Longer Summaries of *Star Light Reflections: Cygnus-Lyra*

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

*      *      *      *

Telepresence Conference 57

December 20, 2014

It’s the day before the Winter Solstice, which finds Julie and Ted dressed for the season along with their group, beginning with two new guest Sirian elvish beings. The initial discussion is about a house for sale in Pagosa that has been discovered as a possible place for J&T to consider purchasing for themselves, but which is then contrasted with the house Julie saw earlier in a very memorable vision. Semjase is present with a new companion, Alanphin, which piques Ted’s interest. They will be presented with various options and given advice as well as having some amusing times together.

The discussion moves on to the condition of Ted’s currently still-unfinished house in California, which Athena subtly suggests … needs painting—and it will probably be too much for him to do by himself. He understands and agrees. They continue to discuss the radon seepage at the Colorado house they recently toured, as Hilarion assesses the risk of lung damage for healthy people and those with various conditions. Ted asks if his lungs are in good enough condition to avoid risk and is told that living in a beautiful place like this at elevation would obviate risk … and that he should try singing and perhaps swimming as well.

The discussion of the Balfour house continues as Ted wishes to have a clearer understanding of how Julie’s psychic visioning process works; he particularly wonders if she will ever see the real house of their dreams in her vision, which might be more important for them to have than any other house like the one they are discussing. MuRaNu answers in detail—noting Ted’s now well-cited ‘Swiss Cheese’ metaphor—that Julie must rely on “visual cues and verbal clues” that she has already experienced in some way, rather than just being given the answer that would be too far beyond her existing understanding. Ted asks, can’t they just show you a picture (?), and is told … not quite … though they do show pictures at times.

Semjase chimes in by contrasting the process used to help Julie get her answers in trance with those of the Pleiadian ‘real visioning’ process in which someone is made to see a differing reality that is nonetheless fully controlled by another person. Hilarion finally notes that some aspects of Julie’s house vision were accurately shown in detail—though not the whole house—as for example the windows of the Balfour house were identical to the windows of the house shown in her powerful vision. J&T admit that they have learned a lot in the discussion.

Ted continues on by asking for comment about their impending plans to be married on an upcoming February date, in particular about buying a house first or having gotten married first … when Hilarion breaks in to suggest, “running the chart for 444.” This turns out to be very funny for the obscure reference to Phindar, who first emerged into their lives by transmitting this number to Julie in sleep, which was his age at the time. The discussion continues when Phindar comes forward to tell them it doesn’t really matter anyway since they’re planning on getting married in any event—which event Julie asserts pleases all their dear friends and family very much (!). Semjase is also smiling at the repartee and makes an offer to bring gem stones from other planets for J&T as wedding gifts, which is another little inside joke since this never worked out very well for Billy during the time she helped him acquire his farm. There is mention of a stone J&T saw at friend Sally’s house, with an emerald in it, which would also be useful, for example, in absorbing radon gas radiations, etc.

Ted’s next question is about Julie’s job working on editing books with a local builder who is also an amateur Egyptologist and whether his construction company might also be able to build a new house for them (?). There is a serious conflict with his wife about the viability of their family construction business vis-à-vis his desire to write books, but Hilarion puts a positive spin on the book project going forward for Julie. Athena adds that it might be a bit too much financially for J&T to build a new house with the Dream Home construction company, which leads them back to a final pitch for the value of the Balfour house, with which opinion White Wing agrees … and is seen to smile for the first time by Julie.

Semjase’s companion Alanphin speaks up to say the Pleiadians are somewhat remorseful for the difficulties experienced with their earlier contactee Billy Meier, but they, J&T, will not be abandoned … Ted asks if his normal vitality will sag again at the higher elevation in the Rockies, and he is told by Hilarion and Athena that he works too hard and doesn’t get enough rest before making his trips there and should take a blood oxygenation tonic for the move to the higher elevation, as should Julie, who also tends to work too hard (!). Ted asks if Semjase and Alanphin are appearing together as a couple and is told, yes, as a new couple, and hardly anyone knows yet. He continues by asking if Semjase knows that the final book in Ted’s 2nd edition of Wendelle Stevens’ four volume Message from the Pleaides has been completed (?) and is told that’s the reason she has come to the conference. He also mentions that J&T have also completed their first book entitled The Star Table Trance Missions at which time everyone smiles (!).

The elvish guests Sepharial and Anaspah are described as ancient Sirians who have come to add a sense of the season rather than to participate directly in discussion. Ted asks if it seems appropriate for himself and Julie to stop in Las Vegas on the way to driving back to his house in California, and once again they all smile as Athena suggests they probably won’t be interested in the casinos, but that the countryside in the area is interesting and powerful. Ted inquires whether they would care to opine whether musical entertainer Frankie Moreno, then playing in Las Vegas, is the reincarnation of Elvis (?) and is told he thinks he is (without further comment).

As they come down to the finish, Ariel offers a feeling of relief that some of Julie’s dilemmas seem to be clearing up. Hilarion echoes Athena in advising Ted to get help finishing his house construction projects. J&T offer thanks to all for participating, and then they are finished.

Telepresence Conference 58

January 1, 2015

It’s a step off a ramp onto a beamship transporter that delivers J&T and the animal crew to the inhabited planet in the system of Mirach, called by them what sounds to Julie like “Bulac.” When Ted asks about the final one—or two—of the Five Stars, he is given the simple formula “Lyra seeded Cygnus.” Julie realizes that they are in the Constellation of Andromeda but still in the Milky Way after first thinking they had gone to the galaxy of the same name. Ted learns more about the Pleiades; like, why they were called “the Seven Sisters.”

Julie, Ted and animal crew travel together in a “gull-wing” like space transporter very rapidly to a gleaming building in a futuristic city where they are greeted and seated at a very large oval-shaped table hosted by a couple of tall Andromedan ET natives named Rasta and Elandor. The latter begins by addressing J&T, acknowledging that they have heard of their “Five Star Project” and approve of the initiative. Ted begins by noting that their understanding of the first four of the five stars in their *J&T Five Star Series* were easier for them to understand than the final star’s designation as “Cygnus-Lyra.” Hilarion responds by giving perspective on the ancient humanoid races in the Vega system of Lyra, which then in later times “seeded Cygnus,” so the naming order is reversed in time (should have been Lyra-Cygnus). He continues on to name the major stars—which are the “Five Stars” themselves: Aldebaran, Alcyone, Sirius, Mirach (in Andromeda) and now Vega.(in Lyra). Hilarion adds that the “Five Stars” are the origin of the five major races that have had the greatest impact on the human genome on Earth.

Ted asks about Alcyone, noting that no one from that system in the Pleiades to his knowledge has yet appeared as a session guest. MuRaNu responds by describing a being in ancient times who came to Peru on Earth from Alcyone, also exerting significant influence on Tibet and eventually to Blavatsky’s Theosophy, and that many individuals from Alcyone had great influence on all the worlds in the Pleiades. In fact the reason the Pleiades were called the “Seven Sisters” is that seven different planetary systems in the Pleiades traveled to Earth at various times. Ted asks about Asket of the Timars people from the Dal Universe and is told by Max that Billy Meier, as an ancient Lyran, had involvement with that “dimensionally shifted” universe in ancient times and has carried that forward into this life. In response to Ted’s question about David Wilcock, Omanaloo identifies him as an Arcturian hybrid (like Edgar Cayce) who is a genuine contactee, even if he has hedged some of his pronouncements for various reasons.

Continuing with questions about currently prominent people, Ted asks about Vladimir Putin and is told by Ariel that he comes from the context of his last life as a prominent figure during the reign of Catherine The Great and is somewhat aware of ETs in his role as a force for betterment, and that he and Obama are both being protected since they are both in great danger. In response to Ted’s question about the historic destiny of Russia, he is told by Hilarion that while karma is also being discharged, this Russian era with Putin is the fulfillment of Edgar Cayce’s prophecy that “Russia will become the hope of the world.” Ted asks about the current collapse of oil prices and is again told by Hilarion that there is secret active warfare behind the scenes, and that while the price drop benefits ordinary consumers in the short run,” zero-point” or “cold-fusion” technologies will be replacing petroleum energy in the near future.

The next question has to do with a rumor Ted has heard about a giant spacecraft or “city of light” positioned over Sedona, AZ, which is confirmed by Athena, who gives a description of it as an ET multi-civilizational project, more like an experimental university, of which there are about a dozen dispersed around the planet. Michael supplements the answer by noting, “The skies over Earth are very crowded right now.” Ted asks about James Brown, the amateur Egyptologist and founder of a local home construction company, who has had a cancer diagnosis and is told by Hilarion that J&T have worked with him in lifetimes in ancient Egypt and that while his cancer is “emotionally based,” the treatment is necessary. Athena and Michael continue to describe a new house built by Colorado Dream Homes as a possibility if desired by J&T—that when Ted’s house sells, then it will be a time for deciding. Going a bit further with the house hunting prospects in Pagosa Springs, CO. they are advised by Athena and Hilarion that Ted should do map dowsing to determine which would be the most appealing areas for them to look for property. Julie describes her feeling of being in like, a hot air balloon above a map of the area with little flashes of light over the best areas for them—but realizes she won’t be able to remember exactly where afterwards.

They move on to what is expected to be the final theme of the day, which is the preparation for their wedding in the local St. Patrick’s Episcopal church and whether their planned Celtic ‘Hand fasting’ ceremony will seem appropriate in so modern a Christian setting. Hilarion and Athena combine their responses of approval to give the go-ahead for a ceremony in a church dedicated to the Irish saint. There are questions about various gem stones and color preferences among J&T and their dear friends and family who are present today, but Julie concludes by noting how pleased they all are with the discussion and prospects.

Ted asks if there are any additional observations by guests who have not yet spoken or wish to make any remarks, and Julie notes that most of the various others present are there to help us be able to make the very distant trip to Andromeda. Then they are finished.


Telepresence Conference 59

January 13, 2015

There’s another stone castle on the itinerary, and the full crew find themselves in a Medieval Celtic setting in a room in Brittany with their closest guides and a royal couple from the era being visited. The session is going to be focused on a pair of past lives of J&T in relation to their attempt in the current life to successfully manage the plan of their marriage ceremony. They are about to travel to Boulder, CO where Ted had lived previously, where he also had a difficult situation in a marriage more than three decades earlier. There will also be an extended discussion of where ETs came from as will be presented in this *J&T Five Star Series* of books.

Julie begins to understand the situation being presented by seemingly overhearing the memories of the Celtic king and his queen who are present at the old well-worn table today … about a time when, in earlier incarnational lives, she, as the offspring of one clan outranking him, and he as the offspring of another, were not able to marry, and he had died tragically shortly afterwards. The situation at hand is that J&T are attempting to decide if their original marriage date in February might not have been hastily chosen since the colder weather might not allow some invitees to attend. The various counselors, including Ariel, Hilarion, Michael and Athena, all suggest the date can be put off, but should only be extended for the right reasons; that is, based on their own feelings and perceptions, rather than by external factors—as had been the case in the earlier bonded lifetimes being highlighted … by the desires and needs of others.

They continue on to consider the candidates for the actual stars to be included as the ones to be correctly highlighted in the *J&T Five Star Series* of books of which, this meeting will be expected to be set in the fifth and final one. They are Aldebaran; Alcyone; Sirius A; Arcturus; and Mizar (or Mirach), which are to be associated respectively with their constellations Taurus, Pleiades, Canis Major, Boötees, and Andromeda. These are said by Hilarion to be the right stars and constellations in the right order to satisfy the formulation as the most important ones to have made the major contributions to the Earthuman genome in ancient times. In further consideration of the places on Earth where the various Five Star Civilizations were localized, Hilarion mentions that the Pleiadians were nearly everywhere, while the Sirians were drawn to more mountainous regions, and the Andromedans largely settled in Europe where they still show their crop circles.

To Ted’s question about the origins of the Titans and Olympians of ancient Greece, Athena responds by identifying them both as Pleiadians, with Titans advancing during the Golden Age when the brown-dwarf Astraea was closest to Earth, then the Silver Age for the Olympians, the Age of Heroes for the third quadrant when “Gods walked among men,” and finally the Age of Men as echoed in the Tolkien chronicles (he was also given help in understanding this sequence). She adds that “Mt. Olympus” was actually a starship rather than an actual mountain. When Ted asks whether these “Ages” relate to the current cycle of Astraea, Athena responds that the sweep covers many Golden, Silver, Iron and Dark Ages dating back a million years, which surprises him. When Ted asks about the role of the Lyrans, he is told by Hilarion that they came to Earth in the earliest times a million years ago and did not interbreed with primitive Earthumans because they were so advanced.

Ted asks about the role of the black African and Asian races, and at first does not get a response, but, after mentioning that Semjase had said the ancestors of the Asian races had come from a very distant part of the galaxy, is told by Ariel that the ancestors of the black races had come to Lemuria from Sirius, also in very ancient times. Julie had wondered about Alpha Centauri, the closest star to our Sun and is told that although it is inhabited by humanoid races, they never had a role in colonizing Earth.

They move on to consideration of Julie’s current astrology outlook with upcoming transits of Pluto to her natal Venus and Sun—since the day is her birthday. Hilarion scans her situation and relates Pluto transits to Alchemy—a transmutation of base metals into gold. With regard to Venus it’s a matter of transforming “un-love-ability” to worthiness, allowing for greater radiance of the true self as the transit moves to the Sun, and she has made very good progress in the current life, and in a final nod to Athena he recalls the inscription at Delphi, “Know Thyself.” A short discussion of Julie’s friend Karen Cook ensues, and Ariel tells her that her difficulties originated in ancient Sirian lives in White Lion incarnations and that she would be welcome to attend a session in the future.

The final item on the agenda today for J&T is an upcoming short road trip to Boulder, CO, and they admit they wouldn’t mind seeing a spaceship on the way. Hilarion mentions it will be good for Ted to return there to the place where he lived several decades ago with Karol, his wife at the time, who became a “walk-in.” He is told, their situation was an agreed-upon pre-life arrangement and that she has now reincarnated. Ted mentions Karol’s son Scott, who might still be residing in the area and would it be worthwhile to try to look him up (?). Hilarion answers that it could be healing for all but is not required.

In the final call for remarks from anyone present at the table the queen from Brittany advises Ted to follow his heart in an imperfect physical world. With that the three couples present all hold hands—as do J&T—in a tribute to “Hand Fasting” in anticipation of their upcoming wedding.


Telepresence Conference 60

February 1, 2015

After getting wolf kisses from Tygon (!), Julie and Ted with crew step into the bright white light of time travel … back to Brittany in the 1500s to a Celtic place of earlier experiences and memories. To set the tone of the time Ailein, a woman of the time, is present as a witness. They arrive at a ritual performance staging area with standing stones and a thatched roof. It will be the opening to amazing new knowledge and deep star-family revelations by Athena & Hilarion as well as Rhi & Phindar of the times in these days of indigenous people and of extraordinary future times for them to come (which they are now experiencing as J&T).

There is a central pit with heated translucent stones at the center of the structure where all are seated. Ted asks if much or more time is needed to arrange sessions by the participants and is told it is virtually instantaneous. Ted’s first question involves the sighting J&T made on their recent drive to Boulder, CO when a flashing metallic image of what seemed like a spacecraft was seen near the town of Buena Vista. Julie is jubilant in revealing that it was indeed them, Rhi & Phindar, appearing physically in a Variation 4 Beamship. They are further assured and thrilled to hear that they will also travel one day on this starship in their physical bodies before they are finished with their Earth mission.

The second question is about maverick scientist and astrophysicist Tom Van Flandern and his findings relating to the confirmation that all asteroids and comets in the inner Solar System are traceable back to a single massive explosion in ancient times, which was probably the planet Phaeton (Maldek, Malona) whose remains are the asteroid belt. Hilarion answers that he was inspired by ET guides and will be well remembered for his radical ideas as more knowledge accumulates in the field. When asked about Van Flandern’s theory of quantum gravity, Hilarion makes his memorable statement that gravity is primarily related to electromagnetism (as its ‘third dimension’?) and that, “Without question, everything in the Universe is both instantaneous and relative … and simultaneous.”

They move on to ask about Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and are told by White Wing that it was a colony or settlement of the final stage of ancient Atlantis from 14,000 years ago and that the standing monoliths were like “calendar stones” that allowed them to calibrate timing of seasons and events, and the carvings of animals on them were like our zodiac. Much more would be learned as excavations proceed. Ted asks about inviting other ETs he has become aware of through the Meier contacts, like Asket, to the conference table and is told they might appear if invited. He also asks about his cousin Betty and his beloved grandparents and is told by Athena that Betty was also a Pleiadian hybrid and that his grandparents did not understand much of Ted’s circumstances but realized that he was unusual or special and were honored to participate in raising him in lieu of his struggling mother, their daughter. Request for commentary is made about Julie’s granddaughter Metraca and is also told by Athena that she is recovering her self-esteem and will continue on to an impressive career with help from the family.

Attention is re-directed to another megalithic standing stone site in Brittany called Carnac as Hilarion further describes the energy phenomenon induced by the large heavy granite stones in attracting. lifting and purifying ground water in the vicinity of the stones so the affected water could be more easily used for other esoteric purposes. Hilarion again hints at the way certain ancient people understood how to suspend the gravity of heavy objects like these stones by means of heat and ultra-sound energies directed simultaneously, particularly during a full moon. This explanation reminds Ted of the Coral Castle of Leedskalnin which Julie has also investigated, and she excitedly agrees, having seen images of it shown by Hilarion in his explanation. Leedskalnin was able to use a combination of increasingly high-pitched sounds and rotating electro-magnets to move large stone blocks—also during times of a full moon.

Turning to Peru for more esoteric archeology, Ted asks about the famous Nazca Lines and various megalithic stone structures there and is told by Phindar that the large sculptural pieces as seen from the air, were more like zodiac animals intended to be seen by Pleiadian cosmonauts who visited the area in ancient times, just as they still do today. The large monolith rock walls were created by other esoteric techniques that was able to make them “sponge-like” so they could be sculpted and crafted as seen today.

As this chase through famous ancient archeological sites continues, the inevitable question of the age of the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx arose to be fielded by Hilarion, who notes that the story is long and complex but the Sphinx dates to a hundred thousand years ago while construction at Giza on the Great Pyramids began more like 80,000 years ago.

Finally, regarding prepared questions, Ted asks Rhi and Phindar if they have been together a long time and whether they have children, and is told that Julie and he are the closest thing to children that they have. They continue to divulge that when J&T expire in their earthly lives and are absorbed into their lives on Erra, possibilities for having their own children will emerge. J&T both find this disclosure quite amazing and endearing as they contemplate their ongoing involvement with them.

In a final call for remarks or comments Ted mentions Eilein, and she describes herself as a “guardian” of the stones and the ancient knowledge of water with the still-hidden water works that the stones were manipulated to produce. She mentions that Ted’s experience as a water dowser is similar to what was done in ancient times, but they did it with sensitivity in their feet. Athena then declares that, even though there are both peace-loving civilizations and dangerous rogue civilizations operative in the local universe, as much help as needed is always available to J&T … and they have already gone beyond what was anticipated for them to accomplish. They find her assessment fairly amazing and then finish.


Telepresence Conference 61

March 1, 2015

A new experimental session is begun, out of the main sequence of conferences, to attempt to more explicitly determine Julie’s ability to “see into the future” over a period of the next year or so. Julie and Ted are planning to leave Pagosa Springs, CO in a couple of weeks, driving Ted’s older Toyota Four-Runner, which Julie refers to as a car, and Ted calls a truck (it’s an SUV). They have reservations for staying in Las Vegas for several days—but not many detailed plans for their time while there—and then expect to continue on to Ted’s house in California with several options for getting across the high Sierras on the way.

They begin by anticipating the route to be taken to Las Vegas and what they will do while there and similarly for the continuation of the trip to get over the Sierras still in early spring with its snowpack and unpredictable winter highway closures. Julie describes a number of scenes of their engagement party there with people at their favorite restaurant, being at Ted’s house, visiting friends, etc. for the most part accurately as they actually happened. She also describes a series of events related to a lot that Ted found in Pagosa Springs that they both liked enough to try to purchase while they are traveling in Las Vegas—which happened nearly exactly as she describes it here. However, she continues on to described scenes of Ted’s house selling and him packing up to move to CO that did not happen—though there were several buyers who came and went but did not succeed in making the purchase. Similarly, Julie did not sell her house; we did not build a house on our lot in CO; we did not rent a house while ours was being built, etc.

Ted takes Julie back over the seasonal quarters of 2015 and early 2016 to detect anything not previously noticed, but they do not find anything new that happened as visioned, except the circumstances and timeframe of their lot purchase while traveling in Las Vegas.


Telepresence Conference 62

March 12, 2015

Julie, Ted and the animals take a quick trip to their familiar estate in the south of France at a round table outside on a beautiful summery day, as they meet together with only two of their main guidance couples, Athena & Hilarion and Ariel & Michael. Ted gets right to the point of the main issue, that of whether it would be desirable for them to purchase a lot together that they have found in Pagosa Springs, CO on which to build their “Dream Home.” Then, on to a few fascinating questions about destroyed planet Maldek, astrophysicist Tom Van Flandern, Dr. Steven Greer and the Zetas …

Hilarion begins with his very positive assessment of the property and its suitability for J&T, noting Ted’s successful “virtual dowsing” by which it was located. Athena suggests that it would be a big step, but that big steps must eventually be taken. Returning to a feature noted by Hilarion, that the privacy of the location would pleaseTed, Ariel notes that the proximity to the city center would also please Julie. Hilarion suggests “best case/ worst case” calculations to get a sense of our bearings going forward, and Michael also adds that although the situation looks very good, the choice is ours alone.

Ted asks if they see the chance of his house selling during the summer as good, and Hilarion answers it would seem to be about his [Ted’s] resistance towards and readiness for moving out. Ted wonders if they are tracking anyone who is currently positioned to be attracted to buy the property and is told by Hilarion there is one prime candidate and three others who are doing the same things as J&T: assessing finances and trying to decide if now is the time for a real estate purchase. Hilarion finally tells Ted in his humorous way that someone has to start the dominoes falling, and it probably has to be him.

Then they move on to asking about the trip to Ted’s house in CA, by way of Las Vegas, beginning in just a few days. All the conferees agree that it will be a great time to relax and get re-energized. Ted asks about a new acquaintance of theirs named Barbara Honniger, J&T are told she is an ET hybrid like them and that she will probably be interested in their work. The questioning moves on to James Brown and Colorado Dream Homes, and Athena answers that Julie will have at minimum a book to help him produce and possibly as many as three. Ted notes that the involvement has at least a double prospect, that of employing Julie and possibly working with them for building a new house if they can’t find an existing one.

Ted moves on to a question about the “myth” of an ancient destroyed planet called Maldek, now the “Asteroid Belt,” as the source of all comets and asteroids, a theory put forward by alternative astrophysicist Van Flandern, and is told by Hilarion that the planet did exist and was damaged in stages by the great “Destroyer” comet—aka “Newton’s Comet”—before being completely destroyed at a later time, less than a million years ago. This is a similar story to that told by Semjase to Billy Meier, including the comet’s ripping of Venus out of a lunar orbit around Uranus and depositing it in its current main planetary orbit. Hilarion does note that not all Solar System comets were the result of the destruction of Maldek, because there have been other catastrophes that also resulted in comets. They are told that the people of Maldek now mostly live on Earth, and the implication is that’s why over-population is an issue on Earth—as the only remaining planet capable of life support, it is trying to provide sustenance for three planetary life waves, people coming from Earth, Maldek and Mars. In conclusion Julie is told that Van Flandern did receive help from monitoring guides like their current group.

Ted asks about Dr. Steven Greer and is told by Athena that he is 80% ET, mostly Sirian and Pleiadian, although he also has contacts and involvement with Andromedans and Arcturians as well as some of the same Pleiadians who were involved with Billy Meier. Hilarion continues with the story of the Roswell crashes by noting that these “interstellar visitors” from Zeta Reticuli were “biologically created” synthetic life forms as pilots of their craft rather than “mutants” as suggested by Ted. He is also told the “Zetas” have been involved on Earth for more than a million years. When asked if the Zetas who created the robotic life forms retrieved at the crash sites are humanoid, Hilarion answers, yes. Julie adds in closing of this subject that the “praying mantis” beings are also from Zeta Reticuli.

When asked the final question about the likely future outcome of Dr. Greer’s career as the leader of the Disclosure Initiative, Michael suggests that many insiders at secret government agencies do support his efforts to make the officially secret UFO/ET story public, and that they expect Greer will become the global ambassador to all ET civilizations eventually if he succeeds in his interim efforts.

As Ted’s final question, he asks how long they think Julie will be able to stay in her house, and in a memorable moment Julie notes that both couples hold hands, and Athena declares that they are all hopeful for a Harvest Moon wedding … They add that certain things have to happen in sequence, that Julie doesn’t have to sell her house before Ted’s house sells, and they may get to have their last Christmas in Julie’s house at the end of the year. Julie anticipates the move will occur for them early next year (2016), and Hilarion offers congratulations to Ted for getting The Star Table Trance Missions, V. 1 of the *J&T Five Star Series*, published. Then J&T offer thanks to their dear friends as couples together with them, and it’s complete for this day.


Telepresence Conference 63

March 18, 2015

Julie and Ted with animal crew are met by a small starship transport vehicle and taken to the fifth planet around the orange star Archernan in the “vicinity of Reticulum.” It’s to be a meeting of exotics as Julie sees, describes and discusses issues with a Tall White, Gray Zetas, and a Mantis “ET racial being,” along with the usual extraordinary group of familiar participants—the home planet troika of couples and appropriate guests. The proceedings take place in a futuristic white crystal-like building about ten stories tall, what is called the “governing center” of this planet

After Ted asks about the outcome of “back-engineered” ET spacecraft salvaged and taken to secret facilities in the American Southwest, Semjase begins by describing the situation with discs that have been successfully, if only partially, reproduced as advanced gravity-controlled terrestrial Earthuman spacecraft. She notes this has resulted in fast-traveling metallic prototypes rather than fully-advanced “organic” versions like the originals with their robotic biological pilots, which are able to travel in deep space. She describes two main groups of conspirators among the secret elite cadres: those committed to supporting the mainstream population on Earth and those who wish to control and dominate it with the advanced technologies. She notes that if their own advanced Pleiadian spacecraft were to fall into the hands of the regular military, they would only try to dominate the militaries of all the other countries on Earth. Ted asks if the “screening” mechanism allowing travel in deep space has been duplicated on the “metallic prototypes” and is told it has been. Hilarion adds that the forces for good and greater disclosure appear to be in the winning position.

Ted asks how the new “zero point” energies will emerge in commercial industries on Earth and is told by Ariel and Michael that new companies will emerge that invest in various alternative energy devices, which will eventually become profitable, replacing the older petroleum sourced energies—so it is seen as happening by ordinary market forces.

Moving on to the astrology of the last Pluto/ Prometheus square of the time, Ted asks what the expected outcome might be and whether the re-naming of Uranus to Prometheus by influential astrologer Richard Tarnas is appropriate. Hilarion attempts to reframe the question into the adequacy of the names taken from Roman mythology of all the gas-giant planets, suggesting while offering plaudits to Tarnas, it’s all in need of a re-visioning for a more scientific era generally. Julie is then shown various schemes for restructuring the planetary archetypes of the Solar System by Hilarion and told that the effects of the rocky inner planets are different than those of the gas giants, which are different again from the unfortunately re-named “dwarf” planets. When Ted prompts for additional focus on the ending of the Pluto/ Prometheus square, Julie responds that it is likely to remain at a relatively high level for some time because of the proximity of the brown-dwarf Astraea, which surprises Ted. He continues by questioning the effect of the Astraea coupling on the sun-spot cycle and is told by Hilarion that the sun-spot cycle has been completely disrupted and that some of the resulting powerful solar flares have been deflected from hitting Earth by ETs so as to minimize damage.

Ted asks about the situation of the ancient Lyrans, for whom this V. 5 of the *J&T Five Star Series* is to be named and is told by Hilarion that they did not come directly to Earth, though they did have some involvement with our solar system via the destroyed planets Maldek and Mars and in interactions with the ancient Plejarans, to be known later as the Pleiadians, whose influence on Earth was dominant for a very long era in pre-historical times. Continuing on with today’s more radical ET theme, Ted asks about the Gray Zetarians at the top of their hierarchy, rather than the diminutive operatives who are so iconic. The Tall White female named Zatana answers in a more general way that the Zetarans have been involved on Earth for a very long time and did have more intense involvements 25,000 and 43,000 years ago, before the present one with the militarists in the American Area 51. She presents the intentions of the Gray’s involvement as entirely benevolent with concern to help Earthumans solve their difficult ecological problems and to eventually make advanced technologies which they have long had, available to a more general public on Earth. Semjase adds that this story has been kept secret for purposes of continued secret manipulations of the technologies that have been “back-engineered” by the Military-Industrial Complex (“deep state,” “Dark Cabal”), and Hilarion agrees that the fear factor has been overplayed. Zetana continues on to re-define our notion of “artificial intelligence” and “genetic engineering” as self-contradicting, the latter of which in their terms would be called an attempt to, “cultivate and optimize … and specialize.” Hilarion recalls the approach of Luther Burbank in selective agriculture as comparable, and Semjase agrees. Ted notes that this conversation reminds him of a time in the early part of Message from the Pleiades when Semjase warns Billy that Earth will have to face involvement of an ET race here on Earth and asks was she thinking of the Gray Zetas at that time, and she answers in the affirmative.

Ted moves on to what he characterizes as a more whimsical question about the “telemeter discs” that have been described as monitoring J&T, wanting to know if the discs travel in proximity with them (?). Phindar responds in kind by first noting the discs don’t travel but they do keep track of J&T from time to time to confirm safety, a bit like GPS—so therefore they don’t need to travel. Taking advantage of Semjase’s presence, Ted asks about Michael Horn, the official publicist and raconteur of the Billy Meier story … about his status and whether he is a bona fide contactee (?). She answers largely in the affirmative, that he does have contact with the Pleiadian group and was allowed to have the role as publicity agent with the English-speaking world for Billy because Billy did not learn English and did not come to America and could not or would not do so himself. Semjase remarks in passing, with Julie noting her apparent discomfort in saying so, that Horn’s mission has been drawn in a fashion that is “too narrowly focused with his own situation” in more recent times to have sufficient credibility in his role—though his intentions have been sincere. Ted agrees this is close to his evaluation as well.

Then, for the first time in the book series, there ensues a lengthy dialogue between J&T about various aspects of their projected house design in Pagosa Springs that Ted considers too baroque for full inclusion in the proceedings and so places it in markup formatting, so that it can easily be skipped but also preserved as an example of a Q&A context that did not work out to advantage. When asked if there is more, Julie notes there has been an audience of “participant observers” present today to hear the proceedings and report back to their home councils, but Ted doesn’t remember that she did mention this near the beginning. Julie mentions that Semjase appeared today to add more information about the Zetans since she was originally restricted in what she could say. The discussion concludes with remarks about various “compliant” and rogue Zeta groups who interacted with Earthumans, mostly in the latter part of the 20th Century and what their affiliations with other ET groups might have been, particularly with regard to the programmable diminutive organic robotic entities that did not have freedom of choice and action in their activities. J&T then offer thanks to all participants, after which they return, finished for the day.


Telepresence Conference 64

April 1, 2015

Julie, Ted & the animals space-time travel back to a curious take on simultaneous double time-lines, one at a star temple on Mount Carmel with Persian magi attending and the other in Karnack-Luxor outside at night in ancient Egypt, in anticipation of the theme of “revisioning astrology.” There is no table, only stone benches, with guest host Egyptian star priest HeReTu in attendance with another Egyptian priestess who is to be called “Isis.” They begin with a discussion of planetary archetypes and gender roles in ancient Egyptian astrology.

HeReTu starts the discussion by noting the unfortunate way ancient Egyptian ideas and beliefs have been rendered by modern interpretations of academic Egyptologists. He states that the “archetypal energies” were believed to be without gender in themselves, and only took on gender in expression as physical individuals. The “sacred stories” of these regal or spiritual individuals then took on certain aspects of significance that overshadowed the ways the energies themselves were meant to be understood. When Ted asks Julie to describe HeReTu and Isis a bit more, she says they were both actual historical figures who were temple astrologers who lived more than 4,000 years ago at that location in Egypt. In beginning with fundamentals, Isis states that they were more aware of and attributed more influence and significance to stars rather than planets in terms of the impersonal energies and correspondingly, more influence to planets in a more personal way.

Hilarion then addresses the issue by noting that ancient civilizations like India, China and Arabia used both annual solar-time divisions of primarily 12, but also 13 or 14, segments to track planets, and lunar-time divisions of primarily 28, but also 29 or 30, increments to track stellar positioning. He adds a metaphor of the 12 solar signs as being like lenses of colored glass that modify the light of both the sun and stars as it arrives on Earth, which is a new understanding for Julie. Continuing on, he distinguishes between the energies inside the solar system (Sun and planets) and those coming from outside (the stars), and again states that it is the energies of the stars that have mostly been left out of modern astrology, and the myths of the Zodiac could well be studied to transform them into more personal stories rather than having the primarily traditional animal imagery associated with the divisions. Julie remarks as an aside, that it sounds like a “tall order.” Hilarion returns to the “stained glass window” metaphor as a way of understanding how the modified light of both sun and stars arrives on Earth as if through these crystal window modulations, which are the signs. Then, the three magi telepathically attract Julie’s attention to see the importance of the “as above, so below” correspondences between the planets and the chakras in the human physical body. They contrast the energies coming from the Sun through the planets with those of the stellar influences coming from the constellations and then through the planets, as being most significantly in need of re-interpretation and integration for a proper understanding of astrology. Julie notes it is unlike anything she has ever heard before. Ted appears to think it reflects the reality in a way he can understand as likely more complete.

Sensing the opportunity to present a major fundamental question in the history and practice of astrology to Hilarion, the “astrologer’s astrologer.” as he often refers to him, Ted asks if guidance can be provided for integrating Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs into this more complex scheme just outlined. Hilarion characterizes the Tropical Zodiac as a timing frame of reference, the seasonal zodiac of the Sun’s annual cycle begun as usually understood at the Vernal Equinox, while the “Sidereal Zodiac” is a spacial frame of reference denoting where the stars and their influences are actually located in the sky—which is often erroneously used as a similar kind of timing frame of reference, as in Vedic Astrology, but with a different corresponding calibration point analogous to the Vernal Equinox, the Ayanamsa, an angular offset from it, variously located in the sky of constellations by various authorities. Hilarion completes his interpretation and offers advice to J&T to attempt to identify the correct correspondences between the “primary seven” planets and the human physical body chakras.

The next major issue in the revisioning initiative is raised by Ted: that of integrating the heretofore unknown—except in antiquity or modern Vedic astrology—brown dwarf or “dark star” known as Astraea. It is fielded by guest science consultant SoLaRaan who notes that Astraea is its own solar system in orbit with the main solar system rather than being in orbit around it; therefore, its energies merge only periodically when it is near the main system. Gaining a little help from Hilarion, he concludes that Astraea does not have prospect of gaining sign rulership. As Hilarion and Athena continue a bit further with the Astraea explanation, the guest called Isis offers her awareness that the ancient Egyptians understood more than we moderns do until very recently—having had access to ETs walking among them—and she suggests that what we call “archetypes” they understood as “patterns of frequency in the light spectrum” of which the rainbow would be the prime example. She continues with noting the significance of similar symbolic and actual single colors, such as red for Mars and green for Venus, as valid linking resonances. Isis and her partner guest both agree that Astraea was well known in the ancient world among both Egyptian and Indian sages and was integral to the teaching about Yugas and the times or ages of increasing/ decreasing light and darkness.

In the next question Ted asks about the correct understanding of gender-role for Jupiter and Saturn in relation to Sagittarius and Capricorn since they are most prominent for the inner personal planets and least so for the outer spiritual planets. Athena begins by suggesting that the mythic stories associated with the planets—related gods, goddesses and their stories—have been overemphasized and then re-applied back onto the planets with too much of the incidental associations attached in relation to the originating principle. She suggests, with a smile from Hilarion, that no more than three principles by identified of each of the various planets—rather than mythic associations—to be studied for their internal structure in terms of number, music, harmony and frequency, more like musical notes to be played, and the resulting patterns. When Athena is asked if Saturn should be re-named to Rhea, as Julie has previously mentioned, she confirms the need for the re-naming of Saturn. but notes the actual name should be investigated further by J&T so as for her to not “spoil the fun.”

The discussion of the gender theme moves on to the hypothesis of the exploded ancient planet Maldek (aka Malona or Phaeton), and it is MuRaNu who returns to assert that in terms of this sequence of alternating planetary “polarities,” Maldek was a feminine planet (about twice the size of Earth with an atmosphere and widespread greenery), and so its loss did disrupt the planetary energies resulting in a feminine deficiency thereof. She describes two of the Makdek moons as being captured by Jupiter and the final moon remaining in orbit in the asteroid belt (as Ceres?), along with other planetary fragments. When Ted asks if the planetary binary Pluto and Charon were also part of Maldek explosion, she answers (surprisingly to Ted) that there was another ancient exploded planet in the Kuiper Belt of which they are among the existing remains. Julie asks if any of this was known by Van Flandern, and Ted thinks not since the Oort Cloud was not known very well at his time of death, and not much else is offered by MuRaNu about the exploded planet out beyond Neptune as mentioned by her, except that it was more a natural phenomenon of a planet that never fully coalesced. As a final follow-up Ted asks about the origin of Chiron and is told that it, too, was a fragment of the exploded Maldek captured in solar orbit beyond Saturn, like nearly all other short-term comets and unlike the outer long-term comets which originated in the debris pool of the Oort Cloud. The exploded planet in the Kuiper Belt never had a name and was never inhabited.

Ted notes they have come near to the end of their hour, and when asked, Julie, while in trance, offers an interpretation of all they have been told so far, which is quite concise and well-summarized. Julie seems to feel that they have been given an assignment by Athena as their investigative continuance while Ted responds that he is aware of differences among the investigators that have already been given to the alignment of correspondences relating the planets to chakras, colors and frequencies … But Hilarion is willing to go one step further in relation to the rulership enigmas of Mercury and Venus in which he discloses that Ceres is the real vibrational ruler of Virgo (!). As for the dual rulership of Venus (with Taurus & Libra), he indicates there isn’t an exact match yet to be found, but there may be something lurking among the plutoids …

Julie notes that she is struggling today and to give her a suggestion that she will be able to remember everything that she would wish to be able to think about more later. Ted wonders if anything additional can be revealed about the dual Venus rulership with the Plutoids and is told by Hilarion that they are on the right track. Ted makes one final move to ask if (Roman) Neptune should perhaps be replaced by (Greek) Maia as Julie was given in her earlier book (Goddesses for Everyday) … or even by the Hindu Maya (?). Session guest Isis then chimes in and suggests that Ma’at from the Egyptian pantheon could well be pressed into service for Libra’s rulership. Ted returns to the exploded planet context to ask if that loss was the real cause of the gender imbalance from historical times and is told by MuRaNu that the planetary loss happened too long ago for that, but it was really the fault of the renegade Pleiadians in the more recent prehistoric period … Ted asks, does she mean because of their God-King Jshwsh domination (?) and is given an affirmative.

Ted notes they are essentially finished for today and asks if anyone remains with any messaging that Julie can notice, and she says the three magi guests are telepathically stating (slightly humorously together like the famed “Three Wise Men”) that there is widespread interest, presumably in the local galactic neighborhood, of J&T’s “Revisioning Astrology” project … and they will be provided additional help. Hilarion closes by mentioning that it is all well and good but that it will not become a “channeling project” in any event … and therefore the answers must arise within the minds of J&T themselves … to which Ted heartily agrees, and they both offer thanks for the privilege of working with the amazing group of individuals present with them.


Telepresence Conference 64½

April 24, 2015

Julie and Ted call for this “occasional short reading” with their two main guide couples, Hilarion and Athena, and Ariel and Michael to focus on the situation around their ongoing process of purchasing a lot in Pagosa Springs, CO to eventually build their “Colorado Dream Home” together. The scene is set in a lovely room at their familiar French provincial house with a high ceiling, art work on the walls and lighted by candle lanterns above with the six participants spaced equally around an oak table. Ted gets to the main point: resolution of the financial difficulty they’re having buying the lot in Pagosa Springs, CO, the property Ted has found “mental dowsing” a real estate catalog.

Hilarion is wearing a white wig of the period, which draws a chuckle from Ted, and he begins by clarifying the position of himself and the other consultants: “ …to provide context, input and insight—and not to make our choices [for us, and] perhaps to give us more resolve to make our own choices.” In addition he notes that “Growth occurs through recognizing consequences and results of choices that have been made.” Significantly for J&T, his interpretation is that their main karma in life has mostly been worked-out already in earlier times, and that the current impasse is mostly a test for mustering their will and courage to set their future course together. He tells Ted that either choice in the matter at hand will have a good result, but that some choices do have better outcomes than others …

Athena speaks to Julie of her sympathy for their circumstances, and that any delay will actually make for greater harmony in the longer run. Ariel smiles compassionately and states how proud she is of Julie, that she is now able to make better choices out of openness rather than fear. Michael turns to Ted to advise him that he won’t always be able to correctly prejudge decisions in advance, and Ted responds that he often feels that a little more effort or care taken can make the crucial difference in avoiding mistakes. Michael continues by noting that, like an infant learning to walk, some mistakes must be made in order to learn how to move forward. Michael allows that Ted’s approach may yield more positive results than negative. Hilarion chimes in saying, “Sometimes a leap off a cliff is just a leap off a cliff.” To which Ted adds, “Whether it’s a quantum leap or otherwise, right?” … to general laughter.

Julie adds her perception that their general attitude to us is like the affectionate way adults often have in responding to children—not to make choices for them but also not to make it too easy either. Athena notes the synchronicity factor which J&T are getting better at making use of, and that if one is perceptive, life has the answer waiting for that awareness to take notice, and that the next step will yield the next directive going forward. In a poignant moment Hilarion makes a final summation: “In my case ]Julie] it is a healing and transformation of my own sense of worth and identity, and in your case [Ted] it’s a healing and transformation of a sense of abandonment … and fear that you have not been worthy for the love in your life to remain.” After which, he asks, “Is this enough (?) … I wish to remove the wig.” To which Ted responds, “But, of course … by all means.” [to laughter all around] Julie notes the value of humor in delivering their teaching today as Hilarion adds his final take in the current exchange: “Let the chips fall as they may, and be ready for the next round of play.”

J&T feel they are near the end of their consultation as Ted concludes his questioning by noting the importance of their being able to either find the house seen in Julie’s vision or otherwise needing to build a new one … on the lot they now must decide whether to buy. [They did.]


Telepresence Conference 65

July 2, 2015

Julie, Ted and the animals arrive quickly on what looks like a stage at night with candle lanterns set around a large wooden donut-shaped table with a kind of Halloween theme, including two very tall Pleiadian participants dressed in what looks like wizard costumes. It turns out they are actually on a starship anchored in our Solar System, and the first question is about Disclosure.

Julie gives the name and location of everyone at the O-shaped table (October for Halloween) and learns the two seven-foot tall guests dressed as wizards are from another planet (than Erra where Semjase is from—she is also there) in the Taygeta System in the Pleiades. They say they are here as observers of the increasingly relevant J&T conferences and ambassadors to make Earthumans aware that ETs are already present in their midst, and they may have already unknowingly encountered them. They note that such encounters are more common than realized, but that most contactees are reluctant to make their experiences known to others. Ted opens with the inevitable question of his house sale—this time it is being painted—and as Hilarion responds that although the shade of green being applied is not quite his favorite, he still likes it; Ted quips that it might have too much blue in it. Hilarion speaks about the process of J&T’s drawing closer together is actually accelerating, even if it’s not as fast as Julie would like, and Athena adds that they should use both the Zillow realty web site as well as a local realtor to promote the house sale. Ariel and Michael join the strategy session for finding the right listing realtor as she reaffirms that the agent needed will indeed be the blond woman that Julie has seen a psychic image of already. Hilarion closes the agent question by allowing that the Zillow link will be valuable in any event.

Ted moves on to question whether the spring on his property, the water source for the house, will continue to provide an adequate amount during the increasingly severe drought, and is told by Hilarion that it won’t dry up [it did for a couple of years], and that the pyramid frames that have been put up are very good to help draw and purify the water—he “loves the pyramids.” Julie’s book editing job project with James Brown is again breached by Julie with Ariel after a quick mind-meld check-in among Michael, Hilarion and Athena, and is told it will be as good as they can make it, given James’ inclination not to want to travel and teach as a back-up for the resulting book publications—but it will not be as successful as he imagines in any event. When Ted wonders if the Brown construction company might be able to build a house for them, Hilarion—after humorously citing the Swiss-Cheese uncertainty factor—says he sees no reason why it can’t go forth since Pagosa Springs will be an ongoing growth community.

Moving from the local to the international scene, Ted asks about the seemingly dangerous situation of US/UK/NATO forces moving troops into the Baltics to check the increasingly successful diplomatic career of Putin on the world stage and is told by Hilarion that it “will not be permitted to escalate to a global conflict” by ETs. Hilarion adds that much secret market manipulation will occur behind the scenes as well.

Next, Ted asks about the question of recently legalized “gay” or “same-sex” marriage in the US and whether such a situation would be seen as “normal” on other more advanced worlds; whether it is a “legitimate free choice” within the structure of biological archetypes; and whether it is likely to remain socially acceptable here (?). Athena avers there are several questions here and begins by noting that “at this stage of development the marriage agreement” has drifted from a basis in traditional sacred ceremony or legal contract to more of a “financial arrangement” and in that sense is “right and just” as held by the US Supreme Court. She continues on by addressing the “sexual question” involved, citing the Age of Aquarius aspect, allowing greater individual free choice and much historical imbalance on Earth as a seeming justification for legitimate tolerance of same-sex relationships as well as noting such greater tolerance with less-requirements for social structure in societies on more advanced worlds. She concludes her answer to the multi-faceted question by noting that sometimes “legislating a form of morality or immorality” occurs, however awkward or uncomfortable it may be initially, before a more satisfactory resolution can later be found. It is a well-crafted practical answer, and is so acknowledged by Ted [though he is surprised and slightly disappointed that what he feels is the value of the basic principle involved in marriage has not been mentioned by her—the archetypal primacy of the natural male-female sexual/ biological relationship and its resulting strategic family unit, enriched by both genders, as the essential bonding experience of human culture.].

Continuing on after asking Julie how she feels (ok for one more question), Ted asks a backup question about the destruction of planet Maldek: did the souls native to it migrate to Earth and can they be identified with any groups now know here (?). It is Semjase who answers in the affirmative, saying souls from both destroyed Maldek as well as many from severely-damaged Mars, were allowed to migrate to Earth while many of the most violent and recalcitrant were removed to other locations, including Pleiadian capital banishment. The most notably identifiable group of these alien refugees on Earth can now be said to be the financial miscreants of the notorious Cabal. Ted thanks her for her answer and for being present … and asks Julie about her outfit and how she looks today (?). Julie describes her with longer-length hair, a white flowing two-piece tunic and gold jewelry (Semjase stands as the description is completed).

When Ted calls for any additional commentary from anyone, it is Rhi who speaks to Julie, saying how much they all love us and our work with them, how vividly she remembers Julie from their first meeting in modern times on the bridge of her starship, and particularly that we are soon to be married … Julie notes that they will probably be monitoring the wedding. Ted quickly exclaims that they are all also invited to the wedding, too, at which point Julie adds, yes, and land in the backyard at the wedding party (!). Ted admits that a stationary anchoring of their transport over the river would also be good enough (!). After allowing that an appearance by some or all of their dear ET friends and family would make a nice wedding present, they let the burst of excitement trail off …

When Ted asks if the special guests, Wiezel and Onree, would like to speak, they say they are pleased to have hosted and that they and many like them are interested in J&T’s project, which they would hope to be able to follow. Ted acknowledges their curiosity and the likely project continuation by noting a print copy of J&T’s first book, The Star Table Trance Missions, on the table before him as objective evidence of their success … at which point all the couples stand up together and give applause! Ted is a bit surprised by the apparently spontaneous outpouring, and after thanking them all again, notes he has missed them since it has been a while since they did a session together, to which Julie heartily agrees … and then they are finished as Julie is counted back for the debrief.


Telepresence Conference 66

July 26, 2015

Julie, Ted and the animals are transported via light-tube/ elevator to an unusual theatre setting where they are in the audience rather than at a table, though there is a table that is up on a stage, but with a large seated group of ETs. This will be a reprise of a galactic council meeting in which the suitability of Earthumans for galactic representation will be assessed and found wanting. A single figure called Chantarr, seeming to Julie like the Arcturian Omanaloo, is presiding and stands In front of the group of ETs at the table facing the audience with J&T’s group of ten guests seated in the front row. Most of what happens occurs via telepathy, probably since so many different languages are involved among the attendees. As Julie notes,

So, the strong sense that I’m getting from this telepathic reception is that at the moment, progress is stuck; something needs to happen, and no one really knows what. And so the debate is whether humanity has earned enough right for intervention or whether the way the balance scales are slanted at this point, that the intervention needs to come on the part of humanity itself in terms of an increased awareness or an increased awakening … or a shrugging off of apathy and self-indulgence.

Hilarion takes the lead to explain to Julie that such council meetings are common in situations currently like that on Earth where the populace is stuck, lacking in motivation for spiritual advancement, and is here being assessed by a concerned panel of galactic judges and observers, and is found to have “a void of aspiration.” He notes, “Some seminal event needs to kick start a new growth spurt.” As soon as the verdict of inadequacy and insufficiency is delivered by Chantarr, the council meeting is adjourned, and the participants at the table stand and depart; whereupon, J&T and their small group of attendees flow through a change of scene to a smaller round table at another location.

Julie gives the new seating locations of the same small group seated in the first row of the theater as Hilarion continues his interpretation that a seminal event needs to occur that can become the “matrix of positive intention, the focus of positive intention that attains the magnetic and radiant force to galvanize forward motion.” Athena and Ariel make short addendums to the commentary. When Ted asks where the theater in the first scene was located, Hilarion somewhat humorously answers, “Deep in the parietal lobes of Julie’s brain …” so, it is clear coming from him in this instance that the scene was an imaginative creation, like a dream, rather than an actual occurrence. Ted offers that the legacy of the Obama administration was a modest success for positive intention and is quickly seconded by the contingent of Pleiadians at the table. Athena again stresses the “efficacy” of a positively conditioned state of consciousness. Ted recalls the use of the French word “insouciant” by Paul Craig Roberts, an economist and political figure from the Reagan era, to describe the condition of a populace that is like an irresponsible crowd. Michael responds by asserting that a relatively small amount of positive intent can counteract a larger amount of apathy or neutrality. Hilarion adds that in terms of will and states of consciousness, a higher frequency of consciousness can more easily neutralize a lower one.

When Ted asks if the HAARP facilities are still being used by militarist factions for weather modification warfare—which could be causing the Pacific coast drought—he is told by Asafah that the effect that is sending all the moisture into the Midwest, itself as large a problem as the drought, is an aftereffect of earlier HAARP manipulations of the Jetstream. When Ted inquires how long the drought might last, he is reminded that Hilarion had earlier predicted five years.[1] Ariel reminds Julie of the words of Margaret Mead that it only takes a few caring people to change the world (and is the only way it ever gets changed). Julie admits that she had been feeling a bit discouraged lately and is reminded that it is important to hold one‘s consciousness as high as possible during times of setback or stalemate. With a mischievous smile Hilarion cautions Julie, “Do not underestimate Texas.” Athena tells Julie the ETs are never going to allow an “Armageddon event” to occur, though they do allow smaller conflicts to proceed in fulfillment of unavoidable karmic discharge. Ted interprets the drift of the conversation that the ETs will not allow martial law to emerge countrywide, which Julie confirms.

Ted inquires again if his spring may go dry since it is still decreasing in the amount of water it delivers, and is told by Hilarion that it won’t, but that he can still call forth additional quantities with mental will and invocation. When Ted refers to this requested response as a kind of “magical hopefulness with arm waving,” Athena corrects him by suggesting he appeal to the devas of water and air with respectfulness to get more effective results. This small aside concludes with Julie advising that she is being told that adding a pyramid frame over the water storage tank will help, too. In the practical advice department they move on to discuss Julie’s knee problem and are told by Hilarion that the reason is that she’s still banging it on her desk, and it will require more conventional means for healing, rather than surgery. They bring up the inevitable topic of Ted’s house sale and are told that the new real estate agent evoked by planting a St. Christopher statue in the rose garden will add greater likelihood of success, and the sighting of a red dragonfly may indicate a Chinese buyer—and they like the new paint job, too. After a quick survey for any unfinished remaining wedding preparations, J&T are told to just keep going with what they have already started.

When asked by Ted for anything else anyone would like to mention, Hilarion says that the discovery of exo-planets by Earth scientists will help people begin to get used to the idea that there are people out there, too. They move on to the topic of planet Pluto, and Ted asks about the sight of a heart-shaped spot from a space probe and is told by Hilarion that it relates to the notion of buried treasure … and when blended with Venus, ‘love in the depths,’ particularly in the life of Julie herself. Athena extends the sentiment to, “Love is often found where least expected.” … to which Julie adds, “… so like her (!)” Then, after a brief tete-a-tete together, Hilarion cannot resist appending that Pluto is also the name of a loyal dog.

A final brief question spontaneously arises from Ted about their Pagosa Springs acquaintance Mark Kimmel regarding his professed contact with Pleiadians, which is fielded by Phindar, who describes it as genuine, but “his interpretation is frequently clouded.” Ted opines this to be a form of ego inflation as he had judged from their brief meeting. And then, as usual, “on the count of five,” is heard from Ted, and they are finished for the day.


Telepresence Conference 67

July 31, 2015

As usual, Julie, Ted and the animals go the course of escalators and marble stairs and end up in the Aldebaran System at an outside round table with their familiar contingent and a couple of blue ancient Egyptians, Tefet and Anin, and the mysterious Merlin-like, Merkurdek, dressed like a Druidic wizard. The White Powder Gold, the “food of the gods,” will be on the menu today. But first the stage is set for more revelations about the ancient Siriun Nova and the populations that were salvaged, some of whom came to Earth, as discussed by guest Merkurdek, who notes that “Merlin” has always been more like a title than a particular individual’s name. Onyion begins an explanation of the time Sirians first came to Earth 250,000 years ago with very advanced technologies and set up settlements in Atlantis, Lemuria, Peru, Egypt and Tibet, trying to avoid interacting with existing civilizations of the Pleiadians and others. Nyla continues with descriptions of Sirian activities, including culturing of Cetaceans and even the “Bigfoot” creatures as well as the lion humanoids from the Crystal planet of Sirius.

The ancient Egyptian guests, Tefet and Anin, begin an explanation of Sirian influences in Egypt 25,000 years ago that no one would believe today when the native denizens were relatively primitive and in need of cultural enhancements. Mention is made in passing about the difficulties posed by the ancient Pleiadians of that time, with glances aside in acknowledgment to Semjase, Rhi and Phindar. She notes the decline of Sirian influence in more modern Egypt but a continuation in Peru and Tibet in which a more remote role has been chosen to be played by the “mystery schools” and the like. Hilarion joins the presentation by also acknowledging the role of the “Masters” in relation to Sirian ETs from ancient times up to the present.

Ted asks about the White Powder Gold investigated by David Hudson, who has recently returned to the US after a decade spent in the Far-East researching its properties there after his initial efforts in Arizona were thwarted by security agencies. Hilarion answers that Hudson’s initiative is valid, and that he has been helped by ETs, but that the full chemistry and physics of WPG remains yet unknown. Earlier, Ted had compared it to various kinds of psychedelics in the modern world, but this too is somewhat misleading—it was rather used successfully by ET travelers and colonizers to allow themselves to survive on worlds with quite different environments than their native worlds. The Merlin figure Merkuret answers that from his perspective, while acknowledging Hilarion, developing civilizations have various trajectories as they attain space travel in what might be seen as “templates” in which they take this initiative. Hilarion adds that this understanding being referred to, would correspond to the teaching on the Seven Rays. Athena states that the WPG was used not so much as a “food” but as a supplement that was nonetheless perceived to be the “food of the gods” by ancient peoples, which did help such ETs function with greater ease on foreign worlds—but was never seen as having a direct effect on “becoming more spiritual.” She continues to explain that although WPG can prolong life and expand consciousness, in a way not unlike psychedelics, it cannot by itself create greater spirituality, which has other requirements. When Ted asks if they think Hudson will succeed in making the WPG available to the members of his organization, Hilarion suggests not—it is too powerful for wide use at present and the conspiracy to keep ti hidden and secret, too strong. Ted suggests Hudson’s timing may be premature, which Hilarion likes.

Julie takes a moment to absorb what she has just learned about the even more ancient past of Egypt that she had believed and the still older history of Sirians on Earth with their diaspora legacy going back hundreds of thousands of years. She notes that the Sirian groups, including the White Lions, as Huluyah is describing it to her, are the originators and guardians of the esoteric teachings on Earth where they remain.

Ted asks for Semjase’s commentary on the history of Pleiadian involvement in Mormonism as well as the origination of the Muslim faith. She admits the accuracy of it as well as the Baha’i faith and notes that these belief systems appeared as appropriate for Earthuman development at the time they were initiated. She’s not aware of the WPG connection with Mormonism but vouches for their interest in ancestry. Ted asks if she can confirm that the WPG is used by contemporary Pleiadians and is told that Athena explained it almost perfectly—it is used as an “important component” to help acclimate to planetary atmospheres that are not completely sustaining, and that although they are able to synthesize nearly everything from what Earth scientists call “the vacuum” of space, they still consume small amounts of pure food. In a final extension of the series Ted asks if the Pleiadian beamships are “grown” as Hilarion has hinted, using noble metals and/or the WPG in the metallic alloy (?). Semjase answers, yes—it helps in the de-materialization/ re-materialization cycle, which he immediately understands and finds amazing. He thanks her for her candid answers.

Julie receives a spontaneous confirmation from one of the ancient Egyptian guests to confirm that Ted was right about his surmise that at least some of the black Africans on Earth had ancestors from Sirius, along with a leonine group. They add that some of the progeny of these Sirian ETs also are to be found in the current people of Malaysia. Ted turns to question the mythic story of the Annunaki and their quest for gold on Earth, and is told by Merkudek that this story, like certain Bible stories, contains many of the correct elements but in a “conflated” and incomplete way. The correct story, according to Merkuret, is that the Pleiadians were the ones who produced the “hominid byproducts on this planet with mostly negative consequences.”

Ted turns to the issue of the “Secret Space Program” as discussed on Internet TV by Wilcock and Goode as well as Hilarion’s reference to a “war in heaven.” As for the latter, Hilarion states that it was a figure of speech but also a true circumstance. As for this theme of Disclosure, he continues, “… the scope is vast; the stakes are high; the outcome is not yet determined …” but that the “White Hats” are gaining in force. He comments that Corey Goode’s story is not always accurate or even about himself, but the essence is correct—his role was to get this story out. Julie interprets that disclosure of the Secret Space Program as mediated by stellar council knowledge for a possibly positive outcome is supported by Pleiadians and Sirians. Hilarion adds somewhat humorously that participation from Earth would likely turn it into something of a kindergarten.

The next question is about the famous “Coral Castle” built by Leedskalnan, a Baltic immigrant to Florida, and Michael answers that Leedskalnan learned how to do his amazing feats from “the Bible, reading Egyptian texts, and his interest from childhood in electricity and astronomy …” and that he never revealed how he did it because he was afraid he would be persecuted. Ted asks if more is likely to be revealed about his knowledge or techniques, and Hilarion answers ironically that some of it has already been revealed in the TV program “Ancient Aliens.” When Ted asks about the relationship, if any, between White Powder Gold and the inert gas devices Hilarion has been promoting for some years (because the WPG was created in a reaction under Argon gas), Hilarion replies the argon stabilized the WPG, making it less explosive. When Julie begins a new sentence with the subject “Disclosure …” Ariel breaks in with the spontaneous response, “The potential for awareness and waking up as a result of what may be disclosed by these interviews, has the potential to reach a critical mass (!).” This strikes Ted as fairly amazing. The final remark of the day is from Nyla, who emphasizes the importance of the role of the Spiritual Hierarchy in accommodating ETs from other worlds, and that all this is quite real. She advises that J&T have been directed to go to Peru to take note of things that can be shown there but not in other places like Egypt and the Middle East.


Telepresence Conference 68

September 11, 2015

Julie, Ted and the animals soar to superconscious levels, now dressed in white after being greeted warmly by Tygon the white wolf. They time travel directly back to an historical setting in 15th Century France, enter into a castle and go to a room with a rectangular table where a full complement of ETs are seated—a total of 24 participants including J&T, They soon launch into scanning the current forest fire emergency situation near Ted’s house in the Central Sierra. Fortunately, Hilarion’s assessment is that there is no danger to the immediate vicinity of his house, but that certain hidden forces are shaping the outcome so that various “weather modification warfare” initiatives such as the current one are shaped to affect karmic outcomes in the general area in the most appropriate way. Athena suggests to Ted that it will be more effective than he can imagine to visualize an energetic perimeter around the area of his house he wishes to protect by calling in the wind and water devas to disperse the fire.

Once again Ted raises the question of travel plans relative to his house sale with a new real estate agent and is told by Samael that the main concern should be “stewardardship” of the property and preparation for best appearances to attract the new owner. Reaching closure on the two most pressing issues, he moves on to consider the situation of Suzan Still, J&T’s Motherlode friend who is having serious health issues. The guest healer Zondhar relates Suzan’s difficulty to a 15th Century medical emergency that led to her tragic loss of life. The suggestion is given that Suzan’s friend, who was the lost child in that life, must be recognized for the mutual karma to be lifted and for her tumor to be cured since she does not actually have cancer.

After Julie identifies the unknown person seated next to her as a Druid healer, who was a previous incarnation of herself, and the Master R, seated next to Ted, Ted asks if they should discuss more about Sirius and the White Brotherhood today. The response is given that they should do it later when a full session can be dedicated to the theme. Ted then turns to ask Rhi and Phindar about Pleiadian marriage customs since J&T expect to marry soon, but it is Semjase who answers by offering her “blessings and feelings of celebration,” wishing them the best as an example of a couple whose pairing recurs over longer periods of time. She notes that the achievements of J&T have even exceeded the expectations of Rhi and Phindar, which gets a reaction from Ted. Semjase notes that the hand-fasting style marriage ceremony, while known in the Celtic tradition, does originate in the Pleiadian culture. All of this makes everyone at the table smile … and then the session is over.


Telepresence Conference 69

October 8, 2015

The animals accompany Julie and Ted, who are dressed in white with long hair, but otherwise looking ordinary for contemporary times, going down the marble stairs, and all find themselves in front of a tall arch with a gate that soon opens into a beautiful outdoor elvish environment, having trees with naturally golden leaves. Today an unusual decorative stone table with an eight-fold pattern of metal spokes awaits them, where a corresponding group of eight participants is about to be seated. All the humanoid guests, including J&T and their attendant couples of associates will be seated in near proximity to the central stone table. Julie soon finds that this etherealized group of eight celestials is called The Terran Council of Truth and Light, having its origin in the ancient Sirian diaspora. The seated principals are four males and four females, who are described by Hilarion as what we might call “oversouls,” whose council is a regional galactic assembly.

Ted offers thanks to all and begins by offering his expectation that the proceedings today might involve descriptions of the ancient Sirius star system. The Sirian Nyla starts by describing an evolving star system as an embodiment of the star itself as Julie sees a vision of our galaxy with the near region of stars, including Sirius, coming into view, having post-humanoid entities who do the work of “stellar gardeners.” The Sirius system is said to be very ancient, with Earth’s involvement going back to the nova explosion more than a million years ago. A description is given of how the steward gardeners began to shape the regions and environs to result in the expanding stellar environment. The most recent relevant Sirian outreach to Earth came 40,000 years ago in founding the Egyptian civilization, although there had been other instances of the Sirian diaspora during the earlier Atlantean phase.

Ted asks about Sirian and Pleiadian interactions on Earth, particularly J&T’s involvement, both with past Sirian and Pleiadian incarnations and current DNA makeup. Hilarion answers that J&T both have a balanced makeup of Sirian and Pleiadian experiences, almost to the extent possible—Julie a bit more Sirian and Ted a bit more Pleiadian. When asked about how these civilizations related between and among themselves, it is said the Sirian is the older and somewhat more advanced in certain ways, and the Pleiadian more troublesome, concluding with Hilarion’s summary: “The Pleiadians are much more like Star Trek, whereas the Sirians are much more like ‘Wizards who live in Towers’.” Onyion describes various circumstances in the Sirius system such as the ongoing inclination of Sirians to preserve history and teachings, but in denoting the Sirian Nova itself, Julie is told by council members at the table that it was the current white dwarf, Sirius B, that was the novaed body that destroyed most of the three inhabited planets, most directly the one of the Lion humanoids, whose population had to be rescued.

Ted asks more about the secret Sirian “Brotherhood of White Light” that has been referenced and is told by Nylah that the Sirian “lodges” were more “hidden” than “secret” which was done for protection rather than by choice. In the ancient language of Sirius the star was called the “Scorcher.” Even though the country called Syria in modern times is unrelated to Sirius, the Master Jesus is involved there now, though little may be safely said about it, even to J&T. Julie finds it difficult to continue to make interpretations of these difficult circumstances being discussed. Julie is told that the Pleiadians now work cooperatively not only with Sirians but with Arcturians and Andromedans, though it is Athena who joins the discussion to describe the Pleiadians, who now conduct hybridization experiments such as the one J&T are involved with, as having once experimented with genetic manipulations in a very irresponsible way on Earth. Continuing with the theme of ancient Pleiadian abuse—with the additional revelation that the Annunaki were actually Pleiadians—Ted asks if it was actually the Pleiadians who were involved with the gold mining operations in South Africa. Julie confirms and adds that the gold being mined by them there was being distributed or sold to ETs from other star systems.

They all continue to explore the Pleiadian/ Sirian interface in the ancient world as Julie notes that the Sirian lodges are actual physical places in remote mountainous areas that travelers occasionally reach and manage to return to tell their stories. The “Masters of the Wisdom” teachings, sometimes telepathically transmitted, have always been primarily Sirian in origin, stemming from the ancient Sirian “Elves” who were able to migrate to Earth after the Sirias B Nova. Julie’s summation concludes:

So, I’m being told and having it explained, that the project with the Master Jesus, teacher Jmmanuel, was in fact a collaboration between the Pleiadians and the Sirians … which largely failed. But that collaboration is still ongoing. What came later with Islam and Mormonism, were Pleiadian ventures on their own. The being who is … whom we think of in terms of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet [JJ] … came out of a Sirian dispensation, collaborating with the Pleiadians and their [associates?], and it was also in part a genetic experiment as well as a spiritual experiment. Boy, that’s really complicated, too. No wonder it’s so confusing!

Continuing with the South Africa theme, Ted asks about Michael Tellinger who noted the large number of ancient stone circles there, which Julie describes as pre-dating the times of the Pleiadian gold extraction, and having been done by Andromedans as an early version of their contemporary “crop circles.” Julie continues to describe a situation in this distant ancient world where Pleiadians with their “Adam’s Calendar” portal construction, first began to mine the gold themselves but later attempted to create a hybrid race from their own stock and both the native Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons to do the demanding work, but which eventually “backfired.” This, then, was the real Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were created as the first Pleiadian hybrids. Julie extends the story to include a prequel that describes the Pleiadians (again as so-called “Annunaki”) also active in ancient Mesopotamia where they first discovered gold and mined it out before making the greater discoveries in South Africa. She notes the gold mining was always controversial with the governing Pleiadian councils so that the miners eventually became renegades, which has led to much of the genetic distress on Earth as well as the violence and environmental destruction. Much of the contemporary Pleiadian genetic experiments to upgrade the Earthuman genome—such as that of J&T themselves, who knowingly volunteered for their current mission beforehand—have been conducted to help overcome the excesses of the early Pleiadian renegades.

Julie begins to get a headache, but Ted has only one more question, that of the fate of the Sirian Crystal people, whether they merged with the Elvish people (?), and whether Jhinda, the companion of Ted’s Pleiadian relative Asafah, was one of the Sirian Crystal people (she was initially described as having “faceted eyes”)? Julie answers that Jhinda was more from the humanoid life-stream of Cygnus-Lyra and continues on with a more detailed account of the three inhabited Sirian planets that existed before the Great Nova: the garden planet of the Elves, the water planet of the Cetaceans and the dry desert planet nearest the star of the Crystal People and the Lion People. Julie responds to additional questions by confirming that the humanoid Crystal People did have advanced technologies, including space travel, and brought all the others with them to Earth, as well as other places, just before Sirius B exploded.

In the final exploration Nylah and Onyion explain that the beings present at the table today are like what the Pleiadians call the “Petale Sphere,” advanced adepts who are able to provide information and guidance about very obscure or complex ideas and issues. Julie describes the individuals of the group of 8 as being like orbs of light connected together at a very high energy level. Ted notes the possible similarity to the Buddha’s Eight-fold Noble Path. When Julie turns to the table for the final time, it is Ariel who suggests that what has been told should be revealed in a separate publication before the final book is completed—it would be comforting to many people that this Terran Council of Truth and Light exists and can be contacted telepathically if desired. Then, after thanking all the celestials and the participating ET couples, both Pleiadian and Sirian, Ted thanks Julie for her persistence as Hilarion and Athena are felt by Julie to give her a pat on the head or shoulder … and then it is finished.


Telepresence Conference 70

October 11, 2015

After the invocation Julie and the animals are taken up into a large starship on a beam of light that acts like an elevator. They soon arrive on a reception deck, and Julie sees a number of familiar Pleiadians: Rhi and Phindar, Asafah and Lysah, whose wife and husband respectively are present for the first time, and her exo-father Lysinder, who is also present with his wife for the first time. Shortly thereafter, they all walk around the inside perimeter of the spacecraft to a meeting room, where others are waiting around a rectangular table with a bulged middle section. Today for the first time, beverages are being served, and they soon begin their discussion with questions of “double identity” having to do with the relationship between Julie and Ted, and Rhi and Phindar. Ted’s first question has to do with taking up the theme of Julie’s having been told earlier that she is leading a double life. Rhi and Phindar at one end of the table express their happiness for J&T who have “come a long way,” especially since they are now married. Phindar explains that the difficulty of keeping everything as a “subterfuge” by everyone, especially himself and Rhi, is now over, and they can all celebrate the unusual situation of J&T, together and openly knowing themselves as genetically modified hybrids, even from the same group—a rare situation among hybrids, who often feel isolated and lonely on Earth, and who most often never find out the nature of their unusual placement. It is noted that Julie had been taken on training missions while sleeping when yet a child, and that the actual experiences remained as dreams so that her sensitivity and ability to do advanced trance work could occur later, which has now happened.

When Ted asks for more detail about Rhi and Phindar’s lifestyle and travel activities when coming to Earth, he is told by Asafah through Julie that for Pleiadian ETs like them, time travel back to the past on Earth is like distance travel to us on Earth. ETs like them assess various circumstances in our present time in order to make modifications so that in the future certain results will have a better outcome. Asafah adds that not only is the future like Swiss Cheese, but the past as well, which can also be somewhat changed. Julie feels amazed when she is told they can view the past on Earth from their living rooms in the future in the Pleaides the way we watch TV. Lysah declares the real purpose of the genetic modifications experienced by J&T is expansion of consciousness—the ability to handle uncertainty and ambiguity with greater tact, and to increase the “curiosity quotient” while also removing blinders. Everyone at the table then integrates their telepathic effort to communicate to Julie simultaneously to show her that thought is a field of consciousness that can be coherent and unified while coming from multiple individuals. Julie’s exo-father Lysinder explains that many ETs are targeting certain susceptible Earthumans, scientists like Rupert Sheldrake capable of a more advanced understanding, with many revolutionary ideas and information.

Ted asks about a blue heron bird J&T saw the night before, which flew up from the side of the road, and Rhi admits that it was her, just like at an earlier time. Julie recalls several earlier instances of bird incidents when it was later admitted to have been done by various members of the friends-and-family ET group. Rhi adds that the last blue heron was real and placed so as to fly up and go ahead of J&T, appearing to lead them down the road as Phindar and Rhi are now doing in real life. Ted mentions that he doesn’t have any more specific questions, but that any concluding remarks by anyone for the ending of this session 70, the final one of the *J&T Five Star Series*, would be suitable. Lysinder responds that part of the reason for the “genetic reclamation project” that J&T are part of, is a recompense for the misguided experiments undertaken by ancient rogue Pleiadians. Julie continues the explanation …

The relationship between us and Rhi and Phindar, is in fact quite rare … their field of study in their own world is genetics. In this case they’ve volunteered … wow (!) … ok, so this is really complicated. They volunteered … in a way that is beyond our understanding … to go back in time … so, they’re the ones living double lives more than us. They volunteered to go back in time and actually simultaneously … we don’t have a clue how this could be possible … to be born as us with a complement of soul fragments who are us … and them … oh, man (!) … so, I’m not even sure I can explain this because I can’t imagine how it could be possible … so they’ve had the experience of being us—we are them—but as well they managed to retain their own identifies 300 years in the future while we have been born and have lived, increasingly becoming aware of our identities as them in the future. Does that make any sense? <Absolutely … yeah (!)>

Julie continues to marvel at the arrangements being made by Pleiadian individuals (like themselves) who make a contractual pact to come back in time and live as Earthumans for purposes of genetic and cultural uplift … not as “lab rats” (as she had sometimes mused) but as fully conscious individuals. J&T have been told that they have a 24th pair of chromosomes, unlike ordinary Earthumans, and Ted asks if the current scientific techniques could detect this circumstance. Asafah answers that current scientific tests would not detect the presence of this additional DNA signature—it would only be seen as “Junk DNA”—but the actual result is to produce larger amounts of hormones, particularly those of the Pineal and the Pituitary. Asafah continues to describe this “double consciousness,” awaiting to be presented by Ted in exo-psychology as …

the beginning of what might be likened to the experience of looking into two mirrors which project seemingly backwards and forwards to infinity, and that each of those reflections is an aspect or gathering of experiences, which feed into the overall nature or larger sense of identity for a soul or “field of consciousness” that has moved through time and space.

J&T muse about the nature of the double consciousness that has been explained to them, and Ted asks what will happen to their double identities as J&T reach the end of their lives on Earth. Ted mentions they wouldn’t mind seeing Planet Erra before their transition, but are told by Phindar that they would never be able to return to living on Earth if they did. Julie is then shown images of life on Erra that make it look idyllic and very beautiful, and she is greatly impressed. When Ted asks for any final remarks for the day, he is told by the combined awarenesses of Asafah and Lysah that J&T affect people in ways the people don’t understand, but that they feel the combined influence … and that J&T will be protected in their efforts going forward … and that as usual, much is going on behind the scenes, and they should remain hopeful.

Phindar leaves this final thought as Julie realizes that the drinks offered today were the “parting glass” for celebration of the success of the *J&T Five Star Series* …

Julie– [mock intrigue] Just to say to you [Ted], Phindar says, “The books that you have written … will be history books … [gets emotional] one day …”

Ted– I’ve thought of that, too.

Julie– …in the future. <Yes, indeed …> It makes me cry.

Ted– Oh, that’s so sweet, darling.

*      *      *      *      *

The Dogwoods of Love Creek in full bloom of early spring near Ted’s house


  1. Which turned out to be fairly accurate.