Afterword to *Star World Ascension*

by Julie Loar


Ted’s first email to me, in response to one of my ongoing astrology articles in Atlantis Rising magazine, arrived at the end of April of 2010. This Afterword is being written in July of 2017—more than seven years later. Ted is still working on his complex home remodel and addition, an ambitious project that began quite some time before we met, and in spite of the counsel and expectations we’ve received from our trance sessions, we are still unable to be together full time.

Our first exploratory session in this ongoing adventure took place in early November of 2010, and we have now completed more than ninety telepresence conferences. The timeframe for the trance sessions in this third volume was late 2012 and into 2013. It’s challenging to look back more than four years, trying to recall the context of our experiences at that time. The overall tone of the third volume of trance sessions has a quality of sadness that profoundly mirrors my own.

During my very first unexpected encounter with Rhi (the Pleiadian from 300 years in the future) in May of 2010 she told me I was leading a double life. Without preamble, she said that when I was asleep as Julie I was awake as her on a star ship. I was completely freaked out. A dear friend, who was becoming certified in hypnotherapy, was facilitating that trance and nothing on Earth (so to speak) could have shocked me more or made me question my sanity. That prophetic session was just days before Ted and I had our first phone conversation.

When I was a child, still in elementary school, memories of nightly “dreams” of piloting star ships were vivid and well-remembered. To the amazement and confusion of my parents and local librarians, I read every sci-fi book in our library and felt like my night life was more real and meaningful than my daytime life in Columbus, Ohio. I was eleven or twelve and longed for space. Fertile seeds had been planted early in life for the awareness that would come decades later.

Since then, and as a result of our sessions, I have felt that my need for sleep since my earliest years, which my family and friends always noted, was related to what I now understand as my hybrid nature. In my 2010 trance session, Phindar, Rhi’s partner, who is Ted’s future self, was also on that ship as the lead science officer (like Spock) but I was the “captain.” I think my sense of responsibility, and the burden of “command,” bleeds through both lives. It’s a deep and complex process with intense implications in our current lives that we continue to explore.

Many of the amazing beings who join us at tables of various shapes and sizes feel like old friends–some feel like close family. But sessions #39 & 40 in this third volume, which occurred around the time of Easter of 2013, were deeply emotional. In these sessions we traveled back to Biblical times at Mount Carmel, in current day Israel, where Ted and I were Essenes at the school and temple there. We had been part of the group at the Mount Carmel school of prophets when preparations were being made for the arrival of Yeshuah (usually called Jesus in English) and Immanuel by the Pleiadians. My trance experiences had us sitting in a circle on the ground with famous Biblical characters, in the year 28 CE. Participants included Yeshuah Immanuel, Mary Magdalen (Miriam of Magdala), Mother Mary, Joseph his father, Joseph of Arimathia, the Magdalen’s father, and others from that time and that group. The session told us that how things have turned out has been a disappointment to them and much harm has been done through human frailty to an impulse that had a high and noble intention. In my trance state I received a warm hug from the Master that I will never forget.

I have been fascinated with the Essenes for many years, and I learned a great deal through the trance sessions of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce. The story Cayce told was quite different from the traditional story. Cayce predicted the discovery of what are called the Dead Sea Scrolls that were hidden in terra cotta jars in high mountain caves near Qumran in Israel. The scrolls were found by Bedouin goat herders in 1947, and their contents continue to amaze Biblical scholars. These discoveries were our first modern meeting with the Essenes who lived at Qumran where John the Baptists was one of their members.

The Essenes of Mount Carmel are still unknown to most people. Cayce described them as a community who lived by high standards of purity and cleanliness. They wore white robes of woven flax and were excellent gardeners and vintners. They were vegetarians who did not follow the lunar calendar of the temple in Jerusalem, abhorring the blood sacrifices and tribute that was required. Instead, they had a solar calendar similar to ancient Egypt and learned about the stars from Persian Magi. The Mount Carmel Essenes had a school of prophets, were said to commune with angels, and worked with Gabriel, preparing the way for the coming of the “messiah.” This is the same Gabriel who appears in accounts of other Pleiadian projects.

This experience revealed another “pearl” in a long strand of shared lives for Ted and me. Our guides and trance sources tell us that ours is a vastly old connection—a half million years. We’ve also been told we have a pattern of not being together in one place and that we committed to overcoming the pattern in this incarnation. After seven years the inertia that keeps the pattern in place appears to be as strong as ever. In the early stages I was filled with hope and had high expectations of what our writing and life together would look like in our “golden” years.

Our experiences thus far have profound meaning, but the form doesn’t match our early hopes and dreams. I have moved through layers of disappointment and grief but have come to a fragile sort of acceptance. But I have the same sense of sadness from unrealized dreams I felt from the Essenes in the trance sessions, although their disappointment runs far deeper.

Increasingly, but with satire and humor, I frame my relationship with Ted like the famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I have come to believe that the karma and purpose of our relationship is not meant to make me happy, but rather to make me strong. Once sufficient healing has taken place, and the strength is integrated into my soul and psyche, perhaps the pattern will also change form.

Meanwhile, we continue to learn how far-reaching and complex the story of Earth is. What most humans think of as history is like a thimble of water from an ocean of experience. According to our guides, Earth’s story is long and ancient story and not going well at this writing. While the trance sessions continue to be profound, and I feel that our role in one Pleiadian experiment has exceeded their expectations, I still struggle mightily with my human disappointment. But regardless of the challenges and the pain, this truly remarkable journey of transformation continues to be worth the cost.

July 2017, Pagosa Springs, CO


Julie’s sketch of how Yeshua Jmmanuel looked to her in the TC Sessions

My own studies taught me to think of him as Yeheshuah, which means “to restore,” or “to save.” I learned that this name consists of five Hebrew letters unlike the four that comprise the name of Jehovah. YeHeshuah has the triple flame letter shin in the center. However, Pleiadians refer to him as Emmanuel, “god with us.”

Yeshua – emotional reunion (Yod, Shin, Vav, Ayin) Yeheshuah (Yod, Heh, Shin, Vav, Heh)

Short Introduction to *Star World Ascension*

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

*      *      *      *

After initial revelations of previously suspected but not well-understood circumstances of Julie and Ted’s lifelong contactee experiences in The Star Table Trance Missions—they discovered they are Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrids with ET fathers from Planet Erra in the Taygeta (Tai-jeta) System—they now move beyond the V. 2 adventures of Star Family Excursions towards aspects of Earthly humankind’s genesis from the region of Andromeda in this third volume of the *J&T Five Star Series*, Star World Ascension. The Andromeda Galaxy, the larger companion of our Milky Way galaxy, is found in the direction of the great yellow star Mirach, the bright Beta star in the Andromeda Constellation (the “chained woman” and future wife of Perseus mythologically, and on the Aries/ Taurus cusp astrologically). Visitors from this most distant place are hosted in this series of Telepresence Conferences in this next group of what we now call “close encounters of the 6th kind,” experienced and reported on by Julie in her superconscious hypnotic-like state of awareness. It is said that Andromedans are responsible for the intriguing Crop Circles (the authentic, accurately rendered ones at least!) that have been appearing now for 50 years, most famously in the south of England. The Andromedans, represented by regular participants Samael & Jhinda, have a somewhat less varied and conspicuous presence on Earth than the Pleiadians or Sirians, though they, too, are fairly similar as archetypal humanoids or hominids in both their galaxy and ours—as is generally true, according to them, throughout the cosmos—if always with local variations.

The period covered is that of 2012 and early 2013, the Ascension Era, before and after the much-anticipated event said here to be a galaxy-wide energy surge similar in nature to that described in the books of Paul LaViolette. Various familiar ETs (‘exotic visitors’) and first-time guests attempt to anticipate the more local consequences of this momentous galactic event for the continuing web of life on Earth. The effects were/are said to be both an immediate tachyon entrainment flash as well as a high-energy photon burst that will impinge more slowly at luminal speed in an extended way on all bodies and substances galaxy-wide over the coming aeons. So, this will not be a local event in a “small planet” venue like ours.

This third volume is not limited to circumstances of either Andromeda or the Ascension “graduation” but will be, as in our two earlier books of similar investigations, a smorgasbord of questions and answers, seemingly dreamed up by Julie and myself but also stealthily steered from the sidelines by our dear friends, the core group of guides: the Pleiadians Rhi & Phindar (our time-line doubles from the Taygeta System 330 years in the future), Semjase, Lysah & Asafah, Arcturians Ariel & Michael, and particularly Earth resident masters Hilarion & Athena,. The questions range from the mundanely personal to the vastly cosmic and various situations in between, from the merely novel and surprising to shocking and unbelievable confirmations … at first … like the machinations of secret—but very real—conspiracies set in motion by “deep state” syndicates, undisclosed rogue military blocs, and the “breakaway civilization” that emerged from the Secret Space Programs of aerospace contractors. This ‘dark cabal’ has already succeeded in taking a cohort of enlisted Earthumans into “outer space” on gravity-controlled craft based on reverse-engineered plans of crashed ET ships (like at Roswell) and breakthrough scientific discoveries that quickly became classified away from the general public—and often from the patent recipients themselves—shortly after submission. These cryptic confirmations of scenarios that appeared during the early uncensored era of the Internet (before greater compromise by commercial assimilation and bot/troll domination and censorship) will eventually become the astounding historical revelations of early Century 21 as they already are for those who have had insight, time and inclination to penetrate the amazingly effective smoke screen bashing of conspiracy theory whistle blowers.

In post-Covid hindsight, various predicted outcomes from the 2012-2017 time-slice have not fully unfolded as expected, generally having been fully disrupted or drawn out longer than anticipated, but some things have occurred that were cautiously explored in our earlier books. The “ETs and Celestial Guides” with all their foreknowledge and wisdom—which is still very impressive to us (J&T)—is yet left open to circumstances by the unknown infinite integration of decisions and shifting states of consciousness of all the many beings alive on-planet and off, a planet now savaged by weather modification warfare (HAARP atmospheric burners in the aftermath of earlier atmospheric and underground nuclear bomb tests), the giant worldwide petrochemical poison lobby (to say nothing of auto emissions—at least they got the lead out!), and many other outrages in the hands of greedy elites driven almost to madness (?) by crushing responsibilities in the siren song of wealth, power and sexual exploits, pushing edgy captive governments with aggressive arms industries towards world domination—just like in the early 20th Century—the more things change the more they stay the same.

Much of the developments in these secret wars now raging among various international oligarch and syndicate groups vis-a-vis classical sovereign governments, particularly regarding projected population control and migrations, amazingly enough, has mostly been kept secret, until now … with instant Internet communications and the disinformation smoke bombs that have been thrown in the first rounds of digital communications and code-based cyber warfare. How much longer can this clash of countervailing tyrannies hold out? That’s one big question that has been explored in several flavors, but the answer remains yet unknown—in the pages and recitations of the co-opted MSM as well as the Q&A of Star World Ascension, but things appear to be really getting stretched out of shape by the apprentice president (former fake fresident who got fired—but is back in 2024!). It’s an improbable political tragi-comedy beyond anything that could have been imagined, which ripens on a daily basis, but perhaps it is suitable for a reality TV star “mad king” bad actor intent on being the Big Monkey who throws the Big Monkey Wrench. But who knows, perhaps his role is to transform the task of the American presidential king into something different (like maybe an executive council?).

These are some of the darker reflections that will seem frightening to some readers as they were for us, but we believe it’s the unavoidable reality of the new Century 21, now closing in on its quarterly culmination with major world-historical events, as happened almost exactly 100 years ago during the previous one. We are grateful our ET friends were allowed to reveal as much to us as they did—but not too much (!)—which would have probably endangered our generally unprotected positions as “ordinary citizens” secretly in contact with possibly “hostile space aliens,” who in reality are merely concerned galactic citizens attempting to prevent worst case scenarios from being carried out, either by malicious intent or ignorant accident. The ETs, too, are faced with new challenges of how much they may wish to intervene, also necessarily clandestinely, in surface affairs on Earth, but they also have new technologies that did not exist in the time of Atlantis, the last time such a world-wide catastrophe threatened (and happened). Naturally, it is our hope the Star Councils will succeed in continuing to set the pace for a peaceful transformation so the salvation and cleanup of the home planet can begin (faster than we can imagine!).

At the same time a consistent thread of spiritual intent is evident in the attitudes shown and advice given by these extraordinary watchers and wise teachers who are here in the environs of Earth to help us gain a greater mastery of our circumstances because, although they appear to be highly-predictable, unshakable optimists, they know that many planetary civilizations in ancient times have gone beyond the point of no-return and self-destructed—like Mars and Malona, what we now call the “Asteroid Belt” in our own Solar System … or even entire solar systems (far away and long ago). In a sense they are like invisible gods behind the scenes, going to extraordinary lengths with their exo-knowledge and advanced technologies to keep many kinds of nuclear war catastrophes from happening, which would have likely already destroyed our world, had they had not been working the night shift behind the scenes. But they have evidently seen it all before and wish to do what they can—in a limited intervention mandate—to preserve equilibrium until the higher energies of the Ascension can begin to have greater effects. Even though the metaphor of “waking up” is an overused expression (“woke-ism”), they say this is perhaps still the best way to look at what is being hoped-for in the house of their dear Earthuman cousins.

Along the way Julie and I are shown some of our past life incarnations in photo-realistic visualizations—something we previously could have probably never imagined knowing, even summarily—which as usual, are immersively experienced by her and only sensed by me from high-frequency energies I can “hear” in my head but cannot decode into full multimedia experiences like her. And in a wonderful new feature, Julie presents her sketches of our now most familiar guests, but also that of Jmmanuel (Jesus) and the huge surprise that accompanies this visit with his Essene family—including Mary Magdalen—during a very “moving” time travel back to the Biblical period in TC Sessions 39 and 40. Along the way it is revealed that we (J&T) also lived during this same Essene sojourn of these biblical personages and are thus qualified to have parts of their still obscure story clarified for a modern audience through their own answers to a few of our questions. Again, as in the Star Family volume, three different ET space craft appear; the largest and most astounding in the penultimate contact, is the space-time traveling ‘Great Spacer,’ the Pleiadian planetoid starship called the Alliance with Semjase’s father, Jshwsh Commander Ptaah, appearing and hosting us … and answering still more questions. The second craft is a very large classic Pleiadian disc-shaped craft with a large dome. The last starship variation is a spherical Lyran ship whose exterior Julie does not get to see. As usual, Julie is the familiar intrepid, multifaceted, and articulate tour guide with an amazing unfolding itinerary far beyond anything anyone, including us, could have imagined. We hope it will have a sufficient ring of truth to help in the wake-up call.

August 25, 2018 [slightly amended, May 1, 2024], Dowd’s Hill at Avery, CA

*      *      *      *      *

Front cover of *Star World Ascension* (e-book available by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)

Synopsis for 2nd Edition of *Star Family Excursions*

by Ted Denmark

After initial revelations in The Star Table Trance Missions (V. 1 of the *J&T Five Star Series*) of the reason they have been lifelong UFO/ET contactees (they are Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrids with ET fathers), Julie and Ted move from the Star Table environs in the vicinity of Aldebaran, the “Bull’s Eye” of Taurus, towards aspects of the genesis of Earthly humankind from the region of the great Central Sun Sirius in this second ‘Star Family’ volume. There was a great cosmic incident in that system around 250,000 years ago in which an anticipated nearby nova explosion required all the inhabited planets to be evacuated en-masse, which they were—just in time. The Sirians don’t want us to call this a “diaspora,” even though all their planets were severely damaged and became uninhabitable and have remained so. What happened to the Sirian refugees who migrated out into the cosmos on the great mother transport ships? They went in all directions, some coming to Earth, and their influences remain evident even today on several continents, particularly Egypt but also Peru and Tibet.

According to Julie, the Sirians appear to be a bit more advanced than the Pleiadians and more detached from the physical aspect of existence, in particular being more spiritual and less dependent on technology to achieve intended results. Julie and Ted are shown some of their past lives in the pre-nova era on Sirian planets in photo-realistic visualizations, which as usual, are immersively experienced by Julie and only sensed by Ted from high frequency energies he can “hear” but cannot decode. Some quite extraordinary figures, such as Aurelia, the planetary regent of Erra, the main Pleiadian planet in the Taygeta system, and Horem Heb from Arcturus, make appearances and interpret events that are as strange and interesting as anything that will ever be reported by us coming from these extraordinary conference personages. Three separate space craft appear in the later sessions, the last in the final contact in which a small group of negotiators from the cognizant local Galactic Council, disembark with their smart lawn furniture from what Julie calls their “Layer Cake” spacecraft for a brief, what is like a press conference, to introduce themselves and their mission: they are here to conduct a peace process with governance leadership on Earth, which has already begun. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to be beamed up with Julie and Ted and their animal entourage for adventures beyond anything you—or they—could have ever imagined.

The first major innovation to the main text of the 2nd Edition itself is inclusion of Julie’s wonderful portrait sketches (twenty-two figures in all, done after publication of the original edition) of the major or close core-group collaborators, whose involvement in having a continuing “place at the table,” marked them for being sketched and appearing as thumbnails near the seating cartoons of each Telepresence Conference to help establish a visual link between what is said and who is saying it. It does get a bit complicated with so many new guests making one-time appearances (whom Julie did not sketch, with only one exception who only appears once in the next Volume 3, Star World Ascension).

Apart from a bit of new relevant subtext commentary on events having happened in the meantime, the other major addition for the new 2nd edition is inclusion of Appendix III, the “Longer Summaries” of all the sessions themselves (being extensions of the short introductions at the beginning of each), which was an attempt to include and characterize all the situations and main points being made without the full dialogue that actually got recorded. So, it’s a kind of executive summary of the book for anyone wanting a notion of what was said without time or inclination to read the whole book—or, if they did, who might not have understood something possibly obscure … and a certain amount will probably seem obscure or very ‘far-out’ to many readers, but for Julie and I the Q&A here is the culmination of lifetimes of interests and efforts as psychologists, astrologers and contactees to try to understand many fairly exotic circumstances of “high strangeness” that are not generally known—or are currently very controversial … even the existence of the exotic visitors themselves (!). So, in a sense I have become aware of myself as a kind ‘encyclopaedist of the future’ as a result of having become routinely involved with these extraordinary exo-planet consultants from the near and far future, working through the conferences to learn more about many things that almost no one on Earth currently understands very well. Of course many will not be able to distinguish our approach from a sci-fi novel or movie/ TV series—it takes some amount of triangulation to establish string-lines to anchor points in working through the ideas being presented, often for the first time, for anyone.

The level of the most subtle aspect of analysis and evaluation of the proceedings is that neither our moderators, Hilarion and Athena, nor our star-family participants, nor our extraordinary guests can tell us the “whole truth” about many if not most of the answers to our questions because our level of understanding is relatively limited compared to the vaster extents they are aware of, and there are certain things that are agreed upon not to be divulged by them when speaking with persons from an earlier time in the past who need to experience their own present as it unfolds in real time (complex exo-psychology!).

So, the situation here is that of a fundamentally more advanced outlook being presented to us, intended for sharing with potential readers of our time about worlds (the great exo-planet hypothesis) beyond Earth in its current historical context, much like many imaginative or creative sci-fi scenarios and adventures attempt to do, except here a sincere attempt is being made to present it in a far more realistic way—not so much as entertainment—but as an early breakthrough effort going beyond mere disclosure of their existence towards forging an integration between themselves and the more isolated people of planet Earth about the main events happening in our time.

The role these exotic visitors are already playing in our planetary life is amazing enough, but how we will eventually benefit from the uplift, possibly without ever understanding how it happened (!) will also be gratifying even in widespread ignorance—and how we might not have persevered if they had not come to help manage the affairs of the last surviving habitable planet in our distressed solar system. Of course our fate is still mostly in our own hands, and it’s still an edgy and somewhat dicey drama playing out with results they can’t fully predict even with all their advanced technologies and exo-knowledge, but they are committed to saving the Earth and its ancient life-wave during the current major transformation and don’t plan to lose the game, and they also know it could take a while … but it is another planetary emergency.

Introduction to the 2nd Edition of *Star Family Excursions*

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

      *       *       *

As I began to finish the major new additions, mainly Julie’s portrait sketches of the ‘regulars’ and the Longer Summaries of all the chapters in Appendix II by me, and edits for this new 2nd Edition of our Star Family book … and began to think of writing a new introduction for it, now more than “ten years after” the original sessions had been recorded as with the Star Table 2nd Edition book, I finally decided to re-read the original introduction, which I hadn’t looked at for at least 5 years or so—if only because it was so long (16½ pages in 6×9 format!). I was preparing my internal resolve to cut it back to maybe half that length, feeling a bit embarrassed to have included such a possibly over-long ponderous essay to delay and possibly confront the reader with before launching into the main chapters.

But to my pleasant surprise I found myself actively engaged with the presentation at the half way point when I got up and walked around for a short time to reflect on how time was seemingly neutralized by my feelings of identification and agreement with what I felt and had been moved to write at the time. The second half of the essay, seemingly even more dramatic than the first, also went by in a similar timeless fashion as I reached the end and wondered how all those pages could have simply melted away so quickly and seamlessly into my current stream of consciousness without any of the self-critique I had anticipated (?). The most notable aspect in having gotten through the full re-reading of the introduction after crawling over all the details during the months-long re-editing process, was how powerful the experience had been for both Julie and myself, which had not lost its savor, and how strongly the feelings still resonated about what we had been told by our … as I now say with ease … “dear friends and family.” So, I left the original introduction as it was.

In addition certain of the more controversial aspects of themes brought up in the original, possibly over-long introduction, seemed even more urgent and poignant—and even prophetic—now with the most recent outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, following on the still cautiously proceeding resolution with punctuated flare-ups of the world-wide Covid tragedy. Of course there is also the great disappointment of how these tragic events will delay what our conference participants had mostly been so upbeat about with us in the book—now to be appended to the earlier generation of disappointments of the first two “disaster decades” of Century 21. The only thing that was “for sure” was the serious and nostalgic loss of “normality” that everyone could feel so grievously.

What made the particular period covered by the contents of this volume of the newly rebranded *J&T Five Star Series* 2nd Edition of Volume 2 of Star Family Excursions, Sirius, dating from late 2011 to early 2012, was its coincidence with the closest approach of Astraea, the brown dwarf star aka ‘Planet Nine’ or ‘Planet X’ to our main solar system, which had been promoted so extensively in the book as what would become the greatest astrophysical discovery for Century 21 as Pluto had been for the 20th Century—or probably even more so. At the time of writing, now in late March of 2022, Astraea has still not been discovered (at least publicly, even though the geniuses of computational celestial mechanics at Cal Tech like Mike Brown already know it has to be there), but the James Webb Space Telescope, designed for searching the infra-red segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, has safely arrived in its secure Lagrange position a million miles out in space from Earth … and has been turned on and calibrated (and it works!), awaiting full research assignment duties expected by midyear. We can now feel more confident that it will be a spectacular triumph of exotic space science and engineering, both for itself and the imagery it will soon be transmitting back home as the next generation of exo-planet discoveries (!).

In the meantime the world struggles with the lengthening dark shadow of what is now mostly euphemistically referred to as “climate change,” which is wholly attributed by standard science establishment modeling to burning of fossil fuels and human exploitation of the environment (and some flatulent large herbivores), even in this period of a very “quiet sun.” Several shocks to this theory have now more fully emerged with documented discoveries that the heating process is coming, not only from atmospheric regions, but from inside the Earth itself, evidenced by unexpected increased temperatures in the deep oceans and stunning recent increases in volcanism! This is the previously missing unassessed evidence of gravitational coupling between the main solar system generally and Earth in particular—in tow with the nearest approach of the massive dark companion star (not a gas giant planet!) we have called Astraea.

Of course the role of weather modification warfare and how this has secretly proceeded unabated, as uncovered by commentators in our book, has also gone unnoticed in the standard science model in an era in which news has become routinely almost fully managed—everything contrary to controlled reporting is now referred to as “conspiracy theory” in mainstream media—and anything like the real truth that can’t be hidden in spin has been relegated to secrecy for “intelligence” use by security agencies and their secret assets. These are the latest wrinkles in the aging paranoid style of American politics increased by an order of magnitude by the double-bladed digital axe of greatly expanded creativity with the simultaneously increasing tyranny of eavesdropping software with little more left of a rationale for national identity than the simplistic goal of “freedom.” There is still a wide berth for a spectrum of alternate opinion (as long as you don’t attract too much attention), but this is a rather disturbing state of affairs in any event.

It has all become a very volatile situation in the USA with conflict between the increasingly influential West Coast hi-tech, Internet and social media platforms and lifestyles challenging the traditional government and legacy financial and commercial-based East Coast establishment. And now with the flare-up of war rumblings in Eastern Europe as the next phase of the long-smoldering Cold War turning into a hot one like a flashback to WW II with conventional weapons substituting for the deadlocked nuclear confrontation, once again pushing partisan politics into the arena of public warfare reporting to dominate the news channels and driving truth even further into the depths as censorship with the usual “patriotic” rationale. We have learned in our most recent Telepresence Conference sessions that our ET family familiars and their cohorts are shocked and disappointed at these new twists and turns on the road to a golden New Age of free energy and a negotiated world peace that have been mentioned in our pages; but as we know, they have “seen it all before” and will be on duty monitoring and looking for the next best approach for continuing support of worthy causes and innovative initiatives in any event.

But there is a substantial new-ish element in the wind as reactions of some of our BETA (Benevolent ET Alliance) crew to the events now transpiring in this multitudinous East-West conflict being seen increasingly across the world demonstrates … between the US-UK-NATO axis and the Russia-China treaty pairing in the largest frame as well as in the USA itself as noted and in the Russia-Ukraine war on a smaller if yet shockingly more explosive scale: the possible end game of nationalism itself (?). Is what could arguably have been started during say, the Hundred Years’ War between French and English late feudal monarchies which led up to more-or-less democratic European national states during the Revolutionary Romantic Era preceding the Great World War, now be seen to be flaming out—even if the Russia-Ukraine conflict will turn out to be merely the latest episode of the new Hundred Years’ Petroleum Wars? It’s too uncertain and complex to try to fathom any further here and now, but this has been hinted at several times along the way by both Hilarion and Phindar; that very little advantage remains in the longer run for continuing to maintain the nostalgic glory of “modern” nation states themselves and all their overhead of administrative measures preserving arbitrary borders, confining ethnic groups to their historical locales, controlling commercial activities particularly through fiat money exchanges, and preserving tax structures that have already escaped national boundaries, etc. Do we as yet have enough intelligent maturity as an international population to take care of ourselves riding the bicycle of economic and social survival without the trainer wheels of big brother government decree enforced by military means? I, at least for one fractured outsider observer, feel forced to take a more serious look.

Perhaps this will be the most intrusive aspect of the current secondary effect of the Internet wave on the fully international level: its unexpected solvent properties of disintermediation undermining government itself. Are we seeing the withering of the national state that can no more be reversed than the rising tides of meltwater oceans in a cycle of worldwide warming? This would appear to be the question for upcoming generations the world over—and I must say it frightened me too much even as a confirmed “high strangeness” advocate in the pre-Covid era, but as a member of a modestly privileged American elite, I find I’m beginning to prepare for at least acquiescing to the requirements of this major new inevitable generic “globalist” transformation in some sense. Of course, many will resist with kicking and screaming and god-fearing protests as we now see happening in conservative populist reaction. For my part in the short run I am just happy to be sitting here on a cold rainy day in the office of my comfortable off-grid house (with a new well, so I am at least “water wellthy” {;-) for as long as I can manage it—hope being that the whole forest around me isn’t all slated to burn down at once—watching the world wag by and hoping for the best for all who can manage to bend without breaking before the increasing storm which won’t be over for a while … but won’t last forever either.

*       *       *       *

New 2nd ed. book covers of *Star Family Excursions* (available for purchase in paperback & e-book by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)

Brief Introduction for back cover of new book: *Future Self Agenda-Rhi & Phindar*

Volume 2 of the series *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close Encounters of the 6th Kind*

by Ted Denmark

Here is the trailblazing second volume of this new second five-volume J&T book series entitled *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm*, dating from late 2016 through 2017—a dark period by any standard as witnessed and revealed from behind the scenes by our exo-family, dear exotic friends and their ET guests, even from the first Telepresence Conference 85 (!).  These circumstances of darkness are cited, somewhat uncomfortably, by them in their recounting of events in an ongoing attempt to reorient us here on Earth—in whatever situation of awareness we currently happen to be in—towards the light of reason and a greater understanding of what making spiritual progress means in such troubling times, which on the surface may seem to many as very ordinary, if somewhat disappointing, or even a bit boring.  The volume is dedicated to our dear future-self Pleiadians, Rhi & Phindar, who have been with us from the time of their initial discovery by us in the first volume of the *J&T Five Star Series* … as a loving tribute to them for all they have given and shown to us over the years.  In some ways this volume has more involvement and dramatic revelations about Semjase, another extraordinary Pleiadian, than anyone else (but the earlier V. 4 has already been dedicated to her and her father Ptaah), but in any event this will be a belated acknowledgement of Rhi & Phindar, second in our minds only to Hilarion & Athena—to whom the first volume of the series will be dedicated when it appears next in sequence of publication.  We hope at least some of what is presented in open truthfulness (though there are other moods) will make enough sense even as the first volume to be encountered of our publications, but of course starting at the beginning is always best [V. 1 The Star Table Trance Missions] … but this new material will help you pull through some of the remaining darkness into the light of understanding, and of course that you will like the presentation, too, as you make your way through this puzzling new century that is breaking out into action as it moves deeper into its major issues.

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Future Self Agenda available in paperback & Kindle e-book (image linked to Ted Denmark Amazon Kindle author page)

New Denmark & Loar Book, Masters of Space & Time: Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

It’s always exciting to get the first actual copies of a newly published book, and Masters of Space & Time: Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries by Julie and myself, did not disappoint when the box from Amazon arrived yesterday. The crisp rendered models of the starships on the dark sky photos on the matte texture front cover were lovely to see as well as the title text colors, the block of introductory text on the back cover (readable!), and the complementary colors on the spine, which shone like a lantern in the dark. The inside color images were mostly good as well though a few showed the various experimental efforts to make the images on screen look as good as possible when the pigments hit the page at print-on-demand time.

To recap briefly: this is the book dedicated to Semjase and Ptaah … and all the other Pleiadian operatives currently working behind the scenes on Earth to help steer the worst case scenarios back into the black as the aftermath of the demise of the Cabal or infamous Military-Industrial Complex is managed into what is hoped will be a “New Normal” … of a better kind than is usually imagined by many who are thought or believed to be “in the know” about Deep State conditions. It’s indeed a deep dive into the world views of many “exotic visitors,” as the series subtitle name suggests (as a replacement term for “ETs”), some familiar and some first-time guests at the various table sessions, continuing from the first series by ourselves (shorthand: J&T) called the *J&T Five Star Series*. If you are new to our earlier publication efforts, the beginning of the story is in the first book of the initial series, The Star Table Trance Missions, which is probably worth reading for those interested in the startup context of our unusual story.

As befitting a deep dive into the Quantum Realm, much along the way in terms of astrophysics, metaphysics and the general condition of the nature of reality, is questioned as usual by me (Ted) and given responses through Julie by the main masters of ceremony, Hilarion & Athena, our alter-ego selves Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael as well as our more extended star-family regulars and the various invited guests making a one-time appearance. This book, like the ones before, is mostly a question-and-answer venture into more puzzling and unknown corners, which I still like from the early days of the Marcus Press publications with Hilarion, but this time there is quite a lot more to be seen and read: such as several of my annotated “UAPFO” (satirical mashup of UAP and UFO) photos, my long essay on Quantum Causality, the various Synchronicity Stories and, of course, running accounts of the table seating cartoons and refreshed updates of Julie’s wonderful sketches of our “dear friends and family.” The love story and the family album continue on amidst the most far-out commentaries you will probably ever encounter. But, believe me, it’s all 100% real and not just “made up,” as literary critics like to say, “… out of whole cloth.” Such literary critics have plenty of engaging work elsewhere.

The honorary tribute page dedicated to outstanding Pleiadian emissaries Semjase & Ptaah, follows the long table of contents with its hopefully useful squib summaries—they did not want me to put their names or portrait sketches on the front cover of the book as I had enthusiastically imagined in the early stages of the book preparation, but there are several conversations with them interspersed throughout the sessions that present their attitudes and requests, which I made every effort to acknowledge and follow. They are very discrete and quite modest in their public self-assessment, for reasons that may be more or less obvious, but should be more understandable after the grouped sessions in the third appendix, involving their suggested guidance of the book’s approach to describing themselves. As noted, Julie and I really have only a tentative notion of what the current lifestyle exigencies of Semjase & Ptaah really might be, but there are some clues of what the circumstances of such (let us say it) super-human beings as themselves might involve.

So, if you have an interest in all the diverse and timely—or always predictably controversial—Issues that we get into … as well as a book budget that allows purchase of a $25 quality color paperback or a more modest one allowing for a $7 Kindle e-book, please jump into the melee of our Amazon KDP publications, for striking ideas and pronouncements about Covid, climate crisis, exotic visitor affairs and especially the Pleiadian connection—it’s an awesome and beautiful book (said as well of and for our highly-esteemed guests), hot off the print-on-demand replication machines. If no such budget is available but your interest is whetted by the pitch made here, please send me a note of why you would deserve a PDF review copy (although I might ask you to write a story about who you are … and a book review to be sent back).

Masters of Space & Time available in color paperback & Kindle e-book from Amazon (click on image to go to Ted Denmark author page)

Golden Eagle Manzanita Oaks

Guided Pictorial Tour of House & Grounds


  •   *          *            *

The quarter mile drive up to the house and property called GEMO for short (see title) on six hillside acres of quiet private country gravel road about a quarter mile from paved Love Creek Road, can seem a little challenging in wet winter weather or when the initial part that ramps up from Love Creek, needs grading after a summer of traffic, but there are lovely views out to the Stanislaus River Canyon and surrounding ridges all along the way. The property itself fronts the road (Harmony Lane) for several hundred feet with a branch road across the lower portion to the new solar-powered well, water storage tanks and RV parking flat. The driveway up to the house intersects the secondary road and is about a hundred feet long and a bit steep, but an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle with mud and snow tires is best suited to navigate the local environs in any event if one is going to seriously think of living out in the country here, particularly full time in winter, but it is a minor difficulty compared to many rustic locations—the graveled Harmony Lane has mostly been well maintained by the local residents here, and for a privately-maintained road, has been mostly trouble free (snow plowing is a complicated subject, and there is a $200 annual neighborhood association fee for road maintenance)

There is quite a lot of glass on the longest eastern elevation side of the house (about 64 feet) shown above to catch the morning sun on all three levels, which begins to warm the premises as soon as the sun clears the distant eastern ridges at the break of day (early morning is often sunny with an average of 300 sunny days per year). There are rooms located on that side of the house (upstairs kitchen and dining, downstairs master suite bedroom, office and large studio) with easy furniture placements that allow sitting in the warming sun to start the day with breakfast on either level with long views to distant ridges and the rising sun. The road is usually quiet, often with only a few cars to be seen or heard during a whole day. There is some dust from the gravel road about fifty feet below the house but sufficient vegetation in between to filter most of it; nonetheless the eastern windows usually stay closed, but that’s okay since prevailing breezes in warmer weather are usually from the north or south.


The top of the driveway reveals four parking places; it’s a little tight for larger vehicles, but there is a turnaround that suffices with practice, though the incline of the hill will test one’s driving skills a bit at first. There is a small rose and lilac garden that is drip irrigated like all the space near the house and up the hill along the old orchard trail to the upper thousand-gallon water storage tank that gravity feeds the domestic water system. There are also rock walls and small sculptures around the outside perimeter of the house highlighted by green serpentine and copper ore pieces piled up over a number of years (more always welcome!). The northern façade shown above from the driveway side of the house, faces out to a grove of a dozen or so valley oaks—rare at this 4,000 foot elevation—which is a very beautiful and magical place, particularly in the spring when it is dripping wet with it’s seasonal creek flowing down the middle. Beyond the oak grove on the adjoining property (now essentially abandoned for many years but rumored to be coming up for sale soon) is a lava dome with a field of large rocks and scrub brush that makes for a wonderful short hike.

On the western side of the house there is an older orchard (apples, pears, a cherry and a plum), then an uphill slope which continues for a couple hundred yards and about 200 feet in elevation where the property ends just before the summit of Dowd’s Hill, the highest point within about a five mile radius. The first shot above is from the old orchard looking down on the older south-facing painted redwood deck, showing various solar panels oriented to catch sun most efficiently at different times of the day and year. The main entry to the house for guests is up the stairs on the north end of the west side deck and around to the solarium and into the dining room on the upper floor. The air and weather-tight glass-roof solarium (called the “Firnace” because it is all fir beams, ply and trim), now in operation for more than five years, is the main daytime space-heating source in cold weather (with clear skies, of course) for both floors with a reversible fan and thermostat that can blow warm air to either the upstairs or downstairs, depending on where one is going to be spending time during the morning and afternoon (upstairs always a little warmer in winter). On a cold but sunny day, the upstairs where the kitchen and dining room are located, will reach about 70 degrees by 9 or 10 o’clock, and is a wonderful place to linger in the warm morning sun. In the coldest part of winter and hottest part of summer all the numerous windows have insulation panels of aluminized bubble wrap that can be put up or taken down depending upon weather conditions; it’s a bit of trouble but just a matter of pressing them into place (great upper body exercise). The combination of natural stone and ceramic designer floor tile in the solarium heats up and slowly releases the heat until about 7 o’clock when the fan shuts down, depending how the easily programmable thermostat is set; then, it is typically time in colder weather to light a fire in either the upstairs wood stove or one of the two downstairs stoves, depending on where one is going to spend the evening. The solarium is also a great place to sit and enjoy various views to the east and south, particularly the private sub-alpine meadow adjacent to the house on the south side where the local family of deer often meander up and down the hill while the local quail families prefer the driveway side, and both are always charming to see with the new babies or brood early in the year.

The solarium also houses the swamp cooler for holding the upstairs summer temperatures to a more comfortable level when the top cover and insulation panels for the Firnace are in place, and it functions as a summer living room. The solarium, needless to say, has been a great success (and only had one leak when first built … oops it developed another leak during the recent wet winter of ‘22-‘23 with record rain and snow loads). If there is drift smoke from fires, the house can be run in a closed loop mode, driven by the swamp cooler—a very valuable feature.

The view out the solarium windows to the south and east shows the solar panels on the rooftop of the large (20’ x 20’) downstairs (dance/ video/ media/ meeting) studio room with closer-in views of the eastern oak grove adjacent to the house and with long views of the Dodge Ridge ski area, about fifteen miles away, to the east. The solar panels are set to efficiently face the sun at various angles from morning to late-afternoon when the sun sets behind the western ridge of Dowd’s Hill. These are mostly new solar panel upgrades with power outputs in the range of 250 to 300 watts each. The roof on the new downstairs south addition (great room and kitchenette) is made of long structural polyurethane insulation panels that have a sheet metal face both inside and out (both factory-painted white enamel) and 5 inches of foam in between. These same kind of somewhat unusual or perhaps exotic commercial refrigeration insulation panels have also been used to good effect for the outside cool-soaking or hot-tub deck and adjoining walkways.

Entering the house from the redwood deck and into the solarium, as house guests would do (on the upper floor), one comes into the dining room with its 9 foot coffered ceiling, continuing to the adjacent open access kitchen with a custom maple peninsula or bar (with room for three stools) in between. The dining room has redwood wainscoting while the maple floor (recycled from a bowling alley) extends into the kitchen and its attached walk-in pantry (“Panoramic Pantry”) with more great views to the north and east.

The dining room table sits behind two large windows facing east towards the impressive Stanislaus River Canyon, which to the northern end has views of the Big Trees State Park, opening out to middle distance wilderness areas with long views of the Yosemite highlands and high ridges beyond. The north view from the kitchen at the other end of the long room is of the driveway and small gardens with the large oak grove behind. There are probably too many windows on the upstairs north walls for efficient winter heating, but the views in summer do almost make up for it. One is outside quite a lot here—there’s much to see and do on a spread of six heavily-forested hillside acres and level flats, especially including orchard or tree farming on the uphill side of the house and gardening on the east side—it’s what I call a “solar farmette”.

For anyone who might wish to know, there’s probably not enough level land or pumpable underground water for a production cannabis farm here at GEMO (there are a couple of amateur growers in the area, but they haven’t been able to hide from the sheriff’s helicopter and have gotten busted several years running). The cannabis conversation in the county is still murky at best, with the majority of urban/ Bay Area expats in the local area in favor of more relaxed enforcement and the native rural county locals often opposed (I’ve also heard, the whole market is so saturated, “You can’t give it away.”). Some of the wildcat growers are probably waiting for future developments at the level of the Calaveras County supervisors ongoing debate to decide whether or not to try to become licensed growers. The legit grower initiative in CA is in doubt …

The main upstairs kitchen is easily large enough for four people to work together on holiday dinners or the like with its older Wedgewood Stove (an antique from the forties but still works quite well on propane—especially the oven), new 20 cu. ft. Maytag electric refrigerator (a much less efficient older propane refrigerator is still in place but not used—could be used as a backup for short term, farm produce, etc.). There is plenty of electric power early in the morning, so food prep with electric utensils like toaster overs, microwaves or espresso machines (!) can be used freely. The Panoramic Pantry turns out to give the best cell phone signal (2 bars), so the little breakfast nook at the ‘arrow point’ of the northeast corner is the best place for making and receiving cell calls (text messaging works well enough anywhere in the house), and the nook is a great place for reading, too with its four windows. The upstairs at GEMO has some wonderful views in an nearly 270 degree sweep. In addition to Verizon cell service at the house there is a functional land-line phone and Hughes wifi satellite link to complete the communications setup.

The house has two baths, one for the ‘upstairs one bedroom apartment’ with tub and shower, makeup mirror, drawer stack and tile floor, and one for the downstairs ‘master suite’ with a double-headed shower and wide tub stall with redwood-themed cabinet and trim and a lovely pinkish Italian tile floor that extends into the downstairs service entry mud room/ laundry room.


The living room wood stove isn’t exactly beautiful but heats the upstairs rather well in an old fashioned way, being adjacent to a sizable closed-in firewood storage shed for fueling the large old side-loading stove to easily keep it burning with bigger chunks of wood overnight. This is naturally the place to huddle on a cold night (unless you are downstairs huddling by the other downstairs stove in the room I call the “office” with a smaller wood storage bin (next door to the large studio room, with french doors in between that can be opened to heat up the premises). The third stove is at the foot of the stairs and is a Vermont Castings Vigilant model (without glass doors) that is used very little but works well enough to heat up the downstairs bathroom for a spa session, possibly for the lady of the house. The living room itself is divided into a couple of interest areas, mostly for audiophiles at one end and people sitting around the stove at the other: there is older analogue entertainment (TV and tape/ or video game player), digital entertainment (disc players, laptop computers on tables with monitor/ servers for Internet TV and music, etc.) audiophile stereo music control setup is in the bay window facing north with couch at other side of room for best audio imaging, and with hidden wiring from the stereo equipment out to the dining room for a second set of speakers for the second couch next to the stairs.

The downstairs has a larger central room adjacent to the single set of inside stairs, which could easily be divided in two spaces, but which I currently use as a back office on one side and a dressing room/ travel prep room on the other, with three closets (his, hers plus under-the-stairs), the downstairs bath, an adjoining mud/ laundry room on the other side of the stairs for hats, shoes and boots, with tiled entry floors coming in from a large service or storage room/ barn) with parking lot entry. There is a separate walk-in storage unit of ~100 s.f. with outside access at both sides of the house in the far back for rough storage having independent outdoor access without needing to get into the house—good dry temporary or long-term storage/ staging.

At the foot of the stairs there is a door that can be closed for privacy between the two floors to allow relative independence between the floors (but no fully separating door). The downstairs master suite consists of a large bedroom, comfortable office, and dance/ video/ party, etc. studio with private outside entries in three places, a new kitchenette (now getting finished, spring ‘23). The floor in the large dance studio is especially built as a diaphragm dance floor with a little more flex than solid hard wood strip floors, which the upstairs has in the main kitchen-dining area (a maple “dancing kitchen” if you want it). There are three small covered decks, one outside the large 8” ft. sliding glass doors in the south wall of the big downstairs studio room, also opening into the kitchenette, one outside the 2nd downstairs bedroom (three bedrooms altogether with the single upstairs bedroom) and one for the private outside entry to the master suite. There’s also a large (4’ x 7’) picture window with side and top lights in the large studio facing east, which is a very nice place with a great short view of an old valley oak that is nice for sitting in the sun at mid-morning on a chilly day. In summer the downstairs ‘great room’ has a window refrigeration-type air conditioner, which makes the space much more pleasant, even though the downstairs stays cooler than the upstairs on its own in summer.

The large downstairs studio has two setups for audio-visual equipment, an audiophile stereo arrangement with big-bass “wall of sound” for dance studio use, and a surround sound placement using 6 acoustic suspension speakers set high for an impressive video/ movie experience with the big flat screen on the south wall (all channels with built-in hidden wiring). This large studio room with its double vaulted 12 foot ceiling would also work well for music practice, video production (using abundant natural light), or just parties (esp. dance parties). Abundant wood trim is used throughout the new south addition on the two upper levels (wood shop below the big room on the lower garden level) with fir, maple, oak, cedar and cherry the favorites. There is a ceiling fan and several lighting systems, with a featured stained glass dim-able decorative overhead light, allowing various activity levels. The master suite would naturally lend itself as a short-term rental for use by winter skiers, a small Internet production crew or small offsite group, anyone on a retreat or “working vacation,” etc. (commercial insurance and septic system upgrade would need to be considered—getting insurance of any kind is a complex discussion in any event in the Sierra these days—so far the state is more or less forcing coverage for brokers).

The power center for ‘GEMO Light and Power’ is behind the wall at the foot of the stairs using the entry door of the ‘his’ closet, with an internal glass door which closes on all the solar power devices, meters and switches allowing easy monitoring of power status and usage. It is divided into AC and DC sides, the nerve center for the whole house, where the power inverter (just below the floor in the lower storage area) can easily be turned off and on (it is normally left on 24-7). There is another short written photo essay by myself that is available for the house, which outlines all the mechanical and electrical equipment noted, how to use it, with hints for maintenance (and with a wiring schematic). The ‘hers closet’ next door (with full length mirror behind the door) is a slightly more spacious walk-in closet, trimmed in cedar with shelves and a pocket door.



Additional features include a solar-heated hot tub or spa (without the jets—220 VAC currently not available, but could be upgraded with a future 220 VAC power inverter for charging e-vehicles), the ‘cantilevered kitchenette” in the downstairs master suite, cherry tree in blossom, lilacs in bloom, new solar well (2022), plenty of firewood and plenty of solar electric power, and always plenty of amazing views: long, short, medium and not to be forgotten, the amazing Sierra skyscapes, both day and night (especially if you’re into astronomy—with a completely dark sky).

The local premises around the outside of the house are largely finished now, too, with all the solar panels on the building rooftops, decks, and the five power towers and the small but high- flying wind-genny on its pipe mast for emergency 12 VDC back-up house lights in case of equipment failure or very stormy weather (never really needed, but can add additional charging at night in winter). There is a newly-installed retro-fitted solar hot tub with adjoining deck, various rock walls and stepping stones, and the stone circle in the meadow is impressive to see from may places in the house. The new solar well flat with adjacent RV parking has been an impressive upgrade to the lower property near the driveway entry road—which could also have an electric vehicle charger, using the solar panels that power the well, with mostly unused down-time surplus power.

The cherry, lilac, plum and rhododendron blossoms have been the highlights of spring for several years, even though the drought stressed them excessively when the old reliable water spring of more the 30 years duration, failed in 2019. Even a few of the older oaks up the hill with roots in shallow soil, did not survive the long drought. But the property, nonetheless, is still a really special and beautiful place to live or just be, part time or full time … and which will someday belong to a new owner who would choose to live in one of the most beautiful areas of Calaveras County in the Central Sierra’s historic Mother-lode, along scenic Love Creek Road with its famous Dog Woods, only a short jaunt from Highway 4 between historic Murphys and newer-town Arnold, which together provide most of the essential services that would be expected for year around living if desired. In summer there are quite a few more people in the area, making music concerts and Murphys street fairs (post-Covid) a greatly renewed feature of the area.

Here at the GEMO house one is in a near-wilderness area with abundant wildlife but still only 15 minutes from the nearer uphill town (Arnold) and another 10 or so minutes from Murphys (everyone’s favorite town in the county just downhill). I’ve almost never felt lovely here in over 30 years of residence—which is something urban people often fear when moving away from the intense mix of urban events and services, but the Mother-lode has various smaller towns that are known for various niche offerings. The larger town spread of Columbia/ Sonora/ Jamestown is only a half hour away. Indeed, the highway 4 corridor is arguably the best place in the Mother-lode or Central Sierra, not the least of which is for the moderate climate at this 4,000 foot elevation: not too hot in summer (like Murphys) and not too much snow in winter (like Arnold). People in the small Dowd’s Landing Subdivision here (about a half dozen or so) call it the “Stan Canyon Banana Belt.” There aren’t any bananas (it’s even a little too cold to grow Brown Turkey Figs, but the wild turkeys still parade around from time to time), and the 300 days of sunshine per year make for a nearly perfect lifestyle in this … let’s say it—Million Dollar Solar Mansion on a Hill—a spacious and flexible custom home that is not only a sound real-estate investment, but an innovative look at the future of residential energy production and management that will eventually replace conventional gas and grid electric power. The future of housing is here and it certainly works well enough with even a few extra amenities: finding your place in the early morning sun and/or with a laid-back lifestyle in front of the wood-stove on cold winter evenings (after skiing or other winter sports up the hill at Bear Valley); turning on the cool (refrigeration AC in the big party room) in summer … and one never tires of looking out the nearly 100 windows anytime. It will be hard enough to leave and pass along, but the time has finally come. It will be a bargain at somewhat less than the full one million dollar value in greenbacks … and will probably be bid up or down by the always unpredictable California housing market in its search for the next big thing … but this could be it. Build a nice spacious garage for yourself (it’s needed) and you’d be well on your way to a satisfied seven-figure status.

*         *         *         *

Ted Denmark, POB 122,

4398 Harmony Ln.,

Avery, CA, 95224

Land line ph: 209-795-2160

Semjase Portrait Sketch Photoshoot

by Ted Denmark


As I was reviewing the image library on my web site (, I was surprised to find that Julie’s second sketch of Semjase, dating from May of 2019, what I called the “portrait sketch” at the time (to distinguish it from the first sketch of her in “fashionable Pleiadian dress”), was not included, even though the ebook in which it first appeared (Star Time Convergence) was published in September of that year. Many of Julie’s sketches of our other conference “regulars,” such as Hilarion, Athena, Phindar and Rhi, did appear in my image library and which have long since gotten out onto the Internet for retrieval—but not the second Semjase portrait sketch, which still does not show up (as of March, 2023) in a suitably directed browser search.

But it just so happens that I made a serious effort late last year to do a photoshoot of all of Julie’s delightful sketches, which now number to twenty-five (including Semjase), with my (25 mp) Sony Alpha 6500 camera on a tripod with several controlled lighting setups. I had done scans of them earlier but now needed to take the best images possible for producing suitable archival versions that could be slightly tweaked to correct a few minor defects (water having dripped on a couple of them, etc.). It turned out to be a little more complicated than anticipated since I ended up having to use an image editor (Gimp) to change the background brightness and contrast levels in a number of the images (too dark) that the camera couldn’t seem to do as well as I had hoped by itself, so I ended up with several versions of each sketch.

I love all the wonderful Sketches Julie has made of our “dear friends, exo-family and exotic visitors,” as we most commonly refer to them, but I do have my group of favorites among the sketches, and the one of Semjase heads that shorter list since Julie, it seems to me, was able to achieve such a high level of perfection with it—the true realm of artistry. It amuses Julie—or makes her a bit nervous—when I tell her the Semjase likeness is reminiscent of the work of the great Italian master painter Leonardo himself. Well, the rare beauty of this image of the wonderful Semjase has been captured, I feel, in a way that fortunately we are able to share online, so here are a few of my favorites of these shots most recently taken of it. BTW if you haven’t heard, there are no genuine photographs of Semjase, who is rather modest in a way that was initially surprising to me, that have ever been made public, though she did characterize her likeness in this sketch of Julie’s, that will now be showcased here … as good.


*       *       *       *

Masters of Space & Time *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm* V. 4

The formerly “Extended Telepresence Conference 9” (ExTC 9) category, using the original website numbering terminology (new as of January, 2023), now upon publication in late 2023 of this newly minted V. 4 entitled Masters of Space & Time Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries, begins with a preview of TC Session 118 in this second book series now entitled *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close encounters of the 6th Kind* (following the first five volume series, *J&T Five Star Series*).  The first volume of this new 5 volume series to be published contains the early post-Covid TC sessions from the 2020 era that have shown to be of the most timely interest in a world still recovering from the pandemic (what was that masked imbroglio?).  The terminology has become a bit more complex with both a new series title and subtitle, as well as new book titles and subtitles, which are still being projected and fine-tuned, but it is coming together (!).  I had earlier decided that this shorter but very interesting and somewhat amusing Session 118 would appear here on the web site as the first excerpt to go public.  I am also putting up a bit more in the way of excerpts from the book such as the Introduction and the Longer Summaries of all the sessions, but the full e-book and color  paperback version of the book, as noted, have already been published by Amazon KDP.  The book is dedicated to all the “Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries” who have appeared in our books, but there is a special page for acknowledging and offering gratitude to Semjase from the Billy Meier era and her father Ptaah, commander of the Great Spacer Alliance.  The story of my photoshoot of Julie’s sketch of Semjase would be an interesting sidebar for anyone interested in the Semjase story that bridges the late 20th Century with the current Century 21 era.

Masters of Space & Time front cover (click to go to Amazon Kindle Ted Denmark author page)

ExTC Series 8

Extended Telepresence Conference Series 8 will become the as yet untitled Volume 3 in the second major book series, entitled *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm* currently beginning with ExTC 99 (5-20-2018), now having reached the Centennial mark with the milestone Session 100 (5-30-2018)! It is a continually converging and expanding forum with many advanced guests from our local galactic neighborhood who offer their observances on various developments in Q&A dialogues during this period, from unknown ancient times, up to the present confusing mix of efforts and outcomes (and some howlers, too) going into various partial futures, regarding how well our lovely planetary island in space-time is doing.  I feel very lucky to be still living in a very nice house on a hill … somewhere over the rainbow (there’s a picture of a “cloudbow” or sky rainbow in Session 99).