Possibility of Life on Nearby Exo-planets & the Curious Case of Billy Meier and the Pleiadians

by Ted Denmark, Ph.D.

The question of existing exo-planets

In 1961 astro-physicist Frank Drake proposed his now famous Drake Equation in which he attempted to offer a logical series of factors that would give a probability for expecting to find intelligent life on nearby “exo-planets” in our galaxy. These factors, such as the number of stars likely to have planets, particularly “goldilocks planets” of just the right conditions of temperature and pressure to support the kind of life we have on Earth, were mostly little more than guesses or wagers, and the conclusion reached very uncertain, plus it was linked to consideration of intelligent life that might eventually be discovered by using radio telescope detection, which was the beginning of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Expectations for receiving a positive indication of a non-random signal was tentatively left open, though most “standard model” scientists of the day really thought life on other planets was quite unlikely and could never reach Earth in any event, even if it did exist—so it was felt to be mostly a waste of time and money to plan research of this kind. This work (and some of the hoped-for fund raising) was eventually handed off to the Space Sciences Lab at UC Berkeley where I worked as a design engineer for several decades. I didn’t work on this project myself, though I had friends who did, and it was interesting enough for most of us, but I didn’t think it very likely ETs were going to be using radio frequencies for their broadcasts or conversations. Everyone felt that the vast distances and absolute limitation of the speed of light as a barrier left by Einstein, were daunting obstacles to overcome.

In a more recent revisioning of this probability, particularly now since the initial results of the illustrious Kepler Telescope survey dedicated to initial discovery of exo-planets, are in, a “genius” MacArthur grant scientist at MIT named Sara Seager has proposed an update of the Drake Equation, now being called the “Seager Equation,” in which she is essentially sanguine that life of some kind will likely be found on some nearby exo-planets in our region of the Milky Way in the coming decade, based on looking at spectrographic analyses of what will be detected as atmospheric gases. Quite a number of mostly very large exo-planets have already been discovered by the Kepler probe before its recent breakdown, but two additional new space telescopes that are expected to launch towards the end of this decade, the TESS (Transiting Exo-planet Satellite Survey) and the James Webb Telescope (with a new more highly-sensitive cryogenic state-of-the-art spectrometer), will extend the search and go to the next level of discovery, analysis and integration.

This development of the Drake Equation in the early NASA era of the Sixties, leading up to the current Seager Equation fifty years later, marks a striking advance in public as well as professional attitudes about the existence of exo-life, beyond merely microbial castings—and perhaps even intelligent life—on other planets in the cosmos beyond Earth. Echoing Carl Sagan, everyone is still sure that it would take rather impeccable evidence to prove the case for intelligent life on exo-planets—or life of any kind—but what the nature of that evidence would have to be, has always been a contentious issue for scientific investigators with their own personal biases and often conservative professional attitudes. If one adds in other attitudes or biases, particularly religious beliefs, the whole question becomes even more uncertain. But even the Vatican now has an official observatory with priestly resident astronomers, and there are indications that the Catholic Church may be angling towards a revision of its own for instructing the faithful on the existence of life on planets beyond Earth.

Summary of the current state of scientific exo-planetary knowledge

We now realize that there may be perhaps a half trillion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy, a moderate sized galaxy. We also now realize that perhaps a majority of these stars are actually binaries or higher multiples orbiting each other. The nearby Andromeda Galaxy is significantly larger and may have as many as a trillion stars shining in the visible spectrum. There are also probably a very large number, at least as many as visible stars, of nearly-invisible infra-red or brown dwarf proto-stars of various kinds and sizes scattered throughout the vast expanse of rotating galactic mega-star-clusters. There are also many smaller companion galaxies of our two large, nearly sibling galaxies, perhaps as many as thirty, which are gravitationally and electromagnetically entangled. And of course there are an unknown but very large number of galaxies to be seen in every direction of the vast cosmos, which appears virtually unlimited. It was less than a hundred years ago that we realized that those fuzzy spots, appearing in the most powerful telescopes of the day like Palomar, were indeed galaxies like ours, often millions of light years away.

It now seems that many if not most of this vast multitude of stars also have planets in orbit around them, some like the rocky planets in our solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), and some like our gas giants with their own planet-like “moons” (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). The number of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy probably numbers at least in the high single-digit billions. So, does anyone still think there could be life on only one of this vast multitude of planets—our dear Mother Earth—among all the planets in even our local region of the Milky Way? Probably not, but until more solid evidence can be assembled for agreement among theoretical and experimental scientists—which is happening at a very rapid rate now—most cognizant professionals will probably be holding out, before committing to a public position on this set of interlocking issues. And of course, many if not most researchers are dependent on government-approved funding, which adds another layer of complexity—they have to be seen as peer-supported, not overly-controversial opinion leaders.

One thing that might be noted is that expectations of astronomers, astrophysicists and planetary scientists about the nature and distribution of exo-planets that have already been discovered by the NASA Kepler instrument, is very different from what was initially expected. There are small planets around large stars, large planets around small stars and everything in between—rather than the well-behaved pattern that would have been expected, knowing only about our own Sol System, which was largely expected to be typical. So we now know that things are much more complicated than initially expected—or could have possibly been anticipated—but at least we are making real progress with instrumented research rather than just speculating, as was the case in the time of the Drake Equation.

The Billy Meier Case

Yet even now, this transition to a more robust expectation for planetary hosting of life forms is still quite theoretical, with SETI continuing to filter signals from many terra-bytes of space noise data; but what if there were already a body of evidence available, not only about intelligent life on other planets, as everyone now—in the second decade of Century 21—may be more willing to consider, but what of intelligent beings from another star system, who might have already made their appearance on Earth, having left a rather remarkably detailed account of their intended mission? Impossible? However, such a story does exist, I would maintain, even if it was found to be too controversial when it happened in the late Seventies for coherent assimilation, and subsequently for the couple of decades after it was reported. But in light of what we know nearly forty years later, the question is: how might it play out now if it were to be re-examined?

This was my question as I first contemplated and later worked on re-editing and re-issuing one of the most extraordinary publications of the latter half of the Twentieth Century that I had ever found—a four volume series of books by the dean of American UFO studies, Wendelle Stevens, called Message from the Pleiades, the Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier, a meticulous transcript of a long series of reported “contacts of the fourth or fifth kind,” involving extensive interaction and actual collaboration with extraterrestrials from the Pleiades open star cluster, less than 50 light years from Earth.

This is the Billy Meier Case, now largely unknown or forgotten. It was the most helpful account of a contactee report that I was able to find around that same time when my own contactee experiences began in the late Seventies and early Eighties, and I was very grateful to find these books among the flood of speculation, entertainment, uncertain reportage, general weirdness and cynical disinformation to be found if one were looking for reliable information on the ET enigma. The problem was that Wendelle’s Message books were attempted translations into English from a Swiss German dialect, which had a raft of serious difficulties that seriously clouded the account being offered. The first private edition of 1,000 printed books launched in the early Eighties was seen by only a small number of enthusiasts, and even though it received a great deal of initial publicity, conflict over the account given by Meier later became so heated, that it finally fell, largely unresolved, into the oblivion of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt).

But now, through a series of improbable coincidences and obsessive expectations, and five years of work, I have been able to render a new 2nd edition of the books in English and would have a few short observations to offer, based on what is now much clearer—at least to me—from this new assessment of the Meier case. Meier, a Swiss native still living in Switzerland in his 78th [2014] year, has been a rather eccentric person with a most unusual life, which, nonetheless, is quite well documented in these Contact Notes, now numbering more than 500 (the Message books cover the first one hundred and five of them).

The main Billy Meier story covered in these accounts, began in 1975 when he was contacted by a Pleiadian woman space navigator named Semjase from the iconic and beautiful open star cluster called the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, consisting of about 250 stars late in the Constellation Taurus. As the primary Pleiadian liaison for Billy, she was an extraordinary and rather attractive “younger” woman who represented her group of resident space aliens from the planet Erra in the star system Taygeta. Even though it was quite a new adventure for him, Billy had been prepared in various ways by these and other ETs, from his earliest years for this encounter. The Pleiadians said they are able to travel to Earth from their home planet in about seven hours. The account of why they chose Billy for this, to them, important—even momentous contact mission—is very complex, but the immediate emergency back in 1975 was that the halogen refrigerant gases, mostly chlorine and fluorine, that were being released in massive quantities into Earth’s atmosphere from hair spray bottles as well as being vented into the atmosphere from refrigeration equipment, were said to pose a deadly threat for the continuation of life on the planet in the future because their reaction with ozone produced in the upper atmosphere was increasingly opening large holes that would allow deadly ultra-violet rays to penetrate down to the surface, causing increasingly dangerous organ damage, particularly to the eyes, as well as genetic mutations of both land and sea-based species.

Even though this “ozone emergency” was addressed with some degree of success by many world governments in the immediate aftermath of these warnings, as dutifully issued by Meier to scientific researchers and governing bodies around the world, this Meier “mission” turned out to be about much more over the following nearly 40 year period! I will attempt to describe a few of the major aspects of this unique and fascinating encounter, though it is quite deep and intricate, as well as often not completely obvious in its implications.

Semjase and her small group of Pleiadians, including her father and sister, who initially appeared to Billy, are said to actually look quite a lot like us “ordinary” Earthumans, with whom they claim common ancestry dating from a time in ancient prehistory when their forebears first came to Earth and mingled with existing primitive Earthumans of the time, to create the hybridized races of Indo-Europeans or Caucasians in the areas where they still mostly reside today. According to Semjase, the Adam and Eve of our biblical accounts were actually the earliest humans of this mixed race, which the ancient Pleiadians succeeded in producing in an attempt to genetically uplift the “wild” humans they found when they first reached Earth in their initial exploratory survey more than a hundred thousand years ago.

Their Pleiadian civilization is presented as a greatly advanced one compared to ours on Earth, both technologically and spiritually. They have had space travel already for what would seem like an impossibly long time for us, like many of the varied races in their region of the galaxy with whom they made peace 50,000 years ago. These Pleiadians have returned to Earth again in this era, as their forebears have done many times in the remote past, now studying us again from the time of our 18th Century Enlightenment to help us gain—or re-gain—the critical awareness and insights needed that will hopefully help us avoid widespread self-destruction, as they have seen happen in various other technological civilizations coming to maturity—even previously on Earth—that had developed thermo-nuclear weapons. The Pleiadians have a great advantage in their approach to understanding our Universe because not only have they achieved super-luminal, hyper-dimensional space travel, they have also learned how to time travel in their highly advanced “beam ships.” They indicated to Billy, and him alone as their sole dedicated contactee, that they have come to Earth from a time in the future in order to assess whether Earthumans were ready to make contact—again—with extraterrestrials like themselves in order to reap the abundant advantages—or whether we are still stuck in the lower to mid-levels of barbarism.

In a sense these Pleiadians are almost like “immortal gods,” which they tell us was the origin of our legends of gods in the ancient world, when their ancestors, among other ET races, were present on Earth. Their natural life-spans of about a thousand years, coupled with time-travel capabilities, gives them a virtually immortal status since normal aging is also slowed during time travel excursions. When Billy first meets Semjase and enquires about her age, she tells him 346—after he guesses her to be in her early thirties (!). So their hyper/space-time technology allows them to travel to any location in the galaxy at virtually any time in its vast history from zero time forwards, with which they have recently made very accelerated advances and breakthroughs, and consequently have learned quite a lot that we can only vaguely imagine at the beginning stages in our era of space travel technologies using chemical rockets.

Their extended life spans allow them to accumulate knowledge and experience of the equivalent of dozens of Earthuman lifetime careers, which, along with many very advanced technical means, would naturally make them seem “superhuman” to us, but they offer assurances that they, however advanced, are still fully physical beings like ourselves. The only Earth language that Semjase learned in preparation for her projected contact series with Billy Meier, was German, although she speaks numerous other languages from beyond Earth that their approach using advanced computing techniques, allows them to acquire in about a month of focused effort. They also have language translation technologies that allow them to understand virtually any language that can be translated and substituted “on the fly” using a small device about the size of a cell phone that directly transmits the translation to their waking consciousness—and they have long since documented all our Earth languages, both historical and those currently still in use.

The Pleiadian personal explorer-class spacecraft, called “beamships,” are about seven meters in diameter in the classic “flying saucer” shape and can travel at very high speeds in Earth’s atmosphere or under water, using shielding and anti-gravity propulsion, and are usually flown completely “cloaked” or invisible to any Earth-side onlookers. They are very careful never to appear openly to anyone from a culture lacking space travel, which would typically be traumatic for such persons (including Earthumans). However, all these advanced technical means are shown exclusively to Billy as he and Semjase continue to have their early contact meetings, and Billy, while trying to retain his normal identity, is generally overwhelmed but quickly makes efforts to adjust to much of his wildly new experiences in their initially remote meeting places out in the countryside of Switzerland’s rugged mountain terrain, away from unwanted witnesses. The Pleiadians have also mastered the de-materialization/re-materialization technique made famous in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek (whose first season preceded the Meier contacts by more than a decade), so Billy is often “beamed down” near to his house after their meetings are concluded.

Semjase soon teaches Billy how to communicate telepathically, which allows them to remain in contact even at astronomical distances, and they have a number of thought transmission “meetings” when there is not enough time for a face-to-face meeting. The Pleiadians can routinely monitor anyone anywhere on Earth with their scanning technology and discern a full complement of relevant psychological factors in a highly revealing way. They have picked Billy out of all the Earthumans they have encountered in their Earthuman data base as the best candidate for the serious mission they have planned, which is that he is to announce their existence and begin to present their spiritual teachings in classes along with other associates who will similarly dedicate themselves to this effort in a residential support group.

He is to be nothing less than the Prophet of the New Age of Aquarius, which, out of great personal modesty and being something of a rogue, makes him very reluctant to want to fully accept. One of the most persuasive pieces of evidence he will compile over the course of their contact meetings, is a large collection of pictures of the Pleiadian beamships, numbering in the high hundreds, to use in convincing his fellow Earthumans that the Pleiadians are indeed real and very much interested in making their presence known, which they initially believe might be the critical threshold that will allow Earthumans to come to their senses in time to reorganize and salvage their cultures and civilizations, before it is too late, from the dangers of overpopulation, environmental degradation, ionizing radiation releases from nuclear power plant accidents and weapons testing, aggressive militaristic governments, greedy multinational enterprises, errors of dogmatic church teachings, economic inequality … and generally all the things that increasingly bedevil our modern societies and nations … which, of course makes this effort extremely controversial and even quite dangerous, for him and even themselves to attempt to advocate.

Billy goes through various stages of attempting to come to terms of the mission plan as outlined by his ET handlers, even though it seems quite daunting to imagine how he is going to be able to do what they expect of him. There are many heart-to-heart talks between himself and Semjase and later her male station commander Quetzal as well as her space commander father Ptaah, who also attempt to influence his attitudes and commitments of what they are proposing as a joint venture. There are an amazing number of adventures that then play out over the course of the first few years as Billy begins taking pictures, writing books, assembling his group and attempting to give lectures locally in Switzerland and Germany. He eventually becomes exhausted by the effort required to keep up with it all—in addition to simply failing at making a living for his wife and three children, which as a handicapped man who has lost his left arm, is never easy, and becomes increasingly difficult—and eventually, impossible. In the culminating event of the early contacts, they take him aboard their newest “Great Spacer,” a giant egg-shaped mother ship that is seventeen miles on the long axis and capable of hosting a population of nearly 150,000, for a time travel voyage through hyper-space/time to the edge of our Universe (of which they say there are also a great many!). This is their way of removing any remnants of doubt that Billy may have to help motivate him for their most extraordinary initiative.

Billy always puts a lot of questions to his Pleiadian associates—often to the point of irritation—and although they initially attempted to limit his questioning, they ultimately relent when they realize how important it was for him (and us!) to be given many of the familiar facts that they have taken for granted for a very long time. But their spiritual teachings, highlighted by the primacy of basing one’s life on factual truth, come home to them in a shockingly unexpected way as they began to really understand how much the psychological attitudes and behaviors of their belated and remote Earthuman family, differ radically from their own, but with whom they are also karmically related and must help because of the brutal indiscretions of some of their early common ancestors, eventually coming down to the beginnings of our recorded Earth history.

Could any of this possibly make sense as anything but an ambitious science fiction hoax—or perhaps a Star Trek-like drama? It took me more than thirty years to make up my mind in the affirmative, but getting back to the possibility of life on some of those exo-planets that we are now beginning to glimpse sight of with our state-of-the art telescopes, what did the Pleiadians actually have to say about intelligent life in the wider universe?

What the Pleiadians report about intelligent life in the cosmos

According to these Pleiadians from the planet Erra in the Taygeta System (there are a number of reports by and about various “Pleiadians,” likely some pretenders and perhaps some authentics) there are about eight million civilizations having what we would regard as intelligent life in our Milky Way Galaxy that … they have already discovered … on their extensive expeditions, which they have pursued in a vast program of exo-science outreach. Semjase tells Billy that 90% of intelligent life in the Milky Way Galaxy is humanoid in character—as the main archetypal form for intelligent life in the cosmos—and it is the same in other galaxies, and even Universes, as far as they have been able to determine. The remaining 10% she classifies as various other animal and even vegetable life forms that have gone on to higher levels of intelligent evolution in certain areas that humanoid life did not successfully penetrate. This would include some familiar animal forms (lions seem to be a successful culminating variety) and some insect forms. Intelligent reptoid or saurian forms with advanced technologies may be real, but details are not disclosed by the Pleiadians in the early Meier contact notes.

Of the humanoid forms, they recognize about 200 varieties, some of whom breathe different mixtures of gases, some of whom are more amphibian-like inhabitants of water worlds, some of whom are giants as tall as seven meters (living on small planets with weak gravity); some of whom are dwarf species as small as twenty-four inches tall (living on large planets with very strong gravity); and some who live in very marginal locations in very cold, very dry or very chaotic planetary environments. But Earthumans of our familiar multi-racial genetic type with an inheritance from many places in space, are still quite typical of the mainstream humanoid line of species, found throughout the cosmos, all of whom are capable of mixing their genetic lines through reproductive interactions.

Spiritual Aspects of the Pleiadian Connection

One of the more controversial aspects (!) of the Pleiadian mission was purportedly to reveal the existence of an ancient biblical-era document called the Talmud Jmmanuel, said to be originally written in Aramaic, which they claim was the original source of the Christian synoptic gospels, and which some biblical scholars surmise might have really existed, giving it the placeholder name “Q.” Billy took on the project of translating the fragment of the full manuscript that had been gotten out of Israel by an Orthodox priest, into both German and English (4th edition now released and available on the Internet). The Billy Meier/ Talmud controversy deepens when the teachings found in this account of the life of Jmmanuel (Jesus in the more familiar Christian gloss), said to have been written by “Judas” or the now-corrected name Juda Ihariot, the only literate disciple, are seen to conflict quite extensively with interpretations in various editions of the Christian Bible. As the conflict with many familiar religious passages and beliefs becomes known, Billy is exposed to numerous assassination attempts, all of which he manages to survive. Billy is himself also a marksman who carries a .44 Magnum pistol, presenting himself as a wily target for anyone trying to catch him by surprise. The Pleiadians monitor his situation much of the time, but in the event of danger, are not allowed to intervene until the last moment, even to save his life if it becomes necessary.

The spiritual philosophy which the Pleiadians present is similar in many ways to what is often called the “Perennial Wisdom,” being a blend of scientific and cultural assessments of both novel and familiar attitudes combined in uniquely emphasized and stylized ways that include an understanding of human psychological development over multiple lifetimes, the way in which an increasingly cogent search for truth becomes the essential commitment of all mature individuals, the essential role of gender equality in a free democratic society, and the need to overcome the short-sighted strictures of nationalism that so often lead to war … for the eventual emergence of a world-wide human culture based on freedom of conscience that is worthy of our stature as beings in living possession of the heritage of the human genome, the genetic climax of physical existence, the culmination of evolution in all known areas of the cosmic Multiverse (my paraphrase may sound a little chauvinistic, though still highly principled—the peace-seeking Pleiadians are no shrinking violets).

The nature of their God concept in the context of a physical world existence is particularly fascinating, though enigmatic, when compared to our mainstream western religious traditions. Their claim is that our notion of God in the central core of our western Abrahamic religions, originated in the ancient cultures brought to Earth by their ancestors, who were called Jshwshs or “Gods of Wisdom.” So, instead of talking about God as a primary abstract spiritual “essence,” an ineffable, indescribable or unattainable “something” or Someone —with attributes via negativa—as our religious faiths typically do, a transcendent Absolute somewhere in a similarly unknown Heaven; they rather speak of The Creation, which we are very much in need of understanding in order to become committed spiritual agents like themselves, thus attaining a level of advanced human evolution culminating in the lofty level of a “god” (or “goddess”)—in their sense—the Jshwsh (or Jshrsh). My wife Julie Loar has pointed out that the titles of Jshwsh/ Jshrsh sound a bit like the people we call “Jewish” in the world today—the Pleiadian story is that the ancient Pleiadian influx into Earth also gave rise to the ancient Hebrew civilization with Jehovah or Yahweh as one of the last of the races worshipping the old-style “god-man” bellicose Pleiadian Jshwsh.

I call this Pleiadian system of belief or understanding with its characteristic emphasis on the glory of The Creation rather than the typical Earthuman religious denigration of the physical aspect, Exo-Existentialism, which is quite “alien” and as far as I know, philosophically unique. It takes the vast manifold of the existing cosmos as we find it, as a fundamental Giveness of Being, an immanent “Intelligent Goodness” in all the ways “God” would be understood in religious or spiritual philosophy, in place of some ultimate external “Father Creator God,” having a unique and only begotten Son, Who died for our sins, etc., in the possibly over-familiar Christian dogmatic tradition, which the Pleiadians regard as an unfortunate throwback to a more primitive and ignorant form of religious worship, based on an essentially monumental misunderstanding of Spiritual Existence—indeed a blasphemy—on the true nature of The Creation … and indeed an impossibility that can be traced back to their own brutal ancient Jshwsh ancestors on Earth, the last of whom departed before the modern Christian era, when the remaining god-worshipping Pleiadians returned to the Pleiades … leaving us with their memory of Jehovah, the “jealous” God of Old Testament (Jewish Bible) infamy.

Examples of Pleiadian spiritual teachings

Some examples of the Pleiadian spiritual teaching can be given by citing a few of Semjase’s aphorisms given in the most memorable Contact 10 of Message from the Pleiades, V. 1, which embraces a Central Universe as the origin of all Existence in a “Multiverse” concept that is increasingly influential in our scientific lingo today:

On the nature of Truth

Human individuals can free themselves of all the kinds of ignorance they are subject to if they generate the will to accept truth.

Truth alone is valid; what is true … remains true, and is something one can have confidence in forever, and which is never under any circumstance in need of correction.

When people love truth, then they love the wonders of perfection⎯which embodies the spiritual empire itself because it is also the way towards the Kingdom of Wisdom. The human being becomes conscious of the creational presence and sees the flash of spiritual intelligence in everything. He recognizes that even in the wide open spaces of the Cosmos, the eyes of the creational are directed to him, and that true Existence is of The CREATION …

On the nature of The Creation

Wisdom and love together are the wings of life that lift us towards the character and being of The CREATION.

There is only one Existence that governs the Universe, only one CREATION, only one truth, one knowledge, one wisdom, equally fulfilled and extant, remaining for all time. Eternal truth suffers no twists and turns, and its laws have no need to ever be corrected or adapted to a new time.

Spirit holds the outlook for perfection, for harmony, peace, recognition, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, truth, beauty and love … in all things. Altogether they form the spiritual kingdom which exists within The CREATION.

What is visible to the physical eyes of a human being represents only a point in infinity. What is not visible is immeasurably, inconceivably, and unthinkably, beyond human intelligence and capacity. All the Universe he sees is simply one of many, which must be counted in myriads, because there are Universes inside Universes, Universes opposite Universes, Universes above Universes, Universes below Universes, and Universes outside of Universes … in this first cause, the mighty, all-powerful intelligence existing within The CREATION.

The CREATION alone is infinite in wisdom and truth, lacking even the slightest degree of defect.

The creational is full of endless peace, endless knowledge and enhanced perfection. It is the spring of all the marvels of highest spiritual consciousness, being around us everywhere⎯existing inside and out. The bliss is as endless as spiritual life itself.

On the danger of erroneous teachings

Exactly what is of greatest value, do the false religions, along with human ignorance, make unattainable. This ignorance of the misleading religions hide from the aspiring human being the wellspring of all worthy things, the very source of life and the light of the intelligence—the spirit of The CREATION.

If the mission of spirit fails, then it is not helpful because it becomes rather like an evil cult, which enslaves with heresies of the spirit, generating erroneous belief as is the case with the heresies of religion. It is unprejudiced inner consciousness which presents the true key for deep awareness and wisdom.

On emergence of the spiritual-human lifestyle

The way of spiritual experience becomes quickened by the development of conscious searching for, and collecting of, instances of truth realization, and this unfolding leads to a valid converging of cosmic wisdom and love resulting from knowledge of the immanence of The Creation in all things.

A human being who is filled with love, is also rich in wisdom, and a human being who is rich in wisdom is also filled with love.

Calling the infinite to wakefulness and allowing it to become effectively powerful, is the goal of life⎯the spiritual initiative.

A detailed self-analysis by human beings is one of the essential methods to arrive at the truth for going the way of spiritual evolution. They must begin to discover creation-philosophical principles and realities, these creation-natural laws will lead and guide them as they shape their destinies.

To this creation-philosophic consciousness yet is added the practical, dynamic creative aspect and the mystic awareness that is the perception of the one reality in all things. The human being is now a practical philosopher and mystic who recognizes the truth in all the changeable, perishable forms of appearance.

A human being is not able to escape from creational consciousness, for sooner or later he opens to this Creational Reality⎯the force which submerges and supersedes the intellectual materialism of human thinking.

On the nature of spiritual realization

How does a person of spiritual realization act? Spiritual beings identify with all things, and all creatures of the world … and even the entire Universe. They know that originally everything arose from truth, continues to arise from truth, and will do so for all time.

The spiritual person is protected and sheltered, and the whole of nature helps him, eventually including even his enemies.

The inspired human being does not run here and there to reach the highest spiritual experience, but remains present where he already is⎯always finding the best place to collect his awareness of experience. His form inducing spirit is inside him and not in any other place.

Spiritual human beings do not elevate the future over the present to experience the living spirit of creation, as yet unmanifested, but embrace the actual present, where they live for the ordinary human beings they already are, which yet also exists in the most far-reaching future. For the spiritual human being, time is not any particular moment, but always the immediate presence of awareness.

The rich in spirit become an instrument by which The CREATION expresses the spiritual kingdom. This choice by Creation is for whatever lifts wisdom up to a higher level.

The uniquely unlimited spirit of The CREATION itself identifies true liberty, true perfection, true cognition … power, love, knowledge, truth and wisdom. Altogether they are the ABSOLUTE CREATION.



[First lines are given in caps with Semjase’s commentary following.]


The Spirit within me is all knowing, all encompassing, and all loving.


Your presence confirms for me your effective dominion over all matters involving myself.


May your awareness be extended to the consciousness of my thoughts enabling me to apply all Truth, Wisdom and Love, Peace and Freedom, thus given and acquired, to all humankind.


May your power become effective through me in all material as well as all spiritual ways.


Please grant to me the basis for my needs of both material and spiritual life development, for you are the origin of all existence and all abundance.


May I recognize any faults in my efforts and work to eliminate all valid guilts of conscience, which hinder me on my way of evolution.


Please help me avoid errors of insufficient materialistic thinking or weakened dependency based solely on beliefs.


Thus may I become aware of your qualities of spiritual aspect within my consciousness now and forever.



The curious position that someone like myself, researching UFO/ET materials, eventually seems to arrive at, even after years of effort, is still finding it almost impossible to believe that something like the Billy Meier saga, as recounted in Message from the Pleiades, could have really happened. And of course, we know, after a while if not from the beginning, that a lot of what we have heard or read about as purported real, non-fictional ET encounters—maybe most of them—can’t really be true and must be regarded as possibly either entertaining fiction or fraudulent hoaxing. This is the unrestrained deluge of bombardment of all the books, sci-fi movies and now especially, all the Internet tales and videos, however good, bad, ugly or beautiful they may appear. There are probably even more clever pretenders with their imaginative, perhaps obsessive ideas, hoaxes and faked accounts, especially now with digital photography that is so easy to fashion in image editors, than in the time of the Billy Meier incidents. And then there are still all the denials of selected coverage of all the major news organizations and the disinformation campaigns of the espionage agencies, directed at the principals of incidents that, however improbable, are or were real (!). I’m tempted to invoke the Hemingway rule here, but eventually, if one persists in a real search for truth in this area, as Semjase calls for us to do, as a matter of maturity, this “Will to Truth,” then we must eventually gain perspective from a higher position, in which case we must rather invoke the spiritual virtue of patience in the name of the old Edgar Cayce readings, for a more seasoned clarification.

So, don’t be concerned if you are unable to seriously reach a conclusion yet in the midst of all the confusion surrounding this UFO/ET subject, which you may have wished to gain of a more serious kind. It takes years of effort and even decades of inquiry, research and integration—even with powerful motivating personal experiences—to accumulate enough understanding of the evidence to feel comfortable that one really knows anything with certainty about this most puzzling, but also most important archetypal theme, of post modern times (which I date from the beginning of the Meier contacts beginning in 1975)—whatever your initial inclinations of believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life may be. But increasingly it is beginning to look as if we really are in, or going into, a “New Age” in which there is no longer any room for “plausible deniability” of the existence of ETs, or even their involvement on a number of levels with people like ourselves.

And if you are strongly attracted to the UFO/ET enigma or really certain about the actual existence of ETs, then maybe … in some outline of encounter categories … you are already involved with them but haven’t yet fully been allowed to realize it—like, in the lead-up to an initiation (admittedly rare), as was the case with me in the earlier stages of my life.

The Billy Meier case, seen in this brief encounter, if I may say so, looks even more authentic today than in earlier decades, not only because of the now known existence of many exo-planets around the galaxy, but because it is so varied in well documented evidence that has been before the public now for nearly forty years, without as yet having been shown to be faked or to have a fatal flow … I would say … by most reliably stable, unbiased commentators. So, my personal conclusion is that, however strange it may have seemed at the time when it began, it still appears as a uniquely valid case exhibiting contact with an extraterrestrial civilization—probably the most convincing one to have ever appeared in modern recorded history. And if you are ready for understanding something of this new knowledge—which was probably in fact the essence of the wisdom of the ancient prehistorical world (!)—then this revelation may have a rather powerful effect on you, one that may begin to constellate or add to your own existing search for truth about the nature of reality, existing on multiple ordered levels of virtual infinities, which we are now waking up to … perhaps once again, more than ten thousand years after Earthumans last saw starships in their skies.

For a final reflection, let us note the remark of one of the most distinguished contemporary astrophysicists, Stephen Hawking, as he concludes his preface to Kip Thorne’s popular 1996 book about astrophysics, Black Holes and Time Warps:

There is much we still don’t know, such as what happens to objects and information that fall into a black hole. Do they re-emerge elsewhere in the Universe, or in another universe? And can we warp space and time so much that one can travel back in time? These questions are part of our ongoing quest to understand the Universe. Maybe someone will come back from the future and tell us the answer.

It’s hard to tell what Carl Sagan might have believed or known in his maturity, but does anyone have Hawking’s email address so I can send this little concatenation (and a copy of the first volume of Message from the Pleiades) to him?

* * * *

(originally written, March 6, 2014)