J&T Telepresence Conference 118

August 24, 2020


Julie and the crew are quickly lifted up into a mid-sized Pleiadian beamship, and she makes a somewhat detailed report of the layout of the interior before the smaller group gets seated around a smart table that “comes down from the outer wall.” They discuss a fascinating dream reported by Ted in the context of Julie’s new dream book project and learn of more enhanced communications with animals in the future. They discuss various current events and are assured that many challenging situations are being shaped by various ET groups in the best way that can be managed for future sustainability.


Conducted and transcribed by Ted Denmark, and hosted by Julie Loar at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO, with her portions of the transcript being open text and Ted’s briefer comments placed inside corner brackets (“< … >“) and occasionally, vice versa. The session was recorded by phone and then transcribed. After the usual induction sequence, Ted introduces himself and then Julie begins speaking …

* * *

Ted– Hello, I’m Ted Denmark at my house in Avery, California, beginning our session number 118 with Julie Loar at her house in Pagosa Springs, Colorado at three twenty-four o’clock in the afternoon … so, after our recent discussion of today’s agenda of questions, I would just request that you begin to describe what you’re experiencing now.

Julie– Just to say, it’s twenty to four here[1] … twenty-four, twenty-four … <[chuckles]> I came down the series of escalators as I almost always do and met with you and the animals at the bottom of the escalators … went down the marble stairs, and when we were waiting for you to finish the introductory remarks and the invocation … a craft appeared above us and shone a brilliant white light on you, me and all the animals. We’re going to be taken up into that craft, and we moved into sort-of a semi-circle while you were finishing the introduction.

And so now, as has happened a few times, we’re being lifted up into the air, but I don’t think it bothers the animals, which surprises me. <[chuckles]> We’re all on some sort-of tractor beam … which gives me a little bit of vertigo … so, we’re going up … it’s not clear what the mechanism is for this … so, we’re going up to a circular opening in the bottom of the ‘pot’ or the bottom of the craft. It does not seem to be a very large craft, not huge like a “mother ship.” I would estimate thirty feet in diameter … round and like a larger “beamship” sort-of shape … definitely “flying saucer-like” … so, about thirty feet in diameter.

We came up through the middle of this particular craft. The central part of it … it’s interesting … because the central part of what I guess you would call the ‘floor’ just opened up. That part is as wide as … I would say, ten feet, that circular opening … and it opens like a camera lens or shutter … opens and closes like a lens [iris] … and then when it closes, that along the perimeter, or I should say the circumference of the ship … of this particular ship, there are work stations all the way around the circular perimeter. There is another level to the ship where crew rest or sleep … two levels … I would say there are about a dozen people at workstations that look like they have different functions, like being on the bridge of the [Star Trek] Enterprise, but smaller, as I said, seated around work stations.

We’re going to go up to the second level, and we go through something very much like a pneumatic tube that’s over on one side of the circular rim, so that should do it; it’s only about five feet in diameter. So curiously enough, you and I are going up first … then the animals will have to make separate trips <[chuckles]> because they all can’t fit in at once [laughs] … looks a little like a comic book.[2]

So, we go up in this pneumatic tube, and it opens on another level, which is divided up into sleeping pods which are arranged up against the edge of what I am calling the “circumference,” and so half of this upper level contains these sleeping pods, and the other half … they have a small galley where food is “generated” … they do produce food in a technological way that we do not yet understand … also over on the side there is a table. The walls of the craft are intelligent; they can be transparent, translucent or completely opaque. <Wow (!)>

The table comes down from the wall … it’s made out of a material so that when it’s up against the so-called wall, it’s curved and flattened … but it changes shape not fully into, but aligns itself with the curved shape of the wall. When it’s down … it’s like a table, I guess … it straightens or flattens itself out and a window opens to the outside. So, the table is somewhat … I guess you would describe it as “oval,” but it remains attached to the wall. It can vary in length; the table can be programmed to be just like a little café table or to elongate itself with this smart material. It can seat up to twelve—that seems appropriate since there are twelve on the crew. Today I’m understanding there will be eight of us seated. <Um-hmm> So … it’s shaped a bit like an eye … clearly an oval, but it’s shaped more … I’m not sure what that shape would be called exactly … it’s a little more pointed at the end where a person might sit.

So, you and I are going to be on the … I’ll call it the lower side, seated with you on my left …and there are two seats … by the way the seats are also smart and come out from the table once it comes down. <Really?> They’re mostly just like ordinary seats but with small backs that support the spine area but not the whole back, and you sort-of have to climb onto them … they don’t separate from the table. Ok, so next to you is me and next to me are Michael and Ariel; that makes up the four on that side. Across from you is Athena; across from me is Hilarion, and next to Hilarion is Rhi, and next to Rhi is Phindar.

As for the ship, they call it a “special purpose research ship.” It’s not the ship that Rhi and Phindar are usually stationed on; it’s one of their … as I said … I don’t know exactly what you would call it on Earth … it’s something like a “van” in which you would do a field trip, or something. It’s a special purpose science vehicle … so that’s the interesting thing … that’s all who are coming here today—it’s a very interesting situation, very interesting to see … it’s compact; the idea is that the ship is very comfortable for the crew who can stay aboard for longer periods of time; they can be gone, I’m told for up to a month of our time … going out on scouting trips to star systems that they visit. Everybody is dressed like on Star Trek by the way.

Julie’s sketches of Athena & Hilarion, Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael

Ted– Ok, that’s marvelous, Julie, thanks so much for your wonderful descriptions. That sounds like a fantastic craft, the likes of which we had not previously heard of, nor ever imagined having such a detailed description of either. We’re very happy to have your introduction and amazing “beam up” and walk through there.

Julie– I think they just wanted you to know and have a glimpse in a positive way of what our lives are like from the future … <Yes!> of what we are more aware of, when these bodies are asleep, so we know that no matter how difficult things are now, that a very meaningful positive existence is simultaneously occurring in a fulfilling way … I guess I’m ready for questions.

Ted– Ok, I’m very pleased to be here to address some of our questions to our small group today. We’re grateful to have them present with us, and of course we always are similarly grateful to Athena and Hilarion for probably being our mediators … and so, to begin with …

Julie– I need to stop you for just a sec for when you draw this. We’re all spread out from the middle of this second level, so you know … we’re all at this table that sticks out from the wall …

Ted– And the animals are in the middle …?

Julie– Right, they’re in the middle of the upper level of the craft; they’re all just kind of squished together in a circle. I’ll try to describe that later if that would help, but I wanted to mention it.

Ted– That’s great, very good … [laughs] I have a good picture here from your description, which was very effectively done. So, the first question we’re going to ask about today concerns the new book you’ve been working on now for some time, a book about dreams and life … I call it “Julie’s Dream Book 2.0” since you have credits for dream books earlier in your writing career, and you think you’re getting close to the closing portion of the first draft … would you like to ask anything specifically or would you like to have them comment on what they have been able to already observe of your effort?

Julie– Well, I guess I will be open to anything that either Michael and Ariel, or Hilarion and Athena would like to offer … if there is any course correction or anything additional I might be made aware of. By the way, this is an aside, but it’s an interesting synchronicity… I walked over to the mailboxes as I said I was going to do immediately before we began … you don’t need to put this in the transcription … you might make a note, but Sue Lion was cleaning out her garage and moving things around because she’s going to turn her big family room into an apartment, and she mentioned to me in an email that she was going to send me a couple of journals … I thought they were hers … they arrived today, and one of them is about 4 by 6 inches … with a gold scarab on the front (!).[3] <[chuckles]> So, I just wanted to mention that; it was kind-of fun—I don’t know how I will incorporate that … so, let me just get quiet and see what anyone has to say.

So, Athena nodded to Hilarion for his remarks first. He says from his standpoint it’s proceeding very well and that I have been receptive and open to guidance where necessary and relying on my own knowledge and wisdom from this lifetime and others. He said he also had a hand in the “Seven Steps,” and that he foresees that I will be using it and working with people, teaching that process in what he feels will be a very constructive way. So, what he said was, “Steady as she goes …” And Athena … Ohh (!) just said … oh, my goodness … she wants me to know … she’s almost bringing me to tears … I have been with her both in Delphi in Greece and in Egypt in oracle temples, and that she’s been helping with my memory. <Umm …> Oh, goodness … well, that was about the most lovely answer I could get. <Wow …> That must be all for that one—it was a very powerful confirmation.

Ted– Um-hmm … well, we had talked earlier about discussing a certain dream I had recently with them, which was fascinating to me. I don’t remember as much of it now as I would have liked; unfortunately, I didn’t write it down. I should take the advice that’s probably in your book to do so, I’m sure …<[laughs]> This was a dream about some very unusual, very animated and rambunctious … dancing horses or ‘horse-beings’ that were very compatible, very fascinating and brilliant-looking creatures … and so I had the notion that they might be somewhat like what we have heard some of the beings in the Arcturus star system are like (?). So, we are wondering about this dream, which might also be of some utility for you to use in your new dream book.

Julie– Oh boy (!), Phindar just said those horses belong to him in the future … <Who did?> Phindar.

Ted– Oh, really … [laughs out loud]

Julie– He’s saying in future times humans have learned to communicate more successfully telepathically with animals … <[laughs again]> … and in the future, relationships between humans and animals are much improved … <Yeah …?> much better understood, and animals are revered for who they are, a condition of much greater balance. He wants you to know your love of dance carries forward into the future … <Oh, good …> and that he dances with those horses in the future …

Ted– [uproarious laughter …] Wow, fabulous!

Julie– They want you to know that … or he’s saying to me that the horse that made famous … that video where she’s dancing and the relationship between that man, that young man, and the horse … were a taste of the future. <Wow> So, he wants you to know you have that to look forward to.

Ted– Wow, that’s so great (!). We thank him for that surprising answer. Does he seem to be finished on that subject?

Julie– Yes, and Hilarion says that he wants you to know that this is what Jung would have called an “objective dream”—it was an experience, not symbolism.

Ted– I see, right … Yeah, it was really exquisite. <It was awesome.> I’ll go on, then, if you think we’re ready (?). <Yes> So, we would request, if possible, that they advise us and advise you of the prospects for upcoming international travel, in particular for your sense of whether you’re going to be able to return to Egypt on tour in the upcoming times ahead … and when that might be (?).

Julie– So, Ariel is going to answer this one … what she just said to me is that, again without revealing or jeopardizing more that they are in a position to do, that if the election turns out in November the way that everyone of light hopes—the ETs are working on the virus themselves—that things will vastly improve without the need for tremendous vaccine programs …

Ted– Oh, that’s hopeful …

Julie– As this thought goes out, they hope things will shift dramatically in the world in that regard, and the possibility for international travel, travel in general, will return, she said, probably not very quickly, to pre-pandemic levels. She’s saying that with dialogue among nations, many things will improve, once these last four years are over.

Ted– Uh-huh, and who did you say was speaking, just then? <Ariel> Ok, thank you.

Julie– What I’m understanding is that they have the technology to manipulate the DNA … if you will, although I don’t know if DNA is the right word for what a virus has …

Ted– This type is called a “retro-virus,” with an RNA core—which used to be called “messenger DNA”—that hijacks cells and makes more of itself using their DNA content.

Julie– So … what she implied … she’s nodding … is that in a sense the pandemic will be permitted to exist … if it is a factor to propel a more positive influence through the election. <Um-hmm> If that occurs, as hoped and planned, then more will occur so that the worst aspects of the pharmacological cabal will not prevail. <Let us hope …> Does that answer the question?

Ted– Yes, very well, thank you so much; we thank her for that answer. I’ll continue on, then? <Yes> You have a question here in which you wonder whether the urge or surge towards freedom in the Age of Aquarius and similar themes is what is driving the transition we’re in right now as the predominant factor at the present time in spite of all the obvious troubles.(?).

Julie– Oh, Hilarion is going to answer this one … he’s saying once again that the ability … or how it’s been understood in the past, “the Ages” of course, are a very real phenomenon due to the slow motion of the Earth, which causes the sky to appear to move slowly backward … but he’s saying once again and would remind us, or remind me, that the influence that drives the transformation is stellar; it isn’t just temporal; it isn’t just the movement of time … and that at certain points the stellar influences are modulated, or increased or reduced, depending on the amount of transformation that needs to occur, and we are at such a juncture where stellar energies are … he’s using the phrase “ramped up,” probably not the best term, but that’s what he’s using, and he said, “It’s a bit like putting a blow torch on steel,” burning away much that needs to be eliminated, and that it is an intense and painful process.

But he’s saying that many things are happening on the Earth that are a combination of human influence, stellar influence and actually even cosmic influence at certain junctures, certain symbolic spokes on the Wheel of the Ages. So, he’s saying the influence of the star Fomalhaut is coming into being and having a strong energetic influence on the planet’s rising stream of behavior for those who still live in darkness; it’s like, intolerable, and their reaction is anger and violence.

For those who strive towards light, he said my question about the impulse for freedom and independence, is correct, but in many though, the urge is noble; the response is infantile. <Yeah …> And so, it leads to chaos. And so, anticipating an aspect of your future question, Ted, Hilarion is saying, everything at that level is also occurring in your beloved California at this time. <Um-hmm> Influences from dark humans towards those who work towards light, influences of ETs working to mitigate … but do know that, “Everything is acting towards purification and growth.”

Ted– We’re happy to hear that, of course.

Julie– It’s very difficult for them as well. It’s not unlike a parent whose child misbehaves, and there have to be consequences, but it’s usually more painful for the parent than the child.

Ted– Is he saying that the forces in the San Francisco Bay Area that are currently producing the many fires, and so forth, is coming from inside the Bay Area, instead of coming from outside?

Julie– He doesn’t understand your question.

Ted– The forces that are causing the weather anomalies that have led to the fires in the San Francisco Bay Area burning right now … are these forces that are driving this chaos coming as a result of internal situations from within the Bay Area itself or more as something like “collateral damage” from circumstances outside the Bay Area?

Julie– Oh, ok. His answer is both … he said it’s like an experiment, a chemical experiment using a Bunsen burner … the compounds in solution are one thing, and the flame from outside is another, and the result is explosive.

Ted– Right, ok … very good.

Julie– Ah, he’s saying that regardless of appearances, much is being done to mitigate the worst, and as he has said multiple times, “Karmic guilt is discharged according to Cosmic Law.” <Right> It doesn’t lessen the compassion; it doesn’t lessen the sorrow or suffering … but the scales will be balanced.

Ted– That’s good. We thank him for his answer on these fundamentals, which as always, is persuasive and appropriately nuanced for the circumstances at hand. Shall I continue, then?

Julie– I think you can move on.

Ted– We would anticipate a short answer to a question we are likely to want to expand on in a future session, but for today perhaps we would appeal to anyone present, all of whom know Julie quite well, of course, to help advise her and us about how she can best cope with the current difficulties she is aware of that are occurring in various places in the world, so that she might be better able to balance her own energy patterns and come through the current circumstances feeling more able to cope with awareness of struggling people in all these distressed places.

Julie– Ariel says I should call on her at those times, since she is my future self who will be able to help … to be able to help me harmonize my emotions, not to eliminate them or not feel them … but to have her touch on me from a more different future. I never thought of that before.

Ted– Oh good … and you presumably would know how to do that by just visualizing her?

Julie– Yes … it’s sort-of like invoking her, calling upon her.

Ted– By the way, can they possibly … when I was going through some of the books and writing the biographies of some of our dear friends and guests recently, I didn’t really know how to describe Ariel and Michael in terms of where they are from or what their planetary system of origin or residence is at the present time … can they disclose that to us today? [pause]

Julie– Well, she says they have a physical existence in the star system we call Arcturus.

Ted– Ok … that helps very much indeed … well, recently I was musing that we haven’t had close recurring representation from Arcturus, but we have had and do have (!). [starts to laugh] We are very grateful and very welcoming that they are indeed our dear friends …

Julie– That’s a really good thing to know …

Ted– They are our dear friends … and future selves from Arcturus … [chuckles]

Julie– They live on a planet … so, this is interesting … she said because we asked, they actually … this is kind-of funny … she said, like some people in America who might live in Colorado in the summer and Mexico in the winter … they actually live on two planets … one which is very tropical and one which is alpine. <Ah …> Their seasons are very different, and they go back and forth to take advantage of both … <Wow (!) [chuckles]> because they have the kind of transport where they can go back and forth almost instantaneously.

Ted– Wow … well, we are admiring and greatly … amazed, I suppose, in every possible way by their capabilities and extraordinary presence with us, and we do appreciate and actually … love them very much for being with us.

Julie– She also wants me to know they spend hours a day in meditation … and that I should call upon her when I am feeling … overwhelmed.

Ted– Yep … ok. We are very grateful to learn of this additional option for you, which is quite lovely and wonderful, and we are glad they can help in this way. That, then, concludes the main part of our questions for today, and we have a little more time. How are you feeling?

Julie– Ok … wow (!) …

Ted– We’re now at about the three-quarter point of the hour—does that sounds right to you? <Ok> Well, we’ll take a little more time to ask if there is anything else on the minds of our collaborators for us to hear before we finish. We thank them in advance for anything anyone might care to contribute. [pause]

Julie– It’s Rhi who’s going to speak—I think she’s the only person who hasn’t spoken yet. She’s saying, of course, they know that over long periods of time things do develop and advance in a more positive way, and the world they live in three hundred years in the future where people are far more advanced than on the world you’re struggling to get through now … she’s saying, it’s like a period … like a revolution that’s happening on this planet now, and in the middle of it everything looks completely dark … <Yeah …> but she’s saying they are actually hopeful … not to underestimate or minimize the difficulties that are happening, but she wants to repeat that, “There are many ETs in the world, under the world and in the skies who are working towards light.” and that she would repeat what Hilarion has said, “Part of the challenge is maintaining a positive focus … and not surrendering to fear and despair … which can be very tempting at times.” <Yeah> “There’s much that’s going on that is positive.”

They feel the tide has turned. <Oh (!)> And she said again, “No matter how it may look or how difficult or how hard to understand, it is humanity who needs to make the changes.” She just wishes to repeat to you, as Athena has said, that most of what is available to read or understand is from a very fractured, fragmented point of view, which doesn’t represent the whole picture, and that, “Information, like food, needs to be consumed carefully.” <Right> Does that answer?

Ted– Well, that’s very good, of course … we are grateful to have Rhi’s commentary. I must say I am very fond of her and am very grateful to be able to speak with her and hear her remarks today. We thank her very much for expressing her views.

Julie– Athena wishes to say something … she says it isn’t much comfort … but know that our futures will be much improved; and that we agreed and volunteered to be here at this time; and that part of it is witness; part of it is the documenting what we are doing; part of it is fitting our own natures to it the best way we can … with our enhanced abilities … and being like bright torches in dark places.

Ted– We thank Athena for her insightful commentary as well. We are grateful to have our lives the way they are; we are grateful to our dear friends who are with us today, which helps us beyond measure, really, to be able to succeed in our tasks and our roles in the work here; we are very grateful to them for the amazing generous support they offer us … for so long now. <Yeah> Do you have anything else there as you survey the situation that you can notice or would like to ask?

Julie– I don’t think so. I feel like I am also grateful … I feel like we have gotten some wonderful answers and information.

Ted– Ok … if that seems to be the finish point for us today, as agreed upon there if you can make a quick final survey …

Julie– I’ll just say to you, as is now happening while we’re coming to a close; we stood up, and the table went back into the wall … <[chuckles]> and we’re all going back down in the tube, and the rest of the team who would be the ten people around the perimeter, all working, stood up to greet us because of Rhi and Phindar, who know them all very well … <Yeah> and these are all people who also know of us very well …

Ted– <[laughs]> They’re all Pleiadians, I presume …

Julie– Yes, and they’re all in this very fun way engaging and interacting with the animals.

Ted– Ohhh … and both men and women, I presume.

Julie– Yes … it’s half and half … and they’re not all blonde. <[laughs]> They do seem to have differing colorations and a sense of diversity.

Ted– Does this spacecraft have a name … or nickname that they use for it? [pause]

Julie– They call it “Flash.”

Ted– [laughs out loud] “Flash …” no kidding (!?) That’s great.

Julie– It took a moment to translate, but that’s what they call it.

Ted– [still amused] “Flash” … that’s great [laughing] Ok dearie, I thank you very much indeed for the amazing work that you are able to do as well … and I presume you’re about ready to leave that environment?

Julie– Yeah.

Ted– Well, take care on the way back to wherever it is you get to, before arriving back to your house, and if you’re ready, I will finish talking you back and counting you down …

Julie– Ok.

Ted– We thank all the crew members in addition to our dear friends, including Hilarion and Athena for helping us and being with us today—it’s always a great rejuvenation for me and I’m sure, for you as well. You get to see more of it, but I get to feel it as well … very powerfully. We thank them all, and we are now going to have you realize on the count of five that you have begun your trip back home …

* * * *

  1. This seems a little puzzling since the time interval between us could not have been sixteen minutes (we are one time zone apart), but Julie has clarified her meaning of “twenty-four, twenty-four” to be noting the synchronicity of it being twenty minutes to four on the 24th of August.
  2. The “usual” animals that accompany us are led by Tygon the great white Sirian wolf; Ursa, Julie’s polar bear and Tiger Lily, the red-tailed hawk; Ted’s White Eagle and white tiger Ben; and Dolly the dolphin (who floats in the air, but isn’t always present—I didn’t ask Julie if Dolly was here today).
  3. Julie was inspired to start her new dream book, to some extent, because of a story about a golden scarab beetle told by C.G. Jung, which she had read at the time.