Advocacy Essays

The first of these ‘advocacy essays’ (Solar Pioneer Homeland Security) has been up on the web site since its initial appearance in the early days of 2017 and presents my thoughts and experiences on off-grid living, which I have done for more than thirty years after becoming involved with solar-electric power production as a space sciences satellite design engineer, and as you may know, things have only gotten better as prices for big power panels have come down dramatically (!). The second outing (Getting into Dance with a Blues Groove) is my take on the highly significant lifestyle theme of dance, whether its value is seen as love of music, party fun, great exercise, socializing, psychological health or … whatever. I now have a dance studio in the large media studio at my house with my own design for a specially constructed dance floor, mirrors, and several audiophile sound systems, and it can be as good as one can imagine for a change of pace from sitting and working at a computer for hours on end (!). The third entry is a very recent (January 2023) effort that ties together many of the most significant philosophical issues I am currently involved with thinking about and presenting … it’s a bit long and convoluted but for anyone interested in the revolution going on in fundamental quantum physics and astro-physics or cosmology as well as exo-psychology, this might be worth the effort to follow my state of the art synthesis of a proposed model of the nature of reality (with a lot of help from several great masters of the wisdom).