Introduction to “Masters of Space & Time: Pleiadian Stellar Emissaries” *Exotic Visitors* V. 4

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.


With apologies to all who would naturally expect a new book series like this one (*Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm: Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind*) to begin publication with its first volume, I must attempt to justify the launch of this, the next-to-last Volume 4 of the series, as first-in-line for publication, and the explanation is rather simple: most readers wanted to see our most up-to-date material appearing before the older, pre-Covid era dialogues in the first volume that began back in late 2015.

Besides, the content of this Volume 4 struck both Julie and me as extraordinary even for the admittedly “far-out” explorations we have presented in publication for anyone who might find it in the great inundation of books being debuted before a newly-awakened world (?) these days—or perhaps for an increasingly smaller group of actual readers in the e-book versus print-book sweepstakes. Most of us have been hearing about this situation for a while, but Julie and I are still going with book documentation first and hope to get various other sidebars relating to our presentation done a little later. In the meantime we are, and have been, very busy.

And besides, as a very few friends and possibly readers might know, I have wanted to acknowledge the presence of Semjase as well as her extraordinary father Ptaah from many past meetings as well as on the periphery of our lives, and for their continuing to monitor planet Earth—if perhaps with less involvement than during the Billy Meier era of last century. Ptaah had appeared a bit later in our first book series (*J&T Five Star Series*), but Semjase was present extensively from the earliest days—beginning in TC 4 and continuing in nearly every session of the V. 1 Star Table book—and wielded a powerful influence on the discovery path of my Pleiadian contact identity and what has come to follow. For that I would wish to thank her very sincerely (even though I was initially disappointed that she did not want me to do the book project I had initially pitched to her, entitled Speaking of Semjase, specifically featuring her). It took me a while to realize why she was reluctant to have more revealed about herself at the time: my notion of her continuing role as a liaison from another planetary civilization was still a bit naive, not to mention my awareness of her intentions, circumstances and especially feelings of modesty. I was blinded by her extraordinary stature, tending to simply see her as ‘Wonder Woman,’ a heroine suitable for very wide acclaim …

However, I’m now a little more informed about these issues and have pivoted into this new approach that I hope will be more fitting for her Jshrsh status, since the recognition now also includes her greatly impressive Jshwsh father Ptaah, the captain, commander, (“governor or king” in her words) of the Pleiadian Great Spacer Alliance, which is evidently often parked in orbit out around Saturn while visiting our Solar System, and which is now also being extensively used as the main organizational-management center for the BETA (Benevolent ET Alliance) mission of self-governing, multi-planetary-civilizations on assignment to planet Earth. Such claims are indeed admittedly surreal since, even for Julie and me, there is almost no evidence of anything like this happening in news sources we on Earth are familiar with … yet—at the same time, or in spite of the UAPFO initiative—there are subtle signs and symbols … here and there, of things hidden in plain sight, of which we believe our witness is another part.

In summary forecast then, Volume 1 of this new *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm* series will begin by acknowledging the wisdom, dedication and vitality of Earth Masters Hilarion & Athena as the highly-esteemed masters of ceremony and long-term primary guides for myself & Julie. Volume 2 will be dedicated to Rhi & Phindar, our near and dear family and future-self Pleiadian alter-egos who have increasingly come to mean so much to us. Volume 3 will feature Ariel & Michael, our similarly exalted far-future selves from Arcturus. The final Volume 5 in the series will be devoted to Andromedans Samael & Jhinda, Sirians Onyion & Nyla, the free-spirit White Lions, and all the other figures (and Celestials!) who have appeared more or less often over the now nearly fourteen-year period since Julie & I first met in 2010. The outstanding new feature of this second book series of course will be the highlighting of Julie’s sketches of our dearest friends and family … in the books and (maybe) on the covers (!), those who are the most familiar exotic visitors helping us with our participant-observer narrative as late-blooming lifelong hybrid over-achievers searching for our forum (attempted ironic humor).

So, I hope Semjase & Ptaah, as Pleiadians from Planet Erra in the Taygeta system and their associates, can now be more openly acknowledged and given the recognition their efforts on our behalf deserve, perhaps slightly apologetically from me, as fourth-in-line guests of honor with cameo appearances in some of the early sessions of this Volume 4, entitled with them in mind, Masters of Space and Time—even though they do not appear extensively in this specific volume itself (they are, and were, also very busy!).

The first TC dialogue 113[1] begins on Julie’s birthday in January of 2020 with some of Hilarion’s most far-out assessments (the real significance of the celebrated Cosmic Background Radiation, the nature of the Multiverse, and ET intervention on Earth), and a number of the sessions following offer a closer encounter on Julie’s part with several Pleiadian starships that we had only heard about in the earlier book series—plus my recent “UAPFO” photos, including a reprise with blowup of the (distant) Cloud Climber shot on which Rhi & Phindar are crew members. There are also a number of other new UAPFO photos (“U-AP-FO,” my satirical take on the new UAP designation recently unfurled by American officialdom) of mysterious lights appearing in some of my full Moon shots … that are indeed “highlights” on the strangeness index … at least I have never seen anything like what was hiding in the background of these images.

There is much more along the way that is also fairly amazing, but I will reserve further comment in order to start the main text without premature over-sharing, even if enthusiasm strains … And of course some, or much, will be controversial, as I often say about this UFO/ET/APFO special (now general?) interest area, even in this new re-upped time of government/ military/ security-agency “admissions” (or is it just a new disguise to try to control and restrain the Disclosure narrative?). For anyone not familiar enough with the subject and wanting to see much more of this expanding infotainment meme and theme hammered out in full-action mode, just have a look at any of the eighteen seasons of Ancient Aliens. Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm is the most significant situation of world-historical interest currently happening in prime time and in the skies—“unfolding” like the James Webb Space Telescope because it couldn’t get there any other way! Did I say awesome or mind-blowing yet anywhere? This fourth book in the series dating from 2020, begins and ends with ‘private’ strategy sessions of only J&T with mentors Hilarion and Athena present.

PS: I understand “Close Encounters of the 6th Kind,” used here as an additional step beyond CEs of the 5th Kind … to include collaboration of ET hybrids with their ET families (not necessarily in face-to-face physicality—that would be CEs of the 7th Kind).


May 20, 2023

Dowd’s Hill at Avery, CA

3D rendered Model of typical Pleiadian discoid Beamship coming in sizes from Explorer Class to large starships

  1. Numbering of the sequenced sessions in this second five volume book series continues from the end of Volume 5 (session 70) of the first series (*J&T Five Star Series*).