Longer Conference Summaries “Future Self Agenda”

by Ted Denmark


Telepresence Conference 85

The first session begins fairly typically with Tygon, the great white Sirian wolf, in the lead of Julie, Ted and the accompanying entourage of animal companions as they come upon a huge arched gate guarded by two White Lions with scepters. They are soon met by a kind of being Julie has never witnessed before: a shapeshifting male/ female entity, who will be called Elinor, now in a sustained lovely statuesque blond female form for the remainder of this encounter. The imagery on the other side of the large gate then abruptly shifts to that of a sparkly-stoned white castle to that of a more modern great room with hints of a high-tech infrastructure. Julie describes the positions at the large table where all of today’s guests are seated by identifying circular clock hour positions in what will become a familiar procedure in nearly all the sessions to follow. Today there are 16 participants, 14 core group members (with accompanying sketches of core group regulars), plus the exotic earth-based Sirian Elinor, host of the starship they are actually on … and an empty chair which initially puzzles Julie. Elinor explains a little more about their shape-shifting abilities in an environment that is in reality more fluid that what we imagine reality is required to be. She mentions that she is a member of the Terran Council of Truth and Light, an Earth resident group of Sirians who attempt to inspire Earthumans rather than dominate them.

Julie asks about a couple of future trips to Egypt and Peru again and perhaps Bali and is told by Ariel that she encountered Elinor in Peru and was given subliminal information that is yet subconscious but will become known at a later time; much of the rest of what Julie wishes to know can’t be determined at the current time, but she will be well in any event—an often heard comment offering reassurance by core-group members. A quick update on Ted’s current deal in his house-for-sale dilemma is scanned by Hilarion and found to be not “off the table.”

Ted asks for a general update of current events in the world, particularly in relation to Donald Trump who has been elected president, and a rather long revealing response is given by Elinor, who directs it to both Julie & Ted. Her point is that Trump himself, as a political lightweight, had not really expected to be elected; the whole caper had just been intended as a disruptive stunt as he became entrained into the dark web of the Koch brothers along the way, becoming little more than a pawn in their political heavyweight game of control and dominance. Elinor notes that in Ted’s overview of the situation Trump did indeed become the “monkey wrench” to help disrupt and reset a dangerous political deadlock as many “ETs” on the sidelines have also begun to realize they must take on more of role in this wayward situation than in the past in part because their ways of predicting future outcomes are not as reliable now as formerly.

Hilarion agrees with Elinor’s statement and adds that his former characterization of a “War in Heaven” has now progressed to that of being an “epic battle of consciousness,” rather than one of actual weapons of war, as more of those in intermediate positions of power feel they can no longer serve the reigning forces of darkness who are more like a breakaway civilization of ET-like beings who have actually migrated away from Earth to positions on the “Moon, Mars and beyond …” He further concludes that these human entities who have become effectively “extraterrestrial” and who obsessively pursue power without conscience are extremely dangerous and have made a descent into darkness from which they cannot return. Ted asks if the situation of these power mongers is one driven by an ideology like Nazism or Satanism and is told by Elinor that it is not ideological but rather a form of madness or psychopathic dysfunction. Ted surmises that “real ETs” have now responded to this dire call to fend off such dangers that could not and cannot be overcome by Earth-native people and is told by Athena that failures of government in earlier eras when efforts should have been made to remove these dark entities from power, were instead squandered on saber-rattling between the West and the Soviet Union (later Russia) so that short-term predictions of outcome are not now possible.

Going to a last question in discussing some of the darkest and most frightening issues in the UFO/ET (UAP) canon, Ted asks if the notion that actual alien reptilian creatures “feed off” human fears, using the term “loosh.” Semjase answers by acknowledging the existence and relevance of real serpentine beings, but recasts the perquisites and terminology by saying,

… elements of accuracy cloaked in large amounts of distortion. Sometimes when people are referring to “reptilian aliens,” it does not have to do with their appearances or their genetics, but rather what is being referred to is a behavior where the motivation is “cold-blooded” as it were—the motivation has lost any of the more positive evolutionary trends of an enlightened human being. So, it’s as if it’s being driven by the most primitive of instincts; however, that does not mean that there are not races which have such an appearance. Much has been forgotten about what has become symbolic of wisdom from serpent-like cultures. Wisdom has been lost through fear. The “generation of fear” is what holds humans in bondage, and only to that degree can the dark forces be said to “feed off of fear,” but they are aroused by knowledge that humanity is captive to fear.

Ted’s next deep-issue question in this series is about notorious “animal mutilations” that have puzzled witnesses and experts for a long time, and appears to be answered initially by Semjase … and then increasingly by everyone at the table:

They were perpetrated by Nazis from a Terran base in Antarctica with two purposes: to allow the Cabal to create terror as if from ET races; also for genetic material, again twofold: they could have also just as easily taken the entire animals and not created something so scary since they were only being transported to Antarctica. They’re using these genetic materials to both grow food and to genetically engineer other animals and species … but the leaving behind of the carcasses creates fear of the unknown, and as you have said … with enough fear from false-flag invasions from ships that were created by humans and when re-engineered, would allow a global takeover by the Cabal. This will not be permitted. It’s been in the planning for some time.

Upon further inquiry by Ted about Nazis in Antarctica, he is reassured by Semjase that operations there have become greatly expanded since the early post WW II years. Ted’s next question about the Secret Space Program and one Randy Kramer is also fielded by Semjase who describes the situation as partially accurate and partially a tale of deception in which individuals like Kramer and Corey Goode were enlisted in such a program and actually traveled to the Moon and Mars, but other parts of their stories—like the large scale war on Mars, which they sincerely believed happened—were aspects of technological mind control rather than real events.

In relation to another extraordinary story from back in the fifties, the notorious Betty and Barney Hill abduction case, Elinor tells Ted that the “ETs” in that flying saucer were actually Grays cloned, once again, by the Antarctica Nazis, whose craft was experiencing a malfunction when it was forced to land in the vicinity of the traveling Hill couple The final inquiry involving Antarctica is whether it is still functional. Ted is told that the Nazi cabal in Antarctica is still operational but its command and control is largely based on their Moon base while the industrial production facilities are mostly located on Mars. Oh, and that they did initially intend to genocide the major part of the world’s population except for those who would be useful as slaves at their bases (they’re Nazis!). Ted is astounded that these fabulous reports could really be true but already knows enough to realize it is all quite credible, even if forever too extreme as public information to be disseminated on MSM.

The final exchange is between Semjase, Rolaff & Ted as they bring him Thanksgiving holiday greetings, which is lovely after reviewing so much darkness. They note that they have a new project together on a science starship and are therefore no longer on Earth assignment, even though they will still follow some of the J&T conferences. Rolaff shares that Ted can feel reassurance that Semjase is “no longer alone.” Ted is delighted at the pleasantry and salutes them for coming together as a couple. The final remark is made by Elinor who notes that Julie’s visit to Peru has opened a link between the two of them that will have future ramifications. And then they are finished.

Telepresence Conference 86

Julie and Ted have two personal friends as guests today, KL and RC, who will be participating and asking questions of the group assembled at the table. She describes the emergent scene as a “very Medieval” time in Scotland, dating from the time of the Cathars in France and King Arthur and the Round Table in England. Two of the guests at the table are Drusilla and Lucius, who are said to be earlier incarnations of KL and RC, female and male respectively as in the present pairing. There is another very striking female figure named Ahdrid, who is described as a teacher and respected figure for KL & RC as well as J&T, who were all together at that historical time.

The opening statement is taken by Hilarion, who wishes to acknowledge and explain a certain degree of disappointment in the collective consciousness of Earth humanity at the current time—it follows the law of inertia to some extent and will likely need to have a corrective stimulus of some kind to correct its course towards motion going forward. The session guest and host asks the first question about how to prepare for the new Trump government coming to power and is told by Athena that people on a spiritual path are correct to hold their consciousness as high as possible, which KL is doing effectively in her meditation (while twitting Ted in an aside for giving too much of his time and attention to media). KL asks about her and RC’s coaching and counseling business and is told by Hilarion that there may be more need for the counseling side coming up as many will be in need of consolation at the turn of events in the political/ governmental areas at present rather than for business management solutions. They are to call upon their known guides, including the guest Ahdrid present at the table, when extra needs appear, but they are seen to be doing well in any event. Hilarion suggests that their efforts will be divided nearly equally between their own partnership and with Janet Atwood’s Enlightened Alliance. Athena warns that times will likely become more difficult in the short run, and that the political situation may be very challenging to many well-intentioned people.

When KL asks Julie if her work with “conscious leaders and enlightened teams” is to be their part of the split work effort, Julie suddenly laughs because, as she shortly reveals, when KL said that, all the guests at the table put their thumbs up, and then everyone laughs. RC asks what his highest purpose in all that has been said so far is, and is told that KL’s task is to be the idea or head of the joint effort and RC the heart and facilitator. When the question about what a project involving all four friends present today would involve, it is taken by Merlin, who sidesteps the main question by not wanting to spoil personal choices but suggests that any number of cooperative ventures could be imagined. When KL asks about “health solutions,” Ahdrid answers that she should look to homeopaths and naturopaths for aid with allergies, rather than pharmaceuticals. KL is told she has an imbalance between thyroid and adrenals and needs rest and recovery, even if it’s not worst case. KL asks about her earlier experiences with channeling of guides who were called Osiris and Isis and is asked by Hilarion why she stopped since they have remained available to her. She reveals the reason to have been a great sense of fear—not further elicited. Athena responds sympathetically by noting that’s how it is for everyone—whether justified or not. Athena then adds that KL might, “spend time looking in a mirror and loving yourself as you love others.” At that moment a loud bell from a clock in the room sounding the hour is heard, and Ted laughs to indicate the obvious impact of the effect on everyone, as KL and RC also agree. Julie then notes, “They’re all smiling!” Always a great moment when that happens! Ted agrees, “Well, we’ve hit the mark, then.” To close the sequence Athena offers the benediction: “You really have no idea how much you are loved … and letting that knowledge move through every aspect of your being, makes it all possible.”

RC then inquires of Ahdrid if he may be addressed by her as to his current circumstances (?). She recollects that he and KL were advisors or counselors of large groups in the early medieval time being depicted today, a time when Julie and Ted were also present to witness their activities. Hilarion adds that KL might be less fearful in her channeling efforts if she were to try leaving her eyes open like Julie is able to do (though she usually wears a blindfold). Julie recalls that Hilarion told Ted in his group long ago that future selves are also available to many if they were to be summoned, and she notes how often their future selves, Ariel and Michael, have appeared to offer direction and guidance along the way.

At Ted’s call for anyone’s final remarks before concluding for the day, it is Semjase who wishes to add that things on Earth have gone a difference route than expected by her and her Pleiadian associates, but the “War in Heaven” has produced a more “Star Wars” like response in which more are joining with the Alliance rather than the dark cabal. Nonetheless, Earth’s humanity will need to experience a shock in order to be lifted from its lethargy.

Julie– She’s saying that this is not in a sense necessarily traditional warfare, though some of it is … but that their role, the Pleiadians, the ones Ted and I are aware of … they’ve escalated their efforts through psychic means or intuitive means, to awaken people, “to awaken them from a sense of expecting help to come from the outside and awakening their own consciousness of what they can do, or hold or be in any given moment.” And again, she’s just saying things took a turn not even they expected. It’s as if what we would call the “forces of darkness made a monumental effort at a level that was not expected. It may hasten the end of the battle, but it will make it more difficult at this stage.

In a final remark to Ted’s appeal, “Is there anything we can understand in all this that can be seen from Earth?” Semjase just says, in agreeing with Athena:“Disengage from media of any kind and trust your own guidance—but watch what’s happening; nothing is as it seems.” Hilarion then gives the benediction that all those living in areas seeking higher light, such as Santa Fe, NM, Pagosa Springs, CO and places likes Sedona, AZ, will be protected in the coming times in any event.

Telepresence Conference 87

It’s two days before Christmas, and J&T with animal crew step into a light tube “elevator” to be taken to a virtual contemporary setting that has a large dark rectangular plank table in front of a stone fireplace with a roaring Yule log. There are three new guests, Austin, Tom and Alana at the table with Semjase sitting at the head of the table next to Athena and Semjase’s new friend Alanphin (or Rolaff) seated next to Hilarion. Ted’s first question about dangers of the CERN supercollider is taken by Alanphin, who agrees that it is dangerous and is carefully watched by Pleiadians, but not in the way Ted had thought. MuRaNu takes the next question about Antarctica, confirming its ancient status as the secret retreat of ETs and ancient Atlanteans as well as the more recent venue for Europe’s escaped Nazis.

Ted has wondered about the existence of reptilian ETs for some time since there are so many fabled stories that have been exploited as Cineplex horror movies; MuRaNu is willing to reveal some of the story but is held back by some of the others who wish to narrow the response to a very general query. The place of origin of the ancient dragons is revealed as Draco, and their influence was largely in the Far East—but was mostly positive in outcome. Semjase acknowledges the role of the ETs who collaborated with the Nazis in the lead-up to WW II were a rogue group of Pleiadians, but she cautions that certain denizens of the local galaxy would be found “startling” by most people. Hilarion then describes some of these so-called “reptilians” as vicious cold-blooded Earthumans in the ‘dark cabal’ who were not born on Earth and have no loyalties to it or its human population. After Hilarion’s long commentary on dragon beings and flawed character “ET” dark Cabal members, Ted feels satisfied that the fear stance regarding “reptilians” is sufficiently debunked. Similarly, to the question of the existence of Mantid beings, they are said to be native to a star system in Tau Ceti, have largely been explorers on Earth, are green-skinned hominid-like creatures about eight feet tall (but the insectoid label is exaggerated).

Ted’s query of controversial themes continues with a discussion of Dr. Steven Greer’s recent public warning about a cosmic hoax, a “false flag ET invasion” that has been rumored to be in the works from the time of early cattle mutilations. This would involve widespread or worldwide terrorist attacks, using advanced high tech weaponry by Cabal forces, mimicking ET craft to frighten enough people into capitulation and surrender in the face of a takeover threat. It is Hilarion’s opinion that the majority of Cabal strategists do not favor such an attack, although mavericks could still make the attempt without full support of all major Cabal factions. Semjase chimes in with a similar threat scenario that she as well as Ted have found realistic enough to consider: a Cabal offensive led by these same Nazi factions on strategic surface targets from their Antarctic stronghold that would be a real attack—rather than attempting to mimic an ET invasion.

The next question is about the ancient “cave paintings” of Lascaux, who did them and what they were intended to represent (?). MuRaNu identifies the people there, as well as Egypt, as “settlers” from ancient Atlantis and generally having had their settlements there much longer than is now recognized. These would have been Cro-Magnons and before them Neanderthals with greater cultural achievements than is understood. Some of the figures in the caves do represent constellations being represented by animals as well as the value of understanding timing and certain magic rituals. The final question is about Trump and his ascension to the presidency—if it will even happen (?). Hilarion’s response, in addition to an increase of the “War in Heaven” and the war on Earth, is: “Trump has no political sophistication of his own; he is driven by power and control and a massive delusion and megalomania; therefore, he is susceptible to advice from others who feed into that dysfunction.” Hilarion’s final remark is a telling one: “As goes America, so goes the world.”

Telepresence Conference 88

Julie goes through her paces and arrives at the “great house” in the south of /France to be seated at a rectangular wooden table with most of the usual crew and two new guests, Winten and one that oddly she cannot make out nor get a name—until Hilarion reveals that it is her own soul, initially designated as Madame X, who has come and appears like a sphere … and is seated next to Ted. Julie’s first question reveals why her own soul has appeared at the table for the first time today; she had wished to know more about the “soul infused personality.” Hilarion has a very nice answer to provide, perhaps making a point not noted by DK in his commentary on this same point:

The soul [like the personality] is also evolving and developing—it’s not as if the soul has achieved or is created or manifested at a level of perfection, but that the soul itself is also on an evolving trajectory that at some point, when the incarnating portion of the eternal entity reaches the point of conscious contact and communication with what is called “the soul,” then a blending takes place where there is no more forgetfulness—both aspects of these essences have to reach a point where the connection is made and never broken again, a point very close to the point where reincarnation is no longer necessary. One can communicate with their soul essence, and the more this is done, the closer to a consciousness that exists in eternity, the closer that approach becomes.

The subject of what would be “ET” disclosure comes up next and is taken by Michael, who first notes that much of the activity that is being seen in Earth’s skies is not so much from alien craft as from “local agencies,” meaning dark cabal origins, and long-term Earth-based residents whose close ancestry were ET. Hilarion makes the point that the “War in Heaven” was quite real and the more that J&T are able to learn about it with their own reconnaissance, the more are the guides and guardians able to reveal from those initial leads—for various reasons—not least is that of their own safety. Michael continues by declaring that the terrestrial military organizations are continuously monitored by the Federation alliance and will not be allowed to engage in a conflict leading to nuclear war. He describes a very complex situation of international organizational management that is dominated by about five distinct groups, one of which is the Military Industrial Complex.

The question of pyramids in Antarctica is answered by Rhi, who confirms their existence and that they are not made of pieces but have been sculpted out of stone mountains. Ted asks if the continental edges of Antarctica will be colonized if the ice melts back to mountainous regions and is told by Hilarion that it will be repopulated, meaning the portions beneath the ice but not the surface area because the ice will remain for the foreseeable future.

The topic shifts for Ted to ask about earlier publicity given to ET hybrids termed “Starseeds” by prolific high-strangeness investigator Brad Steiger to questions about the authenticity of well-known claimants as Pleiadian collaborators Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow. Rhi answers that the two latter individuals were authentic contactees at one time but their long-term results were heavily compromised. Rhi continues on to note that both David Wilcock and Corey Goode are authentic Pleiadian contactees still in service in spite of self sabotage. Phindar then confirms that the “Gulf Breeze” (FL) sightings of Pleiadian beamships some four decades ago were also authentic as well as a number of South American sightings. Continuing with the theme of Pleiadian missions and the like to Earth, Ted asks if there are representatives of other civilizations from the Pleaides besides Taygeta with increasing or decreasing agendas and is told by Rhi that there are: “They are narrow in scope or narrow in goal but because of the technology, some are observers, and some are on missions, as it were. But at this point in time it is more unified.” Ted returns briefly to Michael for a clarification about the status of nuclear weapons, whether they have been decommissioned (?), and the public announcement by both Russian and American governments that a new generation of nukes is being developed, presumably to replace the existing ones. Phindar’s answer is simply, “They will not be allowed to be deployed.”

Telepresence Conference 89

Julie begins her journey with Ted and the animals as usual down the escalators and marble stairs as she encounters a portal that looks like an ancient arched wooden doorway before emerging into a bright spring day in the midst of a round room with high windows in a stone building. A familiar group awaits at a round table before a roaring fire, along with a new Pleiadian guest scientist named Jondhar. The first question is directed by Ted to Semjase and Ptaah regarding the Moon, which he was heard David Wilcock claim is a hollow sphere. After looking at each other to see who will take the question, it is Ptaah who says, ”… the lunar body itself is not artificial but has been used for various purposes and has been, to use your word, “terra-formed” or in this case, “luna-formed” to utilize the inside in certain ways, but the sphere itself is not artificial. It is older than the Earth, and its orbit around the Earth is not its original location. It was captured in orbit here at least 3 million years ago—longer perhaps—but at least that long.” When Ted inquires how much of it has been hollowed out, he answers 30%.

Ted inquires of Semjase if Billy Meier was made aware of the Secret Space Program during his tours of the Solar System in their early days together and is told that he did but has remained silent for his own safety. She also says that he knows of Ted’s publications and doesn’t exactly “disapprove” of Ted’s republication of Message from the Pleaides because he admired Wendelle Stevens but will not respond because “that is his nature.” She says his health is stable and that his work continues as they continue to support him. Ted asks about another Wilcock claim: that an ancient “builder race” of ETs inhabited our Solar System and left evidence of giant inhabitance in Saturn’s rings. Semjase verifies the claim and adds that they also hollowed out the Moon and the great caverns in Antarctica a very long time ago but little is known about them, except they were probably from our galaxy and not greatly advanced for a space-faring race. Then she wishes Ted a happy birthday (only two days away), and he is thrilled to be remembered by her on the occasion. Ptaah mentions that the situation on Earth is precarious at present and that a solar emanation, called the “Solar Flash” by Wilcock, is “imminent,” but that could mean any time within a hundred years. It would be timed by the readiness of human consciousness to receive the energy. Semjase thanks Ted for taking their questions first since they are fairly busy and will need to be moving on before the conference is finished.

The next question, having to do with authenticating a number of ancient Egyptian artifacts said to have been discovered in a cave in Turkey and reported by Carmen Boulter, is taken by Phindar, who describes it as almost a kind of “Hall of records” for a number of ancient cultures, and there will be more to find, even though the cave has been closed by the Turkish government for the present.

Ted has been saving a particularly intriguing question for Hilarion for some time, involving the nature of the interaction of the human soul with its physical body counterpart, as a result of his study of the first breath astrology chart and its companion, the soul entry chart. The striking comparison between the way a hologram is made and the supposed interaction of the soul and body is seen as an interesting analogy by Hilarion but one that is not accurate. The reasoning is clear but was not obvious to Ted: a hologram is made up of two light beams (one of which is coherent) that are recombined from the same original image while the soul and its linked physical body are two different interactive energy phenomena—that sometimes combine in a harmonious way and sometimes in a conflicted way. The now somewhat obvious error is striking to Ted, and he is grateful to have the distinction explained since he thinks he could have spent a fair amount of time considering this appealing idea. Ted asks for additional commentary about the brain as the point of interaction between the physical body and the soul and is told that this interaction occurs in all the chakras, releasing energy that then emerges largely in endocrine chemistry. The interactive “force center” in the brain is further described by Hilarion:

The Pineal Gland is the point at which … not in conjunction with the brain where it’s housed in the cranium, but as one of the centers of force that is the conduit of the spiritual faculty; the more advanced the individual, the more his pineal gland becomes a solid entity, behaving more like a crystalline structure to receive much higher levels of frequency, which can then be distributed throughout the body’s centers of force and through the endocrine system.

Once again, Ted finds the explanation quite brilliant. This exchange seems to lead to another very significant question that Ted brings up about his research topic of soul-entry astrology, specifically the angle formed between the ascendant of the first-breath astrology chart and that of the soul-entry chart—which Hilarion suggests be interpreted in the usual way angles are understood in looking as ordinary aspects. It is a striking revelation that will be very significant for finishing Ted’s book-length astrology effort.

Ted moves on to more personal issues for J&T themselves, like the reason he has not had much success with his house sale, and is told by Athena that the Pagosa Springs area is still the best bet because of the “sacred mountains,” the river, the hot springs and the Tara meditation center, which advice he accepts with the element of grace it contains … because it seems there isn’t really any viable alternative. Ted asks Hilarion about how much longer his hip prosthesis, which has inflamed some of the surrounding tissue lately, might last before needing another surgery. Various aspects are considered by Hilarion’s careful diagnosis and presented with his typical care and concern, which both relieves and distresses Ted’s expectations. Hilarion particularly urges restraint and getting help doing construction work, which is still needed on the property to get it ready to put on the market for sale.

Then it’s Julie’s turn to receive some personal and health advice; first, concerning her editing work on the Egypt book series with her friend James Brown (hard to predict results since his health and family circumstances will determine the outcome), but other opportunities are also expected to materialize. Julie’s second question is about how to proceed with resolving her current dental dilemma involving getting insurance coverage for a tooth extraction and possible implants for long-term balance. The surprise is that Jondhar, the guest presumed to be a scientist appearing to respond to Ted’s questions, will be advising Julie on the best approach for fixing her teeth.

The final issue involves the question of using the newer LED lightbulbs compared to older incandescent bulbs. Ted is surprised to learn that Michael reports that the older bulbs are better—although they are not particularly great—because LED lights produce a wide spectrum of electromagnetic energies that are detrimental. Fluorescents are also not so good because they produce radiation. Ted is not only surprised but disappointed because the LEDs seem like such an improvement, not only in the efficiency but in the bluer color spectrum that can be tuned so nicely. Michael adds that use of multiple LED bulbs is cumulative—and that the scheme to outlaw incandescent bulbs (which had been floated at the time) was part of a secret government plan, along with cell phones, chem-trails and perhaps also microwave ovens and wifi data transmission, to promote a “diminishment of the race.” It really seemed a bit much at the time to Ted, but this was the final report for the day after which J&T offer their sincere thanks and appreciation for the information offered by all the participants.

Telepresence Conference 90

Ted describes the session at the beginning as a likely shorter, special purpose meeting rather than the usual research conference: it will have to do with a hearing before an elder Pleiadian Regent named Shantar—a very senior high official in Pleiadian officialdom—regarding Ted’s authorized 2nd edition ebook re-publication of Wendelle Stevens’ Message from the Pleaides. The meeting convenes in the usual way in the usual location in the south of France after the usual description of participating guests. The first order of business is to get more advice on Julie’s troubling dental condition that has gotten more complex in the meantime, which is given with commentary by several present at the table.

The main issue of TC 90 is then described to the table of guests concerning the actions of one Michael Horn, who had filed a letter of complaint to Amazon’s book sales division about what he claimed was an unauthorized second ebook edition of Wendelle Stevens’ private underground classic edition in English of Billy Meier’s Contact Notes, entitled Message from the Pleiades, edited by Ted as a critical academic revision edition of the famously unsatisfactory and almost unreadable first edition. Amazon, without consultation or anything like an examination of Horn’s claim, then pressured BookBaby, Ted’s publisher services company who was distributing the book to Amazon, to delist the title because it intended to stop listing the ebook for sale. Ted’s claim is that the ebook is indeed an authorized edition, fully supported by the daughter of the original publisher and copyright holder, Wendelle Stevens, who purchased exclusive rights for its publication in English for $5,000 from Billy Meier before the first four volume edition to be published over a period of several years. Wendelle himself had also authorized Ted’s 2nd edition just before his death, which was indeed dedicated to him as a memorial.

It was also known at the time that Michael Horn as the American publicist for Billy Meier, was engaged in an extensive series of interviews and speaking tours describing the controversial Meier story. It was further known that Billy’s “Core Group” in Switzerland had pressured Michael Horn to attempt a suppression of the American publication, to which they had not been given pre-publication veto rights. The American publication, which Ted had indeed notified the Meier group of and received tentative approval from their Swiss-based English language liaison, had preceded and was soon in competition with the Swiss group’s late-comer edition of the Contact Notes—also now in English, which had only initially been issued in German. In addition Michael Horn was motivated to suppress the new American edition, in part because he, as the best known spokesperson or apologist for the Meier saga, wasn’t consulted by Ted before going to print and was indeed not mentioned in the books as the important authority on the subject he took himself to be. Ted had therefore publicly accused Horn of censorship, erroneous and illegitimate defamation and for character flaws of lying and bullying for commercial and financial gain. So, Ted was finally going to get his hearing, if not before a civil court—usually a coin-toss in any event—before the Pleiadians themselves.

The first person to respond is Semjase, whose communication is summarized by Julie:

She’s saying she’s very saddened by this development of affairs, and especially saddened because she feels like Billy has lost a great deal of objectivity and is aging at a very rapid rate and is reacting to many things that he’s not able to control—was not ever able to control—and it disappoints her and saddens her personally, and the Michael Horn figure, for his own purposes, is trying to manage and manipulate the situation … to pacify Billy.

She wishes you to know that the situation is very disappointing to her, and that she personally appreciated all the work you’ve done to put the story straight and make it available to more people. She’s taking great care to try to explain to me so that I would say to you … what I’m sensing—she’s communicating to me telepathically—is that Billy has become a bit irrational and possessive about his relationship with her … and of course it never really healed because of all that he went through.

Today’s special guest, Shantar, a high ranking Pleiadian elder making a first appearance at the table, then immediately follows Semjase, as reported by Julie:

He’s saying he also is not expert on what would be termed “legal systems of planet Earth,” which, he’s saying, are “sadly infantile” … however, he’s saying that from what he’s become aware of in the situation, it is most important “for you [Ted] to gather your forces and documentation and to assert what you did in good faith.” He likewise from what he knows, and he has spoken with Semjase and others … he was aware of Wendelle and others who were working on this project. The truth needs to be told and those who behave inappropriately must be challenged.

Ted is encouraged by these words if a bit cautious, although he is equally saddened to be made aware of Semjase’s distress in having to describe her concern and disappointment about these developments at this late date. He has only one final question to pose to the table: is there any indication that this censorship arranged by Horn was motivated by a preemption for establishing movie rights to a future movie about the Meier saga? Michael answers that “the story is the story,” meaning that movie rights go on an independent trajectory apart from books about the same subject in any event. Ted makes a final statement in support of Billy Meier as someone who acted courageously when he needed to in spite of whatever shortcomings we might have felt he failed to overcome.

The final question today takes up the condition of the yet stalled plans that J&T have experienced in their efforts to find a residence together in Pagosa Springs, CO since Ted will be traveling there in a short time. Hilarion responds that the difficulties in settling old patterns of behavior and karma have been harder to resolve than was first believed by them (H&A). Athena offers her evaluation as well:

“Take care not to focus on form but to focus on substance and the significance of the connection and the length and depth of the connection.” She’s saying … her words are, “Pull out issues that are petty and relate to the personality like the noxious weeds they are …” She’s saying, “This is a very old, very, very ancient connection and that because of the longtime separation in this lifetime, issues that relate to the personality have to be recognized for what they are, and that they are not the major or the important issues in what the two of us should be able to do together.” I can tell you this is the most sort-of direct she’s ever been … I wouldn’t say unkind, but … they all look very somber.

The final comment is offered telepathically by Rhi: “Do not doubt the authenticity of your experience and roles in what you have done, but never underestimate the difficult reactions of others and how these must be met and faced at times.”

Telepresence Conference 91

Julie and the animals go through the usual protocol of escalator and marble stairs to arrive at an oval-shaped portal that reminds her of a ‘jet-bridge’ as pneumatic pocket doors open to reveal the inside of a large spacecraft. She is greeted by a strange new entity that reveals to her that it’s a robotic guide moving on wheels that will take the group along an almost straight hallway to the large theatre hall where an audience will be waiting for the conference event with all those seated at a long table bulging at the center. The conference table is down in what would be the orchestra pit with participants seated on only one side so no one’s back would be to the audience. Julie is a little surprised at how many auditors there will be in an audience of maybe a couple hundred people although she has seen theatre-sized rooms of observers in earlier conferences like this before. There will be 17 attendees, mostly familiar participants of Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian heritage at the table, and as usual Hilarion will be, as Ted calls him, the “Master of Ceremonies.”

Hilarion explains to Julie that what will soon transpire will be of great interest to the audience because, “… your questions relative to Semjase have far-reaching consequences… far beyond this planet.” He also notes that most of those in the audience are space beings who have off-planet assignments, not unlike Semjase, in various far off realms. This remark is a preview to the main theme for today, but first there are a couple of health issues to clear up since Hilarion is also the consulting physician to J&T, for which they are grateful. Julie has gotten a new orthodontal dentist who is likely to offer a better solution to her somewhat serious dental distress, and Ted has a pain in his left mid back that is like a muscle strain rather than a heart condition. Ted remarks that Hilarion is a “meta-physician,” a clever compliment which Julie likes. Hilarion also mentions that J&T have been twins together in past lives, and that is why they often have similar physical conditions as well as similar ideas and attitudes. Julie recites several examples (she also has a back pain in the same place but on the right side, etc.)

Ah, but the main issue finally comes up for the assembled audience to hear about. Ted describes what has happened with his new 2nd edition ebook of Message from the Pleiades on Amazon, which had recently shown very good sales:

Ted– So, the next question is about another sort of snafu, I suppose, having to do with my recent letter that is going to be sent to Amazon, which had earlier received a letter of complaint about my 2nd edition Message from the Pleiades ebooks from the individual called Michael Horn, which ebooks were then “taken down” by BookBaby, and so I am wondering if I should just simply wait to allow conditions to settle out a bit more or whether they have any advice about pursuing a response in a more active way what I have been attempting to find out from Amazon, that is, what the complaint actually was from Horn so that I might respond to him (?). Or do they think I should just drop the whole thing to let the head hornet have his day on the field for Billy’s sake?

Semjase responds:

Julie– It’s Semjase who is going to speak. I think we were told this before, but I think she’s saying the issue with Michael Horn is being driven by Billy, and that he is at this stage … it’s not dementia … that’s not the issue, but there is “an inability to imagine that your circumstance could be valid.” She said this also relates to your question about her “re-appearance.” Her feeling is that it[1] was unjust and therefore it[2] should not be dropped—because it was unfair—and she would quote … I don’t remember the figure’s name, the one I said was like Moses,[3] who was here the last time that we received that guidance from, that it is important for you to persevere … <Ok, good …> and that, from what she is able to see of what you are doing, is correct, but that ultimately, you will need to deal with Michael Horn.

So, that is her main answer with a bit of stern advice, which Ted realizes is correct. He had anticipated such a situation, long before Horn had posted his one-star review of Volume 3 of Message on Amazon or wrote his unctuous take-down letter. It was unpleasant and disappointing that Amazon would fall for this big-shot ploy of “Michael One-star” even if the horned one had worked hard to support the Meier position in numerous appearances, perhaps even if only as an overweening substitute for his meager rock and roll musical stage career in L.A. Someone who had observed and knew Horn had told Ted that the chief hornet with his cadre was definitely “not a gentleman” and not interested in anything like scholarly fair play but … rather more vindictive as a dirty tricks artist—and to watch out for him. So, was it better to challenge him in a local Northern California courtroom or to challenge him with the pen (computer keyboard)? The solution was likely the latter since lingering words of truth and compassion are mightier than even the swift sword or the dreaded anachronism of an elderly person sitting on a high bench in a black dress being summarily hailed by all in attendance who may not wear hats in false tribute or admit that they know anything beforehand—a series of delays barely better (?) than a toss of the dice for such a rankled little twist of fate—as he remembered the earlier remarks of Shantar. And so it is …

The first question to be addressed to Semjase was the enigma of the 2nd ed. of Message from the Pleaides, and the second is about Ted’s pending proposed book about her. Here is the detailed sequence that was so piquant for Ted, even if it did take some soul-searching to appreciate what was said, but which only increased his admiration for her as his witness matured:

Ted– Let us continue on then and take the second part of the question for Semjase, having to do with the prospect of a book about her with a working title of The Re-appearance of Semjase … first of all whether she would feel at all accepting or perhaps even enthusiastic about making a “re-appearance,” as it were, or whether such a project would be seen by her as not really well-timed, particularly with regard to Billy and his current circumstances (?). I don’t think I have it in mind to be asking very much of her, except approval for starting to pull together various threads, based first on her Contact 10 from the Message from the Pleiades books, as an early explicit teaching she gave to Billy and the readers of the contacts, which was a most memorable expression of the Pleiadian understanding of the Creation, and a most notable expression of spiritual insights and attitudes that are as good as anything that has ever been given out, particularly by a female ET figure—there almost aren’t any others that we know of in contactee literature—but it is of great value in any event.

We know she is modest and definitely does not wish to be “deified” … but how would she like to be remembered and perhaps become better appreciated or understood on Earth (?) … or is it even possible for her, given her present commitments, to extend her visits to Earth where she has already lived out a large part of the last century or so? Does she think it would be appropriate for me to begin a book-length narrative to introduce her as a partially-resident Pleiadian ET woman with a spiritual teaching to offer a wider Earthuman audience who might be interested, perhaps particularly as a role model for more advanced Earth women, either for the first time or from the legacy of the Meier contacts … or, as a Jshrsh … and has she already committed herself to other project efforts, perhaps on Erra or other planets?

Julie– [softly] So, I have to tell you that while you were speaking, something happened that’s never happened before … it was like she became luminescent … <[softly] Wow …> as if she were transmitting this tremendous energy field to me. I want to say it was like a benediction … I’m really not sure … she’s telling me that they have a healing technique, which the closest on Earth is Reiki or Johrei … but that they have a capacity to tune or accelerate their own frequency and transmit something that’s like a current … so that happened … her appearance otherwise didn’t change.

So, the answer is complicated, as you might expect. She said the title … first of all, I guess I should say that proceeding with the writing, the research, the preparation … is most appropriate. She’s not certain about the title and the implications of that. <Yes, of course …> She wants “return” in the title, but it’s more like something about “a return of stellar wisdom” … or “return of ancient wisdom, ancient knowledge.”

She is suffering a great deal because of what’s happening with Billy right now and with the organization … <Yes …> and she does not wish in any way to add to that. <Right> So, in essence what I’m understanding from her … she’s nodding … is yes, go ahead with the research, go ahead with the writing, go ahead with what you feel … she’s very pleased with the idea of transmitting what is often called “Contact 10” … <Um-hmm …> she’s saying more can be transmitted through the vehicle of these sessions, relative to … what she’s very interested in having us talk about and learn more about is how they travel back in time, our relationship with Rhi and Phindar as part of it, part of what you would talk about. What is not answered in your question?

Ted– This was only a preliminary request for marking a start on this idea of a book about her and what she might wish to say or not say, beyond the amazing and tumultuous ‘Billy Meier New Age Prophet experiment,’ so to speak … and whether it’s a good time for it now more than 40 years later … and of course, it would seem a natural for us because she has been such a central figure in revealing our Pleiadian hybrid identities to us, beginning in The Star Table Trance Missions, V.1 of the *J&T Five Star Series*.

Then, a wider response from some of the others at the table emerges:

Julie– So, I’m now getting a triple transmission from … well, the Sirians are actually adding theirs as well … what she’s [presumably Nyla] saying is that something that would be very helpful, and you are uniquely qualified to do, is an analysis of some of the projects we know about … some of the religious intervention … <[brightly] Yes …> our project … and that more can be revealed through the vehicle of these sessions of ours about other projects. The Sirians are also nodding they would like to have the information given about their lodges on Earth, so the sense I’m getting is that the thrust of the book would be about … and Hilarion’s eyes are twinkling … <[chuckles] Oh, boy …> in a sense what you are qualified to write is how somewhat more advanced beings have interacted with Earth … with Semjase as perhaps the star example in her relationship with Billy, but she’s saying even though we have not had the physical contact, our story is as unique. <Yes …> And Hilarion is saying that both his relationship with Jon [C. Fox] and with us … is also worthy of description in the process … <Yes …> So, in a sense what Semjase is saying, is how you might think of it is how higher-level wisdom is communicated to developing planets … with perhaps Contact 10 as the centerpiece.

All this delightful uplifted sharing is then underscored—or marred—as Ted’s recording device suddenly emits a loud beep to signal that it is now in emergency shutdown mode (!). The drama is fleeting as he takes a time-out to realize that the digital recorder has run out of memory space and is able to erase some older files that have already been backed up … and makes the correction without using his computer. Julie then has the final word on the long sequence about Ted’s idea of a book focusing on Semjase:

Julie– Well, the summary is that the scope of the book can be wider than with Semjase and what is called “Contact 10”—the centerpiece or “crown jewel” if you will—but that there could also be information in the category of how more evolved species of the “ascended masters” variety … and Hilarion is just saying to me, “as well as well-meaning fools,” [irony] have and do introject themselves into developing cultures, some with positive response, some with not-so-positive response … <Yes …>

And now Semjase is adding that … this is what she just said to me … sadly the Pleiadians have had more failures than successes when it comes to Earth. <[very softly] Wow …> She wants to comment to you on … by the way she … they all love the way we figured out the thing with the Vulcans in Star Trek and all of that … <Oh, good (!)> and that’s what they account one of their biggest successes … <Yes (!) … me too.> that because, she’s saying, the Pleiadians had developed intellect or mentality and suppressed as unruly, their emotional natures, that they set up … she’s saying humans might have called it a “time bomb,” and that in fact was one of the biggest lessons for the experiment with Billy … with Eduard … that had to be brought back into equilibrium.

There have been other such stories on Earth … she’s nodding … she and Hilarion both nodded to the Sirians, saying they, by contrast, have had many more successes than failures. <Wow … fascinating.> They are much more integrated where what would be called the qualities of mind and heart are concerned.

The dialog then moves on to the work of increasingly renowned hypnotherapist Michael Newton, whose 2015 book on the trajectory of the soul between incarnations or “life between lives” is being read by Ted. Hilarion is appreciative but does not want to reveal the past life identity of Newton, apart from noting that he was a prominent physician in ancient Greece. Returning to thoughts of a fascinating book from about forty years ago, The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak, Ted inquires whether this abstruse publication had support from any of the Pleiadian groups involved with projects on Earth. The answer is a clear yes, but unrelated to projects acknowledged so far—even though Gabriel was aware of its existence. Hurtak is seen as a largely positive figure, even if possibly overly motivated by financial outcomes (Phindar’s take) and unknowingly manipulated by certain security agency intrigues. It is further indicated that Hurtak, like Billy Meier, is still actively protected by Pleiadians, No one came to take the seat next to Ariel, so J&T realize that the proceedings have been transmitted to some remote location without knowing where.

Semjase then makes a final statement, followed by a long response by Ted:

Julie– She wishes to say to you [Ted] that from her perspective in the scheme of things, she’s like a person in a giant organization just doing her job … and that some of the greatest harm has come to planets where technological visitors were deified … and it caused the same thing as happened with Jmmanuel and with Mohammed and others who … so she just wishes you would understand that … because in no way does she ever want to be responsible for anything like that.

Ted– She has made this point in earlier session conversations, which is very plain to me, so I am fully aware of her concern. I think I’m only looking for a little assistance from her to find out what she would see as the best way to present her distinctive teaching emphasis with some commentary to have it associated with her with appropriate acknowledgment of validity, from a figure of obviously advanced—indeed exotic—status who nevertheless is not to be erroneously “deified in the process.” I well know this is an ancient mistake, often associated with relatively ignorant or primitive peoples, which we would also like to avoid. I am not a religiously inclined person wishing to “compound the felony” as she once said.[4] We would be committed to the truth in any event as we know she is, which gives us much of our inspiration from her … in a time desperately in need of integrity and greater honesty about truth to combat secrecy within enormously powerful malicious syndicates and conspiracies.

So, it would seem to me that our situation today is to attempt to acknowledge facts and affirm spiritual principles as they have been presented to us in a striking contemporary instance by a most extraordinary individual who happens to be a masterful and courageous extraterrestrial woman from the Pleaides … who has lived on Earth for some time—and who is also quite dedicated, as well as lovely and rather modest (!). Her approach has indeed been accompanied with soundly mature interpretations that might allow us a greater understanding in taking to heart what she has offered in loving appreciation, but without excessive worshipful or other misplaced or merely devotional attitudes. After all, it is part of the female archetypal nature to have such an appropriate natural spiritual awareness with a rightful role for allowing greater truthful feelings, perhaps, as we have heard today with regard to the Pleiadians as well, to emerge in the coming era of our world struggling towards a more enlightened future.

We would also naturally present her in the context of our other J&T Session participants such as Athena and Hilarion, Rhi and Phindar, Ariel and Michael, and other members of our paternal Pleiadian families.

Julie– She’s saying the best analogy she could give is like that of an anthropologist stumbling across a primitive tribe … that the anthropologist doesn’t wish to be thought of as a god, but the primitive tribe doesn’t know what to make of it, and they’re bringing the advanced knowledge—perhaps advanced wisdom—but they are transmitters who have … and the other thing that she’s saying that is very poignant … is that that no matter how much they thought they had learned and grown and evolved, in many ways, they have been humbled by their experiences on Earth.

Ted– Yes … well, I have certainly come to appreciate the difficulties of accepting certain emotional experiences and validating their status, as well as presenting spiritual teachings on Earth—it is clear to me because of some of the terrible wars that have occurred—and are still occurring (!)—which I think we consider to be the main problem of our time: the tragic conflicts among the three main Pleiadian-inspired Abrahamic faiths now in open warfare in our Middle East, not to mention the historical internal schisms or heresies as she calls them. It’s hard to even begin to think about how to understand all this and have any idea how to proceed …

Julie– You’re about to get a gift … <Oh?> Athena wants to suggest a subtitle … <[chuckles] Ok …> Transmitters of Timeless Wisdom

Ted– “Transmitters of Timeless Wisdom” … well, she’s good …

Julie– Not the title—she wants you to find that—but as a possible subtitle. They’re all smiling—that doesn’t happen very often.

Rhi will have the final comment after which this TC 91 before the large audience will be finished:

Julie– She’s saying that from our perspective, of course, “For us humans …” she’s saying “when people come from the stars, we expect them to have more wisdom, when all they really have is more knowledge.” <Yes> And that it is very, very dangerous, and she’s saying that was the whole significance of what was given in the Star Trek series about the Prime Directive. The danger, the profound danger, in the more technologically advanced culture, imposing their beliefs and interrupting the development … <Yes>

Earth is a special case because of all the interference that has taken place and the escalation of violence and combining of races that occurred after the destruction of Malona. They still take great care; they still are very puzzled, she’s saying; [softly] they still are not certain about what to do about circumstances on Earth.

Ted– Exactly … that has been my feeling lately as well.

Telepresence Conference 92

Once again, like in the last session, Julie finds her way through a portal of glass and metal doors (automatically activated opening outward) to arrive at another amphitheater setting aboard a spacecraft before an audience of nearly 300 attendees who are seated and have come to watch and hear the program about to occur. When Ted asks her to describe the attendees, she is somewhat surprised to report they are all hominids dressed in red and black uniforms—like in a Star Trek movie—but it is not a mockup. A rectangular table is once again set on the floor below and in front of a stage with everyone sitting on the side of table facing the audience.

The first question to be addressed to the relatively small number of participants at the table—only Hilarion & Athena, Rhi & Phindar, Ariel & Michael, and the White Lions—is that of the highly controversial chem-trails that have been seen for decades all over the country and in many parts of the world. Hilarion presents the bleak outline of the situation by first stating, “What is being tested and in control of the military in terms of these chem-trails is a delivery system for biological warfare.” Various human populations—including Americans—are being used as guinea pigs to test the level of lethality of certain mixtures of commoditized chemical substances that can be sprayed into the atmosphere using a fleet of jets stationed at various military bases. The pilots have been told that it is merely an effort directed at crowd control if violent revolutionary situations should emerge. He notes:

At this point, however, there have been some cases in which increased dosages were tested in small areas that were fatal to some people and animals, so that the potential for this weaponized system to be lethal is profound. But at this point it has not been used for its full lethal potential.

Ted is naturally shocked but remembers that there have been numerous reports over the years of dangerous military programs being tested on civilians without their knowledge. Phindar & Rhi reassure Julie that these chem-trails can be neutralized in the air by ETs if the need should arise.

The inquiry moves on to a question about the NASA Cassini mission to Saturn, which was recently concluded with reports that the spent satellite was allowed to be captured by Saturn’s gravity and fell into a destructive ending. The surprise is that Hilarion reports that the craft was actually “commandeered” by a rogue group of ETs from the Alliance because it was going to be taken by the Secret Space Program to use for their own nefarious purposes. The Saturn theme continues with questions about the unusual hexagonal shape that has been seen at Saturn’s North Pole: the question is whether it is natural or something involving ET intervention (?). Phindar answers that it is natural, based on the unusual internal structure of the planet compared to the other gas giants, in terms that Julie does not appear to understand very well. The subtext of the Saturn sequence is that there is a lot of ET and SSP traffic in that area but little they can divulge at present, though it’s even more amazing than David Wilcock has suggested.

Then the conversation shifts back to the dark side of “geo-engineering” (weather manipulation) as the question of whether the super hurricanes Irma and Harvey were natural storms—or rather the diabolical intrusions of the Military Industrial Complex. Hilarion sadly states that it is the latter: powerful natural storms becoming further empowered by the HAARP antenna complex with ultra-sound drivers and space-based lasers. These are the last gasp terrorist efforts of the dark cabal as it strikes out in desperation. When Ted asks if anyone can predict whether the drought will continue this year in California, he is surprised to hear a response that is more about the unknowns involving serious weather warfare aggression that is going on with militaries behind the scenes around the world since the intrusions have world-wide effects rather than only local ones. The final note on weather manipulation is that the HAARP facility will likely lose its funding, and the University of Alaska has proposed to use it for different, possibly scientific rather than military purposes.

The next topic is that of eclipses in general and in particular to the ones of 2017 when this conference in late September occurred. Hilarion’s remarks here are direct and to the point:

Once again, before technology or before there was the ability for such a collective consciousness around such an event, the effect would have been far more local, and often far more terrifying. Of course, part of the answer could be given in an astrological way, but the collective nature of the experience with the thousands of people who traveled to locations to have a group experience were alchemically transformed. In some ways that laid the groundwork for the response to the storms [the hurricanes], and the timing of Irma’s landfall was shortly before the anniversary of the 911 terrorist attack, which was also not accidental.

Ted follows up with a point about eclipses: another pair of rare total eclipses appearing over America are due in 2024—which happens to be the time this book, Future Self Agenda, Volume 2 in the second J&T TC book series, will finally be published. The notion is that these eclipses come at the strategic time in US history of the Pluto Return, the time in every nation’s development when a major revision or roadblock occurs requiring a major shift in development or re-invention of the national identity and governmental administration. Hilarion agrees:

Yes, that’s very accurate and appropriate. The eclipses are like bookends with a great deal of housecleaning and information arising from the darkness of the underworld to be cleansed and purified … that will happen in between.

Julie notes in closing that they (H&A) are encouraged by what happened during the first set of eclipses in 2017.

Ted then takes a side step to make an enquiry to Hilarion about the soul-entry birth time of Donald Trump to see if his pendulum dowsing technique has gotten him the correct answer. It didn’t, but Hilarion is generous to give him the correct time (1:37 pm). At the time of publication in 2024, Ted just so happens to be thinking on doing a written astrology piece on Trump with the election coming up, so is greatly intrigued with the timing. Julie then asks what time Ted had gotten for his pendulum dowsing of the Trump soul entry time (4:07 am), which turns out to be the time Julie had gotten her message from Athena that same morning-which is a very striking synchronicity for Ted (!).

The final question for the day has to do with the 911 terrorist attack in 2001: after reading about the Judy Wood book on the subject Ted wonders if the buildings were “dustified” as she called it, when they were taken down—was it done with space-based weapons (?). The answer given by Michael is a stunner for Ted: what caused the buildings to be turned into a dust cloud was not the result of powerful lasers being used or anything similar but rather was an unexpected (?) reaction between the planted nanno-thermite munitions used to cut through the steel columns by the military cadres and the asbestos used in the insulation of the lower floors (!)—that was the origin of the dust cloud, which Ted had thought must have been caused by the massive amount of concrete being pulverized during the collapse.

Hilarion’s final revelation is a bit of a surprise, too; he states that the rather large audience today is composed of members of what he refers to as the “Rebel Alliance” within the Secret Space Program, who are intent on working on a scheme of full Disclosure rather than suppression of knowledge of the ET presence in our Solar System, etc. Then, when Ted asks where Julie thinks she has been located today, she says she assumed it was someplace not on Earth … but is then suddenly told that she has been taken through a time portal ten years into the future so that these assembled cadres could find out at that time what they needed to know now to take action against the Dark Cabal. This comes as a big shock to Ted, who, once again, is greatly amazed. And then it is over with heartfelt thanks all around.

Telepresence Conference 93

The opening sequence begins as it often does with Julie, Ted and the animal crew marching through a 10 foot square hallway, well-lighted but without apparent discrete fixtures, then into a largish 20 foot square room that is well decked out with high-tech display equipment, even in the nearly black table top at which all will be seated—like the early Star Table. The full complement of guides is present, with two new guests, Mamboh and Strikah, scientists from Alpha Centauri.

J&T attempt to get a medical consultation with Hilarion about Julie’s painful knee problem out of the way initially, which is first seen as likely needing professional attention, but then Ted happens to have read in Hilarion’s Star Elixir book that problems of the left knee are related to Messier object 7, which is related to lack in integration of past lives within one’s current personality, which seemed amazing enough to both of them. Julie is given a little visual retrospective of her past lives in which she had not yet assimilated the true nature of her status and thus subjected herself to others of questionable authority. She then notes that M7 was conjunct with the South Node in her astrology chart (!).

The next question is about the strange aberration of the Las Vegas mass shooting from back during the time in which a particular individual seemingly fired onto a crowd at a musical event with high-powered rifles from a nearby casino tower. It is Athena who answers:

The individual who has been identified as carrying out these actions … was possessed by demonic forces … the result of a fall into multiple levels of addiction and spending so much time in areas like casinos, which are filled with nearly demonic astral forces. He was possessed by multiple entities acting out the possession in their own enormously evil and unresolved tendencies—trapped in a realm …

Ted reveals that he has mostly stayed clear of casinos and bars out of instinctual reactions to the cloying smell of booze and numbing feel of these ”gaming” environs.

Another fascinating open-ended question about the authenticity of the American moon shots from the late Sixties and early Seventies arises next. Ted had recently read accounts of a number of suspicious but persuasive debunking interpretations of the famous moon landing pictures showing a blanket black sky backdrop behind the lunar astronauts. The response is taken by Phindar, who notes the moon shots were witnessed by too many technical people to have been faked in toto, but some number of photos and videos were censored in real time before being released to the public since they contained images of spacecraft and Secret Space Program monitors openly witnessing the events. Evidently the backup mode presentations that may have been prepared “just in case” of failure, did not have to be used.

Ah, but on to real science with the guest scientists … as Ted asks about two terms currently receiving much attention in popular science: “dark matter” and Dark Energy,” particularly as they might involve a breakthrough in our understanding of quantum gravity (?). It is the male Mamboh who responds first:

What is termed in our language by Earth scientists as “dark matter” can actually be understood as an extended but yet unperceived aspect of what might be called the electromagnetic spectrum. What is visible to our scientists represents about 5% of what exists in the universe, and in that way reflects light or has radiance or electromagnetic energy or has gravity. What has been called “dark matter” … then is but what will be discovered at some point to be an extended part of that same spectrum.

Ted is intrigued and quickly asks which end of the electromagnetic spectrum contains the dark matter, and is similarly told … both. It is always a slightly dizzying experience to imagine the very small and the very large with only the middle in evidence of our senses, so they proceed to the next mystery term: dark energy. Once again Mamboh offers the insight:

What is called “dark energy” on the other hand is something altogether different; it is based on the geometric framework of what is called “space,” and that the apparent acceleration of space is a result of this energy which continually grows and multiplies, like a vast geometric matrix. The Earth scientist Nassim Haramein decoded it in his explanation of the entire … what might be called “fabric of space,” being tetrahedral geometry, which is continually manipulating itself, like a giant erector set … which is causing a misperception of the expansion of space, based on red shift

The other female guest scientist Strika adds the short summing up:

We do not yet have instrumentation or understanding, and that some of the calculations by the Earth scientists like Einstein were correct, but it seemed to be so impossible that no one could accept it. So, what is called “dark matter” is part of what is a much larger spectrum of energy that has not yet been identified … but “dark energy” is part of the nature of the universe itself.

So, dark energy is more fundamental than dark matter—as is usually the case with matter and energy—and the universe emerges out of these self-limiting, countervailing forces.

While the science guests remain, Ted brings in the topic of quantum computing for decoding by our guests of advanced scientific standing, but his introduction in terms of expanding two-valued logic to higher-valued logical cases, stumps everyone at first. Ted recasts the notion of the question into the next step beyond binary logic as possibility analagous to the four-valued logic of DNA proteins, but it still seems confusing to everyone, so he tries the mathematical notions of ‘fuzzy logic” and “undecidability” and strikes a chord with Rhi who responds, as Julie had heard earlier, with the option of “maybe.” Ted begins to think of quantum computing as perhaps an oxymoron or sorts, and when he wonders if something like quantum entanglement or time travel would be required to expand the notion, he gets a nod from both Phindar and Rhi, who offer, “What they’re trying to do [with quantum computing] is somehow make science out of how the mind works.”

The next inquiry in this heavily research-oriented session today involves Ted’s collection of starlight elixirs that were made with his specially outfitted silver-mirrored Cassegrain telescope a couple of ago with the help of Michael Smulkis. He has been re-reading Hilarion’s awesome book (Star Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing) published by Smulkis and wondering what to do with the remaining samples of all the star elixirs made with the telescope, which are sitting in a light-tight cabinet at home. The question now to be addressed to Hilarion is whether it would be a valuable approach to use the elixirs as bases for making homeopathic tinctures (?). Hilarion’s response is quite enthusiastic as he details that such an approach would indeed be quite valuable and not very difficult. Ted offers praise to Hilarion and his amazing book and hopes to make some effort going forward to take advantage of what has been offered. Hilarion notes that it would be perhaps helpful to give the M7 elixir to Julie (relating to the earlier curious synchronicity of her knee being related to this stellium). When Ted asks what the best elixir would be for himself, Hilarion responds, Deneb, the alpha star of Cygnus, which Ted thinks he also has in his collection of elixirs.

The last exchange of TC 93 is about Julie’s upcoming trip to Egypt, in particular her visit to the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens, where Ariel tells her that she worked with a group of artisans several thousand years ago to create the artistic paintings and decorations for this now very famous tomb! It is a poignant moment for her to hear such a confirmation of this powerful aspect of her life in relation to the magnificence of ancient Egypt. Finally, Ted asks Julie about the appearance of the two guests, Mamboh and Strika, and is told they are Nordic-looking humanoids, a bit taller than Earthumans , well and somewhat elaborately dressed, and as usual, quite lovely.

Telepresence Conference 94

The small group meeting takes place at the familiar French estate in a large library-like room lined with bookcases floor to ceiling, except for one large glass wall, looking out on a pleasant late fall landscape. Julie has been decorating her house for Christmas, and the quests come dressed for seasonal cheer as well. Ted jokes that they may be in another galaxy since Hilarion & Athena have switched their usual sides, but Julie notes they are seemingly in real time in the usual Milky Way galaxy.

The first topic concerns the series of intense and very strange fires that broke out around Santa Rosa, CA a few weeks earlier and caused a lot of damage. Ted describes it as an attack rather than any kind of wild forest fire that everyone has witnessed many times before. Hilarion confirms his contentions and describes a chaotic scene in which the existing owners of valuable real estate were purged of their properties by a government-arranged fire emergency. In the initial response Ted thinks this fire storm must have been arranged as a state or local power and land grab—if not a national government or military intervention—but is quickly informed that it was an operation by the Dark Cabal and opposed by the military controlled by the White House. Ted then suspects the infamous “Black Triangles” as the culprit invaders, but is told it was a much lower-level skirmish with smaller craft like helicopters, cloaked and based in Alaska, delivering the laser or directed-energy-weapon strikes. It is not clear to Ted how a land grab by local or regional government in Santa Rosa using high-tech weapons could be allied with the Dark Cabal, but he neglects to ask further. Hilarion makes the point in closing that the effect of these attacks on ordinary citizens is strengthening their resolve rather than frightening them—which had been the intent of the perpetrators.

J&T call upon Hilarion to scan Julie’s knee situation as well as her general condition; she had been receiving minor treatments and is found to be doing better with increased herbs and nutritional supplements. She is once again cautioned to get as much sleep as needed and not feel bad about needing more than the average amount. Ted asks about the newly published feature length movie of Dr. Steven Greer called Unacknowledged, which Julie has seen recently. Hilarion & Athena call the work “heroic” and describe what a “yeast-like” effect it is having on the “brotherhood” of people who have come forward in witness of what they have seen or heard in government or military employment. It is said that some of these operatives had never known of many situations revealed in the disclosures other than their own. Hilarion adds that the Greer whistle blowers are themselves only the tip of the iceberg. We are assured that Greer himself is highly protected. The Greer programs, according to Athena, will lead to “revelations of explosive information” that will be somewhat uncomfortable for many in officialdom as the awareness spreads.

In the next curious incident Ted tells of having seen a green praying mantis bug attach itself on the window above an open copy of his earlier Star Table Trance Missions book on the table below. He had watched a video about ET Mantid Beings earlier in the day, read about Mantid Beings in Hilarion’s Star Elixirs book in addition to watching the Pleiades culminate overhead in the evening. He wonders if any of this was perhaps arranged by one of his dear friends and family from the Pleiades (?). Michael pipes up and says, yes … some arranged phenomenon with a touch of Real Vision set in motion by Lysah and Asafah, who were checking in on him with a bit of wry humor.

Ted mentions enthusiastically that he got some good pictures of the praying mantis on the window, and Michael tells him there was also a little more to it: when Ted went outside to view the Pleiades rising in the sky, they sent a powerful transmission to him that he may have noticed … Indeed he did and wrote a short story of the event that is on his website. This makes Ted wonder if they can be told more about the civilizations on planets within the Pleiades, and the answer is also yes, but it would be better to have a whole research session dedicated to it. In the meantime Hilarion notes that there are as many as seventy planets capable of sustaining life in the Pleiades, twenty planets with intelligent life and between three and five, having already achieved interstellar travel. Hilarion then reveals that Pleiadians & Mantids collaborate occasionally, and that the Mantids, who live on a star relatively near to Earth, are very advanced scientifically, are green and about eight feet tall, which would be daunting enough, but one of them has become aware of our conferences and is planning to appear as a guest some time soon. The final filip of the mantid caper is that Ted found a pair of mantises in his solarium, which he put outside so they wouldn’t get caught in the sliding glass door, but then one climbed up on the bathroom window and appeared to expire with that effort.

Samael follows up with an attempt to explain how something like this mantis synchronicity, arranged byAsafah & Lysah, was done—being similar in principle to what Steven Greer calls penetrating the “light barrier.” The more advanced ETs have various kinds of superluminal technologies that allow them to easily evoke a “phase shift,” bringing them to close proximity at physical locations, like where we are. We then experience them as what Ted calls an “energy presence,” which in their protocol is like “dropping by to say hello,” something they like to do often enough to see how we are doing. Ted notices this happening and often says it feels like they are “being monitored” because he can sense the high frequency energy signature. So, this is the game of how they communicate with us, now given as a bit of an explanation of how and why they are inclined to do it.

Having finished the main sequence of research questions for the day, Ted asks about the news story of scientists believing they have found a cavity above the grand gallery in the Great Pyramid in Egypt using muon detection technology. Ariel responds by concluding there are other aspects of the setup used that are not understood, but what was detected was the presence of filler stones less dense than the surrounding material. Having struck a spark, Ted continues by asking more about what the Great Pyramid was actually used for, particularly in relation to the theories of their friend James Brown. Ariel notes that James was largely correct in his supposition that the Great Pyramid was a great chemical laser, and continues on by describing large 12-foot long crystals of quartz and diamond that were hung from the ceiling and attached to the walls of the Grand Gallery as catalysts to drive the processes that were initialized in the “King’s Chamber.” Various substances are mentioned as being used such as fluoride crystals, gold, sulphur, and hydrogen. It is also mentioned that another entrance exists on the south side of the pyramid that was used to bring the various substances into the pyramid for the chemical lasering process. When Ted asks how and why they were able to get hydrogen—a very low density gas that is hard to store in containers—Ariel says it was used in the Queen’s Chamber and they got it from water vapor—implying they had some kind of electrolysis process in this ancient time. And that is the final part for today.

Telepresence Conference 95

This session is a time travel excursion to meet with a small group of 6 regulars and 2 new guests, beginning from the usual escalators and marble stairs into a quick burst of white light to emerge in a nighttime world of Christmas/ Solstice decorations in Eighteenth Century France. The scene is in a room in a private house with a roaring fire and high-back French provincial chairs arranged in an oval pattern with a small table at the center. As usual Hilarion & Athena are present as moderators and only Ariel & Michael are otherwise present from the core group of regulars. The first new guest is Ivan, said to be Ted’s father from a fairly recent incarnation in Ukraine, who is dressed modestly and seated next to Julie. The other guest is a rather exotic female Egyptian figure named Haset, who appears to Julie like a figure “off a temple wall” and is seated at the prime 9 o’clock position.

Ted describes a picture taken on a walk through the grove of trees just southeast of his house, which is anchored by the large old white oak ‘mother tree.’ The picture shows a kind of white splotch over the trunk of a very unhealthy-looking Ponderosa Pine near the old oak. Ariel describes the image as showing the departing spirit of the recently deceased tree, which is said to be a rare gift that Ted was allowed to witness, by the deva of that area where his property is located. Ted had thought that the image overlaying the tree looked a little like a bird in flight, which prompts Ariel to state: “It’s not incorrect to think of it as having wings since they partake of another dimension …” She further notes that the devas on the property who oversee the trees, do not want to see Ted leave, and that he should call upon them to help find a new steward for the land his house sits on.

Up next is a question about a remote sighting of what some believe is or was a spacecraft and others think was only a space rock, which was later called Oumuamua by investigators. Hilarion is quick to say it did not originate from outside our solar system, but was rather a red-colored space rock or asteroid from the Kuiper Belt that was actually perturbed and drawn into its current trajectory by a large passing space craft (!).

Staying with the UFO/ET theme, Ted asks about a legendary space-time portal on the grounds of the ancient Egyptian temple at Abydos where, in a report seen by Julie, the crash survivor of a downed ET spacecraft called Jrod was taken by a Dr. Dan Burrish in an attempt to allow him to return to his home world. Hilarion’s nuanced answer is that yes, the attempt was made as reported, but was not successful because the portal had been decommissioned by the EBENS themselves at the Earth end, so their lone survivor of a crashed craft was forced to spend his final days on Earth. He remarks on several related issues such as the fact the movie called Contact portrayed fairly accurately how these hyper-space portals actually work.

They move on to a short discussion of the recent fires in southern California; Ted wonders if they were similar in being caused by terrorist military attack with high-tech weapons, like the fires in northern California the year before (?). Hilarion admits they were only natural at the beginning but were driven to a much higher level of damage by artificial means—like the earlier fires to the north—but compares the less damaging situation to what would have been an outcome of far greater damage than what was forecast a few years earlier. The notion is that there is a great deal of karma in southern CA to yet be worked out. But it is made clear that the origin of these attacks on CA is from “off-planet,” namely the Military-Industrial-Complex located on the Moon and Mars, driven by the Dark Cabal in Antarctica and various other locations on Earth.

Julie spontaneously mentions the ancient Egyptian guest Haset at the table was her teacher and close confidant, and who was with her when she died at an early age from a snake bite as one of the artisans doing wall paintings in the tomb of Nefartari. Julie is told that her life was not wasted by that tragic mishap and that she will get to see and understand which panels were the ones she painted on her upcoming trip to Egypt, and that will help heal her still lingering sense of loss.

Ted asks for comment on his general health condition and is told by Hilarion that there’s a minor prostate issue but increasing body alkalinity with herbs like essiac would be helpful. Hip bone weakness rounds out the scan, but it has been an issue since getting the hip replacement prosthesis. Hilarion & Athena suggest, perhaps amusingly but not entirely, that Julie should give Ted voice or singing lessons.

The next question is an invitation to explore the incarnations of J&T just before their earlier Russian incarnations during the era of the Russian Revolution. The sketch by Hilarion shows Ted to have suffered a loss of life during the French Revolution, a rapid reappearance in Ukraine to finish the earlier life cut short and a second Ukranian life with today’s guest at the table who was his father. Julie’s circuit starts similarly during the French Revolution with Ted as an illicit lover at the royal court and additional strained involvements leading up to their separate dispersals during the Bolshevik upheaval.

Then it’s on to a question about the Martian Moon Phobos: was it an artificial satellite and what about the tower that seems to have been reported by satellite probes from Earth (?). Hilarion’s answer is that this moon was a natural asteroid that had been repurposed during the time of its ancient use as a kind of landing beacon, not unlike the way a lighthouse was used to help navigate early ocean-going ships on Earth.

When called upon to offer any additional helpful suggestions Hilarion is frank to advise that J&T together should take at least a short ten or fifteen minute period in the evenings to meditate and call in their teachers for additional grooming, which would likely be more advisable than anything else they could do. J&T thank everyone for their participation and time to be present with them.

Telepresence Conference 96

This small special purpose session includes only Hilarion & Athena and J&T at a small oval table with Ariel & Michael sitting to one side and begins as Julie goes through her paces to arrive with the animals at a new room that appears ultra-secure. A green mist pervades the space as they start, and oddly everyone appears larger than normal—Hilarion & Athena are reported as normal-looking—but eight feet tall (!)—as if to underscore their power. Julie has had an early morning dream that she thinks has been projected by Hilarion, which she expects today’s session will soon address, as it does, beginning:

Hilarion is saying there is great concern, not only on Earth but that what is happening on Earth has also precipitated a conflict at the level of the Galactic Council in terms of what type of intervention might be required or permitted under existing galactic law and policy. The situation on Earth is raging out of control. They are not certain what to do and how to intervene. Circumstances are unfolding in ways that were not expected because those on Earth who are subject to this law are in flagrant violation of it, meaning of course, those who operate in space, operating from behind the scenes, are completely unjustified in wielding their illegal powers.

Hilarion’s statement begins with a stark warning:

Take great care about whatever information is consumed from certain sources. Decisions have not yet been made about the level of intervention; events are indeed escalating; the degree of lawlessness present in this country and others is tragic, and of course, those who operate in space [dark cabal] are hoping to remain in their secret locations. Attempts are being made to cause distractions through more weather-related events and attacks that look as if they come from nature but instead come from rogue forces desperate to preserve their positions.

The central point he wishes to make is that the origin of the greatest evil that exists in the world at this critical juncture is “human caused” rather than of ET origin—this is why the councils are having such difficulty in planning a course of action: the responsibility for the dilemma resides with Earthumans. The situation is unprecedented and galactic law does not have a clear answer, so there is uncertainty as to jurisdiction. Athena adds:

Invoke the masters, invoke those we know, who embody the side of truth and light. If we call them, they will answer, but we must raise our consciousness above the battle—to be drawn into the battle is too dangerous. There are many, many interdimensional beings to provide help … but they must be asked. They are not permitted to intervene without our request.

There are few on Earth who understand the truth. They understand the problem, but they don’t understand truth. This is an enormous test that reaches out to other solar systems. The Galactic Council does not know how to deal with such clear violations of galactic law in a situation such as we now have. Within ET groups those police their own members, but they’re not permitted to police the planet.

Julie reaches a kind of finale in bringing forward Athena’s account of the “Trouble in Heaven …”

… it is the same darkest of the dark forces that are driving the extremes of right and wrong, polarizing the extremes of right and left, so that reconciliation becomes yet more difficult. The evil forces who wield power … Athena says they are beyond redemption, and some of this is completely unprecedented.

Ted asks if transgressions of the ancient Pleiadian Jshwsh civilizations are the cause of strange departures from acceptable social norms for careers in criminality on contemporary Earth, and is told by Hilarion that it’s minimal though being responsibly actioned-out by modern Pleiadians. But the wild card in all the Galactic Council deliberations is the position of the advanced people, evidently Sirians, who have been living “in the interior” in various underground caverns for a very long time. Once again the situation is seen as dire …

The future hangs in the balance at this moment. The message is to seek our own truth and take care to be cautious of all voices who speak, no matter how seemingly well intended. The capacity to know the truth at the human level is exceedingly compromised at this time. The forces of darkness can indeed be called demonic at this point.

Julie recaps this segment by saying,

I’m just being shown a whole range of things that are happening, the degree of warfare that is going on in space is extensive (!). There’s a great deal of blind rebellion.

Ted is not sure if the blind rebellion mentioned is that against the dark cabal, but assumes as much without asking, given the context.

Julie continues to describe and express the actions and attitudes being prescribed by Hilarion and Athena for secure positioning in this dangerously chaotic time:

Hilarion and Athena are essentially communicating to me that the most powerful answer … is for people to rise to the highest level of what they are capable of attaining in their consciousness … and part of that involves disconnecting from discordant and oppositional voices whose only solution is to “take sides.” I’m being shown … it’s actually more than five … splinters of organizations or factions, as you have said, who are fighting for control and dominance.

Julie continues with crucial messages in this vein:

Hilarion is telling me that … so much is at risk … but there is the equivalent of a vote at the level of the Galactic Council, to decide whether those who are involved and participating can reveal themselves to the world in a show of force or a show of power. The dark forces will try to spin this as an “ET invasion” when in fact it would be more like a “Heavenly Host.”

Athena is saying, as she has many times—and wants me to know this, too—that fear is the greatest enemy, and that the ETs and the Hierarchy will aid and protect those who are doing the best they can to contribute to the higher good—rather than to inflame this ongoing war.

So, Hilarion is channeling his emerald green power and energy through the crystal he’s wearing around his neck, a large emerald crystal … he’s using it like a transmission device, sending enormous amounts of its color frequency into our hearts as we sit at the table … into our hearts, our throats, our brows, our crowns … it’s a powerful, powerful, energy-wave beacon of strength and protection.

Ted notices that he can feel it, too. The short compressed high points to be made go on like this for a few more amazing, clarifying and memorable paragraphs:

Julie– We are being protected. What he wants me to know … wants us to know … is that the Hierarchy is working to inspire whatever small percentage of humanity is capable of arising, and they are identifying potential leaders in small groups because the resurrection will not come in a hierarchical manner; it will come in an Aquarian manner … from small groups who commit to live in a new and different way.

Athena is saying that one of the things I will remember from my upcoming journey to Egypt is the wisdom of the heart, which the very ancient Egyptians knew and what their rites of initiation and passage were meant to commemorate. They’re showing me that in the awakened chakra system, Kundalini moves upward, completely upward in the spine to the higher centers and then in waves of energy, moving up from the feet and down from the crown and circulating like two ovals in and through the heart … whose energy is green. Hilarion is showing me that once the energy has enlivened what are called the higher centers, an integration takes place, and the energy flows like an infinity symbol through the integrating confluence of the heart … it is at that point the electromagnetic energy radiating from there is multiplied many times … and the center becomes circumference, and the circumference becomes center.

Hilarion said it would be helpful for us now to wear green crystals. I think you have one; I have one. So, the power of this green energy that is his essence, has increased and increased as we’ve sat in this protective sphere, and they are suggesting to me, Athena as well, that this will be galvanizing for us. His final message is,

Do not be distracted. Focus on this energy, concentrate on it; let it expand within you, and the force field of your energetic system will become a transforming energy in the world many times larger than the field you can imagine for yourself.

Hilarion uses the green crystal around his neck to touch the brows and hearts of J&T as a final blessing to go with them in well-spoken and true words of wisdom.

Telepresence Conference 97

The step-off transition occurs at the bottom of the marble stairs with the exotic new appearance of a silver and white vortex of bright light that successfully transports the J&T crew up into a large Pleiadian star liner called the Star Jumper. The little ten foot tornado of a portal delivers them up to the “lobby” of a ship estimated to be about 400 feet in diameter with four deck levels—a new place for Julie to see. They are greeted by a female captain’s coterie of ship officers specializing in navigation, public relations and science and are then taken on a long walk around the circumference of the ship, having large portholes to a meeting room—it’s daytime outside rather than the dark of space, so Julie thinks they are in cloaked low Earth orbit. The meeting room is near the exterior surface of the craft with sloping walls, and its ceiling is transparent so it feels like they are going to be seated outside. The large (12 foot diameter) round table appears to be a kind of replica of the ship itself that is about two feet thick but with a small dome on top for view screens as well as having the same view screens built into the place settings at the table’s edge.

Metatron will be at the top of the great table with Jeshua or Yeshua on his right at 11 o’clock and Hilarion and Athena on his left at 1 o’clock. Then, following around clockwise at 2 are Ariel & Michael; at 3 is Sally’s guide Gabriel; at four the White Lions; and at five the Sirians Nyla & Onyion. J&T are at the 6 o’clock bottom of the table with Semjase on Ted’s left, Jedhi on her left and a “guardian pulsating cylinder of light” acting as security at the table on his left at 9. Finally at 10 is an Essene figure called Eloise. It is a large group with J&T guests Sally and Grace seated on either side of them at the bottom. The conference will start with Grace’s question about the role of archons in Earth’s historical past. Just as Metatron begins his answer referencing “angels and demons, powers and principalities,” he defers to Jeshua to continue with the answer because he detects that Julie is feeling overpowered by his archangel energy. Julie then takes a moment to describe the demeanor or Jeshua: “He is wearing a white robe; he looks very much like he looks in pictures … hair to the shoulder and the most extraordinary thing about him is that he radiates light and love … and it’s just an amazing experience to feel that presence.

Jeshua then continues with the explanation of archons: they were early (400,000 years ago) rogue Pleiadians, such as Yahweh and Jehovah, who came to Earth in a grandiose fashion to set themselves up as gods and miracle workers because of their advanced scientific technologies. Later during the Biblical period certain of those with deeper spiritual knowledge and longings, who were called Gnostics, referred to extraterrestrials as archons. The group to which Jeshua himelf belonged were called Essenes, but they called themselves the Brotherhood of Light. They were later also associated with the philosophy of the archons, whom they knew in their time as what we would call extraterrestrials today. Jeshua describes as untrue that there is anything like what has been called a “soul trap” built into Earth evolution for humans, but rather, as Eloise, who is given the remainder of the answer to clarify, there is universal karma that applies to all, and younger souls tend to attempt to avoid facing the consequences of their less fortunate decisions, often expecting to avoid them by fleeing. Guest Gabriel (not the angel who has also appeared at the table at an earlier time) does point out that there is a “technological barrier” in place around Earth to keep Earthumans from venturing too far afield in deep space as well as to keep out various undesirable interlopers from reaching the surface.

Gabriel also mentions to Sally that the “white scroll” she has been told about is not a physical object but rather her memories, attitudes and dreams as a Pleiadian over a long period of time that could add some amount of interest or clarification to the various tasks at hand if she were to write something … and that she should get a computer to make the recollection and writing a bit easier (which everyone at the table finds humorous). Sally also asks about her Pleiadian father, whether he is aware of her now, and she is told that his name is Issa, and that he is indeed aware of her circumstances.

Ted continues on to Grace’s question about “artificial intelligence,” which is first taken by Semjase, who makes the point that the term is an oxymoron, if still having some basis for a general discussion of intelligence and automated programing: a simple tool like a knife can be used either as a dangerous weapon or an implement for making dinner. She continues:

The problem is with the programmer. The problem is with the algorithms that are created and the potential for that to be out of alignment with a higher purpose. This is epidemic on Earth at this time, not only with computers and what we call the development of “quantum computing” and “robotic intelligence” … and in a sense, everything that’s created is organic; everything that’s created has the potential to evolve … but if its creator is like a Dr. Frankenstein, then everything that is created will be a monster.

Hilarion also wishes to clarify his stance on the role of anything in culture, government or religion that attempts to restrict or forcefully countermand the individual will:

Anything that places power outside of a human will, anything that gives power over to another source … of information, or to a leader, or to a guru … is the wrong choice for the development of humanity—and that’s the crisis, that’s the catastrophe that is happening on this planet. Too many people look outside for their salvation, too many people look outside for an answer, for a teaching and quote others as if they hold the answer.

The hierarchy of spiritual masters and those on the Galactic Council, those who serve the Terran Council of Truth and Light … are doing everything they can to aid humanity’s awakening, but it is humanity who must awaken … and it is time. Take great care of the information you consume; it is far more potentially poisonous and toxic than the food you consume—as it controls your mind (!).

There are beings who serve the Galactic Council, beings who serve the spiritual hierarchy of the planet who stand ready to guide, who stand ready to help, but it is humans who must become the warriors—warriors of truth and light.

Grace’s final question is about “crypto-currency,” and it is Michael who answers that it is quite unstable and unpredictable at present, but …

This is the wave of the future … this will be the monetary system, if you can call it that … “ ‘Currency of exchange’ might be a better term.” This will be the future; however, it’s very unstable and very uncertain, and there are those trying very hard to corrupt it, as he said, in its infancy … so, in a way it’s too soon to get very involved … so much is going on behind-the-scenes and under cover, and those who deem to be selling it are not all honest … [flatly] but it is the future.

Grace does a follow-up on her earlier question about artificial intelligence, asking rather is it possible for a soul to enliven an inorganic thing like a robot and is told by Hilarion it is possible if the creation is sufficiently rich to be suitable for a soul’s development. Hilarion identifies the so-called Q phenomenon as a secret group, not unlike Cobra, who make joint statements … that remove individual responsibility for action from people and is therefore dangerous. Sally is given some reassurance on her husband Amond’s surgery coming up, but the problem will be mostly finding ways to make adjustments after recovery. Sally is also told that a kind of skull like glass material that she has gotten is Arcturian technology that is like a thumb-drive for her to concentrate on to focus her attention and regain certain memories, which she has had in earlier times.

After all the written questions have been addressed. Ted asks if there is anything else that anyone would like to add on their own, and Julie is gratified to find that Jeshua will have the final remark:

The message of humans becoming their own saviors is the most important message. It saddens those in the spiritual hierarchy that humans continually fail to recognize their potential power or wisdom, especially their capacity for love and to do good. The power of the sacred heart is the most healing force in the world. Entering into that space and consciousness and understanding what that means in our lives, is the most important thing we can do. “My peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Go in peace …”

Telepresence Conference 98

Julie starts by noting that Tygon, the great white Sirian wolf, is about a quarter larger than a standard wolf; it is he who comes to her with a wolf kiss at the bottom of the marble stairs. They quickly go through an arched wooden double doorway set in a stone wall. After Julie describes the stonework, Ted thinks it might be a corbelled arch she’s witnessed there. When she gets to the table she notices that chair backs are the same shape as the arch seen coming in. There is no table today at this sunny already familiar spot by the lake, only chairs arranged in a circle. The first mystery guest seated next to Athena is Zantar, someone from the Hyades who appears to shape shift from male to female genders in appearance—something Julie says she has never seen before (but actually sounds similar to the appearance of Elinor in the first TC Session 85). Zantar is said to appear as a pattern of flickering lights that are almost “psychedelic.” The full circle of sixteen participants, beginning with Semjase, then goes around the lower seating arrangement, concluding with Thoron & Cheeana, who are a Sirian elvish couple with pointed hats. The first question is about a number of “orbs” that have appeared in some of Ted’s photos taken with his new camera (?). Julie realizes that the elvish couple is here today to try to explain this phenomenon. The orbs are said to be from the elemental kingdom in nature, a living but rather primitive life form … that is actually the appearance of what Earth scientists call “Zero Point Energy.”

Julie seeks to find out more about what is happening in the background with her board game. Athena tells her the board game was a worthy project, done by the team members for different reasons, and that her, Julie’s part, is done, and it is now up to the publisher to secure financing for final production. So, it is her role to wait patiently for the next event to occur. Ted asks about what David Wilcock has called “the Solar Flash,” a transformative event that may he is close at hand. It is Zantar who answers that yes, indeed this kind of phenomenon does happen to stars, but very rarely, when they go through initiations that upgrade all the life forms they are carrying if those subsidiary lifeforms are able to survive with the higher energies. Semjase says a little more about what she calls this “solar emanation” that has been witnessed by them before, even on Earth: it was the phenomenon that ended the reign of dinosaurs 64 million years ago.

Ted asks about the earlier Chet Snow book Mass Dreams of the Future and is told by Hilarion that such would and will describe the world if and when the Solar Emanation occurs (!) as the planet is re-colonized and resettled into both technological and traditional styles of development. Ted continues with a fundamental question about what happens in Earth’s core: is it more like the standard scientific view of a molten metallic ball that generates the magnetic field or is it more like a plasma energy process that is causing the Earth to grow and expand (?). Hilarion answers that it is more like a creative alchemical process that produces fire and water, yielding earth and air as byproducts.

The final questions are about the always emphasized need for Ted to re-locate from California to Colorado with a few dietary sanctions thrown in (use solarized quartz crystal water with lemon—not so much lime—and less iced tea with caffeine). Ariel tells Julie her upcoming trip to Egypt will probably be her most profound and not the last (it wasn’t). Hilarion chimes in that they are working on an Ireland trip for her, too. Ted hears a bird call out on the nearby lake and is reminded that he wanted to ask if a certain photo op with a pair of golden eagles that he had taken recently was arranged by any of his hidden ET family … and the answer is “only for the 444.” This would be Phindar’s age when they first met him, but here … was synchronistically the time of day. Rhi & Phindar take a round of comment to express their disappointment with the way events have taken a different turn than had been hoped for by many such as our friends and family. Rhi says the ETs are very busy … Hilarion calls for J&T to meditate together so they can become like “resonant capacitors.” Zantar appears to lead a projected energy release at J&T who both feel the effect, indicating a time of “power and uncertainty and potential.” J&T finally thank everyone who participated in today’s powerful session.

Julie in NY museum on her way to Egypt a little later in 2018

  1. That is, Horn’s action to suppress availability of Ted’s re-edited 2nd edition of Message from the Pleiades ebooks previously available on Amazon.

  2. That is, my response to protest suppression of my First Amendment rights of free speech and legitimate rights of publication

  3. Shantar, in J&T TCD 90, an elder who is of the caliber of Semjase’s father Ptaah.

  4. … meaning, as was done to Jmmanuel (Jesus).