A New Start Time for the New Age

Newly-reviewed commentary of Semjase in Message from the Pleiades

by Ted Denmark, Ph.D.

* * *

There have been numerous ideas, interpretations and opinions regarding when the New Age of Aquarius the Water Bearer began or might begin, having a range of a couple of centuries around the New Millenium year 2000 CE, yet the acknowledged majority expressing written opinions appear to believe the correct date was sometime during the Twentieth Century, according to a data source favored among astrologers, The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion. It has been open season on this topic for some time among astrologers, pop culture enthusiasts, religious commentators and various other spiritual teachers, gurus and cognoscogenti, so one may select whomever may have been perceived in the past as reliable on these kinds of issues if one is ever to begin to make sense of the idea that we are experiencing a transition of the great Cycle of Ages during our Modern/ Post-Modern era. Here is a representative sampling of some picks for years of the 20th Century and beyond, for this actual transition date as offered by some fairly well-known and influential sources.


1904 Aleister Crowley in his Book of the Law.

1905 Gerald Massey used the standard precessional period of 2160 years for each zodiac sign of 30 degrees, assuming a starting date of 255 BCE.

1911 Madame Blavatsky predicted that the reality of a Universal Church would become possible towards the close of this [20th] century. The Theosophical Society based their calculation for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius on the channeling of the Lord Maitreya by Krishnamurti.

1936  Edgar Cayce stated that during 1936 the terrestrial axis had begun to shift, a process of world changes which would radically reorient the land masses and oceans by 1998.

1945 The Master Djwhal Khul in the Alice A. Bailey book series determined that the transition to the Age of Aquarius had occurred during the 1930s as described in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. In 1945 he gave out The Great Invocation which invokes the powers of Light, Love and Divine Purpose across all faiths and religions.

1962 Jeanne Dixon suggested the remarkable February 1962 stellium in the sign Aquarius as the time a New Age avatar would likely be born, probably somewhere in the Middle East.

1975 Dane Rudhyar designated 1975 as the time when the Avatar of the New Age would appear. He allowed the possibility that it might not be a single individual as anticipated by many, but could be a group of individuals … (such as his own early Alice A. Bailey group).

1987 Jose Arguelles helped to organize The Harmonic Convergence (along with Solara and the 11:11 consciousness movement, later acknowledged by the Kryon channel) to avoid Armageddon and initiate the New Age.

1997 Carl Jung, after reviewing the life and work of Nostradamus, allowed that the New Age might happen just before the turn of the 3rd Millenium.

2000 Margaret Hone in the Modern Textbook of Astrology gave the year 2000 as the “symbolic” date for the new Age, and many prophets and commentators agree on the Millennial year 2000 or just before as pivotal.

2012 Terence McKenna in Invisible Landscape advanced the idea based on studies of primitive shamanism and psychoactive drugs.

2012 Jose Arguelles presented a system based on the ancient Mayan calendar.

2020 Adrian Duncan proposed the Aquarian Mutation chart, a horoscope for the Aquarian transition, a time when Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius for the first time since 1404 CE (December 21, 2020).

2025 Djwhal Khul, in the Alice A. Bailey books, predicted that the Fourth Ray of “Harmony through Conflict” would come into manifestation in 2025, eventually bringing intellectual and spiritual integration and refinement to humanity after the conflicts had been resolved.

2060 Dane Rudhyar, starting from his premise that the Age of Pisces began in 100 BCE (plus 2160 years) arrives at this year.

2160 Gordon Strachan in Christ and the Cosmos follows the standard precessional age of 2160 years using the traditional birth of Christ as his dateline.[1]


A casual reading of the current “New Age of Aquarius” online Wiki article reveals a number of other more recent contributors on the same subject, most of whom might not be as familiar to older students of the New Age sweepstakes as the earlier generations of channelers, psychics and prophets. Some of the more intense recent interest in the subject may be attributed to publicity about [pre-2012] speculation and predictions concerning the near approach of the “known unknown” year 2012, famously ending the traditional Mayan calendar.

I, too, have been pondering this subject for some time, but it has been my recent re-editing of the obscure underground UFO/ET classic Message from the Pleiades, V. 1 (Wendelle Stevens, publisher, first private print edition, 1979) that has provided the most interesting new ideas on this subject I have encountered in some time. The following somewhat long passage is taken from Contact 9, in which Semjase, the lovely and very knowledgeable Pleiadian female ET, attempts to describe what the New Age will be like on Earth to Billy Meier, her Swiss Earthuman contact whom she is grooming for a very important mission (!). After their initial meeting in 1975 (!), they went on to collaborate for the next seven years or so, joined by several other ETs from the Pleiadian earth base station in Switzerland through the mid Nineties, eventually releasing contact reports for nearly 500 meetings, the latter ones of which are only now being translated into English for the first time.


Billy Meier Billy_in_1977 Semjase_color Semjase (Dejan drawing)

There are a few more remarks about the New Age scattered throughout the book, but this one provides the most information on the actual time frame for the New Age. Her Pleiadian human culture (said to be our actual ancient ancestors now several thousand years in advance of our culture) is also still interested and knowledgeable about astrology as centered on their home planet Erra, about 400 light years away, also said to be very similar to Earth. Here then is the passage (one of more than 200 censored or left out of Wendelle Stevens’ first print edition of Message from the Pleiades):


Semjase– Additional knowledge of our present circumstances reveals a time of cosmic change, of which I have spoken previously. This involves the “Age of Aquarius,” also called the Golden Age. In this respect I must first explain that the religious interpretation concerning this idea of an epoch is mistaken. A certain irresponsible fanaticism treats this as the religiously proclaimed “final days.” By no means is this New Age a time of finality, because in truth it brings real life. This epoch enables everything to develop to its highest potential, including spirit, in accordance with Providence. But it will take many centuries after beginning this period to reach such advanced levels. At first, as usual, the irreligious scientists will profit from the new advances while the common people will be restrained by their religions. Caused by the change of epoch, religious people will fall into fanatical religious delusions. Especially during the 184 years of the transition time, religious beliefs of all sorts will shoot up like mushrooms and bring many humans under their control. Murder, suicide, and exploitation of all kinds, as well as religious slavery to false beliefs will be the daily lot, by which the whole world will be shaken. False prophets will offer salvation publicly in a fanatical search for victims and new followers.

This then is the initial phase of the “Golden Age,” the transition phase of 184 years. The culmination of this period will come in your calendar year 2028. The revolutionary force of this new epoch began in 1844, and since then the extensive alterations on Earth have rushed irresistibly forward. The New Age already offers its conditions: religious delusion, rapidly developing sciences, rampant crime, and genocidal wars, characteristics of this time that cannot be ignored. The first half of the transition period lasted 92 years, until 1936, as the Earth experienced the last of the “Age of Pisces” as it is called. Since that time, rapidly evolving events, discoveries, inventions, etc., have been outstanding as in no other time. This Whole Sun System, with all its innumerable creatures, is now under control of the New Age. All and everything is influenced by it, because this is a cosmic law. It is according to this law, to which are subject all movements of planets and all forms of life in the galaxy, that the Earth has been proceeding in the run of cosmic events since 1844, which according to evolution all hitherto existing regulations not of the Creational nature … will be replaced.


The New Age brings along with it a change in all human laws and regulations, and however valid they might have been, they must now evolve. The origin of this epochal change is in the radiation effect of the huge Central Sun, around which your system circles once in 25,860 years, passing through 12 epochs which parallel the meanings of your astrologer’s signs of the Zodiac. The Earth has already touched the outer boundaries of this “Golden Radiation” of the Central Sun, which are the strongest and most revolutionary radiations in the whole galaxy. These radiations of the Water Bearer will also be called the Golden Age, the Revolutionary Age, the New Age, the Greatest Age, and the Age of Marvels, and it will bring the greatest advances ever …


But also much mischief will be connected with this, particularly regarding religions and the use of new scientific discoveries and technical inventions. It will take the passing of several centuries for the people of Earth to overcome their irrationality and begin to understand the nature of The Creation. The Age of the Water Bearer will nonetheless be an exciting time. Very sublime and golden indeed, it will also influence the following ages of the greater Zodiac. During this Golden Age Earth people will find their true spiritual direction though not without some confusion. Many people will die for their delusional religious beliefs. Lucky will be those who abandon the religious heresies and dedicate themselves to the truth, the knowledge and the wisdom of the spirit. There will be an immense new order on the Earth, in which intellectual analysis will not be decisive in isolation from spiritual awareness and meaningful action. All that is not of the higher nature of spirit, being compatible with and able to walk in spiritual harmony, will be eradicated because of its disturbing effect on life in every form. All that obstructs or enslaves spirit will be eliminated as it reaches its culmination. The first of these will be the religions that are the most evil suppressors of spiritual development. The New Age will bring with it a cleansing of both positive and negative extremes in favor of a more balanced equilibrium.


The initiators of these changes are of cosmic destiny and appear under The Creation Laws. The way-preparers for these revolutions affecting humans are also human beings who, as prophets and teachers, announce the truths of knowledge and spiritual wisdom. They will suffer denunciation and abuse; they will be accused of spreading lies, deceit and quackery, for they will reveal the truth that religions always damage human potential and never lead to spiritual development. These way-showers will be considered revolutionaries, heretics, and exiles, for they will announce the new truths for all to see.


Many among them will be born in the twin sign of the Waterbearer. As earthly-born Water Bearers they are also cosmically-born Water Bearers: change-makers bringing renewal, revolutionaries and prophets, teachers and often masters of the new times. But the greatest among these will be born in the first year of the second half of the cosmic transition into the New Era, and that on the first day of the transition, February 3, 1937 in Earth chronology. Also decisive is the hour and the minute, for the closer to the exact transition point of 11:20 a.m. the more intensely expressed are the characteristics. Of these there are only a very few, dispersed around the world. They are⎯if not overshadowed by religious inculcation from childhood⎯the actual way preparers and geniuses of the New Age.

[Excerpt from Contact 9, Message from the Pleiades, V. 1, 2nd edition ebook, Ted Denmark ed., Avery, CA, 2009]


If the eventual outcome of this transition into the Age of Aquarius will be “golden and marvelous,” the early days of the actual beginning in 1937 were anything but, quickly becoming so much more frightening and destructive than anyone in the romantic 19th Century could have possibly imagined. Yet almost three-quarters of a century after the vast destruction has been rebuilt and perhaps become mostly historical to younger generations in even the war zones, we are now in a time that is very well-established as the “Post-War Era.” So if 1937 CE was year one (again, no year “0” presumably is needed) of the New Age, then in 2010 CE we are simultaneously in the year 74 NE (“New Era” or possibly “Next Era”) with two years remaining before arriving at the highly anticipated year 2012 CE (76 NE). It’s interesting how, in retrospect, the ¾ point of each century often seems pivotal to the affairs of that century (1775 CE: formulation of American Revolution; 1875 CE: origins of modern America from Civil War Reconstruction). Semjase appears to Billy in the first month of 1975 CE, the ¾ century year that is very near the half-way point between 1937 and 2012. This grouping of time frames suggests that we then call the 37½ year time frame from 1937 CE to 1975 CE the “Modern” period while the other 37½ year half from 1975 CE to 2012 CE be termed “Post Modern.” The final 16 years of the New Age orb will surely name itself as we begin to reach the halfway point, the perfect year for hindsight: 2020 CE (84 NE). Jessica Murray, who has written at length on this era in her influential book Soul Sick Nation and elsewhere, uses the striking image of the “off-ramp” to describe this transition period when the fast-rolling rubber will hit the more ordinary street level road on the way to the place we will eventually have to call home around 2028.

Then, in accordance with this scheme, the year 2012 CE will simultaneously be the year 76 NE, the ¾ point of the first century of the Post-War New Age Era, a time when a major change might again be expected to be initiated even if it might not necessarily culminate in the near short term to make its effect evident. So, though we might imagine that something important is going to happen in 2012—it has only two more years to remain a mystery—in all likelihood it will be years before we understand the various things that had their beginning in 2012, which resulted in so pivotal a cascade of events leading forward—if they do—but, of course, there will undoubtedly be very dramatic events leading up to that year as well, which could obviously also be decisive in the short run.[2] Eventually, the results will become accepted history to be written and re-written for this current first century of the Post-War (“PW”) or New Era (“NE”).

CE (Current Era) Date

NE (New Era) Date

Event or Situation



Begin New Era transition cusp (many revolutionary activities around the world)



Last Year of “Current Era” (Great Depression)



First Year of New Era (beginning of WWII)



The Sixties, Death of President Kennedy



¾ CE Century Mark (Pleiadian Mission, Modern/ Post Modern)



Harmonic Convergence, Reagan/ Gorbachev detente



3rd Millennium CE (Bush/Cheney Disaster Decade)



¾ NE Century Mark (Mayan Calendar Date -1)



End New Era transition cusp (beginning of “Golden Age”?)



End of first New Era Century

Table of Corresponding CE/ NE dates

Another interesting historical perspective that comes out of this new calibration start date for the New Age of Aquarius in 1937 CE, is a similar corresponding new start date for the previous Age of Pisces, which now gets pushed back to 218 BCE (1937 -2155 = -218 or 218 BCE).[3] This would have the effect of assimilating the lives and times of a number of famous ancient philosophers and teachers (Buddha: ~400 BCE; Plato/Socrates: ~400 BCE, Aristotle: ~350 BCE) closer to the earlier Aries/ Pisces transition cusp, showing the life of Jesus/Jmmanuel as the culmination of a couple centuries-long surge towards the beginning of a more transformative, self-reflective and less violent world view that began still somewhat earlier in southern Europe with the Pre-Socratics in classical Greece. Of course the longevity of the dominant Roman Empire as the purveyor of demonic and violent retaliation for all rebellious holdouts to their domination, would yet continue for some centuries before it merged with the powerful early Christian struggle to initiate the developing vision for the then New Age of Pisces. Perhaps it would be appropriate to realize that a slower pace of life or much slower rates of travel, communications and recorded historical acknowledgement during those centuries correspondingly may have slowed the awareness of the dawn of the Age of Pisces from its actual time of initialization as well.

One of the first things to notice astrologically about Semjase’s given 184 year New Age transition period is that in relation to the span of 2155 years corresponding to 30 degrees for each sign of the cycle of Great Ages (25,860 / 12), it is proportional to a cuspal orb of approximately two and a half degrees. This would seem to be reasonably tight by most standards, though in relation to our modest life spans of less than a century, it might seem like a long time. In relation to the thousand year life span of the human Pleiadian ETs, it would probably seem more fleeting (!).

Thus, in Semjase’s scheme, the New Age transition period initially began in 1844, and if we also note her rather pointed reference to the primacy of the February 3, 1937 date as the midpoint, the actual state time of the New Age of Aquarius (at 11:20 a.m., Billy Meier’s birth moment), we can easily erect an astrology chart for that same day and time in 1844, exactly 92 years before (half the full 184 year orb) for the start of the cuspal orb, as shown below.

And what a fascinating chart it is! Except for the singleton Moon in early Leo, all the familiar currently known planets fall within an arc beginning with Saturn exactly on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp (!) nearly conjunct a retrograde Mercury (~3d AQ) and spanning Pluto entering the final decan of Aries. Summing up the interval, there is Sun (~14d AQ) applying to a conjunction with Neptune (~21d AQ); Jupiter widely conjunct Venus (~9d) in Pisces (!) with Prometheus (Uranus)[4] in Pisces falling just minutes from the Aries cusp (!). Mars at ~8d of its own sign Aries is widely conjunct Prometheus across the cusp. Altogether the pattern is one of a massive three-sign stellium covering Aquarius to Aries with ~19d Taurus rising and a Full Moon in Leo to culminate in less than a day.

Fast forward to the midpoint of Semjase’s time frame, the actual precise moment when the New Age of Aquarius is said by her to have begun at 11:20 a.m. on February 3, 1937, which also happens to be Billy Meier’s birth time because … he is/was the Pleiadian ET’s choice for the Prophet of the New Age! More about this amazing claim later. If the 1844 chart is as mellifluous as indicated, this chart, would appear to be the opposite—very difficult at nearly every point, no doubt appropriately reflecting the horrendous times occurring late in the Great Depression on the eve of World War II. This chart is a splash pattern with Sun in Aquarius in the 10th House with ~19d Taurus rising and the Moon closely conjunct Mars near the center of Scorpio squaring the Sun within half a degree (!). Across the Midheaven Jupiter is nearly conjunct Mercury near the middle of Capricorn forming a slightly out of focus (by ~4d) grand trine with the ascendant and Neptune in Virgo. Prometheus, ruler of Aquarius (~6d TA), has just risen into the 12th House without making major aspects. Saturn at ~20d Pisces is widely conjunct (~11d) Venus in Aries late in the 11th house and is opposed to Neptune (~2d). Pluto is on the Nadir poised to enter Leo later in the year.

This chart, by planetary placement at least, appears as a somewhat powerful but tense or intense, difficult and disruptive one (Sun and Venus fall, Moon in detriment conjunct Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn, etc.) … except for the fleeting grand trine involving the momentary ascendant. Jupiter, Prometheus and Moon/Mars are positioned on the Gauquelin power spots of the three upper hemisphere mutable houses, with Pluto nearly there at the nadir, and with a Pluto transit poised to oppose the Sun at around the time of the end of WW II in about seven years, the Great Depression having begun about seven years previously in 1929/30 (!). An awareness of events in the life of Billy Meier (a still fairly obscure figure living in Switzerland in his declining years) easily reveals an amazingly apt and wayward series of struggles for the fledgling New Age Prophet as suggested by this chart.

Another fast forward to Semjase’s ending time-frame orb in 2028, reveals another striking chart. Again, keeping the same time of day and day of month, we find a bucket pattern extending over a trine from the first house Prometheus rising in Gemini to the nearly culminating Pluto on the Midheaven, with a Jupiter bucket handle poised to transit into Libra (~27d Virgo) in the 5th House. The stellium of Pluto, Retro-Mercury, Sun and Mars form a powerful cover on the 10th House, all in the sign Aquarius. Saturn is now mostly without major aspect in the mid 12th House in the third decan of Cancer, rising ahead of the Moon in Taurus in the Gauquelin power spot. As for outer planets, Pluto will have a more than decade run through Aquarius powering innovation (trine Prometheus); Neptune at ~5d Aries will have just finished its long transit through its own sign Pisces, hopefully smoothing the waters (conjunct Venus), and Prometheus should be well-adjusted to Gemini (~6d) with a mutual reception with Mercury in its own sign Aquarius. Again there is a wide Sun/Moon square (~4d) pulling in Mercury (~2d), but it would be with the fastest moving bodies. The volatile Mars in Aquarius is nearly unaspected and at least, hopefully, out of trouble.

The outer planets and nodal axis all hold interesting positions. The powerful Pluto in Aquarius era will have moved beyond the cusp; Neptune will have finished its Pisces transit, and Prometheus will have also moved beyond its cusp in Gemini, linking up in a sextile series among the signs most compatible with Aquarius (Aries and Gemini) for a rolling start. The North Node completes its retrograde run through Aquarius to within the first 2 degrees of Aquarius, adding a clinching note for completion of the cuspal orb (!). We might note the position of the Pleiades star cluster itself on the Taurus Gemini cusp, near to the rising sign of these three charts.

Though these simplified interpretations of the three charts as given are subjective, the main tenor of each, I think, is not without obvious prima facie merits: a nice beginning, a highly conflicted middle with major opportunity and a hopeful resolution and sendoff, all in almost classical dramatic fashion. Astrologers would naturally remember that the planet Neptune was discovered in 1846, just two years after the onset of this sequence, initiating the Romantic era that flowered until the turn of the 20th Century with its explosive string of scientific breakthroughs in the early era with Einstein dueling the quantum physicists, sparking various fundamental scientific debates that are still not fully resolved.

The question that might come to mind here is: what about Uranus (Prometheus waiting in the wings), discovered by Hershel in 1781? Wouldn’t that event have to be the major precipitating factor since by most estimates Uranus (first called Hershel) is the New Age ruler through its widely accepted rulership with the sign Aquarius in the Solar-Earth Zodiac? The probable answer is that while it was close enough and sufficiently potent for the archetypal breakthrough, enabling the many revolutions of the latter half of the 18th Century (American, French, Industrial, Agricultural, etc.), it was still not sufficiently assimilated into consciousness to have even been rightly named and understood at the time—that would have to await the insightful archetypal re-interpretation by Richard Tarnas in his Prometheus Rising in the last decade of the 20th Century, still gaining favor among astrologers. There is also a connection of the Aquarius archetype with Chiron, discovered in 1977, discussed below.

Discovery of Pluto in 1930, the third major modern outer planet (now dwarf planet or “plutoid,”) on the eve of the Great Depression, then finally sets the stage for the monumental blowout of the first half of the 20th Century that has been likened to a kind of modern “dark age” with the still ongoing struggle among the political, economic and social ideologies, which now appear to be reaching another major point of tension with the new world economic crisis that reached fever pitch during the panic of 2008 as Pluto began its entry into Capricorn, the sign of the “establishment”—economy, business and government. Pluto, then having been elevated into conscious awareness by discovery, applied itself to set up the “Clash of the Titans” among nations, bringing the old Age of Pisces culture with its neo-classical and romantic expectations of at least the previous two centuries into conflict on a monumental world-wide scale, fought with weapons of war provided by rapidly developing science and technology—also related to Aquarius—to a destructive result far beyond anything ever previously witnessed or imagined.

Having refreshed acquaintance with the three modern outer planets, it would appear timely to look back again with more focus on their positions in the three charts for Semjase’s transition orb for the Age of Aquarius. In the 1844 chart Pluto and Neptune are almost exactly trine (within 8 minutes) from Aries to Aquarius, with Prometheus just beyond the sextile midpoint in late Pisces, only 19 minutes from the Aries cusp—does this sound like an auspicious beginning (?!). A comparison with the current 2009-2010 turn of the decade also shows a similar mutual reception between Prometheus and Neptune (Prometheus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius).

Going to the 1937 chart of the precise moment of New Age transition, we find the Pluto/Neptune angular position to be a septile, while Neptune/Prometheus make a sesqui-square (135d), neither of classical harmonious consequence. Pluto/Prometheus at 81.5d is unaspected. As noted, the trine of Ascendant, the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and Neptune show the opportunity for Billy Meier to focus his desire, comprehend his unique opportunity and allow his creative imagination to carry him forth into the severely damaged Germanic world of his youth. A quick Google of this date also reveals that Tommy Smothers and Garrett Hardin, two widely celebrated, very talented and rebellious comedians, were born just two days before Billy in 1937. Billy also often displayed his “peculiar sense of humor” to Semjase, who was often a bit befuddled, but the anchor for Aquarius the humorist is clearly very well set, and the humor isn’t just “funny” but also shockingly rebellious.

Finally, the 2028 chart returns to a very harmonious pattern for the three major outer planets. Pluto is closely trine Prometheus (just over 1 degree) from Aquarius to Gemini, while Neptune floats near the sextiled midpoint within 2 degrees in Aries, a most harmonious layout harking back to the 1844 chart. This standard astrological analysis by aspect of outer planetary positions would appear the most obvious way to assess historical and possible future circumstances, given the rich context of the most persuasively exampled modern cultural astrological interpretation, the major milestone work, Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas,.

The next body in our solar system discovered in the latter half of the 20th Century was Chiron in 1977, which in my unique interpretation (as far as I know) enters as the esoteric ruler of Aquarius rather than being associated with the sign Virgo, which seems to be the current major candidate for likely astrological rulership. The notion of an “esoteric ruler” comes from the unusual “esoteric astrology” of the Alice A. Bailey teaching (that I studied previously in some depth but yet without full resolution and integration with standard astrology). The notion of a “wounded healer” would thus apply to older or more advanced souls (that’s the esoteric part) who may select to pay off their ancient trailing karma at a more rapid rate, becoming healed and “free” in the process. Usually the “wounding” has been considered in relation with a needed physical “healing” solution through Virgo (not a bad choice). However, the “half human” centaur metaphor applies nicely to the notion of becoming fully human after an effort of the esoteric healing of the soul or spirit with its still outstanding liberation blocked by unresolved karma as an esoteric issue (not to mention the notion of a “starseed” hybrid ET/ Earthuman New Age individual—see all my other ebooks).

Finally, in 2005 came the discovery of Eris, the “largest dwarf planet” precipitating the official downgrade of Pluto from full planetary status by the astronomer’s guild since Eris was further out and larger, and no one wanted to guess how many other long-period, large icy rocks would eventually be discovered in the furthest outer reaches of the solar system. Presumably the disastrous opening Bush-Cheney decade of Century 21 will always be the emblem of discordant and dysfunctional Eris. It is still early for association of Eris with more definite astrological features but there is no shortage of possibilities (chaotic climate change, depletion of oil and other strategic resources, tipping towards terrorism, lawlessness and criminality in certain sectors of economy and society, etc.)

In reviewing time lines of events of the first half of the 20th Century in an attempt to assess the appropriateness for 1937 as a possible beginning of the New Age, we find a bewildering historical stream of unintended consequences of developments following the uneasy truce of the First World War, leading up to the rise of Fascism in Spain and Italy and the Nazi Party in Germany. Whatever may have been the tangled causes of the Great Depression starting in 1930 after the big American stock market crash of 1929, it surely had something to do with the delayed effects of wealth destruction and population loss during WWI, the unwinding of the European colonial era, and the leveraged bravado of the New York “bankster” gangs that would continue throughout the decade of the 30’s. As for 1937 itself, it seems to have been a relatively quiet year when everyone, wrung out by the financial difficulties, appears to have been waiting for the shoes to begin to drop after the lights were seen to be going out in Europe and the Far East.

One situation, however, does seem to offer a well-matched emblem in high focus for timing and substance as the New Age transition event in the American government: the struggle between the Supreme Court and the presidency over the revolutionary New Deal legislation proposed by Franklin Roosevelt and passed by his overwhelmingly Democratic majority in congress. In the mid-Thirties the conservative court, with justices having an average age over 70 years, had so far succeeded in declaring all the major radical recovery programs of the Roosevelt first term unconstitutional. Roosevelt, now desperate, and having been re-elected in 1936, formulated legislation to add newly-appointed justices for each elderly sitting appointee to bring the court to a maximum of 15, thereby gaining the needed liberal/ progressive majority for turnaround. But his penchant for secrecy of plans until the last moment (progressed Sun in Pisces) resulted in open rebellion within his own cabinet when he revealed his proposal to them in March of 1937. The controversial scheme to expand the number of court justices appeared to have failed before it could get out of the president’s own cabinet room.

But then something very surprising happened in the following early months of 1937: the court began to reverse itself, becoming amenable to the increasing momentum that something had to be done to restart the national economy, and they began to uphold some of the same programs they had previously ruled unconstitutional (!). And then the elderly justices began to retire, leaving a series of presidential appointments to the court to allow the flowering of what then became the more successfully implemented alphabet soup programs of the late New Deal—after this turning-point in 1937!

Roosevelt failed to pack the Court with additional liberal-minded justices in an effort to keep his emergency measures from becoming non-starters, but eventually gained victory out of the jaws of defeat by unexpected circumstances, even managing to get the first Social Security payments out to recipients in February of 1937. From this time the resulting and still viable American social-welfare program seems a fitting beginning for a kind of caring, self-help citizen retirement plan for the elder years, possibly within bounds of Johnson’s Medicare in the Sixties and an eventual even more robust American health and social welfare model (Obama’s “affordable” health care reform of 2010) if the cycle of wealth loss to elite financial management classes and general jobs off-shoring and domestic market mismanagement can be curtailed after the fundamentalist free-market fiasco that enabled the privatizing profiteers associated with the previous Neocon administration to prevail.

In the science and technology piece of the puzzle we can notice from reconstructed historical evidence that computational sciences had their beginning in the successful code-breaking activities of British intelligence attempting to eavesdrop on encrypted German military planning orders during the time of the late 30’s and early 40’s. Computer science has gone on to transform our lives, probably as much as anything in the age of the personal computer and cell phone, flowering of the Internet, as we all know so well today. Aviation, also often notably associated with the themes of Aquarius, and after a very rapid phase of early flight development coming into the early 20th Century, then went into WWII flying prop planes, only to see the first Nazi Wehrmacht jet fighters and V-2 rockets in the last year of the war, which so thoroughly shocked the Allied military brass. In more recent times there have been even more surprising revelations of advanced Nazi technologies (the “Bell,” nuclear weapons development, early lasers, etc.) from at least the mid-Thirties and still darker “conspiracy theories” at war’s end with Nazi scientist/ consultants being taken in by the U.S. government during the founding of the American spy agencies.

As for pre-war culture and media, today it might seem well summed up as “preliminary and tentative” with silent black and white films, poorly-recorded music, no color television, hand‑cranked old-timer cars (no electric ignition with battery and starter), etc. As John Lennon famously said, there was almost no great popular music before 1950 (obviously, not everyone would agree, but lack of hi-fidelity recording equipment, invented in the Fifties, made it hard to preserve music for high-fidelity playback). It was in 1937 that the brilliant but acerbic Artie Shaw put the first black American sideman on stage with an otherwise all-white swing band in New York City to wide acclaim—but general shock and awe—before hiring Billie Holliday as his vocalist in 1938 for a band tour including the southern states. And again, it was in 1937 that Les Paul made his way from Chicago to New York with his prototype electric pick-up for amplified sound that began the electrification of all the musical instruments that went on to revolutionize musical recording and performance for all the powerfully creative decades to come—that same polarized electric wave we see symbolized in our Zodiac by the double lightning glyph for the sign Aquarius.

There was also an new archetypal theme permeating the first half of the 20th Century—that of a “New Man.” It appears to have inspired the socialist art and politics of the Russian Bolsheviks, the Ubermensh of the Nazis (appropriating Nietzsche) attempting to turn the tables on enforcement of the victors’ Treaty of Versailles, and the various fascist regimes promoting dictators to power in Southern Europe. The New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt, himself with Sun in Aquarius, anchored what was perhaps the greatest progressive political movement in all of American history (apart from the brilliant but volatile and erratic Jefferson and the principled but reluctant and tragic Lincoln) that has inspired nearly all subsequent Post War liberal and progressive coalitions.[5]

In the U.S. we find the first published issue of the most successful of the Action Heroes Comics, Superman, appearing in 1938. Carl Jung has commented on the archetypal aspect of Superman as a significant new kind of powerful god-like hero, contrasting so glaringly with the more humble, long‑suffering and tragic Jesus Christ figure. Some of us who were not avid readers of comics may have forgotten that in the Superman myth the hero was also an ET who arrived on earth as a child via rocket ship! In the Christian myth the Hebrew spiritual teacher Immanuel Ben Joseph (Jesus) was boosted up to the same divine level as God—setting the breach between the Hebrew religion and the newly emerging cult of Christianity—being His only son “who died for our sins,” a theological doctrine crafted to produce universal guilt and elevate the church hierarchy into dominance since He had delegated his power to His disciples and their clerical church inheritors, leaving them the spiritual legacy upon his death, who would then be charged forever to inspire (and quell) the masses from the early devotional centuries of the Age of Pisces until the present, or at least until the time of the “Death of God” era of theological disputation, the beginning of the end of the Pisces dispensation in the early 20th Century.

Popeye the sailor man came along at about the same time, though probably more a part of wartime propaganda to prop up the confidence of troops going overseas by boat, is still famous Americana today (have you ever noticed the unusual bright eyes of nearly all Promethean Aquarians?). Of course Post War American culture went on to develop the themes of the rebellious “outsider” in leaps and bounds with wild jitterbug dancing morphing into 50’s Rock & Roll, violent and extreme action movies of many genres, including war-hero movies, movies with sexy action figures like James Bond, mythical edgy “western” action figures committed to justice like the “man with no name” in the so-called “Spaghetti Westerns” of Clint Eastwood, etc. that we can easily associate with the savvy, independent and rebellious spirit of Prometheus.

The magical year ending in seven (“if you like,” as the British say) during the third decade of the Twentieth Century, also marked the dedication of one of the most highly esteemed and evocative symbolic American structures of the Twentieth Century, aptly named for our theme here—the beloved Golden Gate Bridge spanning the outlet of San Francisco Bay into the vast Pacific Ocean. It was completed and opened in late May of 1937 as the longest suspension bridge in the world (since surpassed by even more daring engineering efforts), and even though maintenance crews couldn’t find an actual gold-colored paint that would stand up to the blowing ocean salt mist—a serviceable orange had to do—there was general acclaim for this beautifully inspiring structure, perhaps even to help bring the hopeful signing of the original United Nations charter to the same place at war’s end in 1945 (!).

As for the war itself, after an increasing buildup of tension throughout the decade of the 30’s, the pressure of the National Socialist rearmament and scientific advancements could no longer be contained as the 1939 German invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland were blatantly and flagrantly carried out before a stunned world. The clash of world war was back on a scale never previously seen or imagined for the next disastrously brutal seven years, reaching a forced conclusion on the victory days of 1945 with much of Europe destroyed, Imperial Japan in ruins after the warning atomic bomb attacks and a stalemate with Red China on the Korean Peninsula to mark the death of Roosevelt, passing the torch to Truman for the Cold War phase of the continuing war with Communism as the newly instituted CIA, the prototype of the secret “black” government that would slowly continue to gain power before the Kennedy assassination coup and eventually attempt to govern openly during the stolen presidency (with a little help from another conservative Supreme Court!) during the Bush-Cheney duopoly. These were almost unimaginably scary hard times of mass death and destruction, especially in the early post-war stages, but civilization has now (maybe) mostly recovered, at least in terms of reconstruction of the damaged and destroyed war zones; and the broken nations, particularly Germany and Japan (and America?), have regained their momentum to nearly return to their levels of prewar productivity and financial success within a generation, with the notable holdout of German re-unification which needed to await the thawing of the extended Cold War in the late Eighties (with Korean unification still unresolved[6]).

DK “the Tibetan Master,” acknowledged as the author of the Alice A. Bailey books, describes the whole sequence of World War I and WW II as the “Great War,” a single sequenced event that successfully transformed the culture and civilization of the world with the explosive munitions of war in the first half of the 20th century, which would then extend into that of the New Age with new economic supports for reconstruction during the second half of the century. Alice A. Bailey, his “amanuensis” (or channel as we might say now), died in 1949 just after the Great War ended. He goes on to state that in 1975 a major new era teacher (or “New Group of World Servers”?) would appear who would then begin to shape world affairs going forward in terms of the Seventh and Fourth Ray energies of the New Age (a bit vague but nonetheless given with all the complexity of the vast Seven Ray teaching presented in the final books).

This finally brings us to the beginning of the Billy Meier contacts in early January of 1975 when Semjase first appeared to him, instructing him to bring his camera to begin to take the many famous UFO pictures to then become IFOs (“identified flying objects”) of ETI (“Extra-terrestrial Intelligence”) he would then show the world in an attempt to prove the existence of his Pleiadian contacts from their home world from more than 400 light years away On Planet Erra in the Taygeta System in M45, the Pleiades Open Star Cluster.

Billy Meier UFO photos © ufophotoarchives.com

One of the key questions that many have wondered about in recent times, particularly those who are aware of some of the UFO revelations, is whether extraterrestrial life forms are going to naturally have a greater role to play in the New Age on Earth … and whether technologies that have appeared in Modern/ Post-Modern times, have or had anything to do with extraterrestrial contacts (?). Here is Semjase’s answer in her only other short discussion with Billy about the New Age from volume 1 of Message from the Pleiades:


Meier– Then the rapid development of technology in the last hundred years [1875-1975] cannot entirely be attributed to Earthumans?

Semjase– No, because we, along with many others [ET civilizations], have made contributions to this development, which is appropriate for the era.

Meier– Do you mean the Age of Aquarius?

Semjase– Surely, it is this I speak of. It will bring revolutionary times for Earthumans, very good ones and also very bad ones. Especially bad will be the religious conflicts, for this new intellectual-spiritual age will see the rise of many dangerous new religions that will become even more divisive and destructive as attempts are made to ban them. It is this we are trying to prevent because what will happen is also what happened to our ancestors: namely that the scientists directed in the same way by the political leaders⎯like our Jshwsh [“King of Wisdom”] of old⎯will cause massive destruction to the web of life on Earth and eventually, wider catastrophes in the solar system, as happened to us and many other civilizations. What must be recognized first is that every single creature in the universe, no matter what its orientation or direction of evolution, gains its Life Force from The Creation, and therefore must be respected without bias. The very name[7] declares her loving nature in giving life⎯She is The Creation. Over Seven Great Ages She creates all the many forms of life, always and ever again. Continuously She creates the new life forms without end. When all these vast multitudes are brought into Existence, they are then allowed to freely manage their life path for themselves and to discover the meaning of existence in their struggle for survival.

[from Contact 8, Message from the Pleiades, V. 1, 2nd edition ebook, ed. Ted Denmark, Avery, CA, 2009]

Billy Meier UFO photos © ufophotoarchives.com


Something that has troubled skeptical mainstream observers looking to evaluate some of the New Age ideas, has been a lack of correspondence with well-known historical events. What difference would it make if the New Age had begun on any of the range of dates offered by the various commentators, who have little agreement among themselves in any event? Semjase’s 1844-2028 time frame centered in 1937, avoids this dilemma by placing the start time right in the middle of the most awesome sequence of events in the 20th Century, the Great Depression and its lead-up to the Second World War—so there may finally be a fitting agreement between ordinary historical interpretation and esoteric astrological analysis (!) as we try to understand what happened in the 20th Century, now finished and ripe for richer comprehension in a wider context.

For us now, going into the second decade of Century 21, this scheme would also seem to make some sense as we realize we are surely not only not yet in the New Age (as we might have imagined could easily soon happen from the perspective of the mid-Nineties), but that it feels like we are witnessing another great world wide collision in politics, finance, and government—that could be rather like a replay of the Great Depression, followed by another “great” war—this time starting and taking place in the Middle East which was left largely unresolved at the end of WWII—on the way to the 2028 milestone.

There were scary signs during the Neocon Bush-Cheney debacle that the old American robber baron network, dating from the European colonial period of “free” slave labor, now greatly expanded and made fabulously wealthy—essentially by replacing black human slaves with black petroleum—would attempt to cling tenaciously to their elitist positions of privilege and power as they have throughout American history, to finally force the Washington government through commercial mass-media propaganda and financially manipulated political control to openly embrace the goals of a multinational militarist corporate-fascist empire intent upon world domination (the “full spectrum dominance” propaganda of the Rumsfeld Defense Department). Or perhaps contrariwise, by some miracle, the highly organized American conservative movement with roots in business, government and religion, intent upon world domination through American exceptionalism and military might—if it did succeed—might then ultimately morph into something less threatening that might even eventually provide a more likely framework for a world-wide organizational structure more effective than the somewhat disappointing role of the United Nations, founded at war’s end in 1945, has come to play. These seemingly opposite outcomes from the same dicey possibilities might make us well long for simpler romantic times since the delusion of world domination has long been the hubris of empires on the brink of self-destructive madness brought on by over-reach and subsequent … financial collapse.

But at the same time a new younger generation of Americans (the “Millennial” generation, born during the Nineties) is now beginning to emerge into adulthood with a strikingly fresh take on future possibilities in spite of the sturm und drang of their clashing elders. These teens and younger adults, as gauged in opinion polls, appear to have a more naturally optimistic, hard working, and ethical approach to shaping the future—a whole new personality profile—compared with the preceding “Gen X” and “Gen Y” (slacker?) generations—not to mention the older Baby Boomers who is some ways are their more natural “grandparent” allies. They may be our best hope for the much needed breakthroughs in political governance, financial reform and social/ cultural transformation and cohesion if it is to occur in near historical times.


Returning for a brief look at the configuration of the major outer planets, we can see that during the war in the early Forties Prometheus reached its closing trine with Neptune from late degrees of Taurus to Virgo while just before Saturn had reached its closing square with Pluto at the onset of hostilities in summer of ’39 to reach conjunction then in the late-Forties. The wartime hostilities were frightening to all, though it nonetheless ended the Great Depression, but even after the end of hostilities, the late-Forties ushered in the Cold War with the rise of Communist China and Russia, now having advanced jet fighters and hydrogen bombs with ballistic missiles for delivery, under development, that would so trouble the Sixties. Many of those born during the Prometheus/ Neptune trine of the mid-Forties would grow up to be the Viet Nam era Beatniks, Hippies and war resistors during the great Prometheus/ Pluto conjunction of the early-Sixties. So too, those born during the Prometheus/ Neptune conjunction of the Nineties may grow up to resist the plunge into oblivion from the 911 false-flag terrorist hoax that we now see confronting us going into the Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc. wars in the second decade of Century 21 (with the revenge/ retaliatory sword of Damocles hanging over Iran for the U.S. embassy hostage crisis of the Carter era).

Perhaps this will be the generation that will eventually take on the challenge of implementing the New Age of Science and Spirit, whose condition of awareness, to paraphrase Satchel Page, may be that, unlike older generations, it’s not that they are aren’t also ignorant or naive, but rather … they just don’t believe so many things that “just ain’t so” (and were thus easily captured by Obama’s spirited slogan “Yes, we can”). If we have now finally found the next key-frame for the real start of this new Golden Age in our Solar System as it travels its path in local galactic space, then we may find our lives coming to a new more realistic focus as we continue to explore the possible ways of eventually … climbing out of the deep hole, possibility not unlike the Great Depression, now in the second decade of CE Century 21 , with a little help from our newly revealed ET friends … or to experience a much harder climb and a far worse fate potentially looming in nearly every direction … unless some fairly dramatic solutions are found during the era of the “Cardinal Climax” (the T-Cross of Pluto with Prometheus and Saturn) of this decade.[8]

To briefly recap time symmetry around this newly discovered 1937 “New Age New Start” time (see previous CE/ Ne table of correspondences), we noticed earlier that the Great Depression started about seven years before in 1930 while WWII itself lasted about the same amount of time afterwards, with major hostilities ending in 1945. Again, going forward from 1937 to 1975, an outstanding pick from several sources for a critical 20th Century year, we come up with another seemingly time-modular increment, 37½ years (75/ 2). Reflecting back to the earlier side of 1937 by the same factor, we arrive at 1900, the turn of the century year when there was talk of closing the patent office because of a belief that everything of importance had already been invented (!). Going to the full 75 year factor brings us to 2012 (1937 + 75 = 2012), another milestone year already etched into imaginal consciousness.[9] But the matching proportional date on the historical time scale (1937 -75 = 1862) lands us at the beginning of the American Civil War! Lo, may these uncivil times lead us to a better result—but the many parallels are already all too obvious to a more knowledgeable person’s awareness.

And finally, to try to end on a somewhat more upbeat note, here is Semjase’s final evaluation of the worst possibility for our Earthuman civilization that appeared to many to be looming during the early-Eighties, and let us hope that it still applies during our currently similar unsettled time of war and a possible nuclear confrontation in the Middle East. The outpost group of Pleiadian ETs, including Semjase, terminated their mission to earth in 1995 and departed for home for somewhat undisclosed reasons; whether they gave up or felt they had succeeded in planting the seeds of transformation, we don’t yet know.[10]


Meier– … but here I have one question which has concerned me for a long time, namely with respect to a statement in the Christian Bible. There is talk of an “anti-time,” “end-time” … or something like that. When will this time come?

Semjase- This is the prophesied anti-time or anti-Christ time, in which the Earthuman will release himself from religious delusion and turn toward truth again. This time is connected to the Cosmic Age of the Waterman or Aquarius, and the “anti-time” has already begun with the passage up to the present of the first half and moving into the second half of the transition period [1845 to 1937 and 1937-2028] …

Meier- Then the catastrophic confusion, mass-murders by the church or else the religious/ political wars, the degeneration of human beings, and the evils of the last centuries would be the catastrophes which were prophesied by all the prophets as well as by Jmmanuel [Jesus]?

Semjase- Surely, only things have still not bottomed out, because heavier events are still coming [meeting dated 12/3/1975] …

Meier- This could become rather … “nice.” Will the atomic sawdust brains still throw the croak-frogs onto their heads?

Semjase- This danger may still be avoided, and according to probability reckoning will be excluded. The values are at 99.8%; in consequence only an outbreak of mass delusion, or the inattentiveness of a critical human being could start an atomic war.

Meier- Is this to say then that there is no atomic war to fear anymore?

Semjase- Sure, if you are thinking of a real war.

Meier- Then mankind can relax (?).

Semjase- Sure, because such a war really could only be attributed to an outbreak of delusion or an inattentiveness. The high number of the probability calculus tells us this.

Meier- Can we rely on it?

Semjase- With absolute certainty.[11]

[from Contact 39, Message from the Pleiades, v. 2, 2nd edition ebook, ed. Ted Denmark, Avery, CA, 2010]

Billy Meier UFO photos © ufophotoarchives.com


However much the times may have changed over the last thirty years or so between the scary early-Eighties before the major defusing of the Cold War and the scary astrological Cardinal Climax era about to occur,[12] it will be the great privilege of all generations of onlookers to behold what is about to transpire—particularly those of us who have learned the astrology symbolism. We had already been anticipating this time for decades before we had any inkling of Eris’ first discordant Disaster Decade of the new century as the latest troubling harbinger of the New Age, particularly as described in Semjase’s scheme, but a lot can happen in a decade, not to mention the remaining 18 years of Semjase’s transition period, and it surely will! The test of Jupiterian optimism will be for constructive Promethean efforts to inflate and prepare our hopes to arrive closer to a real breakthrough of peaceful co-existance for cooperative world unification for all Earthumans, together with a little help from our exotic friends, on our extraordinary and beloved home planet … but ah, the twists and turns yet to come.

* * * *

Dowds Hill at Avery, CA

[Original text, 5/14/10; final edits, 10-3-2017]

  1. Adapted from a similar longer list, now modified from the time it first appeared to my knowledge (possibly on a different website), but a current search reveals greatdreams.com/aquarius.htm as a variant of the original web listing from about seven years ago [2017].

  2. My impression, writing from a 2017 vantage point, is that not much at a generally acknowledged public level did happen towards the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 (see commentary on subtle impressions thereof recorded in Star World Initiation, expected ebook publication, 2018) by myself and Julie Loar).

  3. I use 2155 for the length of a Platonic Year, Semjase’s suggested correct number, compared to the more generally accepted number of 2160.

  4. To commemorate the long and persuasive astrological essay Prometheus the Awakener by Richard Tarnas, Spring Publications,1995 (and my own simultaneous take on the idea at about the same time), I will be using Prometheus to describe former Uranus as its role and significance shifts from Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius.

  5. Even belatedly attempted by Hilary Clinton in 2016.

  6. Now happening at large as the main danger during the tempestuous first year of the Trump presidency (2017).

  7. Presumably, die Schöpfung a feminine noun for the Creation, whose gender is carried into English here.

  8. It appears to be happening now in 2017 in larger measure after the final and 7th square, most recently with the ongoing North Korea crisis, the three huge killer hurricanes in the Caribbean and today (October 2, 2017) as I finish edits, the gravest case of sniper mass-murder among many of Post-Modern times in Las Vegas.

  9. It’s actually 2011, a date not usually noted, but this is the date given by ET science consultants in Telepresence Conference 7 in The Star Table Trance Missions (Denmark & Loar, 2015) for the stupendous event of the closest approach of Astraea (first called Tyche), the companion brown-dwarf star companion of our Solar System in its 6,000-plus year cycle.

  10. Though the question is taken up and answered by Semjase in the *Five Star Series* (Star Table Trance Missions and following).

  11. Exclusion by ETs of a major nuclear war is also forecast in the books of the *Five Star Series*.

  12. Written in 2010; the last of the seven Prometheus/ Pluto exact squares occurred in March of 2015, but in January of 2016 were still less than a half degree from being exact while separating; and just over three degrees in January of 2017.