Telepresence Conference 99

Telepresence Conference 99

May 20, 2018


Julie, Ted and the animals are led to a modern room in an unknown location to meet with a group of all familiar participants seated at a big table looking like it’s made from dark walnut. This will be a Pleiadian-themed session as the Sun today is conjunct with the Pleiades—and which will end with a surprise revelation. The session begins with a discussion of the fascinating “cloudbow” photographed by J&T just beforehand. The session will mark the unveiling of Julie’s new sketches of Hilarion and Athena as well as Phindar and Rhi.


Conducted & transcribed by Ted at his house at Dowd’s Hill near Avery, CA, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with a few shorter comments of the other placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*           *           *

Julie– I went down all the series of escalators as usual and was met by you and all the animals … went down the marble stairs, and we are at the moment just standing at the bottom of the marble stairs, the big staircase, and I’m just waiting to see what is going to happen today momentarily. So, doors opened in front of us, sort-of outward or inward, depending on how you’re looking at it—towards us, and this contingent of people came through … three … they’re all male … they’re like … I don’t know if “ambassadors” is the right word, but they look like they’re dressed in uniforms that are … I don’t know if they’re military, but they’re official sorts of uniforms … different shades of blue … and they have insignias of some sort and indications of what I assume is rank on their left shoulders—kind-of a Star Trek thing.

So, they’ve greeted us; they’ve all three bowed … in kind-of a Japanese way, and then they turned around to indicate that we’re to follow them through this door. The door looks very modern, even “space age;” although it opened, it didn’t slide back and forth, in how you see things in how space ships are portrayed. So, we’re walking through this door, you, me and all the animals, following them. We’re in a structure—I don’t think it’s a craft. We moved immediately into what’s a different sort of space, following them down what’s a very large hallway. We’re making a left turn now into a fairly good-sized room … twenty feet by thirty, maybe … the table is rectangular … well, it’s mostly rectangular, but it kind-of … [chuckles] it’s funny … bows on the edges, so it’s … <Bows out?> yeah, do you know what I’m saying? It’s shaped a little bit like a barrel. It’s wood of a very lovely color of … I don’t know what it is, but the wood has a slightly reddish, orangish tint … walnut-looking, maybe … and there are, because of the shape of the table … it’s a little different for talking about the “clock” ….

You and I are going to sit at one narrow end at what might be six, and Hilarion and Athena are at the other top end … I don’t think I said the dimensions of the table … I’d say it’s about five feet on the narrow end … and probably at least ten feet long on the longer sides.

Ted– Are the short sides bowed, too?

Julie– No, they’re perfectly straight, and the chairs kind-of seem very functional, not ornate like we’ve seen at other times. Ok, so let me see who’s here. Hilarion and Athena are the only ones seated … at the top short end, and you and I are the only ones seated at the bottom short end.

Ted– … with me opposite Hilarion as usual?

Julie– Yes. So, Michael and Ariel are at roughly three, where they often are. Rhi is the first person on what I’m going to call the left side of the table at what might roughly be eleven o’clock, and Phindar is next to her at ten. Today, Semjase is seated at nine. <Oh, good.> Samael is at eight, and Jhinda is at seven, roughly speaking, that’s taking up that left side of the table. As I said, Michael and Ariel are pretty much seated, sort-of together at three. The Lions are at one and two with Huluyah next to Athena … in fact the way it goes today is sort-of alternating gender … the two Lions are there … Michael and Ariel … and then at what would be four and five … the Sirians … I wasn’t sure at first … Nyla and Onyion. So, everybody … all familiar people today.

Ted– What’s the other White Lion’s name? Huluyah and …?

Julie– Nyla … no … just a minute … Meena and Huluyah <Thank you.> Ok. So, it’s more of a familiar complement of characters today.



Ted– Is there anything on the table?

Julie– No. I said it was wood; it looks like wood. I think it is some kind of “smart substance.”

Ted– A polymer or something …? <Yes> Yeah, they can make polymers look like wood pretty easily. Do you think I should begin, then? <I do.> Ok, we are most grateful to have our familiar group with us today, and, as you were describing the seating arrangement, I had the feeling that this would be a day, perhaps to accentuate or memorialize the Pleiadian civilization and its people because our Earth and Sun are aligned with the Pleiades in our Zodiac today … <Uh-huh> We are most grateful to be aware of our guests from the Pleiades and grateful to be part of their civilization and culture and to be known as such between ourselves, to be made known to at least some other Earth people, hopefully, who might be interested and who also have some of the same ancestry. We would be pleased to have anyone who would care to begin to do so now if you would look around the table … otherwise I will begin with my questions.

Julie– It looks like we’re just ready for questions.

Ted– Ok … very good. We were delighted yesterday to see a golden eagle that came near our house and then seemingly disappeared behind a tree [laughs] and did not reappear, and at the same time and almost coincidently, we saw what we’re now calling a “cloudbow,” a quite amazing kind of rainbow-like color image in the sky that I had never seen before—probably neither of us had ever seen before—and we assumed that that was a kind of greeting to you for being here in Northern California, which was a great delight for both of us, I think. And so, if anyone would care to comment about this, we would be happy to hear more about it.

Julie– Hilarion is going to respond, and … he’s saying it was the Pleiadians Rhi and Phindar who were able to connect with us in that way. Hilarion is saying that the conditions which allow that to manifest are a particular condition of clouds at a certain level of moisture content; that condition never occurs in connection with a storm. It has to do with the structure and moisture content of particular clouds. It’s certainly … uncommon, but not rare; we were just treated to a particular celestial manifestation. He’s saying something about the nature of the clouds prevents the arc, which is a function of the horizon and the shape of the Earth, which is what is projected on the classical rainbow during a storm. The classical rainbow is a function of more moisture in the air … the arcs … there’s something about the light that arcs. This is a pure reflection off clouds, which makes it look horizontal. <Uh-huh, fascinating …> They’re glad we enjoyed it.



“Cloudbow” pictures (rainbows in the sky)


Ted– Was the eagle a real eagle?

Julie– [Yes] That’s what they’re telling me right now. The eagle was a real eagle; they’re telling me … this is Phindar telling me, however, for whatever reason, and I will say parenthetically here, again I wonder about my imagination … that whole experience was time-shifted for some reason, to make sure that we didn’t miss it. [pause] <Hmm …> [emphatically] What they’re telling me is that we did miss it the first time, <Ohhh …> and that …

Ted– So, it was a re-run (?)

Julie– It was a re-run.

Ted– [laughs] There’s always some new twist. That’s really great! <[big sigh]> Well, I was visited just before you came by two families of golden eagles, a total of eight eagles at one time in the sky, which was the most that have ever appeared at once … <Wow …> so that was also quite stunning and amazing … so, we do love our eagle birds … they are quite delightful.

Julie– So, the appearance—or “disappearance,” he’s saying, was a function of a slight alteration of the time signature …

Ted– [gets tickled and begins to laugh] I would never have imagined that … <[big sigh]> it’s fascinating, indeed. [laughing …] We missed it the first time, so they had to do a re-run … That’s great (!). We thank them for these marvelous displays, which really help us realize the range they are capable of covering, and so, I will probably move on to my next question (?).

Julie– [suppressing laughter] Hilarion just said, “We get to experience ‘science faction …’ ” <[laughs]> instead of “science fiction.” <That’s great (!): That’s a good one. Have we heard that before?

Ted– I don’t think so … but it’s probably been said or thought of before.

Julie– “Science faction …” I haven’t heard it before. He’s smiling.

Ted– [chuckles] Well, uh, we would also like to learn a little more about this unusual person, the engineer from South Africa, Elon Musk, who was one of the creators of our Paypal online banking payments system, the Tesla electric car … <Oh, right …> and battery production facility which is fairly near here and SpaceX rocket-launching operation and so forth, so we know he’s an extraordinary individual who is going to have a powerful effect on the world … but I suppose the thing we wonder most about him is whether he knows about the secret space program and all the unusual things that are going on having to do with his enterprises that are going on but are mostly kept secret from public awareness (?).

Julie– Phindar is going to speak again. The Pleiadians work with him [Musk] a great deal. He is a contactee from early on, born in South Africa but a Canadian citizen with dual American citizenship, apparently … and yes, he knows. He’s been briefed by Steven Greer … <Yeah … wow …> Again, there’s much going on. He is also a hybrid but mostly Pleiadian—he has lots of contacts in what is called the “Alliance.” However, he is not pro-military. He has lots of protection. <Good.> Phindar is saying his rockets are “saber-rattling.” It doesn’t indicate his true interest, which happens out of the public eye. Those who represent what are often called the “dark forces” would very much like to eliminate him. <Yes, I’m sure.> [sighs] Does that answer?

Ted– Yes, that’s great. Is there any indication of what his true interest might be? I mean apart from the obvious theme of promoting new technologies …?

Julie– That would be the answer. He’s not himself … he is an advocate of Disclosure, but it is not his focus.

Ted– Right. Ok. Are they waiting for me?

Julie– I think so. I was waiting to see if there was anything else Phindar was going to tell me about him, but he’s someone who made clear … what was made clear to me is that he is an individual who is getting a lot of help from ETs.

Ted– Ok, we’ll continue on, then, and have your inquiry about the Flower of Life at Adydos which you saw recently on your trip there, and you would like to know something about how it might have appeared, how it came to appear there, believing as others do that it was something added in recent times rather than in older historical times, and you would like to know what the origin of the Flower of Life symbol is, whether or not it’s actually Egyptian and how it came to be inscribed on that stone monument in Egypt.

Julie– Hilarion is answering, saying yes, it was done in what we would call “modern times” … at times when … what I’m getting is that he’s saying it had to do with times when Dorothy Om Seti was actually still living there, and the security was much less … it was done … that and the other inside … it was done at night. There was a group of two or three … young men … English [pause] … it was more of a lark. Hilarion is saying it’s unfortunate because in many ways their purpose in going it—which succeeded—was to make fools of those who have come to be called “New Age.” He said, “It has worked—far exceeding their expectations.” So I guess that’s the answer.

Ted– You also requested some commentary on these unusual hieroglyphs, the helicopter and airplane, these kind of modern hieroglyphs that are …

Julie– … same people, done at the same time, and he’s saying they did the so-called “Flower of Life” symbols first, and then, inside the temple in this one area … and they were discovered at some point, and it’s never been revealed because it happened … I want to say in the late Fifties, and they borrowed scaffolding that was present to do work on the temple, but they were discovered. They used a stencil for the Flower of Life, <Oh, of course> and red paint and ink.

Ted– [amused] Well, it’s good to get to the bottom of these things …

Julie– Ironically, however, Hilarion is saying that even though it was not their evil intent, they were mischievous and wealthy young people who were able to take the grand tour and spend time in Egypt, with the unexpected result that the Flower of Life symbol has become associated with Egypt and the Osirian and the ideal of Resurrection and Eternal Life.

Ted– Is it an ancient symbol or a relatively modern one?

Julie– No, very ancient because it’s just a natural outgrowth of geometry. <Good> No, it’s a very ancient symbol, he’s saying, it’s sort-of revered in many places. I think that’s it on that subject.

Ted– Ok, I have another curious item to mention, which I told you about recently, namely the saltwater-powered car that was revealed recently in an auto show in Lake Geneva, Switzerland: quite an amazing phenomenon, a 920 horsepower all-wheel drive GT style car powered by super-capacitors that somehow get power from a saltwater reaction via a membrane that actually creates the electricity, and I’m wondering if the process is understood by anyone there and whether it’s slated to become a major source of power in the near future (?). And how does it work?

Julie– Hilarion is saying there are water purification plants, desalination plants and other plants currently in existence on a somewhat large scale in places that are using a similar technology, or using the shifting of saltwater. He’s saying in simple terms the nature of the membrane rearranges the chemical structure which has sodium, chlorine, hydrogen … rearranges the salt water atoms into ordinary water, and energy is released as a by-product. <[softly[ Wow …> He’s not telling me what’s in the membrane or what … <Uh-huh …> Electricity goes through it. So, if I’m understanding it correctly, the membrane is stimulated by electricity, and as the salt water passes through, somehow the electricity and the nature of the membrane separates the salt, the sodium … the chemical signature of the salt water is something like NA-CH … there are still two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom … so the sodium and the chlorine … this is beyond my scope … and somehow a combination of electricity and pressure as the water comes through the membrane, releases that amount of energy.

Ted– So, it seems to be one of these kinds of devices using an “over-unity” process in which a small amount of “bias” energy produces a large energy release. <Ok … yes.> Is that it?

Julie– He’s saying yes. Edward Leedskalnin understood these processes.

Ted– Did the Egyptians know about this?

Julie– Absolutely (!).

Ted– Was that involved in the pyramid process as well?

Julie– … and many others.

Ted– Wow, well that is a huge breakthrough (!), I have to say … power from salt water.

Julie– Also a re-run, Phindar just said … <A re-run …? [both laugh]> It’s a reclamation of ancient knowledge …

Ted– A “recapitulation” … yes, so we may be headed to a future of salt water powered transportation. If they’re finished with that topic, then we’ve move on … <Um-hmm> Ok, then I will ask if anyone dares to predict the political process that will lead to the future of California (?) … whether it might end up being divided into multiple new states or perhaps is heading towards becoming a sovereign nation in its own right (?).

Julie– Well, it’s Semjase who’s going to take that one on. What she just said to me is that, looking into the future in a hundred years, the United States has redeemed itself. It will have become something in accord with its original destiny, though there will be many things that will happen in the interim. What she said to me is that California has not earned the right to be a sovereign nation because it has not dealt responsibly with many of its own issues related to farm production … workers … its own agricultural version of the “robber barons” still exists, and that those lessons were not learned at the height of the issues, and that the nation … she’s saying, the entire nation with California at the lead has yet to rise to the moral obligation of the workers it brings … and the harm that it’s done. She saying, if California could or should rise to the moral imperative, then it would be the shining light it could be. At this time, that is not likely. She’s saying much more has to play out on the national and international stage, which, of course, they are monitoring. She just said, “As Hilarion has said before, ‘Much hangs in the balance …’ and it is indeed a precarious time.” <Right …> It’s interesting, what she’s saying to me is that if we were able to see a hundred years into the future, it would have worked out in a positive way, but it is very much now … almost in a state of decay.

Ted– [softly] Umm … yeah, I have called it an “identity crisis.”

Julie– The separation … this is her speaking … between ideals and reality is still so far apart … some is lack of leadership; some is due to the darkness of control, whose grip is still tight. She’s just saying, until the welfare of the least becomes the values of those in control, it will not move forward. Long term, it will. She’s saying, “It’s not about economy; it’s about humanity.” Those are her words.

Ted– Yes, of course, I understand what she’s referring to, in both the north and the south, I suspect.

Well, perhaps she is aware of my current book project with the working title, “Speaking of Semjase,” which initially is not much more than linking together the majority of her commentaries in our first 72 sessions, especially those in the early days, for which we are grateful to her for introducing us to many of the other Pleiadians whom we have come to know, particularly with regard to our unusual lives here on Earth as hybrids. So, it’s a project that has reached its first stage of completion, I would say, with a first draft introduction. Of course, I would like to thank her for taking such interest in us and being generous with her time with us over these years … for telling us so much about ourselves and bringing us to awareness of so many things, as really only a major figure in our lives could do. I would hope to make it known to anyone who might be interested, that she is well and still involved here on Earth … that she did not just depart as some, including myself a few decades ago, had feared. Of course, I also hope she will approve of the workup of the book, at least tentatively.

Julie– She said she’s flattered … but also somewhat embarrassed.

Ted– Ohh, I know … <[chuckles]> it’s always appropriate for a woman to be modest, even one as extraordinary as her—compared to Earth people we are familiar with, of course. I believe, however, that making something of her known to our people here, who realistically understand next to nothing about ultra-human Pleiadian ETs, especially women who are looking for an image and a new way of projecting themselves into their own futures that surpasses their current condition; this is the hope and expectation. I am still in the early stages of becoming acquainted with Semjase myself, but am grateful for her modesty or vulnerability as well as for her courage, intellect and wisdom.

Julie– Well, she’s most appreciative … I get the sense that she’s quite touched … those were her words … “flattered and embarrassed” [chuckles].

Ted– Well, we can easily understand that she is on assignment that has been compared by a recent guest to our Kennedy-era “Peace Corps” initiative. We hope that our introduction and series of narratives can become part of the “Disclosure” initiative of our time, that the existence of a Pleiadian representative can be made known, even if it’s only going to be believed or be found meaningful by the small number of people who are prepared to understand, like those of us who discovered her presence via the Meier series of contacts.

So, she was the lead person for your new sketch series, which we might discuss for a moment now, too … the sketch of her in her marvelous green dress, something quite lovely that has appeared on the Internet on my web site.

Julie’s first sketch of Semjase in “casual dress”

And now there are nine other sketches (!) that are also quite wonderful, though Julie, also very modestly, is not sure that they’re good enough, although they seem to evoke the right feelings and attitudes as far as I can tell. We hope that Hilarion and Athena are approving of their new sketches, which also will soon be published. He has revealed that he felt his likeness left something to be desired in the artistic rendering of him done by Celaya Winkler, a copy of which I have on display at home on my “Dharma Table.”

We also have plans for additional sketches to be done for most or all of the remaining familiar Pleiadians “on my side of the table” as we say, and others who appear regularly in our Telepresence Conference series. I feel slightly apologetic to Lysah, one I would most like to be able to visualize, whose sketch has not been done yet, but one Julie has indicated she will work on in a second series as time allows. I also feel particularly impressed by the sketches of Ariel and Michael, who are present today, and Athena, as I mentioned, which are quite lovely, and we hope they are also pleased by them.

Julie– Hilarion … they said they are pleased, and that what he and Athena caused to happen was that they were able to place their own energetic frequency into the image <[softly] Woow> even though the image is very rudimentary … in my opinion … <Yeah …> but that that is true.



Hilarion                                                                                       Athena


Ted– It’s just a sketch, of course.

Julie– He said it’s definitely a much better likeness of him …

Ted– Ok … [starts to laugh]

Julie– That’s awesome!

Ted– Ok, with that I have finished my list of seven questions and feel very happy with what has been offered, so I would thank them for taking time with us. We realize they can only provide us with answers that are unavoidably limited by our level of awareness and experience, even though they know quite a lot more than we are equipped to fathom—if only because of the time differential. We are not likely to have a grand audience in any event, but will be grateful if this approach ever attracts the attention of even a few enthusiasts of “high strangeness,” as Semjase once described such people. I’m grateful to have Julie here to do this session in person and one more next week.

We would now like to pass the baton over to the Pleiadians who are present today since this is the time of year when the Earth aligns along the meridian of the Sun conjoining the Pleiades, so I would like to invite any of them to comment in any way they feel is relevant or as the impulse strikes them, for our final part.

Julie– Wow … Rhi said that they spoke about it ahead of time … and as a sense of a sort of gift for us, they want to confirm that they have a series of bases under the Earth and underground, and that in some way, specifically in what Corey Goode refers to as the “Anshar” … and that there are … I’m going to tell you what she just said, even though I’m having trouble processing it … she wants us to know that there are thousands of Pleiadians living underground on Planet Earth … <Wow (!)> and that they are far more involved in what happens than we would ever suspect … <Wow> in a good way.

Ted– We are greatly privileged to be made aware of this unexpected situation—that they think of the Earth as their home planet as well and have acted upon this involvement from ancient times.

Julie– It has been for a long time. The Sirians inhabit what are called the “great spiritual lodges” of the Terran Council of Truth and Light, and the Pleiadians are placed in many places around the world to prevent its destruction and to influence in mostly unseen ways the course of events on the planet.

Ted– That’s a huge revelation. We can feel grateful … and some relief in knowing that we will have more abundant … help … a confidence builder.

Julie– And Hilarion wishes to close by saying … as he has said before … they cannot neutralize karma that must be discharged, but they can mitigate some of the consequences. <Right>

That was a tremendous gift … thank you … I’m saying “thank you.” That was Rhi. [chuckles] She just communicated to me that she knows how hard it is for me to be in this time. [pause, sighs] It brings tears.



Phindar and Rhi, Ted’s & Julie’s Pleiadian time-line doubles from 330 years in the future


I think that’s it today. We have Lions, Samael and Jhinda and the others who are here … and the Sirians who didn’t speak today, but who are holding space today as representatives of their council … [pause] I guess that’s it.

Ted– Ok, we thank Hilarion and Athena for taking their places at the head of the table as they nearly always do, to be with us and create that focus they have, and I’m particularly grateful to Semjase for appearing with the other Pleiadians, who are present in more ways than we had previously understood. We thank all the others as well, to witness and “hold space” as you say. We look forward to greeting some of them again in about another week.

Julie– [sighs] And I express my thanks, gratitude and humility as always.

Ted– Ok, you are in the last moment there; can you describe anything that’s happening?

Julie– It’s just a palpable energy of love.

Ted– We are grateful for the loving understanding they share with us. And now on the count of five, you can begin to release that vision you have and begin to realize that you are returning to your normal physical body awareness …


*           *           *           *


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