Future Self Agenda *Exotic Visitors* V. 2

With continuing momentum on a quest for greater understanding of psyche and cosmos, Julie & Ted continue to attract attention and be given many unexpected disclosures (but not too much!), beginning with TC Session 85 (11-24-2016) and the following 14 conferences.  So much complexity … and never quite enough time to elaborate and appreciate the grand perspective of the “great souls” who give their answers to the many pertinent and often most difficult questions of our time.  But the time for book publication has finally come (!) with the new color paperback edition (4-14-2024) of this older working title “ExTC 7” now retired in favor of the new title Future Self Agenda: Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael for Volume 2 in the also newly named second book series *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm*.  The full-text individual TC Sessions 87-91 of the series with their revelations regarding Semjase have been left in place here (without final published graphics), but three new updates have been added: the main Introduction from the new KDP (Amazon color paperback and e-book), the short back-cover description from the paperbacks, and the Longer Summaries of all the sessions (Appendix II of the final edition of the book).  As usual the book features the fabulous sketches of the main participants by co-author Julie Loar (on the cover for the first time!).  So, “Good words to you” for an exciting book read about a dark-themed time that was “difficult for prophecy” as I say in the short introduction.

Future Self Agenda Front cover (click on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon author page)

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