Longer Summaries of “Masters of Space & Time” *Exotic Visitors* V. 4

Longer Conference Summaries from Appendix II


Telepresence Conference 113

In this intimate session 113 on Julie’s birthday 1-13-2020 only Hilarion and Athena appear to answer a series of deep questions about the nature of the cosmic microwave background radiation, the nature of the Grand Multiverse and the karmic consequences of ET intervention on Earth … over a very long period of time … and Julie gets a green crystal for her birthday.

Julie begins by noting that the transition to hyper-dimensional trance space today is unique in her experience as she appears to travel to a room in a greenish crystalline castle with high ceilings and many growing things. The session will include only Athena, Hilarion, herself and Ted who are all seated in high-backed throne-like chairs at a small round coffee table with a green crystal in the center and golden colored drinks before them—this is the special treat for Julie’s birthday. Ted begins with a quick readout for two recent acquaintances regarding their ET situations (they’re “wanderers”) and astrology birth times, including soul-entry time.

Hilarion is asked by Ted about the significance of the “cosmic microwave background radiation” and is told in an impressively memorable response that it is the fundamental frequency (equivalent to E-flat in musical terms) of our Universe in a wider realm in which all universes have uniquely different fundamental frequencies (!). Julie, having musical training, is a little confused by the response, but hopes to clarify it later.

After inquiring about her work associate’s health issues (compromised immune system), Ted asks about Julie’s chronic low energy condition, and they are told by Athena that a vacation would be in order as the only likely thing that would make a difference: she is experiencing an unusual and unexpected kind of life review that usually only occurs after death because her circumstances have changed (!).

Ted’s next question about whether the Australian Aborigines, who have recently been seen as having migrated to both Africa and South America in ancient times, had also become racially mixed with “ETs” (?). Hilarion’s answer is stated in terms of discretion because of its issues of racial sensitivity, that all people of Earth have experienced various ET interventions over a very long million year period, many or most of which had not been beneficial, except to the more technically advanced visitors and colonizers themselves—a regrettable situation of long standing: “Much of this intervention has not been noble … leaving a massive karma.” In addition, regarding various racial differences among Earthumans—or anyone from anywhere … “It is always the lesson, to look for sameness rather than difference.” And finally,

“There is so little difference in what has happened to the genetics of humans on Earth in this regard, it isn’t even worth discussing.”

Moving on, the next question is about whether the kinds of large horses we have on Earth now really evolved from the small “Dawn Horse” as taught by standard biological science, and the quick answer is that they came from the Sirius System with the Elves 400,000 years ago—and elephants too (same large size). Ted then asks if the Ukrainian passenger airliner recently shot down in Iran was a tipping point event related to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (?), and is told it could be if there were enough courage, but reaction to the situation—that of a rogue soldier who wanted war and made an unconscionable mistake—would be up to the responses of the younger generation there.

The question about Ted’s notion of an “Archetypal Universe” as a kind of central template for all universes in the Multiverse, is taken by Hilarion to be mistaken (“ … that would imply a form that precedes all others.”) … that there is only the fundamental continuum of consciousness: “There is only a reality of consciousness, and the closest we can come to understanding it is …Ultimate Love. Everything that emanates from that is a search for every possible manifestation that ultimately returns an awareness of love as the highest reality.”

The final suggestion is that Ted take Julie out to their local rock shop and find her a green crystal (which will become obvious) for her birthday which they will then energize …


Telepresence Conference 114

Coming through a portal disguised as a stone arch, J&T and the animal crew are led to an outside fire-pit circle on the premises of the southern French estate, and Ted begins with a question about reputed “spoke-wheeled cities in the sky,” which Hilarion acknowledges to exist. He also clears up the mystery of fabled Planet Vulcan in Alice Bailey’s books, and Ptaah explains how star systems in our galaxy all move at the same speed … for another amazing magic carpet tour of outliers near-by and far-out.

The spoked-wheel cities in the sky are said to be laid out on a dodecahedron grid in various places, which Hilarion confirms but leaves the “fun” of looking up more details to Ted after dropping a few hints (they’re placed in geo-stationary positions above Earth at critical energetic points during this stressful transition period—functioning somewhat like pyramids in the ancient world). As for Vulcan, Hilarion suggests that it was never an actual physical planet but was formulated in earlier times before modern advances in space sciences, to represent the “more esoteric aspects of Mercury.” He also notes that the sacred First Ray energy signature attributed to Vulcan now belongs to Ceres, the largest planetary body in the Asteroid Belt (which in a different place, he also cites as the real new ruler of the astrological sign Virgo!).

In recognizing the modern enigma that all the individual stars in a galaxy do travel at the same speed (rather than the inner ones moving faster, as with planets in a solar system), as discovered by astrophysicist Verra Ruben while investigating “Dark Matter,” Ptaah cites the phenomenon as “Galactic Consciousness,” an as yet unknown physical law promoting universal individuality while maintaining cosmic order, which would be the closest human beings can come to the awareness of deity. He adds, “What at present is called Dark Matter or Dark Energy is in a sense the energy of Love and Light in the simplest way that does make up the truest nature of a Universe.”

Ted’s next question attempts to proportionally attribute how much the effect of the current climate crisis can be assigned to three primary causes: carbon combustion emissions, the gravitational coupling from the solar-system companion Astraea, and the various weapons of war, the HAARP-like atmospheric energy manipulation devices floated as scientific experiments. Phindar begins his answer by sidestepping the premise as offering a “confusing” perspective since the crisis requires Earthumans to make a serious effort to more seriously assess their ungainly position at present on the planet in a fundamental way. Ted’s follow-up asks if electrification of the transportation networks is strategic and is told by Hilarion that it’s the next step and that “Coal, gas and plastic have to go (!).” Semjase offers her agreement and adds that she is just as passionate about this needed transformation as she was about the destruction of our atmosphere by chloro/ fluoro-carbon gases in the Billy Meier era.

The next question begins the discussion of the “Corona Virus,” what it is and how it arose (?), to which Hilarion answers … It was not an act of violence or war against any other nation, but was stolen from the US by Chinaand it has blown up in their face.” (Ted muses …which they felt they probably needed to understand since this kind of germ warfare could easily be used against them eventually.) Hilarion speculates further, “And, yes, it does have the capacity to destabilize the world economy … and perhaps karma has unleashed this force.” He adds that J&T will probably not be affected by the virus.

Semjase is asked if she has modified any of her earlier conclusions about some of the first contactees from the “space brother” era, in particular Adamski (?). She notes that most of the early contactees did have some kind of authentic experience in unusual situations, though often different than what they came to believe. She declines to discuss Adamski, saying that it was more complex than she knew then … and that Billy often went off on tangents.

When Ted asks for advice on additional subjects, Michael responds by noting that the ones we call “ETs” do not see the term as welcome or accurate since they have been involved on Earth for a very long time. Julie says,

He wants you to know that there are many at work in the political scene, and what he wants to say is that … destruction is not their first choice … they are working with quite a few [different people] … they believe in the ideal of democracy and that it should be redeemed … <Umm …> and that there are many active here and in other places in the world—even more so now because the time is so dire.

Phindar adds that J&T should air and spread their beliefs as suitable. The Sirian lion guest when acknowledged says that the “wheeled cities” mentioned earlier are Sirian Spiritual Lodges which are in support of their ancient wisdom teachings. Finally Oriion describes himself as a kind of technician from Electra in the Pleiades who is making the meeting sharable by others not able to be present as observers (as guests at the 9 o’clock position at the table often do).

Ted finally asks Hilarion about his ongoing effort to find a dowsing technique for discovering soul entry times for doing astrology charts and is told, after reviewing several recent situations in this regard, he is already well enough accomplished in this area and that the instruction technique should be kept as simple as possible, so that anyone can learn it. As a final bit of advice Hilarion tells Ted his itchy skin problem can be improved by avoiding carbonated drinks in favor or pure crystalline water that has been solarized (by exposure to the sun) and taking in less caffeine. Athena offers her love and hope for best results as do J&T to her … and then, after expressions of gratitude, it is over.


Telepresence Conference 115

After entering though a portal, a very large metal gateway, Julie quickly realizes she is on a spacecraft, which will turn out to be Ptaah’s Great Spacer. Along with an Andromedan escort couple, they, including Rhi and Phindar, soon arrive at a large lounge-like room, looking like early sci-fi in décor where Julie can see a vast array of spacecraft out through a large circular window that will make a huge impact on her—something never to be forgotten.

J&T are greeted by two couples, Rhi & Phindar and a pair of eight feet tall Andromedans who walk with them four abreast down a large diameter tube-like hallway and into a kind of cosmic café or pub where a two-story tall transparent window in the metallic side of the giant craft opens out onto a very diverse 3D starship space parking lot, which is a stunning sight for the often unflappable Julie. The answer to the first question reveals that it was Phindar who advised Julie to work on her dream book by addressing her as an inner voice. Athena chimes in and affirms that is was a good time for Julie to be doing the new book and updating some of her older ones, too. Ted asks about a small earthquake in Magna, Utah and is told by Hilarion that it was a “military takeover” of an underground facility by a waring faction as yet of uncertain effect.

The Andromedan Zartoc begins his answer to Ted’s open question about the Covid-19 Pandemic by noting that many purposes are served by such threats and their consequences, including needed resolution of karma, but also that it was agreed to in pre-life contract by those who have and will have been victimized. The Covid contagion is a necessary cleansing process rather than a retribution. He reminds Ted that Semjase has told them earlier that in ten years they will not be able to recognize their everyday world. Ted expresses relief at Zartoc’s reassuring attitude as well as his knowledge and insight. The female Andromedan Shandreeah adds a similar tone of reassurance by noting the many diverse ETs who are present on Earth helping people in need from behind the blind of invisibility as well as influencing the mentality of leaders in decision-making positions: “Be at peace, follow your guidance, and above all … do not fear.” Athena & Hilarion offer similar advice: “Calm that fear; regardless of what it may look like, it’s a time for hope. The time has come; the tide has turned, and the shift will occur.” Athena states that for us (J&T) … “We have passed the test,” and we know our guides and some of our circumstances better than most others. Most of the regulars apparently have previously been to the home planet environs of Zartoc & Shandreeah and have possibly known them beforehand.

In the final moments J&T feel reassured in spite of the dangers presented by the pandemic and feel invited to continue with the meetings even though, as Michael says, they probably won’t ever be able to top the meeting place here on Ptaah’s Great Spacer (its captain Ptaah himself does not appear in the meeting).


Telepresence Conference 116

Julie quickly hits her usual marks, goes through a huge open glass door portal and is soon seated outdoors on the grounds of their old French estate at a small table with Ted, Hilarion and Athena, in a private session that begins with a primer on the nature of viruses as prelude to a discussion of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Hilarion begins by stating,

These are powerfully transforming times—not unprecedented in history or the world. Such come in cycles or waves and often act as agents of evolutionary transformation. This is karmic cleansing … when things achieve a critical mass, both in terms of need for clearing and opportunities for growth and evolutionary timing …

Julie mentions that virus meant poison at one time as Hilarion continues to describe viruses as non-living “proto lifeforms,” but close to the threshold of life, which appear naturally on most planets. The only goal in life for them is to replicate or reproduce themselves … but the Covid-19 virus was not a natural occurrence:

In this case, as you know, this particular pathogen lifeform, was studied and modified for a very negative harmful purpose, and that has been unleashed on the world, so this particular virus does not act in the way it would ordinarily. That was also true of the virus that killed so many in your year 1918, which was also mutated but through more natural forces—not through human intervention—that particular virus was also mutated, even to a larger degree, which made it far more lethal.

The role of these viruses regarding humans, is to “thin the herd” like a kind of natural predator, and the way to resist is to have a strong immune system. Ted had read a warning that the military may have a plan to shut down the Internet, but Hilarion says this is disinformation, that the ETs won’t allow that to happen since it would foment a disaster. When Ted wonders if a “drug cure” is likely to appear, Hilarion responds:

Given the corruption of the entire drug structure and pharmaceutical structure on the planet, a vaccine could be as lethal as the virus because of what often happens … It was not Gates or Bloomberg behind this, a claim you [Ted] recently saw in a video, but rather Big Pharma and the Cabal. Big Pharma, the Cabal and the bankers always wish to make targets out of certain people in the world who do the most good, to render them powerless, so these secretive agents can perform their evil deeds.

The modest and careful Hilarion makes an unusual point here of vouchsafing himself, saying, “You can trust me (!).” Julie has questions about and for two of her friends, to whom it is revealed that one may well use a laser healing device and the other, an historical associate of Julie during Essene times, who lived among the group preparing the young Yeshua to take on the task of becoming the avatar of the Age of Pisces. Thanks and heartfelt acknowledgments are given, and then they are finished.


Telepresence Conference 117

Julie, Ted and the animals are back at their French estate psychic home headquarters with two new Sirians who have been assigned to help Julie with her new book, which is proceeding apace and a new White Lion. After a brief commentary on the “11:11” phenomenon, Hilarion turns to a presentation on the nature of the soul in modern scientific terms that Ted thinks is fabulous (and it really is!).

As Ted notes in starting, there is a full house and a full table (20 in all, including J&T) as Julie introduces everyone in the usual way. The discussion begins with Ariel and Hilarion noting that Julie’s new writing project is supported by the Sirian Lodges in Egypt and Tibet, and now two new Sirians (Ohno & Amtar) who have never worked with Earthumans before have been assigned as liaisons with Julie, and they are present for the first time as are their Sirian senior associates Nyla & Onyion.

The first question asks for additional explanation of the “11:11 phenomenon,” which is answered by Hilarion, who says the imagery is one of mirroring and, “Its most significant meaning is an open communication channel with an individual’s guides and soul,” Ted’s next question is about the nature of the soul in terms of the modern scientific terminology used in quantum physics. Hilarion’s answer is worth quoting in full:

As for the ‘soul’ …which could be interchanged with ‘spirit’ … we’re speaking of the essence of an individual moving through incarnations in time-space … in terms of the best answer to your question … the soul is made of photons … it’s light, and light is the actual essence of all, and he’s saying, in the ultimate cosmic paradigm, photons are light, and the electro-magnetic spectrum is love. Those are the two ultimate qualities that characterize ultimate reality, and they express in those ways, but they also inter-relate, so in a sense, light … photons, represents one aspect of the expression of existence, and electro-magnetism represents the other complementary aspect. The soul … a soul … is a concentrated existence of photons … that has the capacity to grow with the benefit of experience as it expresses parts of itself through projections into different phase states of the universal expression … and some of those phased states represent what might be called a ‘human life’ or life in another star system.

And in the analogy of H2O, the light of the soul might be like the vapor state of water … and the human body, like ice—the solid form—moving in and out of expression … but in the same analogy, carrying forward, water has memory, and the photons that form the soul, also have memory … and the soul becomes like a container, if you will, for all it has experienced … and it does have a beginning and advancement through higher states, higher frequencies, ultimately to a sort of iridescence.

Ted finds this answer quite impressive since he is very involved in understanding the nature of the soul in energetic terms, and has a sense that gravity is also related to light and electromagnetism, so he asks if there is a difference between “ordinary” telepathy and spiritual telepathy as he thinks Semjase had suggested. Once again Hilarion answers:

There’s no difference … telepathy is closest to quantum entanglement in terms of our understanding of physics … it’s a neutralization of space-time as instant awareness and communication … it doesn’t even involve the brain.

Ted moves on to the situation of a recent 6.4 earthquake in Tonopah, Nevada where seismic events of that magnitude are very unusual, so he suspects it may be another underground clash between the conventional military and the rogue Military-Industrial-Complex using small tactical nukes, which Michael confirms as accurate. Ptaah continues a bit more with a follow-up response affirming that much is going on that is dangerous or uncertain, but the long run victory is assured—only the final few remaining intermediate moves in a game of checkmate on the chessboard are yet unknown by the ET alliance.

Hilarion remarks that the younger people of Earth are creating a field that is having an impact on the current transformation process, and it will eventually have an effect on the older generations in a way not unlike the way the connectivity principle has been described in the new physics of Haramein. Then Ptaah is asked if he can reveal anything about the Ashtar Command of early channeling days, and he responds that it was indeed a Pleiadian project of a positive nature that has now been subsumed under other more recent projects.

Ted then turns to what he regards as the main issue for discussion, the current status of the Colid-19 Pandemic nearly six months after its initial discovery. Athena, who describes herself as affiliated with the ancient Greek healing center at Asklepios, indicates that the level of severity will stay about the same for some time, and that the best approaches in seeking protection are social distancing and use of face masks. Athena also mentions that people may be inclined to leave urban areas as Ted has imagined. The World Health Organization, which Ted regards somewhat suspiciously from alternative news reports, is then assessed in a more sympathetic way here by Hilarion who associates it with idealistic organizations (United Nations, United States government) which nonetheless always contain people with divergent views or rogue elements pulling away for various reasons. Hilarion jokes that one can usually tell what is right or wrong by how Trump views it. Julie had a notion that surreptitious agents had made additional releases of the Corona Virus at various other sites around the world, but Hilarion denies that this has happened. What he does say is that …

Once again the challenge of this particular virus … it’s rate of infection … is more potent, is more toxic—because it was manipulated—it wasn’t just an ordinary virus but was manipulated to be both more lethal and infectious, and the ignorance of people, not knowing what they were dealing with up front, and of course the failure of leadership in many places, especially here, to deal with it early on, and the resistance of people to deal with what they were being told, has “compounded the felony,”

In the remaining moments J&T find that the guest Thoreodore has been present because his historical time is also one of pandemic, and he wishes to learn what may be valuable to bring back to his own troubled historical time in England, and the surprising new guest Sirian White Lion Tarron is the father of Meena and Huluyah, who has heard about the J&T conferences and wanted to visit—Julie says he is very distinguished … and with a goatee (!). Then they’re done.


Telepresence Conference 118

Julie and the crew are quickly lifted up into a mid-sized Pleiadian beamship, and she makes a somewhat detailed report of the layout of the interior before the smaller group gets seated around a smart table that “comes down from the outer wall.” They discuss a fascinating dream reported by Ted in the context of Julie’s new dream book project and learn of more enhanced communications with animals in the future. They discuss various current events and are assured that many challenging situations are being shaped by various ET groups in the best way that can be managed for future sustainability.

After being beamed up through a ten foot diameter opening in the lower floor and arriving aboard a ‘flying saucer’ beamship about thirty feet in diameter and having a crew of twelve. the rendezvous party move to the upper level. There, they witness the crew’s sleeping pods in a cluster and the workstations also situated together in a different area. There are no stairs but rather what is like a pneumatic tube that lifts everyone, including the animals one at a time, to the upper deck where all the people are seated at a temporary ‘smart table’ that emerges out of the side wall, providing custom seating for the small group.

The seats are attached to the table and are felt to be fairly comfortable, as Pleiadians Rhi and Phindar, who are present on this special purpose spacecraft outfitted for scientific research projects explain, although it is not the ship they are regularly assigned to crew on (Cloud Climber). Julie notes that Rhi and Phindar as well as the Pleiadian crew, are all dressed in what looks like Star Trek uniforms. She is made to realize that they have taken us aboard this small star ship for our meeting today to show us what our lives will probably be like in our next life with them as Pleiadians.

Julie is given good marks by Hilarion for progress with her new dream book project, which he acknowledges he has helped her visualize as the “seven steps” method. Ted then asks about a dream he had in which he saw some unusual and quite amazing dancing horses and is told by Phindar that those horses belong to him, and that he does indeed dance with them, and that Ted is able to take his enthusiasm for dance with him into his future life as Phindar, which Ted naturally finds quite amazing and laughs out loud. Phindar explains that humans and animals are actually able to communicate telepathically in the future and therefore get along much better. Hilarion adds that the dream was an ‘objective dream,’ meaning an experience rather than merely imagery or symbolism.

Ted asks if it will be possible to travel internationally with the new Covid-19 virus scare and is told by Ariel that the virus scare will be used to hopefully attain a better election result in the upcoming presidential contest, so as to disenfranchise the worst of the pharmacological cabal. Julie’s question whether the current distress in the world is being driven by the New Age quest for freedom and is told by Hilarion that it’s so for some but also the natural karmic rebound for the darker figures involved, but that situations for the better will eventually emerge in spite of the troubles, like in California where the internal contradictions and the external forces make for an explosive outcome.

Ted’s next question is about Julie and how she can better cope with her feelings about all the suffering and difficulties that are ongoing in the world, which are so distressing for her and is told by Ariel that Julie should call on her to begin to experience a future with a better ambiance since she is Julie’s future self … as J&T now learn, from Arcturus. Ariel describes their situation there as living on two different planets in the Arcturus system, one that is summery and one that is alpine, and they are able to go back and forth almost instantaneously.

Rhi offers her estimation that even though things can appear fairly depressing at present on Earth, there are many ETs stationed all around the Earth environs who are working on making the current revolution there a success in the long run. In fact, as Julie concludes: they feel the tide has turned. Rhi advises that the fragmented news that J&T are provided is often extremely biased and that, “Information, like food, needs to be consumed carefully.”

The parting commentary is given by Athena as Julie notes:

Athena wishes to say something … she says it isn’t much comfort … but know that our futures will be much improved; and that we agreed and volunteered to be here at this time; and that part of it is witness; part of it is the documenting what we are doing; part of it is fitting our own natures to it the best way we can … with our enhanced abilities … and being like bright torches in dark places.

Julie than briefly describes the guests arising from the temporary table, which retracts back into the wall of the craft, and everyone goes back down the pneumatic tube to be greeted by the crew, who know them all by now and interact with the animals in a cordial way. When Ted asks if he can be told the name of this starship, he is told they all refer to it as Flash, which he finds to be quite amusing. J&T offer their sincere thanks to all and are beamed back down to their Earth-side positions.


Telepresence Conference 119

J&T make their way to a table seating outside with three new first-time guests, one an ancient Atlantean Earth figure, Andrhrian, and two larger Zeta Grays, Tion and Zonn, who appear without their large black wraparound sun glasses. After again starting in Julie’s new dream book territory, the situation soon moves to Ted’s unusual UFO/UAP experience when a red light appeared in the late evening sky just above the ridge behind his house.

The meeting takes place outside under a large elm at the familiar house in France with the also familiar group of participants led by Hilarion and Athena, with principals Rhi & Phindar and Ariel & Michael and Semjase & Ptaah, with White Lions offering support and two exotic large Gray Zetans as guests. Julie gets a smiling review of her dream book project by Ariel, who notes that it surpassed their expectations. Ted quickly moves on to the situation uppermost in his mind: the strange red light in the night sky over the ridge behind his house and the strange behavior of some of the local animals.

Phindar provides context for the Pleiadian role of supervising other ET visitors during these times of increasing involvement with affairs on Earth without naming the rogue-like ship that projected the bright red light in question. There were no other people around to witness the event, which had loomed high in Ted’s week, but several animals (fox, raccoon and mountain lion) did get frightened with the fox coming out into the meadow, the raccoon jumping up onto the overhead roof and the lion not visible at the time but evidently nearby, making all the others very “jumpy.” Ptaah explains that the red-light spacecraft was an example of spying ET explorers pushing the limits of allowed protocol while Semjase notes that they had detected the signal of Ted’s telemeter monitoring disk, were curious and came to see what it was …

Ted recites the sad story of the loss of his water spring, his long secure—and only—source of water on the property, but now realizes he must drill a well and is attempting to decide between two different drilling crews, eliciting Hilarion’s opinion (mere scheduling and convenience). Ted will soon be leaving for Pagosa Springs to winter over with Julie, and a tip on the presidential election is briefly offered (a likely Biden win with expected Trump dirty tricks).

Ted then turns to the main metaphysical question of the session, namely that of a widely publicized pole shift that was seen as a major transition into the New Age, etc. The question becomes one of understanding what happened—did the ET contingent modify the outcome or was it merely a kind of psychic contagion? The answer is given by guest Andrhrian, with both Atlantean and Celtic features, and it is clear and simple: there was to have been a major asteroid strike but it was “prevented” by ETs—unlike the time 12,000 years ago when it was “permitted,” causing the Great Flood that destroyed many ancient civilizations. He notes that Astraea could not have been involved since it doesn’t enter the inner Solar System, and adds that the planet has never shifted its entire axis physically, only suffered crustal dislocations at various times.

Ted continues in a similar vein, asking if the climate of Earth is likely to revert back to a possibly cooler condition after the time of the close approach of Astraea passes, but this time Michael answers in a direct and more challenging tone:

Julie– It’s Michael who’s going to answer this question, and I think this is a bit above my pay grade about the numbers, but he’s saying that one important thing to understand is the past geometric acceleration of the population on the planet from two billion to seven billion in just a few generations. <Yeah …> The effect of the humans on the planet is the number one cause of the problem. <Wow (!)> And he said, as Hilarion has said before, fossil fuels have to go; sustainable energies of a permanent kind have to be implemented … <Right> and the population has to be reduced. And so, Michael is saying … for those who wish to criticize those who are looking for humane solutions, they should understand that unchecked, it is not going to change course in any way in our lifetime. Dramatic measures are required. The Earth and the Sun, as conscious beings, are doing what they can with the only populated planet in the Solar System to mitigate the crisis, but humans have to take charge. And Michael is saying, that while he doesn’t mean to be political, the voices of the young people who are working for this, must be heard. It has to change. It isn’t an artificial crisis.

Thus, the problem is not to be found with Astraea but rather in the irresponsible and profligate nature of the Earthumans whose burgeoning population has long since surpassed the safe limits of growth, and now hard choices must be made to avert a total disaster. He does not wish to be seen as “political” but is nonetheless unapologetic for his expression of passion on the dire matter at hand. Michael is an Arcturian from the equivalent of a planetary system more than 4,000 years in advance of our own.

After the main questions have been answered Julie notices the two Gray Zetan guests, who make offers of help in the current dilemma, and then Semjase speaks up to them, indicating that there were things involving them that she did not adequately understand back in the days of Billy Meier. Ted finds this admission revealing and moving that she would take the opportunity to say this in the current meeting. Athena then summarizes the current condition by saying, “Don’t lose heart; keep hope … things are moving in a better direction.” Ted agrees while acknowledging the impending crisis that has been forecast while remembering that what will eventuate is in lieu of what would have been the Poleshift


Telepresence Conference 120

Things begin as usual with Julie walking down a hall portal into the large banquet room on the estate where J&T lived in pre-revolutionary France to find they will be seated at a fancy table with their familiar group and one new guest, Solquil. It’s all decked-out in celebratory holiday style as Ted begins by trying to find out where this place—which is said to still exist—was or is actually located (Loire Valley). They are all soon enmeshed in a complex discussion of the nature and appropriateness of various psychological terms Julie is using in her new book, which does indeed feel like it advances the level of understanding …

The location of this fabled French estate that J&T return to for many of their sessions is thought by Ted to be near Tours after some detailed looking on Google Earth.

Moving on to themes and terminologies in Julie’s book, Hilarion favors the garden analogy best because it represents working with nature, closely representing this ‘dynamic’ … He likes the word consciousness to describe the “ultimate nature of the universe itself … the degree of ‘awakeness’ or awareness that shifts and changes as beings grow and evolve.” With humor he says the term ‘waking consciousness’is unfortunate because so many people exist in their life in a state of ‘waking somnolence.’ The attempt to find newer or more suitable language for conscious and subconscious continues among the symposiasts with Julie expectantly watching and waiting. Ariel opines that the language simply fails … Hilarion says the language is very difficult because there’s no separation of the facets … and everything is happening simultaneously. He also “likes the term ‘psyche’ from the Greek because that actually meant ‘soul’ to the Greeks and described the totality of our existence.” He acknowledges the left brain/ right brain duality as far as it is understood but notes that fore-brain/ aft-brain is also relevant.

Further regarding ‘conscious/ subconscious,’ Hilarion says, “In some ways what has been called the choosing conscious aspect, the decider … and what has been called the “sub-conscious” is like, the ‘executer’… so they operate as a pair, but unfortunately, ‘executer’ has another connotation. Implementer is another … Michael chimes in to assert that the terms in question are reciprocal and equate first to making a decision and then having it automatically be executed by the other co-equal function. Julie is told to free associate on various terms till she feels what is the most suitable ones for her purposes. Hilarion says he likes Haramein’s notion of the brain as an antenna.

Hilarion and Athena then field one of Julie’s questions regarding whether she should allow Satiama Press to re-publish and promote two of her recent books that she self-published recently. The ‘green light’ is given since she has existing karmic relationships with both collaborators but is also capable of managing any difficulties that might arise. Ted asks Hilarion about the need for getting a second colonoscopy suggested by his surgeon and is told the situation is only a marginal health risk but worth doing since there has been a small pain signal, bit it’s likely to be routine.

The subject shifts back to the Covid-19 Pandemic and a request for additional information on whether the vaccines coming from the pharmaceutical companies are “good enough?” Phindar makes something of a revelation in response: Inspiration for what is known as the mRNA-type vaccine, has come from Pleiadians.” And further …

It’s important to know that this vaccine is very different from traditional vaccines in that there is no live virus put into the vaccine; instead, it’s almost like a code, that when injected into the muscles, causes the cells to produce something like the spikes of the virus itself. He said that because of the advanced technology that has been applied, what’s interesting is that when these spikes grow on human cells, they trigger the growth of human immune cells in a powerful way, and after they do their jobs, they dissolve … and are eliminated from the system … so, this is a breakthrough technology that is very different from vaccines of the past.

Phindar appears to have taken the role of point-man on vaccines:

The substance that had been used as a preservative in earlier generations of vaccines, Thimerosal, a derivative of mercury, is no longer used. They’ve developed something new, and the amount of it used is very small, but it does act as a preservative for the vaccine—in an absolutely minute amount—and some other ways of preserving it are also far more advanced. Now, the potential for dark evil forces to include things in vaccines is not precluded, but at this time it is not true. This has been a true heroic effort against the forces of darkness, which created the virus to begin with—and in ways that will never be revealed—when the virus was created, its antidote was created at the same time, and that knowledge existed, so for the effort at this time, it has been what they all consider to be a noble effort on the part of those producing these vaccines. And the technology is completely different than the vaccines that were used in the past, which included the live pathogen. This is something that codes the cells to create their own defense.

One a much lighter note Ted asks about a tine recently when he saw a very shiny newly-minted penny on the street from a distance in a somewhat unusual situation, and is told by Phindar that he (or they, including Rhi) arranged for it to be there at the exact right time and place to send him a message that his future is bright in Pagosa Springs, CO. There is also a bonding story between Julie and Rhi, asked and recounted, when Julie had lost an earring that had been a little gift from Ted and had looked everywhere multiple times, only to find it under a table where it had not been earlier. Rhi admits to her that they had actually time-shifted it from the place she lost it (a shop in town) to the place under the table (!). Ted expresses his affection for them and thanks them both very sincerely for their very uplifting if “modest magical touch.”

Feeling touched and remembering that the dental hygienist at the office the day he found the shiny penny was also named Rhi, Ted asks if her name is short for a more formal name, and she is amused to answer that yes, it’s RhiAnne. Ted muses, “Rhianne and Phindar … so very Pleiadian Irish …” which they indeed are (!). He continues on to ask more about their home planet Erra and is told it’s tipped at about 8 degrees, has a lot of water, a mild climate and a year about twice as long as that of Earth.

Rhi mentions that since their year is about twice as long as ours on Earth, so are their astrological signs. Given the lead, Ted asks for more in the way of comparisons, and is told they have cardinal directions, twelve signs, and a more stellar astrology—which Western Astrology has mostly lost (“We on Earth have lost the memory of the stars”), unlike Vedic Astrology with its Lunar Mansions. Ted responds that he can understand why they are more aware of stars since they have more than 250 of them at relatively close quarters in the Pleiadian open cluster.

Ted signals they are nearly finished and wonders if the guest present would like to comment; Julie volunteers that he (Solquil) is only there to help us feel the good cheer of the season. Hilarion offers a finishing statement that immune system support is the main message for fending off the pandemic and recommends Julie get more vegetable juice. Julie’s new Sirian liaisons suggest that Julie is quite talented, so they don’t make it too easy for her (but they know it stresses her a bit). Solquil does also describe his role as adding “an infusion of Christmas spirit and Jupiterian energy.” And then, after offers of praise and friendship, they are finished.


Telepresence Conference 121

J&T and the crew are back at Astar’s Star Table (!) with the core group and a single new guest, Kamashar, after a quick trip on a spacecraft that is not further identified. Once again Julie’s new book is driving the narrative into deeper regions of psychology and the life sciences, which the new guest, who self-identifies as an ET from the future, along with Hilarion, give strikingly clear answers to some of Ted’s fundamental questions. It will be a deep and moving experience for all, particularly Ted near the end.

Kamashar takes the initial turn answering Ted’s first question about whether consciousness essentially drives evolution in something like the early Lamarckian concept that rivals the modern Darwinian scientific mainstream—Ted hasn’t given the scientific investment in randomness much credence for a long time—in terms of Julies duality of self-consciousness and para-consciousness. The notion is that self-consciousness experiences a desire for a particular situation or outcome, and para-consciousness attempts to fulfill the urge or need in either short or long-term persistence. The idea is simple but the diversity of variations is immense and complex: “What propels creation are the essential impulses or drives that manifest at every level of existence.” The mysterious guest from the future describes this circumstance as typical at all levels from crystals to humans. Kamashar notes that the question of how the giraffe got its long neck is a famous example of this speculation … which he notes that Ted had been discussing earlier (and he apologizes for eavesdropping, which Ted retroactively welcomes). Hilarion adds that the philosophical system that came closest to correctly understanding this idea of drive or desire historically was that of Panpsychism.

Kamashar lists the fundamental priorities of life as survival, procreation and curiosity in further elaborating on Julie’s self-consciousness/ para-consciousness theme:

And so it is through the impulses to satisfy those drives that all unfolds … sometimes quicker, sometimes slower … and the drive is felt at the level of the Self-conscious, the aspect that is engaged for the most part in the world of physical appearance; that is the level at which the drive for satisfaction of an urge on any level is experienced. The response to that urge happens at the level of Para-consciousness.  It is a drive and a response to the drive … as the ability at the level of self-consciousness to satisfy the drive is thwarted, the response of the other aspect of mind seeks to expand, and then also morphs and adapts the physical material within its control to gradually be able to respond to the more difficult urge.

A second fundamental question about the source of DNA is taken by Hilarion who states that this molecular phenomenon does not originate in water (though life on Earth does—in other places it’s crystalline!) but is rather inherent in the structure of the vacuum of space-time itself as Haramein says. Hilarion continues by stating that everything is based on geometry from quantum foam to galaxies. Ted asks about toroid entities and is first told by Julie that she doesn’t see that structure but is shortly told quantum geometry is like seeds: “The energetic components of these torus structures are what drive life, moving from pure energy into form.” Ted wishes to ask one more question about the torus structures: whether there is any kind of inherent seven-fold geometry to be found there, and is told by Hilarion that the work of Blavatsky came closest to understanding this—but also in the East generally.

Moving on to a question about Bob Lazar, a government science contractor and UFO/ET whistle-blower of several decades before, about hidden properties of a supposed ‘Element 115,’ Hilarion states that it was a ‘red herring’ to distract from efforts to weaponize the energy source of ET spacecraft. Lazar had a crisis of conscience before releasing his classified knowledge to the public. Hilarion notes that more sharing of discoveries goes on between scientists of different countries than is generally realized.

The next foray into the cosmic beyond begins with Ted asking about the existence of superluminal ‘particles’ or entities like tachyons in spite of the standard scientific doctrine of their impossibility. Kamashar responds in the affirmative by saying:

If your consciousness is the universe, then no matter how large the physical distances are, everything is happening at once, so in this way, a tachyon is like a particle … not a particle, but a frequency, more like the ability to engage consciousness with the totality of the universe, which is possible to attain in certain states of mind.

The next stop is the question about human memory and its storage location—Ted is thinking about Haramein’s memory theory. Kamashar offers quantum entanglement as the closest parallel. When pressed a bit further, he invokes the Akasha and cites that there is really no separation of any kind in a universe where everything is happening at once. Again, he cites ‘the cloud” as in computer memory storage as an appropriate analogy. And with a nod to Hilarion he says Aristotle knew that everything depends on asking the right question.

Julie’s book terminology returns as meta-conscioius gets added to the mix along with para-conscious, and it’s Athena who is elated that Julie has settled upon these ancient Greek terms. Hilarion adds that the comparison between self-consciousness as visible light for one aspect, and para-consciousness as infra-red and ultraviolet for another, or even to “dark energy” and “dark matter,” is also suitable.

Hilarion returns to answer the question about the meaning of Solar Angel in Theosophy, a term encountered earlier by both J&T. The context now is more that of recent contemporary Michael Newton rather than earlier Blavatsky, and Hilarion describes this role as one played by an advanced adept who remains behind in his own development to guide a newly “born” soul (not all souls are created at the beginning of a Universe). The Solar Angel remains as the guide for the long period of soul evolution until it matures sufficiently, and up until that time the conscious ego in incarnation may believe that the Solar Angel is his own soul. Julie restates the somewhat complicated metaphysical role of the Solar Angel, and Hilarion confirms her intuition that there is just as much intelligence in the self-conscious awareness as in the para-consciousness co-equal mode. And that using the meta-conscious term is acceptable, but it is not yet understood that the Solar Angel is mostly prominent in the life of the evolving soul even until the time of the Third Initiation, or is indistinguishable from it since the process of soul maturation is a very long one.

This discussion prompts Ted to ask about this long-standing issue in Theosophy, that of understanding the mysterious “Third Initiation,” which Hilarion again takes and fields deftly. The First Initiation is the evolutionary transition in consciousness when physicality is essentially mastered by a particular human soul. The Second Initiation is the similar graduation when emotional balance and integration are accomplished. The Third Initiation is the next transition marking mastery at the level of full mental integration with all that has come before; this takes a much longer time and is the major transition within the Human Kingdom when the Solar Angel can take its leave because the soul has achieved its long-sought strength in maturity of understanding and purpose. When Ted asks for an example of such a person that could be cited, Hilarion declines to mention anyone beyond the well-known story in Theosophy of Yeshua Ben Joseph or Jesus (who is said to have taken the third, fourth and fifth initiations), so part of the mystery is left for pondering (but Ted thinks it would have been interesting to know how many of the ET guests at the table might also qualify, or that the modest Hilarion himself would likely be the best witness present—from among other Masters known in the Theosophical and other traditions). .

Ariel also wishes to add her own commentary on the subject:

Within your individual realms it’s more important than ever to do your own work on the control of the mental body and the mind. Do not give into so much judgment. It’s toxic. The difference between discernment … seeing something for what it is … and judgment, which carries an energy of its own, is one of the primary lessons of the Third Initiation, learning and mastering the powers of mind for constructive purposes and not destructive purposes.

She also reminds J&T of the well-known and often-used adage of Edgar Cayce: “Mind is the builder.” Hilarion quotes the famous MLK quotation that, “ ‘The arc is long, but it bends towards justice.’ Follow that arc and not the one of doubt and darkness.” The personal “benediction” that is being given stretches a bit further on this personal note: “Do not underestimate the power of your mind to make a difference in your world.” (to which Julie sighs).  It is Michael who is to have the final bit of advice on this very high focus subject for them and for J&T:

Negativity is self-indulgent.  Focus on a vision of the future that you want and try to focus less on the chaos that surrounds you.  It’s easier said than done, but this is your task and the work where you are in the process of initiations

So, the main series of questions ends, and Julie looks around to notice the guests and to thank Kamashar for making his appearance, which causes her to muse on his being an earth person from a thousand years in the future.  Ted also thinks this is unusual if not unique and asks her to describe him a bit more. She says:

Julie- Like I said, he’s about 7 feet tall and quite thin. His hair is like blonde and turning gray around the temples, and he has a very tidy beard with a very small mustache.  His eyes are kind of blue-green. He has this beret; he’s got a brooch on his Cape, which is a communication device and some sort of thing on his beret that is a navigational device.

Ted- And does he appear to be essentially European?

Julie- For ethnicity … yes, I guess I would say that he may even be you … 1000 years in the future.  Ah, he laughed (!).

Ted– Really? <Yes> Really?? <Yes> Me … 1000 years in the future? <Yes> Oh my goodness!  [laughs] <Yes>  [softly] Wow, fantastic (!).

Julie- They said I figured it out.

Kamashar states that it is indeed possible to contact and receive help from your future self or selves, even though it seems paradoxical to us (but J&T have several other future selves around as well). Ted thanks him and all the others (including Astar) as he remarks that the session today has been exceptionally rich and valuable.


Telepresence Conference 122

J&T are drawn closer to Rhi and Phindar through a photograph taken by Ted a year earlier of the snowcapped Rockies near Telluride, Colorado, which contained the image of a UFO that he did not notice at the time, but it is said here that this is the actual spacecraft on which Rhi and Phindar serve as mission specialists … with Rhi having a very special central role. It is a new kind of personal high for them both and a kind of late Valentine’s Day love fest.

Julie begins her transition from the estate in the south of France, which for the first time abruptly disappears, and she notes that Tygon, after giving her wolf kisses, is howling today in a more persistent way. She soon emerges inside a classic round spacecraft with Star Trek trappings and is led into a conference room with a smart table at which are seated the various guests, including the navigator of this larger multi-decked ship called Cloud Climber by the crew. Rhi is sitting next to Ted, and Phindar is sitting next to Julie as she notes that J&T are both wearing white today and seem quite a lot taller than usual.

The first question is about a very unusual—indeed unique—very cold winter storm that has pushed all the way down to Texas, freezing water pipes and threatening ordinary warm-weather life styles. Hilarion describes the situation as a surprise even for them that has arisen from a collaboration between Gaia and a group of ETs originating from the Aldebaran region who are attempting to shape a portion of karma for the petroleum industry—as a kind of trigger point or tipping point. J&T discuss plans for Ted to be returning soon to his house in California to prepare for having a new well drilled since his water spring went dry the previous year. They discuss Julie’s daughter Lizz who will be staying at Julie’s house after moving back from Minnesota to scout for a new job in CO while Julie is in CA for some part of the summer.

Ted continues by asking about the cell phone picture he took near Lizard-head Pass in CO in which the Pleiadian starship Cloud Climber appears; he hadn’t noticed it when he took the shot—but which he could have easily missed noticing since it was fairly far away—but is told by Phindar that it was cloaked at the time, so he wouldn’t have seen it anyway. This reminds Ted of another UFO/IFO arranged picture of a Pleiadian spacecraft that Phindar seemingly also described in a similar way (at William’s Reservoir) that makes him wonder … so he asks if the invisibility cloaking phenomenon is psychological rather than physical and has it confirmed (“It’s the reverse of Real Vision.”), which helps him understand how it can be selectively done as was indicated at an earlier time by Semjase. He reflects back to times when he felt someone in the ET group might be monitoring him when he couldn’t see anything unusual.

The next longish question is about the symbolism of the wavy or zigzag lines in the astrological sign Aquarius—why does it seem to represent water (“the water bearer”) when the sign is an ‘air sign’ (?). The answer comes from Hilarion who describes the essential meaning as that of flow or current, which covers all the cases that have been mentioned for water and air, but also includes that of electricity or electromagnetism, which makes the sign itself more androgynous (both light-like and magnetic) than perhaps as feminine as Ted had hinted was more appropriate. Ted is quite impressed by Hilarion’s brilliant answer as he often is. The image is further interpreted in answer to a question about a drawing in Egyptian iconography asked by friend James Brown who is told, “The drawing is indeed the flow of divine energy to find blessing from a goddess …” Hilarion notes that this image is always associated with the invocation of the goddess—the masculine image being rather different. Ted, intrigued, asks, well what is that other image like? The simple answer comes back, “Fire and water …” meaning that fire is also somewhat wavelike but really more like electro in electro-magnetic, which Ted associates with charge. Hilarion also tells Julie that the urn of the Waterbearer pours into the mouth of Pisces Astrinus, the Southern Fish, and that she would do well to study more about this nearby star in the Fixed Cross which is also one of the four Royal Persian stars. Ted finally enthusiastically mentions that he does have the Fomalhaut star light elixir, and they will experiment with taking it during the summer during Julie’s visit.

The next request is for additional explanations regarding the minor chakras, like in the hands and feet, which Ted has never seen described in much detail in any of his scans on the subject. Samael answers the right hand chakra is projective and the left receptive for both right-handed and left-handed people, and the chakras in the feet are both receptive, and that the Chinese system is the most accurate of the ancient systems in describing these energy flows. He also describes a mudra or positioning of the hands (right above left), held about eight inches apart in front of the Dantian (solar plexus) which “Moves life force through the body in a most powerful way for healing.” Samael also describes the spinal chakras as extending projected energy to both front and back sides about a foot into the aura, calling them diodes, an electronics term for a device that flows energy in one direction only. Thinking of the feet chakras Ted asks if dance is thought to be valuable as a way of using these chakra energies, and is told for some, yes, but training of the hands and feet can make use of the chakra centers in both of these appendages in very nuanced ways.

The main questions are done, and Phindar returns to the discussion of the picture of Cloud Climber captured by Ted that has been shown and says it was arranged to draw J&T closer to them since this lifestyle of living aboard a spacecraft is what their next life is going to involve. Ted wonders how old the Cloud Climber star ship is and is told by Phindar, about a hundred years. Rhi mentions that being aboard the ship is what Julie experienced when she was young and had dreams of being in space. Jaison, the guest Pleiadian who is navigator aboard the craft, explains that Rhi has a very special task similar to a captain but more like the empath who communicates with the intelligent craft as its main liaison. This greatly amazes both J&T. Jaison describes his own navigator task aboard ship as almost like an astrologer since he is able to communicate with the stars and planets themselves as he works with Rhi who maintains psychic contact with Cloud Climber, an intelligent ship that is committed to the welfare of the crew and their mission. Ted asks Julie to describe Jaison a bit more, and she notes that he is about seven feet tall with long rust-colored hair and is quite regal.

Finally, Ted asks about his tentative name for the second series of books that this session will become part of, suggesting “Star Trips …” Athena offers “Star Journeys” as less imitative of Star Trek, and Ted quickly agrees. Michael adds that the journey moniker also connotes the shamanic element. Then Hilarion beams at Athena and takes her hand, which Julie finds moving. Ted offers his love and appreciation to all the participants, also mentioning Semjase who did not speak, and is told by Julie that she was only projecting her presence to maintain her continuing awareness of the sessions. And then they are finished.


Telepresence Conference 123

J&T are back at their ancestral homeland in the south of France on a beautiful day with their familiar contingent and two new celestial guests and guides, Gimmel and Rhydon. The discussion commences with Ted’s noting of the new U.S. government initiative that recently appears to have begun an unexpected phase by acknowledging ETs and UFOs—but now pointedly calling them UAPs. Michael then briefly discusses the second wave of the Covid pandemic crisis by differentiating the mRNA vaccines from the others. Ted finds out that their J&T books have become classics in the future on Erra in the Pleiades, even though printed books are only to be found in museums there.

The group meets outside under the trees by the lake, sitting on wooden chairs around what is like a fire pit but with an arrangement of crystals with a familiar contingent of regulars and two new exotic ETs (we need a better name for them—Ted thinks of EVs—Exotic Visitors) whom Julie has never seen before, one looking quite angelic and the other like Gandalf the Wizard.

The first question allows Ted to put his own gloss on the most interesting recent development in government policy regarding UAPS—the new packaging designation for the older UFO/ET issues that appear to confirm a shift in government secrecy—or does it (?). Hilarion begins his answer by noting the role of lawyer Daniel Sheehan who is associated with a number of special interest groups, including the Vatican and Dr. Steven Greer. Using the image of ‘points of light’ he confirms that a critical mass had been reached in public awareness, thus prompting a new approach, also driven by the need to release new technologies that have been kept secret. Hilarion also sympathizes with Ted’s irony that the new publicity cited in public media insinuates that the UAP flap is a breaking new story rather than a recycled one. Hilarion then presents a comprehensive picture of this new situation in which both the ETs from hundreds of planets in the local Galactic Council as well as the general public, who have had many diverse kinds of interactions with UFO/ET circumstances, have grown impatient with the secrecy of governments, primarily the USA, and are forcing an advance. He notes the government’s excuse of a ‘security risk’ won’t hold up, and that Sheehan, Greer, Haramein and others are correct in their assessments and approach.

Ted asks to have the Galactic Council compared with the previously discussed Terran Council or Truth and Light and is told that they are different: the Terran Council of Truth and Light is primarily a Sirian wisdom teaching group operating on Earth while the Galactic Council represents hundreds of planets in nearly a thousand star systems in the local galaxy area, so it is quite large, and the majority of ETs engaged on Earth are members of the Galactic Council, coming from within a radius of ten light years. Hilarion has one final remark: a better name for the “Galactic Council” would be Stellar Council.

A question of recent developments in the Covid pandemic about more contagious mutant strains of the virus, comes to the fore, and it is Michael who fields it by first noting that the weaponized Covid virus was never intended to be released and is more potent or lethal than a natural virus strain, but the two genuine mRNA vaccines are still the best defense; these will help immunize recipients from not only the Covid mutants but other viruses to come. He is not sure whether a booster would be needed for J&T since they will likely have little exposure, but it wouldn’t hurt if they were to get one of the Pfizer shots.

Julie asks for feedback on her recently completed Symbol & Synchronicity book, and it is Ariel who responds by suggesting it is a significant accomplishment. Hilarion and Athena also like it. Ted then takes his turn to announce the completion of Star Light Reflections, Volume 5 of the *J&T Five star Series*. Phindar quickly tells him, “Three hundred years in the future … they’re classics.” Ted is greatly impressed with this announcement and also amused. Phindar notes that the only places paper books can be found on Erra in the Pleiades are in museums, but it would be a good idea to work on print editions as well as ebooks anyway since they will reach a wider audience, and best of all would be to then publicize on Facebook (in spite of its being infantile) where the ‘real worldwide audience’ is to be found. Ted takes the tip seriously. Ted asks Phindar if they still have anything like our code-based Internet, and he responds by referring to such a contrivance as “antique technology.” They use what is more like a neural network, a kind of “created brain” that makes use of their immersive Real Vision technology. Ted thinks its sounds a bit like the still developing virtual reality technology that he knows about.

When asked to comment, the guest Gimish, who appears to Julie like the cinematic wizard Gandalf, explains he is from the inner planet in the Aldebaran system and has traveled to many places in the local galaxy. His civilization is advanced but has replaced technology with consciousness-based means of operation.

Similarly, Rydhon, the other guest appearing as a shining angelic presence, describes his circumstances as being like the shining figures who appear in the Celtic tradition. His civilization makes extensive use of magical musical instruments and crystals (like the one he has gifted to the meeting today) to affect situations, using sound to release light.

Hilarion acknowledges Ted’s term exotic visitors to refer to these guests from very faraway places and his willingness to meet them, which can be very helpful. About such visitors Athena says, “It’s not the visitors who are a threat, it’s those who would control and dominate the world for their own greedy purposes who are the threat.” Ted offers a similar assessment of the militaries, and she adds the bankers. Ted asks how they (Hilarion & Athena) are—possibly for the first time, Ted thinks a bit sheepishly—and Julie responds that they are fine … and that they (J&T) should come to Greece for a visit (!). Ted is enthusiastic and waxes poetic about Greece and Egypt. Hilarion describes the cosmic game of gain and loss as a huge arena of karmic balance, of loss and gain based upon responses to opportunities, and that they (H&A) are more hopeful than they have been for some time. Ted mentions the book Hamlet’s Mill, which often cites Aristotle authoritatively, and Hilarion admits that he was involved in its production. A number of the regulars send their best wishes to J&T, who thank them all very sincerely, and then it is finished.


Telepresence Conference 124

J&T are taken back in time with their group to an ancient world in the Sirius system before the super-nova of Sirius B, to a large round wooden yurt-like building where all the participants sit in a spacious round open room. There is one new guest, Ione, who is a very old man from this ancient world. The first item is about a very bright light that Ted had seen recently in the sky on two nights running, and he is told by a smiling Phindar that it was a Pleiadian “scout ship” that had arranged a greeting for him. There is discussion of the recent small earthquake there and commentary on the second wave of mRNA vaccine production during the pandemic. Hilarion reveals that most of what has been called the “climate crisis” is in reality the living Earth’s response to continuous abuse … by the native human populations.

This yurt is like what Julie associates with living spaces in Mongolia, though at first she can’t quite remember the name. Their location today is on the ancient third planet from Sirius B, the same position as Earth in our system, and it seems fairly primitive with a dark forest of very tall trees. There are stones in the center of the yurt being warmed from underneath the floor as they begin, as usual, with Hilarion and Athena in the conductor positions opposite J&T. Phindar reveals that the Pleiadian scout ship was effective is transmitting an impulse to Ted to come out and look at the sky; others also saw it but thought it must be a military craft of some kind. He also notes that it was offered as a tribute to Ted’s hard work and accomplishments … Ted is appreciative and almost wistful of the appearance as he recalls the very bright lights appearing in the overhead night sky which he tracked with his binoculars until they disappeared going away.

There had been a recent earthquake in the Nevada area not far from Ted’s house, an event that had not occurred for nearly thirty years; it is Julie’s first experience of a quake, and she was both excited and a little scared. Michael tells them that this earthquake was an entirely natural one, based on a growing expanding Earth, and one responding to various stresses from certain extreme events, like underground nuclear weapons testing. Ted has another vaccine question about adulteration with nanoparticles of graphene oxide, which is dismissed by Hilarion as completely contrived. Athena chimes in to warn that increasingly at the current time there are many misleading or malicious reports being circulated, often in the medical ranks themselves, which Ted agrees with and thanks her for expressing to them.

Ted asks about the finding of the curious “monolith” in the Utah desert and cites some of the speculation. Rhi responds that the “artist” who created the object will not be revealed but was surprised by the copycat surge afterwards. It was actually an SOS, an appeal to the “visitors,” and people like themselves, to do more to help solve the unfolding crisis on Earth, and it feels poignant that they, as among the ET visitors, are powerless to really do anything or be more open about their presence. Rhi begins to describe what would be a planetary initiation for Earth, but then turns it over to Hilarion, who continues with the description of Earth as a non-sacred planet “by virtue of the planet’s own experiences.” The Earth has been abused as is stated by him in no uncertain terms, “We live by her grace on an orb who is conscious, and of whom we should be mindful and thankful (!) … so, whatever is called ‘climate crisis’ or ‘climate change’ is in most cases … her response to abuse.” He continues to describe an awakening Earth, like a sleeping giant sitting up for the first time. He and Phindar agree that the ETs are doing much to neutralize the most dangerous developments of the dark forces—not only nuclear weapons—but other nefarious conspiracies (that are not described), even though the “weather warfare” imagined by Ted is not as bad as he thinks. The final word is from Athena, to which Julie responds, “Oh, this makes me want to cry … Athena just said, ‘Honor your mother. It’s very real …!’ ” [softly] I think that’s it for this one.”

There is a question of a dream about a Zodiac temple at an unknown location that Julie had regarding the visionary tour with Athena at the beginning of the Star Table book. Ariel answers that the place was real and located on an ancient planet in the Sirius B system before the great Super Nova 450,000 years ago. The significance now is to anchor the experience deeply into Julie’s sub-conscious of the Sirian spiritual wisdom-teaching lineage from that time through Atlantis and Egypt to the present time, as her. Exotic Guest Ione reinforces Ariel’s statement by saying,

And the teachings, because they represent the One Truth, have flowed through time as have the guardians, who through great dedication and sacrifice, follow pioneers to worlds across vast distances to assure that the flame does not go out.

He continues in summation for Julie specifically, “Any teaching I do from now on, I should know I’m doing as a representative of that lineage—whether or not it is spoken.” Hilarion offers the closing statement on this commentary by noting that Julie would well look at the work of Quantum Astrophysicist Nassim Haramein since symbolically the scorpion in her vision and dream actually represents stellar wisdom … Julie wistfully reflects that she wishes she were a gifted artist, and Ted responds, that in reality, she already is. Julie thinks she would have difficulty painting it, and when Ted wonders what it is that she is referring to, she says, the Zodiac Temple (of course!). Julie has another question about what her next task might be when she gets back home; Athena suggests, “Dreams will be the best place to begin.”

Ted also mentions that he has recently completed the 2nd edition of The Star Table Trance Missions and just prior to publication, wonders if there is any commentary or discussion about this new color edition. Hilarion adds his support and praise by saying,

Through this process we have watched Julie and Ted hone their telepathic abilities as they connected with beings from far-flung reaches of space, and we are pleased to collaborate with their and our Sirian brothers and sisters … and for the vastly ancient tradition, the one work of service that we all share … may the light continue to burn bright.

Athena has a brief statement that would also go well as a kind of attributed remark of acknowledgment and appreciation that would go at the front of the book:

Our work together began as an experiment to see what would be possible; it exceeded their expectations, and therefore they have continued to participate and collaborate with us …

And with this acknowledgement they reach closure on the day.


Telepresence Conference 125

After meeting Tygon and the animals J&T are back in the large event room at their familiar estate in the south of France with most of the usual crew and two new Sirian guests, the male Untarr and female Yonn, where Julie initially has some difficulty getting oriented to the table seating plan. Ted asks about the Tribulation forecast of some years ago before inquiring about how adjacent universes relate together and whether humans of our kind may have originated in another universe … all of which and much more are deftly handled by the savvy respondents in their familiar clear and distinct, but really quite amazing ways.

As Julie muses about the guests, that there are four Sirians and two Pleiadians, Ted quickly adds, “and two Arcturians …” to which Julie responds, “Who are they?” She has forgotten that Ariel & Michael are the ones. The first question is from Julie about the Tribulation that didn’t happen so much at the earlier time as had been predicted by an earlier Hilarion channel. The first part of the answer is taken by Hilarion who notes that a certain amount of karma had to be discharged, which led up to a kind of graduation in sufficient numbers to ameliorate the original dire warning (a good thing). Athena adds her perspective in summing up:

It is as bad as it seems, but not nearly as bad as it would have been … at one stage. Enough of humanity has made efforts of growth and awareness, but it’s difficult to see that it isn’t as tragic or catastrophic as was once predicted.

Hilarion adds the final touch by comparing the ideal to the actual situation on Earth as like preparation of a homeopathic remedy, before assuring J&T that they will be fine in any event:

It’s like the idea in homeopathy where a sufficiently succussed solution is more powerful than one that has not been shaken up, as it were.

Ted finds the answer savvy and satisfying; then, he moves on to a theme on a truly vast scale: interaction of universes such as that described by Asket from the Dal Universe and our own. The new Sirian guest Yonn responds after explaining that universes each have a tone, and that interactions between universes for advanced civilizations occur only on levels of pure consciousness and can be routine while interactions at a physical level can only be done by very advanced civilizations. Ted follows up with a question whether “humans of our kind” might have originated in another universe (?). Hilarion answers in his careful and confident way:

Everything, whether it’s in form manifestation, potential manifestation or operating at the level of pure frequencies, is all based on what we might call ‘geometry,’ and there are certain templates that replicate in all universes throughout the Cosmos, and the human form is one of those, as are trees, things with four legs, eight legs, and six legs … or two legs … that those particular templates are fundamental archetypes. They are just the nature of reality in the same way as fire, earth, water and air are aspects of the fundamental nature of reality, and as forms emerge out of potentiality, certainly in some cases they are what we might call “seeded” as voyagers from advanced cultures journeying outward—but they do also emerge on their own.

Abruptly the subject shifts to Ted’s preparations for drilling a water well after his spring went dry during the California drought and is told by Hilarion that his dowsing technique is adequate for determining the well depth, but that there won’t be any major problems in any event. Ted wonders if the drought is going to get better or worse, and is told by Phindar that even though they know the answer—being from the future—what they wish to say is that it depends on attitudes and activities of the governing leaders, but California is the canary in the coalmine in any event. Hilarion chimes in at the end to say things are going to get worse before they get better.

Julie has a question about having called her small publishing enterprise Capella, like the star, and wonders more about the meaning of the name and the energy. Ted notes they have taken the Capella star light elixir today before the session. Hilarion tells her it has to do with nurturance and her own family karma. He directs her to reflect on her reading of Hamlet’s Mill to distill more of the meaning. Athena reminds Julie to meditate on the myth of Capella the she-goat who nurtured Zeus and whose skin was used to make a mighty shield. When asked what Julie might want to do before heading home to Colorado, Michael suggests a walk around White Pines Lake (something about water being healing).

After recently meeting one of Ted’s friends, Diane Magical, Julie discovered that the two of them had dreams with rather similar images and themes (a meso-American mandala), and Julie wonders how that could have happened, It is Untarr who responds by first noting that Ted has been close to describing the situation in his question. When an idea or image has been held in consciousness, it attains both a projective as well as a magnetic aspect, which then gives it an interactive capacity in the wider consciousness network. This network is routinely far more fluid that is ordinarily anticipated, making situations that emerge seem “like magic.” What surprises Julie is that he tells her that in this case it was Julie’s soul that orchestrated the apparent coincidence. Untarr continues by saying this is the kind of thing that often happens to people (he calls them disciples) like Julie and her new acquaintance, which Ted thinks is one of the best descriptions of synchronicity he’s yet heard. Untarr adds that this is one of the reasons it is so important to hold our consciousness as high as possible since it is the underlying flow of karma that is being processed. Finally, no one else is waiting to speak, so they are finished as Ted makes a little joke about referring to himself as the ‘Count of Five.’


Telepresence Conference 126

After the usual entry into the large room with a fireplace in the familiar estate house in France, Julie & Ted are seated before Nigel, a new wizard-like Sirian figure, with Hilarion and Athena on either side, to discuss the current physical challenges being experienced by both J&T—Ted with his recent leg injury problems and Julie with a persistent headache. The diagnosis for both is clear enough—if not exactly easy or obvious of solution yet—as they finish by getting some targeted advice from Athena and Hilarion, sorting through their upcoming travel plans.

Nigel is said by Julie to be a member of the Earth-resident Council of Truth and Light, who is a very experienced intuitive healer, using traditional plant-based medicines while Hilarion will add anything necessary to interpret more modern healing techniques as needed. The problem being presented by Ted, a painful knee injury that appeared one morning after his long period of work to dig out by hand a flat for the short road for the drill-rig truck to get to the spot where his new well would be drilled. Hilarion’s first assessment is that the problem is caused by “cumulative stress” from over-exertion, causing the inner meniscus pad of the right knee to become damaged beyond the level possible with overnight recuperation. Nigel agrees, adding that the meniscus was driven close to the edge of being torn, but has a chance of recovery if all weight can be taken off it, using crutches or similar measures. The advice given is to move upstairs and not even think of using stairs for a least a week. Ted agrees and is relieved that surgery is not advised … yet. Acupuncture and castor oil are suggested for use to draw additional blood into the injured knee area.

They move on to a travel advisory for Ted’s upcoming trip to Pagosa Springs, CO, whether it would be better to travel by train or plane, regarding exposure to the Covid virus. Hilarion asserts that travel by train would clearly be too stressful—Covid being a distant secondary risk—so, air transport is the answer. When Ted asks for any additional comment, Athena volunteers that his work season is really over for the year, allowing him to relax and get ready for a winter of healing—to which he acquiesces.

Then it is Julie’s turn to find out what is causing her sinus headaches, and the answer given by the Hilarion/ Nigel duo is that they have been caused by allergies resulting from her return to Colorado at the height of the season for them after being in California for two months—her vascular systems did not have time to adjust as before. She is advised to go to the local Natural Grocers for herbs since homeopathy is too gentle to offer a solution for an acute problem; indeed she will be directed what to purchase when she arrives there. Ted wonders if they can be told what some of the desired herbs are and is told it would include Stinging Nettles and Hawthorn.

Then the discussion turns to Julie’s upcoming travel plans—three distant trips to Hawaii, Egypt and Mexico that will undoubtedly be taxing for her. Hilarion acknowledges that things in general are “more stark” at present, but he doesn’t see any disruptions for her travel plans—he is more concerned to advise Ted to take it easy on his knee injury. Athena adds that the times are indeed difficult in general, and that neither Julie nor Ted can expect to do all they have gotten used to doing, particularly Ted, to whom she says “In truth you’re weathering a storm.” Finally, the answer to Julie’s question about her problem with getting print books shipped from Amazon, often in various damaged conditions, is that it’s not apt to change any time soon—and that Hilarion does not usually follow such problems. And once again they are finished for the day, thanks being given all around by Ted after a brief recap of the main points.

*    *    *    *