Longer Conference Summaries from *Star Time Convergence*

by Ted Denmark


Telepresence Conference 43

May 4, 2013

Julie finds herself with Ted and the animals emerging onto the beautiful green lawn of a possibly familiar estate with white rattan chairs laid out on a clock dial. A group of familiar participants is supplemented by an elderly white-haired Sirian named Sahnu as they all take their seats around the circle with a large crystal ball on a small table in the center. As intermediary, Hilarion notes that Julie has requested having clarity and truth for this session under the aegis of the White Brotherhood.

Ariel answers the first question about Julie’s current job dilemma, and then Julie finds that it was Michael who had uttered the word “Aurobindo” to her, implying a natural interest would likely develop in that community. They move on to inquire about Dr. Greer and his “Sirius” movie and the small deceased entity shown in it. Several odd and surprising revelations are made by Sahnu indicating a terrestrial origin for the small genetically engineered “artificial life” form that will be the “tip of the iceberg.”

Ted then asks about the twelve strands of DNA model and is told by Julie of a nested appearance of three levels within such a “strand.” He continues with a request for a similar read on their own position in terms of the number of strands they might have activated but has a model described showing more or less internal lights “turned on” for some individuals compared to others. Hilarion then gives a complex answer to the question about the Voyagers books by Asheana Deane in which she is described as having encountered captured Zeta Grays and greatly suffered through the vagaries of various Montauk experiments involving them and herself conducted by secret renegade government agents.

To Ted’s question about parallel Earths, Hilarion offers Julie an awareness that they are not so much separate entities but more like energetic instances occupying the same spatial location—but more like, in separate Universes. Athena adds a tone of sympathy for A. Deane for her travails and troubles. Ted is also given sympathy when requesting comment on his divorce proceeding, though things have finally gotten moving. No additional information is given on the Oregon sea quake, and the White Lions advise that the highest possible attainment be held in mind as the audio recording battery expires …

Telepresence Conference 44

May 26, 2013

Julie goes down the elevators and stairs quickly to find herself with Ted and the animals on a time-travel schooner headed for an island on an inland sea. They arrive on a sandy beach and enter a tent made of white fabric like the ship sails, which reminds Julie of a legendary Arthurian scene. A large wooden table and chairs has a similarly large group of participants already seated, mostly two to an hourly clock position, with first time guests Anach and I’neen amidst the more familiar symposiasts. Our J&T couple soon find that they were themselves Anach and I’neen in this 15th Century saga with genders reversed, having lost a struggle with competing clans and thus their lands, which is seen as the root of Ted’s desire to secure his own house and property in the current life … and also his desire not to have wanted children for several subsequent incarnations now going forward.

The first question is about Julie’s Education Center job that is coming to an end as the Center closes down. She is told by Ariel that other jobs may be possible, and she might rent her house rather than sell—but to sit tight for now. It is hoped that Ted’s house may also sell before she would have to make such major decisions. Hilarion advises patience while Julie vocalizes about feeling the pinch. Ted asks if there should be an Internet satellite dish in his future and is told, unexpectedly by MuRaNu, that everything would be favorable.

Hilarion finally tells Ted to “Bite the bullet,” to which he responds, “… ok, as long as it’s a silver bullet.” Everyone around the table then has a good laugh if only because Hilarion has known that Ted used to listen to the Lone Ranger on radio growing up. Ted is then cautiously advised by Athena to spend the winter in Colorado with Julie again. Julie inquires about working for and with the Satiama website and is told by Hilarion, it’s already “choreographed,” and yes, much is to be learned, also echoed by Ariel, getting a summary of expectations that leaves everyone at the table smiling.

Ted gets advice on the selling price for his house from Athena and legal fine points in his divorce proceeding from Hilarion, which is indicated as getting to the final stage. Asafah notes the subtle effects of time on consciousness, particularly for simultaneous incarnations as is the case for J&T with their past lives as Anach and I’neen interacting with their future lives as Rhi and Phindar … and with themselves in the middle in “real time.” Ted returns to the prophesized West Coast tsunami, which Michael answers, indicating that he will not be at risk, and those who are karmically implicated will be aided by their guides, so there is no need for an emergency warning. Julie is moved by Hilarion’s compassion in addressing Ted’s situation in deciding how to think of the potential danger involved in his lingering in California.

Athena then succinctly summarizes the two needed but characteristically lacking tendencies for J&T—for her—as that of being able to wait, and for him, of being able to let go. Ted’s final question is about the young golden eagles he sees around his house from time to time, whether they are the progeny of the first pair, and whether some of the sightings are not real birds since they seem to just disappear in midair. Lysah confirms that both assumptions are true. Ted learns the appearance of the “real vision” eagles are Lysah’s attempt to communicate with him so that he will eventually learn how to respond. The session ends with Ted feeling elated and Julie greatly heartened and gratified.

Telepresence Conference 45

August 7, 2013

Julie, Ted and the animals are all in white and soon enter into a wormhole of very bright white light. They arrive on a planet distantly familiar to Julie that has an amethyst palette of colors under an orange sky. As they arrive in a large room in what seems like a “sand castle” to Julie, a round dark wooden table rises up out of the floor with its set of chairs where she and Ted are to be seated for their session time across from their striking host, Reehan, with her copper skin and silver hair, who descended from her throne to come to the table. They are made to realize that they are on a sparsely-populated planet in the Arcturus System where they once also lived. Next they meet Alon who is described as an earlier incarnation of Ted as a Druid figure in that life. Alon humorously asks if Ted has a wizard’s cap (no), and Julie muses on getting him one. The first question is about Julie’s “hero’s journey” game which Hilarion and Athena love as they note its correspondences with Tarot cards. When asked about Julie’s anticipated forthcoming guided tour trip to Peru, encouragement is given as they recall that Ted’s “great sister” Lysah’s partner is on assignment there. Ted then asks Lysah about their family role relationship and she humorously offers that she might be his “sister, twice removed.” They hear more about Peru, land of the condor that Ted, should also witness since so much will be going on there in the future as this ancient civilization also awakens.

Hilarion is asked about the immanence of the west coast tsunami that he described some time ago, and he says that though it is inevitable, the actual time cannot be stated. This leads to a question about a small tsunami on the east coast, which Hilarion tells them was caused by the secret accidental detonation of a nuclear torpedo out in the Atlantic. It is acknowledged by Jedhi that the Pleiadian genetic experiment that J&T are part of was approved by the Galactic Council. Hilarion states that the world financial system is like a “house of cards.” Michael describes our world as being at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius when governance is changing from leadership by individuals to group leadership.

Ted asks about his congenital and recurrent throat mucous condition and is told by Hilarion and Phindar that it can be improved by vocalizing and making use of conscious breathing patterns. Ted recalls a description in the Edgar Cayce readings that sounded similar which was said to be an “incoordination between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems,” which Hilarion confirms as accurate. The condition resulted from a past life in which Ted felt himself to be in an inescapable situation that resulted in the “trapped scream.” Athena joins the discussion and suggests mouth breathing to help improve the condition before it becomes problematic. Ted concludes the discussion by saying he’s actually tried all these simple ideas and many others, but nothing ever seemed to make any difference as the condition persisted over the years.

MuRaNu mentions that much more information is available to Julie who only needs to ask. Various of the ETs like Julie’s idea of telling the story of J&T’s lives from the viewpoint of the ETs rather than themselves. Reehan tells more of the culture on her planet Tuatah, saying it is quite advanced with space travel, telepathy and healing techniques. Asafah states that they are even more advanced than the Pleiadians. Reehan tells J&T that it is even harder for them to live on Earth since they have lived on many advanced planets … but that they will be able to live on the Pleiadian planet Erra in the Taygeta system in their next incarnations.

When Ted asks Reehan about how multiple time tracks or threads lead to future outcomes, he is given the analogy of mitosis or cell division which seems rather striking to him. The White Lions muse that their South American counterparts are jaguars, so it is black cats and white cats just like the black and white birds mentioned earlier (eagles and condors), which everyone finds amusing.

Telepresence Conference 46

August 15, 2013

Julie goes down the stairs and levels, arriving outside the entrance to an auditorium or theatre at an unknown location where a large seven-pointed table, not unlike the Star Table of Volume 1 but with seven points or sides instead of five, appears for her and Ted to be seated. She finds out that all the other participants, except Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael, are hybrids rather like herself and Ted, coming to a class together in the darkened room with a media screen. Shortly, a mysterious ET figure whose name, Xi, is only learned at the end, is seen standing at the apex of the table. He will be directing the meeting and taking all their questions today. Julie takes a moment to describe Xi as looking like a wise and very advanced “Gray Alien” who communicates telepathically, telling her he is from the area of sky we call Hercules.

The first question is an astrological one about the Pluto/ Uranus (called by us Prometheus) “square” that has been long-running and much analyzed in the current decade.

Xi states that Earth is undergoing a spiritual culmination called an initiation as it attains a higher resonant vibrational frequency, which has not been well understood. It is also part of the reason for the more extreme weather and new climate coming into existence on Earth.

The next and main question this session will focus on involves the brown dwarf dark-star companion, now called Astraea (aka Tyche and Nemesis earlier), and the fundamentals of its relationship to the main Solar System—the actual reason for the 26,000 year cycle called “Precession of the Equinoxes.” Julie is shown images on both the screen at the head of the table and on a holographic display that arises out of the seven-sided table, of our Solar system with the orbits of Pluto and Astraea highlighted so she can understand that the orbit of Astraea is much more elongated and at a higher angle that that of Pluto, although its orbit appears parallel to that of the main Solar System.

The orbit of Astraea is further described as approximately 6,000 years, and when it comes close to the main Solar System, where it is now (!), it perturbs it quite distinctly through gravitational coupling and disruption of cometary debris in the Oort Cloud. It is said that Astraea, named for a pre-Hellenic goddess, is not yet visible through ground-based telescopes on Earth but will eventually be identified with space telescopes by scientists who have already made calculations to prove its location relatively near our Solar System. Its longitudinal direction it is said to be 14º Gemini although Julie believes astrophysicists had predicted it to emerge in the direction of Virgo. After quite a lot of comparative visualizations and bearing directions, Julie is told the orbital period of Astraea is 6,320 years, making the length of the Precession of the Equinoxes 25,280 years rather than the generally believed length of 25,920. Julie continues to offer reasoning, given by Xi, why Astraea’s orbital cycle is one quarter of the Precession cycle and how the two are coupled in an asymmetric gyration.

After briefly hearing of the influence of a small black hole in the general vicinity of our Solar system, Ted moves on to ask about interpreting the astrological influence of Astraea in the pattern of these energies impinging on Earth. Xi’s fascinating delineation of Astraea sees it as related to Taurus as an expression or symbol of everything in cycles of light and dark that did not quite reach completion or was not attained. Astraea is described as a “companion” of our main star rather than a proper stellar binary—reflecting this condition onto the circumstances of Earth people.

Julie is told that Astraea’s long-axis orbit stretches out in the direction of Proxima, Castor and Pollux, though not close to them since they are still many light years away. In comparison to the tradition of the Vedic Yugas Julie is told that Astraea—which was known in this ancient teaching—was the cause of the ages given by their metallic symbolic natures: Golden Age, Silver Age, Dark Age, etc., so that the Golden Age occurs upon the closest approach of Astraea to the main Solar System, which occurred in 2011/ 2012. Its effect is said to accelerate certain processes that can make for rapid progress. Finally, it is ascertained that Astraea is not related to the “extermination” cycle such as the one involved with the extinction of the dinosaurs, which is said to be a much longer galactic cycle of the Solar System moving up and down in the galactic plane.

For his final commentary Xi tries to explain to Julie how the position of Pluto and Prometheus (Uranus) in relation to the Kuiper Belt produces an energy effect for Pluto and its moons much greater than just the square aspect, but she has tired from the long and very complex discussion, and they offer their thanks and bid Xi farewell.

Telepresence Conference 47

August 15, 2013

Julie descends the stairs to find a new addition to the animal contingent, a white fox, along with Ted and the usual crew on the way to an oval conference room, which they all enter to find a dark-wood oval table. The three sets of couples who are the only guests today (Athena and Hilarion, Ariel and Michael, Rhi and Phindar) are located in their positions at the quadrant points around the table.

They are wearing their silver-gray Pleiadian space suits as are Rhi and Phindar around a spaciously arranged table interleaved with the animals.

Hilarion begins by noting it is a “time of culmination” for J&T as well as the planet generally. It can be seen in the weather, which will be become more severe as a karmic resolution to gain a fairer balance of energies gaining favor at the level of the Universe. Julie is told that her little town is a great place to be during the “transition.” Ted would do well to get started on his migration, too. Rhi and Phindar are monitoring J&T regularly if not continuously. Julie has asked about her eldest daughter Emily and her daughter Tasha, and deep family ties are revealed. Julie’s Peru trip is applauded as a special destination for her and Ted. Julie is encouraged to negotiate for a contract understanding with her business partner on their projected game as a business venture. He concludes that in spite of the “Pluto return” the forces of light are increasing in comparison to the forces of darkness, and a political development greater than parliamentary government will come to Earth from off planet. The hard part will be getting to that point.

When Ted asks how many ET hybrids there are or were originally in the group that they (J&T) belong to, Rhi answers 100, but that in all the groups since about 1900 when these experiments began with all the ET civilizations (Andromedan, Arcturian and Sirian in addition to Pleiadian), there have been at least 100,000 individuals. She states that this effect on the human genome has been exponential, and in truth nobody’s ancestors really came from Earth, except the Australian Aborigines. Ted wonders what books he should work on over the coming winter and is told he was a Zuni eagle dancer about 400 years ago.

Julie is told by Ariel that she should write from the heart, and that all four couples present today have a special kind of spiritual partnership that covers past, present and future.

Hilarion jokingly tells Ted he should get on the “moving sidewalk” and J&T muse on their happy circumstances to have these dear friends … after discussing a very bizarre bug infestation in Ted’s house.

Telepresence Conference 48

December 21, 2013

Julie finds herself going down the marble stairs with Ted and the animals in East Indian garb, only to look out and see the Taj Mahal in moonlight. They arrive at a nearby building and come into a room with a black octagonal marble table with guests seated all around. Next to Julie is an unknown light-being from Andromeda, and across from “him” is Astar the Celestial Guide from Aldebaran in the earlier Star Table sessions. There is a crystal in the middle of the table that reminds Julie of the large crystal Ted has on his own antique marble-top dharma table in California.

Ted’s first question is about the powerful feeling J&T have felt at the Winter Solstice earlier that day, which Hilarion attributes to the attunement with the center of the galaxy … and to the Hopi ceremony when their ET ‘gods” come down from the San Francisco Peaks to be with them. It’s a devotional term for an “energy alignment,” like “touching the hem of the garment of the master.”

Some time is spent diagnosing and offering healing approaches by Hilarion for Ted’s skin rash, which has become more troubling as his immune system has become weakened. Julie’s first question is about why the native American people of North America became intermixed with ET races. Hilarion shows and tells that the Amerindians all have ET ancestry from the earliest times of the Pleiadian entry onto the planet nearly a half million years ago. These migrants, the ancient Atlanteans, were from the Alcyone star system. The ancient Celts came from the Pleiadian star system of Merope, the origin of all red hair seen on Earth. The great Master of Galilee is said to have been related to these Celts. When Ted asks if he is correctly referred to as Jmmanuel, Hilarion says that name is more an honorific title like the “anointed one” but the name familiar to his contemporaries was Yeshua ben Joseph (Aramaic name “Issa”) and that he is associated with Syria in contemporary times.

They move on to discuss their ET exo-fathers, whose names they sadly can’t remember at first, though they have been told them earlier. Julie’s sketch of Jhaspar (called Kaspar initially), Ted’s exo-father, is shown for the first time as they learn that, though fairly old, he is still interested in following the life of his genetic progeny. Jhaspar then communicates telepathically to her that it was his genetic line that gave Ted his sensitivity to crystals, being able to hear their energy signatures. Ted is told that Jhaspar “seeded” only him among the original 100 hybrids in his group. They find out that Jhaspar still resides in the Pleiades but travels around to various places like Earth in a large starship that Julie says (amidst laughter) looks like “one of those cakes.”

The are then told a bit more about Julie’s exo-father Lysander, who like Jhaspar, is described as being between six and a half and seven feet tall, dark-haired (like Julie who didn’t look like any of her Earthuman family), a starship captain and a physician. She finds it very moving to contemplate him again. Her sketch of him is also shown for the first time. Julie’s next question has to do with Athena’s archetypal realm of Venus and Aphrodite and how their feminine gender should be understood astrologically. Athena begins with the notion that the primal energies have no gender but when taken up in physical form, appear gendered. Hilarion adds that gender is best understood electromagnetically—electric charge is more masculine, and the integral magnetic field is more feminine. Athena hints that the planetary archetypes lean one way or the other, too. He notes, “It is the same relationship between the first-breath chart of time and the soul-entry chart of stars.” (Ted does not yet understand this, even though he is working on an astrology book about the two kinds of charts.) Athena has one more take on feminine wisdom, which relates to the kundalini energy rising in the physical body and its more masculine counterpart of truth that relates more to teaching and healing.

To a question about the stated similarity between modern American and ancient Roman civilizations given by David Wilcock, Hilarion says the comparison is “valid but not determinative.” As for a second one about the Japanese Fukishima disaster, he says the ETs are busy “neutralizing the worst effects,” in a similar way as they decommission nuclear weapons wherever found. Hilarion then gives his final reassurance for the day: “Although the outward appearances look very much to the contrary, the balance is greater on the side of love and light … and the Earth is being transformed, and it’s important to believe that.” Hilarion and Athena assure J&T they are on the “right track,” and they are very pleased with their efforts.

Rhi and Phindar are J&T’s near future selves, and Ariel and Michael are their distant future selves—and both couples are available to help, with greater powers than can ordinarily be imagined. J&T are told their combined energy is found to be “inspiring to people.” And that the Fukishima disaster may even help find a buyer for Ted’s house (someone moving away from the Pacific coast). It ends with a discussion of the little pyramid that Hilarion suggests Ted should build over his natural water spring.

Telepresence Conference 49

January 4, 2014

Julie comes down the escalator with the animals and enters a room for the first time with a large rectangular table in front of a screened open wall looking out on a beautiful landscaped lawn sloping down to a small lake. The participants are all seated on the three sides with one side open to the exterior. White Wing appears with a companion Alana for the first time (who is a previous incarnation of Julie in Atlantis).

Ted begins by asking Hilarion about his skin rash condition which is being successfully treated and is told it is neither shingles nor eczema but has originated from overexposure to sunlight during the summer. Various modes are suggested including ionic silver water, witch hazel and cranberry juice. They discuss the astrological rulership of skin (Cancer), and Hilarion notes the corresponding rulership of the skeleton by Capricorn (“skin and bones, etc.”). Julie is advised by Ariel about how to use her web sites, whether a book is needed to go with the board game, and Rhi and Phindar advise her that a Peru trip would still be good someday even though her recently planned one did not fill up.

When Ted asks about his Winged Messengers book project, Athena answers that the “feathered serpent,” a myth known by the native people in Oklahoma where Ted grew up represents the successful unification of the extremes of life if it can be done. White Wing tells Ted that he (Ted) is the White Eagle and that he (White Wing) will come to his aid if called. When the subject of Astraea/ Tyche comes up again, Hilarion tells them that its orbit points towards the star Spica, and that, yes, the orbital “handle” of the brown dwarf does produce the Precession of the Equinoxes phenomenon as previously indicated.

White Wing reminds Ted that he was once a crystal initiate and that he should now attempt to perform rituals with a fully cleansed crystal, like his large dharma-table crystal, using distilled water in full Sun, Moon and star light for three days as an aid in finding a buyer for his house. Julie takes a moment to note how impressive White Wing is in his white attire that looks like buckskin but is actually made from a kind of mushroom (laughter). He tells Ted that he (Ted) is the bird, and Julie is the serpent (she is not afraid of snakes like Egyptian Cobras), and that they met through their similar hybrid DNA combination, which is snake-like. Julie describes the “language of the birds” as being like the traditional “Green Language” aka the ‘language of the goddess” since it is about interpreting the nature of various animals as they appear in a prophetic or totemic way.

Ted asks if there are any clues that can be given about experiences he may have had as a boy involving birds, etc. that he can’t remember (?). Julie than reminds him (probably cued by Asafah) of a time when he was about seven years old and a white dove came to give him a message … and that he should attempt to retrieve the memory by sitting at his computer and beginning to remember as he writes …

J&T spend a bit more time trying to remember what happened in the first part of the session when the recorder battery had failed, which they hadn’t noticed until the end. It was about the uniqueness of Precession for the Earth (compared to other planets), Yugas (about the solar system’s path through the galaxy), a “day of the gods” and the length of Golden Ages and Dark Ages. But Julie has grown tired and when asked if he should “snap his fingers,” she says yes … and it’s over in that instant.

Telepresence Conference 50

February 2, 2014

Julie arrives at the bottom of the marble stairs as Ted finishes the invocation of protection, to find herself amazed that Tygon, the great white wolf and leader of the animal pack, is howling. They have a short walk through what seems like a tunnel in a dark forest of giant trees and then remain outside to find a beautifully-finished round wooden table that is set on a large tree stump. They are alone at the table trying to decide where to sit as local dwarf-like beings on this planet bring out wooden chairs for them and the day’s participants, who appear one couple at a time to take their places in the usual way around the clock-face positions.

Hilarion appears in costume as the mythic “Green Man.” All the other guests are also wearing green except for two white bear humanoids who sit at the table next to the White Lions. Hilarion notes they are on a planet called ‘Ionea’ in the Centaurus B system, populated by advanced ‘nature spirits’ who are described as “real angels” and from which certain plants and trees were brought to Earth long ago.

Ted’s first question is about Gene Roddenberry, the originator of Star Trek, which Phindar takes, stating that not only was Gene a hybrid like J&T, he was actually one of those in their group of 100, and he, also like then, had a Pleiadian collaborator who time-traveled back from the future to help steer Roddenberry’s creative imagination since he never became aware of his three-quarters hybrid identity or the actual process of being subconsciously informed by real Pleiadians—yet he never doubted the reality of off-planet life and it visitations to Earth. Rhi adds that some of the story lines in the series did make the real Pleiadians “cringe” at times. Lysah notes that Star Trek—against all odds—has been one of their most successful projects that will eventually presage open ET contact.

The second question is about Jmmanuel/ Jesus/ Yeshua and his contemporary circumstances. Julie is somewhat shocked to hear that the person crucified during the Biblical era was someone other than the one so central to Christian doctrine. There is some surprise at the table that this has been revealed today as J&T are told that the complex story will not be fully cleared up until after Disclosure and open contact. They are told ET hybrid Jmmanuel is living in a physical body today in Syria, trying to reform the religions of the world in the midst of the civil war there and just holding it together with his consciousness—a situation she muses might make Hilarion weep.

The inquiry then turns to Billy Meier, who though elderly at 77, is expected to survive another ten years or so. His books and publications are being held in secret hiding places awaiting eventual publication, but that would be too dangerous while he is still living.

A call by Ted for a “global forecast” for 2014 begins with Ariel saying the Fukushima disaster, while deadly and dangerous, will not be allowed to become worst case, only enough to allow the resulting fearful attitudes (called “benevolent terrorism”) lead to greatly needed reforms. Obama, who is an ET hybrid, will see his “stock rise,” as things intensity for two more years. Athena adds that things are improving more than we are yet allowed to see.

When Ted asks about the HAARP facility in Alaska, he is told by Hilarion that it is still operating but has been “rendered ineffective” by ET efforts, just like the nuclear weapons. When Ted asks for additional information about their hybrid status, a telepathic mind meld occurs, leading to a long speech by the Pleiadian elder statesman Asafah, who tells them that the modern Pleiadians—including J&T as their ambassadors—are working to correct errors of their ancient Pleiadian forerunners. It was the case that their mothers, although not particularly outstanding individuals, were available and part of the Pleiadian DNA lineage, so J&T became part of an ongoing genetic experiment for five hundred years.

The Pleiadian elder statesman Asafah in his final remark to J&T, tells them that they have been provided with an enhanced awareness of life beyond Earth so as to become ambassadors of their Pleiadian family, who will ultimately welcome them by direct contact. Lysander, Julie’s exo-father, becomes known through Rhi, and who wishes to acknowledge that times were tougher than they expected for the hybrids like J&T … and then everyone begins smiling since they appear pleased—or at least amused—to be with us. Lysah corrects Ted about the one hundred number that should be applied to families rather than individuals. But that is enough for one day, and they are all bade farewell.

Telepresence Conference 51

February 17, 2014

Julie meets Ted and the animals at the bottom of the marble stairs and emerges into a pleasant open air setting on a lawn near trees by a lake with the conference group awaiting in chairs arranged in a circle—but without a table—in place of which the animals sit for the first time. The guests are familiar except for a star woman called Karundah from Cygnus, who will turn out to be a healer and one of the denizens living in the underground spaces below Mount Shasta. She will assist Hilarion in assessing some of their health issues brought for consideration by Ted who has been treating a serious skin rash.

Ted’s first question is about their prospects for eventually living in the Santa Fe area of Northern New Mexico. Hilarion responds telepathically, noting that they might find financial success there, but probably not overall cultural satisfaction. Sedona, AZ is also seen as a place of intense earth energies that tend to leave one feeling “ungrounded” and subject to illusions. Similarly, Boulder, CO and Durango, CO are seen as having “dark energy” and feeling not suitable. Julie is said to have a distinct preference and advantage in Pagosa Springs, CO, which is one of the reasons she was helped to be re-located there originally. Ted is also told by Hilarion that Pagosa Springs, CO would be a very good place for him, too.

They move on to Ted’s health issue, a persistent skin rash that he has been treating with colloidal silver that he has been making up with a home-made electrochemical device. Karundah enters back and scans Ted remotely, which Hilarion interprets as showing a need for drinking more water and fruit juices and general immune system boosting. Karundah and Hilarion agree that Quantum treatments by a friend of J&T would be very helpful for them both. Otherwise Ted gets a fairly clean bill of health except for the pulmonary system, which needs cleansing. On that cue Ted asks about his concern of living in the high elevations of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, and is told the problem is with his immune system, not with his lungs. For getting used to the higher elevation Ted is told that iron supplements, the Quantum device and … singing are recommended. The Quantum device could also help his throat mucous problem (Karundah agrees). When Ted asks about leg pain, he is directed to massage as the best therapy and given a green light on small amounts of ingested Cannabis. Hilarion’s final point is that more applied skin care by washing, brushing, etc. would be helpful.

The question turns to Karin and Randy, Ted’s old friends now living in Santa Fe, whom they have recently visited. They are told by Semjase that the two of them are not hybrids but rather “wanderers” with Syrian (Randy) and Pleiadian heritage (Karin). When questioned about additional points, Semjase tells J&T that they are actually getting younger, which Julie finds odd to say. Ted asks if Semjase had noticed that he finished work on the Billy Meier books and is now working on his and Julie’s books, to which she replies, “It’s definitely time …”

Julie asks about a Blue Heron bird that she saw back in the ‘80s while living in Plano,TX before she noted a mysterious black feather on her telephone a short time later. She is told by Rhi & Phindar that the bird was real but manipulated by him to remain calm so Julie would be able to witness it. They tell her she has also had many “winged messengers” over the years. Rhi tells her that the placed feather on the phone was expected to be seen as a wakeup call. Omanaloo, Ariel, Athena & Hilarion all offer advice to Julie to call on them for help, maintain deep breathing, keep writing, and to keep up the research on myths and astrology (respectively). Hilarion also likes Julie’s game project, and Athena is pleased that Ted is working on his own material now.

Ted asks one more time about the role of the brown dwarf star Astraea in the future scheme of astrology rulerships and is told by Hilarion that since it does orbit within the Solar System, it has a “different dynamic” and won’t fit into the traditional pattern—also because its orbit is so long and slow. White Wing is happy that Ted’s “bird project” (the Winged Messengers book) worked out well, and Michael tells him that he will try to help with the eagle Ted has been trying to photograph in Pagosa Springs (which happened soon afterwards). Ted asks why Julie was brought to Lake Shasta today and is told to meet Karundah who is also involved with the impending West Coast tsunami, and that Ted has drawn much energy from Mount Shasta in the past and other mountains (like Pagosa Peak now). Ted mentions noticing the power of Mt. Shasta remotely from Google Earth recently. When Ted asks if they might have another opportunity to see one of the “silver space craft” again, he is told by Lysah that it is always possible … but did he notice the “falling star” they put into his visual field recently (he did!).

When Ted asks about J&T’s recent visit to the Very Large Array of radio telescopes in Socorro, NM, he is told by Semjase that they are useful and not warlike, so they are good—even though ET spacecraft have to be kept out of their perceptual range. Ted asks her what the real problem was with the special “Variation V” Pleiadian space craft and is told that it was susceptible to lightning damage in earth atmosphere. When Ted asks Semjase whether the noble metals are used by the Pleiadians in their mono-atomic form, he is told, yes, they consume them in their diet. Semjase then tells him that contrary to being toxic in their metallic form, the noble metals can be safely absorbed through wearing of jewelry. She tells Ted that the best way for “clearing” gemstones of their unwanted accumulated energies is with sunlight in distilled water.

In parting Hilarion reminds Ted of the value of the Quantum therapy and the possible vibration of hematite. He also reassures Ted of his ability to adapt to the higher elevation of Colorado since his lungs are strong enough (but he should try deep breathing and singing or chanting). Karundah agrees. Hilarion wishes Ted were less fearful generally.

Telepresence Conference 52

March 1, 2014

When Julie and the animals arrive at the bottom of the marble staircase, she notices they are so shiny white and fluffy, it’s like they have just had a bath. Then they all go down another round of escalators and stairs to descend into brilliant white light before coming to an auditorium in a “smart building” with a waiting audience. Describing where everyone is seated around the provided oval table, however, turns out to be harder than ever … before Semjase begins by wishing Ted a happy birthday, which is the next day. She would like to be able to offer something more substantial as evidence for their existence but notes that the role of J&T is different from that of Billy Meier. She acknowledges that it was a disappointment three years ago that they could not all meet together at Ted’s house as originally planned. She tells Ted to keep working on his training to become more telepathic—it is improving—and then says, “Trust your feelings of what you call the ‘energy presence signatures’.” When Ted asks if there’s anything that might be substituted now for the missed meeting three years ago, such as a beamship sighting opportunity, Semjase suggests they look more at the night sky rather than daytime viewing and perhaps it will be possible to do something like earlier in Santa Fe.

The next question is Julie’s, relating to her writing projects, and she is told by Ariel to, “Approach what is most exciting.” Hilarion says her interest in the new astrological ideas are leading in the right direction. Ariel tells her there will be time for her to work at a deliberate pace to get the writing done, even if she may not receive recognition of its value in her lifetime. They both say the game (which will eventually be called Quintangled) will be the next big thing for her. Ted moves on to Julie’s next question about her stomach condition and what she might do to improve the condition of her digestion. Hilarion says she’s right in anticipating a Quantum treatment and that she should look forward to healing the condition rather than just assessing the existing circumstances. He says it would be better to take the medicine than not and that the calcium antacids are dangerous.

As a response to the call for Julie to have another Quantum treatment, Ted asks Hilarion to assess his last treatment. After scanning Hilarion reports that after only one of Walt’s Quantum sessions Ted’s rate of toxin removal has increased significantly and that he should continue to allow the Q focus to effect his throat condition: “Keep working from the inside out,” After stating that distilled water is a danger to the physical body, since it contains nothing of value and leaches out substances needed by the body and should be avoided, they move on to discuss, once again, the upgrade to the power system at Ted’s house.

Phindar responds to Ted’s question about the more detailed meaning of the 14% of people on Earth who were said to have had relatively recent ET genetic influence, indicating that ET genetics tend to be dominant in the first generation but then become more recessive with following generations in the Earth environment. These 14% are then the “wanderers,” whose earlier ancestors at one time, perhaps centuries ago, were first generation hybrids. Ted asks about several individuals known to J&T and is told that they are among the 14% with identified recent ET ancestry.

Ted goes on to ask about the individual they now call Jhaspar (who happens to be his Pleiadian genetic father) and whether he was the same as Kaspar, known as one of the “Three Wise Men” from the Biblical period (?). Semjase appears to answer they were/are one and the same individual who famously space/time-traveled to that era in his beam ship, which was seen by the multitudes as the Star of Bethlehem (!). Jhaspar is now elderly (between 700 & 800 years), and although Pleiadians live nearly a thousand years, they typically have progeny between 200 & 400 years of age. Ted asks if ETs age at their normal rate if they time-travel out of their native space-time origins and is told that it has no effect since aging is controlled by hormonal substances, largely in the brain, and by the atmosphere of the native star they live in … but Pleiadians have longer life spans largely because they ingest the ‘White Powder Gold’ that Ted has learned about some time ago, which regulates the pituitary and pineal glands optimally for life extension.

Ted asks about the talk he gave recently before a small group about exo-planets and Julie’s and his story that is unfolding in this *Five Star Series* and is told by Semjase and Hilarion (appearing to quickly review a short “video”) that they indeed liked it … planting positive seeds. The next question involves whether the astrological rulership of the sign Virgo can be correctly assigned to Ceres, as J&T have suspected, which is definitely confirmed by Hilarion, who declares the ancients knew more about the stars than is known in contemporary times. He mentions that the star light elixirs are key in finding healing formulas for us that ancient star systems may have already encoded. Ted suggests they explore this further someday. Hilarion smiles.

J&T finish their written questions and Julie looks up to see if anyone else has anything to add. The White Lions tell her they (Meena & Huluyah) are there from ancient times to “anchor” the process from the interdimensional side just as Ted anchors it from the “Earth dimension” side in contemporary time of her process in the conferences—like midwives. Ted then asks where they have been today and is told by Julie, on Ptaah’s (Semjase’s father’s) Great Spacer. Ted asks what such a craft is called, and Julie interprets it as the Pleiadian word meaning Alliance, which star ship is currently located in our own Solar System. Rhi speaks up to say that J&T, as hybrids, have more than the usual amount of difficulty living in the Earth environment, and so, their ET families have had to intervene many times to keep them from falling into disharmonious patterns (like Ted’s seeming difficulty with the higher elevations of Colorado). But now they have finished as Ted muses that these beings “from elsewhere” have now become their dearest friends.

Telepresence Conference 53

March 29, 2014

Julie and Ted, wearing white robes with hoods and walking along with their animals, travel through a time tunnel and arrive at a side gate of an ancient stone temple in Alexandria, Egypt in about 100 BCE. They walk from the west side to the east side of the temple and enter a room with conferees already seated on stone benches at a rectangular stone table. Among the seated group Julie soon notices Kaspar and then Gabriel who will be the main dignitaries to appear and address the assembled group while responding to J&T’s questions. It will be a powerfully energetic experience for her to try to moderate without tiring since the angelic energy of Gabriel is very powerful.

Ted begins by asking the new guests Ireini and Alexander to introduce themselves, and Julie is told they were Greek and part of a school of philosophy at that time who taught seekers in this temple in accordance with the Essenes, which was later referred to as “Gnosticism.” Hilarion mentions that he and Athena were both in physical incarnation at this time, and that he often works with the being known as Master R.

Gabriel then addresses Julie telepathically in a longer statement about the complex nature of planetary governance from the spiritual realm that is generally known only in “mystery schools.” He notes that the “World Teacher” was much anticipated in that time [100 BCE], and that J&T appear to have advanced sufficiently to be told a bit more about this process now. He notes that Earth is now able to produce master teachers of the highest level for its own “Hierarchy” whereas in earlier times such advanced souls came to Earth from origins on other worlds. Gabriel notes that the goal of all spiritual teaching is for the advancement or unfoldment of human beings on this and other planets, but that some approaches have been more successful than others. The genetic hybridization programs like what J&T have participated in—now consciously—make for a physical body more attuned to soul awareness, thus allowing them and others in similar circumstances to take a more rapid pace on the “path of initiation.”

Gabriel has finished his message and turns the meeting over to Hilarion, who thanks him for appearing with us. He states that both ETs and celestials both cooperate together in planetary governance, and that we [J&T] understand that it is appropriate to refer to them as family. This process of “quickening” may have come about in various ways: political, social, religious, etc., but is always more rapid at the beginning of a New Age. He advises to focus on the various ways of this quickening rather than who the individuals were/ are who have led the way on this path. Hilarion then asks, “What do you wish to know about the new discoveries in space?”

Ted takes this to mean the discovery of the new planetoid nicknamed ‘Biden’ and surmises that it is orbitally linked to a larger “Super-Earth” that J&T have been discussing for some time, for which he asks to be told the proper name. Athena responds that mythologically it would best be called ‘Astraea.’ Hilarion notes it was photographed in 2012 by astronomers as he had said, but perhaps not made public or understood at the time. When Ted asks for the proper mythological names for Biden and Sedna, Hilarion and Athena grin and say they won’t spoil the fun by short circuiting the research that Julie would want to do {;-). Hilarion adds they will probably be called ‘moons’ in any event, and they are rather like Triton, a moon of Saturn, which would be a planet if it were in solar orbit. In terms of the associated astrology Hilarion suggests a new approach to re-thinking the meaning of lights or luminaries in the cycles of day, month, year and Age.

Ted returns briefly to the question of whether the planar orbits of the main Solar System and Astraea are angular or parallel and is given the answer “angular,” but he hesitates to ask what the angle is because Julie is starting to tire with the complexities of visualization involved. He does ask if there is any evolved life on these new exo-moons and is told that terraforming may be possible but not yet.

Gabriel returns briefly to mention that Ted should understand that while his (Gabriel’s) colleague Semjase’s experiment with Billy Meier had somewhat “unhappy results,” our (J&T’s) own experiment which I am documenting could have better results—which catches Ted by surprise.

Kaspar (or Jhaspar) then begins to assess the situation of J&T, particularly Ted, since he acknowledges his role as Ted’s paternal “donor,” i.e., genetic exo-father. Kaspar, one of the so-called “wise men” of the New Testament or Christian Bible era, also acknowledges that Christianity itself has been a long-running experiment … but here he wishes to express his commitment to those, like Ted, who have been sponsored in various ET “experiments” like the group hybridization programs J&T are part of. He notes that the synchronicities that J&T notice are indeed an integral part of the higher consciousness that they have now inherited. He suggests they continue to focus their efforts and hints their work has gone further than was originally expected …

Hilarion wishes to add that however much words may fail in being misunderstood or mistranslated, or “co-opted (a modern word he likes), etc. the focus on character and consciousness, as emphasized by Gabriel, is always appropriate. Athena adds her awareness and appreciation for the heartfelt partnership of J&T (which Julie admits to Ted makes her feel tearful to hear).

Phindar adds that he and Rhi have also been much affected by the work of J&T in partnership, which has also had its own slight effect on their Pleiadian world more than 300 years in the future, which Ted finds most delightful. The final salute in the love fest of the ending of this session is offered by Ariel and Michael, who offer their appreciation for the continuing willingness to serve on the part of J&T before Julie reaches the point of overextension, given the high level of beings who have been hosted on this occasion.

Ted’s final request before finishing is for Julie to describe the appearance of Gabriel a bit more. She cites his high frequency energy and light emanations as well as his seven-foot stature in accordance with the descriptions of these ‘angelic’ beings by various ancients. Ted’s final question is, “Does he appear to have anything like wings?” Her answer is “No.” And thus, the amazing session is over.

Telepresence Conference 54

June 4, 2014

Julie and the crew of animals with Ted step into a sphere of brilliant white light to time travel back 20,000 years to western Atlantis where they walk to the sea shore and enter the portico of what looks like a marble temple but is actually an observatory. They are soon seated at a round marble table with a group of attendees, as usual, composed of a few new faces, as well as familiar friends and family, including White Wing, Ted’s earlier astronomer-priest incarnation who lived here near Poseidia during this era, and who now begins the discussion. Julie notes that at this time Atlantis was still in its more vibrant period with enhanced crystal energy communications, contact with ET civilizations, successful healing studies and much more during a very happy time for White Wing. Hilarion adds that he too, like Ted, made star light elixirs.

The first question is from Julie who would like to learn more about the relationship between the Galactic Council and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, including the place called Shambhala in teachings of “The Tibetan” in the Alice A. Bailey books. Hilarion begins the answer (as Julie notes a telepathic response of MuRaNu as well) by observing that the Galaxy has a governing body—in spite of the vast distances—not unlike the United Nations on Earth. A “Galactic Council” or “Spiritual Hierarchy” is really like the same corporate entity, or like a university with a spiritual component. He continues explaining that there are various areas of interest, like science, philosophy, biology, interstellar species, just like a university. He notes that while the spiritual masters in places like India, who appear to be lacking technology, can call it forth if they so desire. He says in specific response, Shambhala was a great ET mothership. Ted’s follow-up asks where it’s from and is told it’s almost “like a moon,” the origin of the Shangri-La legend in the Himalayas, a cloaked craft anchored over the Gobi Desert (J&T have been there but not in the current life).

Julie’s second question is about whether the earlier masters on Earth came from other places before Earth was capable of producing advanced humans and is told by Omanaloo (who is seen to smile for the first time) that, yes, the identification of various constellations by D.K. is key to the locations where the early spiritual masters came from among the five major civilizations that seeded Earth. Julie’s follow-up question referencing Hilarion’s early book called Dark Robes Dark Brothers, concerns the standard of how much evil the Galactic Council tolerates and whether that changes over long periods of time (?). Hilarion responds with a scheme describing how souls are allowed to manage their lifetimes with outcomes and consequences that may affect others, but he states that under no circumstances will the Hierarchy allow a nuclear holocaust.

Next, Ted asks about the strange case of the distressed time traveler John Titor and who he might have been. Phindar speaks up to describe an unknown CIA operative with access to “Looking Glass Technology” and the iconic story of two timelines, but who has since been silenced (not “disappeared” but effectively co-opted out). Ted then asks about the mysterious loss of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. Phindar begins the response, but with a noted need for increased psychic security. It’s left to Athena to tell the gruesome tale of people diverted to prison but with a greater intrigue averted (David Wilcock cited). Ted asks if the people on the planes used in the 911 atrocity were similarly kidnapped, and the answer is yes: the people were never on the planes anyway [never boarded the planes].

The theme turns to Julie’s daughters Lizz and Emily, whether Julie or Ted had been involved with them in past lives (?). Answer: yes, older daughter Emily was Julie’s mother two incarnations ago in Brittany, and Lizz with dependency needs; similarly for Ted (Emily as sister but other specifics not given). Ted did not have children this life because his mother had needed so much care and similarly for his former wife. Hilarion notes he does not wish to form any other dependency relationships with females (but they would be karmic in any event). Julie is portrayed as putting others before herself and making adjustments now.

Ted’s last written question asks about his strategy for making his UFO/ET studies (Meier and with Julie) available, whether in published e-book form or as something requiring more publicity (?). Hilarion remarks that technology solutions like making videos would likely be more productive than “old school” approaches like academic institutions. Samael adds his belief that writing this material would have significant value in any event.

Ted asks about the limits to destruction that will be permitted by the overseers and is told by White Wing that ETs will not allow such perilous devastation, as earlier, but that the star councils did learn much from the terrible disasters of those earlier days and times (though many more survived than is now suspected) … and that, yes, such a time has now come around again. Those “of the light” will be protected in any event.

Ted then makes his heartfelt petition to the greater benevolent forces to come to the aid of the innocent Earthuman majority in greater measure before the grave destructions occur rather than so much afterwards if they are able to do so.

Telepresence Conference 55

August 3, 2014

Julie with Ted and the full crew step into a tube of brilliant white light and are transported to the Pleiadian High Council chamber on the Planet Erra to be hosted before them by Gabriel. The place reminds Julie of the first Telepresence Conference, though what had been statues then, are now the extraordinary larger-than-life figures of the presiding council members, before whom they will be seated at a round table with the usual dozen or so guests and participants. Gabriel addresses them and is followed by Hilarion and Athena, Ariel and Michael, and very briefly by Semjase. There will not be any questions of the usual kind in this shorter session today.

J&T are dressed in white as they traverse through the cleansing white light (which doesn’t hurt the eyes) seen emanating from the council chambers before entering to be seated. Julie is reminded of the statues in the first Telepresence Conference by the large scale of the council chamber space but this is the Pleiadian High Council of Light, and the figures are real and remain seated on their thrones as Julie notes the seating plan (!). Gabriel begins by extending his greetings to all and his thanks to the members of this High Council, which is being revealed here for the first time to J&T via “Real Vision.” Also for the first time as guests are Aarros (Andromedan) and Hilea (Sirian), seated in the upper half of the all-white alabaster table near Athena.

Gabriel addresses the assembly and begins by acknowledging the situation on Terra as being at a “critical juncture,” as well as the significance of the process of inner growth of the spiritual will which has come into existence in certain mature star systems. He notes that although planets may come to grief, the higher governing bodies do not fail. Individual responses as well as social ones must precede successful outcomes. He notes that the consequences of choices must always be seen in outcomes, even as the high councils are not immune from them.

Hilarion then takes over at the head of the table to interpret for the level of Earth’s spiritual hierarchy, noting that spiritual and mundane governance are not unified on Earth as in many advanced exo-societies. He wishes to paraphrase Gabriel by noting that the outcome of an eventual spiritual Ascension is assured even if knowledge of the process for arriving there is not. Hilarion cites the Master D.K. on the primacy of aspiration, and that many are at work even though things still look very difficult, as in a sense they are being “forced.”

Aarros and Hilea chime in together to assure the group that the “Sword of Truth” is being wielded by numbers of intervening non-terrestrial activists on Earth that “would astound you.” Athena notes that the struggle will be won opening one heart at a time. Semjase makes a summing statement of disclosures and adds a private note addressed to Ted, which he is grateful to understand. All the participants assure Julie that more ETs are involved in the uplifting of Earth than has happened for a long time, and that many Earthumans are involved with them, but are not aware of it. Athena closes by noting that all is not what it seems. Julie muses that if she is making all this up, at least she is consistent.

Gabriel wishes J&T to understand the significance of their coming to the Pleiadian High Council Chamber and the recognition they have received for their efforts—not as a reward but as recognition. Hilarion advises Ted to focus on what he can change and not worry about what he can’t. Julie notes that Ted has really had two fathers: Hilarion and Asafah. Ariel tells Julie, as is said on Earth, to be her best and strongest and to “cultivate your own garden.” Hilarion & Athena advise that the good news of the current era will not appear in the “broadsheets,” and the Phoenix will rise out of the ashes of destruction in any event. Gabriel acknowledges Joseph Campbell (who was a Pleiadian) and suggests to Julie that letting go must precede receiving what is coming next. The White Lions tell Julie she has had her expanded consciousness ability for nearly a half million years. Phindar tells her they will be living in a sane society in their next lives but not to give up on Earth in any event. Then, they all smile and beam their energy, and Julie says, “I think that’s all they’re going to say.”

Ted offers a summation of the points made now as they near the end of this “short session” without additional questions and calls for any final remarks. Gabriel notes that all civilizations pass through the hard stages like Earth is in now, but wiser heads usually prevail … and that J&T essentially volunteered to have their experiences, made harder by having known more advanced cultures beforehand. Hilarion offers the comparison of a college freshman being forced to stay in the room of a two year-old. Ted accepts the dilemma of needless destruction on the ever beautiful Earth and hopes their ‘Telepresence Conference’ books might strike a resonant chord. Athena tells him his own being and efforts are worth more than he realizes. Hilarion suggests Ted be like a strong circuit in his solar power system and that a saint praying in a cave in India has a more powerful effect than an army. Does Ted doubt? No way to doubt, is the answer. Hilarion then concludes, “… let go of your anger.” Julie then concludes, “We are finished.”

Telepresence Conference 56

August 14, 2014

Julie, Ted and crew get into a “light elevator” tube and are transported to an unknown place where the Star Table is seen once again in a darkened room with a waiting assembly of guests, including the Arcturian Omanaloo, Rion (Ptaah’s father) and a special new guest at the apex of the star who will soon begin the proceedings … the Archangel Raphael, whom Julie describes as looking much like the classical description of such celestial beings. He has a short message for Ted and then departs.

Raphael begins by noting that “rulings” have been made in response to the earlier appeal (presumably by Ted in Session 54), and that “greater involvement” with Earth has been decided on. Interventions have taken place in which certain circumstances have been influenced in relation to individuals in a similar way as the Pleiadian ‘real vision’. His statement is, “Fear not, things are being taken in hand.” Ted is elated and shows relief and praise. Raphael then departs, and Hilarion moves to the head of the table as the other guests move slightly into the increased space, as he notes that what has just happened is “…to some degree, almost unprecedented.” Julie then says they are ready for questions.

Ted muses over the nature of the interaction that just happened with Raphael and poses his first question about whether climate change is caused primarily by the HAARP weather modification experiments or the proximity of Astraea. Hilarion responds by noting that the presence of the dark star Astraea, our Solar System companion, is what allows all the planets to grow and expand through heating up at the deepest levels, which heat then travels to the surface around the Ring of Fire to produce the California drought. ET technologies are being used to moderate the circumstances (“Earth will not be allowed to fail.”), and the California drought will probably not last longer than five years. When Ted asks whether he should drill a well to supplement the water he gets from his spring, White Wing answers he should set up a pyramid at the spring and call forth more water, which Ted finds fantastic.

Julie is told the Earth is on the way to initiation as a “sacred planet” and then mentions that Mars will be terraformed to make it habitable in the future by similar ET technologies. They both realize that some of Earth’s growing population will eventually be able to reside on the Red Planet.

The next question involves The Star Table Transmissions, the first book of the *Five Star Series* which is ready for publication, pending having a cover designed. Athena advises that “The soul of art is simplicity.” and that Ted should heed this advice if he intends to design the cover himself … unless he trusts graphics artist Sue Lion to do it.

In response to the next question about the ‘Georgia Guide Stones’ Rion reveals they were an attempt by a hermetic brotherhood to impart a positive effect by their declarations. Ted asks Julie to describe Rion a bit more, and she says he looks like an Old Testament Prophet about seven feet tall. Rion mentions that he is a member of the Galactic Council who was involved with dispelling the rogue Pleiadian Gizeh Intelligences from Earth in the 1990s.

Ted asks if there is any notion for having a closing statement for this Volume 4 of what will be called the *Five Star Series*, and after the group at the table confers telepathically, Ariel says there should be five volumes of 14 sessions each, adding to a total of 70—the correct number—to Ted’s slight surprise. She continues that each volume should be correspondingly dedicated to the five major star systems that historically contributed to Earthuman genomes and cultures, beginning with Aldebaran. She notes humorously that the stars are more important than the tables. Hilarion adds his agreement that the project is mainly about the stars—past, present and future—and their influences on Earthumans. Athena continues from his lead on the notion that it is time for inhabitants of Earth to discover their origins in the stars.

Ted’s next question is about their recent trip to Yosemite, Julie’s response to it, and whether there is a “master of the wisdom” in residence on Half Dome (?). Hilarion answers that the notion is more poetic that literal, but that extraordinary places like Yosemite are protected from damage in various ways from higher levels.

Julie’s question about her role in promoting the work of the Telepresence Conference sessions without it coming off as “self-promotion” is taken up, and she is advised by Hilarion and Athena to begin to organize the presentation of the work in a good Capricorn way. Ted is also advised to begin preparations for distribution via websites with videos and any other means thought to be effective … as presenters of information on the links to star systems that is guided rather than on ourselves as agents.

Julie is then asked about her situation in the experimental Session 55-Plus (to be included as Appendix IV) in which she is directed to look forward in time to various upcoming events, and is told by Ariel that she was “flying solo” but protected. Jedhi adds that her consciousness is more agile than she thinks. Hilarion adds that such real perception into the future is only based on current circumstances rather than additional future choices and that while interesting, is no substitute for informed choices of action.

The written questions are now complete, and Ted asks if there is any additional commentary from the assembled guests. White Wing responds by telling Ted he has powers from past lives he doesn’t remember, like calling in rain devas as Indians have always been able to do. J&T express their final appreciation for all that has transpired in this last session of Volume 4.

*      *      *      *     *