Esoteric Studies

This has long been one of my favorite categories or subject headings for any number of fascinating topics that are being created or more likely re-created again from earlier times–often much earlier–which have become of great(er) interest in our modern period of insights leading to revolutionary breakthroughs from astrology, alchemy and anthropology to Quantum Physics, exo-psychology and cryptozoology. So, it’s a wide range of interests, and now I have a new transformation proposal for the term itself: Esexoteric (no, not about sex, but that is always a subject of great interest in any event), but rather ‘eso” (inner) combined with ‘exo” (outer) to get the final combined inner-outer connotation. Or perhaps it should be Exesoteric (as in ‘excess’) … which also sounds like it could be cool (old school) but maybe a bit obscure … or not hot or quite right. Oh well, it was an intriguing mind-game thought on the Full Moon in Leo today (sun in Aquarius) which files it in the right place in any event for February 5, 2023 … well suited as a “non-ordinary” but nonetheless very interesting one just three days past Imbolc.