Afterword to *Star World Ascension*

by Julie Loar


Ted’s first email to me, in response to one of my ongoing astrology articles in Atlantis Rising magazine, arrived at the end of April of 2010. This Afterword is being written in July of 2017—more than seven years later. Ted is still working on his complex home remodel and addition, an ambitious project that began quite some time before we met, and in spite of the counsel and expectations we’ve received from our trance sessions, we are still unable to be together full time.

Our first exploratory session in this ongoing adventure took place in early November of 2010, and we have now completed more than ninety telepresence conferences. The timeframe for the trance sessions in this third volume was late 2012 and into 2013. It’s challenging to look back more than four years, trying to recall the context of our experiences at that time. The overall tone of the third volume of trance sessions has a quality of sadness that profoundly mirrors my own.

During my very first unexpected encounter with Rhi (the Pleiadian from 300 years in the future) in May of 2010 she told me I was leading a double life. Without preamble, she said that when I was asleep as Julie I was awake as her on a star ship. I was completely freaked out. A dear friend, who was becoming certified in hypnotherapy, was facilitating that trance and nothing on Earth (so to speak) could have shocked me more or made me question my sanity. That prophetic session was just days before Ted and I had our first phone conversation.

When I was a child, still in elementary school, memories of nightly “dreams” of piloting star ships were vivid and well-remembered. To the amazement and confusion of my parents and local librarians, I read every sci-fi book in our library and felt like my night life was more real and meaningful than my daytime life in Columbus, Ohio. I was eleven or twelve and longed for space. Fertile seeds had been planted early in life for the awareness that would come decades later.

Since then, and as a result of our sessions, I have felt that my need for sleep since my earliest years, which my family and friends always noted, was related to what I now understand as my hybrid nature. In my 2010 trance session, Phindar, Rhi’s partner, who is Ted’s future self, was also on that ship as the lead science officer (like Spock) but I was the “captain.” I think my sense of responsibility, and the burden of “command,” bleeds through both lives. It’s a deep and complex process with intense implications in our current lives that we continue to explore.

Many of the amazing beings who join us at tables of various shapes and sizes feel like old friends–some feel like close family. But sessions #39 & 40 in this third volume, which occurred around the time of Easter of 2013, were deeply emotional. In these sessions we traveled back to Biblical times at Mount Carmel, in current day Israel, where Ted and I were Essenes at the school and temple there. We had been part of the group at the Mount Carmel school of prophets when preparations were being made for the arrival of Yeshuah (usually called Jesus in English) and Immanuel by the Pleiadians. My trance experiences had us sitting in a circle on the ground with famous Biblical characters, in the year 28 CE. Participants included Yeshuah Immanuel, Mary Magdalen (Miriam of Magdala), Mother Mary, Joseph his father, Joseph of Arimathia, the Magdalen’s father, and others from that time and that group. The session told us that how things have turned out has been a disappointment to them and much harm has been done through human frailty to an impulse that had a high and noble intention. In my trance state I received a warm hug from the Master that I will never forget.

I have been fascinated with the Essenes for many years, and I learned a great deal through the trance sessions of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce. The story Cayce told was quite different from the traditional story. Cayce predicted the discovery of what are called the Dead Sea Scrolls that were hidden in terra cotta jars in high mountain caves near Qumran in Israel. The scrolls were found by Bedouin goat herders in 1947, and their contents continue to amaze Biblical scholars. These discoveries were our first modern meeting with the Essenes who lived at Qumran where John the Baptists was one of their members.

The Essenes of Mount Carmel are still unknown to most people. Cayce described them as a community who lived by high standards of purity and cleanliness. They wore white robes of woven flax and were excellent gardeners and vintners. They were vegetarians who did not follow the lunar calendar of the temple in Jerusalem, abhorring the blood sacrifices and tribute that was required. Instead, they had a solar calendar similar to ancient Egypt and learned about the stars from Persian Magi. The Mount Carmel Essenes had a school of prophets, were said to commune with angels, and worked with Gabriel, preparing the way for the coming of the “messiah.” This is the same Gabriel who appears in accounts of other Pleiadian projects.

This experience revealed another “pearl” in a long strand of shared lives for Ted and me. Our guides and trance sources tell us that ours is a vastly old connection—a half million years. We’ve also been told we have a pattern of not being together in one place and that we committed to overcoming the pattern in this incarnation. After seven years the inertia that keeps the pattern in place appears to be as strong as ever. In the early stages I was filled with hope and had high expectations of what our writing and life together would look like in our “golden” years.

Our experiences thus far have profound meaning, but the form doesn’t match our early hopes and dreams. I have moved through layers of disappointment and grief but have come to a fragile sort of acceptance. But I have the same sense of sadness from unrealized dreams I felt from the Essenes in the trance sessions, although their disappointment runs far deeper.

Increasingly, but with satire and humor, I frame my relationship with Ted like the famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I have come to believe that the karma and purpose of our relationship is not meant to make me happy, but rather to make me strong. Once sufficient healing has taken place, and the strength is integrated into my soul and psyche, perhaps the pattern will also change form.

Meanwhile, we continue to learn how far-reaching and complex the story of Earth is. What most humans think of as history is like a thimble of water from an ocean of experience. According to our guides, Earth’s story is long and ancient story and not going well at this writing. While the trance sessions continue to be profound, and I feel that our role in one Pleiadian experiment has exceeded their expectations, I still struggle mightily with my human disappointment. But regardless of the challenges and the pain, this truly remarkable journey of transformation continues to be worth the cost.

July 2017, Pagosa Springs, CO


Julie’s sketch of how Yeshua Jmmanuel looked to her in the TC Sessions

My own studies taught me to think of him as Yeheshuah, which means “to restore,” or “to save.” I learned that this name consists of five Hebrew letters unlike the four that comprise the name of Jehovah. YeHeshuah has the triple flame letter shin in the center. However, Pleiadians refer to him as Emmanuel, “god with us.”

Yeshua – emotional reunion (Yod, Shin, Vav, Ayin) Yeheshuah (Yod, Heh, Shin, Vav, Heh)

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