Press Release for e-book Publication of *Star Light Reflections: Cygnus-Lyra*

by Ted Denmark, Ph.D.

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After a somewhat longer delay than anticipated, the final Volume 5 of Ted Denmark’s and Julie Loar’s *J&T Five Star Series*, entitled Star Light Reflections: Cygnus-Lyra, is now available in its initial e-book format (print books coming later), covering the period between late 2014 and late 2015, in their ongoing series of Telepresence Conferences with ETs and Celestial Guides, which began five years earlier with the first volume entitled The Star Table Trance Missions. This final volume contains more of Julie’s wonderful color sketches of nearly all the ‘regular participants,’ those among their dear friends and star family members of Pleiadian and Sirian origins, and including her lovely second portrait sketch of Semjase, who appears throughout, but prominently in the first session introducing Alanphin (her new beaux?), and a few of the supporting observers, who have been present with them in the context of these “Close Encounters of the 6th Kind” as the conferences will be called in the next series of five books currently being readied (*Exotic Visitors from the Quantum Realm*).

In the meantime the pace of reports of ET phenomena of various kinds such as sightings, encounters, speculations, etc., if anything, has only grown more extensive during this latest time span as the detective work of such investigators as Dr. Steven Greer, Richard Dolan, and some military insiders such as U.S. Army Colonel Philip Corso, among many others (some of whom did not manage to avoid the various pitfalls of fame and flame in this controversial field), has gotten publicly documented in numerous books, videos and conferences [and has appeared before congress (!) in 2024]. Even official government and military channels have begun to realize that their older disinformation game of hide-and-seek is finally obsolete (but now with UAPs instead of UFOs to redefine the oxymoron of “military intelligence”) if they do not want to seem even more conflicted and irrelevant than in the previous century. Of course, they really do have a lot to hide and can never willingly open their secret official vaults to public scrutiny, even if some of their knowledgeable retirees are doing so as a possibly acceptable alternative Disclosure outing from among their divided factions. As we are told by Ted’s exo-family member and Arcturian future-self Michael in the second session of Star Light Reflections, “The skies over Earth are very crowded right now …” So, the increased number of sightings, etc. should not be a surprise, even if most of the activities of the BETA (Benevolent ET Alliance) craft are usually fully cloaked. Some among the full complement of approximately twenty ET races with lunar bases, however, still do some of their own ‘independent exploration.’

Hilarion, once again in his role as Wisdom Master of the 5th Ray (Theosophical context), and master of ceremonies with his consort Athena for Julie and Ted in this final set of fourteen TC Sessions here, outlines the “Five Stars” in this final summing-up as Aldebaran, Alcyone, Sirius A, Arcturus, and Mizar (or Mirach), which are to be associated respectively with their constellations Taurus, Pleiades, Canis Major, Boötees, and Andromeda. These are said by him to be the right stars and constellations in the right order to satisfy the formulation as the most important ones to have made major contributions to Earthuman genomes and civilizations in prehistoric and/or very ancient times. It’s a little different than the listings given previously or interpolated by J&T, but the eponymous star and constellation for this Volume 5, Vega in Cygnus-Lyra, is said to have been the most ancient contact a million years ago that did not actually result in hybridized genomic amalgamation (now with Aldebaran, so perhaps it should be the *J&T 5½ Star Series*). Much more is revealed by ET friends and family about the remnants of ancient civilizations on Earth in Egypt, Tibet and Peru, confirming current trends in archeology that most megaliths and monuments from currently depicted ‘stone ages’ really are much older than currently believed by influential academic party lines. We are indeed drinking from a firehose knowledge-base for a revolutionary scientific paradigm spin here.

J&T’s companion animal entourage, led by Tygon, the great white Sirian wolf, always accompany their travels-further-out, whether by Julie’s direct psychic projection or space-craft transporters, to forge the link between humans and animals just as the participating ETs forge a similar link between humans and the super-human ET and Celestial kingdoms in nature. There are always a few personal concerns having to do with health issues or Ted’s anticipated house sale in California and suitable houses for sale in their Colorado town (Pagosa Springs), but it is hopefully a mundane balance wheel for most of the rest of these ‘far out’ situations to be queried in their typical Q&A style as the panels listen and offer their understanding of the circumstances being described … such as the real story of the Asteroid Belt (it is the remains of the ancient great Earth-like planet Maldek (Malona, Phaeton, etc.), inhabited by waring human beings but destroyed hundreds of thousands of years ago in a cosmic catastrophe, making our resulting overpopulated Earth the last habitable body in our solar system for these homeless souls). Or the existence of a still mostly rumored ‘home brew’ gravity-control space fleet (‘Secret Space Program’) that has been reverse-engineered mostly in the American Southwest from real crashed ET craft of the Roswell era by the Military-Industrial-Complex or Dark Cabal. There are also a few more exotic and less humanoid participants (like Tall Whites, Gray Zetans, and Mantid beings) who have ideas and attitudes to share, possibly to dispel some of the darkest shadows of ET fear-mongering propagated in the commercial mainstream media—especially sci-fi horror movies. Semjase notes that in her earlier comments in the Billy Meier era, she was restricted in what she was able to say about the Zetans, having revealed in earlier *Five Star* volumes that abductions by rogue Grays, as a kind of very scary sideshow, was brought to an end a couple of decades ago by Federation-led Pleiadians.

There is also the occasional astrology volley, usually fielded by Hilarion, called by Ted “the astrologer’s astrologer” (J&T are both astrologers and spiritually oriented guidance counselors of professional rank), such as commentary on the series of great Pluto-Uranus squares of a slightly earlier era that led to the two “disaster decades” beginning with the 911 false-flag “conspiracy theory” opening to Century 21. They learn more about Egyptian astrology from guest Egyptian astrologers from a time 4,000 years ago when stellar astrology was deemed a more valuable spiritual basis (‘the stars are the gods’) than the planetary astrology of the modern world. Many esoteric and essentially unknown aspects of ancient astrology are discussed for the ‘Revisioning Astrology’ project that J&T often mention, like that of the brown dwarf star Astraea that orbits together with our main solar system (not around it!), producing the Precession of the Equinoxes phenomenon (are you hearing, Sir Isaac?!) and which gave rise to the Yuga teachings, as was initially probed in V. 3 (Star World Ascension). Astraea was at its closest approach in a more than 6,500 year cycle to the main solar system in 2011, which will eventually lead to another golden age (aka “The New Age”) after its first physical effects are experienced as “global warming” (scary enough in any event). When J&T began learning astrology, they did not imagine that they were ET hybrid ‘star-seeds’ with patient star family waiting in the wings for them to “wake up” and discover their real nature … and home in the stars on Planet Erra in the Pleiadian star system of Taygeta. They are told about this and much more astrological lore and real star knowledge together here in these continuing adventures. What better way for hybrid Star People to hide in plain sight on Earth than as astrologers (!?).

There are also additional controversial social issues native to Planet Earth in open discussion among the main conferees, again, particularly Hilarion and Athena, who are brilliant and refined in their verbal demeanors—but certainly no Pollyannas—giving their rationale for allowance of “gay marriage,” even if it may be only a transitional stage, during the current tempestuous times of greater gender and gender-role dysphoria. There is occasional referencing of strategic world political situations such as Obama’s continuing US/NATO/EU standoff with Russia’s Putin, always with the assurance that it will never be allowed to escalate to a major military conflict. (2024 update: we hope that this may still mean that such a terribly dysfunctional proxy war disaster will soon be over.)

And there are also happy circumstances as when Rhi, who is Julie’s Pleiadian future self, 330 years in advance of her, expresses her love for Julie, particularly in anticipation of J&T’s marriage which is being planned during the course of this volume (and which happens!). At the end of TC Session 64, when Ted announces with book in hand that the first volume of this *J&T Five Star Series*, The Star Table Trance Missions, has been published, to his surprise all the conference guests—who are an unpredictable if mostly quite logical crew—stand up and applaud!

J&T attend another Galactic Council meeting, convened as often happens to assess the current condition of Earth’s humanity at the critical juncture being witnessed and find the situation rather dire, as Hilarion notes that what is needed is a “matrix of positive intention, the focus of positive intention that attains the magnetic and radiant force to galvanize forward motion.” But as always, there are too many unknowns to be able to assess the immediate impending consequences, and further questions from the mundane to the miraculous, also as always, take up the local J&T conference group’s remaining time and attention. It is Ariel who in a later session notes that these conferences being done by J&T after publication may well precipitate some results during the Disclosure era themselves.

Much is revealed along the meandering way about many obscure and controversial subjects—for those who have any awareness of the various contexts—such as the ‘white powder gold’ which was called the “food of the gods” in the ancient world and is used by ETs to help sustain them on worlds that do not provide full sustenance for creatures of our hominid kind. Or the role of the U.S. Military’s HAARP facility in weather modification warfare—along with those of other advanced militarist nations with programs like it, fighting for control of the jet stream. Or the Secret Space Program as revealed and celebrated on Internet TV with its dark insinuations of a Nazi Fourth Reich surviving in bases under the ice in Antarctica. It’s all as good as anything anyone ever came up with in pulp fiction, and given in enough detail to be seen as possibly credible—but not in enough detail to attract attention, particularly from those whose assigned task it is to suppress such knowledge if it begins to look like it’s getting attention as anything more than fictional fantasy entertainment. Wherefore art thou? Of course, this was the scene six or so years ago; what is happening now (2021) in the pandemic disinformation era, is known even less—but there will be many more revelations by these far-out commentators in the next series of J&T books as noted. [2024 update: there has been general recovery from the Covid Pandemic, but things still seem fairly well out of joint with two ongoing hot wars amidst domestic culture wars and another Biden/ Trump showdown—but the exotic crew are always hopeful.]

Perhaps the highlight of this fifth volume occurs in TC Session 68 in which J&T attend a meeting of the Terran Council of Truth and Light, a group of very advanced adepts who are related to our Earth-based Masters of Wisdom and the ancient Sirian diaspora that came to Earth just before the great Nova of Sirius B. The session goes deeply into relations between Sirians and Pleiadians in the ancient world on Earth, particularly the depredations of early rogue Pleiadians who were responsible for freakish genetic experiments in Atlantis (can you say CRISPR?) and gold mining thievery with hybrid slaves in ancient Mesopotamia and Africa. It is a bleak and sobering look at the current karmic environment of Earth vis-à-vis this early ET colonization, but one that must eventually become known and understood as we try to avoid certain horrendous errors of the past—riding herd and providing such evaluation and help is the task of the (mostly Sirian) Terran Council.

The final session goes deeply into the situation of Julie and Ted in relation with their matching double time-line identities who are their future-self Pleiadian couple Rhi and Phindar, which is seen as a quite rare and unusual exo-psychology experiment, indicating that these *J&T Five Star Series* books will become history books in the future (appearing in museums on Planet Erra in the Taygetan Pleiades) as one essentially accurate account of what really happened during this time of Disclosure, the continuing close approach by ETs to Earth once again in Century 21, to be read by some among the contemporary avant garde—but mostly for those who will come after us.

April 28, 2021 [updated, as noted]

Avery, CA

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Front Cover of *Star Light Reflections* (e-book available by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)