Introduction to *Star Light Reflections*

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.


The conclusion of the final Telepresence Conference 70 in this final Volume 5, entitled Star Light Reflections, of the *J&T Five Star Series* (series subtitle Lyra-Cygnus)—at least as far as major composition and editing are concerned—occurred just an hour or so before the Summer Solstice of 2020, and a day before a powerful eclipsed New Moon in Cancer. The very unusual circumstances of this year itself will probably always be remembered as the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic—as uniquely disturbing a time as any in American or world history. And if I am not mistaken, it will also be the year “the other corona virus,” Donald J. Trump, will be exposed as the fake presidential sovereign he is for all the world to see in America’s brush with fascism—whatever the shakeout consequences turn out to be—and of course the story here is far from over since the political high jinx of his impeached “reign” will thunder along until election time in November, and far beyond, with the full consequences of both situations also quite unresolved for some time (can you say, “Nobody for president …”?).  [Ah, but “He’s back for more in 2024.”]

The timing of this Volume 5 setting goes back to just before the final week of 2014 (the time of the Winter Solstice!) and extends to October 11, 2015, just after Julie and I were married on September 27. So, the first volume (The Star Table Trance Missions) began with the story of how Julie and I first met, and the final volume concludes with our marriage. I had made the knight-pawn gambit in the introduction to the Star Table volume that it would be a love story—in addition to much else—and I was not wrong, in spite of the persistence of the set-piece theme of selling my house to get together full-time with her in one place (which still hasn’t happened, but we are getting really close). This was the final stage of the Obama presidency, the “normality” of which does look considerably better in many ways in hindsight from the current dysfunctionality of the fall of Trump during the Covid-19 tragedy. It was Hilarion who more recently told us in a session that our “dear leader” is none other than the most famously rash militarist Julius Caesar himself as well as his later guise, the despicable Nero from the fabled “decline and fall of the Roman Empire” finale, who has returned to meet his karma on the world stage. Julie and I already have a lot of material similar to what is presented here that covers the next period from 2015 up to this present time of writing in 2020 [now 2024], the year of perfect hindsight (!), that will eventually be presented in a second multi-volume series of Telepresence Conferences, (like the *J&T Five Star Series*) [called *Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm*], but which will be similar, fully-nuanced and most amazing “close encounters of the 5th kind” with ETs and Celestial Guides [6th kind!].

The stories, circumstances and concerns of this final series of fourteen encounters with our extended family and friends (and some of their distant associates), seem fitting and well-placed for this final volume since, as I will have to say, they go farther and present material that is even more “far out” in many ways than the narratives of the preceding four volumes as the *J&T Five Star Series* converges more fully for an intermediate wrap on various opening explorations of the yet continuing saga as presented, expanded and resolved over the life of 70 sequential episodes. Here, more details of the Sirian diaspora are given as they relate to Julie’s exo-contact group of “Masters of the Wisdom,” including Hilarion & Athena, the exotic “White Lions,” and are compared and contrasted with tales of ancient Pleiadian exo-colonialism vis-à-vis the highly enterprising initiatives of the contemporary Pleiadians from the Taygeta System who make up the main part of my (Ted’s) corresponding ET group of family and friends. The familiar guide couples continue to appear to offer crucial bits of advice to us along the way with Hilarion and Athena, Semjase and her father Ptaah, and a host of many very special, very exotic guest participants from near and very, very far away. There will continue to be cartoons of seating arrangements at various tables in various places, and a few more well-captured sketches of the series “regulars” by Julie that make everyone so much more accessible! We wish she had time and facility to sketch them all, but she does often describe them and their appearance in some detail.

The Andromedan, Arcturian, and Lyra-Cygnian contributions are somewhat less evident in the story of Earth’s developing human (and animal!) genome, but various threads come out from time to time, such as the ancient Andromedan involvement most generally in Europe up to the current mystery of the Crop Circles with notable modern nearly full hybrid ET representatives like researcher Dr. Steven Greer; and the Arcturian involvement in ancient Atlantis and Egypt with modern notables such as Edgar Cayce and Dr. Carl Jung. The Lyra-Cygnians are the least in evidence since visits from their region of space to our solar system mostly occurred millions of years ago (with notable modern exceptions like Swiss contactee Eduard “Billy” Meier), as they became the early ancestors of some of the other groups who later persisted with activities on our planet including hybrid progeny, particularly the Plejaran/ Pleiadians, who are actors behind the masks of the jealous Jshwsh Hebrew God(s), the Greek Gods and Goddesses, the Biblical Angels, the Indo-European sky gods in Vimanas, the Muslim Prophet, the Mormons and the cosmonauts of ancient Peru, the apocryphal Annunanki of ancient Iraq and South Africa … and others (whew!), still more ancient, like combatants who destroyed the Earth-like planet Maldek (current Asteroid Belt).

Most of our contemporary guest symposiasts from some of these exotic places are indeed easily recognized humanoid types as is said to be the case generally in the big galactic universe out there with its billions of star systems with mega-millions of Earth-like “Goldy-Locks” planets at various stages of development, suitable for creation of life-support scenarios as routinely engaged in by many of these genetic scientists, explorers and/or “cosmic gardeners.” Of whatever size they may be—and quite a few ETs are in the seven-footer range but seem otherwise proportionally normal to Julie—there are also a few other more mysterious and somewhat less-humanoid, if still quite intelligent, types—apart from the familiar Sirian White Lions—who make appearances and offer explanations such as the “tall white” master of the gray androids from Zeta Reticuli, and a representative “mantid” being, from a different planet in the same system. In addition there are full table settings of many other exotic guests from many different worlds who, presumably Hilarion and Athena and their cosmic friends, have persuaded to make an appearance to offer their take on us and our notable planetary dilemma at the “forcing point” of Ascension. And finally, appearing here in TC session 69 is the group of eight Sirian “Celestial Oversouls,” seated together at an unusual stone table as visibly-linked very bright lights, who make up the Terran Council of Truth and Light. They are said to be like a ‘Cosmic Internet’ who may be telepathically contacted by anyone able to do so.

It’s all quite a long way from Roswell in ‘47 or the follow-on “flying saucer flap” of the 50’s with far more engaging realistic content than any bizarre gearhead scenario that ever got put into a possibly-entertaining Hollywood movie, and we have every reason to believe the reporting here from our experience is a far more well-defined but still almost completely unknown side of the ET enigma—hence our main reason for offering publication, again mostly for future generations. It turns out these illustrious ETs are almost as puzzled about how to make their entrance into our post-modern world as we are about who they are and why they are here (as for the “What do they want …?” question, they are really not in need of anything we have). Of course they believe they have to reach a certain threshold of involvement and pacification before they can pull back the curtain on their operations, for which they do seem to have an in-depth moral appreciation of the effect that “Disclosure” will have on ordinary clueless people as well as various other aspects (like the Secret Space Program!), from the most practical financial twists to the most exotic turns; they are trying to disrupt our ongoing Earthuman lives as little as possible, while maintaining the best of our forward momentum … and while also keeping us from self-destructing—not an easy assignment in anyone’s book. We love them for being the amazing ultra-humans they are, who also happen to be our revealed family and friends … and for their heroic efforts to preserve our Earth because it’s the last remaining habitable planet in our Sol System—the final home for 50 billion souls that originated on three thriving planets … until we are advanced, mature and courageous enough to go into deep space-time on our own.

June 2021, Avery, CA  [updated May, 2024]

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Solar Glory at noon with Lilacs about to blossom at Ted’s Golden Eagle Manzanita Oaks (GEMO) house