ExTC Series 6

This is the first volume of the new second Telepresence Conference series, having the subtitle *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close Encounters of the 6th Kind*, (originally designated as ExTC 6 after the five volumes of the *J&T Five Star Series*).  This group of the main sequence of 14 Telepresence Conference sessions starts with TC Session 71 (10-27-2015) and takes up with many of the same familiar participants, particularly Hilarion and Athena (to whom the volume is dedicated with the working title: Science & Wisdom of the Spiritual Self), Semjase and the other Pleiadians and Sirians as well as many other very unusual beings from “somewhere over the rainbow.”  Julie & Ted now often refer to these participants as “dear friends.”  Except for the first entry TC 71 the present group of sessions remains “un-transcripted,” that is, waiting to be transcribed from audio recordings as the more recent titles in V. 4 of the second series, entitled Masters of Space & Time: Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries (formerly ExTC 9) from 2020 and 2021 and V. 2 entitled Future Self Agenda (formerly ExTC 7) are done first and published in e-book and paperback book formats (now complete in 2023 & 2024 respectively).

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