Introduction to the 2nd Edition of *The Star Table Trance Missions*

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Julie and Ted (J&T for short), a couple in our late seventies now, who happen to have discovered a way to communicate with an extraordinary range of well, “ETs and Celestials,” as we say in our ‘Telepresence Conferences,’ meaning virtual conferences held in a trance-like space with Julie as the telepathic intermediary between me as conductor and Them (called ‘exotic visitors from the Quantum Realm’ by us more recently) as our guests ‘at the table’—the Star Table in this first book—most often arranged to meet with us by our dear friends and spiritual master teachers, Hilarion and Athena. This is our first book together that tells the story of how all this happened to us at a time when we had no idea that anything this elaborate and ‘far out’ was within the realm of possibility—and it took some time before we were convinced of its authenticity and validity. It all began about fourteen years ago when we first met in 2010, and this first book is now available in an expanded 2nd edition (with Julie’s fabulous sketches of our main participants) in both color paperback and e-book formats at Amazon. The 1st edition (with the green border cover) is still available as well from BookBaby and Amazon.

If you happen to have read Brad & Francie Steiger’s 1981 publication The Star People or heard of his earlier, somewhat-renowned list of traits of so-called “star seeds,” those who believe they, unlike most people, have somehow originated from the stars, then you will already have a notion of the story being revealed in these pages by us. We are both old enough to remember the publicity surrounding Steiger’s “seminal” research and promotion of his “novel” if inevitable idea—given all the interest in UFO/ET themes in the latter half of the Twentieth Century and now far beyond. But even though we were also previously aware of ourselves as “contactees,” having had some fairly unusual experiences of the UFO/ET kind—and having nearly all the traits of Steiger’s Star People—we found ourselves, more than thirty years later, being given nearly full access to the depth of detail of our own hidden lives as extraterrestrial hybrids … by members of our own star families. We made efforts to acknowledge them and have accepted their offer to be their hybrid Earthuman ambassadors, recording the resulting trance-session dialogues, now published in book form, beginning with this first volume of the *J&T Five Star Series*, The Star Table Trance Missions.

It took us a while to become sufficiently acquainted with each other, resulting from this unexpected project offer to have the confidence to present such extraordinary accounts of our and Their purported true identities as well as many other amazing circumstances … and become convinced that many of our unusual life experiences and various other ideas consistently presented to us by the more than thirty ET and Celestial Guide figures, appearing in full multimedia awareness to Julie in trance as a “seer” … could actually be true. The first fourteen of these Telepresence Conferences are contained in this initial volume in a series of five books to now include a total of more than 140 TC Sessions (2024), in ten books in two series now in various stages of completion being readied for publication.

Discovery of our common ancestry as not only Irish but also “Pleiadian Irish,” as I sometimes like to joke (we are North American Irish finding ourselves far from home in either case) to help relieve the tension of making so extraordinary a public claim (we have Sirian ancestral heritage as well). This is all part of a moving love story of major proportions for us, which we also wish to share as part of our growth, integration and “apotheosis.” So, we have gone from being aware that we were always a bit unusual, but not yet sure of being more than perhaps premature “star seed wannabes,” to finally making a series of breakthroughs in which our veiled exotic star families have revealed a lot more detail about our real nativities beginning as childhood trainees with somewhat hastily arranged surrogate families, to this culminating mission together in maturity, revealing more of the nature of these arranged genitures with real, physical, extraterrestrial people than has probably ever been made public before with the possible exception of the Eduard “Billy” Meier contacts—featuring a central role with the same extraordinary Pleiadian star-woman Semjase. There are probably others like us, but our partnership together as writers and editors, has given us some advantage in telling a part of the story that will be a common human heritage in only a few generations in this current age of Disclosure, resulting in many ways from the discovery of many Exo-planets out there that likely contain life—even intelligent life—which for any thoughtful person is no longer so far-fetched.

We both genuinely believe, given sustained prompting in these conferences at the Star Table by our guests, that this is a story—which also happens to contain some of our personal history—whose time has come for revelation. It goes far beyond anything we, as early experiencers, believe could have been made up by ourselves (!). Those most interested initially might be other star seeds, real or imagined, but this phenomenon in which we are playing such unusual pioneering roles, is clearly destined to become a situation of wider interest for everyone as the unexpected secrets of the human genome become more correctly understood scientifically. We have been told we are among a group of about one hundred Earthuman hybrids in this particular genetic seeding experiment having been carried out by Pleiadians from the planet Erra in the star system Taygeta for more than a century already, which we believe nearly anyone will find an interesting—if not a totally amazing—story … whether they believe it or not. Probably movies with this theme will appear, but for now it is the second release ‘ten years after” the first edition of our narrative, which we hope will be found interesting enough to share with a wider public—if only in hopes of hearing from others who might have had similar experiences (we know there are already a lot of wild stories out there…).

April 30, 2024, Dowds Hill at Avery, CA

Front cover of *The Star Table Trance Missions*, paperback & e-book 2nd editions available at Amazon (click on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author page)