Baracko “Soul Man” Soul-Entry Astrology

Baracko’s Presidential “Soul Man”

Soul-Entry Time Astrology

by Ted Denmark, Ph.D.


This article is part of an introduction to a new concept and technique in natal astrology, that of using a “soul-entry” time rather than the traditional “first-breath” time, by way of an analysis of its progressed chart series for Barack Obama during the time of his presidency. The soul-entry time natal chart is initially compared to the more well-known first-breath chart in the obvious appeal of its strength in delineation. This is a new initiative presented in the lingo of more advanced technical astrology, requiring detailed familiarity of the terminology and understanding of progressed chart analysis (even though there are also extended parts that present a primarily historical and/or political perspective). The article was begun in fall of 2010 and completed in fall of 2017 with some flashbacks and flash forwards navigated by footnotes and bracketed dates (that I hope is not too confusing). A much more detailed general introduction to Soul-Entry Time Astrology with many more contextual examples will be presented, probably in 2018, on the *Ted* web site, [11/11/17].

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One of the best examples of a soul-entry time astrology chart that differs sufficiently—and highly significantly—from his accepted first-breath time is that of current [10-15-2010] US President Barack Obama (“Baracko”). The soul-entry time as given by Hilarion (my channel source who originally gave me the tip on soul-entry astrology) is 5:58 pm in Honolulu on August 4, 1961.

Barack Obama’s first-breath time natal chart

His now generally accepted first-breath time (except for “birthers” who also seem to believe that his middle name “Hussein” requires him to be a Muslim) … is 7:24 pm (same place). These are the essentials that allow the comparative astrology of the two times for the charts to be sketched.This chart shows the approximate middle of Aquarius rising, putting his Leo Sun just below the Descendent and the early Gemini Moon near the 4th Cusp. It puts a 9th House Scorpio Neptune in the most elevated position, along with the Midheaven on the Scorpio/ Sag cusp—easily believable for someone with his charisma, spiritual inclinations and obvious writing talents, among many others, and particularly with his early Gemini Moon. The risen fairly tight conjunction of Jupiter/ Saturn near the 12th cusp, sadly, represents the hidden and conflicted leadership position shown by our 44st president over the course of his double term in office in which he showed early inclinations of mid-life immaturity as a devoted family father (at least for the demands of presidential office) and, as a Leo Sun, resentment towards anyone in his government or cabinet who might be seen as upstaging him (“no drama Obama” from the beginning) in his very muted, thin style of leadership (“leading from behind,” as it became known in his second term[1]). This was the fundamental Obama dilemma: a great and impressive man and orator—at least initially—with great leadership potential as the first president of African-American ancestry, but finally … a disappointment both in terms of initially asserting the power of his mandate to register outrage at the deceptions and criminal depradations of the previous Bush/ Cheney Neo-Con duopoly regime’s “War on Terror,” to the final fade out to the stumbling Hillarycrat’s grab for the bacon from the Berniecrats, leaving the country in the hands of the fraudulent Trump family oligarchy.


Barack Obama’s soul-entry time natal chart

For openers the soul-entry time chart, one hour and 26 minutes earlier, puts Saturn in Capricorn conjunct the Ascendant (9 minutes from exact) and Neptune in Scorpio conjunct (just over one degree) the Midheaven! The Saturnine Ascendant would certainly be a major clue why Baracko is so formal and not exactly huggy (apart from perceived racial overtones) while yet highly relationship-oriented (Sun moves to 7th House). The Neptune Midheaven would be the ultimate in charisma projection, particularly with Prometheus (old Uranus) being sandwiched between the Sun and the North Lunar Node in Leo in the 7th House (where it falls—more cognitive coolness in relationship). But it’s not just the supercharged cardinal positions, because beaming Jupiter is within orb of conjunction with Saturn (~6d) just below at 1d of Aquarius. So the strategic placements of Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aquarius both close to the Ascendant are easily decipherable as the basis for Baracko’s consciously ambiguous and authentic embrace of both conservative and liberal/ progressive identity profiles as the Jupiter/ Saturn “power duo” contact the Ascendant together (rather than the 12th Cusp as in the first-breath chart).

As for Neptune on the Midheaven in Scorpio, this is the key to his idealistic appeal, his confusing and controversial religious identification (at times like a presidential pastor), his seemingly chameleon-like nature at times and his hopeful but weak and the safe, popular slogan (“Yes we can”) that could mean almost anything. If we look at the 4th House covered by Pisces, which would be one highly probable place for Neptune to flourish (here in opposition), we see much more of significance on this trail. The South Lunar Node is nearly conjunct the 2nd Cusp in the last few degrees of Aquarius, followed by Chiron at ~5d Pisces and two asteroids late in Pisces. The conclusion that would present itself is that although Baracko is socially idealistic about what he wishes to achieve in his career now having culminated in the American Presidency, he is indeed ambivalent and uncertain inwardly about what he specifically wants and how to achieve it (!), however much he is driven by “running down a dream.” This is especially so now [2010] as we shall see by noticing below that his progressed Moon is in Pisces in the 12th House.

The Sun in Leo, then, is the perfect symbol of the rock-star image that worked so well for him as Candidate Baracko, but it has now moved from the hard-working 6th House (along with its companion Mercury) in the first-breath chart, to the more highly personalized 7th House in the soul-entry chart. The direction of this flow will become of great significance for his maturation in the presidential role as he goes from a charismatic but wonky professorial leadership style to a much more personable and dedicated agent for all Americans but for self-exclusion of the most die-hard partisans in opposition for the most doctrinaire or veiled racial and sectarian religious reasons. Though Baracko appears to have a steely manner, we can now see he tries to avoid confrontation if at all possible and probably does not handle it well when forced, all attributes of a 7th House management style, trying to be cooperative but not making a clear lead offering.

The problem, for him, is that just over the line in the 8th House are Pluto and Mars, the most pertinent symbols of his ruthless ambitious enemies, who are only more enraged and encouraged by his apparent weakness in fighting back to their scurrilous insinuations and bluffing charges. If they doubted his persona was influenced by dedication to the real principles of the Christian Religion, this is where they have found out, but do not want to acknowledge, the embarrassing dilemma it puts them in, as the supposedly outwardly “religious” partisans of record.

In next order of significance, the Moon in Gemini is shifted to conjunction with the 5th House Cusp, where it functions as the key to Baracko’s articulate and creative dialog with the country in its time of financial recovery. The lunar square to Pluto shows he wouldn’t be very convincing to his powerful enemies, who believe they will soon overrun his failing fortifications. The Moon sextile to Mercury in Leo in 7 accentuates the dialog that he is nonetheless capable of conducting with more reasonable elements in the center-right mainstream. Where Obama himself ever really unambiguously stood on the left-right political spectrum was always unclearly expressed to the American mainstream, except as an embedded understated collection of viewpoints telegraphed to his most loyal cerebral partisans. The most obvious down side of this cool unannounced demeanor is that most people never knew about his real accomplishments, however modest they may turn out to be [2010]. In the latter part of the 2nd term, after he went through a still more obviously detached mood, it simply looked boring. Of course, taking on the US presidency is no small undertaking for anyone, no matter how able [2017].

Venus in Cancer moves from near the 5th Cusp in the first-breath (FB) chart near to the 6th Cusp in the soul-entry (SE) chart, and is the significator for our chief executive to want to appear as if his extraordinary hard work and dedication is … effortless or even easy for him to perform, but that he is unruffled in any event and does not ever want to appear familiar, compromised or, worse case, vulgar. And he does have an almost “mothering” style of concern for both his own daughters as well as the country, which he must chide in a parental way, even though there are an enormous number of juvenile delinquents in the back of the room, seething for revenge at the “in loco parentis” teacher behind his desk (law school lectern).

There are other subtle points and issues in the Barako natal SE chart beyond these preliminary planetary positions, but this first look easily reveals a number of very interesting comparisons and contrasts with his FB chart. The SE chart moves no fewer than 5 or 6 planets onto house cusps, including the Ascendant and Midheaven (Saturn, Moon, Venus, Lunar Nodes, Prometheus (old Uranus) and Neptune, compared to the FB chart, which has a number of planets close to house cusps, also making it a strong, high focus chart, but only Mars is nearly exact on the 8th House (!), without the closer hits to Ascendant and Midheaven. His FB Ascendant falling near the middle of Aquarius with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction split across Aquarius and Capricorn and on the 12th House Cusp would reveal a person with consciously identified liberal or progressive political inclinations, but with a reserve of more conservative attitudes close at hand (in my style of reading, coming from past-life incarnations).

The SE chart then moves the Saturn-Jupiter power couple close to the Ascendant in the 1st House, giving Saturn the edge with a close conjunction of 1d in its own sign, while Jupiter, in the first degree of Aquarius (but retrograde), a place that is somewhat less than satisfactory (amplification of extremes resulting in problematic excesses), results in trouble on the progressive path. And this is just what has happened to Baracko as he nears the middle of his first presidential term in office, much to the chagrin of his more liberal/ progressive admirers such as myself.


The most timely situation for this POTUS, the man with a tan, who turned out to be the most skilled politician of his generation, like Bill Clinton before him, can probably best be seen in the progressed soul-entry chart series, beginning with the one below, timed for the November 4, 2008 election. The most significant component of this pattern is the combination of a P Moon in Aquarius late in the 11th House with both Jupiter and Saturn in close conjunction in Capricorn (and both retrograde, so Jupiter has now crossed back into Capricorn) on the 11th Cusp. This P Moon in the middle of Aquarius would have moved through the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction during the preceding year of his presidential candidacy, thus playing to the strength of a candidate presenting as a charismatic progressive upstart set to challenge authority—the famous “rock star” Baracko image touring Europe and pre-maturely being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize based only on his expected performance (which turned out to be a big early disappointment for many sympathizers).

The 20d Pisces Ascendant also shows his more self-effacing vulnerability, after the earlier years of gaining his main identity experiences with early P Ascendant also in Aquarius, beginning in pre-adolescence. The P Sun, as always, stays in the same house, the 7th in this case, nearly exactly trine (within 1 degree) Prometheus (former Uranus) giving Baracko, with all other major planets also western in orientation, to be sympathetic and accommodating—and at the top of his game. The nearly exact Mercury-Mars conjunction (within ~10m) on the 8th Cusp cleverly drives the campaign rhetoric at a solidly energetic pace.

Prometheus, the sign ruler of Aquarius, is in the late degrees of Leo, near the cusp of the hard-working 6th House—and conjunct the North Node (!), also giving the candidate’s campaign the benefit of the first major national Internet fund raising success. Pluto is nearby in Virgo in the 6th providing a directed and always a bit dangerous source of power. Altogether, it was a winning formula, not to be outdone by the likes of wounded warrior John Mc Cain.


Continuing on another two years to the midterm elections of 2010, we have a situation showing the P Moon, having moved into Pisces. Here, the Progressed lunation cycle is only about 14 months away (base time November, 2010) from a Full Moon across the Pisces/Aries-Virgo/Libra sign-cusp axis, which is positioned very close (7d) to the progressed Ascendant-Descendant axis! This will undoubtedly be the major wake up call for Baracko so widely called for among his uncertain and increasingly disaffected supporters, who expected him to use his highly-touted election mandate much more effectively than had occurred up to this point [2010].

This progressed Moon, floating in the middle of Pisces in the 12th House, has put him in the deep space of personal transformation as he absorbs and assimilates old karma from the earlier P Moon conjunctions with the Lunar South Node on the 12th House cusp of his early post-election victory (difficult), the conjunction with Chiron[2] (gaining strength and resolve for making personal amends), and finally the conjunctions in late Pisces with asteroids Pallas and Juno (commitment to fair disclosure of the truth).

His personal transformation is also enhanced by the transition of the P Sun into Libra in the interim between 2008 and 2010. Then, in early 2011the P Moon crosses the P Ascendant just before the P Full Moon culmination, resulting in a newly conscious awareness of the strong effort and fight (as the P Moon transitions into Aries) that will be required to regain forward motion of his presidency after the 2010 mid-term elections, when the House of Reps is lost to the Repubs, to help prevent stalling in the face of extreme political forces highly invested in crippling him as a set up for the 2012 election, targeted to make him another one-term Democratic president like Jimmy Carter.[3]

After the 2010 mid-term elections (which I expect to be a crazy-quilt of unintended consequences of highly localized results as the Tea Partiers split the Republican establishment) and onward into early 2011, Baracko’s P Moon will cross into Aries and be symbolically accelerated by the Jupiter-Prometheus transiting conjunction inflating the Cardinal Climax of these momentous years. Only then will he find the confidence of increased self-awareness and natural necessity to go forward with a re-invigorated sense of his presidential mission. But once again he will refrain from taking a no-holds-barred assertive attitude of political force in favor of appearing as a strong, accessible partner, as the transition of P Sun moving across the Virgo-Libra Cusp (!) also takes hold simultaneously. These phenomena shown by the soul-entry progression now coming into orb over the next year are really quite extraordinary, and will show the major dramatic transformation of the Obama Presidency, as well as explain his reluctance to “go for the gold” in the first two years of his first term. Many would argue that he did indeed make an extraordinary, if somewhat still understated, effort to go for the long ball in the health care reform legislation, but his strategy of hiding behind his partners in the House and Senate only underscores the point. A more inclusive health care solution for the country should have embraced a single-payer solution for his political position, but he was sadly afraid it would appear too radical, so he was forced into the dilemma of forcing financial penalties for “freely” disapproving youthful citizens—a first in legislative history (with the possible exception of required automobile insurance enforced by many state statutes).

Similarly to his 2008 progression, the Jupiter-Saturn power-duo conjunction remains on the 11th House Cusp in 2010, indicating that the newly re-vivified commander-in-chief will still take a cautious approach to top-down command and control, but will seriously begin to reveal planks in his more progressive agenda for the second half of his first term. The advisors who helped him make the extremely scary and awkward transition from the financial meltdown at the end of the Bush Neo-Con fiasco will have gotten burned out and moved on, and the vice-president and secretary of state jobs may get switched as Hillary decides that two years in the rough and tumble travel jungle is enough for a sensitive Moon in Pisces lady (however Scorpionic she may be as well), but a less averse presidential boss will finally emerge, of necessity as the gridlock increases towards making the country ungovernable as the multinational corporate conspiracy maneuvers to manipulate the Washington government into a dependent vassal state condition while making use of its military arm for enforcement of their globalist agenda. This time the conspiracy to destroy the Union of American States will not be coming from the coalition of southern Dixie slave states, but from a far more vast and sinister conspiracy of multinational corporate virtual states, led by the energy and big-pharma fortune 500 coalition, with a huge amounts of money, intent upon ownership of the world’s resources to be developed at their favored pace, i.e., as rapidly as possible for maximum short-term ROI.

This will be a hard fight, and Baracko will need every bit of hard work and luck not to fall victim to the dirty tricks of a behind-the-scenes political plutocracy that will do “whatever it takes” to muzzle and discredit him before the gaping “politically correct” corporate media looking for the sensational story of the day for the relentless 24/7 news cycle. The P Mars-Mercury conjunction in Libra on the 8th House Cusp will be the key to his response, as he becomes energized once again as the orator that initially brought him to political prominence during the 2004 presidential convention and later during his campaign, winning over enough fence-sitting independents and some Republicans to clench his victory. The squares of Mercury-Mars to Jupiter-Saturn show that he will have to put up a fight, and the semi-square to Pluto in the 6th house shows it will take a major effort to convince the country that his approach against the scare-mongers is on the side of fairness and justice.

The Venus-Prometheus (old Uranus) conjunction split across the Leo-Virgo Cusp on the edge of the 6th House, coming on the other flank of the 7th house Sun, also conjoined to the North Lunar Node, presages a return of the noted “rock star” charisma of the former senator from Illinois on his rapid run through the Senate and into the presidency as a relatively young man. The trine of this figure to the Midheaven in Sag shows that he will travel to good effect in his campaign of persuasion. The near inconjuncts between Jupiter-Saturn and Venus-Prometheus indicate the nature of the uphill battle that will be enacted, and the near presence of Pluto to Venus-Prometheus in 6 indicates the nature of the high-stakes game in which the political viability of leadership is at stake, in which only super-efforts count. Fortunately Venus-Prometheus is capable of that odds-in success, as it is capable using resources and strategies brilliantly.

Of course, much of Baracko’s potential (but probably limited) success will depend on retaining a serviceable coalition of Democrats, friendly independents and moderate Republicans (if there are any left) to keep from being overwhelmed by an opposition that has tried to mobilize a restive and angry populace who have been steam-rollered by the now fading Neo-Con conspiracy and the bald-faced profiteering, fraud and deception of the Wall St. financialization empire. And there will also be at least some smoke from truly explosive issues, also from the previous regime, of re-opening an investigation into the original whitewash of the 911 “terrorist attacks.” This one really makes the insiders (who really know what happened) swoon, but eventually Baracko will probably have to address this truly dangerous issue for the future of the American federal government, as blatant evidence continues to float to the surface, perhaps not unlike oil traceable to the BP’s Gulf Gusher.


To continue the sequence of biennial progressed election charts, now being added in 2017, the next one comes in November 2012, after the intervening P Full Moon. The P Full Moon would have represented a major identity recalibration for Baracko as it occurred very close to the Pisces-Aries cusp coinciding with the Ascendant-Descendant axis, one of the most dramatic transitions possible in these Zodiac transformations, as the ruler shifts from Neptune to Mars linked to both signs and houses (!). This was shown by Baracko’s obvious lukewarm debate performance with a nearly over-confident Romney, but his opponent’s compromised standing as a wealthy Mormon with an elevator-assisted parking garage, didn’t give the swing voters enough to cling to as an alternative. The Aries P Moon itself represented a re-invigorated push for Baracko to feel for the new presidential term, but it would only last until the P Moon arrived in Taurus a year later when he was ready to back off the pace and try to understand what he really wanted to try to achieve during his now two-term presidency—was it only going to be health care reform? Of course a P Moon in Taurus in the 2nd House is inclined to induce anyone to enjoy some of the finer things of life, rather than just straining at the bit for the previous Aries start-over clip of 2 and a half years.

The only planets in addition to the Moon to show significant movement in two year increments over the eight-year period of the Baracko Presidency, are Mercury and Venus. The Mercury-Mars conjunction is still tight but now slowly separating compared to its culmination in 2008. Venus is now at the midpoint between Prometheus and Pluto, showing the drift of the Baracko charisma of its contact from one to the other over the period of the two-term presidency, where it was also located just before being exact with Prometheus during the 2008 election. Ceres (which I take to rule Virgo and the 6th House) continues to drift closer to the 3rd Cusp over the course of the eight years, showing Baracko’s highly-organized communications skills, both as speaker and writer—and even as a stand-up humorist, which gives support to the Venus-Prometheus-Pluto stellium in late Leo and early Virgo on the 6th Cusp (even though it’s square, showing more effort is required for success).


The fourth and final progressed chart in the series dated to the mid-term election for 2014, shows the P Moon nearly to the middle of Taurus in the 2nd House. Most of the phenomena cited earlier still apply without much novelty, and it showed in Baracko’s somewhat boring take on his circumstances with both legislative bodies now controlled by the Repubs after the election. His major identity shift, occurring between his two terms and corresponding to the P Moon culminating across the Ascendant, is now mostly complete, and he clearly showed a more mature, if somewhat acquiescing, attitude in this second term as the Midheaven finally arrives at the exact Sag-Capricorn Cusp as the sign cusps and house cusps are all also nearly exact (!). Later, as the P Moon gets closer to Ceres and the 3rd Cusp, we will see him reaching out more to media to document his presidency, with Michael Lewis essentially given full run to report his white house habits and his personal photographer sitting in with camera to record millions of shots of the action at the helm. This is particularly interesting since “no drama Obama” was quite averse to undue publicity during his first term when the P Moon was transiting the deeply private 12th House. The asteroids and planetoids remaining in the 12th house would continue that muted shy bias for the duration of his term.

The “lame duck” mode arrived early for Baracko as he remained in place, seemingly waiting out the clock for the next election to hand over the White House pass key to Hillary—which, of course, is still the lingering big shock at the end of the first year of the (gasp) Trump Presidency.


I am inclined to think[4] that Baracko may be headed for a political outcome more like FDR than Jimmy Carter, in the sense that he will start out slow, hoping the whole financial house doesn’t come down on his head all at once, and he will have some time to experiment and try to bring the country along with friendly persuasion in the face of opposition cheap-trick and/.or dirty-trick scare tactics. Much will depend upon his retention of integrity and perception of sincere and capable openness with the majority scared by tactics of both political and religious extremists. In truth we are probably at a similar point now in the “War on Terror” that we were in what became World War II. The currently assembling forces of terrorism fueled by religious extremism, wherever they may be found, are just as potentially threatening to unexpecting populations as was the “axis of evil” during the late Thirties and early Forties of the 20th Century.

Or, to go back to the next most perilous time in American history, the period of the Emancipation Proclamation and the resulting tragedy of the Civil War, Obama’s dilemma would appear like Lincoln’s before he was forced to take his final radical position on abolition of slavery, after first espousing voluntary re-emigration of African-American slaves to Liberia with a fall-back to attempting to keep slavery from spreading to the western states. The slavery of our time is institutionalized, not in ownership of people of African ancestry as chattel slaves, but in the exploitation of the great majority of all individuals of every ethnic background by a small minority of financial elite “owners” capable, so far, of holding wealth and not only exercising but consolidating power, in a unipolar system of social organization variously called “capitalism” or “free enterprise” that limits and distorts “equality of opportunity” and subsequent human growth—for the benefit of the few—perhaps even more effectively in the long run than the violent brutality of the earlier 19th Century era.

Baracko seems to sense that his initial assignment is to simply survive in his role as the first president of African-American ancestry within the existing system and attempt with understated moral courage and uprightness, to pacify his detractors, whose subliminal racism is often disguised as economic opposition to his believed liberal or “socialist” leanings. Later, as he gets pushed deeper into this corner, it is hoped by them that he will fade out as a one-term president; he will have to realize he must go deeper into the heart of darkness of the power elites, whose corporate militarist agenda for world domination through seizure of strategic resources, followed by bluffed temporary crises from stealth economic and financial manipulations, with only minimal wartime destruction, is still on track, even after failure of its initial overt phase during the Bush-Cheney Neo-Con plutocratic power-grab gamble (911 hoax precipitating the War on Terror). But what is the next stage of growth for morally and spiritually correct economic organization after the full metal-jacket phase of greedy elitist capitalism?

This is Baracko’s and the world’s main question as the current system driven by American and other “bought-in” economies into the “financialization” takeover scheme (like England, the Euro zone and Japan particularly, but generally for nearly all post Cold War developed economies) falls further into dysfunction of efficient resource allocation—the myth that capitalism was intended to fulfill in its textbook version of making the right things at the most competitive prices for the greatest number of economic decision makers. Baracko’s go-for-broke legislative effort for health care reform was his first full commitment to a future vision for greater possibilities of fairness and justice in the economic and social realm (people must survive first in order to participate in creating a more perfect union) . Further progress, even at the possibly normalized level of 10% unemployment seen at present (it’s really much higher, of course), seems unlikely as long as the status quo can be maintained by a belief that we can return to the most recently remembered prosperous times during the Clinton presidency with continued support of the most influential institutions such as mainstream media, organized religion, judiciary, service organizations, military brass, etc.

So, Baracko’s current stage of political leadership corresponds to the early stages of both Lincoln and Roosevelt, before things became really difficult and something completely different had to be attempted in the face of howls of protest and conflict, and whose political career is just about to go through the same kind of confrontation and upheaval that his famous presidential forbears faced, to which they so courageously responded. Lincoln was stately, steadfast and somber in his truly calamitous difficulties; FDR was generous, even jovial and breezy in public demeanor as he was wheeled about to radio fire-side chats. What rhetorical or presentational attitude will Baracko take? After his dream becomes clearer to himself, as it must after the first half of his first term, he will then attempt in the second half to take a much more aggressively persuasive approach to creating a more inclusive dialog addressing the American people, and will also have to show his commitment to economic decentralization of economic power by supporting a new stage of economic fairness and equality, just as Lincoln and FDR did. It will be a huge struggle that will probably result in the transformation of the country into a whole new period of American integration onto the world stage as new mini-nations within the federal structure in competition with many newly powerful and technologically successful countries led by the BRICS coalition (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) because the old federal government system is … simply failing. Everything will now have to happen at Internet tempo as we really begin to find out what “too big to fail” really means. The old school contemporary feudal casino capitalism of the Wall St. bankers in cahoots with the Fed, who have tied themselves up in a financial straight jacket of impossible insurance fantasies with their complex “instruments” of scammed financialized offerings … actually failed during the Great Recession of 2008.

The first scary lack of resolve on Baracko’s part in the face of a more robust response has been his rededication of commitment to the Bush era’s virtual class warfare disguised as the so-called “War on Terror” that was seemingly justified by the 911 terror attacks that originated in the Middle East with the enemies of Israel. But as the lies and deceptions of the whitewashed official 911 Commission Report are more widely understood to be elaborate fabrications about immense orchestrations that were in reality war crimes committed by the hidden “security” agents of the Bush-Cheney regime itself, as is now slowly becoming known from many directions, there will finally be a calamitous outcry from the abused, brain-washed and demoralized American people–unless they really are completely cashiered and dispossessed! This is what Baracko has inherited, even though his initial response, assuming he knows what really happened (could he possibly not? Well, maybe …), was to attempt to run away from this dinosaur in the room as fast as possible, because it, along with the financial crisis that became the Great Recession, threatened his initial attempt to even take up the reins of power. He had to pass muster before the failed but still fully assembled structure of entrenched wealth and power for his famous “audacity of hope” to have succeeded as a popular political phenomenon. The Neo-Con blitzkrieg had been halted in the muddle of its destruction of Iraq and poised for attack on the borders of Pakistan and Iran for more warfare by the political miracle of Baracko’s win … but now what? To say the ball is in his court with a mean back-spin, would be a monumental understatement.

The current clash is shaping up in a world around nuclear weapon proliferation, an extremely chaotic Middle East, gridlocked political and religiously intensified cultural wars in North America and Europe, the unprecedented rise of modern China, a worldwide financial crisis that could go viral at any moment around failed states, failed currencies, industrial accidents (like the Gulf Gusher and hydrologic fracturing for oil and natural gas exploration), and revelations of secret spy agency machinations of the earlier Cold War era. Global warming seals the case for the next decade to be the most dangerous of all time, with expectations for martial law, military coups, and rule by totalitarian dictatorship to be on the rise against more stable and moderate governments managed at least externally by democratic and legal procedures, in which many very scary things will happen if only because of population pressures increasing at a truly alarming rate in many third world countries (even though we thankfully have the commitment of China as the world’s most populous country to begin to forge a solution).

This is where Obama will need to offer a friendly hand and the help of his new group of capably convincing advisors, for national and international leadership and compassionate judgment to postpone a threatening world catastrophe for at least another generation, or until the technological breakthroughs that will be (are) so desperately needed can be made and implemented (let us have the audacity to hope this is still possible). And let us also hope that the merely greedy partisans and established profiteers can be thwarted in their youthful folly of attempting to corner the lion’s share of wealth and power for the benefit of the small elites for any nationality or financial, industrial or other technological or militaristic multinational conglomerate. The odds are probably not too good without widespread awareness, cooperation and good will … and some invisible help. There is probably no choice, other than a more dramatic disaster, which we will get at some level of intensity in any event, even if a solution begins to emerge from the path of fiasco. Sadly, as always, learning does not inhere in the genes, so historical lessons are almost never acquired for some time and are thus repeated over and over again through written history. History is a game for 1% optimists, a slow gambler’s game, but it is the only game on planet until … the next disaster somehow leads to the next miracle. Baracko’s turn has now come to spin the Rubic’s Cube of problem solving as we eagerly await the re-emergence of the next generation of baby birds from the nest of the immolated American phoenix.


In this final recap on the Obama era from the post-hoc vantage point of November, 2017, I must say I expected too much of President Obama as an anticipated world-historical figure, which left me mostly feeling disappointed, like many others, even if he was able to retain his dignity as the first president of African ancestry and achieve a respectable record between two of the most … what is the word (?) … “despicable” Republican presidential administrations in American history. So, from that standpoint he still looks ok, if only because of some advancement made on the Affordable Health Care front (now completely in jeopardy but still hanging by a thread … maybe). Of course, Baracko did not have a really solid national constituency coming in, even within his own party, though he had a popular mandate … which to my mind, he seemingly squandered in the critical first year of his presidency, just up from the “disaster decade” of the wicked Bush/ Cheney era. As has been rumored, he may have had to capitulate his agenda on the first day he entered the Oval Office in his first briefing by the CIA spooks (it has been rumored that both his parents were actually CIA agents). It sure looked that way to me. The only allies he appeared to have retained were the Wall Street banks (in exchange for his looking the other way on the disappearance of so much loot) and the tentative Millenials after the “identity politics” of the Democratic mainstream discounted his potential by the midterm election of 2010 when he lost the House of Reps, fortified by the second mid-term, when he lost the Senate.

His uncertain handoff of the presidential seal to the weirdly controversial Hillary loss in 2016, just makes his legacy more shaky. Many pundits felt that Baracko had cut into line ahead of Hillary in 2008, which she acquiesced to gracefully enough at the time (out of necessity), but now after her failure to become the first woman president like the fairy tale called for, they both look less deserving in historical hindsight. Of course again, for those who know the astrology of the USA chart, the coming Pluto return, culminating in 2022 at the 250 year mark of its history for this next president as well as for his immediate predecessors, would have made, and will continue to make, any real success a near impossibility for anyone attaining the office. We sadly have to look back to an era (Eisenhower/ Kennedy or Reagan?) when there were real statesmen in government running for high office to find the American presidency a still worthy attraction for predictable political success. We are obviously in for big changes in any event—I’m modestly hoping for a move beyond Trump and identity politics in our stagnant, either/or, divided-house, digital democracy to at least a parliamentary governmental structure in which minorities and other outsiders might have a real voice and place at the table. In the meantime we have transitioned from an under-stated reluctant king (Sun in Leo, Capricorn rising, western hemisphere predominating) to a loose-lipped mad king (Sun in Gemini, Mars in Leo conjunct the Ascendant, nearly all planets eastern). It is surely as great a political whiplash as the country has ever had (the Clinton/ Bush transition also comes to mind in our modern political state increasingly careening out of control).

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Official Barack Obama Presidential portrait


  1. Here, I’m speaking from the editorial advantage of 20/20 hindsight in 2017, as will get interleaved in a few places …before I segregate the two time periods that produced this somewhat complex “before and after” analysis.
  2. I take Chiron to be the “esoteric ruler” of the sign Aquarius (a la A.A. Bailey), applying to more advanced types like Baracko, rather than the more familiar identification with Virgo or other signs that have been put forth.
  3. The following open paragraphs in this section were written earlier in the latter part of 2010, so they can be regarded as predictive forecasts, more or less correct in retrospect, I think …
  4. Now back to November of 2010 for my speculations about the anticipated Baracko Presidency going forward … expecting too much of him, as I was inclined to do at that time.