*The Star Table Trance Missions* Outline Summaries

Telepresence Conferences

with ETs & Celestial Guides

Volume 1, Aldebaran & The Pleiades

Sessions 1 -14

January 17- May 4, 2011

Star Table 2-Model

by Ted Denmark Ph.D. & Julie Loar

Copyright © 2017, all rights reserved

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Star Table Outline Summaries released for distribution November 14, 2017
All artwork by Ted Denmark (except as noted)


Introduction to the Outline Summary

by Ted Denmark

 *     *     *     *

The debut collection of the first fourteen of our “Telepresence Conference” sessions, conducted by myself with Julie Loar, during roughly the first half of 2011, is outlined here in a paraphrased format, of the “trance scripts” of the beginning of what later became multi-volume continuing investigations into the extraordinary extraterrestrial circumstances with which we have increasingly become involved over a period of several decades.

Julie currently resides in a pleasant super-insulated house by a small lake near Pagosa Springs, CO, a Shangri-La-like mountain valley near the continental divide, surrounded by the awesome southern Rockies, and I in my off-the-grid solar house where I have lived for nearly twenty-five years in the Stanislaus National Forest area near Avery, CA with long views of the high Central Sierra ridges. We met for the first time in Fall of 2010 before beginning these “trance-mission” sessions.

As we soon discovered, upon making contact over Julie’s astrology articles which I had admired for some time, the two of us have, and have had, a lot in common, as astrologers, writers, metaphysical investigators, and now, as it turns out, contactees of “space aliens” in this unique new chapter in the disclosure saga to Earthumans of more about the emerging ET presence in, on and around our fair Gaia, acclaimed by all as a most lovely island in space-time. So, when Julie suggested we begin to seek answers to some of our mutual persistent questions, making use of her recently-discovered, expanded abilities as an intuitive or “seer,” I quickly agreed, not having any idea what we would find. What we found is the following bonanza of interesting and amazing trance-missions, that is, encounter meetings with a shifting group of inner-space/ outer-space denizens waiting to greet us, now with openness, beginning with the first magical Aldebaran & the Pleiades volume, unified by the Star Table, in this *Five Star Series*. I have been searching and researching around these elusive psychic and para-psychological areas for several decades, but what we have to report here goes beyond “channeling” or anything I have previously been aware of—even though this spectacle of increasing ET contactee phenomena has been on the rise in various ways for a number of years in the “Post-War Period” (as ironic as the term sounds in the second decade of Century 21).

These reports of experiences we have had (and are still having, extending to five star-themed volumes) will add novel content to the increasingly complex UFO/ET contactee drama, some of which will be unexpected and highly controversial—even in this always controversial arena. At first we were skeptical ourselves at some of what we encountered and were told but have gained greater acceptance through familiarity and increasingly meaningful new inclusions amidst the general close fit many of these explanations have with things in our personal lives about which we had previously been greatly puzzled.

The first three sessions were constructed from fairly careful notes that I took by hand in person while seated near the reclining somnambulistic Julie, trying to listen, evaluate and write simultaneously—good enough for quick reporting on the fly—but not adequate for the extraordinary picture that I was receiving from her. We also tried this one time by phone, but by session four, we had availed ourselves of a digital recorder, from which all the following sessions were created by my careful preparation of accurate transcripts from the recordings—also, amazingly enough, most often made by phone. Julie’s talent as a trance channel is self-evident from the beginning as, in her perceptive and articulate way, she explains and interprets for us what she is experiencing in this enigmatic inner hynopompic awareness of truly exotic and other-worldly persons and places.

We hope anyone happening upon this narrative will find the contents interesting, engaging, illuminating and … liberating, as we offer this first report of our findings—a breakthrough, I think it’s fair to say, into the most extraordinary phenomenon of our time: making contact with higher intelligences from beyond Earth. These could easily be the descriptions and accounts you will remember as the time you were first introduced to this world of truly extraordinary super-humans from the vast cosmos and realized how much more sense it makes than all the weirdly improbable fantasies concocted by the various entertainers, pretenders, disinformation agents and other off-planet creature creation specialists toiling in the multiplex of scary bad-dreams.

November 14, 2017
Dowd’s Hill at Avery, CA

*       *       *       *       *


*The Star Table Trance Missions*

Longer Outline Summaries

Telepresence Conferences 1-14


Telepresence Conference 1

January 17, 2011

In this first experimental hypnotic session attempted by Julie and Ted with detailed note taking by Ted, Julie finds herself in the presence of Athena, later to become a familiar participant at the Star Table Conferences, who takes her on a kind of dream quest to a temple on an ancient planet in Lyra where she once lived. Julie is then given a bit more detail about her earliest involvement with Ted on Sirian planets, no-longer existing, in an inter-planetary mixed racial couple. She travels to a planet in the Vega System to be shown her place there in a male incarnation while involved with Ted as a former female Aldebaran anthropologist. Julie meets her second guide, Ariel, and they travel to ancient Egypt, the last time Julie and Ted were together as a couple before the current life. Ted asks if the Pleiadians now contacting him were the same ones who contacted Billy Meier and is told no, those who have been contacting him, Asafah and Lysah, are related by direct ancestry; however, Ted’s “great sister” Lysah is a friend of Semjase’s, the main Pleiadian contact liaison of Billy Meier. They discuss the “starlight elixirs” Ted helped prepare some years ago. Ted asks about the mysterious fragrance he and Julie had noticed when they first met and is told it was a personal message of greeting from Semjase. When Ted asks if Semjase would be able to re-transmit the censored portions of Wendelle Steven’s Message from the Pleiades books for a second edition, he is told yes, it will be possible, and he should begin by practicing using telepathy with Lysah. He is told to watch for another sighting of Lysah’s beamship because she has been the one making veiled appearances to him recently. Julie soon becomes fatigued with this first-time effort of extended hypnotic trance, and they conclude with a “debrief” conversation about what had just happened.

J & T in Italian cafe 2

Julie & Ted in 2010 (picture by Liz Baldwin)


Telepresence Conference 2

January 18, 2011

Julie arrives for the first time at the five-pointed Star Table, housed in a curious transparent structure also shaped like the unique star pentagram “high on a hill by a sunny meadow” … on an unknown planet in the Aldebaran System, where she finds ten other very unusual beings, whom she describes, along with Astar, the mysterious light orb, who is described as a “genderless embodiment of love” before Ted begins with his tentative, mostly practical and somewhat personal questions for those present today.

3D model of the Star Table

Star Table Seating Session 2

Seating layout of guests at the Star Table

Ted, again taking hand-written notes, tries to understand what to make of these ETs in this quite unexpected group process described by Julie for whom it is also a unique new kind of experience. Ted’s guide Samael is said to be present with his companion Jhinda and is described as looking older, “like an Old Testament prophet” and having worked with Ted for a long time.

Julie’s guides, Jedhi and the White Lions, Huluyah (male) and Meena (female), both with “small manes and smiling broadly,” are introduced. They discuss “starlight elixirs” that Ted has had a hand in making with his telescope and are told they will learn more about their uses and that they should bring the list of stars and deep space objects and have the dominant frequencies given. When asked what Julie’s next book should be about, she is told it will be the sequel to her Messengers book, but that she and Ted have a book to do together first—this one (The Star Table Trance Missions). Another of Julie’s guides, MuRaNu, an advanced quaisi-material being, appears and tells Julie she can help access her ancient memories of Egypt. Ted asks who Hilarion is and is told he is also more immaterial and also works with MuRaNu on advanced projects. When Ted asks about his house and where he and Julie might eventually want to live, he is told Pagosa Springs, CO since it will probably be a safer place than some others (like California). Again Julie tires, and they finish with a debrief talk.


Telepresence Conference 3

January 26, 2011

Ten individuals are present including, Astar, the ultra-violet light entity, who moves to the head of the Star Table, opposite Julie, where he will remain for all the following sessions. Ted’s long-term guide Hilarion from the Jon C. Fox channeling sessions of earlier years, appears for the first time as Julie and Ted inquire about their current situations and their earlier contactee experiences as children—which they are told about but don’t remember—and Ted continues with questions about the relationship between “their Pleiadians,” like Rhi and Phindar, and the ones who contacted Billy Meier. They are told “their Pleiadians” are known to Semjase as friends or associates. Ursa, Julie’s polar bear protector and companion animal, appears for the first time.

Star Table Seating Session 3

Both Hilarion and Ariel suggest to Ted that he make haste to arrange his move to Pagosa Springs, CO to be with Julie. Julie is told her primary ET connection is with Sirians like MuRaNu and the White Lions rather than with Pleiadians. J&T are told they are ET hybrids as part of a “genetic reclamation experiment” to upgrade Earthuman DNA. Julie is told the “hooded beings” she saw as a child were Arcturians, and that the beings she saw as a child in “night school” were Pleiadians Rhi and Phindar, also known to Semjase. J&T are told there are hundreds of hybrids like themselves and thousands of contactees currently residing on Earth. Hilarion says some of these hybrid/ contactees will be drawn to J&T as their reports become known. J&T are told their suppressed contactee memories will eventually be restored. Julie is told of various Pleiadian bases on Earth, and that the European station had been moved higher into the Alps for security. Various other events and situations, as in guidance during Julie’s Goddesses for Everyday book are probed for ET involvement, and she is given specific instances. They finish the session and record a debrief session awards to discuss what they understand about what they have discovered.


Telepresence Conference 4

February 2, 2011

This is the first transcript of a Telepresence Conference Dialog (TCD) to be made from the actual audio recording of the session, as will be done for all subsequent ones. Semjase appears for the first time—evidently in a representational form—at the Star Table in its glass-like building of a similar shape, like her two Pleiadian associates, Lysah and Asafah. There are a total of 14 participants, including Astar, as will typically occur with Ted’s associate guides seated on Julie’s left and her own guides on her right, all of whom, except the Hathor, will become familiar participants. Ted’s first question is about “climate change” the increasingly strange planetary weather, which is answered telepathically by Jedhi, an advanced non-physical being from a galactic High Council, who says the anomalous weather is being caused by the American Military’s use of the HAARP facility in Alaska to experimentally determine to what extent various geophysical phenomena like weather, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic activity can be caused or modified. White Lion Huluyah says it will be shut down by ETs if it threatens to disrupt planetary stability.

Julie with blindfold

Julie with blindfold during a Star Table Telepresence Conference Dialog

Ted asks how Julie and he can be together and is told by Hilarion they have been together in many lives on many planets and need to come together again now as soon as possible because there is less time than earlier thought. Julie describes Hilarion as enjoying humor and being dressed in a dashing way with cape and jewels. Ted asks whether the Obama regime will get a second term and about how the elected U.S. government is likely to change in the coming years with regard to the “stealth government” that is actually mostly in control. Ariel answers that the “cabal of power” is losing its grip, and that much is in flux, even if they can’t predict what will actually happen yet. Hilarion adds that it is a time of great opportunity, but also one that could become very uncomfortable if things go wrong—even though J&T will be protected. The issue shifts to “genetic reclamation,” and the combined communication skills of Rhi, Lysah and Semjase commence to clarify the Pleiadian virtual presence in the context of the TC sessions and in the lives of J&T, who are fairly amazed. Lysah attempts to clarify various aspects of past lives, consciousness, soul awareness, DNA, etc. with J&T’s idealistic opportunity to function as ambassadors or volunteers representing the benevolent ET alliance (BETA) on Earth. Rhi adds the notion of combining hearts and minds as J&T come closer together. Hilarion compares this to the monatomic elements at the threshold of energy and matter. They discuss ancient Egypt in relation to certain stars and constellations with Julie’s expected upcoming trip there.

When Julie asks if her dream that J&T will be able to welcome Semjase, Lysah and Rhi (and perhaps others) to visit them at Ted’s house later on his birthday at the time they are both planning to be there, the answer is that the three of them will try, even if it is hard to arrange a common time to be together physically with their complex schedules. Semjase, then before leaving, expresses some apprehension in discussing Billy Meier whose health is worrisome to her … and what will become of their work after his death; she expresses appreciation for Ted’s attempt to preserve some of the early phase of the contact meetings.

The White Lions explain more of themselves as twin souls, about time traveling and Julie’s unusual ability to do her “conference call” with all the ETs present since she had been like them in ancient lifetimes, allowing them to now link with her. Ted asks them to explain a little more of the talent or capacity Julie has to be able to make contact with all these unusual entities. White Lion Huluyah says it’s like making a psychic “conference call” rather than like channeling; Hilarion humorously adds, “… like riding a psychic bicycle.” Jhinda then explains various of Ted’s “bird connection” experiences in earlier stages of life, to his amazement, because he did not think anyone but himself knew of them. When similarly asked about his early near-death drowning experiences, she says it increased his awareness in various ways. J&T are told they have always been and will always be, protected. When Ted asks about the Disclosure Project, they are finally told by Jedhi that they, that is, J&T, are some among the ETs that “the people of Earth in our time are, and have been, waiting for” (!).


Telepresence Conference 5

February 9, 2011

Julie arrives at the Star Table location at night this time and attempts to orient herself from the overhead star scape to verify her location in the Aldebaran System from within the transparent building. She then notices that at night the Star Table is illuminated from within and can be used to display 3D images (!) differentially to participants.

Star Table Seating Session 5

She thoughtfully describes the diverse and exotic cast of characters who are seen to be divided as guides for herself on the right side of the table and guides for Ted on her left, a pattern now repeating with interesting variations (including angelic Metatron) … and for the first time there are also other ETs in an observer group seated back from the table who have come to witness the proceedings. Hilarion, next to Metatron, again dressed in cape and jeweled broach, remains standing in anticipation of Ted’s question of how tall he is (around 6 feet), and then takes his seat. Julie describes another new but only partially physical blue-tinted presence, similar to MuRaNu, who is called Solaraan; similarly, one called Melchior, thought by Julie to be one of the “Wise Men” of Biblical lore, who is present for the first time.

MuRaNu, depicted as a galactic historian specializing in our galaxy, and Solaraan, as a scientist aware of structural similarities and differences in the large scale of galaxies (infinite in extent), universes (almost infinite) and cosmoses (not yet infinite), are then introduced to offer their interpretations of the vast galactic expanses and cosmic universal spaces beyond the familiar Milky Way stars. MuRaNu notes that Earthuman lives are uncharacteristically short compared to lives in most systems, and that J&T have lived many longer lives in other galaxies. Discussion of Earth’s position within the smaller group of local stars that all lie within the Milky Way is attempted with comparison to Earth scientist’s ways of describing and naming them. After attempting to verify several rotational patterns of local celestial mechanics with Solaraan and learning of a relatively nearby black hole not currently known by Earth scientists, they are told by MuRaNu of an ancient lifetime on a dark planet in the Deneb System that was their first ever experience together—more than a million years ago. Julie is told there are many rotational motions at many levels of stellar object groupings: “Carousels within carousels within carousels …” Several other ancient lives together are described for J&T before they learn of another major one 400,000 years ago as refugees from a rebellion in Plejara, the ancient homeland of Pleiadians now living on Planet Erra in the Taygeta System in the Pleiades open cluster. Finally, they learn of their past life experiences with Hilarion and his origins in the Alnitak System.


Telepresence Conference 6

February 16, 2011

Star Table Seating Session 6

Julie is back at the Star Table during daylight hours, and while registering the seating arrangement of guides and guests, notices the White Eagle for the first time, the mysterious bird entity that came at the beginning of Ted’s conscious awareness of the contactee counterpoint in his life … to counterbalance Ursa, Julie’s white bear. The Star Table seems bigger than last time as does the star-shaped room, and there are observers just out of range of those seated at table for her to identify. The table seating arrangement amounting to 17 participants is given by Julie, including herself (and Semjase monitoring remotely). Julie is told a few people having similar experiences like her (and ourselves) will appear when our story spreads. J&T inquire about Rhi and Phindar and are told they are their future selves, and their “444” synchronicity was a reference to Phindar’s age in Earthuman years.

Julie is told that other people have had experiences like J&T but mostly have not written about it, except as science fiction. Julie is told that what she can do is not astral projection or bi-location but is enhanced and made possible by her training and by a technology using what is like holographic projection. Ted suggests using the term “telepresence” to describe what Julie witnesses in her waking trance, which she likes very much. Lysah tells them some of what is happening and being disclosed to them needs discernment and some delay before being revealed. Julie discusses the nature of Semjase as being a time traveler from the future coming here to Earth in our time, like the whole group of Pleiadians and their level of reality of being here now. Ted enquires to Semjase about the group of Pleiadians who evidently closed their base and left Earth in 1995 and is told their physical presence was no longer needed but their mission with Billy was not a failure, even if it was much harder and more difficult than initially expected. Jedhi states that more Earthumans are waking up in spite of appearances. Ted is told the ET spacecraft he saw at Mount Shasta were not Pleiadians but other ETs who were not using cloaking technology on their “sightseeing” trip. Ted is told Lysah and Asafah are Pleiadians of his lineage who have been behind some of his sightings of unusual phenomena, who were attempting to have him to wake up and remember some of his masked memories.

While inquiring about the appropriateness of publishing knowledge imparted by ETs, Ted is told that in his future incarnation … he is Phindar, who is 444 years old, evoking an emotional high, which is carried further when he is told how to protect his electronic camera in order to take pictures of a hoped-for physical appearance of the group of Pleiadians on his upcoming birthday. Later, another Pleiadian, Asafah, reveals that he was the white water bird that “shouldn’t have been there” as Julie and Ted attempt to understand what has been going on with some of their more amazing experiences and synchronicities. Phindar then reveals that he was the White Eagle that appeared to Ted as himself from the future as a technique for awakening him to his true nature. The White Lions finally attempt to cinch some of the enigmas of time travel before Julie returns home. J&T both admit to being thrilled with what has transpired during the hour.


Telepresence Conference 7

February 23, 2011

Julie jokes that it is like she is making a grand entrance from a short spacecraft flight, piloted by Ariel, while admiring the star scape on the way to a larger Star Table Hall amidst a still larger assembly of 100 observers. Among the participants at the table is a striking new Celtic-styled female named Arwen on Julie’s side and a new Arcturian named Ohron on Ted’s side. The Pleiadians, including Semjase, are here via monitoring/ projection technology. Athena and Hilarion are present, as they will be for all the following sessions, with the latter looking very dashing and sympathetic. Various other familiar participants, 19 in number, are seated at and around the Star Table with Astar at the top point.

The sad news for our couple who were planning to be together at Ted’s house on his birthday in another week, is that a strong winter storm—and not a fully natural one, also like the recent New Zealand earthquake—has forced them to cancel the trip about which Semjase is the first to agree on their prudent choice, even if it is disappointing for the ET/ contactee sighting appearance hoped to have been made by J&T with the Pleiadians. Semjase explains that a major cultural transition is occurring on Earth in which the structures of the establishment are being challenged as they attempt to cling to power and privilege at any cost, even if their Pleiadians are not able to directly help J&T as Semjase and her group had Billy Meier. Semjase has other matters to attend to and must be leaving the conference early, so she leaves her blessings. They are encouraged by Semjase, Ariel and Hilarion not to waste time in planning their merger in order to be together in one place. Ted asks if there are others like them (us) who are contactees having similar experiences, and Ohron answers that there are, but they will not become evident for a while, and it’s better for Julie not be influenced in the beginning of our conscious contacts by the experiences of others.

The fate of the Destroyer Comet is questioned, and MuRaNu describes a giant comet that was destroyed about 2,000 years ago after it had made an earlier disastrous entry into our inner Solar System, though there is some question whether it was the same one described by Semjase in the Meier chronicles. The existence of a binary solar companion, a brown dwarf star, called “Tyche” is unveiled—as a periodic disruptor of all the debris and cometary bodies in the various solar system haloes. It is 5 times more massive than Jupiter but still too small to have spontaneously ignited. Julie initially gets its distance away from the Solar System wrong but J&T are told it is reaching its closest point in orbit now in 2011, only a few light years away from Earth. Julie is told Tyche (later to be called “Astraea”) is accompanied by several large moons. The Niburu enigma is addressed and explained as the previously mentioned comet, mistaken for the Destroyer, which was itself destroyed, as noted, a very long time ago in a demolition derby in the Asteroid Belt.

Ted asks whether there are any “dark forces” targeting him that resulted in the freak accident of his broken leg a couple years ago and is told by Hilarion it was more from carelessness on his part, but that many anomalous circumstances are being caused by the HAARP antennae array, an experimental military facility in Alaska, that is targeting something locally in Northern California, though it was not directed specifically at him. Ted asks about a loud explosion like a very close lightning strike that occurred several years before, and is told by Asafah that it was caused by a large spacecraft, a starship that came too close to an electric power grid station a short distance away and was nearly destroyed when the protective field around the ship struck a transformer array during the powerful electrical storm blowing through, resulting in a large explosion of the static electricity discharge that was mistaken for a lightning strike—though the ship was saved just in time by a Pleiadian intervention.

Ohron from Arcturus, one of the most influential of the “Five Star systems” in Earth’s past history of ET intervention, is questioned and describes the effect of Ted’s dozen or so past lives in the Arcturus System on his present circumstances, particularly his intelligence and sensitivity. Finally, the Hathors are consulted on their past involvement on Earth, and it is said they are a non-material collective of beings with involvement in ancient times up to the present in association particularly with the Pleiadians. Ted’s sensitivity to high frequency sounds is mentioned, and he is told sound frequencies are related to star elixirs, too … and humorously reminded, “Has he rotated the elixir bottles yet?” Ted is told that in addition to many sources emitting high-frequency sounds, whales and dolphins also communicate with him psychically—it has been part of his sound sensitivity all along, which he has not understood.


Telepresence Conference 8

March 2, 2011

Julie takes a little time to explain her initial experiences on the way to what kind of scene she will find herself in, usually at the bottom of stairs after a descent of escalators. This marks the first appearance of Lady Hawk, Julie’s red-tailed hawk protector, who joins her and Ursa in a short flight in a small spacecraft piloted by Ariel to arrive at the Star Table Hall, a star-shaped building with a 12 foot ceiling that is or can be made transparent. Once again she estimates there are about 100 observers in addition to participants at the Star Table. Julie takes her place at the table and then looks around, introducing the various participants, numbering 17 as her and Ted’s guides to her right and left respectively, and expands on what she knows of them so far.

Star Table Seating Session 8

J&T are told the Aldebaran System, near to the Pleiades from which the light being Astar appears, was one of their “formative influences” in past lives. Ariel tells Julie she (Ariel) is an aspect of Julie’s self, thousands of years in the future in a similar way that Samael and Jhinda relate to Ted, although Ariel appears not to have a partner, saying it will be resolved in future meetings. Hilarion is noted for being absent, but Athena admits to being the same one associated with him in the Jon Fox channelings of some years before. Athena explains that she is similar to Julie in that she relates more to visual circumstances and stories of ancient cultures while Hilarion is more similar to Ted in understanding more about scientific and technical subjects. The White Lions tell Julie that they are partially a representation of her from the ancient past on Sirius, and they specialize in time travel and the understanding of time generally. MuRaNu, a being of mindful ethereal blue light is contrasted to Athena, a “substantial” woman of dark hair and green eyes. Jedhi, a Galactic Council representative, masculine but similarly blue and conceptual, is like a conduit of information from higher sources.

Semjase, present as a “definite representation” Julie can “actually see,” wishes Ted a Happy Birthday—which he still finds hard to believe is possible—since today is that special day for him, and she is seen smiling for the first time by Julie, who has only previously seen her looking sad. Julie asks Ted to close his eyes and try to imagine the beautiful and powerful transmission Semjase is projecting to him. Ted wonders aloud if he may someday have a picture of her, and after noting that shortly Lysah and Asafah will be explaining the relationship of the Pleiadians and themselves to us, she says it would not be inappropriate for Ted to have a picture of her, and that she will still be working on finding a time to make an appearance in her beamship to him as well, but that she is concerned that he may be putting her on “too high a level.” In a moving scene she expresses herself as accepting him as her friend, but not as one wanting to be “deified,” even though her Pleiadian associates do recognize her status and achievements. Ted accepts her offer of friendship by admitting his love for her. Semjase admits fondness and affection for him since she has been following his progress for some time. Ted concedes in an emotional moment that “It’s all just so … amazingly far beyond anything I could have ever imagined!” Before long Semjase will be making her soon to become familiar early exit, but she also predicts that Julie and Ted will one day be invited to travel in a spacecraft to an off-planet meeting place to be together with her and many of their new Pleiadian friends.

Asafah reminds J&T that they are a part of a long and continuous process of involvement between Earthumans and Pleiadians as even among some of the original Plejarans who left their home world for the Pleiades in ancient times as well as having a current familial relationship with some of the ones now present in these Telepresence Conferences. Ted now also expresses himself as wishing to have a closer relationship with them. Semjase notes that all of the Pleiadians working in the “DNA Reclamation” projects with 100 subjects of which J&T are a part, are all known to each other (the Billy Meier project having been of a uniquely different kind). In addition these DNA projects also have the objective of Disclosure of so much else that has been hidden for so long, so it is not too lofty for J&T to recognize themselves as Pleiadian family since Rhi and Phindar are actually their (our) future selves!

It is explained to Julie that Lysah and Asafah are actually Ted’s close family, and that they have a slightly different relationship with her. She is reminded that the White Eagle that appeared to him in the late 70’s was Phindar The white bird on the hike that “shouldn’t have been there” was Asafah’s projection. Semjase says that things are happening on Earth very quickly now, and in ten years we won’t be able to recognize it anymore. She says the planet will operate more on a global basis as more of the evil influences are overcome … more than that we shouldn’t know prematurely, but that we should be hopeful. Semjase must be going now, but Julie relays to Ted that her parting words are, “There are many who are proud of you.” as she nods and smiles in departure. Julie finds it an extraordinary experience as she departs, saluting Ted’s birthday with her greeting and statements!

Julie speaks at length and is prompted by various guides about general orientation for their new roles as they tell their stories. Samael suggests it is important that J&T get their missing childhood memories back. Athena says that because of Ted’s long relationship with Hilarion, the process of the conferences will become easier, and Julie will get to review a lot of realistic scenes from ancient lives, producing valuable material for others to find. Athena describes the nature of the long series of relationship lives J&T have had together in relation to the Celtic tradition of “hand fasting” as a kind of marriage commitment that goes into future lives as well as for the current one. She says that they (we) have been together many times in places where space travel is common, so we feel the Earth is a little primitive. Athena says J&T will live to see the quarantine lifted from Earth, and Ariel smiles and says, “Don’t ask me when.”

Lysah and Asafah remind Ted that they are available to work with him whenever he wishes to take time—it’s part of their work assignment. Ariel tells Julie about Abydos in Egypt with regard to her planned tour guide trip there (which unfortunately, did not happen). J&T muse and imagine writing their stories as fictionalized “sci-fi” accounts—from the point of view of their ET future selves. Ted asks about the White Eagle returning for a third time to the white oak near his house and is told it will happen (which it did six years later in a unique new way as seen in the following photograph).

                                              Blowup from a wide-angle photo of the great White Oak at Ted’s house,                                                            unexpectedly showing a mysterious white figure in front of the nearby Ponderosa Pine.

Julie now sees the White Eagle as a shaman looking like an Amerindian rather than a bird. She finally reveals—having forgotten amidst so much to report—that for the first time today, Ted has accompanied her on the trip down the stairs to the Star Table. Based on her experience with Ted seated beside her at the table today, Julie states her intent to have him accompany her on all future sessions as well. Ted finally asks about a “cloud vision” he had the day before—whether it was natural or arranged. “Definitely not natural” is the answer—three spacecraft behind the sudden appearance of sunlight on an unusual cloud formation … bringing a greeting. When asked how they did it, the answer, echoing Ted, is, “Timing is everything.” J&T realize that they are often (benevolently) monitored by the various ETs in characteristic patterns, and Ted is told he needs to get beyond being simply “amazed” at some of his experiences and try to remember to “pick up the phone” to receive the message and take a particular symbolic sighting to the next level … for his own benefit. Once again, general consensus of the ET/ Guide group is that J&T are doing well.


Telepresence Conference 9

March 9, 2011

Julie and Ted feel thrilled to descend the escalator and stairs together, both as Atlanteans dressed in white, she with her Red-tailed hawk named Tiger Lily on her arm and he similarly with the White Eagle, and also now for the first time with a white tiger who will be called Ben. They depart in a novel “clam shell” transporter spacecraft and arrive at the Star Table Hall during night time, entering from the back and walk forward down the middle aisle. There are also Atlanteans looking like Amerindians at the table from their lives lived a hundred thousand years ago when Ted was Akanthor, aka “White Wing,” and Julie was known as Hilatha, among the increasingly familiar group of 19 participants. Ariel begins by stating that time travel is not only about going forward in time but also connecting with the past and integrating the current life with past lives, which don’t always reach full completion. Our culture’s most advanced notion of “time travel” has been the scientific idea of “non-locality,” but it’s really more like “riding the wave of Universal Consciousness” (did she mean surfing?).

In a good-natured laughing interchange Hilarion then speaks to Ted, discussing the way starlight elixirs can accelerate human development by being used to help attain the consciousness of those star systems without having to physically incarnate there first. Ariel contrasts Lemuria with Atlantis and traces the origin of the latter culture back to Arcturus a half million years ago when their intentions were positive and without ambitions to colonize. Later, because the Earth was so beautiful, some wished to stay, and after exposure to compromising negative Pleiadians, the Atlantean culture became more negative. Semjase adds that these rogue Pleiadians, called by her the “Giza [Gizeh] Intelligences” in the Billy Meier contact notes, took over in ancient Atlantis and were largely the cause of its eventual downfall. Atlantis was the origin of the “Red Races” whose remnants remained in North America, primarily in the USA, the national incarnation of the new Atlantis, adjacent on the east coast to its destroyed and submerged ancient homeland.

Julie is amazed to see imagery of ancient Atlantean crystal-growing techniques and stone work one hundred thousand years ago when she and Ted were together as a couple in the north before the land was broken up into islands. She witnesses people living in huge translucent crystalline/ stone buildings lighted up by sunlight, realizing they knew how to make stone respond almost like liquid, so that it could be sculpted, not unlike the way the Great Pyramid was fashioned. Semjase tells her the Atlanteans were less physically dense than we are today, and so had more powers of mind to transform physical substances, like making metals transparent, and they could absorb energies directly without having to eat physical food … which makes Julie exclaim, “Wow, my mind is just being blown!” Ariel suggests J&T attempt to make use of these ancient experiences in their current lives, if they choose, as well as their future-based self-awareness.

When asked about the significance of an earlier trip to South Africa Julie was able to take, the White Lions Huluyah and Meena describe a life that Julie had 40,000 years ago as a White Lion there, which she feels impelled to write about now. Julie notes Ted’s corresponding fascination with the “call of the white tiger” as similar to hers, which helps them both to reconstruct their ancient memories. Semjase suggests that in regaining his memory, Ted will be able to document more scientific information, indicating the work with the Billy Meier contact notes was preparation for this, and that he will be given guidance and support from Lysah and Asafah. She adds that for Ted to think of himself as any less than the Pleiadians is a disservice to himself and his work.

Hilarion smiles and agrees, saying “I could not have said it better myself.” He directs Ted to be able to multitask to get his various work streams done while appealing telepathically for help from ET mentors as needed. He is encouraged to get the 2nd edition of Message from the Pleiades Volume 4 done and will get help through Pleiadian “transmission technology” as needed. Hilarion tells Ted, “Well done …” on rotating the stock of starlight elixirs, a task that has become humorous in his procrastination.

Julie admits to be “spinning” as Ted calls for commentary from anyone in lieu of a last question. SoLaRaan with advanced scientific knowledge, MuRaNu with more galactic history, as well as Lysah and Asafah for more personalized contacts, all offer help for accomplishing the work outlined. Julie is finally beyond amazement and begins to feel exhausted as Ted thanks all the participants for their insights.


Telepresence Conference 10

March 16, 2011

Both Julie and Ted, looking about 25 years younger as sandy blondes, are dressed quite similarly in formal regal outfits with white robes, blue capes, crowns and rings for their descent down the escalators and stairs, and then emerge into a beautiful meadow with their now familiar companion animals. They are followed by an increasingly larger processional audience of observers into an expanded Hall setting to be seated together at a larger Star Table … somewhere in the Aldebaran System. Hilarion and Athena are present together, as is Semjase and most of the other cast of attendees, seemingly physical or more obviously ethereal, plus as usual, “a few new faces,” for a total of 18 conferees. Ted feels stronger high frequency energies in his head as they begin, and Julie feels a new intensity of energy in her chakra centers, which she associates as coming from Astar. She is told they are being given a “star activation.” Hilarion briefly mentions a new kind of “stellar astrology,” that in addition to using starlight elixirs, would use the natal astrology chart to project energies of the various stars directly into the consciousness of the person to help them remember other star systems where they have lived in previous lives. It is said this could become J&T’s unique way of working with himself later when they are able to reside in the same place together.

In amazement Julie suddenly realizes, because Rhi and Phindar are not present … that she and Ted are here today as them from the future. She is told that such outfits as they have on are worn by Pleiadians in the Taygeta System (not Plejara!) on special occasions. Julie urges Ted to try to visualize or imagine Semjase smiling at them, and especially him, to share her exalted feelings. He would love to be able to see her, too, but knows she is wonderful in any event … if modest. Semjase, relating more like family, peer and colleague, then explains they are all known to her and to each other in the future as Rhi and Phindar; it is the way in which Julie as Rhi and Ted as Phindar are now increasingly merging in consciousness, so it is important to fully experience the feeling. J&T are encouraged to “relax into it” even if it is mind boggling. Semjase adds that J&T can now experience what Rhi and Phindar know. Rhi and Phindar have traveled back in time to be with J&T, just as a future self can sometimes become a “walk-in” to return and take over the life of a former incarnation. Ted exclaims it’s as amazing as anything he’s ever experienced or heard of. Julie notes that at the beginning of the session she could see both herself and Ted, but now she has entered the body of Rhi and can no longer see her from without. She suggests the ET group wish to have their (our) experience anchored by this deep realization. Julie compares it to Billy Meier’s experience of the “timeless Eternal” during his great voyage to the edge of the Universe (in Message from the Pleiades, Contact 31).

Hilarion then describes the dangers of the Japanese nuclear power plant explosions and melt-downs caused by a HAARP-induced mega-tsunami when the governing national power alliance there chose to break with the international terrorist Illuminati cabal. He states the ETs will intervene if the danger can’t be abated. He anticipates Julie’s unspoken question about her daughter Lizz and notes that the problem needs attention, but it has not been caused by chem-trails or the like, even though they are quite real and also very dangerous. Ted asks about the origin of the Jewish or Semitic people, and Julie is shown a map of the Gobi area where they came from into the eastern Mediterranean only 30,000 or so years ago. Hilarion briefly describes the expected circumstances of the Middle East after the “Arab Spring” awakening (great difficulties). Athena describes the Arab revolutions and their impact on social unrest in America, saying the Muslim women are driving it more than appearances reveal because they want better lives for their children, but that it will be five years before things begin to improve for them.

When Ted asks about the evolution of the USA as a country, he is also told things will remain difficult for five more years because of dissent and partisanship on immigration, and will then begin to turn … but they can’t really tell us much more about it yet, except that they (we) will be safe. Julie reflects on their presentation appearances as Rhi and Phindar before the other Pleiadians who all have on their space suits; Lysah jests that they feel underdressed by comparison, and adds that Ted should call upon Phindar to receive transmissions if he desires. Ted asks if the glyph for Semjase’s planet Erra can be shown to him or Julie, and is told to try to receive the image himself (though it will be shown to Julie as well) because he often doubts that he can receive telepathic impressions. The hour is over as J&T are encouraged “to trust the process.”


Telepresence Conference 11

April 6, 2011

Julie and Ted start out going down the white marble stairs in contemporary jeans and white sweaters and soon morph into comfortably green space-suited Plejarans on their way to Earth for the first time 400,000 years ago. Julie is fascinated by the space suits, dive suits or travel suits, which self-seal when put on, and Ted offers that they sound like jump suits. J&T hold hands and walk into the Star Table Hall from the back and down the center aisle. Once again, there is a full complement of familiar ET family, friends, guides and consultants in the enlarged Star Table Hall for a total of 20 participants. Julie muses that the shape of the Star Table, with its sharp points and indentations, doesn’t really seem like a comfortable shape for a meeting table, but “There it is …” Ted offers in completion, “… like a table for a mad tea party.”

The first unexpected new guest turns out to be Julie’s mother Mira who stayed behind in Plejara when she left. Julie deduces that more is to be discovered about the circumstances of leaving Plejara, a name which referred to a triple star system with 4 to 6 inhabited planets at differing times on a million year time-line of development. The term also referred to a particular planet at the time of their departure and meant something like “home” or “origin.” MuRaNu characterizes those who left Plejara as variously adventurers, explorers, fugitives and megalomaniacs. J&T find that they, as humanoid giants twelve feet tall, headed towards Orion first before migrating, as souls much later, closer to the Pleiades and Earth. MuRaNu states that offspring of those generations who left Plejara first came to the open cluster we call the Pleiades between 100,000 and 50,000 years ago. Julie is told that there are no physical beings currently living in Plejara because those who remained evolved beyond having physical existence, even though some outposts remain. MuRaNu adds that beings who are contacting Earthumans like Billy Meier do now make their homes in the Pleiades, noting that the Meier material is a bit confusing with some intent to be “disingenuous” so that outsiders who were “not genuine” would not know the truth, but this gathering of information by the Meier group has not been accurate.

Semjase suggests that the Plejaran/ Pleiadian naming conflict is not important; what might be important for J&T is knowing more about the waves of departure from ancient Plejara and colonization of various places like the Pleiades and Earth—the bigger picture. She takes a moment of solidarity to smile at J&T, who now know they were among these early refugees setting out as explorers in starships from Plejara.

Mira, who had been Julie’s mother at the time of her departure, adds that about 20 spacecraft left during that time of political corruption and upheaval, seeking a more peaceful lifestyle somewhere else. There had also been an earlier wave of departure of Plejarans who had migrated and come to Earth, attempting to establish the same Jshwsh or god-like domination over the Earthuman primitives of that era—this was the ancestral origin of what have been called the “Gizeh Intelligences” in the Meier material. Ted asks to confirm the size of the Plejarans, and Julie has to look carefully to determine that they (we) were about 12 feet tall, and that they wandered for many thousands of years in the region of Orion before finally coming to the Pleiades and Earth. The original planet Erra they lived on in Plejara—which they also called Erra as their “home” planet in the Taygeta System in the Pleiades, making for some confusion to the Meier followers now—is described as being more desert-like rather than a water planet like Earth. Ted finds a star map to describe various stars and constellations as Julie is trying to determine the course of their travels during the Plejaran incarnations before finally coming to the Pleiades. Julie describes lives they lived on a dark moon-like planet near the edge of the galaxy where they mixed with other ET races in a large domed city where they lived as peaceful revolutionaries, and helped others get out of Plejara, like in an “underground railroad.”

Ariel then intervenes while Mira, sitting next to Julie, disappears, and the era of this Plejaran saga is considered sufficient for the day as J&T morph back into sporting sweaters and jeans. Do they have any more questions? Jumping to contemporary time, SoLaRaan pledges the ETs will not allow the rogue experimental HAARP technology to cause extreme damage—it is capable of destroying the planet—before it is shut down. Ted has seen a report by a couple from near California’s Mount Shasta, saying that they have been contacted by Pleiadians, but he is told by Lysah that they are well-intentioned but a bit confused, and that their contact is from Hathors rather than Pleiadians. She notes that many of the observers in the audience today witnessing the conference are ETs who are themselves trying to understand what is happening on Earth and whether they should attempt to make contact with Earthumans. Ted asks whether he might have a chance to photograph one of the Pleiadian beamships in a remote location on his trip out to Colorado in a few weeks. Lysah and Semjase appear to be encouraging about a location nearby called Williams Reservoir.

Julie wishes to know more about dream-like visions of UFOs she’s had and is told by Rhi that they were essentially real, but that her memory was adjusted so that she was not able to fully remember, but that she and Ted have both been aboard their space craft, even though they were not allowed to retain those memories. She is also told that there is a necessary time distortion that must be factored in as when Phindar piloted his ship in the close encounter with Ted because, since they are the same person on two different time-lines, they cannot encounter each other at the exact same instant. It’s all very new for J&T, but their experiences are leading up to a time when they will each be able to integrate their dual existences with Rhi and Phindar into one identity each.

Semjase then reveals that neither Julie nor Ted had Earthuman fathers, and that’s the relevant part of the “DNA Reclamation project” for them because they are both half Pleiadian (!). Although their mothers were both sexually active at the time of their conceptions, the actual paternal genetic complement came through technical means in which the DNA donor came from Pleiadian fathers, also living in the future. In Ted’s case the genetic father was Asafah’s grandfather. Julie takes a moment to emotionally reflect on what this new revelation of geniture might mean for her children and grandchildren. Asafah then continues to explain that since his grandfather is also Ted’s father, his father would be Ted’s half-brother, and he would actually be Ted’s nephew—which is amusing since he is so much older than Ted. Asafah’s daughter, Lysah, it is said by Julie, therefore would be Ted’s sister … but she would actually be his great niece—later Ted will settle on thinking of her as his “great sister,” which the ET family approves of, also slightly humorously, since she is also much older than him. Julie summarizes by noting that this Pleiadian research project thus identified had the task of going back in time to Earth and inseminating carefully selected Earthuman women … and then has the responsibility of protecting that progeny for their duration of life. Ted responds by saying it is all “fascinating, amazing and … incredible.” Julie is further told that the reason neither she nor Ted had meaningful relationships with the men their mothers were involved with was because the men were not their fathers, at least not genetic fathers.

Semjase says that our lives have been somewhat more confusing because all of these unusual complications, but that our future selves (Rhi and Phindar) agreed to it, also giving them double time-line experiences in which they, as secret family, monitored and vicariously experienced our situations. Then there is a spontaneous outpouring of feelings of love around the table, acknowledging that family members have finally been able to consciously find, recognize and somewhat understand each other … for the first time. Julie and Ted and Rhi and Phindar finally thank each other for everything … These are among the most “far out” revelations they will ever receive at their ET conferences.


Telepresence Conference 12

April 14, 2011

Today’s excursion caper on the stairs is all in white—animals, clothes and our fair-haired, bejeweled pair—even the red-tailed Hawk looks “more pale than usual.” Julie is first in observer mode, seeing the couple from behind but knowing she is the one dressed in the white robe, as they then continue down the stairs while Julie migrates into her blond curly-haired character called Abtu. They come out to the same lawn they’ve seen before on a beautiful afternoon, followed by a group of guides, all making their way to the Star Table Hall, which is again also bigger and taller. They walk in through the back and down the center aisle to the Star Table, which Julie now notices for the first time has high-backed chairs, each of a different color, also a first.

After the usual noting and scan of attire of those present (Hilarion is wearing his signature shade of green with velvet cape and small crown), including the White Eagle Native American figure, also dressed all in white, the question of an outing to possibly catch a glimpse of a beamship that afternoon at a mountain lake, is raised and settled in the affirmative by Asafah, who notes they are “standing by.” It is suggested they may sense the presence of other ET emissaries near Crestone where they will be driving later, but it will not be their family group. After puzzling about the continuing White Eagle enigma, Julie notes that Rhi and Phindar are not present, but Ted somehow senses they are … and then Julie notices that they have just appeared on her right behind the seated circle of her most familiar guides.

Semjase is asked about the conclusion reached in Message from the Pleiades Volume 3 that since Earthumans are seen as not yet ready to intermingle with ETs, what then are the prospects for Disclosure now more than 30 years after this early Billy Meier episode. She replies that the “failure” of the Meier mission to establish an ET/ Earthuman open awareness was based on the desire of “those of humanity” (militarist governments?) to steal the Beamship technology, which would have led to very negative results; so, it was the corruption of governments rather than the lack of readiness of ordinary people that was the problem. The current situation is that ordinary people have come along further to understand the existence of ETs, but governments have only become more corrupt. She notes that J&T are in a somewhat unique position in the Reclamation Project, even among other Pleiadian hybrids, since they (we) are both writers able to express ourselves together. She reveals that there are other Pleiadian projects besides the DNA Reclamation projects, working with other Earthumans who have a lesser portion of ET DNA. So, instead of a “landing on the White House lawn,” (which she notes, will happen eventually), they have opted for a less dramatic role in the current mix of events going forward. She notes in passing that approximately 14% of Earthumans have ET genetics, and it is up to them to be able to remember their galactic origins.

In response to Ted’s query of how things seem to be going in the new Century 21 so far from the Pleiadian standpoint—compared to his own awareness of the rogue Neo-con Bush/ Cheney regime with its 911 false-flag fiasco and “Great Recession” during its first “Disaster Decade”—Semjase replies that though things look worse, they’re actually better: the emergence of the new Aquarian Age agenda is accelerating. She notes that what gets everyone’s attention is the “darkness of the negativity,” but that actually … they have been “very surprised by the direction things have taken,” and that it may be more than a decade before it becomes apparent that the “darkness of the overall influence on Earth is lessening.” When Ted asks Semjase a follow-up question about the great San Francisco earthquake as previewed from a time in the future by Billy and Quetzal, there is a long pause, followed by a response from Hilarion, who assesses the various factors, including the unpredictability of the HAARP experiments, concluding that it is paradoxical that the various things that are so threatening are the very things that will/ may lead to a future Earth of more peaceful proportions. In conclusion he suggests that South America, Mexico, Yellowstone and perhaps India are more likely to first become more dangerous earthquake zones.

Julie’s question about her feelings of needing to have a packed bag ready back in 1994-95 comes up and is told by Ariel and Athena that it was because she was unconsciously aware that the Pleiadians were leaving at that time, and she did not want to be left behind, requiring more memory adjustments for her anxiety to be normalized. Rhi, whom Julie had not noticed as being present at first, says that some of Julie’s frightening experiences when she was young, did happen but were not caused by Pleiadians, rather they were part of a government surveillance program directed at people having experiences with ETs. She had been protected by the ETs from the “men in black” but had been frightened. Julie has a slight loss of consciousness but quickly recovers and is told by Semjase that the reason she did not initially want to know about the Billy Meier story was that she was still frightened that she or her children would again be subjected to surveillance by undercover agents. Julie exclaims it is completely new information to her.

They discuss Ted’s Pleiadian DNA in relation to his chronic throat congestion, and he is told by Lysah that it is related to past lives as a cetacean in the ancient Sirius system and to having nearly drowned several times in early years. It is suggested that hypnosis could be useful to find the cause of the problem but that it is not genetic. Julie is told there is an herbal root used to break up pulmonary congestion that would be helpful for gaining short-term relief, but she can’t quite get the name [it turned out to be Osha]. Ted asks why he was not better able to have offspring, having wives who did not want or could not have children (?) and is told by Samael that it was not necessary and that if he had, it would have bound him too closely to destructive conditions. Ted still has the potential to “uplift and transform lives” in our lifetime for a large number or even majority of people (!) though “alchemical transformation.” Semjase attempts to explain a fine point to Julie about time and their (our) hybrid DNA in relation to future incarnations in which they (we) will have children, but that for now what’s most important is taking advantage of the consciousness we have thus gained.

Ted asks if it would be beneficial for Julie to be hypnotically regressed by him back to some of her critical past lifetimes in a way similar to the research style of Dolores Cannon and is given an affirmative by Ariel for them both, as well as for their future lives in the Pleiades. When Ted asks if they may be told of additional life experiences as early Plejarans coming into the Pleiades and Earth, taking up where the story left off last time, he is told by MuRaNu that, apropos for today’s costumery, they are being shown as they lived lives in Kashmir ten thousand years ago, having been seeded as hybrids from Hercules in an ancient Aryan civilization before it split off from the more widely dispersed Celts and Scandinavians. It was said to be a happy life for them as they pursued their interests as royal twins who were brother and sister. Finally, there is resolution of Hilarion’s strange warning about a mysterious problem with Ted’s solar electric house power system … which, after a fair amount of discussion, turned out to be a poor wiring connection that needed to have a bit of corrosion buffed off and tightened down.


Telepresence Conference 13

April 27, 2011

Julie breezes through the walk-in to meet Ted at the bottom of the stairs in ordinary clothes and goes through a glass door into a summery afternoon on foot, heading to the nearby and still larger Star Table Hall, which has expanded to include 200 observers, though she notes there is a smaller group of participants at the table (17 in all). Lysah updates Julie on Pleiadian use of technologies for monitoring and projecting hypnotic-like suggestions remotely (though different from hypnotic suggestion), which they have used with Ted all his life. Rhi acknowledges that she and Phindar, along with Lysah and Asafah, were present in the Williams Reservoir picture taken by Ted, which afterwards appeared to contain fleeting beamship images.

Williams Reservoir picture with faint Beamship IFOs (there are actually two)

They discuss various places where they might want to live, with Ariel and Hilarion, from Pagosa, CO to Boulder, CO and Ashland, OR to Ashville, NC. It is said that these are places that will be protected if various bad-case scenarios play out over the coming years. Ted is told he may do a check reading with Jon Fox if he is unsure the information being given through Julie needs corrections or amending. Safe places seen by Julie on a large map, given to “ride it out” outside the USA, are western Canada and France. Ted asks about Internet availability during difficult times and is told by Hilarion that there would be no Internet in the worst case, but satellite and cell phone links would eventually be patched. Hilarion reveals—to surprised reactions of both J&T—that the Boulder/ Denver area would have quite a lot of police and military in the event of dire circumstances because … Denver has secretly been made the emergency alternative capital of the U.S with vast new underground facilities. Various disaster scenarios are scanned for residential impacts.

Ted asks again of the revelation about Tyche, a brown-dwarf star companion to our sun, given in TC Session 7, regarding its orbit, initially said to extend out “7,000 light years” from the Solar System: did Julie really mean to say that its orbital cycle was 7,000 years instead? SoLaRaan, the science consultant appearing today to answer this question, responds in the affirmative: that Tyche is a major astronomical discovery. He tells Julie that the orbit of Tyche is related to the cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes, and that its orbit is exactly one-quarter of the Precession cycle (2160 x 12 = 25,920 / 4 = 6,480). In addition Tyche is said to be four times more massive than Jupiter, has a very flat elliptical orbit and has already been spotted by infra-red telescope. Tyche comes to within 1 and a half light years of the Solar System, and reaches out about 3½ light years at its farthest point, which is seen by Ted as a major clarification of the enigma. SoLaRaan adds that our scientists will likely identify it as a planet, but it’s a kind of star that did not have enough mass to spontaneously ignite, and therefore cannot support independent life forms.

Ted then turns to questions about how the remote fertilization process in which DNA from Pleiadian fathers was used to inseminate their mothers and whether it was a similar process used for Jmmanuel (Jesus) and Mary, who were said also to have Pleiadian fathers (“Father in Heaven,” Angel Gabriel). Rhi and Phindar answer the question about J&T’s ET DNA, noting that their mothers also had some recent Pleiadian ancestry, like a small percentage of other Earthumans, which was part of the reason for their being chosen to participate in the experiment. Phindar notes that ancestral inheritance comes about more through a complex pattern of blending rather than simple lineal descent, and that most people on Earth have off-planet origins. Earth had been colonized by many different ET civilizations over a very long period of time since it was so supportive of life—a planetary phenomenon that is actually rare. Julie is shown that the insemination process was done directly in the fallopian tubes rather than sexually—although their mothers believed they had gotten pregnant the usual way, through sexual intercourse. Rhi and Phindar reveal that the real paternal agency of the Christian doctrine of “Immaculate Conception” of Jesus and Mary, happened the same way. They are told that their group of 100 Pleiadian hybrids is like the biblical group of 144,000 that are said to have been involved with the “holy family” genitures that began during the Biblical period.

The theme is pursued further by Ted, asking if they can also be said to have ET fathers who can be identified by their given names (?). They are then told the names and circumstances of their Pleiadian fathers, by Asafah for Ted (Jhaspar), and Rhi for Julie (Lysinder). Rhi also tells Julie that her father and Julie’s father are one and the same, even though Rhi lives 330 years in the future—and he is still alive, standing there next to Rhi and Phindar at 600 years old … and still monitoring Julie from time to time (!) … which naturally makes Julie feel very emotional. Lysinder has dark hair and green eyes, just like Julie, who notes Rhi doesn’t look anything like her (Rhi says she looks more like her mother). Julie says Ted looks like his father, too. Ted notes that he didn’t look anything like the man his mother had been married to, either, when in his thirties, he finally saw a picture of him (his mother had torn up every picture, except one secretly kept by Ted’s aunt, to finally be able to show him). Julie admits to being blown away by all this, but grateful to finally be told because she didn’t look like anyone in her supposed family (she had been an orphan raised by foster parents).

They are told by Ariel that their first incarnations on Earth were in Lemuria about 25,000 years ago, then many lives in Atlantis, then more in Egypt, then many others … Ted tries to clear up the problem described earlier by Hilarion about the solar electric power system at his house, which, apparently he has successfully fixed. Finally, Athena speaks to Julie, suggesting she relax about staying in her house and worry less because this is becoming more of a problem than anything else. Then, all the participants at the table are seen by Julie to be smiling, indicating that the session is complete. Ted muses that the session has been “off the charts” and that maybe someday they will find out more about the audience who watch and listen to the proceedings inside the Star Table Hall.


Telepresence Conference 14

May 4, 2011

Julie, Ted and the animals get down the escalators and stairs, each wearing the same type chartreuse-colored outfits and circlet crowns with brow-set stones, to find a variegated group of unusual humanoid Galactic Council members waiting for the entourage as they all make their way to the Star Table Hall together where there will be reserved front-row seating for these special guests for a night-time meeting. The ceiling of the hall is clear with a view of the stars, and there is a full table of 22 familiar participants, including Semjase, and for the first time, Ptaah, her Jshwsh father as well as two first time participants who were incarnations of J&T in ancient Egypt.

Star Table Seating Session 14

The Arcturian spokesman Omanaloo for the Galactic Council stands and begins by addressing the assembly and notes that things are shifting faster than anticipated on Earth, in which people are awakening, even if it is not outwardly obvious, causing great alarm among the dark forces who fear they may permanently lose control. It is an extremely critical time since Earth may be ready for admission into the Galactic Council as many observers have anticipated. Julie thinks it may be that we are supposed to publish something about this at a later time [like now?]. Omanaloo advises all to avoid fear and hold alignment with light consciousness during a very critical moment in Earth’s history in which unusual “signs” and alternate realities will appear. Julie asks him what we should know or do, and he replies that we, as star seeds with ET ancestry, are being “alerted” … but he sits down without providing any more detail. Ariel offers an interpretation that the council speaker thinks people need to form support groups to help absorb the higher energies that are building for a release. Julie begins to feel upset that the dramatic attitudes being expressed are starting to sound like certain overwrought channelings she has seen. She then hears an anonymous inner voice that tells her there is a very dangerous “doomsday” type weapon that can cause massive disruption, which is hinted to be in the hands of the dark conspiracy—that’s all she can be told. Athena advises that knowing more in advance would be too troubling and frustrating.

They move on with questions about whether various acquaintances or celebrities have ET genetics. Rhi answers in the affirmative for Ted’s friend Terri and Julie’s friend Jim Walton, mathematician-inventor Arthur Young and famous figures like Tesla, Edgar Cayce, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Joan of Arc and Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) being ET hybrids. Ted is surprised that Timothy Leary is confirmed not to have been an ET DNA hybrid (even though he had close friends who were). J&T are told that many people who “don’t fit in” often have more recent ET ancestry. They are told that while their own situation is not unique, it is quite rare for a person to have direct DNA intervention and to find out about it, not to mention two as a couple, who go on to write about it together. Julie describes their own conceptions as like “in vitro fertilization” but then admits it’s her own term (their mother’s fallopian-tube fertilizations were earlier confirmed), and the actual type of physical intervention used in their conceptions might not have been fully revealed to them now.

Ted asks if the Brad and Sherrie Steiger books (like The Star People) from thirty years ago had first revealed what they (J&T) are being told now applies to them (?). Phindar explains the four or five different types of ET interventions involving ET-hybrid Earthumans. First, there are ETs like Semjase in the Meier contacts, who come to Earth in physical form and interact or observe. The next group are ETs who come to Earth and actually mate or marry Earthumans and have offspring who are therefore hybrids. J&T are said to be in the third group of seemingly ordinary Earthumans but whose paternal genome contribution was provided in a technical intervention rather than by ordinary reproductive biology. Phindar adds that for children of those in the third group, the effect lessens but is still dominant rather than recessive. The fourth group would be individuals who are fully ET but were implanted as very young embryos in an Earthuman host mother (like Billy Meier), some of whose next generation offspring with ordinary Earthumans have now been called “indigo children.” Offspring of the other hybrid/ Earthuman couplings would also be termed indigo children, who are often more “sensitive” types.

Semjase offers more background, saying that this kind of Pleiadian genetic intervention to uplift the human genome began approximately from the early to mid-1800s, which Ted notes coincides with her date of 1844 as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (along with the discovery of Planet Neptune in 1846). She thinks the label “indigo children” is unfortunately misleading, but a lot of genetic intervention of this kind also occurred beginning in the 1920s. Julie then exclaims that Einstein was also a Pleiadian/ Sirian/ Earthuman hybrid.

Semjase describes why the “Indigo Children” label is inadequate and goes on to decline identification of herself with Mary Magdalene, saying MM accompanied Jmmanuel (Jesus) on some of his travels, and that much more will be discovered about her later. When Ted asks if Ptaah would care to speak to the conference, the commander begins by noting that although the Pleiadians departed from their physical base on Earth, they still monitor the situation here, and there are also other benevolent ET groups who also remain watchful. He reveals that the “Great Spacer” is parked in orbit around Io, a moon of Jupiter, investigating a seismic event there. He avers that Pleiadians are not able to directly intervene on Earth but will provide messages and warnings … Finally, he pledges support to the Galactic Council for their efforts in guidance.

Ted asks about the “Tall Whites” and their base on Earth and is told by Asafah they are not particularly involved with circumstances on Earth but have multiple pacts with various military organizations here. An attempt to identify the origin of ET “dark forces” who would wish to have possession of Earth, and who are influencing their counterparts on Earth to do so, leads to a difficulty in determining Orion’s “shoulder star” where these beings originate, but is believed to be Bellatrix. [Hilarion reveals in the Star light Elixir book that Rigel is (also?) such a place of dark forces.]

Hilarion overshadows Julie in a brief channeling-style communication for the first time to issue a direct but dire warning to Ted to make extreme haste in carrying out plans because there is now less time than expected … and not do as he wishes rather than what was given in guidance. Ted is told “to act as if your hill is on fire once again.” Thus ends Julie’s first experience of a “Jon Fox style” channeling by Hilarion, the content of which she does not have conscious awareness and will have to be told later what was said.

Ariel briefly mentions that the Egyptians present today are projections of our past lives from that ancient time, which makes Julie very emotional, and she further suggests our attire being worn today represents lives in Plejara a half million years ago. Lysah adds that what J&T are doing is helping anchor advanced knowledge into the psyche or collective consciousness of humanity, something not easily done. Ted expresses gratitude to her and a desire for a closer awareness of her presence, physical or otherwise if possible. Then, Julie notices that everyone at the table is smiling, which usually means the session has finished, but Lysah adds that though it is a paradox, it is more likely the ET family group will be able to make a physical appearance to J&T after “it no longer matters.” She notes Julie would like to have more physical proof of their existence but it’s a test of her faith in the meantime, and for Ted, who already has sufficient proof of their existence, it is more a matter of its being understood as an expression of love, which they wish him to know he already has. Ted acknowledges that he and Julie increasingly feel greater love for all of them, too.


Post Script Telepresence Conference

October 9, 2014 (~3½ years later)

Julie and Ted decide to hold a final Telepresence Conference just under four years after the last session 14, now nearer to the time of publication. So, it is back to the Star Table (“Back to the future …”) for another night-time meeting with various familiar ETs and a new scientific guide named Gilano, who is from the Hyades region, and an “enormous” number of observers. Ted begins by noting his earlier intention to include an appendix to this Star Table book for Julie to describe her more extended impressions of the appearances of the guest ETs and guides, but that idea was not able to be realized since their idea of comparing participants with famous movie actors, as initially imagined, had seemingly become misleading and probably too strange to try to complete.

He enquires about the nature of Julie’s ability to participate in these sessions with a group of ETs and celestial guides in this waking-trance style process: is it correct to call it a psychic ability, “powers of mind,” ESP, clairvoyance, remote viewing, or something different that needs a new name (?). As it becomes apparent that Gilano, the new guest, will answer, a large dynamic 3D image of the right hemisphere of the brain begins to appear over the center of the Star Table. Julie has some difficulty in knowing how to identify the areas of the brain image that are being highlighted, as she is shown which areas are activated during hypnosis. Gilano smiles and tells Julie her state of awareness is similar to that of meditation in that the brow chakra predominates in what we identify as a “Theta State” of deep relaxation “with a link to Delta.” He tells her that her purification, particularly the lack of toxic animal by-products in her diet, allows her to hold this higher level of consciousness. He adds that her “near death” experiences and her modified genetics have also made the attainment possible. When Ted asks what specific area(s) are involved that Julie might not have understood from the holographic image, Gilano notes the visual cortex of the frontal lobes.

Julie at a costume party a year before these revelations in the Star Table book

Ted reiterates his question of what this ability or capacity can be called and is told that for Julie it is a “state of illumination.” that came about as an extension of her “shamanic state” of awareness and acuity without analysis or judgment, emphasizing left hemisphere deactivation. She says he does not like the word “trance.”

Hilarion enters the discussion and notes that in astrological terms (to Ted’s surprise), it was arranged for Julie to have Neptune in the 9th House, giving her a natural connection to the “super-conscious realm.” When asked what Hilarion thinks is the best term to describe Julie’s ability, he answers, “seer.” Gilano notes this is a good description for Julie since her state of heightened awareness is primarily visual. When Ted asks what it is that Julie is actually seeing in her heightened state, he is told that she is actually seeing what she is describing: “teachers, spirit beings, masters, and extraterrestrial beings and intelligences.” He then checks that answer in question by concluding, “So, it really is what it appear to be?” and Julie says, “That’s what they’re saying.” Gilano also mentions that this heightened capacity for seeing can be manipulated in negative ways, as has often happened with evolving civilizations, including the Pleiadians, but ideally it is used for teaching after the earlier more primitive stages have been superseded. Julie says that in summary he’s saying that … “All reality is virtual.”

Ted’s second question concerns whether it would be seen as desirable for Julie to add a statement about her kind of experience while in trance at the conclusion of the Star Table book (?). After a quick discussion among MuRaNu, Athena and the White Lions, Athena suggests that questions about the book should be decided by J&T themselves, but that the group feels the book should stand on its own, perhaps with Julie adding her own epilogue (statement of conclusion). The White Lions note that J&T’s original idea of having Julie describe her more detailed impressions of the participants at the table would have been less than optimal without needing additional sessions for her to re-experience certain events, so the decision to take a different approach was good. They note that Julie, in being related to them in prior incarnations, has some of their more advanced abilities to space/ time travel even to other universes—a “very unusual combination of qualities.”

Ted then asks if what Julie is able to do in her seer state is related to living in a dual time-line with Rhi (?). Rhi answers simply, “Yes, that’s true,” and then suggests to Julie that she write a concluding piece for the book to explore how she feels looking backward, etc. Ted continues by asking about the Star Table itself—is it real, and if so, where is it located? The answer is clear: it is real and has always been located on a moon in a planetary system in Aldebaran; and Julie’s consciousness is projected there in a form of bi-location. The next question asks if Astar aids the process, perhaps along with the other participants at the table, or whether it is primarily Julie herself who makes the experience possible (?). “All of the above” is the response with Astar being described as the main “carrier frequency” that is “modulated” by Julie and others.

Hilarion then begins smiling at Julie and adds his epigrammatic remark: “An appropriate level of humility is the right attitude for anyone doing spiritual work.” He says in Julie’s case her capacity is a combination of past life experiences and her own aptitude and willingness to explore a “new frontier,” having both a cost and a reward. Ariel adds that Julie’s awareness comes from the area of the brain associated with the Third Eye in esoteric meditation traditions, and that she should continue to cultivate it in the ways monks have always done. The Third Eye can greatly increase its capacity when the main functions of the other parts of the brain are quiescent … thus slowing the aging process, thus their remarks that Julie’s rate of aging is also slowing as a result, as she has been told (Hilarion is smiling again). He adds that everything that has happened with J&T so far, has already exceeded their expectations, and they are pleased that they (we) have the capacity to create something of great value. He congratulates Ted for getting the Star Table book done. Athena offers a bit of advice to Ted—at the risk of being annoying—that he should realize that there will be a risk of perceived danger for many people in the future, but that he should realize that he and Julie will be protected, cared for and guided, and that he should not dwell excessively on the more difficult things that will happen.

Ted concludes by thanking Hilarion and Athena and the other participants for their “sensitive awareness and wise counsel” and for helping answer their questions. Ted then concludes the session by thanking Julie and noting, “As I’ve said before, this project is the most exciting thing I know about.”

Julie & Ted at Columbia Kate’s Teahouse in the Motherlode
(photo by Suzan Still in 2012)


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