Star Light Reflections: Cygnus-Lyra

*Star Light Reflections* is the final Volume 5 of the *J&T Five Star Series*, beginning with Telepresence Conference 57 (12-20-2014) and concluding with TC 70 (10-11-2015).  It is dedicated to the unknown civilizations of the Cygnus-Lyra region of sky and their “ancient astronauts” who first came to Earth more than a million years ago … and were captivated by its potentials even though the Earth was in a far more primitive condition then than now–including the early Earthumans of that era whom they did not intermingle with to create a new hybrid race.  The book concludes with a conference on a starship where fruit drinks are served for the first time with attendance of many of the star family regulars, including Julie’s exo-father Lysinder and his wife and Ted’s “great sister” Lysah and her partner.  The double lives that J&T lead as hybrids on Earth while monitored and occasionally supervised by the their Pleiadian alter egos Rhi & Phindar is highlighted and rather touching (they are Their “children”) … and it is a celebration and fitting conclusion for these books, whose conferences are said to become noted historical documents of our era when ETs began their return to Earth … and a step deeper into a still vaster cosmos than cannot yet be fully imagined by Earthumans of our time (but they are helping us try …).  [updated 5-3-2024]

Book covers of *Star Light Reflections: Cygnus-Lyra* (available in Kindle e-book edition by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)

Star Time Convergence: Arcturus

by Ted Denmark

Star Time Convergence, this 4th Volume of the *J&T Five Star Series*, begins with Telepresence Conference 43 (5-4-2013) and concludes with TC 56 (8-15-2014). It is dedicated to the civilizations of Arcturus who were major originators of ancient Atlantis (along with Sirians and Arcturians) and marks the time during this period when our gurest ETs & Celestial Guides are seen as a bit shocked and begin to realize that things are not going to work out as well as was earlier hoped.  In reality, they probably have only acquiesced that it will take longer than first expected for Earth to evolve into becoming a “sacred planet” as is said in the esoteric lineages.

As Century 21 Pleiadian hybrid “contactees” Julie and Ted continue presenting their Telepresence Conferences, investigating many controversial contemporary issues—some related to possibly familiar UFO or UAP “conspiracy theories” but many that are uniquely fascinating in themselves—with answers given by their ET friends and family … and even more advanced Celestials (Avatars and Angels).  It may be too “far out” for most readers upon first encounter, but it is hoped that at least some of the perspective will be “seeded” for future generations to realize that Earth’s current condition is the culmination of a very much longer and elaborate sequence of events than has been imagined or understood by our contemporary scientists and thinkers.  These modern Earth people have thusly been characterized by alternative anthropologist and cultural historian Graham Hancock as “amnesiacs.”  As presented in this ongoing *J&T Five Star Series,* human origins (with the exception of Australian Aborigines), actually began in very ancient times on a number of exo-planets, with explorers and colonizers coming to Earth at various times predominantly from five separate locations in local galactic space: Aldebaran and the Pleiades, Sirius, Mirach in Andromeda, Arcturus and Cygnus-Lyra.  This core narrative is complex, even for our learned ET experts to describe, but it is only a beginning, or at least a boost, for a series of alternative cultural and scientific narratives that will increasingly be seen as the prime replacement candidates for a timed-out standard science scenario that has now run aground on its own most speculative closed-system materialist-reductionist bias.  J&T are ambassador/ messengers for a detailed and more plausible interpretation for an awakening to this new zeitgeist of exo-world possibilities that neither they—nor anyone (!) could have imagined, much less deduced from existing artifact remains.

[updated 5-1-2024]

Covers for *Star Time Convergence: Arcturus* (available as Kindle e-book by clicking on image to go to Amazon Ted Denmark Author Page)

Star World Ascension: Andromeda

*Star World Ascension* is Volume 3 of the *J&T Five Star Series* and begins with Telepresence Conference 29 (4-29-2012), concluding with number 42 (3-31-2013). It is dedicated to the presence of individuals from Andromeda in Earth’s ancient pre-history and their contribution to Earth civilizations in past eras as well as presently (they do the crop circles!). In addition to much else, it examines the meaning of the much bruited notion of “Ascension” during this time, which was believed by many to be a very relevant boundary condition for a cultural era (or something) at the end of 2012 (it is said here to have been largely about the effects of our solar system companion brown dwarf star Astraea aka “Planet 9” whose close approach to Earth occurred in late 2011).  The answers provided are cosmically relevant and do not disappoint for those who have interests in this area.

[updated 5-1-2024]

Book covers of *Star World Ascension* (e-book available by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)

Star Family Excursions: Sirius

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

Star Family Excursions is Volume 2 of the *J&T Five Star Series* and contains the second set of 14 Telepresence Conferences, 15-28, dating from 6-22-2011 to 3-3-2012.  It sets the pace for the range of adventures and revelations to follow after Julie & Ted’s initial breakthrough in the Disclosure Era with The Star Table Trance Missions and is dedicated to the those from the ancient planetary systems whose life was destroyed by the Sirian nova and those who escaped into the Sirian diaspora, some of whom came to Earth and have remained here in hidden underground caverns for a long time.  This has always been one of my favorite books with three different spacecraft being described by Julie and shown using simplified 3D models by Ted … and the amazing excursion to Ancient Egypt (and I can’t neglect adulation for Julie’s fabulous sketches of the regular participants now included in this 2nd edition).

Front cover of 2nd ed. of Star Family Excursions (available by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)

The Star Table Trance Missions: Aldebaran & the Pleiades

*The Star Table Trance Missions* is the first volume of the 5-volume *J&T 5 Star Series* and is dedicated to the pioneers (or “bioneers”) from Aldebaran and The Pleiades who were early settlers on Earth many thousands of years ago. It contains the first 14 “Telepresence Conferences,” dating from 1-17-2011 to 5-4-2011, which tell how Julie and Ted met and began their amazing conversational adventures with Julie in light hypnotic trance with many ETs and celestial guides, with whom they had finally earned the right to have conscious contact since it is revealed that they are both Pleiadian/ Sirian hybrids with (different) Pleiadian ET fathers. It is a love story embedded in a much vaster story of “close encounters of the 6th kind” as we now call it … with many sub-texts and contexts in a kind of random-access network of ideas, issues and questions of various shadings …

The 2nd edition of The Star Table Trance Missions by Ted & Julie (available in paperback & e-book at Ted’s Amazon Author Page–just click on the image)