace– Thank you—that helps …

Ted– Ok … we thank Hilarion for that response. I think we will return to Sally’s sheet now for the last time as well. Perhaps we could begin with a question about the laser back-surgery of her husband Amond, which has been effected only a day before … if anyone would care to comment (?).

Julie– Hilarion scanned Amond’s physical surgery earlier today, and what he wishes to tell us is that the physical surgery will be a success. The real difficulty with Amond will be facing his need to modify his life … that his healing and recovery has more to do with his psychology than his physicality … and that it will be difficult for him to face his mortality … in a sense to face the fact that he will not be able to do many things that have in some ways previously defined his life and identify. This will require patience on your part … but he sees very positive recovery on the physical side, and Amond’s temptation will be to go back to doing things the way he used to … which would result in further injury … so his need to face slowing down, perhaps finding other things that could interest him, will be important. Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, I think that’s fine. I think the last thing that Sally has indicated would be of interest today is this cast or carved skull-shaped stone or glass—I’m not sure what it is exactly—that she’s brought and shown us today. I would ask Sally now if she would like to ask about this object or about something else?

Sally– I have been told that these skulls have been coming in at the present time to help humanity with “the shift,” and that this skull is denoted as Arcturian, ancient and programmed, and if this is so, what power if any, does it have, and how might I work with it?

Julie– Let’s see … it’s the Sirian Onyion who’s going to answer the question … we don’t have any Arcturians here today. The material is not ancient; the technology is. He does confirm that the influence is Arcturian. They have the capacity, because of the kind of glass that it is and the way it is shaped and formed, to be both record-keeper devices as well as transmission devices, functioning in some ways like the crystals from Atlantis. It can function in a way that we might understand like a radio that can be tuned to your individual psyche, to your individual frequency, and to receive information that can then be transmitted to you in a way that would be too difficult to receive directly into your own brain/ mind/ body complex. You know how to do this; you’ve done it before. Gabriel is nodding. Onyion is saying that you worked with record-keeper crystals in Atlantis … this is a known technology to you, a known way of being, and through contemplation and interaction … the way he’s showing it to me is that the technology is Arcturian, and you could even work with Issa through this device to receive information. He’s saying it’s almost like what we might call in our modern technology, a “thumb drive.” Information is transmitted and stored, and it’s up to you to withdraw content from it through concentration … and I’m also again seeing you at a computer. [background laughter]

Sally– [softly] That may be my … Thank you.

Julie– Gabriel is saying you need more sophisticated technology. Does this answer?

Sally– Yes, thank you.

Ted– Yes, thank you, indeed, and that completes our questions that were written out, and we thank all the participants for providing their amazing answers as they always do … and I think we have a little more time—maybe ten or fifteen minutes … how are you feeling, Julie?

Julie– Exhausted (!). Whenever Metatron shows up … I don’t know what that beam of energy is … they wanted to be sure we were not monitored today.

Ted– Umm, wow (!).

Julie– I could probably do one more.

Ted– Ok, then what I think I would ask to anyone present today, perhaps who have not yet spoken, to address either of our guests about something we have not mentioned but which they perceive we would benefit from knowing. So now, I would like you to look around the table and notice if anyone appears to be getting your attention and would therefore wish to speak to us.

Julie– Well thankfully … it’s such a humbling experience … I feel incredibly blessed … it’s going to be Jeshua. He’s saying that there is so much regret on the part of many who have come to Earth to try to help, and for many reasons those efforts have failed or been misdirected or misguided … but he wishes to echo what they understand, by picking up on it in the energy field of our discussion today: the message of humans becoming their own saviors is this most important message. He also says that it saddens those in the spiritual hierarchy that humans continually fail to recognize their potential power or wisdom, especially their capacity for love and to do good. And as has been said by others—and he would repeat it: the power of the sacred heart is the most healing force in the world. Entering into that space and consciousness and understanding what that means in our lives, is the most important thing we can do.

Many are fighting, many are not understanding who they’re fighting, why they’re fighting …and this has been said before, but he wishes to repeat that individual human beings can become energetic beacons of light … through which members of the Galactic Council of Light and the spiritual hierarchy can strengthen their vibration and their capacity to make a difference in the world. “This is not a hollow promise,” he says. His original twelve or thirteen have expanded in many ways, are still connected, and they are still working to increase this connection to love and light. He wishes to honor those of the Sirian dispensation, those who operate the Terran Council of Truth and Light … who, by the way, are among those who live in the inner Earth, and whose role is very important at this time. They, too, once came from other worlds to this planet, began the civilization of Egypt and others, and they, too, watch and aid and help from behind the scenes … [pause] and he says, as in the way of the Essenes, “My peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Go in peace …”

Ted– We are greatly honored to hear these words of the Master of Mount Carmel, and we are similarly enriched by the appearance of the great souls who have also spoken and been with us today. Is there anything you would like to say, Julie?

Julie– No, just always my humility, my gratitude … and hope that I have served the highest light.

Ted– Ok … does it look like we’re finished, then?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– Ok, once again, we greatly thank the participants for being present with you there, especially those who helped arrange for this larger foursome group of participants at our house here. I’m confident that we have all benefited from participating together.

And now, Julie, you can begin to realize that you have completed your task as intermediary for all of us, and on the count of five you will begin to feel that you can now begin to return to your normal waking physical body consciousness …

*           *           *           *

  1. The ancient homeland of the Pleiadians, a long-since destroyed star system.