Introduction to “Future Self Agenda: Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael,” V. 2 *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm*

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

This collection of fourteen Telepresence Conferences numbered from 85 to 98, is being published as Volume 2 in the second five-volume book series called *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm*, covering the period from late 2016 to early 2018, which I feel will probably be seen as a major time of transition in the great pre-Covid cultural upheaval of Century 21 in the USA and world—the time when the terrifying trajectory of the Dark Cabal criminal conspiracy was blocked! They were essentially defeated in the prophesied War in Heaven but still hanging on to rapidly declining threads of power as the secret superstructure of its tyranny began to collapse—not unlike the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, which had been its defining moment a decade and a half before.

This book, like earlier ones in the first series, continues to reveal a great deal of what was really going on behind the various scenes of our daytime sitcom culture: the talking heads in mainstream media discoursing in their posted bulletins as actors become instant experts on everything released by deep-state officialdom on the one hand and the whipped up political flacks of intended response on the other. The degree of political disarray of paranoid “conservative” rogue patriots and instigators of rebellion and denial (not without some realistic insights) up against the flourish of colors of the “woke” militant left always on the threshold of threatened action with smug superiority (also with some factional credibility) were the sources of a chaotic rhetoric unlike anything boomer-gen people like us had ever seen in the daily rushes. The familiar clash of orchestrated disinformation during the early Trump presidency rose to unprecedented levels of absurdity (was he the antidote ‘un-president” or merely the ‘former fake fresident who got fired’?) without any real accounting of facts increasingly buried in concrete of spin news, political party talking points or security agency silence.

While hidden behind the cacophonous dark Internet wall—and also made possible by its wild growth mode—were the depredations of a transnational Dark Cabal dating from the time of the famous warning in Eisenhower’s farewell speech (unspoken infiltration of Fourth Reich Nazis into the Military-Industrial-Complex) whose unbelievable power grab via the Kennedy assassination had never been even remotely understood in the public arena, except within the layers of conspiracy theories that had been compiled by many courageous investigators during the latter part of the Twentieth Century. As it turns out this situation is also very closely related to the circumstances of various ET groups and their governing Federation Councils (they are the “Exotic Visitors”!) who have been engaged in a similarly secret initiative to control what has become a lawless transnational “breakaway civilization” with secret advanced technologies vying against the world’s legitimate governments in a pattern of increasing factional subjugation. This had all been hidden by the “post war” cover-up moniker “big government” in the early days. But now much of this deep-state shadow government with its own autonomous military and security agency operations, having festered for three-quarters of a century, has been increasingly brought to the surface and outed by an additional later group of courageous investigators and reporters linking these similarly secret machinations, like Dr. Steven Greer, Richard Dolan and Linda Moulton Howe, among many others—which now many millions of observers have begun to understand, even if they feel bewildered and powerless.

What is being offered here are some of the still missing key pieces of information in all this that would allow for a more accurate and comprehensive view, as cited by various exotic (ET) guests in the dialogs along with those representing the earth-based Masters of Wisdom, primarily conducted by our always reliable masters of ceremony, Hilarion and Athena. The lingering reverberations of what they have to say about many of the volatile issues and various shenanigans having been hoisted on their petards by the darkly secret cabal and its space-based reach to the Moon and Mars, will be first encountered in the Memorable Quotes section (which just keeps getting bigger!) with much more asynchronous fill-out context to follow.

Our ET family and friends, as usual, have had quite a lot to offer regarding these bizarre and quite dangerous background developments from their multidimensional viewpoints, even if their provided factual basis is still a bit thin, but they also have their own take on what is appropriate to be revealed as national news at any particular time. Is the general population really ready for Dark Cabal/ UFO/ET Disclosure (?)—this is still one of the big questions. I tended to initially believe the truth about these shocking secrets should be publicly proclaimed as soon as possible, but am now a little less sure of the result and more willing to accept a delayed disclosure, which seems to be favored by the Alliance ETs (the good guys from among whose ranks our guests appear, attempting to protect us from the worst calamities in the very complex space-time galactic neighborhood just beyond our solar system)

This may simply be unbelievable for some if not many naïve readers—it would have to be one of the most shocking things you will ever hear!—perhaps until they have taken time to have a serious look for themselves. But for me and many others, now after more than fifteen years of witnessing this exchange of views in our Telepresence Conferences and wondering where it will lead, it is my studied opinion that our forums provide what is one of the most reliable and consistently integrated deep accounts that I am aware of (among others that will be further acknowledged along the way) reflecting this reprieve in our challenging and perilous era. This extreme clash between the dark cabal and legit governments worldwide, perhaps surprisingly, was not expected by the ET councils and appears to have been also very disappointing to Them! What is currently happening, also mostly in secret to replace the dispersed Dark Cabal genocidal scheme, is a cooperative Federation ET plan for a cautiously slow and still somewhat uncomfortable transition replacement or simultaneous rebuilding in place of the main infrastructure under our feet and over our heads, which is destined to be the basis and fulcrum for the inevitable New Era that is coming … without fully disrupting the lives of the majority of worthy struggling Earthumans in the process. It is a highly desirable goal, well-nigh impossible but so far attainable, calling forth the most dedicated efforts of all involved. If this is something you are interested in finding out more about from those for whom it is routine knowledge, please read on, but it’s a very big order in any event.

We have gotten through this period of extreme danger, as is now known (March of 2024 at time of writing), which is well-described in accounts included herein, but much remains to be assessed and understood—our various savvy and sophisticated commentators do not reveal everything to us that is known to them in their sympathetic responses to our frank if somewhat respectfully nuanced questions since some things would still be too dangerous for us to disclose in our books regarding certain inflammatory situations that they know will come out into the open—or not—in due time. There is however, enough to whet the curiosity and sustain the hunt for something like the truth in our new wayward public domains, given to playing on fear, uncertainty and doubt amidst the relentless commercial announcements (downward spiral of ‘social media’ as well as MSM) that the various countervailing factions use to confuse and dominate public opinion. As I think it is fair to say, the dam holding back the flood during this time only barely held given the great risks taken by all the combatants vying for control of wealth, power and public opinion.

Of course it was always like this in earlier centuries, too, but the stakes have now moved vastly beyond swords and explosive gunpowder munitions into this later period of deadlocked nuclear weapons—but with secret new “directed energy weapons” and still early-generation gravity-controlled “alien reproduction vehicles” thrown in to disrupt the balance. The ETs in our forum have acknowledged their red line of commitment to save the planet from destruction by nuclear weapons, but with the spectre of the astounding loss of planet Maldek (Malona, Phaeton, etc.) in the rear view mirror of ancient solar system pre-history, how they might extend this commitment with the advent of these new weapons and capabilities is not yet known to us (nor probably to them), but they have already taken sufficient action, they believe, to stop forward motion of the most extreme elements of the dark conspiracy. They watch and wait with ever hopeful expectations and are not in a hurry because it is our planetary game to win or not as we will, but we are assured they are very busy in the background with many cloaked ships of operatives in action. Of course the more detailed story of all this could remain hidden in secrecy for some time …

This set of dialogues is intended to be included in the first installment of writing the real history of this time in our abused planetary world within its vast solar system, and these continue to be (r)evolutionary times, as our new century 21 faces errant unresolved conflicts stemming from earlier centuries that can also not be put off any longer. The good news is that we are still here if indeed we are lucky, fortunate or deserving enough to have made the cut, and we are being advised from the Love-Wisdom perspective in ways that, at least to Julie and myself, have their greatest appeal in being shared, even if our accounts may only reach a relative few of the outliers of mature people like ourselves and future historians who will inevitably be able to assess the more agreed-upon information of this era along with the aberrant vicissitudes that can probably not remain completely hidden to future generations.

This at least is our take on the mixed gloss of conventional beliefs, conspiracy theories (powerful real ones and pathetically contrived fakes) amidst the vast multitude of other political, religious and scientific attitudes impinging on us and our story, which in this book we are calling Future Self Agenda with the secondary scroll of the title first commemorating Rhi & Phindar, our simultaneously earth-resident pair of collaborative Pleiadian future selves from 330 years in our future. Our amazing early meetings and discussions via Julie’s psychic or trance abilities, when we were first getting acquainted with them, are recounted in our first book series (*J&T Five Star Series*). This concept of a future self, as was first boldly presented to me by Hilarion in the Jon C. Fox channel group meetings almost fifty years ago, has now become extended a lot further (!) as we have seen it play out in various situations, but we or I realize that this notion per se would be fairly “far out” for the vast majority of people in any event, even those in spiritual or new age study groups, who have already made some effort to plumb the depths of the philosophical, psychological and esoteric studies of earlier eras.

Our future selves, Rhi & Phindar, on Earth assignment in the Peru/ Ecuador region of South America, are ultra-human emissaries from planet Erra in the Taygeta System of the Pleiadian open star cluster. They are also simultaneous projections of our commonly linked over-souls on an experimental mission to encounter us from across their world in the local galaxy as fully-fledged couples now in a more complex relationship matrix. Thus we are able to interact in mutual aid in this “DNA Reclamation Project” as it was called in our earlier books, as an advanced outreach project of unified Pleiadian science. When we once asked if they have any children, they referred to us as “their children.”

Even though it is still hard to believe that this could have happened to us, mostly without our full awareness over the major part of our lives, we are convinced that their explanations still provide the ‘best fit’ of all the alternate possibilities that would come into the minds of sceptics, and it will probably always be one of the honors and great thrills of our lives to have had this experience with them. I don’t think anything like this has ever been previously reported, even in the proto-field of exo-psychology, hence this operative explanation of the “Close Encounters of the 6th Kind” as the book series subtitle—it is a unique situation, pre-planned and supported long-term by them and other members of our Pleiadian family—from here and back to the Pleiades—who have also contributed much of the arrangements and rigging for this intended mutually beneficial experimental enterprise.

The fabulous picture of the red rainbow shown on the cover of this book was almost immediately seen by me ‘in the moment’ of its taking (that’s how they often do it—a telepathic update so the emerging circumstance won’t be missed) as an amazing confluence of light—a book-cover in the making. So this book dedication to our dear friends (and alter egos!) Rhi & Phindar, seems a perfect place to allow the rosy coloration of this magnificent afternoon to express our love and appreciation to and for them. They are seemingly apt examples of the highly refined, generously sophisticated, modestly brilliant, cleverly humorous and altogether delightful people these Pleiadians from Erra are (even if perhaps a bit characteristically overly-rational), in particular our ancestral Pleiadian relatives, now in their prime as representatives of the Erra culture, particularly as contrasted to the level of struggle and conflict we see here on Earth, but this is part of the reason for our joint mission together, which we have somehow qualified for … as ancient Pleiadians ourselves.

And there’s more to show and tell here in filling out this Future Self Agenda category for one additional notch. It isn’t yet known to us whether many or most Earthumans have similar simultaneous future self-projections of their over-souls to imagine or discover, but as has been made abundantly clear to us, Julie and I have a second set of even more advanced future selves, who are also involved in our current assignment on Earth during this pivotal time. This is the Arcturian couple known in the books as Ariel & Michael. They are said to be from a time approximately 4,000 years in our future and similarly linked to us as simultaneous projections of our over-souls, now consciously meeting each other in the trance space that Julie is able to open and sustain for the approximate hour of our still ongoing Telepresence Conferences.

Ariel, the female partner of this duo, appeared early in the first book of the first series since she is one of Julie’s main guides and counselors (and looks somewhat like her) while Michael appeared later in the book series, having made some resounding statements, but has remained a bit more in the background. He has been insistent nonetheless that I should call upon him if needed for additional help in any situation requiring a more resolute approach. As an aside we have been told that we are continuously monitored by small robotic spacecraft (‘telemeter disc’) near our houses that report anything notable or dangerous in the vicinity to a messaging system that alerts someone among our future-self colleagues or family to check in on us, which they have done many times, if only to send a curious or amusing little synchronicity for us to puzzle through and decode. In some ways Ariel & Michael have emerged as our primary confidants and guardians as can be seen in the late TC Session 96 or 98+ (Appendix III of this book).

Semjase also figures quite prominently in this volume; she can be seen here as having a major influence on me in her role as the main transition figure from the era of the Billy Meier contacts to our own later breakthrough explorations. I am more than delighted to extend a further tribute to her for all she is and had done (the already published Volume 4 is dedicated to her and her father Ptaah). There is much more to think of in all this, but the main text of the book is where it can be found in its entirety with nuanced real-time commentary and some very thought provoking revelations (!). BTW the intriguing concept of “real-time” is given a whole new expansion of multi-dimensional meaning in our books showing how one’s current life is a more or less well-integrated energy complex linked with past lives and those of future selves with us caught more or less consciously somewhere in the middle—with possibilities of reaching some of those further “along the path” who have attained some of these more elevated space-time perspectives and powers of mind. It’s a learning curve for everyone, so refined modesty is always appropriate.

I am finally very grateful to my wife and co-author Julie Loar for her amazing ability to consciously contact and be contacted by these and others in our exo-family and wisdom teaching group—who would have otherwise been consciously unknown to us, like most of the others in our experimental contactee group—even Gene Roddenberry of Star-Trek fame. Ditto for Julie’s fabulous sketches of Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael—and the other thirty or so ‘regulars’ among the ‘exotic visitors’ in the core group who continue to participate in our conferences.

So here then without further ado, is the amazing second volume of *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm* … hopefully being comprehensible to anyone patient enough to read the session transcripts sculpted in Julie’s carefully perceptive, colorful and often memorable language, perhaps one at a time to start, but if what is happening or being said seems unclear, please refer to the Longer Summary of that session in Appendix II for a shorter paraphrase of what at least I thought happened or was of most importance in the dialog. So, happy trails … for finding your own colorful curved path of light, to use the esoteric image and metaphor of the rainbow—this is where emergence of Individuality in Esoteric Studies meets the exotic illuminations of Beings from Outer Space.

March 27, 2024

Dowds Hill at Avery, CA