Foreword to *Star Time Convergence*

by Julie Loar


As I write these words, it is summer of 2019, nearly nine years since the journey of these trance sessions began. Looking back, it can be difficult to believe that we have come so far and experienced so much. We have just completed our session #107, which has proved to be as amazing as the rest. It is with a sense of awe, humility, and gratitude that I present and reflect upon this remarkable experience.

Ted and I have learned many things about our shared lives and ancient history on Earth and in distant star systems. We have spent lives together and lives apart as siblings, twins, mates, opposite genders, parallel lives in different times, and even as a couple from different species. Somehow we are inexorably drawn back together to continue the work, and in this current timeline, we are meant to tell our story.

Because going into trance is easy for me, I always imagine that anyone can have the same experience. Ted insists that I am unusual in this regard, so I humbly submit to the experience and do the best I can. Sometimes his scientific questions stretch my limits and capacity to their extremes, but in other sessions things seem to flow more easily, and I am awed by the grace and power of what occurs. The trance journeys almost always disembark from a beautiful country home in the south of France where we evidently spent many happy years in the 17th century while not at the court of Louis XIV. As I enter into trance, I feel myself descend a steep white escalator. At the bottom of the escalator Ted and our guardian animals meet me, and we all descend a beautiful marble staircase with ten stairs that widen as they go down. At the bottom of the marble stairs I always feel a sense of expectancy as I wait to learn what will happen next.

Sometimes an opening appears before us as a large arched doorway, and Ted and I, along with our animal companions, enter another realm or setting through what feels like a “portal.” At other times we enter a sphere of brilliant white light that signals traveling back in time. On still other occasions we walk into a meeting room of sorts, evidently somewhere in the home in France, or we walk outside and sit in a circle on a beautifully landscaped green lawn. In almost every case a table of some shape and purpose is a centerpiece, and diverse participants gather around the table. Some of these beings are regular attendees—and are like family—while a few others often are our ET exo-family. Still others, sometimes quite strange to me, attend to contribute specific expertise or knowledge.

What impresses me most about my own trance experiences are the scenes and settings that arise with a technicolor vividness and immediacy that would be impossible to imagine, were I to sit down at my computer and prepare to write a story. Likewise, the guides and characters who appear at these sessions, “trance-missions” as Ted calls them, appear immediately and fully-formed with their own unique natures and personalities. In some cases I hear their voices when they speak, and at other times certain beings communicate telepathically. There have also been times when participants do a Star Trek “mind-meld” and communicate with each other before addressing me.

Ted and I have yet to accomplish being together in one place of physical residence in this life experience on planet Earth in Century 21, but the connections in the unseen realms, not to mention telephone and Internet, remain strong and true. Meanwhile, we continue this adventure, both close at hand and in the far flung reaches of the galaxy and beyond. Stay tuned; there are bound to be more surprises in store.

July 2019, Pagosa Springs, CO


Julie in the dogwood blossoms of Love Creek at Avery, CA