Contact 31 Excerpt from 30th Anniversary 2nd ed. of *Message from the Pleiades* V. 1

Ted Denmark Ph.D. editor

Original publication & copyright by Wendelle Stevens in 1000 copy typescript ed., Tucson, AZ, 1979


Short Preface by Ted: This is the famous Contact 31, the “Big Day” of the great voyage to the edge of the Universe, which Semjase takes Billy on as the culmination of Volume 1.

The typographic style with “curly brackets”, {… like this …}, will be used to show Billy’s stream-of-consciousness thoughts later in the narrative, a unique artifact of the way this long encounter was captured by the high-tech process used by the Pleiadians.

It is my prime candidate for the greatest adventure story of the 20th Century. See if you agree …

* * * *

Contact 31

Thursday July 17, 1975 10:14 a.m.



by Wendelle Stevens

For this 31st contact with the extraterrestrials in less than six months, Eduard Meier made plans for an absence of over 30 hours and prepared himself for this anticipated trip. He got up early, carefully bathed and dressed, and loaded his bike and started out for the remote and very secluded rendezvous spot selected by the female cosmonaut. Again the route was very difficult to negotiate and would certainly discourage followers.

Arriving at the signified location, he unloaded the equipment he would carry along with him and carefully hid his Mo-ped against accidental discovery. Shortly after this, the spacecraft arrived, and he was greeted by the now familiar extraterrestrial woman, Semjase. It was 10:14 in the forenoon, and he was immediately taken into the waiting Pleiadian ship along with his equipment brought for the trip. They ascended into the ship in the beam of energy and took right off on the greatest event in Meier’s life.

After the trip Meier was brought back to the same spot, retrieved his Mo-ped, still undisturbed, and rode all the way home in wonder and contemplation. After he had rested from the strain of all the excitement, he got up, washed his face, and went out and settled himself at his modest desk to receive the “transmission.”

Suddenly he was “tuned in,” and the following edited transcript was received as before, rapidly, with no repeats, and no stopping for corrections, in a continuous run until the transmission was completed.

* * * *

Semjase- Today is your big day.

Meier- After all you have told me I feel the same way.

Semjase- You had to think about what would be expected. But at this time I must now explain that you have to remain silent about certain circumstances … At a later time I will be able to allow you to tell more about the experience. For that reason I will leave out of the transmission of the report certain things of which you may not speak. But come now, first we will make a journey through your solar system …

Meier– [thinking] {… we go to the ship and are lifted up inside by the transport beam, and only a few seconds after this the ship floats up high, and from a height of about 50 meters I shoot some slide shots of the area around the departure point. I take the pictures partly from straight above, and partly from the side. I can still take these pictures through the entrance hatch as we climb higher very slowly. After shooting the pictures, Semjase closes the hatch, and within only seconds, the ship shoots up several kilometers higher without my noticing any pressure or other kind of shift. Everything is just like I was standing on the solid ground of Earth. Various sudden alterations of the course produce no bodily effects, though I can see through the window ports on board that at different times we are swinging around in the craziest path like a great pendulum …}

Semjase- We are now leaving the gravity field of Earth.

Meier– Where are we going?

Semjase- First to Venus where you may already be able to use your camera …

Meier- What about the Venus-humans? Can we photograph them?

Semjase- You like to joke … but as I expressly explained before … there are no human creatures on this planet.

Meier- I only wanted to see what you would say.

Semjase- I realize that … you are relating this to some of the assertions of the pretenders.

Meier- Yes, that’s right …

Semjase- Your ways of thinking can often be difficult to discern. But look here now: we have produced this apparatus to give you a better likelihood of getting photographs. You can hold your camera quite simply before this screen and then photograph outside. As you see, you are able to look through this transparent material to the outside, as if it were a simple pane of glass. The device fixed on its side is for generating different radiations which make visible certain tones of colors, etc., of the objects to be photographed, or simply illuminates them so they can be captured on film. In this way you can obtain better color pictures … we hope. For our part, we have another camera quite similar to yours. So if you have some film for me, then I can assist you with this second camera.

Meier- Naturally, but somehow I wonder, as you once told me that you use quite another technique for getting photograph-like pictures … and now you suddenly come up with this kind of camera.

Semjase– [laughing quietly] This camera is a product of your technology which one of us has obtained.

Meier- This really surprises me … since you would have had to go into one of our villages or towns …

Semjase- Is that so strange for you?

Meier- I only get to see you in your space dress, and in this garb, neither you nor any others of your group could walk undetected before the eyes of our fine Earth humans.

Semjase- Surely, but we also own dresses of your fashion. We do need these accoutrements because here and there we walk in your circles.

Meier– That doesn’t actually surprise me, but why don’t you go out for an evening with me?

Semjase- We could arrange to do this some day …

Meier- That is nice, but with us we have the so-called police, who sometimes check up on selected people. What would happen if somebody were to demand from you your personal identification papers?

Semjase- You always have so many questions! But don’t worry about that. We do not use personal papers like yours because we do not need such things … But if that were to happen, that we were to get asked for these kinds of papers, then we would be able to take care of it by thought projection. This consists of imagery that we are able to produce by the force of our thinking⎯fantasy pictures for the examiner giving names, dates, etc. of actual persons that we would resemble … The police officer, or whoever, would then in fact be convinced that he really had in his hands the passports, etc., and begin to examine them …

Meier- But that’s cheating, Semjase (!).

Semjase- No, it deals only with the status of hallucinations, if you want to call it that …

Meier- I understand, but we had better leave this issue …

[thinking] {… the flight to Venus does not take very long, and so I have sufficient time for examining in more detail the equipment for making the photos: the viewing screen looks to me like clear glass, through which everything outside can be observed. I only see that this whole viewing screen has a very high resolution, similar to laser scanned photographs. The size of the screen is about 50 cm by 50 cm [~20”] while the color-radiation device is installed in the side of it and recessed, thus I could not examine its inner workings. Besides this device, there are many different kinds of apparatus all around the cockpit room, installed within a circular control console and in the walls. All this strange-looking equipment, already seen on the first flight, is obviously used for the guidance and control of the beamship, while also serving as exploration devices, distance meters, radiation control devices, and other such things, all playing important roles in the operation of the flight machine. All the viewing and picture display screens differ basically from all other apparatus of Earth origin I’ve ever seen of similar type. All the forms, symbols and figures on these screens are displayed in beautiful and often fantastic colors and arrays, with great depth of field, contrary to familiar Earth displays or picture screens which in practice are only able to display flat two-dimensional images lacking depth, while these screens show everything in vivid three-dimensional realism, like they are physically real⎯not just generated by impulses. As we approach Venus, I have to tear myself from this consideration because Semjase begins talking …}

Semjase- Now you can get some pictures of Venus’ cloud strata. Then I will show you the surface of the planet itself. Regrettably I can only do this via the viewing screens and window ports. The special viewing screen for photography will have to be closed because of the high temperatures of this planet.1 This screen is better able to resist extreme cold than such great heat. But do not be disappointed by the appearance of this world. The planet is in a stage of early development of primitive life.2

Meier- You have already mentioned this, so I am not disappointed.

Semjase- Surely, but still there are different things here about which you will have to maintain silence …

Meier– [thinking] {… I quickly shoot the pictures allowed; then the beamship dives away from its position and rushes toward Venus. Immensely dense masses of clouds suddenly surround us, and of the most greatly varied colors. This cloud cover is unbelievably deep⎯many kilometers⎯and there seems no end as we sink down through it to reach the surface of the planet. But finally we have penetrated far enough, and the clouds change density and open up. There at nearly 40 kilometers height we leave the last cloud formations, and I see the surface of Venus on two different view screens. The landscape is wild-looking and covered with craters. Only in parts may be seen moderately high mountains. On one side I see a huge area without mountains which is full of craters. Semjase now points out a polar region, noting that the mountains do not extend that far …}3

Meier- But it’s nearly all empty and lifeless, Semjase. It looks to me like another Moon …

Semjase- Surely, as I have explained …

Meier- But what is that down there⎯beside the small crater?

Semjase- An exploration sonde from your Earth.

Meier- I see, and what is it like? If you would curve around the planet two or three times, so that I can see other regions as well as the night side. I would …

Semjase- Sure … I also intended to do that.

Meier- Thank you.

[thinking] {… Semjase quickly speeds the ship around Venus several times. Unfortunately some observational discoveries are not allowed to be described at this time⎯apart from the fact that there are no Venus humans to be seen …}

Semjase- The next aim is towards Mercury, and then we will go to the larger planets which you have already seen once before, but certain things you will see, you are not allowed to tell the others.

Meier- That’s all right. You know I will act in accordance with your wishes.

[thinking] {… from my wristwatch we fly until 4:30 p.m. towards the different planets of this solar system where several times I am able to take pictures, but only from a distance⎯close-up photos or pictures of details are not allowed by Semjase. She gives no further reason for this requirement. During the whole time various matters of great importance are discussed, about which, unfortunately, only partial explanations can be given; also the possibilities of other forms of life on solar planets are considered. So much has been discussed and written in books about creatures who have had contacts with Earthumans, or with some of us …

Such claims have been made mainly about creatures from Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus as well as Mars. So I am especially interested in these planets and ask Semjase about the possibility of visiting and making observations on these planets. She kindly agrees and positions our craft only a few kilometers height above their surfaces, allowing me to make carefully scrutinized observations of these planets and their moons. But not even extreme magnification of the images on the view screens reveals even the slightest traces of these pretended life forms which were claimed to have made contact with Earthumans. None of these planets⎯which in reality can only be partially designated as planets since they are not all actually solid planets⎯have such creatures who might have inspired such pretended contacts, telepathic transmissions, etc. with Earthumans.

Some of the life forms existing there are of a completely different character than human, and as well would have no interest in Earthumans.

As exceptions to be seen, however, there are different existing surface stations of extraterrestrial intelligences⎯that of other life forms showing a similar human form⎯which are not native to any of these Sol planets, but only stationed here for certain missions. So-called human races or civilizations of any meaningful human or spiritual type are simply not to be found there!

When at 4:40 we are again back over Earth, I can see several different flight objects in space besides the two expected satellites of Earth origin. There are five other objects which are surely space-craft of extraterrestrial origin. In response to my question about this, Semjase affirms that only one of the five belong to them while the other four ships are those of other races visiting our planet, here to observe the linking of the Apollo and Soyuz capsules. Oddly, I cannot see those objects through the window ports or the new photography view screen, but only on the console screens of the beamship. Semjase explains that all the ships are masked from sight by the space capsule occupants, and can only be seen on the special “zero-sight” picture screens. The zero-sight screens, she explains, use a special viewing detector that is able to pick up all that the eye and less sophisticated methods like radar beams cannot. I have to be satisfied with this explanation as Semjase does not want to go into more detail.

Then I turn my attention to a newly appearing object, high above the Earth, on the horizon, still too distant to be visible to human eyes, and too small and faint for viewing from Earth with technical means. We quickly approach the new object and fly only a short distance from it. It is the Soyuz space capsule which will soon be linked with the Apollo capsule. Clearly I can see the designation “CCCP” painted on the side in large letters. I know this capsule contains two living Russian humans, and feeling touched for that reason, I turn to Semjase …}

Meier- To me this whole undertaking is crazy. Inside this small gondola are two living human beings …

Semjase- It is true, the capsules are very small and really offer no living space. I know you fear thinking that you could be there inside. You have good reason to feel that way …

Meier- You are speaking in riddles, Semjase (!).

Semjase- In time you will understand my words, but … do you want to see inside the capsule?

Meier- How would that be possible? The object is closed and sealed air-tight all around …

Semjase– You do not know the possibilities of our technologies which allow us to distort any physical substance in such a way by radiations that it becomes invisible to the eye. We are able to do this in a very carefully controlled manner and can target the effect very precisely …

Meier– Then let me see your magical technique please.

{… Semjase manipulates some instruments while I look out with great interest through my special photography view screen in the direction of the Soyuz capsule. Abruptly, a part of the capsule quite simply disappears, and I look in astonishment upon the two human beings who rest lying within the seats, which look like big leathery loafers or something like that. Without intending, I cry out to Semjase in response …}4

Meier- Semjase, there …

Semjase– Do not fear … because nothing will happen to them. For them the capsule is still the same as before⎯only for us has it become transparent to sight.

Meier- But that is nothing more than a flying metal coffin, Semjase! The men are really squeezed into this box. And how is anybody able to shoot this thing up here, because everything is really so primitive. Just look at the equipment and apparatus inside⎯it’s really primitive!

Semjase– Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to those people. They will get back to Earth again quite well … Everything may look quite primitive⎯you use the right word, but consider that you Earth beings are just at the beginning of space-exploration, so to speak, still standing in the baby shoes. Because of that your technologies cannot yet be very highly developed.

Meier- That may be correct, but when I look at your ship, then …

Semjase– Here you cannot make a fair comparison because our technologies are three thousand years in advance of yours. From your level, this primitive capsule and its equipment represents a very important and highly developed technology. So you should not be too critical since the differences in development between you and us are very great.

Meier- Yes, indeed, but this flying metal coffin …

Semjase- Don’t worry about it, as you still are not able to solve the tension within your own thoughts, which trace far back to a past life.5

Meier- You are making me crazy … you are directing quite a strange thought to me … Can it really be so, Semjase?

Semjase- You have picked up the first thought, reflected on it … and now must find the remaining solution on your own.

Meier- I will try to do so …

Semjase- Surely you will … but look there now … that is the second capsule, and inside it are three humans.

Meier- I see … the Americans. When will the amazing event occur?

Semjase- In a few minutes the final maneuvering will start. Do start shooting the pictures now … I will also assist you. After linking the two capsules, which will happen soon and quickly, you can also photograph some other Earth satellites⎯of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin. After that we will depart for our great spaceship on station in this system, with which we will then go to various other different systems and a Universe boundary where I have to fulfill a mission. There should also be a surprise for you too. But now pay attention to your task.

Meier- {… I attentively watch the two space capsules of earthly origin drift slowly towards each other. I notice that the Apollo capsule is obviously quite a lot larger than the Soyuz. Semjase explained it this way: the Apollo capsule of the Americans is larger because it is carrying the linking apparatus which will serve as the transfer-channel from one capsule to the other. This linking mechanism, after finishing its task, will be released from the Apollo and allowed to just drift away in space.

I work with my camera and, together with Semjase, who is now beside me with the second camera, shoot a number of pictures. As Semjase had said, the coupling maneuver happens quickly and with great precision. After taking the pictures, Semjase again works at her instrument panel, and this time I can see both capsules and the connecting link, and of course again, all the humans inside. In the Apollo I notice that there is much more room than the Soyuz, and the capsule of the Americans is obviously more richly instrumented. Despite my dread at the coffin-like narrowness of these space-capsules, I now have to laugh as I observe one of the Americans, floating without gravity, bump his head on something, and then touch his hand to it … caused by his lack of experience with zero gravity. I do not know who he is because I know none of these capsule-dwellers by name or sight. Now Semjase switches off her transparency viewer and the linked capsules appear normal again …}

Semjase – The time has come now to move on for the meeting with our great-spacer.

Meier- {… without another word she starts the beamship moving again, and already a few minutes later the Earth has shrunk to the size of a great star, which shines blue on the backdrop of space. Having seen this before, I turn to Semjase, who sits in her oddly-shaped chair, which is very accommodating and comfortable, guiding the beamship through the darkness of space in which are to be seen billions of stars a thousand times clearer and more distinctly than they can be seen from Earth⎯a truly fantastic picture which I will never forget. This is a heaven, full of life. Among the great and small stars are groups and clusters and the wide band of the Milky Way, immeasurable in size and beauty, amidst a thousand other things. All of it is simply fantastic. I am impressed by the immeasurable size and appearance of the Universe. On the first flight earlier, before this one, I had paid too little attention because of other distractions, but now I watch all this with a calm and clear eye, and I am unable to describe the splendor and beauty of this Universe because words fail me, and I suddenly feel myself free and light, and very much above the struggle of life in the days back on Earth where I have always regarded myself as strangely misplaced. Here that feeling is gone now, and everything inside me has shifted completely. I feel really comfortable and at home, and I don’t know why. I am absolved of all Earthly concerns, sorrows and problems. I feel free. At that moment Semjase calls me from my reverie of thoughts …}

Semjase- You are moving toward solving your puzzle much faster than I had expected. I have eavesdropped on your personal thoughts since they have been sent out so strongly. You are quick in understanding this … and that is good. Now look there to the front, there is our great-spacer which will take us aboard.

Meier- {… at a distance difficult for me to estimate, a huge metal sphere is hanging in the darkness of space, reflecting only weakly the light of the Sun. Very slowly now the speed of the beamship decreases. Semjase is sitting very attentively before her panels of instruments, steering knowingly and carefully in the direction of the huge sphere, which looks to me like a small planet. A formation of several luminous lens-shaped ships is moving in the vicinity. One leaves the formation and performs a strange somersaulting maneuver which I photograph. I can see, way down in the lower third, a little to the left, a yawning port is open … which I recognize as an entrance hatch, doubtless a hangar, into which we are now slowly flying. Innumerable beamships of the same type as ours are standing there in orderly rows by rank and file, and only a 100 x 100 meter square of the hangar entrance is cleared. I look back at the hangar entrance and can see that the wall is shifting to close the hatch. Everything all around is now brightly illuminated, and the light, which appears a bit blue, seems to come directly from out of the walls. The whole hangar is huge and this spherical ship, judging by these interior spaces, has to be gigantic. I ask Semjase for its measurements …}

How big is this spaceship, Semjase?

Semjase- It is huge … even very huge⎯it is the largest of its type. It is a very special ship which embodies all the technologies known to us. Altogether it is its own perfect world, a world which is able to travel … almost anywhere. Inside it hosts a complete city capable of holding 144,000 residents. Everything needed for living can be produced inside the ship itself, and it is absolutely independent of any thing of any kind from outside its boundary. This spaceship represents our newest development, and we have been working together with others on this shared technology project now for four years. Together, they are finding useful applications for interstellar missions and for keeping order. They are able to move within every system and in all times and spaces, and for them negotiating the barrier between Universes is no longer an obstacle so that innumerable forms of life can become aware of each other. After only four years we are regrettably still only in the early stages of the great missions made possible by this technology.

Meier– This is still Fantastic! If I understand you right, as you just explained, then you are able, with this great ship, like the others of this class … you are able to travel from one Universe to another [!?].

Semjase- You have understood me right.

Meier- Then do tell me one more thing please; you have formerly told me that you know Asket well?

Semjase- Certainly.

Meier- Please don’t make me bargain for each separate answer from you … Where do you know Asket from, and what do you know about her and her race? And what do you know in this connection about her and me?

Semjase- There are no secrets here. Asket has explained it all to me, so I know that about ten years ago, you have been together in contacts … All details are known to me⎯as well as your time-travels into the past with her help … by which you were healed of all the contemporary religious heresies …

Meier- You are frighteningly open, Semjase, since Asket has forbidden me to speak of this before she would permit me to do so by a sign.

Semjase- You have just received this sign …

Meier- You mean by this, that your knowledge just now indicated, is the sign?

Semjase- Certainly, but you are still obliged to limit speaking in this respect, that you still must maintain silence about the time-travel and what you have learned. You are now allowed to publish your written reports about your contacts made with Asket in 1964. Have you preserved them well?

Meier- Of course. I have just been waiting for permission to speak about it, and have preserved it all very well. But how does it actually happen that you know Asket?

Semjase- After the break-off of her contact with you in 1964 in India, she contacted our High Council and succeeded in obtaining their cooperation. With the help of her race from the Dal Universe, we obtained knowledge of higher technical capabilities and received the most exact data that assisted us in further development of these great spaceships, which we have been using, as I said, for four of your Earth years now. For Asket’s people the transmission of this data was no problem because they mastered this way of travel more than 700 years ago. In Earth years Asket’s race is about 350 years ahead of us in technological development. This small time interval no longer plays so decisive a role when a certain level of development is reached in all fields across the board. It goes without saying they assisted us in acquiring very important knowledge since they provided the basis for understanding the construction of the great spacers …

Meier- For the first time I understand the connection … If you ever see Asket, give her my best greetings.

Semjase- [smiling] Surely, surely …

Meier- You say that so … strangely, and your smile is also odd. Why?

Semjase- Just so.

Meier- You are required to keep a secret again … Well, if you don’t want to talk about it, then keep it to yourself. But I am still interested in knowing the dimensions of this space giant. Can you at least tell me the diameter?

Semjase- Surely, for this is not a secret. In your measurements it is exactly 17,182 meters.

Meier– {… ??? …}

Semjase- Does that seem too large or too small to you?

Meier– {… ??? …} Oh, girl, I am “just so” … confused.

Semjase- Then try to recover soon, for you will soon see and hear many more amazing things …

Meier– It has already happened … but first I really have to try to understand something …

It is just a story, but I feel like I’m being driven into the ground … It seems … uh, a propos the ground … So here is the strange story, Semjase, which I want to ask you about. Mr. Veit from Wiesbaden brought a letter from a certain young woman Ella or Elsa, or something similar, in which she described a situation she had observed in a certain country T. some time ago: a woman was digging with a peculiar-looking power shovel for something that she took out of the ground, something that looked like a cylinder. The woman then took this cylinder with her and disappeared into a UFO which then ascended into the sky overhead. Moreover, this young woman had spoken with the UFO woman, who told her that her name was Semjaze, Semjase or something similar. Can you tell me anything about his story, whether you know about it?

Semjase- [smiling roguishly] Sure, sure, this event is known to me. It happened not in the land of T. but in the land of I., near to Z. early one morning … I dug out from the earth a time-spiral, something that was very important. We had been searching for it for three years until this time when we finally found it. It was a time-projectile search expedition. At least that’s what you would probably call it. Here, this is the projectile … [she brings a spiral shaped device to show …] This is also the reason that we are going to the edge of the Universe now… because this device came from another Universe …

Meier- So that’s what happened. And when did you dig this thing up?

Semjase- During the first month of this year … Here, we can now leave our ship because the room is atmospherically balanced and prepared …

Meier- {… by the transport beam we let ourselves slide out of the hatch and stand on the metal floor of the great-spacer. For the first time now since I am outside the beamship, I realize that the cleared landing space of about 100 square meters is surrounded by glass-clear walls, and that innumerable other small beamships are beyond these walls. Between these parked ships many human beings are rushing along, quite obviously involved with the various ships. But I also see walking mechanical figures, quite obviously robotic, which as well are hurrying quite busily along, executing various tasks. Very far beyond, I am just able to see some bigger beamships, which are of a type completely different from the ones hitherto known to me. Semjase occupies herself with a small device in her hand, and I see that before us the transparent wall opens and reveals an entrance. Then I notice a completely silent small vehicle floating nearby, not much bigger than the lower portion of a Volkswagen car. It floats about 20 cm above the floor and is equipped with very comfortable seats inside. Semjase calls me to take one of the seats beside her, and the strangely moving vehicle floats away and slowly rises higher and higher. I look back and see that the transparent wall has closed up again after our beamship has been brought by the previously noted robots into the main hangar-hall.6

This hangar-hall seems to take up this whole lower-third part of the giant spaceship for its complete diameter, up to a height of about 600 to 800 meters [1,800 to 2,400 feet]. The ceiling above, like the walls, also radiates a very soft heavenly blue light, looking like a sky, and if I am not mistaken, there, exactly in the center above, is a large opening. Soon I can see that this is so, as we head in this direction in our floating transportation vehicle, and we climb up inside this opening. Also inside this shaft is the same gentle blue illumination coming from the walls. For minutes we climb up with increasing speed, until Semjase suddenly stops and docks the floating vehicle into a side compartment in the wall. There is another area of about 200 x 100 meters here, and I feel myself suddenly thrust into a miracle world. Wherever I look, I see green fields, trees, bushes, and flowers. There is a real little “Garden of Eden” in this space giant …}

This is fantastic, Semjase!

Semjase- It is quite natural, as I told you, because this spaceship is its own independent little world.

Meier- It is easy for you to say, but I am seeing this for the first time. I am completely overwhelmed! But how high in fact are we in here?

Semjase- I don’t understand what you mean.

Meier- I mean, how far have we floated up to get here inside of this giant … how many meters?

Semjase- Nearly 11,000 meters. We have stopped here near the center of the ship … where the main city is located.

Meier– Man, dear me. Oh, then during this short time, we have traveled up by means of this vehicle, higher than our tallest mountain on Earth … higher than Mount Everest.

Semjase– [laughing] We have moved up very quickly⎯you are right about that—but concerning Mount Everest, I will have to correct you, since it is not the highest mountain on Earth.

Meier- Now you make me laugh, Semjase. Mount Everest is indeed the highest mountain on my dear Mother Earth.

Semjase- What I’m saying is true … as a matter of fact. But of course you could not know this since you are starting from a mistaken assumption. Your scientists count the elevation of land or of a mountain, in meters above sea level. That is the exact mistake, for such measurements should not use sea-level as the starting point. The starting point for all measurements should be from the center of the planet, which never changes. This is because planetary shapes are never exactly round, but tend more towards the elliptical. When you say that Mount Everest is the highest mountain of Earth, then this is correct only with respect to sea level. But in truth it is around 2,150 meters lower than the highest mountain of your world. When you measure Earth mountains, then the center of the planet is decisive, and measured from there, you will see, the highest mountain on Earth is not Mount Everest.

Meier- I understand. Your explanation is very illuminating. From this I had to search for the highest mountains where by this ellipse the diameter of the Earth is enlarged. As far as I know, the only mountains that exist in that zone would be the Andes in South America, so I had to find the highest one there⎯or am I wrong?

Semjase– You are quite ingenious … and exactly right. Do you know any of the mountains within the Andes?

Meier- Only a few of them. One of the highest mountains, as far as I know, is Chimborazo in Ecuador.

Semjase- Surely, and by calling it, you have named the highest mountain on Earth.

Meier- Have I? Fabulous …!

Semjase- [knowingly] So it is.

Meier- How do you mean …?

Semjase- You said “fabulous.” This is indeed surrounded by very many fables and tales and in earlier times has played a very important role with respect to extraterrestrial intelligences and their activities.7

Meier- I didn’t mean fabulous in that way. But what are we going to do now? And what about taking pictures here?

Semjase- I regret not being able to allow that for you now … please understand. Later you will be able to capture pictures of equipment on your film, but more is not permitted without permission. We will walk through the park’s facilities now to another transport hub which will lift us up into the main control center. It is located in the top dome of this great-spacer craft. There the leader of the ship is waiting to see you.

Meier- I shall enjoy it, Semjase. What position does this leader have?

Semjase- In your terms, one would likely say governor … or even king.

Meier- I see, so if I must speak with the great chief of this giant ship … don’t expect a genuflection from me when I stand in front of him. Such jests are not my line. Not even before the good God himself would I chafe my knees.

Semjase- This leader is a JSHWSH.

Meier- It is all the same to me, and if he wants me to polish the ground in front of him, then he ought to do this in front of me first please, because then I will decide whether I can trouble myself to lay my head in the dust before him … which even then I would not do. I am not eager for such kinds of salutation ceremonies. They are humiliating, slavish, and so doggedly devotional.

Semjase- I can see you really feel strongly about this …

Meier– Do you think I would joke about something like this? I regard a human being as simply a human being, whether he is from this world or another, or whether he is a beggar … or God in person, and whether he is ignorant or wise, they are all of equal value. No one has more rights than any other, and nobody is greater than anyone else. And if your dear God up there in the cockpit does not like this, then he should let it go, or get old and gray from anger. To me it is really all the same. I will neither cringe nor offer honor and devotion. If he wants to give me a hand and will shake hands, then okay, otherwise he may poison himself with his megalomania. Perhaps I will throw some flowers at him from this beautiful garden here …

Meier– {… Semjase suddenly laughs loudly, loud enough to be heard throughout the park … then we hear more laughter from behind us in the park, the laughter of a masculine voice coming from high above, and suddenly this other laughter ends abruptly … I look at Semjase a bit foolishly, who splits with laughter and only slowly starts to settle down …}

Semjase– [still laughing] You are good … you are really good! [more laughter]

Meier- What do you mean, and what about this laughter coming down from the ceiling … which has stopped so suddenly?

Semjase– [laughing again] He has … he has turned off the speaker system, but he is surely shaking with laughter up there in the cupola dome.

Meier- You mean, that was the good God of this steamer trunk? Has he eavesdropped on us?

Semjase- Surely. [still laughing] This he has done … but please don’t call him “good God” because this evokes painful memories for us about our very early times … We have indeed maintained this appellation of “JSHWSH,” but now it has a completely new meaning for us.

Meier- If that’s the way it is …

Semjase- Thank you … it has been a very funny joke.

Meier- I have my own opinion, and I don’t think it’s so funny … because I meant it in earnest.

Semjase- Surely, and we all understand and accept your way of thinking here, yet it was a joke for us because you were so serious and used expressions which revealed your feelings about such primitive types so clearly lacking freedom, and at the same time we also found it so funny to see you here in our world expressing such earthly attitudes since we ourselves have assumed very different attitudes now for hundreds of years⎯very different from what you have just expressed. But such major changes do not take only hundreds of years but even thousands because traditions are always firmly established in a life form, and the identified recollections fade away very slowly … So everything takes its own time to find its own way … to a more accomplished resolution.

Meier- This is now evidently very well explained, Semjase …

Semjase- Very well then … let us continue on …

Meier- {…we slowly walk a little way through the park. The paths are soft and not made of metal, but rather some kind of artificial soil or something similar. Here is a fantastic world of flowers, of mostly completely strange blossoms and scents. But I also see flowers, bushes and trees exactly like the ones I know on Earth. We take only a few minutes to cross the park; then we stand again before a transportation pit with a vehicle gently floating in it which we then use for further driving, if I may use this term.

With increasing speed we float higher again, and suddenly there is open space above us [!]. As far as my eyes can see and penetrate, I am viewing the infinite vastness of the Cosmos. Stars shine brightly, and I ask myself how we could have simply floated out into space because we should not be able to survive up here where there is no air …

Then we reach the end of the shaft going into the cupola about which Semjase had spoken. A large area exists here of desk-like furnishings into which equipment and screens have been installed. Before them are human beings and to me an unknown form of life, which I soon recognize as being mechanical … real human machines⎯androids.8 This command center is a giant domed cupola several kilometers in diameter. Over and above all to be seen is the free Cosmos, and I wonder that I can still breathe. Then I remember the completely transparent walls of the hangar, and it becomes evident to me that the whole ceiling of the cupola must consist of this transparent material. So I ask Semjase about it …}

Semjase, can you explain to me, what kind of matter, this transparent material, the cupola is made of? Is it a kind of glass?

Semjase- No, it is not glass, nor anything like glass. It is a very strong and stable metal alloy, the same that is also used in the structure of the beamship hangar.

Meier– Wow …!

Semjase- Recall the Earth space capsules which you were able to look into …

Meier- You mean … everything is made transparent by technical means?

Semjase- Surely, all the walls as well as the cupola are completely stable, and of the most hardened metal. But the radiations generated by our technical equipment can make them appear transparent. To the eye then, it looks like nothing is there, or like looking through clear glass.

Meier- Fantastic!

Semjase- So let us continue on now …

Meier– {… and we float on in the vehicle towards the middle of the huge command center. I see there a horseshoe-shaped formation about one meter high, completely covered with apparatus and picture screens, and altogether not much bigger than an average room. A single human being is standing inside this horseshoe, looking towards us. When Semjase brings our transportation vehicle to land on a marked area about 60 meters from the horseshoe, the watching human starts to come toward us. I now see clearly that he is wearing a suit similar to that of Semjase, and there is a look of love and friendliness in his face. I estimate him to be about 70 to 75 years old. Now Semjase gets out of the vehicle and hurries toward the old man who also moves quickly towards her. Then they come together and embrace each other, and if I am not mistaken, kiss one another. This I consider wonderfully human, and not much different from our own Earthly form of greeting. Then, a feeling of grief touches me which I am not able to understand.9 But I push the feeling away and walk slowly toward them both who are now speaking to each other, but I cannot understand a single word because the language is completely unknown to me. But then I come up to them and see the older man who is watching me, smile knavishly. Then Semjase speaks to me …}

Semjase- This is my father …

Meier– {… at first I am astonished, then I put my hand out, which is seized by the man and pressed. It is a gentle but firm pressure, like that of Semjase. I confess to being confused, or just beaten, because I would never have expected to see Semjase’s father. Then the pleasant voice of the man sounds out to me …}

Semjase’s Father- It is a great delight for me, seeing you here. Semjase has already reported a lot to me about you. Be welcomed here with us …

Meier– {… again I wonder about the father of Semjase who is speaking the same good German as Semjase herself …}

Thank you very much …

{… I cannot say anything more because now Semjase’s father encloses me into his arms and welcomes me heartily. I feel slightly deranged and quite suddenly unable to speak as a confounded lump rises in my throat⎯the devil may know why. Semjase seems to sense this, for she speaks once more to her father in that incomprehensible language. He then turns to me …}

Semjase’s Father– Call me “Ptaah.” Possibly it has some meaning for you, as in former times it was used on the Earth …

Meier– {… ??? …}

Ptaah– … I see, you do not know the connection. An ancestor of mine had been, in former times, on your Earth and lived as one of your people at that time. He was a JSHWSH and was related by marriage to his wife Basthe. He used the same name as I, Ptaah. On your Earth you still have very old traditions, tales and legends about him.10

Meier– Regrettably, that is not known to me, but I will search for this in our books to see if I can discover anything …

Semjase– You surely will if you look at South American stories of Gods because therein lie many leads. In most cases they are connected with events concerning Venus and other planets of your solar system.11

Meier– You are really delightful, Semjase … you prohibit me from speaking about these things⎯and then you speak of them yourself (!).

Semjase– I can only explain what I am allowed to. Fundamentally it will be known to you that Venus did not bring forth its own human creatures and was in the same condition during the times of those dates given …

Meier– Now I am on slippery ground. What may I tell and what not?

Semjase– We will speak about this with one another very thoroughly later … by ourselves alone.

Meier– Okay, but what about your form of address, Semjase? I really don’t know how I should address your people, whether by the “familiar you” [du], or “Mr.” and “Mrs.,” etc.

Ptaah– [smiling] What I understand from what you say … the forms are very simple. Because each life form has equal value, each is addressed in the same way. Thus in your terms, by the “familiar you.” In consequence you can also call me “Ptaah” in the manner just described. But now I have a question: do you speak any other language besides this one?

Meier- Yes, a little English and Greek.

Ptaah– The old Greek form of the language?

Meier- The new Greek …

Ptaah– That’s very good because I have also mastered that language. We will be able then to speak in the Greek tongue, and I won’t need to use my translator device.

Meier– {… ??? …}

Semjase- Of course you cannot know this; my father does not speak a word of German. What he has spoken until now was our own language. But you see the small device on his belt there? This is a language-translator, a language pattern converter, as you might call it. With this language device we can transform one language into another and make it understandable to both. But we speak very readily in other languages as well, and gladly bypass these technical means if there is ever a chance to do so.

Meier- Oh … so that’s what it is! Again something fantastic! There is only one problem of concern: that I have mastered neither English nor Greek. If I should have to write everything down later, then I would probably slip up in doing so …

Semjase- Don’t be afraid of that because these problems will be removed in the transmission, and everything will be understandable for you letter by letter, and in like way you will also be able to write it all down.

Meier- Then it’s okay? I was afraid this could be a problem.

Ptaah- [now really speaking Greek] Come now, we are already on our way to the “transmit” position …

Meier– {…in fact I see that outside the cupola the star formations are slowly changing. We must be cruising at a very great speed, but I have noticed nothing of it⎯that the giant spaceship had even started to move. Now we are all three sitting in very comfortable chairs in the horseshoe-shaped equipment console. On picture screens are the bodies of our sun-system, and many other great and small stars, nebulae and other things to see. I am nearly overwhelmed by seeing so much at once, it is all so different and fantastic … We must be moving very fast. I ask Ptaah about it …}

Ptaah, how fast are we going now?

Ptaah– Look here, this instrument shows the velocity. You can read it very easily by yourself, even if you do not understand our symbols or units of measure. In your understanding, these lines are like decimals, and these sharp arrow-headed indicators show the hundreds place. These half-height lines mark the thousands, and these point-lines the hundred-thousands. These ring-lines here would mean for you something like the speed of light. Now you can just read the values together and by that calculate the speed yourself.

Meier– Yes … one moment …

{… I count very carefully and reach a result of 89 units in the decimal field, then two point-lines that are hundred-thousands and eleven additional, the third is only eleven value distances from them. From addition this results in 289,000 …}

The result is 289,000 kilometers per hour [~180,000 miles per hour]. Is that right, Ptaah?

Ptaah– You grasp quickly. You have counted right … Our terms are different but they give equivalent values.

Meier- Fabulous!

Ptaah– How do you mean that? I do not understand …

Meier– {… Semjase starts speaking in Greek … and evidently explains to her father what I meant by “fabulous.” By his facial expression he seems not to understand thoroughly. It is peculiar that I know these words in the Greek language since I have never known them before. Suddenly I am simply speaking perfect Greek, and I do not understand how, so I ask …}

How is it, Semjase, that I can suddenly speak fully fluent Greek?

Semjase– My father has turned off the language translator and has instead turned on the language transformer. This device uses the ship’s language computer. This computer is now continuously transforming the desired Greek language into impulses, and emitting them … Your brain then detects these impulses, and with that you can speak each desired word without knowing it beforehand …

Meier– I don’t know … I can only say … fantastic! Girl, what do you think? How long will it take until we are this far along … on Earth?

Ptaah– Perhaps another thousand years in your chronology.

Meier– Oh, dear, that is such a long time! But look out there, what is that?

{… out of the still transparent dome I notice a very large object still seemingly far away …}

Ptaah– This is a comet that is still unknown to you on Earth. It follows a very long orbital path, and for that reason is still unknown to your astronomers. It is moving towards your solar system that we just left and will be seen in a short time by your astronomers. Within only a few weeks as it passes by, Earthumans will be able to see it with the naked eye.

Meier– Then I am anxious … yet how long will we be flying through the Cosmos⎯like we are now?

Ptaah– Still about 30 minutes, then we will “transmit” to another far distant system.

Meier– Transmit? That’s “time traveling” isn’t it?

Semjase– Surely, but you already know about this … [?]

Meier– Yes, but that was with Asket and not with such a gigantic ship. And what happened when I returned to Earth again? We had to travel into the past to reach Earth at the right time again. It also makes no sense to me that you have told me you will have something to do at the edge of the Universe … When this much additional time is taken, it may no longer be possible to return to Earth at the right time …

Ptaah– You are not taking some important things into consideration. In earlier times Semjase has explained to you the advantages and virtues of our progressed civilization having the ability to use hyper-space/time travel, where space and time become neutralized.

Meier– Oh my dear, I believe that I must be slowly growing old and stupid. I’m really such a silly one, to not have thought of that earlier …

Ptaah– You shouldn’t speak this way of yourself, for your sudden awareness is the witness of great wisdom combined together with a great rational mentality in an amazingly balanced way …

Meier– Like your daughter you throw whole gardens of flowers …

Ptaah– {… ??? …} I do not understand you …

Meier – {… Semjase talks smilingly to her father and explains what I am saying to him …}

Ptaah– You should not be so modest …

Meier– And time again, I don’t understand what you have with all this praise. It was the same with Arahat Athersata who always threw … long-stem flowers.

Semjase – Why?

Meier– He extols me as a great prophet, just like I had been shoveled full of wisdom. I feel that notion to be haughty and out of place. I take offense at this manner of speech because it really doesn’t fall within my compass. If anyone wants to work me over, then he must call the child by name and explain … I just cannot quite report back satisfactorily to you and Arahat Athersata on what you are transmitting to me. I’m not really any kind of prophet. These stirring speeches of Arahat Athersata have brought me up the palm tree a notch, and for this reason I turned into an anti-contact for him from the beginning. I have pushed his voice away and not written a line from him again lately. I must first deliberate whether I want to write his work again at some later time. It is very displaced and strange for me, standing there as the great prophet, for I could never be that (!). If I were to do so, then my fellow creatures inevitably would accuse me of deceit and megalomania and abuse me with their lies and slander.

Semjase– Please allow me to explain this for you …

Ptaah– [interrupting Semjase and turning to face Meier] In place of Semjase I want to explain some of these things for you. Of primary importance it is very unfortunate that you have interrupted the contact with Arahat Athersata. We had already become aware of this and tried to find out the causes, in which we have not yet succeeded … Sometimes you have the peculiarity of blocking your thought stream at just the critical moment … when we feel forced to try to detect your current orientation status. Now the reason for your blocking behavior is indeed evident to me, and which I am able to understand. In no way do I see it as a mistake; on the contrary, it is a good response. According to what you have just said, I can clearly see that your motives are based on good and pure desires; that is, you do not want to be something special and are convinced that you are only a human being. You are right here in every respect and your thinking accordingly follows the creational laws exactly⎯with the results that flow from them. You have taken the right approach.

But in response we made an error of omission, which is that you were not going to be told about having the role of … prophet. It should have been our duty to explain that to you⎯for the very reason of knowing about your modesty. The fault does not lie with Arahat Athersata because he alone transmits to you, without which you would not even be able to ask your questions. The answering of questions is something that we alone are obliged to provide, and we have missed out doing exactly that. The guilt then strikes us, allowing for an attempt to remedy the error. That will still take some time, and so several days will pass before Arahat Athersata will report to you again. Has he not clothed himself recently in silence?

Meier– Just so.

Ptaah– This could be expected, for in certainty he will have recognized the position of this matter and remained waiting … until things become more orderly. At our level only the High Council received the information about your blockage, but no one else. The facts, with respect to you as the prophet, are now the following: number one, you have to acknowledge the position you have reached in the science of spirit as one of great and comprehensive extent. At the present time you possess, as the single human being on the Earth who has this designated phenomenal knowledge on demand … and all the wisdom that comes with it. This still must partially find its cause in your having gotten great assistance with knowledge from Asket from the Dal Universe and thus became knowledgeable of the truth. A fundamental awareness was acquired by your travel into the past, which thoroughly and for all time has freed you from the existing heresies.

On the Earth this means the truth of this awareness has been brought into the present time. You were able to experience this form of travel into the past even before we were completely able to have this means available ourselves. When Asket first came into contact with us, we got from the Dal people the knowledge for constructing time travel technology and equipment that allowed us to succeed with this possibility. This was only four years ago in earth time while you had already had your time travel experience with Asket and your friend seven years before that (!). This is the situation of the matter around your knowledge, which is very great and has no equal among your race. You must be aware of this and become able to fully understand. By this awareness and knowledge⎯and in particular by not placing yourself above others⎯must your endeavor take form.

So it is good that you exhibit such modesty and put it to use, but you must not be too modest, to which you are unfortunately inclined. Become aware of your own extremely great knowledge and the associated wisdom, and when you acknowledge that, then no one can accuse you of megalomania. Such abuse is only attempted by ignorant, foolish and primitive creatures. We were only able to make contact with you precisely because of your knowledge and wisdom. It’s true that we also have made contact with other Earthumans, but of those very few measure up, and none is great enough to even “reach up to your water,” as you say on Earth. This is not boasting on my part to put it this way, it is just the clear and simple truth. And because of this I am particularly glad that you are of a modest demeanor, not wanting to make a great fuss about yourself. But as I have said, your modesty is too great, and you must acknowledge your level of development and your consequent spiritual position. You may decline expressions of approval and gratitude, but the fact must be accepted. And it was only a statement of fact when I called attention to your great wisdom combined with extreme brilliance of rational thinking. When Arahat Athersata designates you as a prophet, you can be sure it is because he feels justified first by your advanced level of knowledge, wisdom and love and secondly by the fact that you have succeeded in receiving important spiritual messages of an epoch-making kind from a very high level. It is these messages that lead the way to the future and are thus of the true nature of prophecy.

Therefore you are the one to be realized as the prophet, for your pronouncements are to be the prophecy. This designation is quite justified, but not in showing a great colossus within a particular life form. This kind of mistaken impression is unfortunately widely diffused on Earth. The Earthuman imagines a prophet to be someone mighty, a creature standing over all others. But it isn’t really true because a prophet is a life form as well like any of the others. The heresy that a prophet would have to be a powerful figure, already in early times was maintained by fanatics, charlatans, deceivers, and various religious leaders, etc. for the intended purpose of strengthening their own positions among the nations. So don’t worry about these misguided ideas, for they are deceptive and … wrong, and they evoke wrong imaginings and impressions by which you were also misled, and now it is time for you to make a correction. So be aware too that a prophet of the present time must work in different ways than those of earlier times when they mostly lived in wild and inaccessible locations in the mountains, and only now and then walked in front of the people with their great words of truth. These times for a long time already belong to the past on Earth, and the possibilities for diffusion of prophetical missions have thoroughly changed. For the prophetic mission of the present and future times on Earth many new technical means will be included. The greatest among Earth men will also master their language in written form, by which means the chances for prophetic works to succeed are greatly increased.

Meier– Thanks, Ptaah, that was very clear and extensive, yet I really have not deliberated over the matter sufficiently. Now that I know more about what you have told me that is surely right … but I will have to give it some thought.

Ptaah– That …

Semjase– [interrupting] When he makes his statement, then it is so … for him. He really reaches his conclusions very quickly and just the same maintains his decisions …

Ptaah– That seems most astonishing …

Meier– Please let this be. Do we still have some time before we transmit?

Semjase– Certainly.

Meier– Well, you spoke down there in the park about our dear JSHWSH, who had eavesdropped on us by the communication device … When may I see him and where? Is he perhaps preparing to come here?

{… as if on a secret command, Semjase and Ptaah start laughing out loud again, taking some time to recover, then Semjase says …}

Semjase– You have already greeted him.

Meier– {… ??? … some seconds pass before I understand …}

Oh yes … dear me, I am so stupid. I should have realized it by myself: the father of Semjase, Ptaah, is the leader of this space giant, a JSHWSH … a good God himself … in person! Oh, that just slipped off my tongue. I really did not want to …

Ptaah– Please don’t worry about it, I already understand and don’t feel slighted by your words. What you say is a kind of bitter irony because you know the truth and can’t understand your fellow creatures who are so confident and carefree about living out the old heresies …

Meier- Thanks for your understanding, Ptaah …

Ptaah– You need not offer thanks, yet you did want me to say something about the nature of this prophet type of individual … if I have noticed correctly.

Meier– Yes, you are right. We have been able to talk about time travel and related things, and about this great spacer too. But I would now like to ask you whether I might be right about something else. Semjase has given me an explanation about the utilization of hyper-space, as you have already mentioned. As I understand the matter, this utilization of hyper-space, this phenomenon that I have now experienced earlier, is in reality time travel, offering all the possibilities of past, present and future, as well as other dimensions and spaces. Semjase’s earlier explanation of a hyper-leap, taking only a split second to travel unlimited distances, was, I unfortunately thought at first, more important. In my estimation it can’t just be passing through space alone, but is also a time travel phenomenon where time and space become neutralized together, which would not necessarily be the case for a “primary” spatial hyper-leap.

From that I can understand the circumstance of a particular location in space with an equivalent aspect of time: space and time get neutralized together in this way⎯in a practical sense. This means that in being linked and interdependent, they can be manipulated together, if I can speak about it this way, in which an absolute timelessness arises with a spacelessness. That timelessness and spacelessness can then get passed by immeasurable speed during a split second without any time shift. When Semjase uses hyper-space in her small beamship, hyper-space has to work the same way. In this way of using-hyper space it would be possible to do time travel, also in neutral time, by appearing at the target location just at the moment one disappears from the starting point. In my estimation it is not about something other than a technically generated dematerialization and re‑materialization when time travel of the primary kind occurs. Only then can no passage of time have occurred while everything remains free of spatial shifts and distortions.

Ptaah– I have already said about you that you are extremely ingenious with a remarkable combination of talents, yet again you generate feelings of astonishment in me … Even people of our race would have had trouble understanding so much from the slim explanation given to you by Semjase.

Meier- It wasn’t really so difficult …

Ptaah– It is indeed a great ability … but now we must interrupt our discussion for a little while. We have come to our point of transmission …

Meier- {… Ptaah and Semjase turn to the instruments at the horseshoe-shaped console. Small light-bodies shine up, and blank picture screens come alive. Strange forms and symbols appear on them. For the first time I hear a tone, a very soft and calming metallic resonance. I look up at the transparent cupola and see the scene suddenly wash away in a whitish milky veil. This only lasts a very short moment, and already I can see stars moving again, but that also is for only a few seconds, then they shift along slowly as before. At the whole realization I feel somehow peculiar, but I feel a great tranquility inside myself. Then I hear the voice of Semjase. I wonder about this as Ptaah had asked for silence, whether something had to be delayed with the transmission …}

Semjase- If you want, you can try some photographs here, but whether they will succeed I cannot judge. Regrettably, we do not know whether Earth cameras can take pictures through the cupola, but this we will know after you have developed your film. If you would like, we can have the equipment brought from my beamship.

Meier- I would be thankful for the photographic gear, Semjase, for with that it certainly would succeed. But what is the matter, is there no success with the transmission?

Semjase- Why? Haven’t you noticed?

Meier- I have, but I can’t explain it …

Semjase- Then you need only look out the cupola into space; what do you see out there now?

Meier– {… I follow the instruction and am astonished …} Girl, there are completely different constellations than I know from Earth! Of course I know only a few by sight, but I see none that I can recognize. Why is that?

Semjase- We have made the first hyper-leap.

Meier- That … Oh man! Oh little man! We did!? Where are we now?

Semjase- You are around 500 light years from your home world … There … look there above, at that formation of stars … that is our home world⎯these are the Pleiades! We are only 211 million kilometers from the nearest star. Unfortunately we cannot arrive closer because we need a safe distance of 153 million kilometers to be able to transmit again. Perhaps you can succeed nevertheless in getting some pictures with the apparatus which has already been brought from the beamship.

Meier– I am really overwhelmed!

Ptaah- That is understandable, for you are experiencing this kind of travel for the first time.

Meier– {… coming from somewhere, an android appears, bringing the camera. Very cleverly it assembles it into a frame and points it outward. Suddenly the thing speaks to me, and once more I am confused, since I cannot understand a word of it … Semjase quickly enlightens me …}

Semjase- It wishes you good luck.

Meier- But that’s impossible! Can this thing think and act independently? That would be … crazy.

Ptaah- But nevertheless it does.

Semjase- It really is so. Its whole bodily construction is half-organic, and its brain chemical.

Meier– I must be going crazy … am I in a madhouse or set down in a utopian fantasy?

Ptaah– Neither one nor the other. It is real … and highly developed. You will understand this better after a short time—when it becomes more normal for you. It is only the newness that makes it strange. But take care now about the pictures because the next leap is being prepared …

Meier– {… I follow his order and hope the pictures come out. I keep thinking about Ptaah’s words. He is surely correct, as the strange phenomenon of the transparent metal in the space capsules, and the same with the hangar walls, and now the dome here in the control center—already all of them do not seem so strange. And when I look at it now, it appears to be completely familiar and something I am absolutely acquainted with … and obvious. The same with the photographic apparatus and the viewing screens, and the whole control center and instruments. Ptaah is right … it is only a matter of familiarity …}

Ptaah- You are deep in thought, my friend. Watch the stars … in 9 seconds we will start the next jump.

Meier– {… I do as advised, and experience it all again, like the first time. But this time the process is much more familiar. Now I understand the peculiarity that during the split second, I feel once more a deep tranquility, now more familiar to me than the first time. I can even analyze it as … something timeless … and eternal. What secret does this hold? I will surely try to explore that next time …}

Ptaah- We have reached our next destination. The fuzzy formation you see far in front is what you call the “Orion Nebula.” It is about 1,800 light years from here to your Earth.

Meier– Can I get some photographs?

Semjase- Surely, if they will succeed for you.

Meier– {… again I start shooting pictures. If they come out only fair, then I will be satisfied …}

Ptaah– Our next destination is a destroyed sun. The destruction took place about 1000 years ago when it exploded into a supernova. Today it can be recognized as a great nebula, as you call them. The distance from your Earth to this nebula in your measurement is 3,150 light years, and you call this still existing phenomenon the “Crab Nebula.”

Meier– {… once more the preparations for the hyper-leap are finished, and this time I will attempt to observe things other than just the overhead view. I am watching Semjase and Ptaah, and like the starscape before, they suddenly turn into a milky glistening mass. Even the horseshoe-shaped console turns into the same white mass while in the next split second Ptaah and Semjase reappear as clear images again. The impression of this deep tranquility that has come over me this time is much greater than previously, and I believe that I have now solved the riddle. This deep tranquility and this unbelievable peacefulness that is streaming through me is … eternity itself … the utterly simple timelessness completely lacking in outward influences such as the restlessness, disquiet, sorrows and problems which burden the spirit. I suddenly realize that during these few seconds I have had an eternal experience of … eternity, consisting of only the finest energy of the finest kind that is free of all encumbrances of materiality. For just these split seconds I have really traveled into eternity …}

Semjase– You are very deep in thought … I have had to call you three times before you could hear my voice.

Ptaah- I was able to discern his thoughts and perceived him reaching an important new realization. This is quite astonishing for me … Even our own people only reach such awareness after being in the fine-material existence for a longer time. Your capacity for awareness is one of extremely high value and possibility, dear friend … Yet, have a look here … this is what you call the Crab Nebula.

Meier– {… lost in thought, I work automatically. I am paying attention to neither the environment nor anything else. My own thoughts remain centered on eternity … The feeling is so great and so powerful that words completely fail me. At the next leap I want to observe myself. I want to see whether I also become nebulous like the milky mass, and whether I can feel anything inside of me. It is …}

Ptaah- [reading his thoughts, interrupts] This will be possible if you watch very carefully for it. After a few seconds we will start the next leap.

Meier– {… I only half hear his words, because my thoughts are elsewhere. I concentrate my eyes on myself and wonder … then quite suddenly I cannot see my body, and in another split second it is normal again, which I confirm by looking at my watch. And now for the first time I wonder about Ptaah’s words; he had intercepted my thoughts which he understands very well, I think. I have evidently let my thoughts run their natural course. Then I remember that whenever I came too close to Semjase’ s beamship, my watch would always go too fast or else too slow.12 Strangely enough, it seems to be running normally now. I have not …}

Ptaah– We have come to the next transition point, 1,810 light years from Earth. You call this strange looking appearance in the distance there the “Horse Head Nebula.”

Semjase– Because these great distances are no longer a difficulty for us, we may leap through or across space without worrying about keeping to a certain course. You have surely realized that the constellations we have already visited are very far from one another and require skipping around here and there to see them. The next jump will take us to the “Triffid Nebula,” as it is called.

Meier– {… I only half hear the words spoken to me because my thoughts are still far away. A little absent-mindedly I take a few pictures, but soon again experience the touch of eternity … But suddenly it seems to be blocked, and I can’t reach any deeper into the feeling. Everything seems to hamper my going deeper … What is it? Oh, of course, the time, the confounded split second is over … This is not enough … time for … eternity … only enough to flash back. It is only for …}

Ptaah– Hello … you are very far outside and away in your thoughts … and again have discovered something new. The time does stay accurate, yet this can be changed. If you are interested, the great leap to the edge of the Universe can be altered so that the re‑materialization can be slowed down to occur in … minutes. For this purpose we have to travel into the future, and the lost time can’t be recovered. In ordinary time-travel into the future, the time interval would be neutralized, yet for this way of getting into the timeless, other techniques are necessary. In this way the time cannot become neutralized; we have to live the moment and submit to let it pass over us. For this there are still some limits, that for your ordinary perception of time when five minutes pass, it is only one second of timelessness. This we can do because we can regulate the time between de-materialization and re-materialization by modulating speed, for the timeless itself also rules our designation of time. This, of course, is only relatively observed, for this shift out of the timeless also keeps its own time, but it is imbedded into such a huge interval, that we can’t fully control it. A single second in the timeless equates to millions of years of ordinary time/space. If we were to then penetrate by stopping or not maintaining sufficiently our correctly set velocity into the timeless, we would never again be able to find our home world. If we were to remain for only a few seconds with a lowered speed in the timeless, many millions of years of ordinary time would pass on Earth⎯which would turn into dust⎯while you would return into normal space only a few seconds older, though in truth you would be millions of years older. That may seem incomprehensible to you and completely fantastic, yet it is so.

Even by your greatest spiritual efforts you will not be able to understand the essential connections, as even for us in our more advanced position, it is still not free of puzzles and little understood details. We know of only a few of the solutions of these vast enigmas, and are for this purpose continuously engaged for greater knowledge. Though we have the necessary technologies for passing through the universe with the help of hyper-space and can also make use of timelessness as our assistant, we are still at the initial stages of development in our explorations. Yet we can answer for allowing you a step into the timeless in our great-spacer, which you call eternity. To enable the desired awareness for you, we will need a time of seven minutes for the leap, which in normal time/space increases fivefold. This means that for you and for all of us, we need from de-materialization to re-materialization a time of seven minutes of the actual experiential time of velocity shift of the spaceship, while in the timeless realm there only passes a millionth of a second⎯yet in ordinary time everything becomes 35 minutes older. In this special case for all of us the pace of time changes, for in place of growing older comes a rejuvenescense … of exactly 28 minutes.

The mathematical reckoning is very easy: while we are in timelessness for seven minutes, these seven minutes are our common-time speed factor which also translates into our age as seven minutes. Because we spend this time in the timeless, which can protect very well from the effects of time, which retards the time effect down to one in five relative to normal time/space, we get the difference of 28 minutes. So for us there is only a passage of seven minutes while in normal time/space 35 minutes pass. Then there is a passage of 35 minutes on your home world, where everything gets older by this interval. Yet during this same interval you only live for seven minutes yourself because of the altered time effect. You now have to subtract these seven minutes from the elapsed 35 minutes on Earth to reach the result of 28 minutes that you have not aged. So during these seven minutes you become only seven minutes older while everything on Earth ages by 35 minutes. In other words this means that while 35 minutes pass, you only become older for seven minutes while also becoming younger by 28 minutes.

Meier– {… I am now slowly starting to become … angry…}

I only partly understood these explanations, yet it is all still an endless puzzle to me. This situation of the time shift is evident to me, yet I am no closer to understanding the how and why of this circumstance and its possibilities. I must first calmly deliberate about this before I can believe I will be able to understand even half of your explanation. Yet I will stay with my desire to witness this experiment.

Ptaah– Then so shall it be, but beforehand we need to navigate to a special place. When you have finished taking your pictures here, we will jump to the JSHWSHMATA, which in your counting is about 5600 light years away.

Meier– {… my effort takes only a little time, and we begin to prepare for another hyper-leap. All proceeds as before which I have become accommodated to. This time I again look at the starry heavens, and now I suddenly notice a gigantic image: a monster gaping through the blackness of space, surrounded by innumerable stars each appearing to be looking at me. Yes it is still far away, but it is so clear … this monstrous eye … gaping out into the cosmos⎯this could only be the JSHWSH-MATA, the Eye of God …}

Semjase– It is unmistakable, isn’t it?

Meier– Yes, and so huge …

Semjase– I already explained to you the origin and cause of this image …

Meier– I know … it is all written down.

Ptaah– For us it is a symbol of the most wicked thirst for power and ambition, an amalgam of hatred, destruction, and human delusion.

Meier– I know, Semjase has explained it all to me. This was the original home of the human race.

Ptaah– Yes, that was a long time ago. For the Earthuman it is only an image to be seen in the galaxy, but for us it is of great importance. But for now go ahead and work on your own with your photographic apparatus for the next five minutes. We will now experience several additional leaps, and you will have about 20 seconds in between to take pictures. But notice the succession of locations when you want to label your pictures later. For this purpose I will tell you the locations in your earthly designations. What you see from above here, you call the “Rosette Nebula” or M57. The next locations are M17, called the “Omega Nebula,” then M16, then M27 called the “Dumbbell Nebula,” then NGC 6781, NGC 7293, and NGC 7089. These last two locations are seen from the Earth to be in Aquarius, the Waterman Constellation, the last of these being roughly 47,000 light years from Earth. Our last jump for today will be to the Andromeda Galaxy, which lays, as seen from Earth, at a distance of roughly 2.2 million light years. From there we will start for the great leap to the Universal barrier where we want to give you the seven minute chance to experience the timeless.

Meier– {… Ptaah turns again to his console and continues to monitor, together with Semjase. Again I experience the changing star formations and other matters. I continue with making photographs, and innumerable thoughts rush through my brain. I am now photographing these new star formations as I am addressed by Semjase …}

Semjase– You have already made your pictures here and we have time to talk. Here we are at the beginning of the great leap …

Meier– Are we already in the Andromeda Galaxy?

Semjase– You have just photographed it.13

Meier– Fabulous, but what should we speak about? First I would like to experience these seven minutes of timelessness before I try to think about things. I would like if we could discuss something else …

Semjase– Sure.

Meier– All right. Would it be possible for you, some time, to give me some lines that you have written yourself?

Semjase– I don’t understand, what do you mean?

Meier– I mean, whether you would write some words on a sheet of paper some time which I could show my group?

Semjase- Why this? What purpose would it serve? I see no need for it.

Meier- Please don’t be that way. All of them would enjoy it if they had something personal from you to see and hold in their hands.

Semjase- Is this so important? And how shall I do it since I don’t have the necessary writing utensil, and have not yet mastered your script. We ourselves use completely different symbols for writing …

Meier- That is not so important. I can help you here a bit with the writing. If I assist you, it might go well. You just have to ask if you have trouble with any word. But, speaking of your script, what does it look like? Can you show me some of it?

Semjase- Sure. Look here at these markings, and you can see the symbols of our alphabet.

Meier- May I copy them, and will you explain the pronunciation?

Semjase- Yes, of course.

Meier– {… I take the memo book from my shoulder bag and sketch these completely strange glyphs on the paper, always together with the pronunciations as Semjase explains them to me. This takes only a few minutes …}

Now I have it, Semjase, but I still lack the umlauts, etc. Are there also any such pronunciation keys of this kind?

Semjase- In our language these do not exist.

Meier- Okay, okay. I also do not understand much about umlauts, consonants and whatever else, so we may leave this and consider what you would like to write. You see I have thought of this and brought with me paper and a felt pen. I thought this writing device would be best. Can you work with it?

Semjase- Sure, only what I wonder is … what shall I write?

Meier- Oh, just anything …

Semjase- That’s a very broad possibility …

Meier- Of course, but you surely can find something … What about if you were to simply write a short letter to our group?

Semjase- That sounds nice, but what shall I write to them?

Meier- Please don’t make it so complicated. Just write some … nice words, which are from yourself … and not from me⎯like I had dictated them.

Semjase- I would like to try it, but how shall I begin? That is not clear to me.

Meier- … a typical woman …

Semjase- How do you mean that?

Meier- Quite simply in the way that you women can sometimes be rather helpless creatures when you have to do certain things that are somehow strange to you. And in that, there seems to be no difference between you and the female creatures of Earth. Until now I had always seen that in all matters you were completely otherwise than the women of Earth, which is exactly the way I imagined a real woman should be in her way of thinking, acting, etc., and not just womanly in the ordinary way. Now I suddenly see this characteristic in you and also recognize certain things which are deep-rooted female qualities. This in no manner troubles me, but it shows that you are only a normal human being, a woman, who also has purely female characteristics, and I now understand that this … might be universal. Would you not say so?

Semjase– [considering] I …

Ptaah– [interrupting Semjase before she can answer] You are very pensive and thoughtful. There is, like you say …

Semjase- I don’t want to contradict …

Meier– {… I take this statement as interesting. Semjase’s face turns a gentle red color, obviously a reaction to the words just spoken. Secretly I am delighted by this, for now I know for certain that she is influenced by feelings, even though she has been cleverly able to hide them. One had only to touch the right place, to loosen the control over her feelings …}

Semjase– Please don’t …

Meier– {… evidently she has also understood my thoughts …}

That was not meant in a bad way, Semjase. Quite the contrary. In the way revealed, it has greatly increased my esteem for you.

Semjase- It is not always good to know the feelings of others …

Meier- In that you are likely right, but do you believe that you have been able to conceal yours from me?

Semjase- I had thought so, but now I know that I have not succeeded. You really did not delude yourself.

Meier- But … should I have?

Semjase- Perhaps, because I am a woman?

Meier- But that’s nonsense. Please let me explain: such feelings are not related to gender …

Ptaah– A very deep-seated truth …

Meier- Thank you, Ptaah … perhaps Semjase might agree?

Semjase- Please, let’s not speak of this any more. Come, give me the paper and pen.

Meier- {… I understand, and so I give them to her without a word, and she starts writing⎯without hesitation. She finishes her writing, in which I have only helped a little bit …}

[<<< end of original ebook English transliteration published by Wendelle Stevens in 2006 >>>]

Meier- You have written all this very well, Semjase, and I am delighted with it … myself.

Semjase- Is that so?

Meier- Of course, Semjase. I would not say so otherwise. Anyway, many thanks. Now I have a question about this script of yours. How old is this kind of writing anyway, and where did it originate?

Semjase- That is easy to explain: these letters we are using here are only 11,000 years old; we took them over at that time from our ancestors who lived on Earth. Our older letters and script-shapes were much more complex while this type is much easier. This type of script was developed by several of our scientists on Earth, who used star formations as patterns⎯as seen from Earth. They connected certain star patterns with lines, and the result evolved into these shapes. As our script consists of small circles and lines, the circles represent stars and the lines just connect them.14

Meier- That’s interesting, and your explanation suffices for me, in that this script is no longer known on Earth.

Semjase- It has only been forgotten but was in use many centuries ago during which time the details often shifted. Still a few of the scripts of Earthumans today are simply altered forms of these shapes that have been made into letters, which trace back to our old symbols.

Meier- That is astonishing! Then the script on Earth was not developed by Earth men themselves?

Semjase- If you speak of the earthbound forefathers of your human races, and not of the heavenly ancestors, then you are correct. It was first brought by the Sons of Heaven, who were the ones responsible for the re-emergence of Earthumans … from savagery.

Meier- There are myths …

Semjase- [interrupting] Earthumans still don’t know very much … But now we have to interrupt our conversation because, as I see, my father has finished his preparations for the great leap. And since I am already speaking of this, then I want to ask you something: shortly we will jump into “eternity,” as you call it, for seven minutes. The feelings and sensations there are completely different from the normal existence of life in material form. For that reason it is also not possible for us to receive your thoughts and feelings with proper concentration. In consequence of which neither I nor my father, nor any of us, will be able to repeat for you later your feelings and thoughts … but you can write them down yourself. In any event if you wish to do this, there is also a possibility of technical assistance …

Meier- Of course I am interested in remembering my feelings, but, will I not able to do this myself?

Semjase- But of course … you know that your own ability to remember is not developed so highly that you can repeat word for word from memory. This is also the case for us as well, for which we need technical assistance for true literal repetition …

Meier- I understand. What do you suggest then? Naturally I am interested in writing everything in detail.

Semjase- That’s not difficult. The booths which you can see there, beside the screens, are equipped with all necessary means for storing up feelings and thoughts.15 The thought impulses received are stored in a special computer and can later, as may be desired, be repeated word for word from it. The helmet, flexible and adaptable in size, which you see there, is equipped with very fine wiring and is as well covered by a special, fine-meshed net of detectors which pick up all and every kind of energy, transforming it into impulses which are then transmitted to the computer where they are registered and stored. The thought and feeling energies are detected and stored in very high resolution and can be resolved only through those instruments. The energies of feelings and thoughts exist only in very high frequency fields, or hyper-frequencies. To now be able to register your thoughts and feelings, it is necessary that you place yourself in the chair and put your head under the helmet cap, which then will adapt itself automatically to your head.

Meier- That’s all I have to do?

Semjase- No, that is not all. But now take your place in the booth. The great journey starts in just 23 seconds.

Meier- At your service, Miss General …

{… as Semjase has told me, I quickly sit down inside one of the three booths in the extremely comfortable chair. As soon as I am seated, the peculiar helmet moves over my head and sinks down silently. It is big enough that it closes around my whole head, only leaving my face open, thus I can see out and watch everything. But the helmet does not touch my head; rather lying equally close all around and staying about a centimeter and a half away from my skull, as I can feel when I place a forefinger between the helmet and my head. Now I am tense and expectant, for I wonder what is going to happen. Ptaah and Semjase manipulate the console, and now I can again see the fantastic changes in the heavens and stars. In a fraction of a second they are nothing more than a shining whitish milky mass, a shining extensiveness, as I have already seen in the other hyper-leaps.

But now suddenly this milky whitish reflection is gone and there is … emptiness. But what is this? Suddenly it is all emerging into a golden color … and now everything is more like silver. But … dear me … this glistening light, this beaming shining splendor! Everything has merged into gleaming light—only … glistening light. It is stronger and brighter than all the suns in the heavens. Dear, oh dear, this … streaming light … and it does not hurt the eyes! Oh yes … this must be Eternity, this glistening light of the eternal … but look, there is nothing besides the Eternal … man alive, how … ecstatic! Ecstasy !? Man alive, this is Ecstasy itself. Eternity and Ecstasy are one and the same. But why did I ever separate them? Why do I put the Eternal in terms of time? Time does not exist, and Eternity is … Ecstasy. Man, just what is this? This tranquility, this peace⎯what is it? How could I have gotten here to this? Love … oh, that deep all encompassing love. There is nothing but LOVE … wonderful and blissful … Oh yes … I am … but I am not … Everything is so deep and full of love. Of course I am eternity, and I am inside Eternity. How could I ever forget this? Oh yes, I am a human being, but how could I … why do I forget …?

I am only a … guest in eternity … and those loving voices calling to me, where are they coming from? I can see nothing, only the glistening light … comforting me. Who is calling me? I see nothing … man alive … I am really nothing any more. I can’t see myself. I am Ecstasy … in Eternity. Oh, how is it that I don’t see with my eyes, but can still see … everything? And I am not listening with my ears, yet I hear everything. Yes, the love, how powerful it is, how wonderfully, immensely … infinite! Everything is love and splendor. Why doesn’t the human being understand this? The attractive calling is coming from the light … Is it the call of Eternity? Oh how hard it is … to think that I am only a … guest in Eternity … that I am only a human being. How painful it is, this being … human. I no longer want to be … I want to remain here with eternity … inside Eternity… able to go this deep. Yes, I want to stay here … never again do I want to return. Existence is here⎯the real Existence. How can I ever again be required to feel so strange … to have to return to a coarse material world? I belong here … without … pain … Why are you shaking me? What is it …?}

Semjase– Do you still not understand?

Meier– I … Oh yes, of course … pitiful … how very pitiful … why have you brought me back here?

Semjase– You wish to stay in jest, but we have all been inside the timelessness … and would all like to stay there. But we are not ready to stay because we have to clear the way of evolution step-by-step, as you also must do, dear friend. I know quite well how painfully your heart aches now, as we have all experienced the same thing. But we have to release ourselves from … the spirit and know that under no circumstances or conditions are we allowed or able to remain … until we have righteously reached that level of consciousness. I do regret very much that you feel disturbed inside, as I can see on your face. But you will overcome it because … you can think about it realistically. For that reason we also take responsibility for this technology … that allows us to travel freely in hyper-space/time.

Meier- [nearly fainting] Semjase, may I … hold you?

Semjase- [welcoming] Come …

Ptaah- That will surely help⎯just hold him … tight.

Meier– {… Semjase puts her arms around me and holds me close … for a few moments, and I begin to feel … recovered and fulfilled. I am then able to stand up securely on my own two feet …}

Meier- Thank you Semjase … many thanks (!).

Meier– {… she releases me and watches me closely while a loving smile drifts across her beautiful face …}

Ptaah– Such thoughts are worthy of you …

Meier- {… Ptaah laughs kindly⎯he has evidently picked up my thoughts …}

[softly] Thanks. Where are we now? I see practically no stars …

Ptaah– We have reached our goal (!).

Meier- Then you had better explain to me now, just what we are actually going to do here. Semjase has told me that she would have to execute a special task here?

Semjase- Just let yourself be surprised, dear friend. After about ten minutes you will understand everything and will surely be delighted as well.

Meier- Well, as I see it, we are moving through space … only in front of us I see a star which is getting bigger and bigger, and far behind that, I can see five small blue points. What kind of star is that, and what are the blue points?

Ptaah- That is Caltos, the last point in this space. Being twice as large as your home system, it has a greater luminosity. The blue points visible beyond are also stars. They are self-radiant blue stars, which generate very intense light. You may not be able to see all of them with the naked eye, but there are eleven stars, rather than only five. If you want, you may of course take pictures of them.

Meier- Yes, I will, and get the pictures directly through the cupola. I’ll alternate a little, taking some through your view screen and then I will just take some pictures through the cupola. That way I can see later which photographs come out better. I wonder which will …

Ptaah- That is up to you. You may do as you like.

Meier- Thanks, but what about the blue stars over there? How big are they, and is there any life on them?

Ptaah- They are no bigger than that of your home world, although this kind of star is normally five to six times larger. They are as inhospitable and hostile to life as the great planets of your solar system such as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. The gravity alone makes life very rarely possible on these stars, and not even any kind of spiritual life forms are at home on them. And in the few exceptions, the existing creatures are very small, not exceeding a height or size of seventy centimeters [28 inches]. The gravity of such stars would damage anyone if they were larger. But of course, this is different for each star or planet, while the atmosphere itself plays no role, because different forms of life are accommodated to having different atmospheres. So not all creatures breathe oxygen like ourselves and Earthumans.

Meier- But it is said that very great planets or stars may be inhabited, too, by correspondingly greater forms of life, if there is any life at all on them …

Ptaah- So it happens only in certain well defined circumstances. About this the science of Earth is in error. If life existed on your planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, then the forms of life would have to be semi-material only, and very small. It is not the case that greatness fosters greatness. For this special case, greatness can only be conquered by smallness, but only if of extraordinarily stable form. On your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, great forms of life would never be able to survive. But as you know, no such creatures are at home on those planets⎯neither material nor spiritual.

Meier- I was told about this and also shown at the locations myself, where I noticed, that these so-called planets are not really planets. I may appear stupid when I ask a question about the stars, but I have been shown the difference between stars and planets, and surely this will be of interest to other human beings too. Will you thus explain the difference between stars and planets?

Ptaah- That is not difficult, and easily explained: planets are cosmic bodies which have practically no light of their own, and which get their light by conversion of their sun’s radiations falling on them. Stars are cosmic bodies which have their own force of radiation, and which generate light from their own internal processes. Both are inhabitable by creatures of various sorts: stars as well as planets—if atmospherics and other circumstances allow.

Meier- I see, and what about the suns? Are these also inhabited? Are they perhaps only solar furnaces on the outside … with inhabited planets on the inside?

Ptaah– How have you come by this question?

Meier- Oh, I have read books about these things. A man by the name of Jakob Lorber has written about such things decades, or even centuries, ago. Moreover, he also wrote about Saturn and the other planets, which—with Semjase—I have now seen for myself when she took me out to see and explore them, as I was able to do with her help.

Ptaah– I understand. Unfortunately, on Earth there are many people who write these kinds of books … and other publications. As you can see, they are merely products of fantasy. As for the fantasy claim with respect to livability on a sun … nothing of the kind exists.

Meier- Really …? Okay, I thought so. But what about the pretensions then, that humans have received messages from Angels or from God, etc., by inspiration?

Ptaah- In a few cases, such inspirations are true, but they never contain information of a specifically religious kind. Religions exist solely on your own Earth. They do not exist anywhere else in the galaxy [!]. Some space-traveling people have brought artifacts and ideas of Earth religions to other planets but only for purposes of studying them.

Meier- Those are strong words. We are told on Earth, especially by the Christians, that Jesus Christ is the actual master and ruler of all the worlds in the Universe. He is regarded as a God incarnate and is seen as equal to The Creation itself. What can you say about this?

Ptaah- We know of these delusions on your world, but consider … if it were true⎯which is impossible⎯then in all probability it would not be the human beings of Earth to whom would be assigned the task of … promulgating such a religion. For many millenia on many worlds of the Universe, the Earthuman has been seen as the most materialistic creature known to have developed, ever deficient in spiritual evolution, over the course of these millenia. It is a known fact on these many worlds that the Earthuman being exhibits a delayed approach to real spiritual growth and is largely preoccupied with gross materialism. It would really be a paradox of supreme magnitude if a race like this—among all those available—were chosen for such a unique universal destiny … when he can not even leave his own planet or solar system.

But in spite of this, the Earthuman assigns to himself the immeasurable arrogance of this presumption while he revels in his materialistic mania of which we know no equal. Precisely this is a real danger, for as soon as the Earthuman becomes master of the technologies for space travel and then visits strange worlds⎯bringing along all the power of the weapons, lies and deceit he can muster⎯so also will he attempt to include the spread of his mistaken religious beliefs on his voyages of conquest, and the existing cosmic harmony will be destroyed. This means that the existing peace would be destroyed by your religions, degenerating into murderous wars and great destruction.16 And so it is just the prevention of this occurrence that is the great and difficult mission for spiritually developed space-traveling life forms.

Semjase- [interrupting] We have reached our goal.

Meier- This I can see. You are really preparing surprises for me. But look! In front, a spaceship hanging there, and beyond it … stars.

Semjase- That ship is our goal.

Meier- Its shape is familiar to me … like that of the Dal … Asket … of course, that is the riddle, the surprise. There in that ship … Asket is waiting for us … right?

Semjase- I will let you be surprised.

Meier- Then I am right. Oh, why are we rushing so fast? It is so close … Do you want to ram the ship?

Ptaah- We are getting just close enough to it … so you and Semjase can …

Meier- I could …?

Semjase- Of course … Come on, let’s go down to my beamship.

Meier– {… Semjase takes my hand and pulls me to a kind of metal box beside the horseshoe-shaped console and navigation equipment. There is no door on the box, but instead, about a one meter diameter hole in the bottom of it which is lighted by a bluish shining light, a pit, which goes down and seems to have no end. I look down and see that the walls of the pit get closer and finally seem to touch. I cannot see the end. Oh dear, and we are going to get into this …}

Semjase- Just step inside and slide down …

Meier– {… little man, this is just crazy. I will rush like a torpedo into the depths and touch down directly inside of … Hell. But … oh well, Semjase has already said I should jump into it, so I will do just that. Likely I can do no more than break all my bones, and as well be set no deeper than by this direct route. Now, just jump in comrade … and I jump. Man … I remain hanging in the air! Oh, now I go slowly downwards, then faster and faster. Little man, what a sliding pit … I look up. There is Semjase also. But now I finally slow down again, and there is a floor below me. I am standing on something solid. And here as well is the lot of beamships from before. We are at the hangar level …}

Semjase- Come now, let us go to my beamship.

Meier- {… we walk over to the ship and are lifted inside. Already the hatch closes behind us …}

Semjase- Are you excited?

Meier- Is it so difficult to understand … how one can suddenly see someone he never expected to see again and at so strange a place, so far from home that I cannot even imagine the distance … I really do not know how I can absorb all this … What do you mean that I will feel pain and misery when I have to return to Earth? Already I could weep just to think of it. I would like most of all to stay here in space …

Semjase- That is understandable, but would you be able to take responsibility for that?

Meier- No … For I know that I must accomplish my mission and all the related tasks, and I still have other unavoidable obligations.

Semjase- You see, you are not able to escape from your self-determined goals. You know how important fulfilling your mission is, and that you have to necessarily go your own way. This is important because in consequence, you are only able to evolve in that way. Now we are ready to go over … the port has been opened.

Meier– {… I see that the hangar doors have been opened during our short conversation, and slowly the little beamship rises and floats through free space towards the huge spaceship of Asket only a few hundred meters away. Like from the just departed giant, we float into the port, which is very much smaller than Ptaah’s space giant. Now we are already inside, and at once the opening closes behind us. All this proceeds very quickly, and we shift through the exit to the floor of a small hall. As we stand here, I see all around us metallic, light-radiating walls. There are no other ships here, only ours. Wordlessly, I now go with Semjase, who walks in the direction of the wall to the right side, in which suddenly an opening now appears, and we go through. Behind us the small passage way is already closing again. We are now standing inside a friendly room with very comfortable seats and things which have to be … dishes. Man alive! There she stands! Asket is standing there, smiling … I … I am dumb and can’t speak. A confounded block is in my throat, and I choke on it … Now Asket walks toward me, wordless and still smiling, and now she touches my hand, squeezes it, and draws me toward her … Dear man, is this real … am I not dreaming? Oh girl …}

Asket– You really are not dreaming. Be very welcome here with us. It is a delight and an honor to greet you. I see that a change has occurred … I am sorry …

Meier– You mean my arm?

Asket– Yes.

Meier– Please know that I have already accommodated myself to it long ago, and I can’t even imagine a life for myself with two arms any more. I have forgotten about all that …

Asket– If you say so, then it must be … But why don’t you wear a mechanical device?

Meier– On Earth, unfortunately, these things are still very primitive.

Asket– I could have a device made for you, which would fully substitute for your arm. A half-organic prosthetic …

Meier– [interrupting] Many thanks, Asket, that is really very kind of you. But do believe me; with only one hand I can no longer imagine a life for myself with two arms, and at the same time, I know very well that I have not just lost my arm without purpose or reason. The accident and the loss had to be. By that event I have learned immensely much and will learn still more later on.

Asket– These thoughts are worthy of you. I just thought that some assistance in this way would be useful to you.

Meier– I really thank you very much, Asket, but I do not want it. You know that such an apparatus would also conjure up many troubles back on Earth. We have many others there who have also lost arms and legs, who would then also desire such means, and from whom it would be unfair for me to conceal such a device. To this, moreover, is added the problem that many of those humans, if they had such helping devices, would again become unappreciative forms of life. You know, things being as they are, that the human being would only fall again into gross materialism⎯if only he were to become well off again too soon. Eventually, scientists and governments would discover the matter, and this could lead to catastrophe. If I had such a semi-organic limb or prosthesis, then for sure I could not conceal it for long. The consequences would be that they would take it away from me to examine and study very thoroughly, and if it were semi-organic, then a way for under-standing and duplicating the details would not take long, from which the scientists could then produce robots and similar things. These would be used for evil war-connected purposes, possibly catastrophic for Earth. As enticing as your offer is, Asket, just for those reasons I could not accept it.

Asket- Those are unselfish words, dear friend, and you are right in saying them too. I allowed myself to be guided by my compassion …

Meier– {… now the wall in the left background opens and another female human comes in …}

Asket- This is Nera. She is my deputy.

Meier– {… spontaneously, I give her my hand, and again I notice a pleasant pressure from her hand …}

I am delighted to make your acquaintance.

{… a little silly, but what else can I say …?}

Nera- Your words are fine; don’t consider them silly. For my part, I am delighted to welcome you here.

Meier- Have you read my thoughts?

Nera– [laughing] If you mean by that, have I penetrated into your mind, then no. Your thoughts are very strong, in consequence of which they cannot be mistaken … and not heard.

Meier- I see, but in what matters are you the deputy of Asket?

Nera– I am the Second-coordinator.

Meier- That would be for determination of locations in space, or something like that, wouldn’t it?

Semjase- Surely.

Meier- Then you are not the commander of this ship, Asket?

Asket- No, I am the First-coordinator here. The control or command of this ship rests with Stalor.

Meier– Man or woman?

Asket– That is the name of a man. Regrettably, you will not see him. We shall remain together down here in this room. According to your way of understanding, we are completely private among ourselves, not committed by rank to anyone else. But before we talk together I want to first clear up some relevant facts with Semjase. Meanwhile you can talk to Nera. It will not take long …

Meier– {… okay, then I shall be satisfied to converse with Nera. She is evidently also a very nice girl …}

Nera– [laughing] I am …?

Meier– What do you mean? Oh … my thoughts, yes … I feel that you are …

Nera– You allow yourself to be guided a lot by emotional feelings, and these emotions are sincere. I have observed this before in Earthumans …

Meier– {… ??? …} Do you know people on Earth?

Nera– Why should I not? I have been on Earth numerous times already. But that was a long time ago.

Meier– That’s the reason, I understand. But, may I perhaps know if you or Asket are coming there again soon?

Nera– In your time … not likely.

Meier– But only then when I am already long since dead and moldered?

Nera– [laughing] You seem to have overcome the horror of death planted in you by the religions.

Meier– Shouldn’t I have by now?

Nera– That’s right. Yes, we will come there once more, long after your departure.

Meier– Why?

Nera– It’s all connected with Earth evolution.

Meier– Oh yes, then it would be senseless to question why?

Nera– If you mean regarding the details, then you are correct.

Meier– Well, I thought so as well … Then I also do ask for myself only, but can you possibly explain to me, why I have been confronted before, as well as with Semjase, and now here too, only with womanly beings? Until now I have not been able to answer that question. Is there some special reason, or did it just so happen that way?

Nera- Did Semjase not enlighten you about that?

Meier- No, and I never asked.

Nera- Well, so I will give you the answer—it is the same for us as with Semjase’s people: we recognize no difference in status between male and female individuals, as you do on Earth. Both sexes are acknowledged as equally capable. Because of this our beamships are crewed by male and female alike, while as well the most varied positions are equally occupied by both sexes. In your special case, Asket determined from your contacts that you are able to deal with females better than males. For that reason it was only logical for us to make contact with you mainly with females, and to use males only for certain other more remote things.17

Meier- So that may be, Nera, but where have Asket and Semjase gone? Have they gone over to the entry room?

Nera- Semjase has brought a recording device back to us. They have likely gone to take care of that.

Meier- Oh yes, Semjase told me something about this. Are you allowed to tell me what this is all about?

Nera- It is no secret. For some years we have researched a new technique for space/time transmission over immeasurable distances and lengths of time, as well as through different dimensions. In this effort we have developed small, spiral-shaped time-sondes, which we still occasionally transmit from our dimension into yours. And since Semjase understands these technologies and works with us, it is only understandable that we guide some of our sondes to Earth. Some time ago, we transmitted such a sonde to your Earth, which was lost, because of a very small error that arose in the time calculations. Because of that, the sonde landed several thousand kilometers to the east of the intended target. This mistake was discovered some months ago by us, and we were able to find out where the sonde really was. Semjase searched the location and found it there and has brought it back to us.18 But look now, they are returning …

Meier- I see, and why has Semjase not sent that thing back here in a similar way, by hyper-space/time transport or something? Okay, then we will leave it there … But now a small special request of you, Asket: for a long time I have tried to get Semjase to allow a photograph to be taken of her, but regrettably I cannot get her permission. I am wondering if you would let me capture a picture of you and Nera here on my film. Can you allow this?

Asket- If this would delight you, of course. Unfortunately for Semjase it has to be that way because if you shot a picture of her, and it were to get published on Earth, then her security could be compromised. For this reason she had to prohibit this when certain difficulties came up in your group. But I am afraid that taking pictures of me and Nera here now … would probably not come out very well.

Meier- Why not?

Asket– I know from my stay on your Earth, pictures were always very bad when shot in our ships or within their immediate surroundings. They were mostly diffused or simply not sharp. This has to do with certain energy radiations harmless to living forms, but which disturb images, especially color films, often displacing and changing them.

Meier- Did you do much filming? And what about the apparatus which Semjase has constructed for me to get better pictures?

Asket- For my own interest, I have gotten involved with photography, and also see the difficulties with the energy radiations, which may even destroy the film in some cases. But, which apparatus are you speaking of?

Meier– {… Asket turns to Semjase and speaks to her, and now she continues …}

Asket- Semjase has explained the gear in question, which unfortunately you would not understand. With regret, I have to tell you that those pictures as well will not be very good with the help of that instrument. We will search together so as to construct an effective instrument for a later possibility. But if you nevertheless want to take some pictures of us now, then you may do so. If you make no use of it and keep the picture for yourself alone, you may make a group picture of us all …

Meier- Thank you, Asket. Of course I will keep it private … if it is a good one.

Asket- So get the picture now. At a later point in time you may also be allowed to shoot some pictures of Semjase when she is no longer vulnerable on Earth. This may be several more years.19 Concerning me, recognition will not be important, for I will not come to Earth again for a long time.

Meier– {… Asket, Nera and Semjase stand together, and I shoot some pictures. Unlike Semjase, Asket and Nera do not wear space clothes, but normal clothes (for them), which actually are rather different from those I know of Earth women’s fashions. Yet they are all well dressed in them …}

Semjase- This will be sufficient for now, for we still have to discuss many things. Not all of this is destined for the knowledge of Earthumans. So I will have to exclude much from the later transmission.20

[missing Semjase 317/-321/ & Asket 51/-123/]

Meier- All right … I … oh yes … I will now work very hard not to have to live any longer with these mistakes. It is right, what you have just told me, Asket, but somehow I feel shocked. But I will really try because I do want to carry out my mission the way I have so far. It is evident to me as well, regarding the public forum you have mentioned, as this would be good, and perhaps the only means to spread the information rapidly. But I have exhausted myself completely financially, and really can not undertake anything more. I could see a chance if I could buy a printing press to be able to print such a newspaper, or a monthly newsletter and things like this. But I do really have no more capital resources at my disposal. I do also know that within a few months I will be completely finished if something doesn’t change. But I do not know how I could change it, as from my side I am at the end of my ideas and do not know any further what I could do about this. I really do not know. Can you help me?

Semjase- The idea for the printing machine is good … if you could find the necessary means for acquiring it. This would help considerably, and also accelerate the performance of the launch of your mission. If your group members could help you in this way, then you could surely solve the problem one way or another. But I cannot say that you have to buy such a machine, for we have to leave such decisions up to you and your group. You yourselves have to make the choices in these matters. We do not come to command you, but to advise you about certain ideas and approaches. We are not allowed to order you or to explain to you in advance what the future holds for any particular situation. If you knew this, then we would deprive you of a certain development which you inevitably must go through. So I can only say to you, the idea of the printing machine is a very good one …21

Asket- You have many photographs which witness our existence and which really should be sufficient. But this fact as well is not acknowledged, and further proofs of our existence and our beamships are continually demanded. Without exception all the members of your group want at least sight contact with our ships, or similar evidence. But Semjase has already provided this chance to four of your group members. This as well has been fruitless, and more sight contacts are desired. Semjase has promised this as well⎯though we are not quite delighted about it⎯for such a demonstration, though as planned, would probably remain fruitless. But since nothing should be left untried on our part, we have thus agreed to a last such sight contact. More will not be possible.

Whoever will not be contented with this, for him it would be better if he were no longer involved in this matter. Only wanting to satisfy one’s desire for sensation would be meaningless for our mission. Everything would be lacking in purpose and injurious to the goal. As a final observation in Earthly terms, we are more advanced life forms, no longer desirous to move on such levels of mentality as most Earthumans are on. This is not pretentious on our part, but rather a natural law of Creation. It is the same with all forms of life⎯Earthuman as well. They are also no longer able to interact with⎯to them⎯still lower levels, thus they are not able to relate to these creatures, who in Earth judgment would be called retarded, but who in truth are really only underdeveloped.

But to adjust all tasks to the existing laws of Creation, each world creates, in cooperation with the Universe from time to time⎯each according to its level of evolution⎯one or more creatures of more advanced development through whom necessary facts may be transmitted. These more highly developed creatures have been called “prophets” on Earth, but who unfortunately in their times, were almost without exception persecuted and pursued⎯which condition still has not changed. And because it is still like this, there is no necessity or intention for us to make ourselves publicly known to the people of Earth.

Besides us, there are still other extraterrestrial intelligences who operate in the Earth realm, but who are in uniquely different positions in evolution than we, and who may be advanced beyond Earthumans by only a few centuries. These creatures may thus come into contact with Earthumans and reach a better understanding with them. Because some of these intelligences are not much developed beyond Earth mankind, they may behave like commanders and such while other more advanced creatures may interfere to prevent certain highly undesirable consequences. Some Earth humans have had real contacts with such extraterrestrials, and others take such reports and elaborate on them with fantasy, thus creating distorted stories. There also appear lesser developed intelligences who thirst for command and control, wanting to hold the scepter over Earthumans, and being conscious of the affinity for religions on Earth, they learn to make use of them for their own purposes …

Meier- What do you think about the influences of these lower forms of life for beings on Earth … are they of any benefit for humans of this world?

Asket- Only partly, according to each one’s development. But behind these contacts are menaces too, which Earth beings can see when wars and catastrophes befall them. Many powerful leaders of Earth are unconsciously led astray by such intelligences.

* * * *

Afterword by Wendelle Stevens

The transmission at this point went into the earlier discussions and meetings with Asket, and developments leading up to Semjase opening these new contacts after almost a 10 year absence by Asket. Permission was now granted to release the DAL contact notes, and because some had been scattered and lost they were re-transmitted from the stored records of those earlier meetings. We have collected these DAL notes for a separate treatment at a future time. The work of transcribing the contact notes from the big trip was interrupted by a new contact, the 32nd, on 8 September, almost 50 days after the beginning of the big trip⎯the longest gap in the Pleiadian contacts up to the cut-back in our investigation in 1982.

* * * * *


by Wendelle Stevens

  1. Evidently something in this special arrangement for photographing without radiation interference: the pick-up sensors, the scanners, lenses or something, is not sufficiently shielded from the high temperatures of this one planet so hot at the surface.
  2. We do not know whether this is intended to mean original first development, or first development of new life after the cataclysmic effects of the capture, if that part of the story is true. There is some conjecture that this former planet of another system may have had life in development in its original sun-system in this scenario, which was lost in its catastrophic removal and transplantation here. Strangely, there is another scenario concerning the uniqueness of Venus in our solar system, that is very similar to this, published in the book Worlds in Collision, by Emanuel Velikovsky. Such theories may account for some of the mysterious anomalies concerning Venus, such as different rotation, no satellites, etc.
  3. One year later, Astronomy Magazine for August 1976, page 11, announced the news that the space probes had found the bases of Venus’ clouds at about 40 kilometers above the surface, and pages 12 and 13 showed images of the cratered surface. When we visited the USGS National Observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona, in February 1981 (as part of our investigation of the Swiss case), which was project manager for the Venus topography study, Ray Jordan and Eric Eliason showed us the first relief map of Venus, which they had just completed making. This map showed several low ranges of rugged mountains in the mid-latitudes, nearly level polar regions, and a cratered surface. Meier recorded those notes reported here now in 1975. And at that the time he described the Venus landscape to us in detail, in 1977, all before such information had been published anywhere. How could this man have known?
  4. In the UFO contacts from Reticulum taking place at Charleston, South Carolina, the extraterrestrials showed their abductee how they could selectively cancel out any vibrational frequency in their viewing devices they desired, and by so doing could look through the roof of an automobile driving on a road below, in Florida, and they looked through the roof of the space shuttle assembly hangar at Cape Kennedy , and showed Bill Hermann the preparation work being done on our spaceship Columbia inside. Bill Hermann viewed all of this on a vary sharply focused 3-dimensional image screen, which showed the figures in full depth, as though he were viewing miniature figures performing in a box. He was seated in a unique seat, before a section in a curving control console set into the wall of the Reticulian spacecraft, and was shown how to use the controls on the viewing screen to penetrate a solid surface and how to zoom in and change the images. This is only one more example of scores, of technologies that exceed ours manifold. (From UFO Contact from Recticulum, by Wendelle Stevens and William Hermann, 1979)
  5. Here Semjase makes the second reference to Meier’s former life experience as a Pleiadian cosmonaut. After that he incarnated as one the prophets in the Old Testament [Ezekiel], and was in contact with “them” at that time.
  6. Meier now notices that the seeming transparency of the metal appears to be a product of the same kind of technology that allowed them to see all about outside the ships, as though the walls were not there while to another without benefit of that technology, or from the outside the surfaces seen to be smooth windowless metal. How often we have this mysterious phenomenon reported in other UFO contacts is difficult to count, there have been so many.
  7. “Legendarious” is certainly appropriate for Mount Chimborazo and vicinity. When this investigation team was examining a case in Ecuador in 1972, we found abundant evidence of extraterrestrial contact with natives of that region many thousands of years ago. Following local legends about a great ruler who “came from the sky” and set up a vast kingdom that stretched as far as the eye could see in all directions from his mountain aerie, we found a huge pyramid on the east side of the Andes, at a high elevation, a 300 foot tall temple, an abandoned city in the dense jungle; and a great structured facility on the shoulders of a high mountain in the Chimborazo range, that was quite evidently leveled by a fifty megaton size atomic blast several thousand years ago, which left a vitrified surface layer 1/4th of an inch thick covering an area equal to scores of city blocks, at an 8,000 foot altitude. The mysterious “Caves of the Tallos” is not far from here in the shadow of Mount Chimborazo, a city underground, and may have been where the population of the abandoned city went underground after the blast in order to escape the fallout … We have not learned much in these thousands of years since, because we are preparing to do it again. No wonder the Pleiadians think we need help!
  8. In another similar case taking place near Bogotá, Columbia, man-shaped half-mechanical/half-organic creatures were reported to have been observed. They were carrying out routine operations and functions aboard the mother-ship perfectly, and were used to run machinery, to carry out routine tasks and to monitor devices and activities aboard. They were also used in and to record and control operations of repetitive nature. The Columbian witness never heard of Meier, or Meier of him, before these reports were made available and released, which was many months after the experiences for both, yet the experiences occurred only a few months apart. Sr. Fabio Zerpa of Argentina investigated the Colombian case and published a report in his journal, Cuarta Dimension, printed in Buenos Aires.
  9. Meier is not sure who this new man in Semjase’s life is and he feels a touch of jealousy.
  10. Ptaah was the chief God in Memphite theology centered in Memphis, Egypt, in the third millennium, B. C., and was regarded as the Creator of the Universe. He came from the stars.
  11. In a cursory search, we have been unable to find specific references to Ptaah in South American mythology, however we have seen considerable evidence there of connections to Egypt and Ancient Assuria 4,000 to 5,000 years ago (which agrees with the time of Ptaah in Memphis. The caves at Paute in Ecuador contained scores of such artifacts, and we examined and photographed many of them in Cuenca. They have now been shipped to the Vatican in Rome.
  12. On three separate occasions, one or another of us investigators, have noted time changes on electronic watches that were in the vicinity of the Pleiadian beamships, and apparently the changes took place at that time. Other spring operated watches, also simultaneously present, showed no such change. Time changes on watches and automobile electric clocks in the vicinity of a spacecraft approach had been reported to us a number of times, but we were only able to actually verify this phenomenon the few times we noted it ourselves. The changes we were able to record were inconsistent in the sense that sometimes the changes were forward and other times backward, or stopped. Also, the calendar watch changed days and date. As we did not actually observe the changes taking place, we do not know whether it was by acceleration of movement, either way, or simply by jump changes. We do not know how this happens. If this was a trick employed by somebody to fool us, we must confess⎯it did.
  13. The stars seen in space within the Andromeda System, looked there, from within the system, so much like the stars in our galaxy , seen from here, that Meier saw no discernable difference. He does not know the stars.
  14. This is a surprising statement, because almost the same information was given to New Englander John B. Newbrough in a remarkable way in an “automatic writing” session, at 02:00 in the morning, in the dark, in the basement of his house, in 1881, in which he was given this same symbol-form, and was told that it was the predecessor of all written forms on Earth today, and was derived by the Magi from observing the Stars. He was also given, at that time, a table of existing language forms derived from it. This was said to be the ancient “writing of the Gods,” and was used as sacred writing by the Magi. This symbol-form was used in the magic talismans of the distant past, and in the sigils of the great alchemists (the first scientists) of history. It was also said to be the secret Holy Writing of King Solomon, recognized today as the father of certain mystic sects, and is still used in secret rites in some societies. Newbroug published his “transmissions” in an old American work titled Oahspe, first printed in 1882.
  15. These thought recorders have been mentioned before, and are apparently standard equipment on the ships.
  16. The history of civilization on Earth seems to bear out this projection assumed by Sfath. Earth humanity does in fact demonstrate an urge to export its belief systems wherever possible, as though they were the only true ones. Witness the Inquisition, and what the Spaniards did to the great civilizations of South America.
  17. In another discussion on this subject of mostly female cosmonauts making these contacts with Meier, Semjase pointed out that in many centuries of Earth experience, they have observed that we are generally less hostile to females than males in our society, and fear them less, so it was only reasonable to take advantage of this characteristic.
  18. Elsa S., a German girl backpacking in the orient, was sleeping in her pup-tent near Zahaden in Iran, at the frontier with India, when she was awakened by a strange sound outside. Sitting up, she followed the sound over a sand dune and discovered, on the other side, a disc-shaped silver ship hovering only a few feet off the ground, and a woman in a strange one-piece silvery-gray suit digging in the sand with a machine that was throwing a plume of sand out of the excavation. Elsa walked over and asked the stranger who she was and what she was doing there. The woman stopped a moment and said that she was “Semjaz,” and that she was recovering a “time-spiral” (sonde) that had been lost there. She finished digging it out of the ground, and “floated” it and the digging machine over to her ship and aboard. Then she “floated” up and inside the craft, and the machine started to move, passing directly over Elsa, and then accelerated to prodigious speed as it departed. A few days later, after telling this story to several other backpackers, someone gave her the address of DUIST, Karl Veit’s organization at Wiesbaden, West Germany, publisher of the only UFO newspaper in the world, a weekly called UFO Nachrichten, and advised her to send the story to them as they were interested in such things. She did and the story was received by Karl Veit, the same man whose automobile was damaged by an explosion while he was visiting Meier and family at the farm in Hinterschmidruti.
  19. Here is a clear indication that these Pleiadian contacts are not going to continue forever, and that Semjase will leave within a few years of our time, and will then no longer be vulnerable to discovery and identification when she is walking a street on Earth.
  20. After the pictures Asket takes 62 full sentences to belabor Meier for his failures in getting his “mission” started, failures in persuading his friends to support it more actively, failures in getting recognition, failures in doing lectures and contacting officials, failures in getting an information organ started, etc., reinforcing Semjase’s already severe criticism of Meier for the same. They have tried to persuade him to seek to use Karl Veit’s UFO Nachrichten as an organ⎯and he has protested that the Veits would not be all that interested in his “mission.”
  21. A few weeks after this, a delivery truck arrived at Meier’s door with the anonymous donation of a complete reproduction outfit, including printer and collator, and a supply of paper and toner, and the Stimmer der Wasserman-Zeit was born.

* * * * * *


by Wendelle Stevens

The entire thought-transmission of that memorable trip aboard first the small seven meter spacecraft, and then together aboard the 17 kilometer great-spacer mother-ship, took several days, during which Eduard Meier and his group anxiously waited the development and return of the several rolls of supposedly spectacular photographs made by Meier, and also by Semjase with a second camera, during the time they were gone.

Finally the developed pictures were ready for pick-up, which took a lot of money for the number of films exposed and the small number of people to pay for them. The funds were raised and the packages of pictures were sent for. The group thought they now had the photo proof they wanted almost in their hands as they impatiently waited. When the packages arrived and were opened, all were crushed to see that every picture made using the “special viewing screen,” with both Meier’s camera and the second similar one used by Semjase, were grossly overexposed and light to the point of losing much of the image in the pictures. They were so bad that most are not even reproducible. The other pictures taken aboard the ships, without using the device, had wavy flashes of color shot through them, and were also distorted and all but useless as well… Most of these were also overexposed, evidently due to the properties of the light aboard the ships.

Another problem was also noted now that the pictures were back. The 49mm, slightly wider than normal angle spread of the lens on Meier’s camera, was too wide to get close-up shots of the images in the special viewing screen, and was even worse with the smaller normal viewing screens, without getting the edges of the screen in the picture, and he had problems with the focus because his camera had no through the lens focusing, but the small window on the upper left side of the camera body, and everything always looked like it was in focus through this window. It was this lack of distance measurement and control that resulted in the pictures of Asket and Nera in the small room aboard the DAL ship being out of focus. Meier did not know his focus was off when he snapped the pictures.

The disappointment was crushing, and Meier was forced to resort to collecting other images to illustrate what he was trying to describe to others, including observatory pictures of some of the stellar wonders. Some of these became mounted in the picture albums by his friends, and eventually became confused by others as the pictures from the trip. In fact that was what we were told once by somebody there also, which we knew was not true, because those observatory views are only possible from the point in space occupied by The Earth, and through special hydrogen and other filters not available for small cameras. Eduard Meier has never told us that those pictures were taken on that extended trip. Meier communicated his disappointment to Semjase, and she came and picked up the diapositives for their own scientists to study to see where things went wrong. Those dias were never brought back to Meier.

Another problem was the one experienced before, with the disappearance of the spacecraft photos. Here again, most of the photographs made aboard the mother-ship, not using the special screen, were “lost” in the processing line of handling from laboratory back to Meier, and he never saw them. Those would have been the best ones. Only the few pictures that were on the other rolls together with the photos through the special viewing device even came back to Meier, and that wasn’t many.

Meier was shown remarkable wonders on this trip, and then was given heavy responsibilities. He is flattered and then severely criticized for his failings. The carrot and the stick technique is applied repeatedly and is having the desired effect.

* * * * * * *

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