Telepresence Connference 100

Telepresence Conference 100

May 30, 2018


Julie, Ted and the animals experience an intense white “cleansing” light as they come to a familiar room having a large rectangular table with a new kind of cylinder of swirling light in the middle. Today there are some special guests who have never appeared before: K.H. and M., the mysterious masters from the Theosophy era, along with Mother Mary, now known as Master Miriam and her companion Master R.


Conducted & transcribed by Ted at his house at Dowd’s Hill near Avery, CA, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with a few shorter comments of the other placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– [takes a deep breath] … went down the escalator as usual … you and I are both dressed in white today as are all the animals who also appear to be certain shades of white … I never know why that’s true. We met Tygon the wolf and went down the marble staircase, and today I had this very charming sweet awareness of all of us kind-of standing in a row with the wolf at the front of you and me, with the animals to our sides, standing there with a sense of anticipation … and it was a very charming feeling … we’re like a family, us and these animals … and what they represent and how they act as guardians, protectors, and aspects of ourselves that are symbolic in form.

So, we’re standing there, and what is materializing in front of us is this increasing brilliant and scintillating luminescence; it doesn’t have a shape; it seems different than when we time travel, but now this light is surrounding and enfolding us. It doesn’t have heat, but it has a sense of warmth, something very nurturing. So, I would say it’s a sense that we have just been bathed in light that represents a frequency … but like a cleansing. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

And so now, the light is sort-of fading and diminishing. If feels as if our frequency or vibration, as modulated by this or that negative energy, has caused such feelings and thoughts to have been eliminated. It’s almost like we had to be prepared, like somebody coming back from space … [chuckles] “decontaminated” in a sense. And now we’re going forward and into a room inside of this building that we’ve been in before—I don’t know how many times—it’s slightly to the right, forward and to the right, and it’s a large conference or library sort of room. It’s big enough, and three of the four walls have floor to ceiling bookcases, and in one there is a fireplace and a mantle. There’s … not a roaring fire, but a kind of gentle fire going today, and in this room one whole wall—sometimes it’s a window—and today it is, and it’s open to the lovely grounds of this place where we often come or … or actually often embark from here.

So, we’re entering the room, and this room has a large rectangular table which appears to be wood, and we come in at sort-of the lower right hand corner where the door is. As always with these places, the size of the table or the size of the room can shift depending on the number of participants in the session or the meeting today. So, I would say this table is six feet on the shorter ends and twelve on the longer ends, by rough dimension. Hilarion and Athena are here at their normal position, about noon on the clock, and you and I are being seated at the other short end of the table. The center of the table has a piece of technology today that looks like a tube that is maybe six inches in diameter … a cylinder or tube … it’s clear; I’m uncertain what it’s made of, but there’s swirling light inside of it. I’m understanding it’s some sort of communication device. It goes all the way from the table through the ceiling—again, brilliant light. The light has a quality … normally I think of bulbs as being warm or cool … this is neither, but it also doesn’t have a color. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it’s swirling like a DNA spiral; it’s as if there are two currents of light that are swirling through and around each other inside …

Ted– Is that inside the cylinder?

Julie– Yes, inside. [pause] So, I’m just understanding telepathically that this device—if that’s the right word—has both the capacity for transmitting and receiving; it has the capacity for protection and cancelling out any negative frequencies which might try to enter in. So, that’s new; I have not seen that before.

Around the table then today … seated next to Hilarion is the Master R, and seated next to Athena is the person we call Mother Mary, who is in fact a female master. She said it is appropriate to call her Miriam. So, those four are all on the shorter end of the table. I don’t know how you would number them, but … Then, coming down the long end of the table … I think that must be Morya … sort-of dark and Hindu-looking … <Next to Master R?> Next to Miriam. Sorry, beginning on the long right side of the table … goodness, I’m about to be intimidated … and next to the being who … and he just nodded to me, saying it’s appropriate to call him Morya. Next to him is Samael and Jhinda; they are together next to Morya … since you told me Hilarion told you he is your master …? <Yes> So, your guides Samael and Jhinda are next to him, moving down that side. Then come Michael and Ariel on that side, and the Sirians are here today after them. So, those are the ones on our right long side of the table.

Then, moving down the left long side of the table … [pause, then an soft exclamation] Oh … ohh, I’ve just been told the Master R, who is sometimes called St. Germaine, or has that same identity … was Joseph … the earthly father of Jesus. So, as a pair … I never knew that before, but the being we now call Master R was Joseph, connected with Mother Mary in that lifetime—they are a pair; they are a couple. <Um-hmm> Did you know that?

Ted– Do you mean they were together as the married couple of the Holy Family?

Julie– They are together like Hilarion and Athena as the Master R and the Master Miriam.

Ted– No, I didn’t know anything about that.

Julie– Me either. In the same way as the being we refer to as Jeshua and the one called Magdalene are and have been together … sorry, that’s what confused me for a moment … they wanted me to know that. It was not something I had ever known or read before.



So then, moving down the left long side of the table—sorry this is taking so long … [pause] did I say …? So, this is where K.H. is. He has a physical appearance much the way Jeshua is depicted–even the coloring is similar–so, he is seated there … and there is a woman seated next to him … Master [pause] … I’m just getting letters … I’m not getting what her name is, but she is of the Sirian lineage. It’s something like “Annaliel” … I’m not getting the rest … she’s had many names. Next on the left side are the Lions, and there’s a third Lion today whose name I cannot remember who was an incarnation of yours who appeared in another setting [Deeluh in TC Session 21] . [pause] And then on either side of us, I’m being told, are Pleiadians, ancient Pleiadians, a male is sitting next to you … the two of them are very similar … a woman next to me and a man next to you that I’m being told are representations of very ancient Pleiadians. His name is something like “Omtu,” not the number but O-m-t-u. He has dark hair; they’re wearing the kind of suits the Pleiadians often wear, which look like uniforms. Both of them have dark hair and light eyes. Her name is something like “Rhilea” … we would spell it something like R-y-l-e-e-h, maybe with an “a” on the end. You can play with the phonetic spelling. Ryleeha and Omtu—you may have to remind me … Ok (!).

Ted– Curiously, I got the “tu” part earlier today myself, but I didn’t know what it was about. I just got “tu” from out of the blue, so now I know what hearing that seemingly random syllable was about.

Julie– Ok, that’s everybody; there’s a powerhouse of energy here today.

Ted– We thank you, and we thank them for being present with us today, all these great and high souls who have appeared; we are extremely grateful for their participation. We may not be as well-prepared or fully worthy in asking our simple questions as we would like, but hope we can do our best to have a meaningful involvement together. We had wondered earlier about the three Magi, presumably the “Persian Magi,” who had appeared during the Biblical period … who they really were (?). We had been told in an earlier session that they had actually been Pleiadians from the future (!). We will begin with that if anyone would care to respond.

Julie– [sighs] Hilarion is going to be … pardon the expression … “master of ceremonies” today. He is saying he is “pleased and honored to be in the company of his brethren” as he is choosing to use the word … he’s smiling at Miriam … and the other woman next to Kuthumi, whose name I cannot bring through, but anyway Hilarion is expressing his gratitude and honor for the group who has assembled today. He’s saying the story that appeared in the Biblical book of Mathew is a story that was symbolically encoded, and he said the mechanism is somewhat similar to what happened to me with the sketches—the story was not literally true though elements of it are actually true, but it’s purpose was to plant a seed of realization that would remain. Hilarion is saying that the information given in the Cayce readings about what happened at Mount Carmel, the information about those who have come to be called “Essenes,” is the most accurate account yet presented—without naming those of Pleiadian ancestry who were involved. He’s saying the more difficult to understand aspect of the story is the relationship the Essenes had with those now called the Persian Magi. The relationship is complex; history credits that movement to Zoroaster and those priests for the origin of the word “Magi” … “Magus” … he’s saying much more was happening on Mount Carmel, which has not yet been uncovered; the best source remains in the Cayce information although that is still not perfect for the players there at the time. He’s saying it is a poetic connection to the three masters whom he nods to in respect as he says this, and the symbology of their gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh and their roles in teaching and the great work which they embody and honor. That story in Matthew was encoded with power, but the literal connections in terms of incarnations or embodiments … and by the way he said the number three is representative of the gifts and other things and is not a literal number or event of what happened. That’s all he’s going to say.

Ted– Ok, we thank Hilarion for beginning to address our distinguished group of guests today. We would especially welcome first time guests Kuthumi and Morya … [chuckles] we don’t know exactly what kind of question we would like to ask them exactly, but would wish to have them address us about anything they can perceive would be helpful for us to know.

Julie– Morya is going to speak first, and he wishes to acknowledge our work and diligence. He wishes to say it is not yet possible to answer the question of the masters and the rays; he said it is still under the evolutionary process of this sphere. <Um-hmm> He wishes to say that you have been under the influence of his ashram for many lifetimes, but your intellect relates more to that of Hilarion, which is why he has been your outward teacher for … let us count it as a long time in earthly lives … nonetheless, he is aware of your progress, <Hmm> and, should you wish it, that contact can become more conscious.

Ted– I would certainly wish it.

Julie– It is a “greater voltage.” <[soft chuckle]> I can only describe his energy as “piercing.” <Yes …> No falsehood or illusion can remain. So, the contrast between Morya and Kuthumi is one of polarity … commonality but polarity: the energy of Kuthumi is more peaceful, more harmonious, more loving; while the energy of Morya is like, pure power … like sticking your finger in a socket. <[chuckles]>

So, Kuthumi is saying to me that I will understand that, just like Egyptian deities, who had no gender of polarity … until they manifested in the realm of humanity, and there they did so as couples with the same energy represented as either masculine or feminine, but it was the same energy manifesting in either a masculine or feminine way. He’s saying the reason we are not aware of what we call “female masters” is that the world is not ready for the understanding that they have existed all along. But at times these frequencies, these “powers and principalities” as they are sometimes called, manifest in what will be best received by those whose readiness is yet immature. Kuthumi and Morya in a sense represent this polarity—not of gender but of expression, which is why they are so different and yet so close. I don’t know it I answered a question, but that’s all that’s being said right now.

Ted– Yes, I just requested that we be addressed, but if you would like to describe K.H. a little more, that would be interesting, I’m sure.

Julie– The pictures I have seen I would say are accurate. I would say he is a bit more “fair” than I would have expected: his eyes are lighter; his skin is lighter; his hair is brown as I said; his coloring is similar to how I have perceived Yeshua. Morya, on the other hand, is dark, almost black; the eyes just sparkle like gems or jewels. The hair is dark, and the features are sharp.

Ted– Wow, ok. Well, the next question would probably be for K.H., regarding our recent correspondence with Jose Luis Lopez-Bonilla, a distinguished scientist and mathematician living in Mexico City. He has identified his interest in the teaching tradition of K.H., so perhaps the work of Jose Luis could be assessed in relation to our conference contacts and any message for him that might be given (?).

Julie– So, it’s the male Sirian sitting next to you … I mean Pleiadian … Omtu who’s answering, and he’s communicating with me telepathically rather than verbally, and he’s saying that Jose Luis is a hybrid … at least 60% Pleiadian. He is also under the influence of the Terran Council, and Kuthumi is saying he needs to balance his humility with confidence and the realization that his work is being guided. Kuthumi is saying to send him a message that any sense of unworthiness is an obstacle to his more complete expression. He is being guided; he is being given information—through his dreams mostly—which he should not just take on faith but should explore. His interest in mathematics will be the mechanism through which the language of the revelations will come. “He’s on the right track. He needs to accept,” the Pleiadian is saying, “that he is a star brother—not just that he feels aligned to them.” Hilarion is saying that it would be interesting for you to communicate with him about some of his mathematical theories.

And so, we should just know … this is Kuthumi speaking as well … that through this mechanism—there will be others—“It will not be a vast audience,” he’s saying, “It’s about how this work will connect with others with a similar mission, helping people to know it isn’t just their imagination.” The Pleiadian [Omtu] is saying, “Jose Luis is a very pure soul … lonely …” I think that’s it.

Ted– We thank …

Julie– The Pleiadian [Omtu] is saying something about Jose working on something having to do with the speed of light in transluminal [superluminal] equations … “Stick with it.”

Ted– We thank Omtu and Kuthumi for those responses, and I will certainly provide that commentary to Jose Luis. Continuing on, we would like to ask Julie’s question about the Sirian lodges, whether they are underground or in remote valleys or perhaps something may have changed recently. We were told in our last session that Pleiadians have begun maintaining a presence in certain underground chambers where Sirians had secretly resided in the past. Is there any more to be said about these underground … are they “cities?”

Julie– So, there’s a profound psychic/ telepathic connection between Master R and the Master Miriam … what an amazing revelation to know who they are and how they were connected … but it’s Miriam who’s going to speak. It’s the sweetest thing: Hilarion and Athena are almost grinning … I know that’s not really the case …

Ted– Perhaps they are “beaming” …?

Julie– Yes, that’s good … yes … before she speaks I just want to say there is this sense that I’m gaining from them that they have to do so much of their work behind the scenes at this time; it’s also a pleasure for them, as odd as that may sound … to be acknowledged.

Ted– Hmm, how wonderful (!).

Julie– “Not worshipped (!),” Hilarion says. <[laughs, then both laugh]> So, Miriam is saying, “As we know, the history of this one small planet is long and complex, and that no single event had a singular cause, and that numerous races, if you will, numerous visitors have had roles and impacts, going back …” ah, she’s saying, “According to some we listen to, who call it the ‘ancient builder race’ … is not far off the mark … it’s not quite accurate in terms of time, but it is important to know that this has been going on for an enormously longer period of time than is acknowledged. There have been what in our language might be called ‘colonies,’ ‘outposts,’ ‘developments’ and even ‘civilizations,’ created by those who came from the stars, who rose and fell—or departed and went elsewhere.”

“Moving into more recent times, the last fifty thousand years, there have been those more …” she’s struggling to use the word “advanced” or not because of the connotations … “spiritually developed, more conscious beings … who took on the role of shepherds in some ways for the evolving and developing species on this planet. That has never ended. And while their roles as such, as guides and guards, is limited in its capacity to intervene when other beings, less developed and more savage, have only plundered … but this time now is a time of shifting and changing,” and a sort-of … it’s not her word, but one she knows we will understand … “as a ‘critical mass’ in evolution that is really at hand. But it presents a profound crisis.”

“So, those who came from the realm of what is called the star Sirius, who did in fact create the civilization of ancient Egypt and all that came from that, are still responsible and hold the role of the spiritual keepers of this planet. Under that responsibility the Terran Council of Truth and Light was created, and the spiritual lodges are administered by this lineage which came from that star system long ago. Their lodges exist on multiple levels. There are physical components, and those which exist in more energetic forms and those which exist in starships, and depending on the development or openness of the aspiring soul, those lodges can be reached at multiple levels … but they are real.

“The Pleiadians who live around the world do so, as you say, mostly in remote locations, underground locations or likewise in starships. Tibet is still a stronghold. There is much coming and going between these groups. There are others as you know from other systems who guide and guard what they began: many in Africa, many in other parts of the world.”

She’s saying that I should trust my inner guidance that is coming … that it is correct … and she says she knows that we have been told this and knew it before, too, but “In terms of the time and in terms of developing our own soul, it is always the fire of aspiration and the quality of consciousness that propels and protects—it’s the most important thing we can know.” And she recognizes we have been told this before.

So, in my words summarizing what she said: the spiritual web is strong and wide, and access to it is a function of consciousness.

And now the Master R, also known as Saint Germaine … he’s smiling at his consort … she’s incredibly beautiful, by the way, and she does in many ways look how she has been [traditionally] portrayed. She and Athena have a similar feel, but Athena does look more Greek to me. So, the Master R, also known as Rakoczi, is saying, “The mechanisms that have been given through multiple teachers and masters: the path of discipleship, the path of initiation; these are the tools, timeless and trustworthy, that in this planetary system do not change. Be reminded,” he’s saying, “of the work, and as we have been admonished,” he’s using this word, “and do regular meditation; it’s the most important thing we can do—more important than anything else except water.”

Do you think that answers?

Ted– Yes, that’s a wonderful pair of answers … <… tip of the iceberg.> We are very grateful indeed to have the dear lady Miriam and Master R address us in response to these questions, and we are very moved by their answers as well—I certainly am.

We have been told that all the current ray masters can’t be revealed or divulged …

Julie– They are not in place.

Ted– Oh, I see … “not in place” … so, I would think that refers particularly to the 7th Ray and 4th Ray, which have been continuing to manifest in greater extent for at least the last couple of centuries …

Julie– Hilarion says, “… too much Conflict and not enough Harmony.”

Ted– [laughs] Yes, right … and so, there’s nothing more to add on that, I presume (?). [silence] So, my final question, which was to be whether a female master has been acknowledged, has now been answered in the affirmative by the presence of our dear lady Miriam. But we do also have another guest … perhaps the one you have referred to as Annaliel, also currently at our table … if she would wish to tell us anything that we might find beneficial or helpful …?

Julie– Part of the reason I’m being told that I have trouble getting a focus on her is that her primary time of influence on the Earth was in Lemuria … <Oh, wow …> and in most cases those beings were largely energetic, and so, she does tend to work behind the scenes, but is very involved with Kuthumi. It’s a very exalted ethereal, sort of frequency … “Neptunian” if I had to put a quality to it.

Ted– Ok, then it might not be so appropriate for her to communicate with us in our language mode, but we are grateful to be aware of her energy presence.

Julie– It’s more like, “transmission of a frequency,” and I suspect that device in the middle of the table has something to do with me being able to stay grounded enough to receive this level of energy today.

Ted– Ok, then the final observation I will make today, since our questions have been few and not obvious to determine in advance, is the presence of the beautiful Wesak Full Moon we have witnessed in the last couple of days, which coincides with our conference meeting today … <Right, for our 100th Session.> making it possible to have this commemoration for us and anyone afterwards who might find it. So, I would just invite anyone present to take a moment with you for us and any future audience, to please allow us to record their message.

Julie– [sighs] Well, I guess the final words might be coming from Athena today … I’m always so thrilled when she speaks … [the phone then suddenly rings in the background, and J&T both laugh] Oh, that’s very funny … so, just to say, the moment I was getting ready to listen to Athena, the phone rang, so it’s a symbol of communication in some way, and I’ll just wait till it stops. [They listen to the outgoing phone machine message for a moment.]

Ted– The message was about [Ted’s book] Winged Messengers … how appropriate. <Really (!)> Yeah [laughs].

Julie– I couldn’t hear it … oh, my gosh!

Ted– Someone is calling about Winged Messengers because they’ve probably heard it won this little literary prize … <Wow!> The Winged Messengers are flying (!).[1]

Julie– So, just for the record, do you want to say anything for the recording about that?

Ted– Well, yes, we had a telephone message just as Athena was about to speak—who herself had suggested the name “Winged Messengers” for the book (!) [gets tickled] that was just awarded the gold medal in the ebook competition at the INATS Convention in Denver—so, there is some synchrony in that, and we are grateful to Athena for suggesting such a delightful name for the book, which we naturally accepted.

Julie– Oh! That’s right (!). They’re all smiling now …

Ted– So, we have smiles all around; that must be a continuation of some manner of assistance in our late success (!).

Julie– Oh, my gosh (!) … well, what Athena is saying, that she wants you to know … and this may sound like a paradox … is that you think you’re coming up with the questions, when at times they are giving us the questions. <Right> And that she’s saying the most appropriate attitude is always one of hopeful receptivity and willingness to be taught and willingness to learn, but that … they stimulate it at times … in our wondering what the question will be … sometimes they give it to us.

So, once again the attitude of unworthiness or inferiority in their presence … is artificial. <Yes> They exist in some ways to serve the greater good by helping us grow into stronger “servers”—not servants, but servers—those whose lives have a purpose.

Ted– We would wish to acknowledge their presence by perhaps saying something like “unworthy” as a somewhat traditional way of acknowledging that we have only a partial—and somewhat dated—understanding of their achievements.

Julie– She’s wanting you not to fully take on the responsibility—or me either—of thinking up the questions always … that part of the game, she’s saying, for them … which is a funny thing that she would use that word [game[2]] … Hilarion is smiling … part of the game, for them … is reaching us … <Yes> and actually stimulating growth and change.

I don’t know if that answers …?

Ted– Yes, that’s marvelous. I’m sure we’ll always remember when that phone call about the Winged Messengers book came.

Julie– You can’t make this up …

Ted– You couldn’t make it up, no … I actually had more difficulty formulating any questions today and even during the whole week than most earlier times, and I knew something different was up, but I didn’t get it until today that we would have such extraordinary guests, whom we had heard of but had no idea they would ever appear to meet with us. We had a lot to learn over the years from the time we first heard of Masters KH and M in books they inspired for earlier generations, up until this time we have finished our 100th Telepresence Conference including them, and in this way it almost feels like we have had a kind of graduation. So, we would thank them for being with us at this timely moment today.

We also have an artist’s impression of Mother Mary, once again Celaya Winkler, hanging on the wall only a few paces from where I am sitting, and that picture has been there for a number of years, I would think, in anticipation of this time that she could also be with us to share her thoughts in answer to one of our questions.

Julie– [laughing] Hilarion just said, “The Catholics got that one right.”

Ted– [both laugh] And, as always, we greatly appreciate the wit and wisdom of our dearest friend Hilarion among the group of masters most notable for spiritual leadership.

Julie– I have the sense that the two Pleiadians seated on either side of us are representations … I don’t know how this works with any of the rest of it, but the emanations or manifestations that are present on either side of the table with us today … we knew them four hundred thousand years ago. <Hmm> They weren’t us, and we weren’t them, but they are ones from our past, very long ago in the Pleiades.

Ted– I see … it’s our “lineage” … <Yes!> coming to Earth.

Julie– It’s a much bigger and more complex picture to fill out than we can yet comprehend. [sighs] Is that all?

Ted– I don’t think I have anything more. If you would like to make a final review there … or say anything you would like to say … we should then probably finish.

Julie– Just thank you all … I have immense gratitude.

Ted– Does it look like we’re finished?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– Ok … we are greatly moved to have been addressed by this … group of highly-advanced souls of legendary stature, the spiritual masters of our era, and we hope to be privileged to learn more about them in times to come. We thank all of them, and especially Hilarion and Athena who probably arranged our meeting.

So, I would finally suggest to you that as soon as you are ready, on the count of five, you may begin to realize that you have finished there for today …

*           *           *           *

  1. He means the golden eagles as well as the guests at the table today.
  2. Julie has recently finished working on a new board game with two very talented friends, called Quintangled that Hilarion and Athena had made encouraging remarks about in earlier sessions.


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