Review of *Healing is Voltage, the Handbook* by Jerry Tenant, MD

Review of Healing is Voltage, the Handbook

by Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), Psc.,D

by Ted Denmark, Ph.D.

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This very unusual compendium of advanced alternative health information with its very unusual title by Jerry Tennant, a “Pastoral Health Practitioner and Counsellor” (published in 2013) with a legally protected status from a Texas “Ecclesiastical Private Expressive Association,” is a most amazing update of healing arts and integrated scientific knowledge in a medical self-care context and will thus probably become a valuable reference for health-conscious individuals and many practitioners in alternative health and healing fields for many years to come. The primary metaphor in the title, “Healing is Voltage,” refers to the likely still somewhat obscure idea that the healthful alkaline chemistry of the healthy normal physical body, just above 7 on the scale from 0 to 14, indicates or is another way of saying that the tissue can be shown to have a low voltage potential—the fundamental condition of the life force necessary in living tissue for cells to reproduce and remain vigorously self-sustaining. A pH reading below this acid/base threshold of 7, indicating a chemically acidic condition, shows a lack of potential or free electron voltage, in which cellular growth can no longer be maintained. So, therefore the general healing strategy should be directed at maintaining minimal low voltage currents, which can easily be read (with a litmus strip) as pH, in all bodily tissues. This baseline for a healthful condition has not been generally understood, and of course the details are very complex. Tenant’s understanding of this is the most sophisticated I’ve yet seen (even though I’m not widely aware of the most recent publications in this subject area).

It takes a bit of sustained thinking to move from the familiar chemistry context to one of the physics of electron flow in the body, following the lead of Dr. Tenant (who began his medical career as an Ophthalmologist) to accept this thesis as the basis for sustained health, but the savvy and experienced doctor, succeeds in making his case as a highly experienced analyst (and book publisher, though there are a few errors a professional editor could have fixed), who has studied many, nay, nearly all, of both standard and alternative approaches to health and has created in this “handbook” an encyclopedic reference that includes much in this brilliant updated “energy medicine” synthesis from both eastern and western approaches, which has probably never been so well integrated before—to my knowledge. It really is an amazing achievement, pulling together Edgar Cayce insights, standard modern laboratory and epidemiological studies, acupuncture, the Aru Vedic chakra approach, the Rife dark-field microscope, radio frequency “cancer cure” history and much more.

Here is an extended excerpt from the concise introduction to the book:

Although modern medicine provides ever-increasing efficiency in emergency medicine (once you get out of the waiting room and actually get care), the results of care for chronic disease in the US is on par with third world countries, according to the World Health Organization.

This book suggests a different paradigm for the care of chronic disease based on the recognition that we must constantly make new cells to replace those that are worn out or damaged. Chronic disease occurs when we lose the ability to make new cells that work.

To reverse chronic disease we must look for the reasons that we have lost the ability to make new cells that work. Making new cells requires -50 millivolts of energy, amino acids to make the inside of cells, fats to make the outside of cells, vitamins and minerals to make the metabolic processes work, oxygen, a fuel system (fats and glucose), a sewage system to get rid of waste proteins (lymphatic system), a system to protect us from infections, and a way to get rid of toxic substances.

Almost all chronic diseases are characterized by low voltage. Just as a new Mercedes without a battery isn’t going anywhere, a body without a functional electrical system doesn’t work either. Therefore, the title of this book is Healing is Voltage.

The main things that control voltage are thyroid hormone, fulvic acid, dental infections, scars and exercise.

The body’s primary source of amino acids is stomach acid breaking proteins into amino acids. You cannot be well without stomach acid.

And ironically, this is where healthful alkaline body chemistry begins—with stomach acid and the necessities for its production, including iodine, zinc, selenium and a carefully annotated list of other essential nutrients, vitamins and catalysts. Oh, and we also have to stop consuming toxins from: smoking, caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, soy (!), MSG, partially hydrogenated fats, chloride, fluoride and microwave cooking. Some of these will be easier than others to try living without. He doesn’t put a direct block on meats (not a likely “vegetarian”) but consuming animal protein, itself fed with GMO corn and soy is seen as only one degree from trouble finding a place to happen.

It is a curious circumstance that modern western medicine has never produced a flow analysis of electrical phenomena in the human body—only limited context electro-chemistry—just as in astrophysics there has never been a similar analysis of geo-cosmic plasma flow—only mysterious gravitation. So, this has been the missing part of both sciences up to the present time. Tenant goes into great depth of detail how the various organ systems in the physical body can be understood as “tuned Tesla circuits” in which one of the two elements in each of the various matched pairs acts as a coil while the other functions as a capacitor along the various flow circuits, independent of the cerebro-spinal system. This analysis would seem to be a major breakthrough for understanding the agency by which the physical body is able to mesh and merge its variously tuned components together into an energy system through a series of balanced low- voltage feedback circuits.

Perhaps Tenant’s most impressive discovery is that the fibrous connective tissue in the body is the actual conductive/ semi-conductive network—one of two, the other being the acupressure meridians—in which low-voltage electron flow occurs, being the primary energy system used to distribute electrical potential that drives the life force so that cells can perform their ultra-complex electro-chemical tasks and reproduce themselves on various periodic schedules that makes sustained life of the organism possible. On the basis of this fundamental analysis, various aspects of healthy living, particularly involving nutrition, are also explored in great detail. I’m no medical expert or practitioner, and would never utter the forbidden word “cure” in any context, but I’ve been following developments in the alternative medical field for many years, and this highly impressive synthesis of new knowledge, given in a wealth of listed technical detail, strikes me as a major contribution (!). If you are aware of developments in the “energy medicine” field, you will likely want to explore this book.

Apart from a succinct accounting of nutritional fundamentals necessary for an alkaline body chemistry that every person should review, particularly for understanding the value of organically-produced foodstuffs, the necessity of iodine in the diet for various aspects of endocrine and GIT health, particularly to avoid the near universal malaise of hypothyroidism, is profusely illustrated. This is followed by a presentation of the key role of the liver’s production of cholesterol as it relates to heart disease, with a short history of the research done by those with links to the pharmaceutical industry. The flip-flopping on this issue and the vagaries of research on cooking oils, is distressing to learn, but essential to understand if adult human self-care is ever to have any hope for success apart from publicity by overzealous commercial interests.

The survey continues with infections, dental toxins, allergies and heavy-metal poisoning—all gruesome enough to make a sensitive person squirm, but all of the greatest importance if successful longevity is to be anticipated. Dentistry is particularly well explored for all the suspicious aspects of dangerous conventional practice it contains, like the wholesale production of root canals, amalgam fillings amidst our always-increasing sugar intake. We naturally live in an world of evolving knowledge about health, and there are many established parts of standard medicine and dentistry that will have to make better progress eventually, and we can only hope that enlightenment can proceed among the dedicated health professionals who have the very difficult jobs of providing health care to all the people most in need of healing and relief from pain.

Dr. Tenant is also adept at invention of small-scale, medical-office instruments like his “Bio-Modulator,” which can be used to analyze tissue by monitoring the needed low-voltage potential indicative of its healthy functioning in various locations (including teeth). The situation of his needing an approach to acquire the status of a religion to overcome the bias and legal liability from the medical establishment, is reminiscent of Scientology’s success in using their “e-meter” reading “psycho-galvanic skin response” aka a “lie detector” in their main “religious” ritual. Tenant is very careful in presenting history about the most dangerous eras that have triggered FDA/AMA oversight/ intervention as in the Royal Rife “cancer cure” and various single-frequency and tuned frequency devices like the Drown psychotronic frequency oscillators. Perhaps many of us at one time beleived the efforts of the government medical oversight agencies and organizations enforcing standardized medical procedures, were merely an attempt to prevent medical quackery, but the picture is far darker and more complex—which Tenant also makes some ongoing attempt to critique and update.

One of Tenant’s most surprising discoveries, and one in which he provides original research via energy frequency analysis, is that of Essential Oils. As he notes, “Generally speaking, disease is caused when cells have too little voltage and are running at too-low a frequency.” It turns out that the various essential oils are rather like light as analyzed by a spectrometer—showing certain dominant frequencies and many sub-frequencies characteristic of whatever element or molecule that emitted them—that can be used as stimulants to biological tissues in various ways, like any other kind of chemical or nutrient. If you ever wondered why rose essence is so uniquely stimulating or inspiring, look no further than Tennant’s listing of the frequencies of the essential oils; it is by far the highest—and very close to that of blood (!).

The discussion and interpretation of Nitric Oxide here is also worthy of some study since this subject has been crisscrossed with reverse field running as a more modern understanding has taken over from earlier times. Believed to be primarily toxic for the two hundred or so years since its discovery, it is now considered an essential ingredient in the biochemical toolkit needed for optimum health—and not just an aid to sexual arousal and functioning.

Tennant saved what may be his most vital and comprehensive understanding of holistic health for last, in the chapter called “Humic and Fulvic,” beginning with a chapter called “Fungus and the Planet,” and it is indeed a deep dive into what lies on the other side of the midline pH of 7—the anaerobic world (energy production without oxygen) of fungus: the good, the bad and the carcinogenic. Knowing the role of fungus in the greater chemical scheme of things, would seem to make the “War on Cancer” of the Nixon era a fool’s errand. The question for anyone seeking life-sustaining health becomes, “How can I maintain the chemistry of oxygenation with its slightly alkaline basis for optimal bodily functioning, until, for whatever reason, it begins to dip into the acidic range, “the chemistry of death.” This is the answer the book is intended to give, and there is a very wide range of detailed strategies, of which the somewhat mysterious Humic and Fulvic provide the final insights: they are the “life of the soil” that is taken up in our growing foodstuffs and finally passed on to us—a package of the 74 essential nutrients, made to order for fully functional living—unless it is destroyed, as is sadly happening in so many technical civilizations around the world as industrialized farming with its synthetic fertilizers and pesticides increasingly replace the natural manures and environmental rock flours, depriving us of the essential soil nutrients called Humic and Fulvic on which the lives of our cells and therefore our own depend.

It’s enough to make a farm boy weep … along with all the old-time farmers, now mostly departed, who tilled and nurtured the soil as the essential common wealth of all animals, plants and people. It’s probably almost too late now to save the natural loams of North America from devilish destruction by erosion, GMO genetics, anhydrous ammonia, Round-Up, and the 5000 & 1 other environment poisons produced by the millions of pounds and thrown, injected, sprayed and pumped onto the withering humus of our factory farms in early Century Twenty-One. It is the familiar story of maximizing short-term profits without long-term vision in what could be the final chapter of the health crisis that we are all facing. But there is always some hope in the short run for those who may be able to understand the terrain.

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Tennant, Jerry, MD, MD(H), PSc.,D, Healing is Voltage, The Handbook, Third Edition,, 2013.