Billy Meier Saga

The amazing story of Billy Meier, dating from the mid-Seventies of last century, has gone into eclipse to a large extent now (2023) with so much newer UFO/ET/UAP narrative to discover and try to unravel, even though there is still a huge amount of material about him just to be found on You Tube that could take up quite a sizable amount of time to investigate for those still interested in what happened with him and his primary liaison Semjase from planet Erra in the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades. I was greatly affected by the Wendelle Stevens books entitled Message from the Pleiades shortly after the four volume underground classics began to appear in the early Eighties. Then, after a long period of realization and a certain number of contactee events along the way for me, it all came back to life and I was able to complete an authorized (by Wendelle’s daughter CC Stevens) 2nd edition revised and revisioned ebook re-publication of these books, now dedicated to the memory of Wendelle, which are still currently available at my BookBaby Bookshop (with buy buttons on this website). I also tell more of the conflict involved on my homepage on the website, but here are several additional related stories that might be of interest to anyone wishing to get stated with the Meier-Semjase narrative or who might already be involved with it, which I now refer to as the most renowned ‘Close Encounter of the 7th Kind’ (physical contact with collaboration) case documented in the modern era. Julie Loar and I also have our own long series of contacts with Semjase and her father Ptaah that are to be found in our *J&T Five Star Series* books with more on the way in the second series *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind* in the latest book Masters of Space and Time: Pleiadian Star Wisdom of Semjase & Ptaah, which will appear in ebook and paperback publication later in 2023.