Longer Summary of Telepresence Conference 8

March 2, 2011

by Ted Denmark

*     *     *     *

Julie takes a little time to explain her initial experiences on the way to what kind of scene she will find herself in, usually at the bottom of a regal staircase before or after a descent down the escalator. This marks the first appearance of Julie’s red-tailed hawk protector, Tiger Lily, who joins her and Ursa in the short flight in a small spacecraft piloted by Ariel to arrive at the Star Table Hall, where Ted also appears for the first time. Julie then goes around the table, introducing the various participants, expanding on what she knows of them and the fairly mind-blowing things they will likely tell her and us!

She takes some additional time along the way to describe her sense of Astar, the seeming humor of his name—he does seem somewhat masculine even if his appearance is so abstract—and the energy or frequency of Aldebaran he appears to hold, allows all the other guest ETs in the audience to have been notified to make an appearance as well. This is the first time Julie’s guide or animal protector the red-tailed hawk Tiger Lily appears, along with Ted’s spirit animal White Eagle, who is back. The pentagram-shaped Star /table Hall appears to be able to expand or morph on the fly into the correct size as needed to accommodate the number of visitors who present themselves.

Surprisingly, Hilarion is not seated at the Star Table today, but Athena is and admits to being the person associated with him in the Jon Fox channelings. Ariel reveals to Julie that she (Ariel) is the distant future-self incarnation of her (Julie), which comes as a bit of a shock because Julie had thought of her (Ariel) as a “representation of my higher self.” When Julie is told that Samael and Jhinda, Ted’s future selves are also from the more distant future, and are the counterparts of Ariel for her, she notes with some concern that there is evidently no corresponding male counterpart for Ariel (as herself). Julie muses that Rhi and Phindar are her and Ted’s future-self counterparts from the near future (300 years or so) while Samael and Jhinda represent the still more advanced future as alter self-identities for Ted as does Ariel for herself. When she asks Ariel why there is no corresponding male counterpart for her (Julie), Ariel tells her she was not ready to understand this until now (it’s only a promise but there will be important developments to come a short time later!).

Athena explains that she and Hilarion are like twin souls who often can’t speak at exactly the same time with most people, but because Ted has spent so much time with Hilarion over the years and also understands the more technical or scientific approach of Hilarion, they are able to appear together with him. She explains to Julie that she (Athena) is more able—like Julie herself—to rather understand the visual aspects of stories and the lore of ancient civilizations. The White Lions chime in that they, too, are ancient aspects of Julie’s identity who help her time travel, allowing her to be the moderator of these conferences. Julie describes the final participants, celestials Jedhi and MuRaNu, as being much more ethereal than Athena and Hilarion, and Samael and Jhinda send a message to Ted that they are willing to serve as his liaisons if he will invoke their presence—which he knows how to do. Asafah & Lysah are present and smiling, saying approvingly that J&T are puzzling out some of these enigmas for themselves.

Semjase is seen to be fully present by Julie today and immediately wishes Ted a Happy Birthday since today is that special day for him. He responds with great appreciation shaded with feelings of amazement that what is happening could really be true. Julie goes on to describe Semjase as smiling, possibly for the first time—before she had always seemed concerned or rushed—and she (Julie) advises Ted to attempt to perceive her amazing presence (the subtext is that he has loved her for many years without ever having seen her). Ted responds with a birthday wish: to “someday” have a likeness or picture of Semjase (!)—like what Julie in her awareness is able to have of the Pleiadian icon from Planet Erra in the Taygeta System. Semjase allows that it wouln’t be a problem because she trusts Ted to be discreet, but in a moving scene, expresses herself as wanting to be his friend, but not wanting to be inappropriately “deified” by Earthumans because she does have recognition for the achievements gained in her group by the councils, etc. Before she exits, she also predicts that Julie and Ted will one day be invited to travel in a spacecraft to an off-planet meeting place with their Pleiadian ET family and friends who now appear in the conferences at the Star Table. [Semjase seems to offer her friendship in lieu of a picture—even though that would be allowed by their protocols—but the picture issue is resolved somewhat later by the advent of Julie’s second portrait sketch of Semjase, which Ted does really also love very much. 2nd ed.].

Asafah then notes as some consolation for Ted that he and his daughter Lysah are actually Ted’s immediate family and will be able to be more openly involved with him since Semjase’s physical involvement with Billy was of a uniquely different kind. Asafah suggests that the “genetic reclamation mission” involving a hundred Earth families of which J&T are a part is also about much more than that—it’s about Disclosure (!). So, what J&T should realize is the value of their roles in the mission and that these ETs with their future knowledge really are their family, including especially Rhi and Phindar who are their own real future selves.

Julie speaks and reflects at some length about these developments and is prompted by Ariel that she doesn’t have to understand it all at once—there will be many years of meetings coming (!). Semjase adds that things on Earth are in great flux, and the lives of many people will be disrupted, but that things are on the upswing in spite of it all, and that J&T will almost not be able to recognize the world in another ten year’s time (!) [It’s now ten years later, and things appear mostly recognizable in this “Disinformation Era” if also very strange and strained in the midst of the post‑Trump, Biden era and the still raging Covid Pandemic. 2nd ed.] Semjase tells Julie—though it is directed to Ted—that it will be better for them to arrive in one place, for which they will be getting more assistance. Julie has an emotional moment in which she wishes it to be known that this is what Semjase is saying and not her (Julie) in stealth, though she hopes this will be the outcome, too. Semjase says she will monitor the remainder of the session remotely and that many in their midst are proud of Ted … and then she leaves the conference meeting. Ted says he hopes she will look in on them from time to time as Julie describes her smiling exit as the final part of Ted’s birthday present.

SoLaRaan then takes a moment to clarify his role as a “science advisor” emissary from the High Galactic Council who will help J&T understand more of the complex technical issues they will face on their mission, trying to understand the ET races involved in the Earth assistance programs going forward. Lysah and Asafah extend the discussion about the roles in J&T in the Disclosure process: they are somewhat unique among the 100 hybrids and their families in the overall mission, but all they need to do for the initial stage is conduct their conferences and report on their circumstances as much goes on in the background. Samael agrees and adds he will help with the writing effort and with regaining awareness of some of their childhood experiences. He adds that much of what was presented in the movie called The Last Mimzy was fairly accurate regarding EFI?ET disclosure.

Athena adds that in addition to learning much from future selves, and because of Ted’s long involvement with Hilarion, J&T will also be shown aspects of certain parts of their earlier incarnations from which they will be able to understand karmic processes in new ways. She adds that her role will be as one who can effectively aid in these life reviews so as to improve current understanding of past life opportunities as well as difficulties in real time for us now. As an illustration she then launches into a discussion of J&T’s involvement as like a connection in a soul group—not as close as the White Lions twin relationship—but close enough to describe to them the Celtic tradition of handfasting in which a couple who intend to marry pledge to have a union not only for the current life but for all future lives (!). This kind of relationship manifests not only in pair-bonded romantic love but also in family relationships as well as at times from across the Universe during separation. Athena notes that J&T have often lived in more advanced civilizations than of Earth, which they would therefore naturally find somewhat primitive. Athena says J&T will live to see better times on Earth when the quarantine is lifted … and Ariel chimes in by adding, with laughter “…but don’t ask me when …”.

When Julie mentions that Asafah and Lysah are reminding them of the mind-blowing fact that Samael and Jhinda, who are from a civilization advanced by thousands of years from than of Earth, are indeed available to him as resources, Ted mentions that Semjase also stated that the Pleiadians are some 4,000 years in advance of the mainstream cultures on Earth, she (Julie) is shocked because she did not realize the gap was that great. She muses on this new notion about Lysah and Asafah for Ted, and he asserts that he can relate to it well enough and wishes to have a closer relationship with them. Julie notes that Lysah and Asafah would also be able to communicate directly with Ted if he takes the time on a daily basis to try to contact them—they could provide information and guidance, and Ted agrees it would be valuable to try. On a humorous note Julie says that they suggest it may be time for Ted to trim his fingernails (so he can type out transcripts).

Ariel suggests that Julie will get to go to Egypt on her scheduled date [which sadly does not happen. 2nd ed.] and also reveals that Julie did have a life incarnation there at Abydos, which could be the basis for her to write a fictionalized account that might involve discovering a star gate and contacting future selves with it. Julie is greatly energized by the thought but starting to tire after more than an hour of being in para-conscious trance.

After looking around the Star Table she notices the White Eagle, who suggests that Ted might also be interested in working on a fictionalized account of how he encountered the White Eagles—from the point of view of Phindar trying to contact you [Ted]—and discover a way of connecting directly with him in the process. Ted then feels somewhat overwhelmed with these various ideas for stories, but asks if such a writing project might include his notion of encountering the White Eagle a third time in the great old White Oak tree in his meadow (?). The answer is an enthusiastic yes! Julie then notes that the appearance of the White Eagle today has begun to turn into a humanoid figure, looking like an Indian shaman—who will briefly be called Akanthor, but later Ted will call him White Wing. J&T muse and imagine writing their stories as fictionalized “sci-fi” accounts—from the point of view of their ET future selves. Julie sees some similarities between White Wing and the white eagle bird, who will also continue to appear in later sessions, often both together.

Julie finally reveals—having forgotten amidst so much to report—that for the first time today, Ted, dressed in white, has accompanied her on the trip down the stairs to the Star Table. She says she will invite a small holographic part of him to continue to come to future sessions. Ted admits that he felt closer to the actions Julie was reporting today, while said to be present, than in earlier sessions. Julie spends a little time describing the palatial ornate marble stairs she descends at the beginning of the sessions.

Ted asks one more question about a very unusual “cloud vision” he saw. Julie says there were three ships behind the cloud, creating it … not Semjase, but Lysah & Asafah, Rhi & Phindar … sending Ted a telepathic greeting. When Ted wonders how they could have done it, they say (as Ted often says), “Timing is everything.” And then they explain they made use of some unusual atmospheric conditions. Rhi explains they do a certain amount of monitoring of J&T but it is benevolent. They are able to read what they evidently call “brain pulses” (different from any of our technologies) to follow our daily navigations, J&T realize, it’s probably in real time. They say when Ted saw the beautiful display that couldn’t have been natural, he needed to get beyond being amazed: he needed to “pick up the phone” to receive more of the message and take such a symbolic sighting to the next level of awareness.

Finally, Rhi & Phindar return to Ted’s earlier vision, the question of the White Eagle appearing in the old White Oak tree, and say that if the complexity can be overcome, it will happen … to which Ted responds, “Wow … that’s really fantastic! It’s all so amazing … really quite beyond my wildest dreams (!).” Julie says, “Me, too!” And now everyone is smiling again … and Ted—whose welcoming into the sessions in a new way during this TC Session 8 has become and felt very much more engaged—says in parting, “We are deeply grateful, and we feel we are becoming closer … and can hardly wait to find out what will happen next … and we really love them all dearly.” Julie echoes the sentiment, and then Ted calls on his “count of five” protocol to end this long, amazing TC Session 8.

*     *     *     *     *